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NSGS Ancestree



When you start to examine the family tree
You're bound to be taking chances
Not so much on what you'll find at the roots
As what's apt to flyout of somme branches.




CARLETON NEBRASKA CEMETERY, read, compiled and donated by Warren and Tresa Voss of Carleton, NE, is a 38 page booklet of tombstone inscriptions with an index by letter. Additional information is enclosed in parenthesis.

Gloria Smethers of Beatrice, NE donated the following 18 items:
GENEALOGY AND FAMILY HISTORY OF THE THOMAS BERNARD PILON FAMILY consisting of 277 pages of family groups, ancestor charts and many pictures with an index of ancestors.
LOST IN CANADA? is a quarterly published in Sparta, Wisconsin. The 8 issues are Vol. 7 #1, Febr, 1981; Vol. 8 # l-2-4, 1982; Vol. 10 #3-4 1984; Vol. 11 #1, 1983 and Vol. 12 #3, 1986.
MEMOIRES A quarterly of the Canadian French Genealogical Society at Montreal Quebec, Canada 9 issues all published in French. Vol. 33 #2-4, 1982; Vol. 34 #1-2-4, 1983; Vol. 35 #1-4, 1984; Vol. 36 #1-2, 1985.

Mary Alice Henke of Enders, NE donated the following 6 items:
CHASE COUNTY FAIR CENTENNIAL l885-l985 titled "Would You Believe?" is 40 pages of history with pictures.
The following 5 items were editions from the McCook Daily Gazette
STRATTON CENTENNIAL EDITION 1886-1986 is 12 pages of history with pictures
BARTLEY CENTENNIAL EDITION 1886-1986 is 8 pages of history with pictures
CURTIS, THE EASTER CITY CENTENNIAL EDITION 1886-1986 is 12 pages of history with pictures
THREE FAMILY BUSINESSES HAVE SURVIVED A CENTURY feature the Culbertson Bank which was started and still is owned and operated by EISENHART. Harr Insurance Agency of McCook was started by a homesteader, Joseph Harr and is operated by two of his grandsons, Phil and Don Harr. Lord's Inc. of Indianola was opened by Andrew Lord being passed down through 4 generations, operated by father and son, Clifford and Tim Lord today.
HOLBROOK VET REMEMBERED AT STUHR MUSEUM is a history of Dr. Pete Phillipson with many pictures.

PLEASANT HILL CEMETERY in Saline County, NE, donated by the Southeast Nebraska Genealogical Society at Beatrice. NE, consists of 15 pages of tombstone inscriptions by row.

Mary Luhrs of Imperial, NE donated the following 3 items:
HEADLIGHT BULLETIN-SOUVENIR EDITION OF ORD NE is a 24 page booklet in pictures and stories of the very old manufacturers, professional and business men.
WHO'S WHO IN ORD NE 1881-1956 75th Diamond Jubilee is a 60 page souvenir pictorial booklet of an informal history of the town.
AROUND THE TOWN OF BENKELMAN, NE is a 120 page pictorial book of Benkelman published in 1982. The pictures were taken by L. Wayne Ketler of the Benkeluan Post and News Cronicle. Indexed.

RAMSBOTTOM-RANSBOTTOM a genealogy of the Ramsbottoms and Affiliated Families of America by Wendell Hickerson Bradley, was donated by Virginia (Alvin) Ramsbottom of Hebron, NE. This 487 page book with index is the genealogy of James 1745 Ramsbottom and sons, William, Thomas, James, Joseph and Simeon with two Obidiah Ramsbottom lines whose grandchildren came to Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri from England.

