NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol 16, no 2
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Sixteen, no. 2
FALL 1993


PRESIDENT Patricia A. Wagner 721 W. Prairie, Albion 68620-1345 402-395-6586
VICE PRESIDENT Bob Plisek 810 Volkman Drive, Norfolk 68701-6153 402-371-3468
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CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Bob Plisek 810 Volkman Drive, Norfolk 68701-6153 402-371-3468
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ADVISOR Georgene Sones 12224 Franklin Circle, Omaha 68154-1302 4024936664
BYLAWS Patricia A. Wagner 721 W. Prairie, Albion 68620-1345 . 402-395-6586
FAMILY RECOGNITION Ethel Dedering 6607 Shenandoah Ct. Lincoln 68510 402-488-7922
LIBRARIAN Rose Marie Hulse Rt. 2, Box 28 Exeter 68351-9508 402-266-8881
Assistant Ellen DeVries 6740 X Street, Lincoln 68505-2249 402-464-2968
Assistant Judy Gibson 1800 Elk, Beatrice 68310 402-223-5509
MEMBERSHIP Michelle Hansen 13442 Edna Street, Omaha 68138-6116 402-896-2132
NEWSPAPER PROJECT Georgene Sones 12224 Franklin Circle, Omaha 68154-1302 402-493-6664
Assistant Patricia A. Wagner 721 W. Prairie, Albion 68620-1345 402-395-6586
PUBLICATIONS Patricia A. Wagner 721 W. Prairie, Albion 68620-1345 402-395-6586
Newsletter Bob Plisek 810 Volkman Drive, Norfolk 68701-6153 402-371-3468
Quarterly Ruth Anna Hicks 6703 Hoidrege St. Lincoln 68505-1659 402-466-1818
Query Editor Georgene Sones 12224 Franklin Circle, Omaha 68154-1302 402-493-6664
SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS Ruth Anna Hicks 6703 Hoidrege St. Lincoln 68505-1659 402-466-1818
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MEETING COORDINATOR Shari Robbins 704 S. Maple, Kimball 69145- 308-235-4195
MAIL DISTRIBUTION Allen Dripps 7000 Y Street, Lincoln 68505-2101 4O2-4641436
FINANCE Marcia Buescher P. 0. Box 542, Kimball 69145-0542 308-235-2008


  Czeck Cemeteries in Nebraska 42-45
  Helpful Translations When Reading Czeck Cemeteries 45
FILLMORE Fillmore County Naturlizations 46-54
NANCE Belgrade Herald Newspaper Happenings of interest .. from 1911 55-57
NANCE Belgrade Herald Newspaper Happenings from 1913 58
MERRICK Old Settlers 1915 59-60
YORK Greenwood Cemetery 61-62
MADISON GAR Post members 63-64
MADISON St. John's Lutheran Church Confirmands, 1909-1915 65
NUCKOLLS Nuckolls County News -- 1880 66
FRANKLIN Franklin County, Riverton News   1878 67
CLAY Clay County News   1878 67
CLAY Sutton News, 1878 68
CLAY Harvard News, 1878 68
WASHINGTON Kennard Hall Stock Holders, 1894 68
HAMILTON County Land Transfers, 1887-1888 69-71
  TREE STUMPS (not reproduced) 77-80



First, I want to thank those of you who have sent me material for the Nebraska Ancestree. I wish there were more of you.

I am very much in need of more material for the quarterly. Please look around the home for something that you can send me. Do you have an old Bible with records? School records?

If you belong to a society that does not publish a quarter or a newsletter that uses information your you area, how about your society sending me copies of records, Some records for your area could be; church memberships, cemetery, court house, newspaper etc.

If you are sending typed material, leave right, left and bottom margins of an inch and please leave 1 1/2 inches at the top of all pages.

Ruth Anna Hicks, Editor

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 42


This listing was compiled by Rose Marie Hulse of Exeter using information from the two books, A HISTORY OF CZECHS IN NEBRASKA and CZECH CEMETERIES IN NEBRASKA

BOYD COUNTY Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery
Bohemian National Cemetery Est. 1901   1/2 m. east, 1 m. s. of Linwood
Est. 1897 near Spencer
Linwood Hill Cemetery
Bohemian National Cemetery Est. 1873   4 m. east, 1 m. s.of Linwood
Est. 1902 near Lynch
Assumption Catholic Cemetery
BOX BUTTE COUNTY Est. 1895 in Sec. 25 near Dwight
Unamed Cemetery
15 m. west, 21/2 m. south of Hemingford Appleton Catholic Cemetery
Est. 1877   4 m. west, 1 m. north, 1/4 m.
Catholic Cemetery east of Bruno
Where Lawn, Ne used to be
Czech National Cemetery
Bohemian National Cemetery Est. 1900   3/4 m. NE of Bruno
Est. 1890 in Section 17-T27-R5l
6 m. SW of St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church Saint Anthony Catholic Cemetery
Est. 1901   1 1/4 m. SW of Bruno
Bohemian National Catholic Cemetery CHEYENNE COUNTY
Est. 1884   8 or 12 m. south, 2m. east of Bohemian-Slavonian Cemetery
Ravenna now named Czechoslovakian Rural Cemetery
Est. 1900   6 m. SE of Sunnol or 11 m.
Small Family Cemetery
Est. 1890   2 m. west, 1/2 m. south of Abie CLAY COUNTY
Czech Catholic Cemetery
Saint Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery Est. 1893   4 m. west of Deweese
Est. 1876 in Sec. 22 near Abie
Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary Cemetery
Bohemian National Cemetery Est. 1910   1/2 m. east of Deweese
Est. 1892 in Sec. 23 near Abie
Bohemian National Grave Yard Assn. Bohemian Slavonian Cemetery
Est. 1888 3 m. north of Abie Est. 1888 in Sec. 6-T20-R3
near Clarkson
New Catholic Cemetery Bohemian Catholic Cemetery
Est. 1950   1/4 rn. east of s. edge of Brainard Est. 1903 ajoining the above cemetery
Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery Midlands Bohemian Slavonian Cemetery
Est. 1885   1/2 m. east of s. edge of Brainard also known as Sousek Cemetery
Est. 1897   9 m. SE of Clarkson
Bohemian National Cemetery
Est. 1899   1/2 m. east of s. edge of Brainard Saint Mary Cemetery at Wilson Mission
Est. 1888   12 m. SW of Clarkson
Saint Luke Catholic Cemetery
Est. 1911   4 m. east, 1/2 m. north of Loma Protestant Cemetery Zion
Est. 1875   6 m. SE of Clarkson

