NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol 7, no 2
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Seven, no. 2
Fall 1984

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 2, page 68 - Fall 1984
Submitted by: Violet Mohlman, 3216 - 16th St., Columbus, NE 68601
18 July 1869 Peter REIHEINER & Elizabeth MURIE, both of Platte Co. m. by John W. EARLY, JP
26 July 1869 Benjamin RISHEAN, 21, b. Canada, s/o John RISHEAN & Sophia OURMAT
        Alice SMITH, 16, b. Iowa. d/o John SMITH and Charada CLARK by E.W. TONCRAY,
        Probate Judge Witness: Charada SMITH.
12 Aug. 1869 Henry BAKENHUS, 28, s/o Fred BAKENHUS & Catherine BARCHERS of Platte Co.
        Anna WILKE, 22, d/o Henry WILKE & Catherine ARMSE, of Platte Co. by E.W.
        TONCRAY. Wit; Henry LUSCHE.
21 Aug. 1869 Edward STRAUB, 34, of Platte Co., s/o John STRAUB & Anna HAYER. b. Saxony
        Sena SAGESERS, 25, of Platte Co., d/o J. AGESERS & Mary BERGERT, b. Switzerland.
        m. by E.W. TONCRAY, Probate Judge. Witness: G. ROSENBERGER
5 Sept. 1870 (application signed 1869) Frederick BATTLES, 38 of Platte Co. s/o Wm. BATTLES
        and Eureka SEVEREUT. b. Prussia
        Sarah BROOKS, 31, of Platte Co. b. England. Dau of George BROOKS & Jane BROMLY
4 Oct. 1869 Charles HUDSON, 21, of Platte Co. b. England. s/o H.J. HUDSON & Sarah SHEFFORD
        Isabella WRIGHT, 18, of Platte Co. b. Scotland. d/o Peter WRIGHT & Helen MURIE
        m. by Elder H.J. HUDSON. Wit: Sarah HUDSON & Peter MURIE.
1 NOV. 1869 William ERNST, 28, of Platte Co. b. Switzerland. s/o Samuel ERNST & Catherine AGER
        Eliza HUFFER, 25, of Platte Co. b. Switzerland. d/o Andrew HUFFER & Eliza BATE.
        m, by E.W. TONCRAY, Probate Judge. Wit: Jacob ERNST

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 2, page 69 - Fall 1984
Platte County Marriages continued:

6 Nov. 1869 Vincent KUMMER, 45) of Platte Co. b. Switzerland. Son of John KUMMER & Elizabeth
        Rosina GERBER, 24, of Platte Co. Dau. of Jacob GERBER and Eliza GIGAX. b.
           Switzerland. m. by E.W. TONCRAY, Probate Judge. Wit: J. ROCKLY & J.G. BECKER
4 Dec. 1869 Arnold SCHAAD, 30, of Platte Co. b. Switzerland. Son of John SCHAAD & Barbara
        Eliza LAMP, 26, of Platte Co. b. Switzerland. Dau. of John LAMP and Mary BACHE.
        m. by E.W. TONCRAY, Prob. Jud. Wit: A. MATHIES.
31 Jan. 1870 Jacob HELD, 24, of Platte Co. b. Wittenburg, Germany. Par: Jacob HELD and
           Catharine MUNSING.
        Anna ASCHE, 23, of Platte Co. b. Oldenburg, Germany. Par: Benhard ASCHE and
           Anne GLOSTERAAN. M. by I.N. TAYLOR, Prob. Jud. Wit: John HELD & w. & ch.
7 Feb. 1870 Jacob TSCHUTEN, 30, of Platte Co. b. Switzerland. par: Martin TSCHUTEN and
           Frienn SAGASSER.
        Rosa BLASER, 24, of Platte Co. b. Switzerland. Par: J. BLASER and Rosa SAGESSER.
           m. by J. GARDNER, JR. Wit: Sophia BLASER
5 Feb. 1870 George Newton LAMB, 22, of Platte Co. b. Fairview, Fulton Co., Ill. Par: Issac
           LAMB and Janet HALL
        Anna Marie BURROWS, 16, of Platte Co. b. Cambria Co. PA. Par: Joseph BURROWS &
           Maria SANFORD. m by I.N. TAYLOR, Prob. Jud. Wit: Mrs. Sarah E. TAYLOR and
           Cornelius CRAVENS.
18 Feb. 1870 Christian A. MEEDEL, 37, of Platte Co. b. Hanover, Germany. Par: Frederick MEEDEL
           and Catharina BERGER.
        Lena B. FRENZEN, 22, of Platte Co. b. Wisc. Par: Nicholas FRENZEN and Margaret
           SCHABACH. m. Elder H.J. HUDSON. Wit: Michael SMITH and Sarah HUDSON
26 Feb. 1870 Alfred Q. BROWN, 25, of Columbus. b. Ohio. Par. A.H. BROWN & Mary A. PALMER
        Lillie L. LATHROP. 19, of Columbus. b. Ohio. Par; H.N. LATHROP & Lillie L. JONES
           m. by S.P. VAN DOOZER, M of G. Wit: Mary A. MATTHEWS & Hanna MATTHEWS.
21 March 1670  John HOSMER, 34, of Platte Co. b. Switzerland. Par: Samuel HOSMER & Katherina
        Mattie BREDERHOFF, 22) of Platte Co. b. Ger. Par: John BREDERHOFF. m. by Elder
           H.J. HUDSON, Wit: Peter MEYERS and John BREDERHOFF.
22 Mar. 1870 Henry MILLER, 40, of Platte Co. b. Hesse, Ger. Par: Ludwig MILLER and Juliana
        Anna Marie MARTE, 33, of Colfax Co. b. Switzerland. Par: Abraham SIMMEN and
           Barbary SCHNEIDER. m. by I.N. TAYLOR, Prob. Jud.
15 Apr. 1870 Henry RICKETT, 21, of Platte Co. b. Germany. Par. J.H. RICKETT & Mary LUSCHE
        Kate Mary WILKE, 23, of Platte Co. b. Ger. Dau of John WILKE. m. at Bluff
           Cottage by Jos. M. WILSON. wit: W.B. McCLUSKY & Jane M. WILSON
18 Apr. 1870 Frederich BEHLEN, 22, b. Germany. Son of John BEHLEN
        Eliza SCHNEIDER, 21, of Platte Co. b. Ger.Dau. of J.F. SCHNEIDER. M. by Will
           B. DALE, Mayor of Columbus. Wit: John RICKLY & Chas. A. SPEICE.
29 May 1870 Jacob NEFFENEGGER, 27, of Platte Co. b. Switzerland. Par: Jacob NEFFENEGGER and
           Barbara SPRUERMAN.
        Mariana LAMP, 23, of Platte Co. b Switzerland. Dau. of Jacob LAMP & Marian --
           m. by J.O. SHANNON, JP. Witt Charles BREMER and John FISHER.
31 May 1870 Leander GERRARD, 32, of Columbus. b. England. Par: Joseph GERRARD & Adeline
        Bettie C. WEAVER, 18, of Columbus. b. Ohio. Par: Michael WEAVER & Dorothea
           HECKMAN. m. by Jos. M. WILSON, M.P.
4 July 1870 Dr. S.A. BONESTEEL, 29, of Columbus. b. Canada. Par:  Peter BONESTEEL and Amelia
           Ann HESS.
        Louisa D. WEAVER, 20, of Columbus. b. Columbus, Ohio. Par: Michael WEAVER and
           Dorothea W. HECKMAN, M. by Jos. M. WILSON, Minister of the Gospel
7 Aug. 1870 Patrick HAYES, 25, b. Ireland. Par: Edward HAYES & Susan CARRIG
        Mary WALKER, 17, of Platte Co. h. Canada. Par: James WALKER and Ann WALKER
           m. by Rev. J.M. RYAN. Wit: Mr. MURPHY and Kate HAYES
14 Aug 1870 W.B. DODDRIDGE, 21, b. Circleville, Ohio. Par. Philip DODDRIDGE and Anna BROWN.
           Of Platte County.
        Frances L. BARNUM, 18, of Platte Co. b. Iowa. Par;  Ury ? C. BARNUM and Marinda
           FULLER. m. by Henry C. SHAW. Pastor of Grace Church.
25 Aug 1870 Henry WELLMANN, 35, of Platte Co. b. Hanover, Germany. Par: Diearick WELLMANN,
        Katy WILKIN, 26, of Platte Co. b. Oldenburg, Ger. Par: Henry WILKIN and Katy
           AHERNE. m. by I.N. TAYLOR, Probate Judge