Eva LeBlanc of Seattle, WA donated the following 2 Family Histories she has published:
DESCENDANTS OF HENRY STONE AND TABITHA TUTTLE, published in 1986, is a 202 page hard bound book with index. This Stone family had 13 children, born in NY and Indiana. Stone ancestors settled in Otoe, Pawnee, Brown and Banner Counties of Nebraska.
DAVID AND DEBORAH BARRONETT, THEIR ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS published in 1982, is a 90 page soft bound book with index. Research for this book was done by the author on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. This genealogy tells David and Deborah Barronett died shortly after arrival into Illinois, leaving 5 small children who were taken by different families. Nebraska connections are in Pawnee and Brown Counties of Nebraska,

Karen Butler of Hastings, NE donated the following 88 items:
THE INDIANA WAY by James H. Madison is a 361 page hard bound book with index. This book answers the need of an up-to-date history of the Hoosier state from prehistoric tines through the late 20th century.


Karen Butler donations continued:
SKETCHES OF WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA by C.L. Hunter is a 379 page hard bound book with index, originally published in 1877, reprinted in 1970. It includes the Counties of Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Rowan, Iredell, Lincoln, Gaston, Cleaveland, Burke and Wilkes.
ALABAMA CENSUS RETURNS 1820 and AN ABSTRACT OF FEDERAL CENSUS OF ALABAMA 1830, reprinted in 1971 from the Alabama Historical Quarterly of 1944. These 192 pages in a hard bound book, show the census for 8 Alabama Counties, showing head of the family with males and females over and under 21 years of age, free people of colour, total slaves and total inhabitants.
AN INTRODUCTION OF THE PREHISTORY OF INDIANA by James H. Kellar is a 78 page soft cover book published in 1983. This book was written to answer questions about Indiana archaeology and prehistory, The American Indian Heritage is stressed.
RESEARCH IN INDIANA COURTHOUSES: JUDICIAL AND OTHER RECORDS by John J, Newman is a 16 page brochure published in 1981, describing various court records helpful to a genealogist.
THE WORLD'S FUNNIEST EPITAPHS by Ronald A. Bremer in a 200 page soft bound book of tombstone epitaphs, written in 1982.
JOHNSON GLEANINGS-VOLUME I published by William Yates in 1976, is a 239 page soft cover book with index of muscellaneous (sic) Johnson families and data from all states except NY and the New England States. George Johnson, born in Scott Co., Va., migrated to Rockcastle Co., Ky and on to Douglas County, MO.

US 40-A Roadscope of the American Experiences by Thomas J. Schlereth is a 150 page soft bound book published in 1984. This book shows migration routes by water, wagon, canal, railroads, roads and towns.  Many maps and pictures, present and past, pretaining mostly to Indiana.
MISSOURI HISTORICAL REVIEW, the quarterly of the State Historical Society of Missouri in Columbia, MO. 4 issues July and October 1984; January and April 1985.
KANSAS HISTORY A journal of the Central Plains - 4 issues Volume 6 #4 1983-1984 and all of Volume 7 for 1984.
FRATERNAL HERALD September 1983 issue is the official monthly magazine of the Western Fraternal Life Assn. It has news articles from its many Czech lodges in several states with obituaries of deceased members.
MINNESOTA GENEALOGIST-A quarterly of the Minnesota Genealogical Society at St. Paul, MN. 11 issues are Vol. 11#4-1980; All of Vol. 12-1981; All of Vol. 13-1982; Vol. 14 #1 & 2-1983.
INDIANA HISTORY BULLETIN published monthly by the Indiana Historical Bureau. 12 issues are Vol. 57 & 8-1983; Vol. 60 #10, 11 & 12-1983; Vol. 61 #1 to 8-1984.
INDIANA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY is published quarterly by the Indiana Historical Society. 3 issues are Vol. 80 # 1, 2 & 4-1984.
DOWNEAST ANCESTRY published bi-monthly by the News Journal at Machias, ME. 16 issues are all of Vol. 4-1980; Vol. 5 #1, 2, 5, 61982; All of Vol. 6-1982.
CESKOSLAVENSKY SVET, a pictorial magazine published in the Czech language. 19 issues ire #15 to 19, 22, 25, 26-1979; # 7 to 12-1982 and #5 to 10-1983.
FAMILY PUZZLERS, printed weekly by Heritage Papers at Danielsville, Ga. 10 issues are #438, 440 to 442, 447, 1449 to 452, 454-1976.

