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Obituaries and Death Notices
1872 through 1894, and selected later dates

This index contains obituaries and death notices of York county residents, and their families. It also includes obituaries and death notices of those who died outside of the area but had ties to York County residents, and those in nearby counties as often the location of death and burials crossed the county lines. Many of the older articles are very brief.  

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Newspapers indexed to date
How to order copies of death notices/obits
Submitting obits to this project

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This index was culled from archived issues of the following newspapers
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Year(s)   Town   Newspaper
1891   Gresham   Gresham Review
1887   Gresham   Poston Review
1896-1899, 1902-1904, 1914   Gresham   Gresham Gazette *
1887-1894   McCool Junction   McCool Junction Record
1892, 1895   Utica (Seward County)   Utica Sun
1892   York   York County Press
1892   York   York Daily Press
1889, 1895   York   York Daily Times
1895   York   York Daily Vidette
1890, 1892, 1895   York   York Democrat
1892-1893   York    York Independent
1873   York   York County Record
1872   York   York Monitor
1876-1895   York   York Republican
1875-1876   York   York Sentinel
1886-1892, 1895   York   York Times
* Due to the fragile state of these papers, we did all available issues to keep from reopening the packet for each year


To order copies of death notices/obituaries listed
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If you do not have access to the microfilmed newspapers, you can order copies from the York County Historical Association (address below) or the Nebraska State Historical Society. Be sure to include the person's name, the newspaper, newspaper dates, pages and columns for every article you want a copy of. If ordering from York County Historical, the cost is $1 per name even if there were multiple articles on the person, plus $2 for shipping and handling for each order you place. For example, if you are ordering death notices/obituaries for five people the cost would be $5 for the articles ($1 each), plus $2 for shipping and handling — a total of $7 for that order.


To contribute obituaries or death records to this project
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If you have copies of obituaries you would like to share, please send photocopies of them to the address shown below. It is okay if you put mulitple obituaries on the same page. If you send originals and want them returned, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

York County Historical Association
P. O. Box 81
York, NE 68467