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Sanbornton, New Hampshire

This is not a complete list of Sanbornton Cemeteries. This list of cemeteries is from the book called "History of Sanbornton, New Hampshire. Vol. I" by Rev. M. T. Runnels. Alfred Mudge & Son, Printers, 1881.

Some of these cemeteries are in present day Tilton, which was formed from Sanbornton, and also in the part of present day Franklin that was originally a part of Sanbornton. Rev. Runnels states that there are many unmarked graves in these cemeteries.

The Sanbornton Library has a notebook which also lists all these cemeteries along with the names of ancestors interred in each cemetery. I do not know if the book is for sale. For more information about that book, you can contact the Sanbornton Library, or the Sanbornton Historical Society. Their addresses are on the Sanbornton Homepage.

Sanbornton Cemeteries
District No. 1
1. The William Burley Cemetery. Near the late Peter Burley's.
2. The Calef Cemetery. Near Jeremiah B. Calef's.
3. The Matthew Thompson Cemetery. Near Charles H. Marden's.
4. The Moses Thompson Cemetery. Near Jeremiah S. Thompson's.
5. The March Cemetery. Near David C. Clough's.
6. The Hersey Cemetery. North of George H. Brown's.

District No. 2

7. The Centre Cemetery. Near the old Town Meeting-House site.

District No. 3

8. The Perkins Cemetery. North of Andrew J. Sanborn's.
9. The David Hunkins Cemetery. South of Jason R. Hunkins's.
10. The Robert Hunkins Cemetery. Near Moses B. Gilman's.
11. The Colby Cemetery. Near Perry Colby's.
12. The Joseph Philbrook Cemetery. Near the late George Patterson's.
13. The Phinehas Dearborn Cemetery. Near John S. Dearborn's.

District No. 4

14. The Wallis Cemetery. Near John S. Wallis's.
15. The Chase Cemetery. South of James C. Burleigh's (Meadow).
16. The Moses Gilman Cemetery. Near Orville M. Smith's (Bay).
17. The Jeremiah Gilman Cemetery. Near the late John Dalton's.
18. The Moses Leavitt Cemetery. South of Nathaniel Leavitt's.
19. The Doe and Ford Cemetery. North of the late Oliver Calef's.

District No. 5

20. The Jonathon R. Sanborn Cemetery. Near the late Jonathon Sanborn's (3rd).
21 The Bay Baptist Cemetery. West of the second Baptist parsonage.
22. The Huse Cemetery. Near Dea. Daniel Huse's.
23. The Odell Cemetery. North of William M. Odell's (Roxbury).
24. The New Bay Cemetery. In valley northwest of William S. Woodman's.

District No. 6

25. The Christopher Sanborn Cemetery. North of Dea. Joseph P. Sanborn's.
26. The Clark Cemetery. Near William H. Eastman's.
27. The Jonathon Morrison Cemetery. South of Luther Morrison's.
28. The Sanders Cemetery. South of Dea. James W. Sanders's.
29. The Abel Eastman Cemetery. Near the Meredith town line.

District No. 7

30. The Joseph Leavitt Cemetery. West of Sally Leavitt's.
31. The Steele Cemetery. West of Benjamin M. Burleigh's (Steele's Hill).
32. The Taylor Cemetery. West of Arthur C. Taylor's.
33. The Giles Cemetery. East of the Nicholas Giles place (old road).
34. The Shute Cemetery. East of Noah J. Shute's (Jewett's Corner).

District No. 8

35. The Reuben Rollins Cemetery. West of Clark's Corner.
36. The First Baptist Cemetery. Near the Rev. John Crockett homestead.

District No. 9

37. The David L. Morrison Cemetery. West of D. L. Morrison's.
38. The Smith Cemetery. East of Harrison White's (now overgrown with trees).
39. The Chapel Cemetery. North of the Chapel Mills.
40 The Josiah Sanborn Cemetery. Near A. C. Leavitt's (northeast corner of Franklin).
41. The Cass Cemetery. North of Frederick F. Osgood's (Cass place).

