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    **Please email me with your surnames being researched  in Carroll Co.,NH You must include with the SURNAME your NAME& EMAIL ADDRESS
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Seeking inf. on ancestors and descendants of Henry G. & Phebe (Bickford) Abbott of Ossipee,NH

   Abbott Brenda VanLunen Research Jeremiah Abbott m. Rachel Thompson had 10 children inc. Lemuel
    Abbott Jessica Newhall Looking for information about Samuel Abbott b.1765 m. Elizabeth Aylette? I have some information but would like to share with others and compare what I have.


Researching the  surname Alden.
Allard Earlene Looking for Shadrach Allard b.1807 m. Eliza Almond
   Allard Suella Fogg Postles Researching this surname-always happy to share.
   Allard Harold Thomas Looking for the ancestors & siblings of John Allard b. 1782 NH m. 1805  Dorothy (Dolly) Cook in Wolfeboro, NH.
Allan Kathy Nicholson Trying to find descendents of Archibald & Rebecca Allan. From Carroll County New Hampshire
Allen Mary Helen Allen Looking for Samuel Allen b. abt 1821 Ossipee. Pos. sp. Elvira Leighton
Ames Jean Comtois Searching for Wm. Loud Ames b.1866 ME d. 1932 N.Conway, NH m. Jennie Luella Hawkins had 9 children.
Amos Ted Dorman Looking for Rena Amos m. Walter Lewis Dorman
Andrews Richard Andrews Looking for Thomas Andrews - Freedom, NH ~1840. Two sons may be Thomas & Daniel. Any info would be appreciated.
Arnold Carol Trying to find Hepsa Jane Arnold who m. Selleck or Sillick Weed. They had dau. Elizabeth b. 1831.
Avery Donna Zimmer Researching Avery family.
Banfield                              top.gif (990 bytes) Everett Banfield Trying to locating information on Everett Colby Banfield  & Anne Scholfield Fiske from Wolfboro, NH
    Banfield Cindy S. Looking for information on Mary "Polly" Banfill b.1786 in Eaton d. 1869  m. 1803  Marshal Harriman
Baskerville Kappy Was Martha Baskerville 2nd sp. of Ezekiel French Eastman ?
    Batchelder Carrie Strong Looking  Abner b. 1778  & Isaac Batchelder from Eaton,NH. Abner m. Elizabeth Crosby
    Batchelder Linda Jones Interested in any information on John Batchelder b. 1792 d. 1881 m. Maria Hutchins b. 1797 Moultonborough.
Bean Cherryl Ball                      Seeking names of spouses of Andrew & Betsy Sinclair Bean'schildren Mary, James, Betsy,  Hannah, Silas, Dolly,Lydia
    Bean Delores McLaughlin Left New Hampshire 1850's settled Lanark, IL.
    Bean Monia Pezzi Researching Joel Bean m. Louisa Thompson in 1837
    Bean Peter Morton Looking for more information about Jacob W. Bean and Jane Danforth m. 1820 Sandwich,NH
    Bean Joy Looking for information on Ida May Bean Pennell
Beede Lorraine Mathews Would love to share information
Bennett Edgar Robertson Researching the Winthrop Bennett family who moved to Moultonboro in 1796 & lived there most of 19th century.
Berry Bett Houston Researching Mary Berry m. John Chick.
Blackey Suella Postles Researching the Blackey line from Sandwich
Blackwell Kappy Need to find out was Nancy Blackwell m. to Ezekiel French Eastman
Blanchard Cynthia Perry Ann Blanchard m. Abraham March Tappan (1763-1839)
     Blanchard Wm Pike Looking for John Pike m. Addie Blanchard son Frank Henry Pike (1877-1932)
Botting Tracy Botting James Henry Botting and related lines to present day. Would like to exchange information.
Brace Brenda Corbin Looking for info. on Florence E. Brace. She worked for the Davis family in Nottingham, sp. Burton James Corbin
Braggs Lorraine Mathews Bragg family from Sandwich,NH
Briar/Brier/Bryer Cherryl Ball Looking for Hannah  that m. Andrew Briar
Brown Ralph Tewksbury Polly Brown (aka Mary b. 1781), who are her parents?
  Brown Diane Nault Researching this surname
Bryant Bonnie Serany Researching Abigail Bryant b. 1795 m. Jacob Moulton b. 1793 from Sandwich NH area
Buckardt Annie Crenshaw Searching for information on Wm. Heinrich Buckardt, son of Herman & Caroline (Kukuk) Buckardt lived in Carroll Co.,NH
Burgess Eleanor Any information on Patience Burgess m.~1750 Ebenezer Gross in Sandwich, NH.