Catherine Renschler of Juniata, NE donated the following 48 items:
1954 SALINE COUNTY FARM DIRECTORY is a 24 page soft cover booklet listing the farmers names in alphabetical order, description of land and address.
ST STEPHEN'S CATHOLIC CHURCH 1875-1975 (Lawrence NE) is a 32 page history of a rural Catholic Church, school, convent and cemetery near Lawrence, NE with pictures of early settlers, priests, and nuns and a list of parishoners.
CHILDREN OF THE VOLGA is a 111 page hard bound book written by George Bruntz. This book tells of the hardships and customs of Karl and Eva Bruntz, Germans from Russia, who came with their family to the Hastings, NE area.
CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF HAMILTON COUNTY 1867-1967 is a 263 page hard bound book. This is a history of the county, each town and rural churches with 30 pages of Early Pioneer Recollections.
NEBRASKA EDUCATIONAL DIRECTORY 1927 to 1958 with 1929 and 1948 missing. Each of the 25 volumes lists the county superintendents, city & village schools, listing the superintendent and high school teachers, school board president and secretary; private and church schools list the principal and type of control; vocational schools list the superintendent, agriculteral and home economics teachers; trade and inductrial schools list the superintendent, intructors for each trade and state and Denominational schools nameing (sic) teacher training programs.
AMERICAN JEWISH ARCHIVES April 1986 issue is a 112 page journal devoted to the preservation and study of the American Jewish experience featuring Isaac Leeser.
1946 ADAMS COUNTY FARM DIRECTORY is 60 pages listing in alphabetical order all rural residents with land location and address and all advertisers according to business.


Catherine Renschler donations continuted
ELLIS UNITED METHODIST CHURCH-75h Anniversary Services 1969 is a brochure listing ministers, first trustees, charter members of the ladies aid and a short history of the church.
1970 PHELPS COUNTY FARM AND RANCH DIRECTORY has 40 pages with township maps, rural resident names in alphabetical order and many advertisers.

1898 and 1899 HASTINGS CITY DIRECTORY contains 149 pages of an alphabetical list of business firms, corporations and private citizens; an appendix of the city and county officers, churches, schools, etc. and also a classified business directory of which is added a directory of resident taxpayers of Adams County, exclusive of the City of Hastings.
HISTORY OF "CITY OF FRANKLIN, NE" 1883-l983 is a 300 page soft bound history of the town, its churches, schools and some organizations with newspaper gleanings from 1970 to 1983.
AURORA AND HAMILTON COUNTY NE Small towns Institue in the Humanities Center for Great Plains Studies is a 103 page soft bound book, published in 1979 telling the early history of the town and county with many pictures.
MT. ZION CEMETERY-Elk Creek Precinct-Nuckolls County, NE is a 17 page soft cover book listing deceased in alphabetical order with birth and death dates, location in cemetery and a history of the cemetery.
IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH-Glenvil, NE 1886-1986 is a 42 page soft cover book listing baptisms, confirmations, marriages and deaths by year.
BE-NE-LUX GENEALOGIST Number 1 for 1977, a 36 page research publication published by the Auguston Society at Torrance, CA for the countries of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg with many queries.
WOODFORD COUNTY KENTUCKY MARRIAGES 1788-1810 a 33 page soft cover book with index lists groom and brides names with date of marriage.
SOURCES FOR GENEALOGICAL SEARCHING IN TENNESSEE by Betty McCay published in 1970 is a 15 page soft bound guide for researching in Tennessee.
RUSH COUNTY INDIANA MARRIAGE RECORDS 1822-1835 compiled by Colleen Alice Ridlen in 1979 is a 43 page soft cover book of marriages listed alphabetically by surname of bride and groom from the 4 books of marriage records,