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 43

Dry Creek Catholic Cemetery Tone grave of Frank Zabradnicek in
Est. 1876   8 m. north, 1 east 1/2 m. north Sec. 4 T29 R16W
of Schuyler
Bohemian Catholic Benevolent Society Bohemian National Cemetery
Cemetery Est. 1882 in Sec. 29 T15 r11
Est. 1880   2 m. east, 3 south 1/2 east of
Howells Czechoslovak Cemetery
Catholic Cemetery Est. 1901 east edge of Farwell
Est. 1893 1 m. north of Howells
Saint Wenceslaus Bohemian Catholic
Catholic Cemetery Cemetery
Est. 1890   1 m. NE of Howells Est. 1876 in Sec. 10 near Warsaw
Holy Trinity Cemetery also known as KNOX COUNTY
Holy Trinity Parish Cemetery Bohemian Catholic Cemetery
Est. 1878   9 m. SW of Howells Est. 1874 in Sec S west of Verdigree
DODGE COUNTY Bohemian National Cemetery
Saint Wenceslaus Cemetery renamed Hillcrest Cemetery
Est. 1884 2 1/2 m. NE of Dodge Est. 1881 in Sec. 28 Sparta Twp
near Verdigree
Bohemian National Cemetery
Est. 1883 in Sec. 4 near Dodge Riverside Cemetery also known as
Verdigree Cemetery Assn.
DOUGLAS COUNTY Est. 1917 near Verdigree
Calvary Cemetery in Omaha
Bohemian National Cemetery
Bohemian National Cemetery at Omaha Est. 1893 in Sec. 33 near Jelen
Est. 1883 at 54th & Center St.
Bohemian National Cemetery
Holy Sepulchar Cemetery Est. 1886 in Sec. 28 of Western Twp.
Est. 1873 at Omaha 3 m. west of Sladkovsky Lodge Hall
Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery Bohemian Cemetery
Est. 1883 at Omaha Est. 1879 in Sec. 26 s. of
Ceski Bratri (Bohemian Brethren) Cemetery PAWNEE COUNTY
Est. 1876 1/2 m. north 1 m. west of Cesko Slovansky Cemetery
Milligan Bohemian National Cemetery Est. 1877   2 m. east of Table Rock
Est. 1881   1 m. south of Milligan  
GAGE COUNTY Bohemian Catholic Cemetery
Bohemian National Cemetery Est. 1885   1 m. west of Pierce
Est. 1881 near Odell  
HAYES COUNTY Bohemian National Cemetery
Saint John Catholic Cemetery Est. 1877   5 m. SW of Humbolt
Est. 1889 in Sec. 6 T7 R35  
Bohemian National Cemetery Jindra cemetery also known as Maple
Est. 1887 in Sec. 20 T6 R31 Grove Cemetery
Est. 1873 in Sec. 2 of Crete Twp

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 44


Riverside Cemetery Evangelical Presbyterian Cemetery
Est. 1879 in Sec. 28 Crete Twp. Est. 1875   2 m. w., 1/2 s. of Prague
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery Saints Cyril & Methodius Cemetery
Est. 1881 on west edge of Crete Est. 1877 3 m. s., 1 1/2 w. of Prague
Big Blue Cemetery Vavra Family Burial Plot
Est. 1868 between Crete & Wilber Est. 1883   2 1/2 m. w. of Prague on a farm
Bohemian Slavonian Cemetery Znojmesky Cemetery
Est. 1874   1 m. west of Wilber West. 1889 in Sec. 28 near Weston
North Fork National Cemetery Frank Pokorny Burial Plot
Est. 1883 in Sec. 10 of North Fork Twp. Est. 1877   1 m. s., 2 e. of Weston
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Saint John's Cemetery
Est. 1870 in Sec. 9 of Pleasant Hill Twp. Est. 1885 in Sec. 9 near Weston
Swan Valley Cemetery Bohemian National Cemetery
Est. 1885 in Sec. 34 1 m. s. of Swanton Est. 1877   1/2 m. n., 4 1/2 w, 1/4 s of Weston
Tobias Cemetery Saint Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery
Est. 1884   1/2 m. east, 1 m. south of Tobias Est.1879   1 m. n., 1/2 w. of Wahoo
Atlanta Center Cemetery Saint Francis Cemetery
Est. 1873   4 m. n., 1 m. e. of Tobias Est. 1892   1/2 m. e. from SE edge of Waho
Wayrnire Cemetery Czech Presbyterian Cemetery
Est. 1874   7 m. w., 2 s of Wilber Est. 1879 in Sec. 25 near Wahoo
Tvrz Cemetery Saint Vitus Cemetery
Est. 1887   4 1/2m n, 1/4 m. e. of Milligan Est. 1903 in Sec. 35 near Touhy
Kasak Cemetery SEWARD COUNTY
Est. 1878   2 1/2 m. n., 1 m. e. of Milligan Saint Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery
Est. 1909 1/2 m. e., 1/2 n. from south edge
Czech National Cemetery also known as
Killian's Hill Cemetery SHERMAN COUNTY
Est. 1870   3m. w., 1/2 s. of Morse Bluff Bohemian National Cemetery
Est. 1887   3 m. n., 3/4 w. of Ravenna
Sacred Heart Cedar Hill Catholic Cemetery
Est. 1868   1 1/2m. s., 2 e., 1/2 m. s. of STANTON COUNTY
Morse Bluff Bohemian Catholic Cemetery
Est. 1900   6 m. south of Stanton
Bohemian National Cemetery
Est. 1888 in Sec. 36 near Prague Catholic Cemetery
3 m. east of Clarkson
Saint John's Catholic Cemetery
Est. 1902 in Sec. 26 near Prague VALLEY COUNTY
Saint Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery
Saint Mary's Cemetery Est. 1881   10 m. west of Ord
Est. 1917   3/4 m. s. of Valperaiso

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 45


Bohemian National Cemetery

Est. 1897   13 m. west of Ord

Protestant Czech Cemetery

Est. 1889   16 m. west of Ord

Bohemian National Cemetery

Est. 1889   1 m. SW of Ord



The surname of the females always end with the letters "OVA" like Kotas-Kotasova. Narozel means a male birthdate - Narozela means female birthdate. Zemrel means a male deathdate - Zemrela means a female deathdate.