Burnham Caroline Looking for VR of Robert T. Burnham m. Sarah Jennes of Wakefield, NH
Calder            top.gif (990 bytes) Paul Robins Charles Wentworth Calder b. 21 Dec 1804
Calfe Carol Waters Mary Calfe m. Nathaniel Ethridge
Call Joan Newton Sarah Monson Call m. Gilman Newton from Sandwich, NH
Campbell Steve Campbell Looking for John F. Campbell, wife Sarah Brown, child Walter b. Wolfboro, NH
Canfield Jan Researching the Canfield surname
Canney Phyllis Young Researching Canney line.
Cates Forrest S. Morris Sr. Looking for James Cates grandson Neal - Wolfboro, NH
Cathran/Cathron Margaret Spaeth Flora Anna b. 1855/56  French & Irish
Chamberlain Ann Looking for Robert L. Chamberlain b. 20 Mar 1861.
Chase Joni Wilson Seeking information on Rodney Dewey Chase b. Tamworth 1898. Father was Augustus Chase & Mother was Alice (Barnes) Chase.
   Chase Linda Chase Rainey Searching for Charles H. Chase b. 1841 m. Orissa A. Eastman in Sutton,NH 1867. Was residing in Albany,NH in 1850.
     Chase Virginia Looking for  information on Mark B. Chase b. Bartlett,NH m. Eliz. Stevens of Portsmouth.
Chick Bett Houston Harriett Evelyn Chick dau. of John & Mary (Berry) Chick.
Clough Becky Jordan Albion Clough(1853-1923) m. Olive Young (1852-1923) lived  Clough City area of Ossipee. Willing to share.
Colby George Norris Looking for others that have connection  between Colby & Norris.
   Colby Jean Mudge I am interested in the ancestry of Amasa Drake Colby b. c. 1829  Eaton,NH  and Neremiah  Colby Sr. of Hopkinton,NH. Is there a connection?                 
   Colby Katharine Hermann Looking for parents of Amasa Drake Colby b. Eaton,NH in
   Colby Wayne Looking for family of Enoch Colby Rev War Hero. Buried in Ossipee Mts.
    Colby Serena Looking for info on Richard Colby b. 1799 m.1822 Abigail ??
Cole Dave Rabing Looking for Apphia Cole m. Oliver Hill from Conway,NH
Cook Bill Cook Sargent & Cordelia (Palmer) Cook m. July 1853 Sandwich,NH
   Cook Lorraine Mathews Cook family from around Sandwich,NH
   Cook Clarice Cook Dunham Looking for parents of Hezekiah Cook b. 1786
Cooper Transcribed by
Marilyn Labbe
Great job Marilyn  OPEN
Corson Diane Britt Researching William Corson of Wolfeboro (1826-1902) m. Rebecca Hayes. Will share what I have.
Copp Karen Kish Researching Sarah E. Copp b.~1820 Carroll Co. NH. m. Wm. Jackson parents to Mary E. Jackson
Cram Suella Fogg Postles Researching Cram   surname-always happy to share.
Crocker Doreen Searching for Betsey Crocker,b.1802 Bartlett,Carroll Co,NH
Crosby Birde                                  Researching Asa Crosby Sandwich, NH
Currie James Currie Jr. Looking for other Currie researchers.
Dalton           Pat Demers Researching Rev. Timothy Dalton b. 1619 Hampton,NH
Davis Judith Looking for father of Betsy Davis who m.1795  Samuel Page of Sandwich,NH
   Davis Charles Augur Researching Charles Wesley Davis b.1846 m. Mary Amand French b.1842
   Davis Renee Davis Looking for Mary Lizzie d. 1872 1st wife of Albions Davis & Harriet N.? 1st wife of Joseph B. Davis also (2) Emma B. wife of Joseph B. Davis. Have Davis Meetinghouse & Cem. info. to share.
Dearborn Carrie Turpin Have some information, would love more.
Dinsmore Gloria Looking for information on Ida Dinsmore b. 1862, dau. of Stevens Dinsmore, from Conway,NH and Olive Jane (Hodge) Dinsmore orig. from Moultonborough. Other children were Eva and Charles. Olive had brother Charles Hodge.
Dorman Ted Dorman Searching for information about Walter Lewis Dorman m. Rena Amos
Dow Russ Quimby Searching the Wakefield and Brookfield area for Dow families.
