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John W. Sanborn     (1822-        )


Hon. John W. Sanborn was born in Wakefield, NH., January 22, 1822. From an early age he received many of the advantages of being a member of the Sanborn family.  With these he had the power to have the best education. When he was eighteen he became a teacher of winter terms of school, gave satisfaction both as instructor and disciplinarian, and taught 20 terms  with success. This career was not broad nor active enough for him. He became interested in probate business, and for many years conducted causes in its court, and at one time did more of this work than any other in the county. In 1874 and 1875 he was elected State Senator and in 1875 his abilities as a leader and executive officer were recognized in his election as President of the Senate. During his lifetime he held many prominent positions.


Mr. Sanborn married, February 22, 1849, Almira J., daughter of Thomas and Almira (Robinson) Chapman of Wakefield,NH. They had two children: Charles W. who graduated from Dartmouth and Lillian. He was Episcopalian in his religious affiliations and contributed generously to the church of that faith.

The History of Carroll County New Hampshire 1889
by Georgia Drew Merrill






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