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 2, page 70 - Fall 1984
Platte County Marriages continued:

6 Oct. 1870 Abraham FRIEDLINE, 220 Of Platte Co. b. Somerset Co. PA. Par. Aaron FRIEDLINE
           and Catherine PILE.
        Sarah SMITH, 20, of Colfax Co. b. Somerset Co. PA. Par: Jacob SMITH & Sarah
           FRENCH. m by J.O. SHANNON, JR. Wit: Henry SMITH & Jacob KIFER
25 Nov. 1870 James ORR, 27, of Madison Co. b. Scotland. Par: William ORR and Ann LINN
        Ann Elizabeth HUGHS, 17, of Madison Co. b. Mississippi. Par. Philip HUGHS and
           ? McCABE. m. by J.M. RYAN, Pastor
4 Dec. 1870 Charles W. PERRY, 34, of Platte Co. b. Otsnejo Co., N.Y. Par: Neil PERRY and
           Mary NUTTING
        Elva A. HURLBUT, of Platte Co. b. Wisc. Par: Horace HURLBUT 6, Leeta, HOPNN?
           m. by I.N. TAYLOR, Judge. Wit: Henry C. LUDWIG, Sarah E. TAYLOR & others
5 Dec 1870 J.D. MARLIN, 37, b. N.Y. Par: Luke MARLIN and Mary BUSSENHAM of Schuyler, NE
        Jenny S. CHAMPLIN, 35, of Schuyler, Ne. b. Conn. m. by John E. ELLIOTT, pastor
           of Cong. Church. Wit: Mary A. ELLIOTT
24 Dec. 1870 Henry WELCH, 27, of Colfax Co. b. Dorsetshire, Eng. Par: Moses WELCH and
           Harriet ROWLINS
        Margaret PILLING, 17, of Platte Co. b. Lancashire, Eng. Par: Joseph PILLING
           and Mary DUERDING. m. by Elder H.J. HUDSON. Wit: Sarah HUDSON & Wm. SHEFFORD
I Jan. 1871 Edward H. BAKER, 26, of Platte Co. b. Mich. Par: Hilman BAKER and Caroline
           E. COOK.
        Zilda SENECAL, 21, of Platte Co. b. Canada. Par: J.B. SENECAL.
23 Jan. 1871 James JONES, 21, of Platte Co. b. N.Y. PAR: James JONES & Ann ROYSTON.
        Jane Lewis WILLIAMS, 22, of Platte Co. b. Wales. Par: David WILLIAMS.
28 Jan 1871 Samuel IMHOFF, 31, of Platte Co. b. Switzerland. PAR: Christ IMHOFF and Anna
        Mary BLASER, 21, of Platte Co. b. Switzerland. Par; John BLASER & Rosa
           SEGESSER. m. by I.N. TAYLOR, Judge
15 Feb. 1871 Charles W. ZEIGLER, 24, of Platte Co. b. Columbiana Co., Ohio. Par: Perry
           ZEIGLER and Hannah MUSSER.
        Avis GERRARD, 41, of Platte Co. b. New Bedford, Mass. Par: Joseph GERRARD and
           Adeline ALLEN. m. by Jos. M. WILSON.
22 Feb. 1871 James H. GALLEY, 30, of Platte Co. b. Cheshire, Eng. PAR; James GALLEY and
           Ann W. WHITTAKER.
        Helen HUDSON, 20, of Platte Co. b. Sheffield, Eng. Par: Henry HUDSON and Sarah
           SHEFFORD. m. by Elder N.J. HUDSON. Wit: Chas THRUSH & H.P. COLLIDGE.
25 Feb. 1871 James KINNEAN, 27, of Colfax Co. b. Scotland. Par: William KINNEAN and Agnes FAIR
        Mena LEBENS, 24, of Platte Co. b. Prussia. Dau. of Andrew LEBENS and Caroline
           REINKE. m. by I.N. TAYLOR, Judge. Wit: Jos, GARDNER and Chas. LEBENS.
4 Mar. 1871 (License) Gunther ROSENBERGER, 35, b. Saxony. of Platte Co. PAR: Fredrick
           ROSENBERGER and Mary SAAL.
        Mary FLESHNER, 31, of Platte Co. b. Saxony. PAR: Henry FLESHNER & Elizabetto
7 Mar. 1871. Henry MAUER, 27, of Platte Co. b. Germany. PAR: Henry MAUER and Kate ---
        Phebe DEMMELL, b. PA. Par: Philip DEMMELL.
15 Apr. 1871 Vincent BOCK, 220 b. Prussia. Par: Lawrence BOCK & Mary KNATIE
        Mary LOCKNER, 16, b. New York. Par: Adam LOCKNER & Josephani ---. Both of
           Butler Co. m. by John E. ELLIOTT.
19 Apr. 1871 Denis DUGAN, 29, of Platte Co. b. County Cork, Ire. Par: Daniel DUGAN &
           Catharine KALEGHAN.
        Kathrine RAGAN, 27, of Platte Co. b. County Kerry, Ireland. Par: Richard RAGAN
           and Honorah CORYDON. m. by J.M. RYAN, Pastor. Wit: Mike DUGAN and Mrs. MURPHY.
28 Apr 1871 Martin BROETTNER, 31, of Madison Co. b. Prussia. Par: Gotlieb BROETTNER and
           Sophia VINTT.
        Annie KEVINGE, 18, of Platte Co. b. Prussia. m. at the house of Hy WELLMANN in
        Columbus by Elder H.J. HUDSON.
30 Apr. 1871 Patrick POWERS, 22, of Platte Co. b. Ire  Par: Patrick POWERS and Mary LYONS.
        Mary BRANEGAN, 18, of Platte Co. b. Ire Par: Thos. BRANEGAN and Ellen CHERRON.
10 May 1871 Chas. DITTBOEME:R, 24, b. Prussia. Par: William DITTBOEMER & Charlotte PUFFOL
        Amelia BOHN, 20, b. Prussia. Par: Wm. BOHN & Henrietta SHEEFENBEIN. Both of
        Madison Co. m. by Elder H.J. HUDSON. Wit:  Jacob LEWIS & Lewis HERR.
15 May 1871 Ephraim PILLING, 21, of Platte Co. b. Eng.  Mother: Margaret PILLING
        Catharine CORDING, 33, of Colfax Co. b. Germany. Dau. of --- HOLMAN. Wit:
           ___ WELLMAN and Aug. GOGOLL.

