NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol 12, no 1
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Twelve, no. 4
Spring 1990



Abstracted From: SPALDING ENTERPRISE, Spalding, NE, August, September, October, November, December 1928 Submitted by: Cora Esch, Spalding, NE

2,9,16,23,30 August 1928


COONEY, Dau. born to Mr. & Mrs. John COONEY, Tues., 31 July 1928

HOWER, Dau. born to Mr. & Mrs. J.W. HOWER, living northeast of Spalding, NE, Wed., 1 Aug 1928

THRAMER, Son born to Mr. & Mrs. Leo THRAMER, Spalding, NE. Tues., 14 Aug 1928

BARRETT, Dau. born to Mr. & Mrs. P.J. BARRETT, Spalding, NE, at Murphy Maternity Home, Greeley, NE, last Wed., 22 Aug 1928


KESSLER, Marie Will, -
KREYMBOURG, Dr. O.C., - of Fremont, NE
   Will-Mar.- Mon., 20 Aug 1928 at St. Philomena's Church, Omaha, NE, Rev. Father Joseph F. BORER, will officiate
   Attendants- Helen KESSLER, Ivan ROSS
   Bride, Dau. of- Mrs. Mary KESSLER, Spalding, NE

PIGG, Thelma, -
SMITH, Leland E., - of Chicago, IL, 16 Aug 1928, Presbyterian Church, Rev. W.J. PRIMROSE, Spalding, NE
   Bride's Parents- Mr. & Mrs. A.E. PIGG of Akron, NE
   Attendants- Bethene PEASLEY, Omaha, NE; Neill SMITH, Iowa City, IA

THOMPSON, Donald, -
MONK, Edith, -
   Mar-Wed., 22 Aug 1928, Presbyterian Church, Spalding, NE, Rev. W.J. PRIMROSE, officiated
   Parents- Mr. & Mrs. D.E. MONK, Spalding, NE
   Mr. & Mrs. George THOMPSON
   Attendants- Hazel THOMPSON, Elmer JOHNSON


CLARK, Mrs. Curtis (Martha SAUNDERS), Age, 92yrs. 1mon. 24da.
   D- 3 Aug 1928, Spalding, Ne, home of Dau., Mrs. C.K. SAVAGE
   B- 19 June 1836, Franklin Co., NY
   Mar-Curtis CLARK, 9 Sept 1856, Franklin Co. NY, Mr. CLARK D-1901 preceded in death by children: Maria L., Grace E., George C.
   Survived By- Children: Worley W., Oscar B., Sedgewick R., Martha A., Sanford S., Emma A.; 37 grandchildren; 25 great grandchildren; & 2 great-great grandchildren
   Services- C.K. SAVAGE home, Spalding, NE
      Baptist Church, Cedar Rapids, NE
   Bur-Sunset Cem., Cedar Rapids, NE

FOLSOM, Margaret J. (Margaret J. MOSS), Age 71yrs. 11mon. 3da.
D- 4 Aug 1928



   B- 21 Aug 1852, State of Maryland
   Mar-John HOUCK, at age 18yrs., Woodford Co. IL, 7 children were born,
      Dr. HOUCK D-2 March 1894
   Mar-William FOLSOM, 26 March 1905, Edgar, NE, Mr. FOLSOM D-19 Nov 1919 also preceded in death by Dau., Nancy Ann HOUCK, Rexford
   Survived By- Dau. Lou Ethel BYRNES, Spalding, NE; Sons, Elijah HOUCK, Galena, OK, Selver HOUCK, Wolbach, NE, Jacob HOUCK, Havelock, NE, Charles OUCK, Wallace, ID, Franklin HOUCK, Wallace, ID; 22 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren
   Services- Presbyterian Church, Spalding, NE, conducted by Rev. W.J. PRIMROSE
   Bur-Fair View Cem./Grand View Cem., Spalding, NE

McMANAMAN, James, Age 70yrs
   D- 6 Aug 1928, Cleveland, OH
   B- 1859 - County Mayo, Ireland, came to America in 1883
   Mar- Katherine CONDON, 9 Feb 1886, 9 children were born
   Preceded in death by- Wife; Dau., Mrs. Jack CAOUSE
   Survived By- Children, Mike, Mrs. Mae KRUNSNICK, James & Hugh, Spalding, Ne, Mrs. Lloyd DAVIS, Omaha, NE, Katherine, Chicago, IL, Mrs. Percy McBREEN, Omaha, NE, Bill, Omaha, NE; Sister, Mrs. Michael HANEY, Cleveland, OH; 2 brothers in Ireland
   Services- St. Michael's Catholic Church, Spalding, NE, Rev. Father GALVIN, officiated
   Bur-Mount Calvary Cem., Spalding, NE

