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This is the oldest Anglican cemetery that I know of in Foxtrap. But Iím sure there must be even older private family cemeteries around that nobody remembers anymore. There are a lot of stone markers in this cemetery with no wording on them. I would say there may be a few older citizens in this area that may remember some of those souls buried there, if not knowing them themselves but maybe hearing their parents talk of them. I have tried my best to be accurate with this cemetery but some of the stones are very hard to read now, so anything I was not sure of I have place in Brackets with a ? next to it.

I visited All Saints Parish on August 24, 1998 and had a look at a listing for cemetery readings that was compiled by Charlene Taylor on July 9, 1992.  she had made up a grid map of the cemetery so I added the grid and headstone # to my readings taken in 1998 but Charlene was able to pick them out better in 1992.  I will add the corrected date in after the grid and stone number just in case my reading may be the correct one.

Gathered by Dianne Williams
Presented to Vi Smith August 11,1998
Thank you Dianne for your many long hours hiking through rosebushes.


Elizabeth Effie beloved daughter of William H. and Mary Tilley
Died August 8,1885  Age 18 yr. and 9 months.
Grid G Stone #27 August 18, 1886

In memory of Martha Greenslade wife of the late Thomas Greenslade
Died March 13,1938 Age 87 yr.
Stone erected by daughter Edith
Grid V Stone #128A

In memory of Thomas Greenslade beloved husband of Margaret
Died October 8,1910  Age 60 yr.
Also 3 darling children died 1887-8
Grid V Stone #128B

In memory of James John Kennedy
Died June 9,1879 Age 22 yr.
Grid Y Stone #154

In memory of Christiana Tilley
Died October 6,1884  Age 5 yr.
Also brother Garland
Died August 12, 1882  Age 9 months
Beloved children of Jonathan and Elizabeth Tilley
Grid K Stone #66

Thomas Griffen Died July 17,1887  Age 60 yr.
Stone erected by Mary J. Griffen
Grid K Stone #67

Erected by Esther in the memory of a beloved husband
William C. Kennedy who died March 13, 1888  Age 34 yr.
Grid O Stone #97

In memory of Matthew Greenslade
who died December 26, 1885  Age 88 yr.
Grid B Stone #189 (Age 89 yr.)

In memory of Emma beloved wife of Thomas Griffen
who died December 12, 1881  Age 47 yr.
Grid C Stone #6

In memory of George Tilley
who died May 27, 1852  Age 40 yr.
Grid C Stone #7

In memory of Eliza Miller who departed this life
on March 16, 1896  Age 79 yr. and 6 months
Grid C Stone #8

Charles Bishop Died October 23, 1891 Age 79 yr.
Grid L Stone #74

In memory of Joseph Ridout
Died August, 1875  Age 29 yr.
Also Richard Ridout
Died October 9, 1866  Age 29 yr.
Grid X Stone #157A

Richard Ridout Died June 4, 1907 Age 92 yr.
Nancy Ridout July 6, 1895  Age 81 yr.
Grid X Stone #157B

Stone is broke in half and top part is missing. Maybe wife of
William Ridout below as they are next to each other.

This stone was laying on the ground and just about unreadable
In memory of William Ridout
(Looks like Age 76 yr., 1882)
Grid Z Stone #172B (May 11,1882 Age 72 yr.)

Caroline beloved wife of Abraham Le Drew
Died February 19, 1885  Age 38 yr.
Grid R Stone #120

Erected by Alfred Butler in memory of his beloved wife
Eliza Jane who died May 25, 1883  Age 28 yr.
Grid U Stone #143

Sacred to the memory of Edward Hiscock
who died December 26, 1857  Age 62 yr.
Grid M Stone #79

In loving memory of Harriett beloved wife of
James John Hibbs who died April $, 1932  Age 64 yr.
Grid P Stone #110

In loving memory of Henry Hains who departed this life
on July 21, 1909  Age 78 yr.
Grid P Stone #111A

Erected by Henry Hains in the memory of Kezia
who died November 13, 1881  Age 45 yr.
Also son George who died December 3, 1881  Age 10 yr.
Grid P Stone #111B

