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Spring 1997

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BYRAMS IN AMERICA-Second Edition donated by the author, John Arnold Byram of San Jose, CA, a 570 page hard bound book with surname and Byram indexes is a continuation of information received after the first edition published in 1988. It lists Byram emigration from England in the 1630's to 1870's. Births in the various areas of the U.S. begin in 1770's. Nebraska connections are in Hall County at Grand Island from 1907 to 1917.

THE ANCESTORS & DESCENDANTS OF GEORGE HULL, donated by the author, Robert E. Hull of Saratoga, CA, is a 1100 page hard bound book with ancestor, descendant and consort indexes. This book of George Hull (1590-1659) and Thomzen Michell of Crewkerne, Somerset, England; Dorchester MA; Windor & Fairfield, CT lists 14 generations. A family record in 1803 was been passed down to each generation since that time.

GALLUP GENEALOGY 1987, donated by Patricia Ellenwood-Young from Greenlawn, NY, a secretary of the Gallup Family Assn. Inc. at old Mystic, CT. This large hard bound 357 page book with 92 pages of index, includes 14 generations of John Gallop who came to MA from Darsetshire, England in 1620. His wife and 5 children came in 1633. The youngest sons were twins. Son, William returned to England where he died fighting for Cromwell. John Gallup became a captain of a ship bringing immigrants from England to the U.S.

THE SOURCE- A Guidebook of American Genealogy-Revised Edition donated by Ancestry of Salt Lake City, UT, is a 834 page hard bound book with index. This book has four updated chapters from the volume published in 1984. The chapters have 12 topics in the Record type chapter; 5 topics in the Ethnic Origin chapter; 3 topics in the Time & Place chapter and 7 topics in the Appendix chapter.

LEGANDS OF OUR LAND-A Unique History of the Mississippi Valley, a 44 page soft cover book with a look at pioneer life in the Gateway of the west with historical accounts in the Quad-City Area.

THEM WAS THE GOOD OLD DAYS IN DAVENPORT SCOTT COUNTY IOWA a 232 page hard bound book describes life as it was back in the early days till 1922 with pictures and stories.

Ellen DeVries of Lincoln donated the following 7 items:


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ANCESTRY OF SOME DUTCHERS donated by B.J. Creager of Bothell, WA is 8 pages of Family Group Sheets for Dutcher and Kubista Familes who lived in Greeley, Morrill, Box Butte and Merrick Counties of Nebraska

WE VEITCHES VEATCHES VEACHES VEECHES-An Historical Treasury of the Descendants of James Veitch, the Sherriffe Volumes II & III donated by the Veitch Historical Society in Kentucky. Volume II of 782 pages showing James Veitch who came to Maryland in 1650, Veitches of Ireland, Miscellanious Vietches and Supplement to Volume I published in 1974. Volume II of 758 pages continues with the supplement, photos, index of Veitch names and other surnames. Appendix I is the Veitches of Dawyck. Appendix II shows the ancestors of James Veitch, the Sherriffe of Calvert County Maryland.

Dr. Joy T. Wilson of Denver, CO donated the following 11 books:

DAR PATRIOT INDEX VOLUME I a 771 page hard bound book, published in 1966, contains the alphabetically listed names of Revolutionary patriots, both men and women who served 1774-1793 along with dates of birth, death, wife or husband, rank, type of service and state where the Patriot lived or served. This index was compiled from data extracted for original applications of members of the Daughters of the American Revolution National Society.

DAR Patriot Index Volume II a 406 page hard bound book published in 1979, is an updated lineage index received after Volume I. Another section has additions and corrections to Volume I.

THE 1982 SUPPLEMENT TO THE DAR PATRIOT INDEX a paper back book of 145 pages, is an updated listing after Volume I & II with section of corrections and additions. An index of the spouse names is included.

DIRECTORY OF SCOTS IN THE CAROLINAS 1680-1830 a 320 page hard bound book, lists in alphabetical order names of Scottish immigrants who stayed permenantly in the Carolinas during this time period. The information includes age or birth year, occupation, wife and children if known and location at time of death.

EARLY RECORDS OF FISHING CREEK PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-CHESTER COUNTY SC 1799-1859, a 191 page paper back book with index. Sections 1 and 2 are hand written listing vital records in Section 1, visitation list of Rev. John Simpson in Section 2 and Section 3 had the cemetery inscriptions which is typewritten.

GATHERED SKETCHES FROM THE EARLY HISTORY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE & VERMONT a 220 page paper back book with index, is a reprint of. a 1856 book containing interesting accounts and adventures of our forefathers and other incidents of olden times.

NEW HAMPSHIRE GENEALOGICAL DISGEST 1623-1900 Volume I a 333 page hard bound book contains information listed in alphabetical order from abstracted biographies for seven out of print or hard to find works concerning NH. An index of other names listed in the biography are included.

