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As soon as possible the  settlers of Carroll County started  to  make arrangements for the preaching of the gospel and the education of their children.  The building of  the school was usually a structure made out of rough logs  with one small window.  This building would quite possibly  serve a dual purpose for the community. One for their religious services and another as  their schoolhouse.   

Following is a brief listing of the early schools and teachers of the area. If you have any information on these or any other schools of Carroll County please contact me. I would like to include the information on these pages



This school was located in Sandwich,NH
The "District 12" School



It appears from the town records that in 1793 the first schoolhouse was erected
and it was located near the Daniel BREWSTER farm.

Beginning dates
for teachers. 

EARLY TEACHERS                    

1785 Nathaniel Ambrose, Jr.
1791 Samuel Tucker, Abraham Peavey, George Nicholson
1793 Anna Blake
1794 Thomas Demerritt, Colonel Mark Wiggin, William Kent, Betsey Wiggin
1796 Moses Thompson
1797 Katherine Edmonds, Horatio G. Balch, Moses Bickford, Nancy Wiggin
1798 Benjamin Canney
1799 George Melville, John French, Joseph Odiorne
1800 Samuel Fox
1801 Israel Piper, Betsey Lucas, Betsey Fernald
1802 Nancy Coleman, Charles Barker, Jonathan Copp
1803 Samuel Wiggin, Betsey Gould, Sarah Johnson, James F. Moulton, Mrs. John Snell, Mrs. Josiah Frost
1804 Weathan Wiggin, Hiram Hodge
1805 Aaron Boodey, Nehemiah Ordway, Henry Horne, Ebenezer Meader Jr.,
1806 Stephen L. Creighton, Polly Gould, Charles Foss, John Brown
1807 Dudley Leavitt "the almanac maker", Miss Savage, Sanborn Blake, Thomas Stevenson, Jane Stuart
1808 John Bassett, Moses Connor, Isaiah G. Orne, Hannah Lucas
1809 Nathaniel Burleigh, David T. Livy, John J. Coleman, Jonathan Blake, John Rines, Hannah Horne, Mary Young, Charles Foss, Abigail Meserve, Polly Gow
1811 Joseph Farrar, Joseph Shorey, William Cotton, Daniel Fellows
1812 John W. Horne, John C. Young, Joseph Edgerly, Thomas J. Tebbetts, Dearborn Wedgewood, Mary Hayes, Sally Crosby, Dolly Tebbetts, Betsey Brewster,
1813 Samuel Bureligh, Olive Shepherd, Jonathan Bickford Jr., Nancy Philbrick, Elizabeth Powers, George W. Warren
1814 Mary Copp, Samuel Leavitt Jr., Gideon Straw, George Nowell, Sarah Lyford, Deborah Gilman,
1815 David B. Straw, Henry Tebbetts, Abigail Snell
1816 Hannah Gage, Mary Dudley
1817 Charles Gilman, Polly Hawkins
1819 David Fullerton
1820 Betsy Lucas



1820 School districts had increased to 12- above the Bridge, below the Bridge, Furbur, Pine Hill, Center, Haines, Farm, Young, Jenness, Pierce Doe, Tebbett's
1823 Wolfeborough & Tuftonborough Academy Incorp. (more at a later date)
~1866  Christian Institute
1886 Brewster Free Academy (name change) click here to learn more about this school

                                   Wakefield, NH Schools    





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