Drew Lucy Looking for death record for Lucinda Drew d. 04/03/1946 New Hampton,NH
    Drew Janice Freeman Researching Drew sisters, Roxie b.~1864 Nellie b.~1866, Eva b.~1868 daus of Alex. & Orsina (Mckeen) Drew last found 1880 Eaton,NH
    Drew Barbara Miller Researching Mary Drew m. Frederick Stuart early 1800's. Tibbetts Drew's da. m. John Thompson ~1842
Durgin Peter Miller Researching  James Holmes Durgin & Jane Varney Durgin of Sandwich,NH
   Durgin John Quinn Researching Martha Jane Durgin   b.1826 Freedom,NH
Eastman Missy Gibbs Looking for relationship between John Eastman b. 1791 Tamworth and Jacob Eastman.
   Eastman Diane Nault Researching this surname
  Eastman Kappy Researching James and Susanna (French) Eastman . More then willing to share data.
Eastty Sarah Eastty Doing research on Wm & Helen Eastty
Eaton Cynthia Perry Sarah Sally Eaton (1726-1807) m. Christopher Tappan from Sandwich,NH
Edgerly Diane Nault Researching this surname
Ela Judi Allaire Would like information on Charles Ela d.1868  & Abby (Perkins) Ela d. 1879 from Conway,NH
Emerson William Henry Mary Emerson b.~1749 m. Samuel Tibbetts b.1747 would like to share information
Emory Carla Emory Staiger Looking for information on  John & Elizabeth Emory. When was their son, Isaac, born?
Emery Howard Emery Researching Samuel Emery & Rosanna Nichols (Mrs. Daniel Hurd) m. Tamworth, NH Mar. 1837
Ethridge Judy Penland Looking for information on Asa Ethridge b.1804 Sandwich, NH. son of Stephen & Jane (McGaffey) Ethridge.
   Ethridge Carol Researching Ethridge family. Searching for more information Nathaniel (father & son). Would love to learn of others researching this family.
Fellows Dana Fellows                     Looking for other Fellows family researchers.
  Fellows Website Allot of information                     
Felkers Russ Quimby Searching for Felkers in the Wakefield and Brookfield areas.
Fogg Suella Fogg Postles Researching this surname-Always happy to share.
Fogg Joan Blaisdell I am researching True Worthy Fogg b.1818 Moultonboro m. Eliza Lamprey of Moultonboro dau of Benjamin & Betsy (Tuttle) Lamprey
Ford Charles Carroll Jennie Mae Ford of Effingham 1866  m. (1)Silas Richards. Would appreciate sharing information
Foster Diane Bagnall Looking for the wife of Benjamin Franklin Foster. First name Abigail b. 1818 in Freedom,NH
    Foster Rosemarie McCarthy Researching Cornelia Foster
French Birde                                  Researching Nathaniel & Ezekiel  French family from Sandwich,NH.
     French Ralph Tewksbury Researching this surname
     French Winifred Mitchell Searching for Elizabeth French b. 1794 m. Timothy French. Lived in Tamworth.
     French CRDMSR Researching Sylvester French b.Sutton, NH  m. Belinda Shaw
     French Sara Searching for information on French, Tewksbury, Kimball and Woodward.
     French Robin Bishop Susanna French b. 1790 m. Robert Thompson s. of Jonathan & Abigail (Runnels) Thompson. Looking for her parents.
     French Tom French Looking for parents of Isaac French b. in Hollis,NH Hardwick,VT
      French Lynn Pankonin Seeking info. on James E. French & Hannah Foss b. c.1808 m. 1829 Son James Otis French b.1932
Fullerton Suzi Larson Researching Wm. Fullerton b.1760 m. Mariba Stanley 1800 in Wolfeborough
Furber Shirley Jefferson Looking for Sarah Furber m. to Timothy Roberts



Lin Rochelle Seeking birth record of GGrandmother Elizabeth Gagne? or Mary Isabelle?. b. 1874 Bartlett, NH. Parents David Gagne/Gagnon/ Gonyer & Sophie Charette/Chartier
   Gagne Jen Miller Looking for Alfred J. Gagne m. Francis Abbott. Children: Gloria Berry,Peter,Ernest,and Terry Gagne
Garland Melba Taylor Looking for 2nd gg Ephraim Garland from Conway,NH.
Getchell Martha French Looking for information on the surname Getchell of Carroll Co., NH
Giles Cathy I am researching Mary Giles. Would like to share information.