NOE, Joseph, (pioneer)
   D- 10 Aug 1928, at home of son, Fred
   B- 1849 at Baden, Germany, came to America, 55yrs. ago, came to Spalding, 42yrs. ago
   Mar- Mary GRIMM before coming to Spalding, 8 children were born, 5 living
   Preceded in Death By- Wife; Children, Mrs. Morris MAY, Max, & Leo
   Survived By- Children, Mrs. Marcus DOLCE, Fred, Mrs. Joseph DEISSENER, Mrs. John EXCH, & Mrs. George ZAHM, all of Spalding, NE
   Services- St. Michael's Church, Spalding, NE
   Bur- Calvary Cem., Spalding, NE

MAIER, Mary Barbara, Age, 6 weeks old
   D- Tuesday, 14 Aug 1928
   Daug- of Mr. & Mrs. Frank MAIER, Spalding, NE
   Services- Wed., afternoon

JOHNSON, Mrs. Nels (Barbara MEYERS), Age 49yrs.
   D- 25 Aug 1928, Genoa, NE
   B- in state of PA, came to NE 30 yrs. ago, 1st to Cedar Rapids, NE, then to Spalding, NE
   Mar- Nels JOHNSON, 15yrs. ago
   Survived By- Husband & I brother
   Services- Presbyterian Church, Spalding, NE, Rev. McMICKEN, officiated
   Bur-Dublin Cem., northwest of Primrose, NE, Boone Co.

PARKS, Mrs. W.A. (Satah Anna DURKEE, Allison), Age 66yrs. 7mon. 23da.
   D- 28 Aug 1928, at home northwest of Spalding, NE
   B- 5 Jan 1862, Shady Lake, near St. Paul, MN
   Mar- Sidney M. ALLISON, June 1881, Cameron, MO, son Ralph was born, Mr. ALLISON died May 1885
   Mar-Wm. PARKS, 30 May 1886, Grand Island, NE, Mr. & Mrs. PARKS resided on farm northwest of Spalding, NE 42yrs., 2 daus. were born
   Survived By- Husband, Wm. A. PARKS; Son, Ralph L. ALLISON, Spalding, NE; Daus., Mrs. Olive ESCHLIMAN, Central City, NE, Mrs. Charity HINKLE,



Albion, Ne; Brothers, Charles, Fred, & James DURKEE; Sisters, Mrs. Julia CLUTTER, York, NE, Mrs. Elizabeth BUSH, Hastings, NE
   Services- Presbyterian Church, Spalding, NE, SWAILS, Pastor of Rosedale Community Church, assisted by Rev. A. ROBERTS, Prosser, NE, officiated
   Bur-Grandview Cem., Spalding, NE

6,20,27 September 1928


McVEIGH, Son born to Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McVEIGH, who live northwest of Spalding, NE, last Wed., 29 Aug 1928

McMANAMAN, Dau. born to Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McMANAMAN, who live southwest of Spalding, NE, Sun., 2 Sept 1928

USASZ, Son born to Mr. & Mrs. James USASZ, Spalding, NE, Tues., 18 Sept 1928

O'GORMAN, Son born to Mr. & Mrs. Pat O'GORMAN, 21 Sept 1928

MURPHY, Son born to Mr. & Mrs. MURPHY, Sat., 23 Sept 1928, St. Joseph's Hospital, Omaha, NE

HILLARD, Son born to Professor & Mrs. Frank HILLARD, Spalding, NE, Thurs., 20 Sept 1928


GRAVES, Paul O., -
DODDER, Marguerite, -
   Mar-Wed. morning, at 7:00, 19 Sept 1928 at home of Mr. & Mrs. C.C. GROVE, Spalding, NE, Rev. W.J. PRIMROSE, officiated
   Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Charles DODDER, Spalding, NE
   Grandparents- Mr. & Mrs. C.C. GROVE, Spalding, NE
   Attendants-Anna M. GROVE, cousin of the bride
   Marion WALL, cousin of the bride

BROEHL, Ella R., - Holyoke, CO
BOULIER, G.A., - Spalding, NE
   Mar- Thurs., 20 Sept 1928, at Baptist Church, Holyoke, CO


SULLIVAN, Mrs. Timothy, Age, 98yrs. 3mon. 3da.
   D- 22 Aug 1928, home of Mrs. Patrick SULLIVAN, Greeley, NE
   B- 25 May 1829, Castlemain Parisch, County Kerry, Ireland
   Mar-Timothy SULLIVAN 27 Nov 1852, London, England, lived in England 5yrs, came to America, moved to St. Augustine in 1870, husband died 22 Sept 1888, moved to Greeley, NE, 1914
   Survived By- Children; Timothy, Jr., Greeley, NE, Mrs. Margaret SULLIVAN, Spalding, NE, Mrs. Nina ARMSTRONG, Salt Lake City, Utah, Jerry SULLIVAN, Galesburg, & Mrs. John GEIDES, Peoria; 11 grandchildren & 10 great grandchildren
   Services- Catholic Church in St. Augustine, Father CUMMINGS of Galesburg, officiated
   Bur-Catholic Cem.