Leden - January Kveten - May Zari - September
Unor - February Cerven - June Rijen - October
Brezen - March Cervenece - July Listopad - November
Duben - April Srpen - August Prosinece - December


Jan - John Josef - Joseph or Joe
Frantisek - Frank Ferdinand. - Fred
Giri - George Bohumil - Bob or Robert
Vaclav - James or Jim Alois - Louis
Karel - Charles or Carl Adolf - Adolph
Vojtech - Albert Vilicek - William or Bill
Matej - Mike Ondrej - Andrew or Andy
Stanislav - Stanley Rudolf - Rudolph or Rudy


Eliska - Alice Aneska - Agnes
Jirinka - Georgia Meri - Mary or Marie
Alzbetha - Elizabeth or Betty Katerina - Kate or Catherine
Josefa - Josephine Ruzena - Rose
Amalia - Mollie or Amelia Albina - Alba
Baruska - Barbara Terezie - Teresa
Karolina - Caroline Kristina - Tena
Frantiska - Frances Bozena - Bessie

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 46


These names were taken from the records in the Office of the District Court Geneva, Nebraska. Names without dates are those people who filed their first papers in Fillmore County and filed their final papers elsewhere or never completed their naturalization.

Complied by Rose Marie Hulse, Exeter, NE

ACH, Vaclav Nov 1918 BASUAS, Anton Sep 1906
ACKERMANN, Fred Feb 1907 BAUER, Henry C Apr 1923
ACKERMANN, Henry Sep 1906 BAIJER, Joseph Mar 1899
ACKERMANN, Jacob BECKER, Charles A Sep 1906
ACKERMANN, Peter Sep 1906 BECKER, John Nov 1882
ACKERMANN, Peter H Apr 1916 BECKER, Mary Agnes
ACKERMANN, Peter Jr Apr 1913 BECKER, Peter Jun 1876
ACKERMANN, Peter U BECWAR, Frank May 1875
ACKLAND, Thomas Jun 1876 BEHNKE, Peter Jun 1878
AGIUS, George Mar 1921 BEISWENGER, Gottfried Jun 1879
AHRENS, John Mar 1904 BELL, William Jun 1877
AKESEN, Olof T Aug 1879 BENGSTON, August Nov 1894
ALLEN, Rachel Jun 1877 BENKEN, Johann Hinerich B.
ALLEWELD, Henry Nov 1884 BENNET, S. B. Nov 1897
ANDERSON, Axel Erich BERG, Louis A Jun 1879
ANDERSON, Carl Oscar C. BERG, Louisa
ANDERSON, Christian BERANEK, Karel Nov 1917
ANDERSON, Nels Nov 1878 BERQUIST, August Apr 1904
ANDERSON, Nils May 1875 BERICLEY, Hugh Jun 1877
ANDERSON, Peter BERNASEK, Cyril Oct 1921
ANDILL, Frank Jun 1876 BERNASEK, Frank Feb 1896
ANQUIST, August Nov 1878 BERNASEK, James & John Jun 1876
ANTON, Paul, Jr May 1884 BERNASEK, Josef May 1887
APKING, Fred Apr 1892 BERGQUIST, Olof G Dec 1877
ARENDS, Henry Feb 1906 BERQUIST, Olof Apr 1905
ARMSTRONG, Harry A Apr 1895 BERSWANGER, Got tfried
AYTON, John Dec 1877 BERTSWINGER, Fred Jun 1879
BAHNSEN, Ingwar Andreas Oct 1921 BETKA, Bohumil B Oct 1929
BAKER, Bernard BETKA, Frank Feb 1929
BAKER, Nicholas Jun 1879 BETKA, Vaclav
BARKMEIER, August Frank BEUEDICH, William Dec 1877
BARKMEIER, Frank Sep 1906 BIBA, Albert Jun 1925
BARKMEIER, Fred Sep 1906 BIBA, Barbara
BARKMEIER, George Sep 1906 BIBA, Thomas
BARKMEIER, Henry Sep 1906 BIEGGERT, Jacob Sep 1906
BARKMEIER, John Nov 1906 BINGSTON, August Nov 1894
BARKMEIER, William Apr 1909 BJIRK, Samuel Dec 1877
BARONETT, George Dec 1877 BOEHLER, Johann Apr 1916
BARNAS, Anton Sep 1906 BOKELMANN, Henry Mar 1914
BARSBY, John Nov 1882 BUMAN, Charles M Oct 1884
BARSBY, Jno Nov 1882 BORNSCHLEGL, Jacob Nov 1913
BARTA, Frank Nov 1880 BOTHWELL, Sarah May 1880
BARTU, Frank Nov 1880 BOUSE, Vaclav Nov 1896
BARTU, Peter May 1885 BOYES, Thomas Mar 1914
BASHFORD, Alfred Ernest Mar 1926 BREHM, Henry