Gilman Clarice Cook Dunham Would like information on Mehitable Gilman
   Gilman Pam Boice Trying to trace Israel  Gilman b. 28 July 1792.
   Gilman Diantha Howard Researching Benjamin Gilman (1757-1814) from around Ossipee,NH
Glines Kate David Glines b. 1760 Moultonborough  m. Priscilla
   Glines Peg Dixon Researching Moses E. Glines.  Trying to prove relationship to Benning Glines b.14 July 1819
   Glines Caren Glines Looking for death records of Eli Glines b. 1763 d. 1858 Eaton, NH John was Father & Abigail (no last name) was his Mother.
   Glines Sonia Glines Working on many Glines names. Looking for death date for  Nelson Glines. Was born 25 Aug 1837 Carroll, New Hampshire
    Glines Bob Bond


Use complete URL
Geo. W. Glines b. 7 Dec 1828 Moultonborough d.1905 NY m. Henrietta Jackson b. 1831 Keene,NH. (Not son of Nath. Smith & Elizabeth (Richardson) Glines)
Godfrey Martha French Seeking info. on Godfrey surname of Carroll Co., NH
Goldsmith Gail Looking for any connection to family Goldsmith from Ossipee, NH
Gordon Robert William Gordon Researching Gordon line from Effingham from 1900-1930.
   Gray Rachel Baggerly Researching the surname Gray
Gross Eleanor Looking for Ebenezer Gross m. to Patience Burgess ~1750 in Sandwich, NH
Griffin                 top.gif (990 bytes) James Pratt Seeking information on Benjamin Griffin b.1790 Wolfboro or Ossipee m. Susan Lary dau. Anne.
Hale Jean Chapman Seeking    information on  the  Hale   family  that lived in
Hale's loc. during the 1800's.   Joseph W. & Susan (Emerson) Hale- had eight children.
   Hale Diane Britt Would like to share information on Walter Lewis Hale (1879-1960) buried Lakeview Cem. Wolfboro
Haley Wayne Seeking parents or ancestors of Willis Haley b. 1886 Tuftonboro,NH
Hamblen         Cheryl Clarkin Looking for Hamblen Surname in Carroll Co., NH
Hamilton Joseph Lafnear Sr. Looking for information about Edmond (Dewitt) Hamilton b. c.1795. Spouse was Charity Ann Baldwin
   Hamilton Trisha Hamilton Family from Conway 1885
Hanson/Davis Andrew Romano Alice Hanson m. Lawrence Davis in Ossipee, NH
Hawkins Hintz Searching for parents of Cornelius Hawkins of Tamworth/Albany/Conway b.~1800 m. Sally Brown dau. Sarah A(nn) & Andrew.
   Hawkins Roger Laber Searching for parents of Sarah Anne Hawkins  
b.~1832 No. Conway.
Look at previous post!
Hayes Diane Britt Would like to share information about Susan Rebecca Hayes m. William Corson of Wolfeboro.
Hazzard Cynthia Perry Abraham Tappan m. 1st Ruth Hazzard in Sandwich,NH
Heard Cynthia Perry Jonathan  Hazzard Tappan m. Dorothy Beede Heard (1803-1880) from Sandwich,NH
Heath KarenPenman Researching Heath surname in Carroll Co., NH
Manuscript Copy of the Bio. of Chandler Graham Heath
Henderson Shirley Jefferson Wm. Henderson that m. Margaret (Peggy) Roberts
Hersey Bruce Corsaw Looking for Geo. W. Hersey b. 1806 m. Mary ? had 7 children lived Woleborough NH
Hill Birde Researching Walter Hill from Sandwich, NH
      Hill Donna Looking for James B. Hill,Wakefield, NH also searching for  Asa & Matilda (Jones) Hill families.
     Hill Gene Searching for Ebenezer Hill of Wakefield, NH
     Hill Raymond Huntsman Seeking info on Henry Hill m. Anna Harriman
    Hill Linda Mansfield Looking for information on Hattie F. Hill b.~1893 in Conway, NH. m. Lyman F. Robbins.
