Carr Family of Sanbornton, New Hampshire  
Carr Families
Sanbornton, NH

Two Branches


1. John Carr, a native of Weare, was b. Aug. 22, 1785, the son of Jacob Carr, of Weare, and a descendant of the fourth generation from John Carr, of Salisbury, Mass., who is said by some to have emigrated from England and settled there, --- a possible brother or son of George (See II.) He commenced the study of medicine March 10, 1808, with Hon. D. L. Morrill, M. D., of Goffstown, completed his studies with Dr. Samuel Morrill, of Epsom, and commenced practice at Weare in Dec., 1811. In May, 1813, he rem. from W. to Sanbornton, settled at the square, and continued in the business of his profession till his death, March 5, 1861, age 75-6. "Our loss is his gain" (gravestone). He was town clerk and school committee several years, and is well remembered as the stentorian crier of marriages at the first Baptist meeting-house. He was a man of sound judgement, and cool and deliberate in its exercise; persevering, but calm, in scenes of danger; of a cheerful and equable temperament; skilful and popular as a physician. In 1817 he was elected a Fellow of the N. H. Medical Society, of which body he was ever a faithful and approved member, whose seat, at its meetings, was seldom found vacated.
    He was styled "the tanner", by his associates, for having used and earnestly advocated Peruvian bark several years in advance of other physicians. He was a horticulturist, and first introduced the "Sanbornton grape-vine." He m. 1st, Priscilla R. Babb,*(See * below) of Epsom (Gilford), 1815, and, by the stroke of Providence which called him to part with her by death, Sept. 12, 1841, age 52, he lost an intelligent and amiable companion. Her tombstone says:---

"Why weep, my friends? Why thus complain?
Your loss is my eternal gain.
Repent, believe, to Jesus fly,
And death shall be your victory."

He m. 2d, Mary A. McCoy, of Methuen, Mass., Dec. 9, 1841 (Coombs). Children:

2. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Feb. 28, 1816, d. March 20, 1835, age 19.
3. John James, b. Dec. 18, 1817, d. July 2, 1843, age 25-6.
4. Thomas Babb, b. Sept. 24, 1822; went to California about 1849; was first a miner, afterwards a school teacher; was reported to have drowned near Wells Landing, Contra Costa Co., Feb. 13, 1873; unm. (This report distrusted by his friends, 1876.)
5. Priscilla Amelia, b. July 13, 1827, d., of consumption, Nov. 4, 1847, age 20.
6. Charles Edwin, b. Aug. 11, 1829, d. July 23, 1831, age 2.
7. Artemas Lawrence Holmes (11.), b. Feb. 28, 1833.
8. Sarah Alice, b. Nov. 5, 1843 (by 2nd wife); m. Orren N. Clark (See).
9. John Alexander (14.) b.March 14, 1847.
10. Edward Benton (16.), b. Aug. 7, 1848.

11. Artemas L. H.3  [7] (John2,  Jacob1), was a student in medicine with Prof. Albert Smith, of Peterborough (and others); attended lectures at the Dartmouth and Bowdoin Medical Colleges, and graduated at the former, 1858. He was m. to Mary L. Boutwell, oldest child of the Rev. James Boutwell, at Sanbornton, by her father, on the occasion of his annual parish visit, Jan. 13, 1859. Practised his profession in New Hampton, with good success, four and one half years, till his death, May 17, 1862, age 29-3. "I will not leave you comfortless." Children:
    12. Mary Priscilla, b. Jan. 13, 1860, in New Hampton.
    13. John James, b. Nov. 12, 1861, in New Hampton.

14. John A.3 [9]  (John2,  Jacob1), was enlisted under the call for one hundred days' men, July 23, 1864, and served at Fort Constitution, Portsmouth Harbor; a machinist (1872), employed in the Manchester Locomotive Works; m. Annie Maria Morrison, of Franklin (dau. of George W., (See)), Jan. 5, 1869. Child:
    15. George Byron, b. May 11, 1870, in Manchester.