SAVAGE, Paula Jean, Age 1yr. 7mon. 7da., Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus SAVAGE
   D- 20 Sept 1928
   B- 13 Jan 1927
   Services- Presbyterian Church, Spalding, NE
   Bur- Grand View Cem., Spalding, NE

FOSTER, John Andrew, pioneer of Greeley Co.
   D- yesterday morning, Sept 1928, at home in Greeley, NE
   B- 6 Oct 1851, Carbondale PA, parents came to O'Connor in1877
   Mar- Julia WHITE at O'Connor in 1883, elected Greeley Co. Sheriff, 1888
   Survived By- Wife & Children: James, Greeley, NE, Mrs. Charles MURPHY, Brayton, Ne, Emmet, Omaha, NE, Mrs. Lloyd SINTED, Brayton, NE; Brother: Frank, Greeley, NE; 20 grandchildren
   Preceded in Death By- Dau. Mrs. Thom O'GORMAN, Shamrock TX; Brothers: James & Thomas, O'Connor, NE who died in recent years
   Services- Sacred Heart Church, Greeley, NE

SMYTH, 5 month old twin boy, son of Mr. & Mrs. Earl SMYTH, Spalding, NE
   D- 21 Sept 1928
   Bur- Calvary Cem., Spalding, NE

4,11,25, October 1928


MURPHY, Dau. born to Mr. & Mrs. Tom MURPHY, Spalding, NE, Mon., 1 Oct 1928

McLAIN, Dau. born to Mr. & Mrs. Glen McLAIN, 18 Oct 1928


ZWIENER, Anton, -
BERBERICH, Frances, -
   Mar-Mon., 22 Oct 1928, St. Michael's Church, Spalding, NE, Rev. GALVIN officiated
   Bride's Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Charles BERBERICH, Spalding, NE
   Attendants-Margaret BERBERIGH
      Louis ZWIENER

LANGER, Joseph, -
GLAXER, Amelia, -
   Mar- Tues., 23 Oct 1928 at St. Michael's Church, Spalding, NE, Rev. Father GALVIN, officiated
   Parents- John P. LANGER, Pierz, MN
      Vincent GLASER, Spalding, NE
   Attendants- Monica WEBER
      Jacob LANGER


NEW, Joshua A., Age 60yrs. 11mon 23da.
   D- Sun., 23 Sept 1029, Prairie Creek Community, Central City, NE
   B- 17 Oct 1867 in state of KY
   Mar-Ida LEASURE, Jan 1889, Abeline, KS, 10 children were born: Charles, Spalding, NE, Mrs. Bessie ROGERS, Franklin, IL, Mrs. Margaret RICE,



   Denver, Co, Thomas, Guy, Helen & Frank at home, also survived by 3 sisters & 2 brothers
   Preceded in Death By- Daus.: Mrs. Nellie SMITH & Mrs. Rose WICKWIRE
   Services- Prarie Creek Baptist Church, Rev. R. DUNBAR & Rev. Floyd JOHNSON officiated
   Bur- Greeley. CO

McCART, Mrs. James (Maria NESBIT), Age, 76yrs. 4mon.
   D- 4 Oct 1928, Presbyterian Hospital, Denver, CO
   B- 4 June 1853, Country Atrim, Ireland, came to America at age 17yrs., settled in New York City, later moving to Philadelphia
   Mar-James McCART, 28 Nov 1878 in Philadelphia, 8 children were born, Mr. McCART died 1920
   Survived By- Children: William, Loveland, CO; James, Chambers, NE; Robert, Spalding, NE; John; Mrs. William PATTERSON, & Mrs. Ernest SPRINGER, both of Spalding, NE; Mrs. W.D. ROBERTS, Lewellen, NE; Mrs. L.D. CLARK, Denver, CO
   Services- Presbyterian Church, Primrose, NE, Rev. M__ican & Rev. W.J. PRIMROSE officiated
   Bur-Dublin Cem., north of Primrose, NE, Boone Co.

NEIS, Roy, Age, 22yrs. 1mon. 21da.
   D- 8 Oct 1928, Denver, CO, body accompanied by father to Spalding, NE
   B- 17 July 1906
   Services- St. Michael's Church, Spalding, NE
   Bur-Mount Calvary Cem., Spalding, NE

1,15,22,29 November 1928



DE WULF, Mrs. Phelomena, -
   Mar-Mon., 29 Oct 1928, St. Michael's Church, Spalding, NE, by Father GALVIN
   Attendants- Mr. & Mrs. Ed FRANCOIS

WALSH, James-
DONAHUE, Susan, Mrs.-
   Mar-Tues., 20 Nov 1928, at St. Michael's Church, Spalding, NE, Rev. Father GALVIN, officiated
   Attendants- Mr. & Mrs. FOX

SANFORD, Everett,-
GRAY, Ether,-
   Mar-Mon., 12 Nov 1928, at Co. Judge Office, Bartlett, NE

CONNELLY, Dolores,-
BROWN, Elmer,-
   Mar-Mon., 26 Nov 1928, St. Michael's Church, Spalding, NE, Greeley Co., by Rev. Father GALVIN
   Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Art CONNELLY, Spalding, Ne
      Mr. & Mrs. Will BROWN, Spalding, Ne
   Attendants- Helen CONNELLY
      Jerome MURPHY