District No. 10

42. The Abrams Cemetery. Near Hill Bridge.
43. The Prescott Cemetery. On the hill near Taylor C. Prescott's.

District No. 11

44. The Swain Cemetery. Near Jeremiah S. Sanborn's.
45 The Osgood Cemetery. East of Josiah Osgood's.
46. The Newton Cemetery. Near the old Samuel March homestead.
47. The Beckman Cemetery. North of Ezra M. Beckman's.
48. The Weeks Cemetery. Near homestead of the late Curtis Weeks.
49. The Jotham Rollins Cemetery. Near homestead of the late Levi Rollins.

District No. 12

50. The Piper Cemetery. On the old Week's Corner, opposite school-house site.
51. The Chase Weeks Cemetery. North of the last, near the old Josiah Shaw place.
52. The Dustin Cemetery. Near the present school-house (Brook).
53. The Cawley Cemetery. West of the late Joseph L. Cawley's.
54. The Lane Cemetery. West of the old Dea. Samuel Lane homestead (Upper Range Road).

District No. 13

55. The Cawley Pond Cemetery. Near the Dea. Jonathon Cawley homestead.
56. The North Sanbornton Cemetery. East of the third Baptist meeting-house.
57. The Brown Cemetery. Near the David Brown homestead (Old Mountain Road).
58. The Josiah Dearborn Cemetery. West of the late Samuel J. Dearborn's.
59. The George Cemetery. Near the late homestead of Sylvester Brown.
60. The Farnham Cemetery. Near Horace P. Swain's (turnpike).
61. The Caverly Cemetery. Near Wiggin S. Gilman's (last place, north, on turnpike).
62. The Plumer Cemetery. North of Luther Plumer's.
63. The Josiah Burleigh Cemetery. Near the late homestead of E. F. Plumer.

District No. 16

64. The Morrill Cemetery. North of David Shaw's (River Road).

Tilton Cemeteries
District No. 1

65. The Tin Corner Cemetery. Near Charles Smith's.
66. The Chase and Rundlet Cemetery. North of Charles G. Durgin's.
67. The Taylor Clark Cemetery. Near Mrs. Susan W. Griffin's.

District No. 2

68. The Sanborn Road Cemetery. East of the present school-house.

District No. 3

69. The Plains Cemetery. Near Elias S. Buswell's.
70. The Bamford Cemetery. Southwest of the East Tilton post-office. (Chase Rollins's store).

District No. 4

71. The Josiah Philbrick Cemetery. East of Josiah H. Philbrick's.
72. The Gale Cemetery. East of the highway near Benjamin F. Cass's.

Union District

73. The Park Cemetery. West of Tilton Village, on the Franklin road.

District No. 5

74. The Union Bridge Cemetery. North of the East Tilton Methodist meeting-house.
75. The Reuben Philbrick Cemetery. East of the late Jacob B. Philbrick's.
76. The Benjamin Philbrick Cemetery. Near H. Q. Dalton's (Bay Shore).
77. The Eben. Sanborn and David Philbrook Cemetery. Near Hazen L. Philbrook's (Sanbornton).
78. The Cram's Corner Cemetery. Near Alonzo B. Philbrick's (Sanbornton).
79. The Josiah Sanborn and Elisha Lougee Cemetery. West of J. T. G. Sanborn's (Sanbornton).

Franklin Cemeteries
80. The Sanborn and Darling Cemetery. Near the original Cate homestead (late Edward C. Wyatt's).
81. The Franklin Falls Cemetery. On the bluff, back of the late Dearborn Sanborn homestead.
82. The Franklin Cemetery. On the highlands east of the Republican Bridge.
83. The Ward Cemetery. Near the late Dea. G. C. Ward's.
84. The Morrison and Thompson Cemetery. South of the late Nathan S. Morrison's (River Road).
85. The New Boston Cemetery. North of Thomas P. Thompson's (Gale Hill).

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