SHELBY COUNTY INDIANA SUPPLEMENTAL MARRIAGE RECORDS 1889-1893 is a 107 page soft cover book with index listing bride and grooms names, ages, place of birth, parents names and date of marriage.
TAZEWELL COUNTY ILLINOIS MARRIAGE RECORDS INDEX 1827-October 1859 compiled by David Perkins in 1982, is an 87 page soft cover book listing the bride and grooms names in alphabetical order with marriage date. An alphabetical listing of officials performing the cemony is included.
PLAT BOOK OF JEWELL COUNTY KANSAS 1971, compiled by Jerry Campbell is a 28 page soft cover book showing a map of each township with names of land owners.
MARRIAGE RECORDS OF SALINE COUNTY KANSAS December 1860-1875 is a 65 page soft cover book with index, listing bride and grooms names, date of marriage and official performing ceremony.
1865-1870-1875 SALINE COUNTY KANSAS STATE CENSUS is a 29 page soft cover book published by Smoky Valley Genealogical Society in 1980 lists the head of households in alphabetical order for each year.
OTTAWA COUNTY KANSAS MARRIAGE RECORDS 1868-1892 is a 4 page soft cover book with index, published by Smokey Valley Genealogical Society of Sauna, KA, listing bride and grooms names with date of marriage taken from the first 3 books of marriage records.
CZECH CHURCHES IN NEBRASKA donated by James Morrison of Omaha, NE, only 29 pages were copied from the original book. Churches for Milligan, Tobias, Wilber and Prague, NE are the only ones included.
ALBION UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST-114 Year Celebration, donated by N. Gwen Noble of Albion, NE, is the church program which includes names of members 50 years or more, a 114 year pilgrimage and a newspaper article describing the celebration.
ANTELOPE COUNTY HISTORY l868-l985 purchased by the state society, is an 831 page hard bound book with surname index published by the Antelope County Historical Society. This is a history of the county, its townships, towns, schools, cemeteries and churches with 457 pages of family and some business histories.
THE BULLDOGS LAST GROWL-ROSALIE donated by the researchers, Ione Nolting and Marjorie Wood Vogt of Brancroft, NE, is a 33 page soft cover book telling the history of the school that is now history. A list of graduates by year is included.
NATHANIEL BUTLER BANKS and ANNA BARBARA ARTMAN, Ancetors and Descendents donated by the editor Gladys Deever of Kansas City, MO, is a 332 page hard cover book with index. Family names included are Baber, Farrell, Johnson, Mercer, Spencer and others.
LOUP COUNTY CENTENNIAL HISTORY 1883-1983 compiled by the Loup County Centennial Committe, was donated by Elsie Andrews in Memory of her husband, AMMAH O. ANDREWS, who died August 16, 1965, This 200 page hard bound hook is a history of the county with 100 family histories listed in alphabetical order.


Irene R, Williams Berg of Veradale, WA, donated the following 25 items:
METZ FAMILIES RESEARCH-Volumes 3 to 10. Each of the 8 volumes are 140 pages, more or less, including a complete index of the Metz surname and branch names. Information donated to the donor, who is the editor, is published per volume.
WILLIAMS FAMILY BULLETIN is a quarterly of records and queries issued for the benefit of all the Williams Families, The 11 issues start with October 1980 to Fall 1983.
1910 PENNSYLVANIA SOUNDEX OF METZ SURNAMES, is an 89 page soft cover book with names in alphabetical order taken from Film #303 and #304 by the donor in July 1984.
1860 STARK COUNTY, ILLINOIS CENSUS is an 89 page soft cover book with index, includes the townships of Camp Grove, Essex, Goshen, Osceola, Penn, Toulon, Valley and West Jersey.
1870 STARK COUNTY ILLINOIS CENSUS is a 232 page soft cover book with index includes the townships of Elmira, Essex, Goshen, Osceola, Penn, Toulon, Valley and West Jersey. Compiled by donor.
1880 STARK COUNTY ILLINOIS CENSUS is a 238 page soft cover book with index, compiled by the donor, includes the townships mentioned above.
1900 STARK COUNTY ILLINOIS CENSUS is a 149 page soft cover book with index, compiled by the donor, includes the townships mentioned above.
JACOB HELMERS FAMILY-Past and Present is a 182 page hard bound book with index, edited by Denise V. Berg in 1982, The editor gathered material for this book on her trip to Selsingen, Germany and various locations in the United States, Many pictures and maps are included.

