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Volume 21, no. 3

Winter 1998

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Only members of NSGS may order books from the library. On a 3 x S card write your name, address and membership number along with the titles of the books you select. No more than three books per order. Enclose $4.00 for each book you order from this listing or from the Catalog of Library Holdings or the publications for Sale brochure. Include a SASE with each order. Sent your order to the NSGS librarian, 307 Road T Exeter, NE 68351-9205. Membership dues are $15.00 a year.

I never moved but I have been assigned a new address as seen above.

CORLISS CLAY of Kennewick, WA sent a check for $100.00 to be used for purchasing books for the library after I wrote to thank her for the $5.00 she included with her membership dues. Thanks Corliss!. You are truly a dedicated member of NSGS. The society appreciates all monetary donations as well as donations of books to the library.

Norma Knoche of Friend, NE donated the following 3 county plat books;

1977/1978 HAMILTON COUNTY BOOK of 35 pages has township maps showing location of and names of farmers along with an index of names, location on map, owner or renter and mailing address. Another index lists names by town,

1984 and 1990 OTOE COUNTY BOOKS each of about 25 pages has township maps with names of land owners on each parcel of land.

Ruth Swanson of Geneva, NE donated the following 3 county plat books:

1983-84 THAYER COUNTY 33 pages

1983-84 CLAY COUNTY 28 pages

1983-84 FILLMORE COUNTY 29 pages Each book is divided in 3 sections-township maps showing towns and rural residents -alphabetical locator of each rural resident, owner or renter, address and location on maps and mailing listing names by town.

CONTINUING IN FAITH-125 YEARS-HUMBOLDT UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 1871-1996 donated by Jorene Herr of Humboldt, NE, is a 92 page spiral bound book. The English Methodist Church, refered to as the Table Rock Circuit begins in 1858. The German Methodist church was founded in 1856, both before the town of Humboldt was established. The two congregations united in 1925 becoming an English speaking church. The Pleasant View Church emerged with the church in town in 1970. Fifty year members are listed for every 5 or 10 years beginning in 1980 and an alphabeticasl (sic) list of members names along with the year they became members. The choir, church school, library and many ladies groups all have stories.

THE FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY OF ARIZONA SURNAME INDEX BOOK donated by the society, is a 303 page spiral bound book was a joint project of this society and the Arizona Genealogical Computer Group. The book has the names and addresses of the submitters in numerical order along with the surnames in alphabetical order, first name, event, year began and ended, county or city, state and country.

ORD WEEKLY QUIZ NEWSPAPER ABSTRACTIONS 1893, a 345 page spiral bound book with index, lists vital statistics along with many other items of historical significants.

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NOTICE: Change of Address of NSGS Librarian, 307 ROAD T, Exeter, NE 68351

THE DESCENDANTS OF ORIN B CRANDELL (1806-1884) OF MADISON COUNTY NEW YORK donated by the compiler, Darlene James of Bellevue, NE, is a 100 page spiral bound book with index. This book of 8 generations of Orin Crandell, born in NY, married in IN and died in KS. His wife, Eliza Jane Kerr, born in IN died in IL, had 6 sons. The oldest son, Wilder, died in the Andersonville prison during the Civil War. Nebraska counties mentioned in this book are Otoe, Lancaster, Douglas, Hall, Cass, Madison, Sarpy and several others.

THE SPENCERS OF THE GREAT MIGRATION 1300-1783 Volume I, donated by the authors, Jack and Edith Spencer of DeKalb, IL, a 477 page hard bound book with 3 indexes, Spencers, others and places is the History and Genealogy of 5 Spencer brothers, William, Thomas, Michael & Gerard and sister, Elizabeth of Bedfordshire, England who came to New England 1630-1631 and the lineages of some of their descendants in America. The book has many maps, charts, documents, photos and stories of 11 generations of Spencers who first settled in CT. There is mention of Earl Spencer, the father of Diana, who became the Princess of Wales and her brother, Charles.

A HISTORY OF ANDRES NILSSON IN SWEDEN & AMERICA donated by the author. Russell R. Nery of Sheboygan Falls, WI, a great grandson. This 28 page spiral bound book describes the life of Andres in Sweden where he married twice, having 2 daughters with first wife; 2 sons and a daughter with second wife. Andres, his family, his oldest daughter & her husband came to IL where the sister of the son-in-law lived. By 1878, Andres and his family came to homestead near Sherman in Kearney County, NE. He is buried at Axtell. The homestead is still in the family in 1998. Not many pages but a lot of information in story, charts and photos.

DESCH FAMILY HISTORY donated by the compiler, Shirley Price of LaPorte, IN, is a 93 page soft cover book of family group sheets dating back to Johann & Anna Desch of PA and their 10 children. The most common states are PA, IL, IA, and NE. NE counties mentioned are Merrick, Valley, York and Fillmore. Many related names are included.

Sandra Breitkrautz of Crete, NE donated the following 3 items:

1925 CUSTER COUNTY EIGHTH GRADE GRADUATES 8 pages, is a copy of the promotion excercises held in Broken Bow listing the names of the graduates along with address and rural school number. A list of the top 26 students on the honor roll with their grade average is included.