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 47

Fillmore County Naturalizations, Continued

BREMER, Fred DAMICO, Vincent
BRENING, Alexander Dec 1928 DEBUS, Henry
BRENING, Jacob DEBUS, Sander Oct 1923
BRINKMANN, Carl Henry Sep 1922 DEEPE, John Feb 1902
BRODERSEN, Christian N Nov 1895 DICK, Conrad Mar 1921
BROWN, Benjamin Jun 1878 DOERING, Henry Jun 1888
BROZ, Joseph Frank DONISTHORPE, Sydney Jun 1895
BRT, Frances DOUMEL, Mathias Mar 1897
BUCKMEIER, Christian Jun 1877 DOUPNIK, Jan
BUCKMEIER, Christian Jun 1876 DREW, Franz May 1906
BUCKMEIER, Frederick Wilhelm Jun 1876 DRUBA, Frank Nov 1913
BUETER, H. Sep 1906 DRUBA, James
BURES, Frank Nov 1886 DRUMMOND, John p Dec 1877
BUSSE, Fred Nov 1881 DRUNNEL, Mary Mar 1897
BUSSNAN, Henry Sep 1906 DUMPERT, Adam & John Jun 1913
BUTLER, H. Sep 1906 DUMPERT, Valentine Sep 1906
BYRNE, Eugene Sep 1906 DUNN, James Jun 1907
CAPEK J Nov 1890 DURHAM, George Jun 1879
CARL P Sen 1906 DVORAK, Joseph May 1922
CARLSON Betsy Sep 1922 DYKES, Henry Jun 1878
CARLSON, Carl Hugo DYER, William Nov 1881
CARLSON, Gottfried Nov 1894 EASTWOOD, Isaac Nov 1894
CARLSON, John Peter Sep 1922 EASTWOOD, John Jun 1877
CARLSON, Sigred Bert May 1911 EASTWOOD, Thomas Jun 1877
CARLSON, Swan Oct 1911 EDZARDS, Ufe Behrens
CARLSSON, Carl Arthur EGER, Hendrika H. B.
CASBURN, Lofts May 1888 EGGENBERGER, Barbara Jun 1877
CASPER, Jacob Sep 1906 EGGENBERGER, Peter Jun 1877
CECRLE, Josef Nov 1897 EGGINTON, Edmund
CECRLE, Josef V Dec 1915 EICH, John P
CHALOUPKA, Charles EICH, Johann Sep 1906
CHAMBERS, John Jun 1877 EICHSTEDT, George Adolf
CHRISTENSEN, Carl Jacob EINSMAN, William Henry Apr 1914
CLARK, Frederick Charles Jun 1877 EKELER, Frank Apr 1909
Clark, Thomas May 1875 ELFRANK, Henry May 1884
CLARKE, Thomas Dunstone Apr 1917 ELFRING, Henry May 1884
CLAUSS, Charles G.J. Jun 1888 ELLD, Frederick Jun 1876
CLAUSSEN, Claus Jun 1876 ELLISON, Oscar Alfred Nov 1920
CLAUSSEN, Claus R & Hans J Dec 1877 ELZNIC, Frank Apr 1901
CLAUSSEN, John M Dec 1877 ELZNIC, Vaclav
COAN, William Mar 1897 ENGLER, Marie Jun 1877
COBB, Mary ENQUIST, August Nov 1878
COCKERAM, Samuel Mar 1914 ENTWISTLE, John
COLEMAN, John Jun 1877 EPPLER, William Jun 1877
COOK, Conrad Edward Oct 1927 ERDKAMP, Wilhelm Sep 1906
COPEMAN, John Cornelius ERET, John
CORL, Peter Sep 1906 ERFURTH, Charles Oct 1923
CORNS, Harold ERICKSEN, Kristian
CORP. Alfred Dec 1877 ERICKSEN, Olaf Dec 1877
CRAVEN, Charles B Sep 1906 EURICH, Henry May 1922
CRAVEN, John A Sep 1906 EURICH, Johannes
DANIELSON, A. Fred Nov 1894 EURICH, Gottfried
DANIELSON, David May 1910 EUTWISLTE, John Dec 1877
DANIELSON, J. P. Nov 1878 EVAN0FF, Steve

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 48

Fillmore County Naturalizations, Continued

EVANS, George A. Sep 1906 HAGLUND, Olaf
EVERTS, Harm N. May 1884 HALAMA, James Joseph
FEHRER, Johanne May 1880 HALAMA, Vaclav
FELTWELL, Fredrich William HAMOUZ, Anton Nov 1892
FENRER, John May 1880 HAMOUZ Frank Nov 1892
FENSKE, Otto William Feb 1929 HANSEN, Jens Kristian
FIEDLER, Henry Mar 1899 HANSEN, Svend Mar 1941
FIEG, Walter Ananden HANUS, Jacob Apr 1891
FINISTER, George Nov 1879 HARDDER, Hans
FOLING, Patrick J. Sep 1906 HARDT, Jacub
FOSTER, Samuel Nov 1892 HARDT, Alex Sep 1906
FOX, George, Jr. HARNETT, John J Jun 1877
FRANZ, Claus Jun 1955 HARNISCH, Ernest Jim 1891
FRANZ, Gusta Jun 1925 HARRE, Mathias Jun 1907
FRANZ, Joseph May 1889 HARRY, John Poppos
FRANZ, Wilhelm Sep 1896 HARTMAN, Franz Apr 1904
FRENZEN, Claus Nov 1902 HARTWIG, Albert Dec 1914
FRIEDEN, Amos May 1922 HARTWIG, Johann Dec 1877
FRYCEK, Frank HARTWIG, William Dec 1877
FRYCEK, Frank HASCH, Johann Nov 1893
FRYCEK, James HASCH, Henry John Nov 1914
FRYERS, John HASCH, Richard Henry
FUJAN, John Nov 1897 HAUSER, Gu Nov 1920
HEALEY, Patrick Joseph Jun 1912
GEGGIE, Robert C. Nov 1882 HEIDERSTANDTZ, Frederich Jun 1878
GEHRKE, William Nov 1892 HEINS, Claus Nov 1891
GElS, Leorthardt HEINES, John Nov 1891
GERKE, Charles Nov 1893 HELD, Frank Sep 1906
GERGEN, John HENDERSON, O. H. Aor 1894
GERKEN, Mary Feb 1927 HENDRICKSON, H Sep 1896
GERKEN, Wilhelm Jun 1925 HENDLER, Eugene
GESSLER, John Jun 1877 HENNER, Ignatius Nov 1898
GIBSON, William Jun 1878 HERKES, Anton
GITSCH, Joseph HERYNK, Anton Nov 1898
GOBEL, John F Jun 1887 HERNANSEN, Albert
GOCHEN, Remmerilse HERMANSON, Gustaf F. Waldmar Oct 1919
GOERTZ, Bruno Erich Nov 1916 JESSE, Daniel
GOESCH, Albert Carl Sep 1922 JESSE, Adolph Apr 1905
GOESCH, August George Sep 1922 JESSE, Fritz Nov 1895
GRADY, Parquale HEWITT, Edwin Nov 1917
GRATOPP, Charles Nov 1899 HILDEBRAND, Samuel Jun 1891
GRATOPP, Christian Jun 1877 HILLERBLADT, Frederie
GRAY, Jacob Albert May 1922 HLINA Stephen Sep 1906
GREENHEID, August Dec 1877 HLINA, Stephen Feb 1904
GRIFFITH, David Jun 1876 HOEBER, John
GRIFFITHS, Thomas Apr 1904 HOFFERBER, Conrad Jr.
GROSS, George Nov 1913 HOLDEN, Ida May Oct 1923
GUNDERMANN, Arno Jun 1913 HOLDEN, William Henry Oct 1923
GUNDERMANN, Paul John Feb 1911 HOLE, Charles Jun 1878
GUNDERSON, Mike May 1910 HOLLMOTZ, Joseph Sep 1906
GUSELF, Nicholas Jun 1877 HOLMES, Nary Elizabeth May 1922
GUTHRIE, Alexander Oct 1911 HOLPUCH, John
HOFF, John Jr.