Rand Langhorst of Lincoln, NE donated the following 19 items:
HOW YOU CAN TRACE YOUR FAMILY ROOTS a 32 page soft cover book written by Ron Ployle in 1977, is a helpful guide with addresses on how to get started in gencalogy.
1879 CZECH IMMIGRANT PASSENGER LIST FOR NEBRASKA a 10 page soft cover book with index compiled by Margie Sobotka in 1982, listing the names of Czech immigrants that appeared in a Czech news per during 18 June to 18 November 1879, Included is the ships name, date and port of departure and port of embarkation.
BIRTHS; ABSTRACTIONS FROM NOVA DOBA, 30 page soft cover book with index, compiled by Margie Sobota in 1981, lists the births taken from a Czech newspaper published in South Omaha from October 11 to October 1912; October 1913 to October 1914 and May 1918 to December 1918. Listed is the date of paper, parents names and address with sex of child.
MARRIAGES AND DIVORCES; ABSTRACTED FROM NOVA DOBA, is a 54 page soft cover book with index compiled by Margie Sobotka, list's the marriages and divorces taken from the newspaper as above.
DIRECTORY OF GENEALOGICAL PERIODICALS 4th Edition is a 104 page soft cover book, compiled by J, Konrad in 1981, has 1479 entries of newsletters and quarterlies published in the U.S.
AMERICAN-CZECH DICTIONARY, is a 470 page hard bound book, compiled by Dr. Karel Hais in 1974.
FINDING YOUR ROOTS a 291 page paper back book with index, compiled by Jeane Westin in 1977, tells how every American can trace his ancestors at home and abroad.
CZECHOSLOVAKIA-REVOLUTION & COUNTER REVOLUTION a 61 page soft cover book published in 1968, is a story of Russian movement into Czechoslovakia taking over their freedom they experiences (sic) for such a short time.

HABSBURG MONARCHY 1809-1918 a 279 page paper back book with index, published by A.J.P. Taylor in 1943, is a history of the creation of the Austrian Empire by Napolean; establishment of Austria-Hungary by Bismark; and the rnonarkyfell (sic) at the end of a great war.
WINTER IN PRAGUE a 473 page soft bound book with index, edited by Robin Aleson Remington in 1968 describing the 72 documents on Czechoslovak communism in the internal crises of the Communist Party.
THE CZECHS & SLOVAKS IN AMERICA a 68 page soft bound book with index, written by Joseph S. Roucek in 1967, is a history of the Czech and Slovak migration to the United States.
THE MAKING OF THE HABSBURG MONARCHY 1550-1700 a 531 page soft bound book with index by R.J.W. Ovans in 1979, explains why the Habsburg Monarchy declined and fell.
AUTO ATLAS CSSR, a 191 page hard bound book. 61 pages of maps with 130 pages listing gas stations, camp gounds, hospitals, hotels, repair shops, border crossing points, etc.
A HISTORY OF THE CZECHOSLOVAK REPUBLIC 1918-1948 is a 533 page soft bound book with index, edited by Mametey Luza in 1973.

CITY OF KEARNEY CEMETERY donated by Kenneth Smith of Kearney, Ne, is a 743 page book with surname index. The information listed as it sppears on the tombstone. One section of the book is a listing of known burials that don't have stones before 1920.


