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This listing includes obituaries and death notices for: York county residents and their families, residents in surrounding counties, and individuals with ties to York County. All newspapers were published in York County, unless otherwise noted.

Unknown Surnames  A  Ba-Bh  Bi-Brn  Bro-Bz  Ca-Cn  Co-Cz  
Da-Dh  Di-Dz  E  F  Ga-Gn  Go-Gz  Ha-Hd  He-Ht  Hu-Hz  
I  J  K  L  Ma-McC  McD-Mn Mo-Mz   N  O  Pa-Ph  Pi-Pz
 Q  Ra-Rh  Ri-Rz  Sa-Sg  Sh-Sl  Sm-Ss St-Sz  
T  U  V  Wa-Wh  Wi-Wz  X  Y  Z
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If you can identify any of these people, please let us know

Last Name Given Name Newspaper Date Notes
Unknown(male)York Republican2 May 1877 (pg 2 , col 2 )Died on Claudius Jones farm (well cave in)
Unknown(male)York Daily Times29 Oct 1895 (pg 3, col 2)Murder victim - no identification on body, but don't think is local
Unknown(two deaths at Henderson)York Republican29 Nov 1893 (pg 1, col 8)One could be child of Abe Regier.
Unknown__earcher's childYork Republican  Fragment on reel 1 of York Republican microfilm, unknown date, and incomplete name.
UnknownAdaYork Republican10 Oct 1880 (pg 3 , col 3 )Memorial poem "Little Ada" by Dora V. Mason, Plainfield, dated Oct. 6.(Bradshaw area)
UnknownBohemianMcCool Junction Record26 Jun 1890 (pg 5, col 2) 
UnknownBoyMcCool Junction Record01 Jul 1887 (pg 2 , col 3 )Unknown boy, about 12y, drowned in Blue near Seward, Monday
UnknownBoy from St. LouisYork Republican15 Aug 1894 (pg 1, col 6)Runaway horse, died at Friend
UnknownDav…York Republican  Fragment on reel 1 of York Republican microfilm, unknown date. There is only a partial name (Mr. Dav___) and we cannot tell if Dav is the beginning of his first or last name.
UnknownEmigrantYork Republican04 Jun 1890 (pg 1, col 2)In special edition; victim of tornado
UnknownFarmer near SewardYork Republican11 Feb 1891 (pg 3, col 2)Suicide
UnknownHired manMcCool Junction Record12 Jun 1890 (pg 6, col 1)Tornado victim
UnknownHomeless manMcCool Junction Record28 Jun 1888 (pg 5 , col 3 )Found near Ruby, drowned
UnknownInfantMcCool Junction Record08 Nov 1888 (pg 5 , col 3 )Skeleton of infant found when moving house. Frank Hawk current resident; old Doody farm. Article originally published in Beaver Crossing Bugle
UnknownMale GermanYork Republican16 Jul 1879 (pg 3 , col 3 ) 
UnknownNewbornYork Republican11 May 1887 (pg 1 , col 4 )Newborn of young Swede girl, died in Aurora
UnknownRussian Father & MotherYork Republican31 Dec 1884 (pg 3 , col 2 ) 
UnknownSwedeYork Republican24 Jul 1889 (pg 3 , col 5 )Swede north of Bradshaw (York County) died last Thursday
UnknownSwede in Hamilton CountyYork Republican25 Feb 1891 (pg 3, col 2)Died in blizzard.
UnknownTrain conductorMcCool Juction Record19 Nov 1891 (pg 5, col 3 & 4) 
UnknownTwo trampsMcCool Junction Record05 May 1892 (pg 2, col 4)Two tramps killed in train wreck.

Unknown Surnames  A  Ba-Bh  Bi-Brn  Bro-Bz  Ca-Cn  Co-Cz  
Da-Dh  Di-Dz  E  F  Ga-Gn  Go-Gz  Ha-Hd  He-Ht  Hu-Hz  
I  J  K  L  Ma-McC  McD-Mn Mo-Mz   N  O  Pa-Ph  Pi-Pz
 Q  Ra-Rh  Ri-Rz  Sa-Sg  Sh-Sl  Sm-Ss St-Sz  
T  U  V  Wa-Wh  Wi-Wz  X  Y  Z
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