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  "A friendly little town of 6304 residents, in Sullivan County on the Sugar River"  


Newport was incorporated October 6, 1761.The first effort towards a settlement was made in the fall of 1763, by Jesse Wilcox, Ebenezer Merritt, Jesse Kelsey, and Samuel Hurd. A shire town of Sullivan county. Bounded north by Croyden, east by Sunapee and Goshen, south by Unity, and west by Claremont. Area, 25,267 acres. 


   A few words about the spelling in the historic records.  Please don't criticize our spelling.  We have preserved the actual words in the history, as written.  In the early days, education was a privilege and a great many did not have any formal schooling.

Some Early History names or structures in Newport
James Corbin was the first Physician and Surgeon in Newport about 1790...
  Caleb Ellis was the first Lawyer about 1800...
  First newspaper was the Argus Spectator started by Cyrus Barton in 1823...
  First post office was in 1810...
  First church was the First Baptist Church built in 1779 in North Newport...
  First Saw Mill and Grist mill was built on the Sugar River by Benjamin Giles and opened
for operation Sept. 24, 1768...

Here are names of some early settlers
Zepheniah Clark.....James Church........William Stanard...........Ebenezer Merrit......Ezra Parmelee
Jesse Lane.........Benjamin Bragg.......Jesse Kelsey..........Benjamin Giles.........Samuel Hurd
Nathan Hurd..........Charles Avery..........Jesse Wilcox...........Ephrian Toener......Absalom Kelsey
Amos Hail..............Roswell Hull..........Daniel Dudley

This site contains a very complete compilation of Newport burials, for those of you who are interested in locating your deceased ancestors. We can thank the volunteers listed below for all of their time and help  

The really difficult tasks fell upon a group of volunteers, who in 1996, spent many hours in the all cemeteries personally documenting every grave stone, with burial information.  Andrew L. Andrews, Betty Avery, Heidi Bartlett, Ella Casey, Joyce LaPorte, Richard Parker, Virginia Parker, Donald Richmond, Gilman Stockwell, Amelia Whipple, Ann Tenney, and Patricia Wiggins. 


A Little bit of Early History…
Some Newport History (Submitted By Arnie Burrows)  From the Newport Bicentennial, 1761 - 1961

It is believed that the first person to inhabit newport was a hunter and trapper by the name of Eastman from Killingworth Connecticut. That fall he returned back to Killingworth and was over welmed with the beauty and lush land he had come acrost.

In 1762 six people obtained from King George 111 a Charter to develope the new land. They were granted a Charter with the restriction that they must cultivate five acres of each fifty achers they got. Second condition was that they preserve all the white Pine trees for the masts of the Royal Navy's fleet of ships.

In 1763 Decan Steven Wilcox and 6 men headed from Killingsworth and one hundred and sixty miles later stoped at Fort Number Four. They left there and made there way threw nearly inpassable forests to the foot of Pikes hill. There they spent the night and first thing the next morning headed back out. They arived at the foot of what is now Claremont hill There they built the first log cabin in June 1763.

Along with Decon Steven Wilcox who was a man of sixty was his sons Phineas and Jesse, a son in law
Samuel Hurd, and Absalom and Jesse Kelsey, and Ezra Parmalee in 1769 there were 15 family's in Newport. Primarly they built their cabins and houses along the Unity Road near where the Golf Course is now and along what now is Pine St. 


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