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 2, page 71 - Fall 1984
Platte County Marriages continued:

20 May 1871 William SMITH, 28, b. Ire. Par: Mich. SMITH & Mary RILEY.
        Sabina RENEHAN, 24, b. Ire. Par; John RENEHAN & Sarah McELROY. both of Butler
           Co. m. by John E. ELLIOTT, Pastor of Cong. Church.
25 June 1871 J.H. HARNEY, 24, b. Boston, Mass. Par. Jas. HARNEY and Hanorah C ----
        Mary MANY, 18, b. Canada. both of Platte Co. Par: Nichael MANEY and Nancy
            DONNELLY. m. by J.N. RYAN. Wit: Thos. and Kate LYONS.
3 July 1871 Frederick LOHM, 23, b. Switzerland. Par: John LOHM and Mary DICK.
        Christina M. RUFF, 18, b. Ohio. Both of Platte Co. Par: Mathias RUFF and J.
            PIFFER. m. in Jackson, Platte Co. Ne. by H.C. SHAW, Rector of St. Stephen's
            Church, Silver Creek, at the house of Edward JOHNSON. Wit: Edward JOHNSON,
            Mary JOHNSON, Mathias RUFF and others.
14 July 1871 Robert UHLIG, 25, b. Prussia. Par: Wm. UHLIG and Augusta LUNGER.
        Josephine LOCHNER, 18, of Butler Co. b. Rochester, N.Y. Par: Adam LOCHNER &
            Josephine FLICKER. m. at the house of My. WELLMAN. Wit: Hy WELLMAN and V.
5 July 1871 Thomas LAMB, 28, of Merrick Co. b. Ire. Par: Patrick LAMB & Mary GLENN
        Kate LYONS, of Platte Co. m. by Rev. J.M. RYAN. Wit: Mike LYONS and Anne MEANY
19 July 1871 Dr. Edward HOEHEN, 41, b. Switzerland. Par: Henry HOEHEN & Barbara BUCHYN
        Jenny Agnes Theresa BRANDT, 19, b. Prussian Schweitz. Par; John Fred BRANDT
            and Josephine Victoria. m. at the house of Dr. E. HOEHEN by Elder H.J. HUDSON.
            Wit: Hy WELLMAN and V. KUMMER.
16 Aug. 1871 Dr. Charles B. STILLMAN, 40, b. Conn. Par. Levi STILLMAN & Abagail CHAPIN.
        Celia L. EDWARDS 24, b. N.Y. both of Platte Co. Par: S.J. EDWARDS & Lydia --- m. 
           in Grace Church, Columbus, by Henry C. SHAW
30 Sept. 1871 J.H. GARDNER, 27, b. Ohio. Par; Joseph GARDNER and Caroline McGATH.
        Mary J. BROWN, 26, b. N.Y. Both of Platte Co. Par: ---- BROWN & Eva JEROLD.
           m. by Julius A. REED Min. Of Gospel.
29 Sept. 1871 Samuel ANDERSON, 26, b. Sweden. PAR: Andes ANDERSON & Christina JOHNSON
           Emma OLSEN, 23, b. Sweden. Par: L. OLSEN. m. by Elder H.J. HUDSON. Wit;
           Sarah HUDSON and Lillie L. HUDSON.
8 Oct. 1871 Morris BRANEGAN, 33, b. Ire. Par: Thomas BRANEGAN & Ellen CHERRON. Of Platte Co.
        Hanorah BURKE, 21, of Polk Co. Par: Edward BURKE & Hanorah HICKEY. m. by
           J.M. RYAN, Pastor
12 Nov- 1871 Michael BOYLE, 25, b. Ire. Par: William BOYLE & Hanorah SHEAHAN.
        Maria FARRELL, 18, b. Iowa. Par: Matthew FARRELL & Ann FLYNN. by J.M. RYAN
12 Nov, 1871 James RUSSELL, 37, b. PA. Par: Patrick RUSSELL & Rosanna HINDS
        Mrs. Mary HOULIHON, 36, b. Ire. both of Platte Co. Par: I, HEFFERAN. Wit: Pat GRIFFIN and wife.
23 Nov. 1871 Henry W. HOEFFELMANN, 26, b. Oldenburg, Ger. Par: Henry H. HOEFELMANN & Catharine
           M. MEYER
        Caroline Sophia KUENNEMANN, 17, b. Oldenburg, Ger. Both of Platte CO. Par: J.H. KUNNEMANN &
           A.E. EILERS. m. at the house of H.W. HOEFELMANN by Elder H.J. HUDSON. Wit: Hy
           WELLMAN and H.T. SPOERRY
23 Nov. 1871 Joseph SCHLOESSER, 28) b. Prussia. Par: Philip SCHLOESSER and Mary Anna BRANNIG
           Anna Ida HOEFFELMANN, 18, b. Oldenburg, Ger. Par: Henry H. HOEFELMANN & Catharine
              MYERS. Both of Platte Co. Wit: (same as above, double wedding)
30 Dec. 1871 (License. John W. WITCHY, 42, b. Switzerland. Son of R.W. WITCHEY
        Mrs. Victoria C. CLARK, 31, b. New York. Par: Allen SPAULDING & Hannah HINKSTON.
           Both of Platte Co. License granted by John G. HIGGINS, Probate Judge