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 49

Fillmore County Naturalizations, Continued

HOLZINGER, Frank Oct 1884 KARCH, John Sep 1906
HOPKEN, Christian Mar 1915 KARRELSEK, Joseph Feb 1872
HOPKINS, Gerhard Dec 1877 KARTLAN, Frank Feb 1872
HOPKINS, Gird H. Jun 1876 KASAL, John Thomas Oct 1927
HORACEK, Anton KASIK, James Vaclav Nov 1897
HORAK, Charles KASSIK, Joseph
HOURIGAN, Timothy Nov 1883 KELLY, Patrick Jun 1877
HRANAC, Charles Sep 1906 KELLY, Rice Jun 1877
HRANAC, Frank Sep 1906 KENNEDY, John Jun 1877
HRANAC, Victor Mar 1897 KENNEDY, John Sep 1906
HROMADKA, John Jun 1887 KENNEDY, Phillip Mar 1914
HUBER, Peter Jr. Nov 1916 KENNEL, Jacob
HUFFMAN, Frederich May 1880 KENNEL, John Kipfer Oct 1921
KERERLEBAR, Christopher
ISBERG, Albert Gust Nov 1908 KETTLEWELL, John Pickney Jun 1878
KIESLICH, Albert Alois
JACKSON, Julia Alice Feb 1929 KINSEY, Richard Nov 1882
JACKSON, Joseph William Mar 1926 KLECKA, Vaclav
JACKSON, Myrtle Ollie Feb 1929 KLEINSCHMIDT, Julius Sep 1906
JACKSON, Thomas Enos KLEINSCHMIDT, Ernest F May 1906
JACKSON, Thomas Olaf Nov 1913 KLIMA, Dobroslav
JANACEK, John J May 1887 KLIMA, Joseph Jun 1891
JANDA, Frank KLINK, John Sr
JANSEN, Henry J Aug 1908 KLUNDT, Jacob Jun 1913
JANSEN, William Jan 1909 KNIZ, Henry Jun 1877
JANSSEN, Manno Nov 1899 KNUDSEN, Jennie Pearl Oct 1923
JAROLIMEK, Emil Jul 1880 KNUDSEN, Knud Jorgensen Oct 1924
JAROS, Rose Anna KOBBIN, Lenard Nov 1895
JELINEK, Albert Sep 1906 KOTAS, Frank Jun 1876
JELINEK, Alfred Sep 1906 KOTAS, John Jun 1876
JELINEK, Michael Nov 1909 KOCA, Joseph Nov 1913
JENKINS, John Darlaston Jun 1891 KOCA, Vaclav Nov 1892
JERKA, Charles Nov 1893 KOCA, Vaclav
JES, John Sep 1896 KOCH, Hans Jun 1877
JES, Joseph May 1875 KOCH, Detlef Jun 1877
JEZEK, Alois KOCHICK, Joseph Jun 1876
JESEK, Barbara KOBLER, Joseph Oct 1884
JICHA, Joseph Nov 1895 KOJZAR, Frank Dec 1915
JICHA, Thomas KOKEMUELLER, Wilhelmine S.
JOHNSON, Adnrew (sic) Wed Apr 1920 KOLAR, Joseph Jun 1881
JOHNSON, Eric Transel May 1923 KOLAR, Joseph May 1885
JOHNSON, John A. KOLAR, John Jun 1879
JOHNSON, Gustav KOLAR, Karel
JOHNSON, Oscar Ivar Oct 1911 KOLC, Anton
KOLC, Joseph
KABLE, John Fred Oct 1924 KOLC, Vincent
KADERABEK, John KOMAREK, Frank Sep 1906
KAHM, John KOMAREK, Joseph Nov 1908
KALBERG, Martin Nelson Oct 1921 KORBELIK, Frank
KALBIN, L. KOSTORYZ, Stan Oct 1896
KAMLER, Herman May 1906 KOTROUS, Ondreg May 1888
KAMLER, William Sep 1906 KOTROUS, Peter
KANA, Anton Charles KOCH. Conrad Edward