RINGLEIN, John M., Age, 52yrs. 8 mon. 23da.
   D- 13 Nov 1928, at home north of Spalding, NE
   B- 20 Feb 1863, Sherman, OR, came to NE in 1884, settling in Richardson Co.
   Mar- Isabel ZAHM in Richardson Co., 13 children were born
   Survived By- Wife; Children: Andrew J.; Mrs. Antone MAIER, Mrs. Elsworth McCONNELL, & Isabel all of Spalding, NE; Mrs. Mary SMITH, Monroeville, OR; Mrs. Sylvester NEISE, Liepsle, OH; Mrs. John BERGER, Monroeville, OH; Fred, Centerville, IA; Aloys & Helen, Columbus, NE; 3 brothers; 3 sisters
   Services- St. Michael's Church, Spalding NE
   Bur- Calvary Cem., Spalding, NE

6,20,27 December 1928




SLAIGHT, J.C. (Joseph Clinton), Age, 62yrs. 4mon. 1da.
   D- 27 Nov 1928 at home, Primrose, Ne
   B- 25 July 1856, Danville, Knox Co., OH
   Mar-Alice Geneva WEED, 28 June 1897
   Survived By- Wife; Children: Adrain Elsworth, & Rosanna Lavina; Brothers: Charles, Great Divide, CO; Clifford, Wolbach, NE; Sisters: Mrs. Ida CRUISE, Sidney, NE; Emma WILLIAMS, Olympia, WA
   Services- M.E. Church, Primrose, NE, conducted by Rev. W.J. PRIMROSE, Spalding, NE
   Bur-Cem. St. Edward, NE

COOK, Mrs. John., Age, 71yrs.
   D- 17 Dec 1928, home 6 miles south of Spalding, NE
   B- 1858, Bradford Co., PA
   Mar-John F. COOK, in PA before coming to NE in 1879, lived west of Ericson, NE, in Erina vicinity, 7 children were born
   Survived By- 6 Children & Husband; Children: Will, Margaret, Nick, John, Joe, & Mary all living in vicinity of Spalding, NE, besides their own children they adopted 2 children, also survived by Bro. Thomas O'NEILL, Spalding, NE; 3 Bros., Syracuse, NY, 2 Sisters, Buffalo, NY

MAYFIELD, Mrs. Orville (Edna Adeline PICKERMAN) Age, 34yrs. 10mon. 19da.
   D- 21 Dec 1928, Spalding, Ne
   B- 12 Sept 1894, White Forest, OR
   Mar- Orville MAYFIELD, 16 April 1919, Omaha, NE
   Survived By- Husband & Daus.: Rosie & Alice and an infant daughter born in her last illness
   Services- Presbyterian Church, Spalding, NE
   Bur-Dublin., Primrose, NE, Boone Co.

ROHAN, James, Age, 59 yrs.
   D- Dec 1928 from a car accident near Raymond, NE
   B- in Ireland, after coming to America he settled near Raymond, Ne where he lived 44yrs., he was a member of Raymond Camp M.W.A.



   Survived By- Wife, Mary; 3 Daus.: Mrs. Kate GLEASON, Lincoln, NE; Mrs. Noar GLEASON, Davy, NE; Mrs. Mary DOWD, Greenwood, NE; 2 Sons: Joseph & James at home; 2 Bros.: Patrick, Agnew, Ne; John, Spalding, NE
   Services- pending

   D- 24 Dec 1928, hospital at Columbus, Ne where he was taken after being in an explosion while starting a fire at his home 12 miles northwest of Spalding, NE, Mr. B.C. TULLY a neighbor heard the explosion and went to the home to help, Mrs. NUNEMANN and baby son escaped from a bedroom window, Mr. NUNEMANN had lived near Spalding, NE several yrs.
   Services & Bur- David City, NE




Abstracted From: THE RED CLOUD NATION, Thursday, June 9, 1898, Vol. VIII, NO. 15
Submitted By: Georgene Sones

Invocation -- Chancellor MacLEAN of the University of Nebraska
Dedication -- Judge William H. NEVILLE, president of State commission
Response ---- Gov. Silas A. HOLCOMB
Remarks ----- Hon. William Jennings BRYAN
Addresses --- Hon. W. F. GURLEY, Omaha
       ---Hon. C.J. SMYTH

Blessing -- Rev. HUSSONG, Christian Church
Salutation -- Miss Jessie DUCKER
Instrumental Solo -- Miss Irene MINER
Speaker -- S. Wright BUTLER D.D., Omaha
Vocal Solo -- Miss Vance FOE
Valedictorian -- Miss Maude MILLER
Talk -- Prof. KELLEY
Benediction -- Rev. EDISON, Baptist Church

   Prof. KELLEY has been re-elected as superintendent of schools for another year with a raise in salary $750 from to $900. Prof . OVERING has been re-elected to his position with an advance of $5 per month. He has not accepted the position yet. Miss Marple DAY has been elected as teacher of the 4th room in the north ward.

