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Welcome to Gen-Newbie

November 04, 2006


If you're new to computers or genealogy, this is the place for you.


Gen-Newbie started as an electronic mailing list for people who were new to computers and/or genealogy, to ask questions, help others, and generally share information, research techniques,  brick walls, and computer/genealogy woes.  We began, officially, on October 31, 1996, as an offshoot of the renowned Roots-L.  Since then we have gained over 1,000 members, a unique community that supports the honest and open newbie questions in a flame-free, tolerant atmosphere concerning genealogy/computers.



During the first few months of Gen-Newbie, one of our members, Jean Legried, offered to publish 6 lessons for those who were just beginning in  genealogy.  Jean is a Certified Genealogical Records Specialist, and her lessons are thorough, easy to understand, and always useful.  They are, however, Jean's lessons, so please check with her before re-publishing them for any reason. Let's get started with Jean.


Are you interested?  If so, you'll need to make a decision before you subscribe.  There are 2 ways to subscribe to Gen-Newbie:
Mail Mode means that you'll receive each message individually.  If there are 20 messages, you'll receive 20 emails.  Typically, there are between 50 and 90 messages per day.  This mode is great if you like to stay on top of things, but not great if you don't check your email often.
Digest Mode means that you'll receive each message, but in a cluster, or digest.  Typically, this list publishes 3-4 digests per day.  This mode is ideal for someone who likes to read messages at leisure. 

So, what do you wish?  Digest Mode or Mail Mode?



To subscribe or unsubscribe to the Gen-Newbie mailing list click on the appropriate link below.

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Hi you all, the mailman software doesn't make life
easy.  Although the the L and D have been dropped
from the list addresses, for someone to subscribe
in Digest mode they will need to send the request
to [email protected] so the D is
still needed to SUB (or UNSUB) to a list in digest mode but not for anything else.  Remember that the same
address canNOT be subbed to both the list and
digest versions. 







*A few sites that may be of some help*


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Elaine Maddox

Terry Beck
Listowner Emeritus

We'll help you with your subscription or list problems, so drop anyone of us a note.  If we can't fix it, we'll do everything we can do find someone who will!
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