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Amity or Pine Hill Cemetery

Amity cemetery gate photo

Transcribed from various copies of the
NorthWest Genealogical Society "
Wagoneer Journals 1982-1983" by Liz Lee.
Original not copyrighted but used by permission of  Becci Thomas, Neva Lewis,
and Bette Ray Thornton of NWGS.

Corrections by Susan Malone for Cerny, Krause

Amity or Pine Hill Cemetery

Located west of Gordon, NE on SW 1/4 of Section 30, Township 33 Range 43.

It was part of the Amity Methodist Episcopal Church grounds.  

The church itself was never built.

ADDIE		George  	1893-1955

ADDIE		Clara M  	1896-1976

PARKER		Johnny Dee  	9 Dec 1893-25 Nov 1894

STANDISH	Ruth		6 Jul 1842-1 Dec 1893


JOHNSON		Inger  		1 Jul 1874-9 Aug 1947

JOHNSON		Joseph E.  	15 Jul 1905-18 Jan 1906

JOHNSON		Jacob Lawrence  2 Sept 1910-14 Aug 1933


NICHAELSON	Nillenda   	1855-1927

NICHAELSON	Carl J. 	1881-1895

NICHAELSON	Michael K.  	1842-1923

NICHAELSON	Dorothy  	1855-1894


BAKER		Lloyd  died 25 Mar 1889 at 11 years

CERNY		Charles 	1883-1943 View photo

CERNY		Magdelena [Kraus] 1855-1941 [sister of Filip]

CERNY		John, Sr. 	1859-1927 View photo

CERNY		John Jr. 	1885-1929 View photo

CERNY		Edward		1889-1939 View photo

CERNY		Frank G.	1882-1958 View photo

CERNY		Franklin J.	1922-1973

CERNY		Emley [Emily]	1912-1913 View photo

KROUS/KRAUS	Filip		1853-1894 View photo

HAUSER		John		1865-1903

KOHOUT		Katherine	26 Nov 1858-29 May 1915

KOHOUT		Joseph F	7 May 1877-10 Oct 1913


WITT		James A		14 Feb 1942-5 Jun 1971

NOHR		Fred		1851-1912

VODICKA		Frank		21 Jul 1890 at 60 years


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