   Paul POPE left this morning for Lincoln from which place he will go to Omaha and take in the exposition. He will then travel on the road with his brother Donald.

   The Misses Anne LAWSON and Mary JOHNSON came up from Superior to attend the graduating exercises. They were the guests of Mrs. Susie KALEY.


CLAY CO. - BIRTHS & DEATHS 1915 - 1918

Submitted by Catherine Renschler, Juniata, NE

Births and deaths extracted from all extant copies of the Glenvil Globe. If a name is followed by "Obituary" an obituary was printed. If "Obituary" does not appear, the item is just a notice of death, containing varying amounts of information.

12 February 1915. MITCHELL, James a girl;
     OCKINGA, Phillip a boy;
     GERDES, George a boy;
     STROMER, George twin girls;
     SAATOOFF, Barney a boy.
19 February 1915. VAN NORTHEIN, Otto infant daughter died at Fairfield.
26 February 1915. OSHENER, August a girl.
19 March 1915. SMITH, Clara died north of Glenvil;
     KIDD, Paul a girl.
2 April 1915. SCHMIDT, Mrs. Claus, Obituary, died at Glenvil;
     HESS, Margaret died at Hastings;
     MERRILL, Berniece died at Edgar.
9 April 1915. NOWKA, Frederick died at Glenvil;
     OTTSMAN, Hellern died at Glenvil;
     DAVIDSON, Julia, Obituary, died at Deweese;
     WOODHEAD, Charley account of "Pioneer Days in Clay County."
16 April 1915. STACY, Wright account of "Pioneer Days in Clay County."
     HOKOM, Henry a girl.
30 April 1915. KILLION, Niel a girl;
     SEBRANDT, John a boy;
     MEESTER, Maint a boy.
7 May 1915. KLUVER, John a girl.
14 May 1915. SEYBRANDT, Herman died at Glenvil;
     BRUNS, Wert a boy;
     BORTIS, Anthony a girl;
     SCOTT, Bert a girl.
21 May 1915. JOHNSON, Wardie a boy;
     ERBERT, Mrs. a girl.
28 May 1915. ALBRIGHT, Thomas died at Glenvil.
4 June 1915. WALDRUM, Sarah M. died at Glenvil.
11 June 1915. BIMSON, A. R. a boy.
18 June 1915. BOOMER, Samuel J. Obituary, died at Lawrence.
25 June 1915. JANSSEN, Mrs. Jarden died at Glenvil;
     EIGENBERG, Henry a boy.
2 July 1915. HEUSTON, H. E. died at Glenvil.
9 July 1915. FITZKE, Will died at Glenvil.
23 July 1915. KENNEY, Arthur a boy.
30 July 1915. DAVIS, John a girl.
6 August 1915. COBURN, Ray a girl.
13 August 1915. ANDERSON, Walfred a boy.
20 August 1915. FITZKE, Albert a girl;
     McKAY, Mrs. a boy.
27 August 1915. STAMMER, Henry a girl.
3 September 1915. NOWKA, Christ a girl.
17 September 1915. HEILEN, Will a girl.
24 September 1915. HOLDEMAN, Anna died.
15 October 1915. CAREY, W. L. infant son died.
22 October 1915. SUTHERLAND, R. D. Obituary, died at Nelson.
5 November 1915. GARDNER, Mrs. Henry died at Glenvil;
     FITZKE, George a girl.
12 November 1915. MONTAG, Mrs. a boy.
19 November 1915. SMITH, John a boy.
26 November 1915. GOLDENSTEIN, S.L. died at Glenvil;
     BOONTJER, Martje died at Glenvil;
3 December 1915. BRANDT, Gretje Obituary, died at Glenvil;
     JAHNKE, William mother of died in Minn.
17 December 1915. PETERS, Mrs. George died at Glenvil;
     DRUDICK, Joe infant son died.
24 December 1915. HENDRICKS, George died at Glenvil.
31 December 1915. OBERG, Orville a girl;
     RICHIE, Garfield a girl.
7 January 1916. HULBERT, S a girl;
     RICHERT, Mrs. Henry sister of died.
14 January 1916. BEVILHEIMER, Chas a girl.
21 January 1916. MONTGOMERY, D. W. Obituary, died at Nelson;
     GALER, T a girl;
     PRICE, Geo a boy;
     LUTZERING, Christina died at Glenvil;
     GAHRE, Rev. F.G. Obituary, died at Glenvil.
28 January 1916. NELSON, P. died
11 February 1916. MANSFIELD, Mrs. a boy;
     EVERETT, Oscar a girl.
18 February 1916. BATES, Frank a girl;
     NEUMAN, Chris died at Glenvil;
     GOLDENSTEIN, Mrs. Seibolt died at Glenvil;
     WALTERS, Charles a girl;
     KNEAU, Mrs. Frances died at Edgar.