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 2, page 71 - Fall 1984



William ELMERS        E.A. STOKSLAGER       Louis SCHROEDER William RIPP 
Mr. COLEMAN (teacher) Peter FEDDERSON       Daniel DREBERT  Joseph ANSEIME 
E.H. LEACH            Wendelin ESCHEIBACHER F.A. BAKER      P.H. BENDER 
Herman WENDT          Newell SOUTH          John PARTSCH    Joseph LACHNIT 
Charles SAMPONT       Martin BLOEDORN       A.H. COTTER     Ira BRIGGS 
Joseph GEHR           Dr. GERR              Jacob HIPP      William BUESMAN 
Chris REISCH          Jacob STEFFES         Thomas OTTIS    ------ KAUL 
Carl BRANDT           Dr. TROUT             Mr. ARLT        Dr. William M. CONDON 
George W. CLARK       T.J. SHERWOOD         C. D. MURPHY     

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 2, page 72 - Fall 1984
Submitted by Olive and Violet Mohlman, Columbus, NE

HULSEBUS, William    Nebr. Pvt 163 Depot Brigade World War 1    Mar 15, 1895         Oct 2, 1928           
WEBER, Harry K.                                                 Dec. 8, 1937         Dec. 8, 1937    
HUFFMAN, Lyral A.                                               died Aug 14, 1896    aged 1 da             
        Dorthea                                                 died Oct 1, 1898     aged 2 yr 5 mo 2 da   
                 Children of Mr & Mrs. L. R. HUFFMAN 
BORCHERS, Hermann, son of John & Gesina                         died Sept. 24, 1898  ae 1 yr 8 mo 21 da    
        Paul Gerhard August, son of John & Gesina               died Aug 8, 1899     ae 1 yr 1 mo 20 da  
RODGERS, Mich'l ? (very weather stone marker Cc H 85th Ill Inf  GAR 1861-1865        (no dates)    
ENGELHORN, Gotlieb                                              Nov. 3, 1850         Jan. 19, 1917         
        Mattie                                                  June 14, 1860        Feb. 16, 1923    
ANDERSON, Edith M., dau of P.C.                                 born Feb. 20, 1901   died M-- 28, 1901   
WEBER, William                                                  Nov. 11, 1846        Jan. 17, 1942        Father  
        Caroline                                                Aug. 28, 1853        Nov. 16, 1934        Mother  
        Louise, dau of Mr & Mrs William                         Feb 28, 1887         Feb. 7, 1887 
TESSENDORF, Walter, son of A. & L.                              died Dec 9, 1903     ae 10 mo 26 da        
        A.F.                                                    Jan. 1, 1830         May 24, 1910          
        Johanna W., his wife                                    Sept 12, 1837        Feb 2, 1919    
LUDWIG, Maria E.                                                Died 19 Dec 1894     ae 80 yr 1 mo 25 da   
BORCHERS, George, son of J. & G.                                8 July 1892          2 April 1902          
Unnamed grave 
GRIEPENTROG, William Albert                                     April 5, 1892        May 2, 1917         
ARNDT, F. Wm                                                    1840--1904                                Father  
        Karoline, wife of F. Wm.                                Aug 2, 1841          Feb 2, 1895          Mother  
SMITH, Herman A. ? , son of H. H.                               Died Dec 12, 1880    ae 5 yr 11 mo 1 da    
        Lydia H., dau of H. H.                                  Died June 6. 1885    ae 3 mo 16 da         
BLOEDORN, Martin                                                20 Aug 1817          9 July 1903           
        Wilhelmine                                              22 Oct 1823          15 Aug 1904         
PETERSEN, Carsten                                               Sept. 19, 1849       Oct. 7, 1921         Father  
        Ida L.                                                  June 11, 1856        May 24, 1913         Mother  
        Margaretha                                              Feb 3, 1852          April 24, 1886       Mother  
        Selia S.                                                July 19, 1880        Aug 31, 1881          
        Johon H.                                                Apr 15, 1886         May 21, 1886          
        Anna G.                                                 Died Aug 16, 1895    ae 4 mo 2 da          
        Edward C                                                Died Feb 1, 1699     ae 3 me 21 da         
        Infant                                                  Died July 11, 1900   ae 14 da              
        children of A. (Andrew) and M. PETERSEN 
one unnamed grave 
ENZMINGER, Anton L., son of L. & C.                             Died 23 July 1887    ae 4 mo 26 da  
PETERSEN, V.L., son of Mr & Mrs. Chris                          Feb. 20, 1820        Jan. 16, 1921     
one unmarked child's grave 
BRUNS, Diedrich                                                 Oct. 7, 1851         June 5, 1923  
JOHANNES, Johann H.                                             16 Nov 1819          15 Jan. 1898  
GERTSCH, Werner, son of P. &E.                                  Died Nov. 1. 1887    ae 4 mo 23 da         
        Paulina, wife of C.                                     Died Oct 14, 1900    ae 73 yr 9 mo 27 da 
(Six graves in this cemetery without names on markers)