Ellen DeVries of Lincoln, NE donated the following 20 items:
NATIONAL WOMAN'S RELIEF CORPS-l925 Journal of the 43rd Convention, is a 534 page soft cover book with index. Many names of pictures of officers, past and present, from each state.
INDEX to the BEAVER CROSSING HISTORY 1875-1975 by Alta Krasser was indexed by the donor, consisting of 19 pages of names with book page.
INDIANA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY Dec. 1982 to March 1984-6 issues of a quarterly published by the Indiana University Dept. of History.

WHAT TO SAY IN YOUR GENEALOGICAL LETTERS, is a 20 page soft cover book of ideas and examples.
1885 HISTORICAL SOCIETY REPORTS AND TRANSACTIONS is a 233 page soft bound book with index. Pioneer Reminscinces and biographies are included.

1887 NEBRASKA STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY REPORTS AND TRANSACTIONS is a 383 page hard bound book with index. Historical papers and biographies included.

HANDY TIPS TO MIGRATORY PATTERNS AND IMMIGRATION IN THE U.S - 16 pages in soft cover booklet of migratory patterns.
HANDY TIPS FOR COMPILING ORAL HISTORIES is a 6 page soft cover booklet on interviews.
THE ADAMS FAMILY a 149 page soft cover book with index to biographies. Adams names taken from 1790 census, emigrant ancestors, patriots and veterans.
HISTORIC CENTRAL CITY, a 48 page soft cover book, is the history of Central City, Colorado, a gold rush town.
HISTORY OF THE DILLER VILLAGE BOARD PROCEEDINGS 1880-1980 a 110 page soft cover book is a record of board proceedings by each year.
CHARTER OAK CHRISTIAN CHURCH-TALMAGE, NE 1868-1968 is a 12 page soft cover history of the church with pictures.
1979 & 1979 OTOE COUNTY AUTO LICENSE DIRECTORY lists names address, make and year of vehicle.
GREAT QUARTERLY Winter 1981 Volume 1 #1 published by the University of Nebraska through Nebraska Committee for the Humanities.

Donald Juilfs of Lincoln, NE donated the following 24 telephone directories:

1979 Beatrice and area 1982 Alma and Area
1978 & 1979 Norfolk and Area 1982 Wayne and Area
1982 Sioux City and Area 1982 Norfolk and Area
1974 Cozad and Area 1980 Columbus and Area
1982 Sidney and Area 1980 Grand Island and Area
1982 Red Cloud and Area 1982 McCook and Area
1982 Hartington and Area 1981 Ainsworth and Area
1992 Imperial and Area 1980 York and Area
1982 Marysville, KA and Area 1980 Nebraska City and Area
1980 Neligh and Area 1980 Fremont and Area
1981 Falls City and Area 1982 Kearney and Area
1979 Hastings and Area 1979 Wahoo and Area

Gay Darwin of Lincoln, NE donated the following 66 items:
GENEALOGICAL HELPER for 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1983
THE GENEALOGICAL ACORN-April 1968- a bi-monthly publication published in Tampa, Florida
THE NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL & GENEALOGICAL REGISTER-a quarterly of the New England Historic and Genealogical Society of Boston, Mass. July 1968; April A July 1970; April 1972; April-July- Oct. 1973; July, Oct. & index 1974; July & Oct. 1975; all of 1976; all of 1977; all of 1978; Jan.-Apr.-Oct. 1979; July 1980; Apr.-July-Oct. 1981; Jan.-July-Oct. 1982; July 1983; Apr. & July 1984; Apr. & Oct. 1985 and July-April 1986.
YESTERYEARS-a quarterly magazine for the appreciation and study of New York Regional History published in Scipico Center, N.Y. Dec. 1964; Mar. June, Sept. 1965.