Sacred to the memory of James Daw who departed this life
April 22, 1871 Age 25 yr.  Leaving behind Mother,
Father, Sister and Brother
Grid P Stone #112

Erected by Abraham LeDrew  in memory of his beloved wife
Elizabeth Emma who died September 8, 1887
Grid U Stone #144 (September 7, 1883)

In memory of Matilda Dowdan
who died January 1, 1860  Age 11 yr.
Grid E Stone #223A (Age 14 years)

In memory of Israel Dowdan
who died December 14, 1860  Age 19 yr.
Grid E Stone #223C (DOD December 11,1860)

In memory of Ann beloved wife of the late James Dowden
who died December 9, 1887  Age 67 yr.
Grid B Stone #196

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Butler
wife of Joseph Butler who departed this life on
December 15, 1857  Age 39 yr.
Grid H Stone #60

There is a double slab of concrete laying on top of the ground.
Itís sort of an underground Crypt. The one slab has Johnís name
on it but the other was never engraved. I assume it was for his
wife but whether she is actually buried there or not I do not know.

Sacred to the memory of John Butler Sr.
who departed this life on (January 1, 1853 ?)  Age 72 yr.
Grid L Stone #82A

Sacred to the memory of (Space not filled in)
Grid L Stone #82B

In memory of Herbert Ernest beloved son of
John and Elizabeth Butler who died December 10, 1881
 Age 7 months
Grid L Stone #83 (December 18, 1881, 17 months)

Jane Batten beloved wife of William Batten
Died March 15, 1865 or 1855  Age 27 yr.
Grid B Stone #24 (March 15, 1855)

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Taylor
who departed this life on July 10, 1851  Age 61 yr.
Also to the memory of Jacob Taylor
who died May 16, 1850  Age 69 yr.
Grid F Stone #39 (Her Age 64 yr., His Death May 16, 1858)

Sacred to the memory of Jane beloved wife of
Charles Butler who died February 8, 1876  Age 50 yr.
Grid H Stone #63A

In memory of Eliezer Butler
who died November 6,1880  Age 12 yr.
Grid H Stone #63B (November 6,1856 Age 12 yr.)

In loving memory of Charles Butler
who died November 23, 1902  Age 84 yr.
Grid H Stone #63C

This one had a stone that was worn away. I believe it was Reginald Coates who erected a new plaque in memory of Charles and Susan.
Charles Coates April 9, 1793 - March 30, 1885
Susan Coates (Nee Roberts) August 1, 1804 -December 6, 1864
Grid L Stone #85

Next two same plot
In memoriam of William Butler who entered into rest
on November 6, 1888  Age 78 yr.
Grid L Stone #84L (November 6, 1881)
In memoriam of Emma beloved wife of William Butler
who entered into rest on January 7, 1883
in the 69th year of her Age.
Grid L Stone #84B

In memory of George Ridout
who died September 28, 1887  Age 38 yr.
Grid O Stone #116

Rueben Ridout
who died December 13, 1881  Age 55 yr.
Grid Q Stone #122

Next two on the same stone
In memory of Martha Daw
who died March 15, 1884  Age 29 yr.
In memory of Jacob Ridout
who died July 26, 1883  Age 22 yr.
Grid T Stone #120 (July 20,1883)

Sacred to the memory of Robert Ridout
who died April 1871  Age 41 yr.
Grid T Stone #151

In the memory of Sarah beloved wife of Rueben Ridout
who died February 3, 1879  Age 51 yr.
also John who died May 21, 1881  Age 27 yr.
Grid V Stone #164 (Her Death Feb 3, 1859 Age 51 yr.)

In memory of Edward Ridout
who departed this life on January 16, 1864  Age 44 yr.
Grid D Stone #219

In memory of Susanna Greenslade
who died July 11, 1883  Age 65 yr.
Grid C Stone #212

Sacred to the memory of William Williams
who departed this life on January 20, 1858
in the 40th year of his Age.
Grid M Stone #75

Susan Fagan died September 14, 1898, Age 54 years

Mary Eason died January 19, 1899, Age 75 years

Earnest Harding died June 2, 1899, Age 5 days

Mary Batten died November 19, 1900, Age 75 years

Emma Pope died October 26, 1905, Age 85 years

The End

Thank You, Dianne.



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