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 2, page 72 - Fall 1984
Abstracted by: Ellen Hirsch

From the Petersburg Index, Petersburg, Nebraska, Boone County

Jan. 1, 1915--Dewey McDONALD mar. Katie BEER of Albion on 24 Dec. 1914 at Neligh.
      A dau born last Tues. to Mr. & Mrs. Ole GREGERSON.
Jan. 15, 1915--Joseph SCHRAD, son of Mr & Mrs Joseph SCHRAD of Raeville, married last Tues at St.
      John's Cath. Church to Mary KLOSTER, dau of Mr & Mrs. John KLOSTER. Serv. by Rev. Fr. JUNGELS.
      Joe SCHERBRING mar. on 12 Jan. at Arcadia, Iowa to Mamie NIEHAUS. Niece of Mrs. Jos. JULICH.
      A boy born 13 Jan to Mr & Mrs Chas. BODE.
      Frank JOCHUM Jr mar. Francis SCHRAD of Raeville on 26 Jan at St. Bonaventure Ch. at Raeville by
          Rev. J.B. FRIGGE. Bride dau of Mr. & Mrs. Joe SCHRAD, groom. son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank JOCHUM.
Jan. 22, 1915--The inf. son of Mr. & Mrs. John B. SCHMITT died at age 3 weeks.
      A boy born 20 Jan to Mr. & Mrs. Art NICHOLS. Claude WHIPPLE is grandma.
      Allen EDARDS of Berthold, No. Dak. mar. 12 Jan to a lady in Indiana
Jan. 29, 1915--A girl born Tues. to Mr. & Mrs. Frank LEIFELD.
      A girl born last Tues to Mr. & Mrs. John HAGEMANN.

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 2, page 73 - Fall 1984
Newspaper Items from THE PETERSBURG INDEX continued.

Jan. 29, 1915--Will PHINNEY rec'd word last Sun. that his bro. in Hurtford, So. Dak. had died.
      Mr. & Mrs. Austin & Mrs. Millard BLOOM left for funeral. Ladies are daus. of Mr. PHINNEY.
Feb. 5, 1915 --- A girl born 29 Jan. to Mr & Mrs. Joe SUTHERLAND. A boy born Wed. to Mr. & Mrs. SPEIKER.
Feb. 12, 1915--Mrs. Andrew MANNLEIN d. on Tues. Leaves a large family of small children & husband.
          Funeral & burial St. John's Cath. Church.
      Mrs. Lena TRUMM d at home of bro, P.W. LOCKMILLER, on Friday. Born 26 May 1874 in Denison,
          Iowa. Moved to Ainsworth, Nebr, where she mar. Francis TRUMM in 1893. In 1905 moved to Norfolk
          when they separated. 2 children, Bernard & Alta-. Serv. at Cong. Church with Rev. REGER.
          Leaves 2 children, 6 bros., half sister.
      Anton FAUST mar Mary MORISSE on Tues at St. John's Cath. Ch. Bride dau of Mrs. Gertrude MORISSE
          of Petersburg.
      Edward PELSTER mar Catherine TRENKAMP on Wed at St. Bonaventure's at Raeville. Bride dau of Mr
          & Mrs August TRENKAMP, groom son of Mr & Mrs Joseph PELSTER.
      A son born Tues to Mr & Mrs Lew SCHINDER.
Feb. 19, 1915---Albert FAUST mar. Elsie KOCH on Monday last at St. John's. Bride dau of Mr & Mrs
          John KOCH.
      The 3 wk old babe of Mr & Mrs Art NICHOLS DIED Sat. Burial Mt. Pleasant cem. Card of thanks
          son & grandson, Lloyd ARTHUR. Signed Mr & Mrs Arthur NICKLES, Mr & Mrs Claude WHIPPLE
      Mr & Mrs H. HELLRICH celebrated 25th wedding anniv. on Sunday last. Mr. & Mrs. Matthies KLEMM
          of Exeter attended.
Feb. 26, 1915 --- A dau born 23 Feb to Mr. & Mrs. Will WRIGHT.
      Mrs. E.H. McALLISTER d at home in Petersburg on Tues. last. Leaves a large family. Her husb.
          died last fall. Funeral at Cong. Church, burial in cem NW of town. Bros: Walter E. & David
          WEAVER. Card of thanks our mother: Mr. & Mrs. G.A. TOMAY, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. STRONG, Joe, Silas,
          David, George, Sadie, Charlot.
March 5, 1915 --- A girl born Tues last to Mr. & Mrs. Pet SOK. A girl born 4 March to Mr. & Mrs. E. REESE.
March 12, 1915 --- The inf. child of Mr. & Mrs. W. PARKER of Elgin d Mon. at home of Mrs. Parkers parents.
          The PARKERS live on a homestead in western Nebr. Mrs. Henry COOPER, sister of Mrs. PARKER to attend funeral.
March 19, 1915 --- A girl born 15 March to Mr. & Mrs. John J. SCHMITZ.
March 26, 1915 --- Nic REUSS a batchelor, aged 30 yrs, living in Elgin committed suicide last Friday. A boy born 22 March
          to Mr. & Mrs. Frank MILLER.
April 9, 1915 --- A boy born 5 April to Mr. & Mrs. Edward DINGWERTH.
April 16, 1915--Charles Milton CARPENTER was killed after falling off wagon on 27 March. He was born 10 July 1908
          at Manville, Alberta, son of Mr & Mrs J.F. CARPENTER. Burial at Mannville cem. 
       A girl born 15 April to Mr. & Mrs. Chris LEVOS.
April 23, 1915---A boy born Wed last to Mr. & Mrs. Ben MACKE.
      Joseph LOHOFF mar Lena ERPELDING on Tues last at Cath. Church in Elgin. Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Peter
          ERPELDING. Groom from Raeville.
April 30, 1915---Jonah HALLSTEAD d Friday last at home in Petersburg. Born 1829 in NY. Moved with pars. to Sheridan, Ill.
          in 1847. Mar. 1852 to Fannie WILSON & they had 6 children. Moved to Petersburg 20 yrs ago. Burial at Rose Hill 
          cem. in Albion.
May 28, 1915--Clarence SCHINDLER, 2 yr old son of Mr. & Mrs. L.B. SCHINDLER, d last Mon. Funeral at St. John's
          Cath. Ch.,. burial Holy Cross cem.
      A boy born 20 May to Mr. & Mrs. Geo. STICKA.
      A girl born 15 May to Mr. & Mrs. Joe MEHL, Dr. MOGAN reports.
June 4, 1915--William WEITZEL d. 21 May in Albion, Born 29, 1840 in Germany. Came to Amer. when
          about 12 yrs, first to Penn., to Ohio, then Chicago, then Boone Co. Oct. 1871 where he
          homesteaded. Married 10 Sept. 1867. 2 sons. Was in CW. Funeral Cong. Church. Burial Rose Hill.
          Served in various co. offices.
June 18, 1915 --- Jane GANIARD born 6 May 1684 in Rochester, NY, d 12 June aged 67 yrs I me 6 day. Mar 1 Jan 1867
          to Frederick GROOM & had 3 children. Hush. died 4 March 1911. Has made her home with son, Geo. E. of Petersburg.
          Funeral by Pastor B.L. HOUSE of 7th Day Adventist assisted by Rev. REGER. Burial Petersburg. Children: Frederick W.,
          Geo. E. & Mrs. Ollie JENNINGS. 12 grandchildren, 1 bro.
June 18, 1915--Mr. & Mrs. Joe VOLLMER celebrated 25th wed. anniv. on Sunday last.
      Lawrenz FAUST, 2 me old son of Mr 6 Mrs Ben FAUST, d Sun. last. Burial St. John's Cath. Church
          on Tues.
May 20, 1915 --- A girl b 15 May to Mr, & Mrs. Joe MEHL, Dr. MOGAN reports.