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 50

Fillmore County Naturalizations, Continued

KOUBA, A. V. Nov 1889 LEITNER, Michael Dec 1903
KOUBA, Vaclav LENTFER, Ernest August May 1908
KOVANDA, Charles LENTFER, Henry Oct 1921
KOVANDA, Frank Apr 1901 LENTFER, John Jun 1879
KOVANDA, Victor LENZ, Jacob Nov 1892
KOYZER, Frank Dec 1915 LEO, John Henry Hugo Apr 1923
KRALICEK, Vaclav May 1875 LESCHER, Martin Sep 1906
KRALL, John May 1874 LEVANDER, John Nov 1895
KRAUSE, Anton Nov 1894 LEZAK, John
KREEGER, Johan May 1880 LHOTAK, John
KREJCI, Frank Jun 1888 LIDNER, Adolph
KREJCI, Frank Jr Oct 1919 LINDA, Henry May 1884
KREJCI, Vaclav Oct 1921 LIGNEN, John Jun 1877
KREJDLE, James LIGT, Heinrich
KREJDLE, Josef LINDEKUGEL, Franziska Feb 1931
KRESOK, Albert Sep 1914 LINDGREN, Elof Jun 1900
KREIG, Henry Jun 1877 LINDNER, Heinrich
KRIESEL, Arthur H Jan 1930 LINNERT, Arnold May 1898
KRINNSICK, Henrich Jun 1877 LITNER, Michael Sep 1903
KRISL, Frank Apr 1893 LOBSIEN, William John
KRISL. James Apr 1893 LOSHENISOHL, John
KROGGER (Krojzer) Frank LOUKOTA, Frank Nov 1881
KRONHOFMAN, Joseph Nov 1913 LOVEGROVE, Thomas Henry Jun 1878
KRUMSICK, Fred May 1894 LOWDON, Robert Harrison Apr 1919
KRUMSICK, Henrick LOWGREN, Gustav Bernard
KUBICEK, Mathew Jun 1878 LUKAS, Anton
KUCERA, Anton Jun 1888 LUKSIK, John Apr 1893
KUCHER, Frank Jun 1877 LUTZ, Anton Jun 1879
KUEHL, August Jan 1906 LUTZ, Barbara May 1880
KUHNEL, Frank Joseph Oct 1938 LUTZ, Frank Aug 1879
KUHNEL, William Oct 1938 LUZUN, John Apr 1916
KYMLICKA, Josef McANANEY, Hugh L. May 1895
KUSKA, Frank Nov 1914 McCARTHRNEY, Alexander Jun 1876
KUSKA, John Mar 1924 McCLUSKEY, Frank Sep 1906
McDONALD, Allen Dec 1877
LACHANSKY, Jacob Jun 1876 McDONALD, James C Oct 1905
LADMAN, John Feb 1904 McDONALD, Walter Sep 1906
LAIDLAW, Charles McDOUGAL, Mary Cobb Nov 1882
LAMBERG, Fritas E Oct 1884. McDOUGALL, Angus
LANE, Richard Nov 1893 McDOUGALL, Daniel Jun 1879
LANGE, Frederick Nov 1908 McFARLAND, Annie
LAW, John McFARLAND, Andrew Thomas Oct 1927
LARSEN, Neils Jun 1887 McKEITH, George Robert
LARSON, Berndt Apr 1894 McKEITH, Alfred Bertram
LARSON, Carl Feb 1896 McPHERSON, William Nov 1,878
LARSON, Olaf H. MACKU, Josef Feb 1907
LASSEN, Nicolay MACWILLIAMS, Charles Walter
LAUN, Frank Jan 1901 MALCHOW, Gustave C. Apr 1892
LAWRIE, Thomas Sep 1901 MALIN, Patrick
LAWSON, Olaf H. Dec 1900 MAN, Carl Jun 1877
LAWSON, Pet W. Nov 1913 MAN, Charles Jun 1877
LEE, Henry J Nov 1878 MAN, Johann Mar 1899
LEE, John A Jun 1879 MANNING, William Sep 1906
LEFHOLTZ, Fred MANSFIELD, William Nov 1894

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 51

Fillmore County Naturalizations, Continued

MANSON, Morris Dec 1877 NADHERNY, Joseph Feb 1904
MARENELLO, N. W. May 1901 NAIMON, Frank
MARES, Joseph Frank Sep 1922 NEHE, John Herman May 1884
MARJAN, Matej Oct 1927 NELSON, Alfred Nov 1894
MASACK, Charles Jun 1877 NELSON, Bengt. p. Nov 1898
MASER, Anna Sep 1903 NELSON, George Henry Jun 1913
MASER, Natthias May 1884 NELSON, Joel Nov 1891
MASTERS, George Sep 1906 NELSON, Nels Anton May 1921
MATEJKA, Anna Oct 1927 NELSON, Nels Mton May 1908
MATEJKA, Caroline June 1925 NIELSEN Paul Hansen A.
MATEJKA, Charles Oct 1927 NIESSING, Henry Jun 1907
MATEJKA, Frank Jr. NILSON, Nils Aug 1879
MATEJKA, Joseph Oct 1927 NITTLER, John M Nov 1889
MATEJKA, Joseph Mar 1924 NOEL, John Feb 1903
MATEJOVOSKY, Josef Nov 1897 NORMAN, Carl August Nov 1913
MATTSON, Christen Oct 1911 NOVACEK, Josef Sep 1906
MAU, Johann NOVAK, Anna Lillian
MAY, Alexander Nov 1918 NOVAK, Anton Vaclav
ME-, ARS, Henry NOVAK, Betty Feb 1931
MEERKATZ, Johan NOVAK, Bohumil
MELLER (Miller), John Nov 1908 NOVAIC, Bohumil
MENGLER, Frank Apr 1893 NOVAK, Frank Feb 1927
MERRILL, John Aug 1879 NOVAK, James John Feb 1931
METZGAR, Frederich NOVAK, John Nov 1913
MEYER, Charles Nov 1894 NOVAK, Joseph Mar 1921
MEYER, Henry Sep 1906 NOVAK, Matej Feb 1927
MEYER, William Mar 1914 NOVAK, Vaclav Nov 1913
MICHAELEY, Peter Sep 1906 NOVAK, Vojteck Sep 1906
MICHENER, Solomon Hipple Feb 1932 NOVAK, Vaclav Joseph
MILLS, William H. NOVOTNY, Ferdinand
MITZGAS, Fred May 1875 NOVOTNY, Joseph
MOHR, Henry Sep 1906 NUGENT, George Dec 1872
MOLTHAN, Carl F. W. Jun 1876 NUGENT, Richard
MOLTHAN, Ernest Jun 1876 NUN, Anton Jun 1876
MOLTHAN, Frederick G. Jun 1876 NUSS, August Sep 1922
MOSER, Anna Dec 1903 NUSS, Christian May 1884
MOTIS, Joseph Mar 1893 NUSS, John Novl879
MUELLER, Joseph Philip Sep 1922
MULLER, Albert OBERLANDER, Joseph Jun 1890
MULLER, Gottfried Nov 1913 OBERLANDER, Michael Jun 1881
MULLER, Henry Nov 1878 OELLERICH, Frederick Will Jul 1921
MULLER, Johann Heinrich Nov 1891 OLESEN, Michael Sep 1906
MULLNER, John Oct 1923 OLEXA, Charles Sep 1906
MUNSTER, Marcus Christ OLIVA, John Joseph Feb 1927
MURPHY, Jeremiah Nov 1894 OLIVA, Joseph Martin
MURPHY, Patrick Jun 1877 OLIVA, Téna Mary
MURRELL, Edward Nov 1878 OLSEN, Cenius Feb 1927
NURRELL, John OLSON, Anna Maria
MUSSMAN, Fritz OLSON, Olaf Apr 1923
OLSON, Peter Mar 1899
OLSON, Johs (John) Mar 1899
OLSSON, Olof Nov 1881

