Abner Flanders pension application  
Abner Flanders
Revolutionary War
Pension Application

This abstract is from a book called "New Hampshire Revolutionary Pension Papers, Vol. 12", abstracted & prepared by Mrs. Amos G. Draper 1917-1922
Call #973.34 N532pe V. 12
It is available at the New Hampshire Historical Society.

Enlisted from Salisbury.

S. 9887
New Hampshire Service

    September 5, 1832, Abner Flanders of Northfield, New Hampshire, 77 years of age, deposed:

    that he volunteered at Concord, New Hampshire in April, 1775, for one month, under Capt. Abiel Chandler; marched directly to Cambridge, Mass. and served out his term;
    that he volunteered at Concord, New Hampshire in Sept. 1775 for two months under Capt. Joshua Abbott, Col. Stark; served out his term at Winter Hill, Mass. and was verbally discharged;
    that he enlisted again August 1, 1776 to serve until December 1, 1776 as a Sergeant under Capt. Benjamin Emery, Col. Baldwin; served at White Plains and North Castle, New York, his full term, and was verbally discharged;
    that he volunteered July 1, 1777 for three months as a Sergeant under Capt. Peter Kimball of Boscawen, New Hampshire; went to Bennington and served in that battle, was stationed there until his time was out, when he was verbally discharged;
    that he enlisted at Salisbury, New Hampshire in July, 1781 under Capt. Ebenezer Webster, as a Sergeant; marched to Col. Johnson's fort at Haverhill, N. H. then to Newbury, Vermont where he was stationed to guard the inhabitants from the Indians during his whole term and then received a verbal discharge;
    that he was born in Salisbury, Mass. in 1754; was moved to Concord, New Hampshire by his father, when very young, and lived there until 1780; then in Jefferson, Landaff and Pembroke, New Hampshire until June, 1832 when he moved to Northfield, New Hampshire where he now resides.
                                          Abner Flanders.

    Enoch Coffin and Richard Herbert, both of Concord, New Hampshire, certified to their belief in soldier's statement.

    August 3, 1832 Philbrick Bradley of Concord, New Hampshire, 76 years of age, testified to service in July-September, 1777 at Bennington, Vermont under Sergeant Abner Flanders, and also served with him in 1775 at Winter Hill, Mass.
                                         Philbrick Bradley.

    August 26, 1832 John Carter of Concord, New Hampshire testified to service in 1776 with soldier, as stated.
                                         John Carter.

    Claim allowed and Certificate 5837, New Hampshire Agency, was issued Feb. 19, 1833, Act of June 7, 1832.

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