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 2, page 74 - Fall 1984
Submitted by Charlene Ludwick, Albion, NE


This town was originally named Loran, for Mr. Loran CLARK, who was one of the first seven homesteaders in this vicinity. Mr. CLARK was a well educated man, active in politics and one of the first Representatives of Boone County.

After the name of Loran was considered for the Post Office, there was a conflict in some way with another post office in the State, so it was changed to Loretto, and the first post office established on July 21, 1888, with Louis SCHNEE as postmaster, followed by Jacob McCARTNEY, John FARLEY, Simeon MORGAN and Louis HALLSTEAD. The Loretto Post Office closed its doors permanently December 31, 1871, upon the retirement of postmaster Mabel DURAND.

In 1893 several families met at the Depot to organize a school district and build a school house. Judson PIERCE was the spokesman. They voted bonds amounting to $1,000 which would build and furnish a two-story school. In 1913 they found it necessary to build an addition to the school. Josh STARKEY and his son, Arthur were low bidders and built the addition on the east side, making it a 10 grade school, ready in 1914.

Some of the early teachers were Frank HOWTZ, Grace HOWTZ, Amelia PORTER, Lulu MAXWELL, Myrtle NEWBURN, Myrtle CODER, Bowman LILLY, Edith McHENRY, Edna SWAID, Della WRIGHT and Neva BARNES. The Loretto school was dissolved in 1970.

The Loretto Church held its first services in 1892 in a 12' x 16' building. The first church was built in 1901, with the need for a larger church being fulfilled in 1918. Some of our early ministers were Rev. PHILLIPS, Rev. Milt WRIGHT, Geo, COBB, A.M. THROCKMORTON, H.A. CHAPPEL, J.H. ALLEN, I. HEDDEN. The Hotel, now torn down, was built in 1900 by Jerry REED. It had eight bedrooms.

In its Hey Day, Loretto had many flourishing businesses such as a cheese factory, elevator, stock yards, lumber yard, barber shop, several general stores, cream stations, meat markets, a blacksmith shop, telephone exchange and harness shops and garages.

Our heritage has survived and succeeded by the neighborly love of this small community as an example for our future generations which exists today.


The Heritage of those early settlers was passed on to the next generation who profited by their early experiences and sacrifices.


The Heritage of those people has enabled us to have this celebration and honor today. They have made it possible for all our parents and the present day natives to enjoy the "Good-Life" we now have and may it long exist.

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 2, page 74 - Fall 1984
Submitted by Julia Wilson Lund, 2223 Thornwood, Davenport, IA 52804

From: The 1932 Beaver, Saint Edward High School, St. Edward, Boone Co. Nebraska

ALUMNI of St. Edward High School
William WARNER, Youngstown, Ohio                      Lilliam FLORY, Mrs. Winifred FLORY, deceased 
M.J. KENNEDY, deceased                                Nellie PHELPS, Mrs. H.G. CROSS, St. Edward 
Elmer EILSON, St. Edward                              S.J. KENNEDY, St. Edward 
Etta SISSON, Mrs. August HEDLUND, Elliott, N.D.       Augusta NELSON, Mrs. W.P. SCHELP, Platte Center 
Margeretta LONG, Mrs. J. WALTZ, dec.                  Blanche THOMPSON, Mrs. RATCLIFFE, Dayton, Fla. 
Maude VIZZARD. Mrs. Arthur J. WEBBE, St Edward
E.E. NICKERSON, Belgrade                              Wm. HOUSENTINE, Beatrice 
Agnes NICKERSON, Elizabeth Colo.                      Maude DeVORE, Mrs. Jim JONES, St. Edward 
Kate EGAN, Mrs. H. LOUCKS, Sheridan, Wyo.             Daisy WILLIAMS, Mrs. ALLISON, dec. 
Gertie ANDERSON, St. Edward                           Ella VIZZARD, Maricopa, Ca. 
Ella HEHNKE, Mrs. Zoevian, Springfield                John HARGER, Chicago, Ill. 
Wm FLORY, Pasadena, CA                                George ANDERSON, Genoa. 
Maggie KENNEDY, Mrs. D.W. DURANT, Oakland, Ca         Anna WESTMORE, Mrs. C. ELLISON, Fullerton 
Jake LONG, dec.                                       Hattie J. HEHNKE, St. Edward 