25 February 1916. BECK, Stephen Obituary, died at Edgar;
     HENDRICK, Mead a boy;
     ADAMS, Ernest a girl;
     MOORHOUSE, Robert a girl.
3 March 1916. SCHLACTER, Henry died at Glenvil;
     LEACH, Frances J. Obituary, died at Glenvil.
10 March 1916. INGALSBEE, W. E. a girl;
     HART, Tom a boy.
17 March 1916. ENNINGA, Dick a girl.
24 March 1916. SAGE, Roxy died at Nelson;
     ROBERTS, Roy died at Fairfield;
     SECORD, Mrs. G.W. sister of died in Okla;
     WILKINS, Carl a boy.
14 April 1916. KISSINGER, Evelyn died at Glenvil.
21 April 1916. BUSBOOM, Mary died at Glenvil.
28 April 1916. PARKER, Bert a boy;
     SCHNELL, Joseph died at Hastings.
19 May 1916. GOLDENSTEIN, John biographical item.
26 May 1916. OXLEY, Frank died at Glenvil;
     FOLDRICK, Lambert died at Pauline.
2 June 1916. HOLSINGER, John father of died;
     UDEN, John a boy;
     STAHNKE, Minnie died at Glenvil.
     ELLERMEIER, Mrs. George died at Glenvil.
16 June 1916. GIBSON, Mrs. a girl;
     TESKE, Carl, Obituary, died at Glenvil.
30 June 1916. FARRELL, Tim a girl;
     GRUBB, Carl died In Omaha.
14 July 1916. LEWELLEN, P.L. a girl.
28 July 1916. WEYENBERG, Henry died, buried Hastings.
4 August 1916. ONKEN, Barney Infant son died.
18 August 1916. HOPPENS, Albert a boy;
     FITZKE, Arthur a boy.
25 August 1916. ANDERSON, D. A. 50th wedding anniversary;
     PALMER, Ralph a girl.
9 September 1916. VANCE, George a boy.
15 September 1916. CRAMPTON, George, Obituary, died at Edgar;
     BOLTJES, Herman died at Glenvil;
     SCHLEIP, John a boy.
22 September 1916. WERNSTFIN, Carl child of died at Shickley;
     MYERS, Rena died at Glenvil.
6 October 1916. LEACH, Harry a girl,
     DALLUGE, Edward died at Deweese.
13 October .1916. POTTS, Horace a boy.
20 October 1916. FOY, Ray a boy;
     MOORE, Jay a boy;
     SAATHOFF, George died.
27 October 1916. FAIRLEY, Fay a girl;
     STOUT, Cecil adopted a 3 year old boy.
3 November 1916. FREDERICKS, John a boy.
10 November 1916. DAVIS, Harm, Obituary, died at Glenvil;
     STURGIS, Clara died at Yakima, WA.
     SMITH, Roy a boy;
     HEIN, Fred a boy;
     BOYD, Mrs. a girl;
     FORSELL, John a girl;
     CRANDELL, George W. Obituary, buried at Edgar.
17 November 1916. VAN BOENING, John buried Hanover Cemetery;
     BOLTJES, Esther buried Glenvil Cemetery;
     BENJAMIN, Lula died at Grand Island;
     BAUMAN, E. a girl;
     HARRIS, Frank a boy;
     WALZ, Low a boy;
     CLINE, Alvin died, buried Edgar Cemetery.
1 December 1916. WEILAGE, Blanche, daughter of Joe, died;
     FLOHR, Kate died at Glenvil.
8 December 1916. HENDRICKS, John daughter of died at Glenvil;
     FOWLER, Frank died at Fairfield.
22 December 1916. WHITE, Mrs. Ralph died at Edgar,
     BIENHOFF, Paul a boy;
     DAVIDSON, M.E. died.
29 December 1916. SCHLICK, George a girl;
     ITZEN, Ramer a girl;
     HENDRICKS, W son died at Fairfield.
     WELCH, Wesley died, buried at Edgar;
     SOUCHEK, Joe a girl.
5 January 1917. SCHMIDT, John a boy;
     COBURN, Vern a girl.
12 January 1917. HENDRICK, Harry, son of Chas., died at Glenvil.
19 January 1917. JOHNSON, Nick, Jr a girl;
     MADDACK, Mrs. a boy;
     DeYUNG, Mrs. John died at Glenvil;
     DALLUGE, August died at Deweese.
26 January 1917. BRONKEN, John a girl.
2 February 1917. ELY, William died at Clay Center.
9 February 1917. COBA, Mrs. a girl;
     SCHUMAN, Mrs. a boy;
     POWERS, Lee a girl.
16 February 1917. KAMMERLOHR, Frank a boy;
     PRICE, Orville a boy;
     LLEWELLEN, Mrs. Jane died, buried at Fairfield.
23 February 1917. WESTCOTT, Cy a girl;
     FITZKE, Albert a boy.
2 March 1917. DAVIS, Will a boy;
     VAN BOENING, Simon a girl.
9 March 1917. SOMMER, Mrs. Ed died at Glenvil.
23 March 1917. WALDRUM, H. P. died at Hastings.
30 March 1917. ELLERMEYER, Mann a boy;
     ONKEN, Chas a girl.
13 April 1917. KRELL, George died at Fairfield.
20 April 1917. KISSINGER, Ray a girl;
     PETER, Ed a boy.
27 April 1917. NOWKA, Will a boy.