PSYCHIC ROOTS-Serendipity and Intuition in Genealogy, a 236 page soft cover book with index is the story of the author's Hank Jones Jr., research as compared to other genealogists who are genealogists also.

FACTS THE HISTORIANS LEAVE OUT-A Confederate Primer, is an 80 page paper back book, the 25th printing, explaining that 10 of the fiist 16 Presidents of the United States were sons of the South yet their record ended in 1861 showing the South has been the nation's step-child.

COMPUTER GENEALOGY-A Guide to Research Through High Technology a 280 page soft. Bound book with index contains 10 chapters on computers and genealogy.

COLLECTING DEAD RELATIVES a 155 page paper back book relates humorous experiances doing research for your genealogy.

VANA FAMILY COOKBOOK, donated by Barbara Colgan of Ozawkie, KS, is a 183 page spiral bound book with 13 pages of family charts beginning with Frank Vana and Barbora Janda who were married in Saline County, NE in 1892. These Czech recipes were submitted by Vana and Janda descendants.

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Doris Peters of DeWitt, NE donated the following 2 publications:

A SHORT HISTORY OF DEWITT 1872-1972 a 44 page soft cover book, is a short history of the village changing from a frontier crossroads to a struggling young community. The book of 5 chapters is written chronologically along with pictures and a 1900 map of the original village.

THE PIONEER STORY OF BILL & ANE PETERSEN AND THE EVOLUTION OF THE VISE-GRIP a 88 page soft bound book describes the life of Bill Petersen who came to America in 1902 to Minden to blacksmith with brother, Nels, married in NY, farmed in Lincoln County, blacksmith in Axteil where he was naturalized and 4 children were born, farmed in AR, farmed near DeWitt, NE, farmed in Dawes County, returned to DeWitt in 1918 where he received the Vice-Grip patent in 1921. During the depression days of the 30's he began manufacturing the Vice-Grip when WPA funds helped pay the wages. He built a car in Minden in 1903 and another in Axtell in 1908 when he received a patent for the spring wheel for holding on car tires.

MY SIXTEEN A SELF HELP GUIDE TO FINDING YOUR 16 GREAT-GREAT GRANDPARENTS by Robert Marlin donated by Jay Richusso publisher of Land Yacht Press of Nashville, TN, is a 232 page soft cover book with index, photos, illustrations, appendix and selected bibliography. The author explains, by his own experiences, the use of numberous records, tips and short cuts for doing genealogical research. A list of research books and genealogical computer programs are listed.

Sara Firehammer of Granger, IN donated the following 5 books in the Name of her Infant Daughter, Emily Michelle Firehammer

MANUEL FOR INDIANA GENEALOICAL RESEARCH a 95 page soft. cover book with index, includes history of the state, state and county records, national cemeteries, newspapers, libraries, societies. Many addresses where various genealogical records are found.

RECORDS OF EMIGRANTS FROM ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND 10 NORTH CAROLINA 1774-1775 a 30 page soft cover book consists mostly of indented servants bound for NY, PA, MA, VA and Nova Scotia. Embarkation ports were from London, Falmouth, Liverpool, and Newcastle in England, Greenlock, Edinburgh, Stranraer, Lerwick in Scotland. The name, age, occupation, destination, sponsor and reason are listed by each embarkation date.

DISCOVERING YOUR IOWA CIVIL WAR ANCESTRY a 64 page soft cover book explains how to do research on the county, state and national levels, list of books available that would be of help for Iowa enlistees, also the addresses of State Historical Societies in the U.S. Nebraska is not listed.

TWENTY FOUR HUNDRED TENNESSEE PENSIONERS a 121 page soft cover book is an alphabetically listing of names, age, year list, location of enlistment, location when receiving pension and on occasion death date. This list of names from War of 1812 and War of the Revolution are taken from lists in 1816, 1818, 1828, 1832, 1840 census, county records, heirs of non-commissioned officers killed in War of 1812 service and manuscript record of the Knoxville Agency.

EARLY PENNSYLVANIA BIRTHS 1675-1875 a 107 page soft cover book with information taken from four county baptismal records, tombstone inscriptions from four cemeteries, birth dates from private sources never published and other sources.


DANISH EMIGRATION TO THE U.S.A, a 246 page hard bound book describes settlements in various locations in U.S., letters, artists, literature, museums, archives, etc.

DODGE COUNTY NEBRASKA MARRIAGE RECORD BOOKS 10 & 11 Book 10 of 60 pages with index includes the complete information from the courthouse record from 20 Oct. 1901 to 22 Nov. 1904. Book 11 of 60 pages includes the years 23 Nov. 1904 to 17 Sept. 1907.

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