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 2, page 75 - Fall 1984
Alumni of St. Edward High School continued:

Maude SIMPSON, Mrs. George ANDERSON, Genoa.           Rose WILSON, Mrs. John C. HUFFMAN, St. Edward 
Guy GREEN, Columbus                                   Carl Devore, St. Edward 
Florence Allan, Mrs. F. BRUNO, Sacramento, Ca         Alta HALL, Mrs. J. McCALL, Douglas, Wyo. 
Edward HALL, St. Edward                               Belle HARRIS, Mrs. E. JENKINSON, Monroe. 
Martin APGAR, St. Edward                              Maude WELLS, Mrs. Tom APGAR, St. Edward 
Mary JOHNSON, Dec.                                    Henry CURRIER, San Mateo, CA 
Carrie SHELDON, Mrs. M. SMITH, Chadron                Myrtle WILLIAMS, Mrs. R.A. VANARSDALL, Sutherland*
Faye VONDERHOFF, deceased                             Norma GRAPE, Mrs. F.F. FLAHERTY, St. Edward 
Alma HASSELBALCH, Mrs. W.S. KENNEDY, St. Edward       Maggie WILLARD, Mrs. CH.H. MENGEDOHT, Seattle 
F.G. DeVORE, Cadellac Fish, Canada                    William VIZZARD, Bakersfield, CA 
Roy KENNEDY, Hastings
Mellissa CLARK, Mrs. PROHODOVA, Prague, Czech.        Lola DAVIS, Mrs. Fred FRANK, St. Edward
Sadie FINCH, Mrs. Verna MOSS, S. Minneapolis, MN      Grace HALL, Mrs. RASPIN, Oakland, CA 
Olga LIEMBACK, Mrs. R.C. HILDRETH, dec.               William PETERSON, Fairbury 
Mary CURRIER, Mrs. C. SHEDD, Butler, Mo.              Edwin CURRIER, Tieton, Washington 
Henry DRESS, Stapleton                                Nannie CASE, Mrs. W.C. PETERSON, Fairbury 
Anna VIZZARD, Mrs. H.T. WEBB, St. Edward              Dora WAKE, Fremont 
Mary SISSON, Mxs. Geo. Graham, Albion                 Hazel GILL, deceased 
Sadie GARTEN, Mrs. Geo. LAWRENCE, St. Edward          Earl GORHAM, Cheyenne, Wyoming 
Max O'DONNELL, Des Moines, Iowa
Nellie WILLIAMS, Mrs. HAVENS, Burkette*                Muriel THOMAZIN, Columbus 
Maggie CASE, Mrs. Roy FORCE, St. Edward               Ella KEALY, Mrs. Fred HIRSCH, St. Edward 
Hallie WHEELER, Mrs. H.K. SHUTT, Diller               Frank HALL, St. Edward 
Iva ARMS, Mrs. W.A. CONDREAY, St. Edward              Nettie Penry, California 
Glenn BLACKBURN, Elkhorn                              Ray BURN, St. Edward 
James CLARK, St. Edward                               Glenn KENNEDY, Cincinnati, Ohio 
George SMITH, Nebraska City                           Ethel WAKE, Mrs. H. BLACK, Nickerson 
Fern CRISS, Mrs. Glenn BLACKBURN, Elkhorn             Arnold HASSELBALCH, St. Edward 
Sylvia JOHNSON, Mrs. A. WEBER, Sterling, CO           Fern VANDERHOOF, Mrs. Ray BURN, St. Edward 
Maude WALKER, Mrs. F. PORTER, Preston, Iowa
Ella BERLIN, Mrs. Russell GARST, Springfield, NE      Minnie CHRISTENSON, deceased 
Myrtle DRESS, Mrs. A. HASSELBALCH, St. Edward         Robert FLORY, Albion 
Pearl HARRIS, Mrs. G. HILL, Monroe                    Ruth HOUGHAWOUT, Mrs. L.E. ARMES, Columbus 
Alida JOHNSON, state of Washington                    Arta LEWIS, Hastings 
Ross SMITH, St. Edward                                Bessie WILSON, Mrs. Howard ZAYLOR, Afton, Iowa 
Harry HALL, Douglas, Wyoming
Leonard CLARK, Norfolk                                Mary SWANSON, Mrs. I.H. MYHRE, St. Edward 
Archie UTTERBACH, Omaha
Henry BURN, Omaha                                     Ed. CAIN, Columbus 
Irene BAKER, Lincoln                                  Gladys GILLESPIE, Greensboro, North Carolina 
Grace GREIG, Mrs. Jack MARLOW E., Rennells, CA        William HALL, Douglas, Wyoming 
Lena HEHNKE, Mrs. Leslie ASHBURY, St. Edward          Lloyd JONES, Casper, Wyoming 
Katie KIERMAN, Mrs. W. FLAHERTY, St. Edward           Edith MacGREGOR, Mrs. Henry BURN, Omaha 
Julia PETERSON, Mrs. O. SKANDERUP, St. Edward         Wendell TAYLOR, Seattle, Washington 
Don CLARK, St. Edward                                 Harriet ELLISON, Mrs. C.A. NICKERSON, Deceased 
John BRISBEN, Wayne                                   Clara ELLIS, Mrs. Lester HOY, Fullerton 
Myrtle OLSON, Mrs. V. FORCE, St. Edward               Bessie ROBERTS, Mrs. DIXON, Omaha 
Anson THOMAS, Leshara, Nebraska                       Ollie YOUNGER, Mrs. C. WILLETS, Osceola 