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 52

Fillmore County Naturalizations, Continued

ONDRACK, Joseph Nov 1880 PTRACEK, Vincent
ONDRAK, Karnil Jan 1901 PUDLITZ, Hellmuth Jun 1891
ORCHARD, Robert PURCELL, Phillip Jun 18 76
OSWALT, Henry May 1888 PYSNY, Frank
OTTE, Frenz Claussen Nov 1882
PAROUBEK, Mike RANDALL; Henry Sep 1906
PASTIJRIK, Oldrich RASMUSSEN, Christian Nov 1909
PATCHICK, Charles Jun 1876 RASMUSSEN, Peter Nov 1892
PATTERSON, John R Jun 1891 RATH, Christian Jun 1890
PAULL, Peter Sep 1906 RATH, John Nov 1882
PAVELKA, Frank Mar 1914 RATHJEN, Christian Jacob
PAVELKA, Vaclav Apr 1915 RAUSCHER, Jacob Apr 1923
PECHOTA, Frank Nov 1889 REBICEK, Vaclav Apr 1894
PEARSON, Nels Nov 1892 REEB, Carl
PEARSON, Nils REEB, Charles Mar 1914
PEARSON, Peter Nov 1880 REEB, Henry
PEARSON, Peter Apr 1894 REED, Frank F. Nov 1882
PEDERSEN, Marius Sofua REHOR, Frank May 1900
PEKAR, Frank Nov 1891 REID, William Nov 1891
PENDERGAST, John Sep 1906 REIFSCHNEIDER, Gottlieb Dec 1921
PERSEN, B. I. Apr 1894 REINNERT, Nathias Sep 1906
PERSEN, Jacob Apr 1894 REINSCH, Frank Nov 1878
PESTER, Edwin T Feb 1904 REINSCH, Maria
PETCHICK, Charles Jun 1876 REUTHER, John Jun 1888
PETER, Andrew Nov 1892 RIDINGER, Jacob Nov 1892
PETER, Phillip Jun 1907 RIDINGER, John Feb 1915
PETERS, Valentine Jun 1890 RIEL, Johannes Jurgen May 1910
PETERS, Valentine Jr Sep 1906 RINBERG, Wilhelm
PETERSEN, Anna Bidstrup RISCHLING, Frank Sep 1906
PETERSEN, Charles Dec 1877 ROBINSON, David Dec 1877
PETERSEN, Hans Peter Jun 1877 ROBINSON, George Dec 1877-
PETERSEN, Jens Carl Jun 1925 ROEWE, Barney May 184
PETERSEN, Lorena Valdemar ROHLA, Joseph Mar 1900
PETERSON, A. W. Apr 1894 ROHLA, Joseph Apr 1901
PETERSON, Cahrles (sic) E Sep 1906 ROHLA, Vaclav Sep 1906
PETERSON, Louis Nov 1913 ROTTER, August Sep 1906
PETERSON, Walfred Constant Mar 1895 ROTTER, Bernard Sep 1906
PETRACEK, Alois Apr 1920 ROZANEK, Frank
PETRACEK, Antonin Apr 1901 ROZANEK, Jan
PETSCHEK, Charles ROZANEK, Josefa Oct 1929
PFINGSTON, Carl Jun 1877 RUT, Frank Vaclav
PHELAN, Patrick Sep 1906 RUT, James Joseph
PHELPS, George W Jun 1893 RUT, Vaclav
PIMPER, Henry Mar 1914 RYBIN, John Jan 1901
PIMPER, Peter Julius
PODLESAK, Ignaac Jun 1878 SADLO, Joe
PODLESAK, Joseph Dec 1877 SALBERG, Olaf Nelson May 1886
POHLER, Henry Sep 1922 SALZLNAN, Henrietta Jan 1939
POLLOCK, John Jun 1887 S.ALZ&IAN, Jacob Jan 1939
POLLOCK, William Jun 1887 SALZMAN, John Feb 1927
POSPISIL, Joseph Jun 1878 SARVNIC, Thomas
PRESTON, Phillip Jun 1891 SCANLON, Kathleen Mary Oct 1925
PROKOP, Victor Apr 1894 SCHADE, John Dec 1877

