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The City of Franklin
Greets You
Ride awhile with us, observe the beauty and advantages of our
natural surroundings. Acquaint yourself with our aims for homes,
churches, schools, industries, business, and a happy and useful
life. While you are with us and when you go away, ponder on our motto --
"We strive among the common things of life, to reach
the everlasting right."

The above greeting is from an old Franklin sign contributed by
Michael Martin. A picture of it is on the photo page.
Thanks Michael!

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    Welcome to the Franklin, New Hampshire USGenWeb Page. The town of Franklin lies in the northeastern part of the county, and is bounded as follows: On the North and East, by Hill, Belknap Co. and Northfield; on the South, by Boscawen; and on the West by Salisbury and Andover.
    The territory embraced within the bounds of the present town of Franklin originally comprised a portion of the towns of Sanborton, Salisbury, Andover and Northfield.
The first settlement of the town was made in 1748, near the Webster place, where a fort was built and occupied for several months. To Philip Call and his son Stephen is ascribed the honor of having been the first permanent settlers within the bounds of the present town, at that time a portion of Salisbury.
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Birth Records

Books about Franklin


      1830 Franklin Index
      1840 Franklin Index
      1850 Census

Church Records
      Congregational Church 1822-1839- Members
      Christian Church - History
      Christian Church - Membership list 1838-1898

Death Records
      1887 Death Records

      1891 Death Records

      1893 Death Records

      1941 Death Records

      1941 Burials

      1945 Death Records

      1954 Death Records 

      1954 Burials 

      1874 Directory part 1 - Various Town Officers
      1874 Directory Part 2  Letters A through L
      1874 Directory Part 3  - Letters M through Y

Franklin Resources

Genealogical Web-sites related to Franklin. If you have a Franklin related website, please let me know, and I will list it here.

History-Now includes the full history from the book by D. Hamilton Hurd, 1885


   Marriages Records A-M, 1869-1870

   Marriage Records N-Z, 1869-1870

    Marriages April, 1850 - April, 1851 These are marriages performed by Elder O. J. Waite.

    Marriages 1887

    Marriages 1891

    Marriages 1893


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 Norm Daigneault  has Publication #1 published by the ACGS in Manchester and is willing to do look-ups of Baptisms records of St Paul's Church from 1884-1921 and also marriages of St. Paul's Church from 1884-1937.

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To you who have visited us
We hope you have enjoyed your visit with us and that we may part
as friends. May such pleasant memories of our city exist with
you that we may have an opportunity to welcome you back. Good luck
to you till we meet again.
City of Franklin, N. H.

The above greeting is from an old Franklin sign contributed by
Michael Martin. A picture of the sign is on the photo page.
Thanks Michael!

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