Miss Florence Clark of Lincoln donated the following 52 items:
MIDDLEBOROUGH ANTIQUARIAN published quarterly by Middleborough Historical Assn, at Middleboro, Mass, Volume 11 2 missing; Fol. 12 complete; Vol. 13 complete; Vol. 14 #3 missing; Vol. 15 complete; Vol. 16 complete; Vol.17 complete; Vol. 18 to 24 all complete.

Evelyn Wilson of Watsonville, CA donated the following 2 items:

EARLY OHIO SETTERS-Purchasers of Land in Southeastern Ohio 1800-1840 is a 129 page hard bound book compiled by Ellen and David Berry in 1984. This is an alphabetized listins of original purchasers, names, date, residence with legal description taken from the Marietta Land Office in Washington County, Ohio.
1948 LINCOLN & NEARBY TOWNS Telephone directory. The nearby towns are Davy, Benton, Huskerville, Malcolm, Pleasant Dale, Raymond and Waverly.





THINKING AHEAD, . - - the Nebraska State Genealogical Society annual meeting, (our 10th Anniversary) will be held May 1 & 2 in Lincoln, NE at the Villager Motor Inn. Lincoln/Lancaster County Genealogical Society will be hosts. Guest lecturer will be Dr. George Schweitzer from Knoxville, TN, He will speak on the Civil War, German Genealogical Research and Nebraska Research. Miniworkshops and special tours will compliment this meeting. We hope many, many will take advantage of this great event.

A picnic is a festive spot
Where Oh! The spite of it
We take the best cake of the lot,
And never get a bite of it.


Taken from the
Centennial Booklet (in the NSGS Library).


Harry Brott Donald Rusenimaier  (?) Jackie Peters
Ethel Nutt Lois Holscher Karen Nitsche
Ervin Miller Alvin Sitting Donald Cassel
Betty Hansmeier Mary C. Frost Doris Styles
Henry Brott Dale Elder
Shirley Price Darlene Gordon Charles Elles
James Amy
MarIa Elmshaeuser
Arlene Boehnke Ronald Siffring
Karen Johnson Roger Dahlkoetter
Eldon Geisert Don Deterding Marilyn Gordon
Theodor Elmshaeuser Edward Bohlmann Charles Odell Lobena Snipes Constance Geisert
Amelia Leybold Hermena Mielke Alma Blomenkamp Kenneth Speer
Lawrence Walter
Wilhelm Holscher Anton Renken
Phyllis Most James Willis Irma Holscher
Louise Becker Frieda Hansmeier Peter Beers Richard Holscher Kathryn Powers
Florence Corneal Paige Mehl Ernest Holscher Ben Lange
Otto Pankonin William Geisert
Howard Most Esther Funkner Freida Knight
Dora Geisert Ethel Jones David Siffring Delores Brosch Kenneth Drake Leo Brott
Emil Rogahn Elsie Holscher
Janet Holscher Marguerite Jones
Louis Mahloch Caroline Geisert Alexander Froschheiser Adolph Holscher Leo Brott David Zaloudek
Maria Elrnshaeuser Reinhard Geisert Marie Rosenthal Donna Linn Twila Turpen Darlene Brott
Christina Ebelling August Blomenkamp John Scott
Carl DeFord
Louis Pankonin Walter Heny Helena Most Marian Turtscher Alfred Gordon Melinda Driefholt
Louise Geisert Matilda Riedel
Sharon Houpt
Gorthilf Schmidt
Leonard Olhrich Richard Kurkowski Palistine Miller Teddy Barnhill
Christina Elmshaeuser George Geisert Katherine Seiler Harreette Most Kay Elmshaeuser Marcia Most
Treva Dresslar
Emil Boelling
Cyril Powell Thomas Hansmeier Donald Siffring Gary Schrack
Anna Geisert Rutherford Dedmore Rosie Brott Mary A Brandt Beverly Discos Holliedale Holscher
Elizabeth Gies
William Most Harvey Brott Greg Geisert
Fred Holscher Carl Hansmeier William Seiler Ruth Gibson Jean Jasnoch Marsha Harms
Anna Riedel Esther Blomenkamp Elvera Jensen
Keneth Most
Gene Holscher Carol Draucker Gary Osentowski
Robert Nielson Gustav Stuehm Harry Hassler Dolores Ebers Rita Knight
Kathanna Gies Clara Blomenkamp Geneva Finch
Carl Lorg
Fred Saathoff Kenneth Fahnholz Steven Hansmeier
Wilhelm Holscher Mrs Kath Laurer Harold Stelzer Jerohn (?) Brosch Marie Nida Luana Larson
Louise Hansmeier
Margaret Holscher Walter Brott Clifford Gordon Thomas Bowlin
Albert Geisert Fred Most Norma Starkey Marie Hill Diane Brott
Mary Storer Elizabeth Blomenkamp
Terrence Sutton
Edward Geisert Ronald Stuehm Ernest Husmann Tammy Elmshaeuser
Louise Behrends Anna K Brott Sandra Elmshaeuser