CLAY CO. - BIRTHS & DEATHS - continued

4 May 1917. WAGES, Harry twin boys.
11 May 1917. JANSEN, Henry Infant son died at Glenvil.
     KREINHEDER, Mrs. died near Hastings.
17 May 1917. BRAY, Florence died at Edgar.
25 May 1917. KRULL, Otto a girl;
     HERTZEL, Mary died, buried at Inland;
     BOLTJES, Henry died.
2 June 1917. BROOKHART, Mrs. Wm died at Deweese;
     JOHNSON, Roy died at Davenport.
9 June 1917. THORP, Walter a boy;
     KIMBER, Howard a boy;
     GARDNER, Will twin boys.
22 June 1917. McREYNOLDS, Elsie a boy;
     LINDGREN, Dr a boy;
     STRAWSER, Lloyd a boy;
     LUITZEN, Pete a boy.
29 June 1917. PRYOR, James, Obituary, buried Edgar;
     KAZEBEER, Ben a boy;
     VICKERS, Frank a girl;
     KARMAZIN, Leo Infant son died at Deweese,
     SKALKA, Joe a boy.
6 July 1917. BRITTENHAM, Harry buried at Davenport;
     ELWOOD, Ezra a girl.
13 July 1917. RASMERSEN, Christ a girl;
     FITZKE, Frank a girl;
     DRUDEK, Frank infant of died at Deweese.
20 July 1917. FREY, Lizzle died at Glenvil.
27 July 1917. MOHLMAN, Fred a girl;
     HOAGLAND, Frank a boy.
6 August 19t7. DAVIS, Frank a boy;
     EIGENBERG, Henry a boy;
     KRULL, John a girl;
     MOHLMAN, John died.
17 August 1917. GRIFF, Christ a girl.
24 August 1917. KISSINGER, Ed a boy;
     HENDRICKS, Henry a girl.
14 September 1917 SCHLEIP, Charley a girl;
     SANDERS, Will a girl.
21 September 1917. CARREL, John buried at Davenport;
     WALLENBURG, William a girl;
     CLINE, Harvey a boy;
     SMITH, Chas E. died at Ingleside, buried at Edgar.
28 September 1917. KAZEBEER, John, son of Ben, died;
     KOUZAC, Frank infant of died;
     LUNN, Walter a girl
5 October 1917. STAHNKE, August a boy;
     BURBACK, Will a boy;
     SELZER, Mrs. a boy;
     KLIMA, A.J. a girl;
     BATTISHILT, Hanna, Obituary, died at Sutton.
12 October 1917. PARKER, Clyde infant of died, buried in Kansas;
     PAUGBORN, Mary, Obituary, died at Edgar;
     WILLIAMS, Jack a boy;
     SCHNELL, J.J. a boy:
     McLAUGHLIN, Pernard a girl.
19 October 1917. McCUNE, Lizzie buried Glenvil Cemetery;
     PRICE, Harold Obituary, son of Geo.
26 October 1917. RUST, J.L. died in Illis;
     SAATHOFF, Barney a girl.
2 November 1917. WIGHT, Harry a girl;
     JONES, T.R. a boy;
     CLEVELAND, George a boy;
     SAXTON, William died at Los Angeles, CA.
9 November 1917. COOK, Lester a boy.
16 November 1917. OCKER, H.F. buried at Glenvil;
     SNELL, Daniel buried Nelson;
     NEWTON, Chas a girl.
23 November 1917. CHYTRY, Frank, Obituary, died at Deweese.
30 November 1917. BELTON, Mrs. Louis died;
     BLANCHARD, Vera Belle died.
7 December 1917. MITCHELL, James a girl.
14 December 1917. CULBERTSON, Joseph, Obituary, died at Edgar;
     GEORGE, W.W. a boy;
     HEINZ, Mrs. a boy;
     BOBERG, Alfred a girl;
     KRAUSE, Pete a girl.
21 December 1917. POTTS, Horace a boy;
     MILLS, D.C. died at Edgar.
28 December 1917. KOUKAL, Rudolph, Obituary, died at Deweese.
4 January 1918. LEWELLEN, P.W. a boy;
     STIMBERT, Mrs. John buried at Inland.
11 January 1918. DAVIS, Benjamin a girl.
18 January 1918. PAVELKA, Joseph a girl;
     EIGENBURG, Gus a girl;
     FITZKE, Art a boy;
     SAATHOFF, Chas a girl;
     FERGUSON, Tommy died at Hebron.
25 January 1918. SMITH, Ethel, daughter of George, died at Edgar;
     PRICKETT, Ralph a girl.
1 February 1918. FRANKEN, Mrs. George died at Glenvil;
     KAMOREK, F.L. a girl;
     FISHER, Quinton a boy.
8 February 1918. BALDWIN, W.S., Obituary, buried Spring Ranch;
     EDGAR, Olive, Obituary, buried at Edgar;
     CORWIN, Reed a boy;
     DAWSON, Mrs. Wess died at Ong.
15 February 1918. POT, Barney died at Glenvil;
     HOOVER, Austin a boy;
     DEWEY, L.E died at Fairmont;
     JOHNSTON, Francis 50th wedding anniversary.
22 February 1918. PRICE, Geo a girl;
     STAHNKE, Hazel, daughter of Robert, died;
     BRAY, Chas a girl;
     DEINES, N.C. a baby.
1 March 1918. KEMPER, Henry a boy;
     MEESTER, John a girl.
8 March 1918. SCHLACTER, Herman,
     CLASSEN, Elizabeth died at Glenvil.
22 March 1918. BOLTJES, Barney a boy;
     HEINRICH, Ono a boy.