KUKLIS-OLIVA NEWSLETTERS May 1992; Febr. 1994; March 1996; March 1998, 42 pages, were sent to relatives before each Family Reunion.

KUKLIS-OLIVA FAMILY IN BOHEMIA a 71 page card stock book with index is really not a family history but a report of information found about the family before emigration to America. Maps, Charts, photos, letters and history of the Czech village make up the book

SOME REIMAN(N) DESCENDANTS (PICKLED HISTORIES) donated by the compiler, William Neil Oliver of Maumee, OR, is a 172 page soft bound book with index, has 10 generations of the Reiman Family beginning in Switzerland. Karl and Klementina and 5 children, 4 sons and a daughter came to America in 1879, coming to a homestead in St. Stephen's Precinct in Nuckolls County, NE. This farm is still owned by the family. The oldest son lived in CA. The daughter in OH with the rest remaining in Nebraska. Photos, translated Swiss documents and Family Reunions complete the book.

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NOTICE: Change of address of NSGS librarian, 307 Road T, Exeter, NE 68351

CZECH IMMIGRATION PASSENGER LISTS NEW YORK 1887-1896 a 246 page soft bound book. lists names in alphabetical order, age, name of country, name of ship and date of arrival and in some instances, destination.

NEBRASKA STATE GOVERNMENT DIRECTORY 1987, a 312 page spiral book, has a map of three floors of the State Capital, list of members of the State Legislature with addresses, classified directory of State Offices with names and an alphabetical lists of names, agency they work for and phone number.

WE WILL GO TO A NEW LAND - THE GREAT EAST FRISIAN MIGRATION TO AMERICA 1845-1895 a 406 page soft cover bound book with index is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 is the history of Frisians as to who they are, their language, names, ways and journey from Ostfriesland to America. Part 2 divided into charters for various areas of settlements in Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Areas in Nebraska are Dawson and Cheyenne County and Southeastern Nebraska for Auburn, Wymore Bruning, Hildreth and Gage County, Photos of churches with names from church records of births, deaths and marriages: Also many burial inscriptions from cemetery listings. Some biographical sketches are included.

CRAWFORD COUNTY OHIO RECORDS is a 239 soft cover book divided into 4 sections: Naturalizations with names in alphabetical order list intent date, naturalization date and country from which they came from; Declaration of Intent for Naturalization with names in alphabetical order, age, country, place emigrated from and date, arrival port and date with date of intent; Marriage Consents lists bride and grooms names, not in alphabetical order, who signed for them, township and date from 1832 to 1889; Ancestor Charts with short biographies of submitters. Not in alphabetical order.

WOMEN IN ACTION: NORTH DAKOTA PHOTOGRAPHS a 54 page book of very old photos of women in Agriculture, household chores, business, school and entertainment. A W.P.A. project recorded of the Depression years.

THE ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE IN COLONIAL MARYLAND 1632-1689 a 349 page hard bound book with selected bibliography describes the early courts and judicial officers; Prerogrative court, court of chancery, provincial court, county courts, indentured servants and Negros and Indians, marital relationships and moral offenses as reflected in the courts.

INDIANA THROUGH TRADITION AND CHANGE - A History of the Hoosier State and Its People 1920-1945 This 453 page paper back book with index and bibliographical essay, explains politics in the 1920's and 30's, agriculture, transportation, business economy, education, religion, health, culture and changes following World War II.

WRIGHT-BOOK OF ANCESTRY SHEETS - Volume I has 242 pages with index.


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NOTICE: Change of address of NSGS librarian, 307 Road T, Exeter, NE 68351

The following quarterlies were donated after the death of an NSGS member in Michigan. Quarterlies are not available at the Beatrice Public Library You may order 6 issues for the $4.00 cost and a SASE.

RIDGE RUNNER Volumes 1 to 14 published in Utah, each volume of over 100 pages has its own index.


PENNSYLVANIA HERITAGE-TERCENTENARY 1 issue published by PA Historical Society and Museum Commission.

KEYSTONE KUZZINS Volumes 8 to 16 published by the Erie County PA society Mostof the volumes have indexes.

FRANKLIN COUNTY FOOTNOTES Volumes 1 to 4 published by the Franklin County PA Historical Society at Chaxnbersburg.

LA FAYETTE 2 issues of the History & Genealogical Society of Fayette County PA.

ST CLAIR'S BEDFORD 1 issue of History and Genealogical Society of Bedford County PA.

CRAWFORD COUNTY OHIO QUARTERLY 25 issues published by the Crawford County Genealogical Society

THE DINGHY Volume I published at Machias, Maine

THE SECOND BOAT Volumes 1 to 10 published at Macbias, Maine

DOWNEAST ANCESTRY Volumes 1 to 7 published at Machias, Maine

THE DUCHESS 7 issues published by Duchess County NY Genealogical Society

SOUTH DAKOTA HISTORY 20 issues published by South Dakota Historical Society

CENTRAL GEORGIA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY 8 issues cover 27 counties in Central Georgia

THE SCHUYLERITE 2 issues published by Schuyler County IL Historical Museum

STIRPES 9 issues published by Texas State Genealogical Society

GENEALOGICAL TIPS 27 issues published by Tip-O'-Texas Genealogical Society at Harlington, TX.

JASPER COUNTY GLEANER 6 issues published in Newton, IA


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