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First Families of Alstead

The first man in Alstead was William Druce from Grafton, Massachusetts about 1764, a year after the granting of the charter. Isaac Cady arrived with his wife Sarah Hildrick and their small son, Isaac shortly thereafter. Their second son, Jacob Cady has the honor of being the first child born in Alstead. Then came Simon Baker, Deacon Joseph Warner, Jason Wait and his father, Timothy Delano with his two brothers, Barnabas, and Gideon all eight men attended the first town meeting in 1766.

After the first town meeting 1766, the following arrived in town, four or five Burroughs, Andrew Clark, Josiah Stevens and Elisha Warner. The Rust, Chandlers, Romerys and Beckwiths arrived in 1767. In 1768, the Waldos and Shepards arrive with many sons. The 1770's saw the arrival of Kingsburys, Gales, Kidders, Richardsons, Vilas and Slades, the Barrons, Browns, Marvins, Brooks and Cooks, the Hales, Prentices and Hatches.

Between 1765 and 1780, there were sixty-two families settled in to stay.

Church in East Alstead, photo taken late 1920s

Gristmill and Sawmill in Alstead

Timothy Delano built the town's first Sawmill on Camp Brook in Alstead Center then on those ledges built the town's first Grist Mill. Israel Jones built the first Sawmill in Mill Hollow the second in the town in 1770. The second generation of Mill men were Levi Warren and Ezra Kidder.

Mill Hollow, Alstead

Alstead History

The First Minutes
The Town March ye 11, 1766
Then at a Meeting held on the above mentioned day.
1. Did vote Timothy Delano Moderator to Govern ye meeting.
2. Voted Jason Wait Junr to be the Town Clerk.
3. Voted Jason Wait to be the First Selectman.
4. Voted Timothy Delano to be the Second Selectman.
5. Voted Joseph Warner to be the Third Selectman.
6. Voted Isaac Cady to be the Constable.
7. Voted that the Annually meeting shall be held at the house of Timothy Delanos till the town shall appoint some other place.

The towns first historian was Reverend Seth S. Arnold between 1815 and 1833.

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  • Researching any of the surnames below, they lived in Alstead and surrounding towns.. email (Linda Roller) for more information...

  • Leon TROW, Alstead NH, 1963 back to George Trow, MA, 1665
  • Isabella MARVIN , Alstead, NH, 1856 back to Edward Marvin, CT, and Eng, 1545
  • Jesse Lillian Blanche HOWARD, Alstead, NH,1970 back to Stephen Howard, 1848 through MA and CT
  • Lucy WALKER , 1794 Alstead, NH back to Richard Walker, 1592, ?England
  • Elmira DINSMORE, Alstead, NH, 1860 back to Thomas Dinsmore, 1758, Alstead, NH
  • Elisha KENT, Alstead, NH, 1871- Isaac Kent, 1808
  • Susan WARE , Alstead, NH, 1813-Joseph Ware, 1785, Acworth, NH
  • Harriet Newell CRAIN , back to Joshue Crane, CT, 1744 and Vincent Crane, 1575 born in England--this family goes back to English royalty, has been traced back to the year 0006 AD.

  • New Hampshire Borns a Town, Alstead history, pp 319 (George N. Kidder)

  • Alstead Through the Years: 1763-1990, by Helen H. Frink, Alstead Historical Society, 1992, pp 537 (Michelle L. McKenzie)

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    Alstead, NH cemeteries

  • If you suspect or know of someone buried in one of the Alstead Cemeteries Linda Roller has compiled a list of those buried and inscription of the stone.

    Warren Pond, East Alstead, NH

    Warren Pond, East Alstead, NH - 1999

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