Centennial Booklet (in the NSGS Library).

Kenneth Thompson Randall O'Neel William Blauwehel? Katrina Engeirarot (?) Alfred Engeiharot (?) Bradley Gies
Teresa Brott Cindy Hansmeier Sheri Most
Esther Brosch
Tabena (?)Moss
Ryan Hoischer John Hardessen Arian Jacobson August Geisert
Tara Lee Holscher
Louise Krajewski Susan Hansmeier Diane Elvidge Donald Russel Baker Katherine Gies
Merlin Rapp
Kelly Gies
William Holscher Jr.
Beverly Brott Gregory Most Reba Skaggs Adaline Holscher Rex Siffring Emil Apolius Jr.
Rodney Young Stephanie Niekum
James Riedel
Katie Most
Kamie Most Robert Gifford Jim Channel
Harriet Harper Renee Hawley
Brenda Hansmeier Susan Gordon Ella Holscher
Thomas Hawley Ronald Haden
John Brosch Minnie Breder
Renee Holscher Diane Holscher John Flynn Elizabeth Elmshaeuser
Henry Brott Sr.
Lisa Brott Robert Hansmeier Katie Knight
Kenneth Holt David Watson Arthur French
Fred Holscher Louise Holscher
Beth Siffring Sheila Most Bonnie Brott Esther Mae Brott
Joe Holscher Lonne Hansmeier James Siffring
Helen Most Bryan Gifford
Kim Zaruba Elizabeth Fornander Kimberley Karre Caroline Brott Amelia Stutheit David Siffring
Randy Blessing
Roger Rasmussen
Henry Breder
Julie Holscher Donald Apolius Nancy Brott Gustav Hahn
Kathryn Nielson
Kurrtiss Wanner Sheila Dunn
Baby Olhrich Andrew Hahn Ida Holscher
Lon Siffring Kim Stevens
Fred Most
  Connie Gage Emma Jane Walker
Louise Holscher Frank Holscher
Twila Brott
Amelia Breder
Theodore Gies
Shirley Holscher
Emma Geisert* Baby Holscher Anna Meyer Emil Apolius Sr Brent Husmann
Louise Holscher
Minnie Siffring* Conrad Elmshaeuser Margaretha Keuhl William Most Karen Siffring
Friedrich Holscher* Baby Meyer Helene Holscher William Holscher Sr. Reinhard Geisert
Baby Graf
Alfred C. Gordon
Ilsebein Holscher*
Casper Breder Robert Nielson Elizabeth Riedel
Baby Meyer* Louise Geisert
Friedrich Breder
Lillian Brott William Geisen
Rosa Geisert* Johannes Schulz Ester Seiler
Helen Linn
Katarina Geisert Aulda Holscher Anna Holscher
Aaron Riedel* Wilhelmina Wiese
Ester Holscher    
Carl Holscher* Minna Meyer Donald Becker    
*from gravestone information    

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