16. Edward B.3 [10] (John2,  Jacob1), was m. to Annie Maria Wood, of Belmont, in Laconia, by Rev. George Norris, Nov. 17, 1869. She was the dau. of Joshua and Fannie G. (Bean) Wood (See Bean Fam.). He occupies his father's stand, at the square (1880), employed there and in vicinity as a farmer.
    17. John Edward, b. Oct. 18, 1870.
    18. Etta Annie, b. Dec. 5, 1871.
    19. Fred W., b. May 14, 1879.
    19 1/2. Guy Endicott, b. Sept. 18, 1880.
Guy Endicott is in appendix III-addenda, Vol. 1,page 877

* In reference to Priscilla R. Babb -wife of #1, John
* 1. Thomas Babb, her father, was b. July 10, 1752, probably in Epsom, and there d., Nov. 1, 1808, age 56-4. He m. Sarah Blake, Jan. 6, 1788, who was b. Dec. 23, 1763, and d. March 8, 1852, at Meredith Bridge (Laconia), age 88-3. Children:
    2. Priscilla R. (Babb), b. July 28, 1789; m. Dr. John Carr (as above).
    3. Hannah, b. Aug. 8, 1792, d. Feb. 7, 1827, in Sanbornton, age 34-6.
    4. James, b. Jan. 11, 1794, d. May, 1868, age 74-4, in Lynn, Mass.
    5. Thomas, b. Aug. 27, 1799, d. Oct. 22, 1851, age 52-2, in Laconia.
    6. Amelia, b. Oct. 16, 1801, in Epsom; m. Ephraim Green (See)


20. Moses Carr may have been descended from Richard, of Hampton, 1640, who came in the "Abigail", age 29, was last at Ipswich, Mass., 1678, and d. May 17, 1689; his widow, Elizabeth, also dying May 6, 1691. More probably, however, his ancestor was George Carr, ferryman and shipwright, of Ipswich, 1638, at Salisbury, Mass., 1642; d. April 4, 1682; as he (Moses) was b. Dec. 21, 1794, in Salisbury, the son of Moses. He first moved with his parents to Northfield; was a cooper by trade, at which he worked making "shooks", in a shop at the Square, near Thomas Kimball's store. He was m. to Phebe Chapman, dau. of Elisha, Jan. 22, 1817, by Mr. Bodwell; lived in house (now gone) west of the Robert Hunkins homestead; moved back to the Square, July, 1854, and occupied the Washington Sanborn house, purchased by his son, of Charles Woodman, Esq. (where his widow now resides, 1880), till his death, March 18, 1860, age 65-3. Children:
    21. Elvira Cynthia [25], b. Dec. 20, 1820.
    22. Eben [28], b. Jan. 15, 1833.
    23. Delia Russ, b. Dec. 26, 1838; m. William H. Bonner, Sept. 7, 1875, in Nashua, who was b. Dec. 25, 1844, in Philadelphia, Pa; was a soldier in the 2d N. H. Regiment and U. S. regular army, in all, seven years; residing in Manchester (1877-80).
    24. John Wallace, b. Feb. 11, 1843; was a machinist, in San Francisco, Cal., and there d., Feb. 15, 1875, age 32, leaving an excellent name.

25. Elvira C.3 [21] (Moses2,  Moses1), m. Charles B. Edes, a grocer, in Lowell, Mass., who was b. Sept. 15, 1817, in Shirley, Mass., and d. May 5, 1845; she d. Dec. 25, 1876, age 56, of pneumonia, in Manchester, much to her mother's grief, who was spending the winter with her. Children:
    26. Charles E. (Edes), b. Aug. 20, 1842, in Lowell.
    27. Abbie M., b. Sept. 26, 1844, in Lowell, d. Aug. 6, 1859, in her 15th year.

28. Eben3 [22] (Moses2,  Moses1), learned the trade of a machinist in Lowell, Mass., where he m., 1st, Caroline S. Hunt, March 18, 1854; moved to Manchester the same year, and has there been on the city police force since 1859; is also an active Christian, and a member of the 1st Baptist Church. His 1st wife was b. Feb. 24?, 1833, in Bath, and d. Aug. 19, 1869, age 36-6. He was m., 2d, to Julia A. Hunt, Jan. 9, 1872, in Manchester, by Rev. Mr. Graves. She was b. Feb. 15, 1842, in Monroe. The two wives were sisters, daughters of Caleb and Caroline Sarah R. (Brown) Hunt. His present is an attractive residence (1877), two and a half miles north of the city. Children:
    29. Carrie Emma, b. March 31, 1860, in Manchester.
    30. Edgar Moses, b. Dec. 8, 1868, in M.


31. John Carr (another of the name) was m. in town to Betsey Davis, by Wm. Weeks, Esq., March 31, 1814.

This family genealogy is from a book called "History of Sanbornton, New Hampshire. Vol. II" by Rev. M. T. Runnels. Alfred Mudge & Son, Printers, 1881.

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