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 53

Fillmore County Naturalizations, Continued

SCHALDECKER, Frederick SOUBRISKI, Kate Jun 1876
SCHILDBERG, Julius Sep 1896 SOUSCHANSKY, Jacob Jun 1876
SCHLAIS, Josef STAPLETON, Michael Feb 1890
SCHLAIS, William STEIFER, Peter Sep 1906
SCHLAUTZ, Ernest Jun 1877 STEINACHER, John May 1874
SCHLAYS, William STEMPER, John Frank
SCHMER, George Apr 1923 STEMPER, Shank John
SCHMITZ, John Bernard May 1884 STEPHENS, Walter B Sep 1906
SCHNEIDER, Jacob May 1899 STOBBE, Herman May 1883
SCHOTT, John Nov 1892 STOY, Joseph Jun 1876
SCHREINER, William Sep 1906 STOFA, Joseph Jr Sep 1906
SCHRODER, Henry Jun 1879 STOFER, Joseph Sep 1906
SCHRODER, William Mar 1914 STOFER, Albert
SCHULTZ, August Fred STOTTENBERG, Abel Jun 1877
SCHULTZ, Gustave Emil STRAUSS, Joseph Nov 1916
SCHULTZ, Hartwig Feb 1910 STREINER, William Sep 1906
SCHWARTZ, James Jun 1876 STRIGGOW, Hans Sep 1906
SCHWARTZ, Joseph Jun 1876 STRUCKMEIER, Charlotte
SCHWARTZ, Fred Nov 1898 STRUCKMEIR, Henry Jun 1877
SCRUBY, Charles May 1885 STYCH, Albina Oct 1923
SEBESTA, Ignac STYCH, Prank Dec 1916
SEEL, Charles Nov 1892 STYCH, James Apr 1923
SELL, Jacob STYCH, Joseph Dec 1915
SERR, Heinrich SUDA, Frantz Jun 1877
SERR, Jacob Feb 1902 SUDA, Vaclav Apr 1901
SERR, Phillip Sep 1896 SULLIVAN, John
SHALDECKER, Frederick Aug 1879 SVATOS, Norbert
SHEILLSEN, Robert May 1873 SVENDA, Joseph
SHELBITZKI, Wenzel Jun 1876 SWANBORN, Johannes E Nov 1891
SHELBERG, Julius Sep 1896 SWANSEN, N. W. Aug 1879
SIEBER, Franz Jun 1876 SWANSON, Arthur Dec 1900
SIEBER, Frank, Jr Jun 1876 SWANSON, Gust Ephriam Apr 1909
SIECKMAN, Wilhelm F Jun 1876 SWANSON, Nels Jun 1925
SIMA, Stanley SWANSON, Swan Vickton May 1910
SIMON, Anthony Jun 1891 SWARTZ, George Sep 1906
SINNER, Henry SWENSON, Piti May 1911
SIRUCEK, Jacob Sep 1906 SWIETMEYER, Diedrich
SKOGLAND, August W Mar 1914
SLAJHERT, Bohumil Nov 1914 TABORSKY, Edward
SLAVECK, Joseph Jun 1877 TEPIER, Edwin Nov 1878
SLEZAK, Frank Apr 1901 TESSIER, Louis Nov 1889
SLUKA, Ferdinand Jun 1876 THEILING, Ernest
SMETANA Josef THOMPSON, David Jun 1878
SMITH, Frank THORSEN, John Mar 1899
SMRHA, Karel Nov 1892 TISCHER, Marie
SOLBERG, Olaf Nelson May 1886 TORGE, J. Ferdinand Jun 1878
SOLE, George Mar 1898 TRAUTMANN, Frederich P. Apr 1923
SORENSEN, Christian Nov 1889 TRAUTMANN, Peter Jun 1891
SORENSEN, Hansine Dorthea TRAUTMANN, George Jun 1891
SORENSON, Soren Christian Feb 1911 TUEHSEN, Nis Jurgen Dec 1877
SOUBESLAV, Kate Jun 1876 TUREK, Vaclav Frank

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE    FALL    Volume 16, No. 2   Page 54

Fillmore County Naturalizations, Continued

TWIETMEYER, Dudrich Nov 1882 WEISER. Alfons Dec 1900
TYNER, Vaclav Nov 1892 WEISS, Jacob Sep 1922
TYSELL, Albert Apr 1920 WEISSER, Otto C Nov 1892
TYSELL, Otto John Nov 1913 WELDEN, Watsen Jun 1877
WHARTON, William P.N.J. Mar 1897
UELFERTS, Reint Jansen Nov 1878 WICKSTROM, John August
ULMER, John Nov 1893 WILGER, John Jun 1907
UNDERLY, Frank Jun 1876 WILGER, William Jun 1907
WIlLIAMS, John A Nov 1872
VANHOUSEK, Joseph WILLIAMS, John Pierson Dec 1910
VARCOE, Fred WILLIS, Henry George
VAUGHALIN, John Jun 1877 WILLITS, Ralph
VAVRA, Anton Jun 1877 WILSON, Charles H Sep 1906
VAVRA, Frank Jun 1890 WISORA, Anton
VENELL, Ida N. Oct 1924 WISZMANN, Henry Jun 1876
VICK, Charles F May 1880 WITTE, Frederick Nov 1894
VODICKA, Josef WIZEMAN, Nathias Nov 1884
VOGELTANZ, Vencil Feb 1927 WOLFTEICH, Fredrich H May 1922
VOGLTANZ, James WONGDAHL, Ragnar C Jun 1892
VOHNOUT, Frank Jr WOOLEY, Henry Nov 1897
VOHNOUT, Frank Sr Feb 1907 WRIGHT, George Sep 1906
VOIGHTLANDER, Theodore Jun 1878 WYATT, William Nov 1881
VOGT, Fredrick Jun 1876
VOJTA, Peter Feb 1900 Yost, Henry Nov 1889
VOLKNER, William Sep 1906
VOLZ, John Sep 1922 ZAJICEK, Frank
VOLTZ, Johannes ZAJICEK, Rudolf
VOTIPKA, Anton Sep 1922 ZAJRICEK, Josef Sep 1906
VOTIPKA, Ben ZEHR, Christian Voder Sep 1922
VOUGALINE, John ZELENY, Joe Sep 1922
ZELENKA, John May 1875
WABERG, William ZEMAN, Josef
WAGNER, Henry Nov 1914 ZIEG, Jacob
WAIT, William Jun 1878 ZIERON, Joseph
WAITE, William Jr Jun 1879 ZIMBELMANN, Konrad
WALDA, Charles Sep 1906 ZIMBELMANN, Konrad Jr
WALDECK, Charles Nov 1912 ZIMMERLE, Henry
WALTEMADE, Wilhelm Apr 1920 ZIMMERLE, Jacob
WARNER, William Nov 1879 ZNAJEMSKY, Frank Sep 1906
WARNESS, Trena ZNOYEMSKY, Frank May 1874
WARWICK, Reginald Bert
WATERMANN, Christian Sep 1906
WATERMANN, Frederich W. Oct 1921
WATERMANN, Frederich May 1922
WATERMANN, Henry Sep 1922
WATERMANN, Maria Anna Oct 1929
WEBB, Fred Nov 1890
WEBER, Frederich May 1902,
WEBER, John May 1902
WEIS, Jacob May 1895
WEIS, John May 1880
WEIS, John J Jun 1877
WEIS, Peter Jun 1877
WEIS, Peter D. May 1895

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