    Hill Dave Rabing Looking for Oliver & Apphia (Cole) Hill of Conway, NH in 1850
Hilton Bev Tappan Researching Jeremiah & Abigail Hilton. Were first settlers in Sandwich,NH
Hines/Hinds Ralph Tewksbury Matilda Hinds/Hines b. 1808 m. Elijah Tewksbury
Hoag Rick Wertz Looking for cemetery of George Nelson Hoag b. 1847 Sandwich, NH. Father was George Marshall Hoag b.1819 in Sandwich, NH
Honeybell Maureen Williams Researching Ed Honeybell b.1842 Alstead, NH
Hooper Cathy Looking for my husbands ancestor, Rufus Hooper from the Ossipee/Wolfeboro are of NH
Horne Kenneth Horne Searching for infor.  on Frederick W. & Sarah E. Horne. Parents of Edwin Stanley Horne b. 1853 Wolfboro
   Horne Nancy Buttura Trying to locate John Horne b. 1835 Eaton, NH.
Howe Delores McLaughlin Left NH in 1850's settled Lanark,Carroll Co.,IL.
Hurds James Maxeiner Looking for Hurd's around Conway, in particular Oliver S.
Ingalls Betty Perkins Searching for Sarah Ingalls m. Joseph Odell. Happy to share my information.
Jenness Stephanie Sharpe

Researching Cornelius Jenness m. Patience Chelsey. Children b. in Ossippee (John, Jos, Abigail, Samuel, Thomas)
Jewell Ralph Tewksbury Researching immigrant Thomas 1600
     Jewell Diane Nault Researching this surname
Johnson Delores McLaughlin Left NH in 1850's settled Lanark,Carroll Co.,IL.
   Johnson Rosemarie McCarthy Searching for Hattie or Harriet Johnson
Jones Ann Looking for Joseph Jones b.1804 m. Martha ___? b.1814  settled in Eaton,NH ~1830 ch. Wm S. Jones b.1839
Jondro Donna Researching Jondro family from Tilton/Alexandria
Jordon M. Wolf Seeking info of Fred Jordon, blacksmith from Intervale,NH
Joseph Janet Hubbard Researching this Surname from Carroll Co., NH
Keith Janet Keith Eaton Looking for information on Charles Keith b. 1853, Madison, NH. Son of Seth B. Keith & Harriett.
Kelley Erin Kelley Looking for info on Fred A. Kelley b.? d.?came to Wolfeboro,NH  with sp. Avenia (Lavenia?) son Harlan b. 1897.
Kenison Kim-Stacey Kidder Researching Samuel, Mary E. Kenison of Bartlett,NH
Kimball Deb Delahunty Seeking information on Erasmus Darwin Kimball b.~1822 in Sandwich,NH m. Abigail Alger in 1849.
   Kimball Michelle Slabaugh Researching Clarissa S. Kimball (1816-1850) Sandwich,NH parents Josiah & Elizabeth  (?) Kimball m. Luke Wilder Lovrien. Possible sister named Hannah m. George Baxter
    Kimball Ellen Researching Josiah Kimball & Eliz. Beede m. approx.1814 children Jacob, Erasmus, Charles, & Andrew. Possible Clarissa & Hannah.
Knowles Richard Moulton Looking for Nathaniel Knowles & family. In Sandwich,NH  area 1790.
Knox Kim-Stacey Kidder Researching Barzillai & George Knox of Albany,NH
Ladd David Best Information available abt John Ladd-please contact David if interested.
Lamprey Joan Blaisdell Eliza Lamprey of Moultonboro m. True Worthy Fogg b. 1818. Seeking info on both.
Lane Carrie Turpin Researching Lane Surname from Carroll Co., NH
Lang Susan Lang Researching Lang from Sanbornville,NH
Lary James Pratt Searching for information on spouse of Susan Lary. This was Benjamin Griffin b. 1790 Wolfboro or Ossipee.
Lee Linda Edelstein Researching all descendants of the 4 LEE brothers. Moved  Moultonboro (1777-1778). Eager to share information. Very interested in John & Rebecca (LEE) Rogers and David & Anna (LEE) Preston.
Lewis Cheryl Clarkin Researching Lewis Surname from Carroll Co., NH
Libbey Dedra Welch Searching for info on Thomas (John) Libbey b.1830 m. Mattie (Margaret,Martha) Libbey from Wolfeboro,NH.
Lindsey Barbara Barooshian Researching Thomas Lindsey, physician. Came to Wakefield  m. (1).1787 Polly Nudd (2) 1821 Elizabeth Clark
Locke Bett Houston Thomas Locke of Dunbar m. Mary Berry
Long Cheryl Clarkin Researching Long Surname from Carroll Co. NH
Lord Pat Looking for information on family of Brackett Lord and sp. Clarissa Williams Winslow.
Lowe Denise Researching Lowe Surname from Carroll Co. NH

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