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The following items are currently for sale by the York County Historical Association. Please use the order form, or a facsimile of it when ordering.


  • Burials in the Mennonite Cemeteries near Henderson, Nebraska. COMING SOON, PLEASE CHECK LATER!

  • 1888 Our Illustrated York, Nebraska (reprint). Cost $7 each, which includes postage.
    This 48-page book allows readers to take a step back in time and view the city of York in 1888, in the midst of a spectacular growing surge. The text covers the first twenty years of the city of York, beginning with the 1868 pre-emption claims and a single frame shanty standing in what would eventually become downtown York. By 1888, when the book was printed, the city was a self-proclaimed "Banner City" of 6,000 souls. Includes 42 engravings of the courthouse, business blocks, churches, schools, and community leaders. Name index.

  • 1913 Old Settlers' History of York County (reprint). Cost $13 each, which includes postage.
    This 175-page book is a compliation of biographies and historic events from the first fifty years of York County's history. It is illustrated with dozens of photographs. The book covers a multitude of topics: the settlers' relationship with Native Americans, grasshopper invasions, blizzards, hardships of the earliest settlers, and the growth of the county. The reprinted version includes an expanded name and topic index. This is a must-have book for anyone wanting to have a better understanding of York County's development.

  • 1970 Greater York Area Centennial 1870-1970 (original, used but in good condition). Cost $30, which includes postage.
    A 164-page pictorial history of York County, its villages and people. There are only a few copies available, so please check on availability before ordering.


  • 1889 Atlas of York County (8-1/2" x 11" photocopies). Cost 25¢ per township map, plus postage fee as shown on order form.
    This atlas was published about 25 years after York County's earliest settlers arrived. It is a favorite for researchers, especially those that find the land is still occupied by their ancestors or their descendants. Most properties show the locations of the homes, along with the land owner names. Unsure which township your ancestors settled in? Check the index of homesteaders, the index of this atlas, or e-mail us for help.


  • Obituaries & Death Notices. Cost $1 per individual name, plus postage fee as shown on order form.
    The York County Historical Association has indexed all death notices and obituaries through January 1, 1900. For a listing of the newspapers that were indexed, and a listing of names, click here. Keep in mind that most of these early articles are only a few sentences long. If you do not find a name listed, you can request a search in the local papers. The cost is $1 per name (plus postage) but there is no guarantee that we will find an obituary or death notice for them unless they appear in the index.

  • All other photocopies. E-mail for a price quote for any other photocopies you may want.

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