CLAY CO. - BIRTHS & DEATHS - continued

29 March 1918. LINERMAN, John a boy,
     SHORT, Ernest a boy.
5 April 1918. SCHLACTER, Will a girl;
     McCUNE, Art a boy;
     NORWOOD, Andy died at Nelson;
     BARGER, John daughter of died at Nelson.
12 April 1918. LINSTROM, N.A. brother of died in Iowa;
     MITCHELL, Geo. half bro. died in WA.
19 April 1918. GARDNER, Pete a boy.
26 April 1918. McCLUSKEY, E.J. a boy;
     SCHMIDT, Fred a boy;
     GERTIS, Mrs. John died at Glenvil;
     GROENEWOLD, Thos died at Glenvil.
3 May 1918. SCHMIDT, Harm a boy;
     JOHNSON, J.E. buried at Edgar;
     DREW, Evelyn died at Glenvil;
     WOODHEAD, Harry a boy.
10 May 1918. GARDINIER, Mrs. E.J. died at Fairfield;
     SCHMIDT, Harm infant son died.
17 May 1918. SYBRANDT, John a boy;
     CRAWFORD, Milo a boy;
     WOLFE, Frank a girl.
7 June 1918. TRUE, William died at Hastings, buried Palisade, NE.
     SCHUMAN, Mrs. a boy.
21 June 1918. GASS, Ernest a girl.
28 June 1918. VANSTROM, J.M. died in Kansas, buried at Edgar;
     FRANCEN, Ben died at Edgar;
     WADE, Vernon a boy;
     DIXON, Robert buried at Bostwick.
5 July 1918. WHEELER, Bert a girl;
     GASS, Fred a boy born & died at Edgar;
     MUNDORFF, R. V. a boy;
     BYRKIT, Floyd a boy.
19 July 1918. ONKEN, Barney a boy;
     PETERSON, Axel a boy;
     RIDGWAY, Roy a girl;
     REEVE, Ben a boy.
26 July 1918. CHVALA, Simon infant of died at Deweese;
     SHAW, Philip a boy;
     HARTMAN, Joe a girl;
     McCUTCHEON, Ernest a girl;
     HYDE, Frank died at Alva, OK.
2 August 1918. MOHLMAN, JJ a boy;
     BOSWORTH, John son of died at Edgar;
     FRITZ, Luke a boy.
9 August 1918. WHEELAND, William, Obituary, died at Edgar;
     DRUGE, Frederick died at Edgar;
     FOWLER, R.S., Obituary, died at Fairfield;
     BIENHOFF, Paul a boy;
     FRANSON, Ed a girl;
     FRANK, Howard a boy.
16 August 1918. UDEN, John a boy;
     GRIFF, C. a girl.
23 August 1918. BRUNS, Wirt a girl;
     WILSON, Clarence a girl.
30 August 1918. BEILSTICK. F.C. a boy;
     EIGENBERG, infant son of Henry died;
     HART, Joseph, son of Thomas, died at Edgar.
6 September 1918. NALL, Frank infant of died at Glenvil;
     HOKOM, Olivia, Obituary, died at Ong;
     HENDRICKS, Rent, a boy.
13 September 1918. CARREL, C. died at Glenvil;
     THOMPSON, F.M. brother of died at York, NE;
     MURRAY, Helen B. buried at Edgar.


Abstracted From: JOURNAL OF SIXTY-SIXTH ANNUAL ENCAMPMENT, pg. 29 Submitted by: Georgene Sones: Omaha, Ne.

   Dept. headquarters is in receipt of a copy of the Washington D.C. Sunday Star of June 14, 1942. In this paper is an article on the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of the Potomac.

   The article is interesting but of greater interest to the Nebraska Dept. is the picture appearing of Albert M. LATHROP with the Caption, "oldest Civil War Veteran of the Union Army residing in the District of Columbia & vicinity so far as known." Comrade LATHROP is the only surviving member of Strickland Post, Hastings, Nebraska. He has lived in Washington with a daughter for the past 15 years, now resides at 1321 Euclid St. N.W. He will be 101 years old July 11, 1942. Comrade LATHROP, to you a salute from Nebraska Department, Grand Army of the Republic!

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