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 2, page 76 - Fall 1984
Alumni of St. Edward High School continued:
Amy BERLIN, Omaha                                     Dora COLLINS, Deceased 
Dorothy ELEY, Mrs. M.E. FONDA, St. Edward             Lillian ELEY, Genoa 
Forrest LONG, St. Edward                              Louise McCOLLOUGH, Mrs. Verner SLEUMAN, Upland, CA 
Agnes MUFFLEY, St. Edward                             Oscar OWENS, St. Louis, Missouri 
Myrtle SIMPSON, Mrs. Glenn WILLIAMS, St. Edward       Ruth SQUAIR, St. Edward 
Maxfield WILSON, St. Edward                           Floyd A. YOUNG, Oakland, CA 
Carl WELLS, St. Edward                                Arthur McKAY, St. Edward 
Lucille ARMS, Mrs. Henry PETERSON, St. Edward         Vera BURN, Mrs. C. STYLES, St. Edward 
Daniel CAIN, LOS Angeles, CA                          Mabel CLARK, Mrs. R.F. DUBOIS, Bayonne, N.J. 
Fred COLLINS St. Edward                               Claude DAVIS, St. Edward 
James GRIFFIAN, Douglas, Wyoming                      Gottfred GUMMERSON, Omaha 
Ruth HALL, Mrs. Edward AMUNDSEN, Pocatello, Idaho     Edith HORN, Mrs. R.E. POOLE, St. Edward 
Pearl HUNTER, Mrs. Robert GREIG, Eden Wyo.            Clara LAPPING, Mrs. Carl SWAIM, Bridgeport 
Ethelyne LAWRENCE, Mrs. Fred COLLINS, St. Edward      Elizabeth LEHMAN, Mrs. M. WALRATH, Gothenburg 
Helen SISSON, Mrs. Otto RIMAR, Ewing                  Lloyd SMITH, Fullerton 
Tessie AGAN, Manhattan, Kansas                        Harvey BARBER, St. Edward 
Bertha BRUNK, Mrs. J.A. HERZOG, Butte, Mont.          Venna BUCHTEL, Mrs. H. BEASON, St. Edward 
Harold EDMONDSON, St. Louis, MO                       Lottie ELLEY, Mrs. Claude DAVIS, St. Edward 
Raymond FONDA, St. Edward                             Orris FORCE, Bremerton, Washington 
Alice HANEY, Mrs. James SANDFORD, Newman Grove        Louise HUNTER, Mrs. Harvey BARBER, St. Edward 
Gene KIESTER, deceased                                Camella KNUDSEN, Mrs. Gilbert CUMMING, St. Edward 
Eldon SURFACE, Minneapolis, Minn                      Asher LONG, St. Edward 
Francis MORAN, Omaha                                  Harold NICKERSON, Marshall, Missouri 
Harry RICH, St. Edward                                Floyd SHACKLOCK, Japan 
Shirley WILSON, St. Edward
Phillip BAKER, Alaska                                 Belle CURRY, Mrs. Robert CUMMING, St. Edward 
May FINCH, Mrs. J.A. MATTER, Oak Park, Ill.           Robert GREIG, Eden, Wyoming 
Marie HOWELL, Mrs. George C. QUADE, St. Edward        Robert KENNEDY, Hastings 
Iva SHAFFER, Mrs. Eldon D. SURFACE, Minneapolis, Minn Clarence STYLES, St. Edward 
Macie WHEELER, Mrs. HENRICK, Diller                   Fred RENGLER, St. Edward 
Blanche ABBOTT, St. Edward                            Richard FITCH, North Platte 
Helen BEECHER, Sacramento, CA                         John K. BURN, St. Edward 
Donald W. FLORY, St. Edward                           Everett GREEN, St. Edward 
Mignion Pearl HOWELL, Albion                          Alm A. LARSON, Mrs. A. PETERSON, Lindsay 
Bertha LEHMAN, Mrs. R. THAMUSSEN, Newman Grove        Mary LIGHTNER, Mrs. Dana WILLIAMS, Albion 
Harry McKAY, St. Edward                               Mabel NELSON, Mrs. A. ANDREASON, St. Edward 
Mary OWENS, Mrs. W.L. ELLIS, Randolph                 Ella RICH, Mrs. John BURNS, Jr., St. Edward 
Irene E. SMITH, Mrs. C. COCHRAN, St. Edward           Emil SWANSON, St. Edward 
Lenore TOMLINSON, Mrs. H.E. JOHNSON, Des Moines, IA   Echo SISSEN, Mrs. Robert FISHER, St. Edward 
Mildred WALLER, Mrs. Otis CONGER, Wayne               Roy WHEELER, St. Edward 
Minnie BURKE, Genoa                                   Iva CROSIER, Mrs. E. MOSS, Bremerton, Wash. 
Hester CURRY, Mrs. O. CUMMINGS, deceased              Leliah DICKENSON, Mrs. Carter MOORE, St. Edward 
Guy DRESS, Omaha                                      Ray ELLIS, St. Edward 
Esther FITZGERALD, Mrs. Glenn Stettler,               Louise GOEHRY, Mrs. Bud KINNAN, Monroe 
        Lemon Grove, Calif.                           Mildred GREEN, Mrs. Robert CUMMINGS, St. Edward 
Earl HASSELBALCH, St. Edward                          Neva MERCHANT, Elgin 
Ethel OBRIST, Mrs. Earl McCONE, Julesburg, CO         Anna OLSON, Mrs. Elmer ANDERSON, St. Edward 
Elenora OLSON, Moline, Ill.                           Bessie NOVOTNY, Mrs. Clarence PRICE, St. Edward 
Florence PATTERSON, Mrs. L. NOVOTNY,                  Otto RICH, Long Beach, Calif 
        St. Edward                                    Leta WILSON, Mrs. William WEBER, deceased 
Florence MACKEY, Mrs. H. FONDA, St. Edward

* Correctional info regarding the file: NSGS - NE Ancestree Vol. VII, no. 2, p 74 - Fall 1984.

In the year 1903 it shows Myrtle Williams - Mrs. R.A. VanArsdall -Sutherland
In the year 1906 it shows Nellie Williams - Mrs. Havens, Burkette
Mrs. R.A. Van Arsdall of Sutherland, NE (nee Nellie Williams) was my grandmother. She graduated from St. Edward High School in St. Edward, Boone County, NE in 1906. Myrtle Williams, Nellie's older sister, graduated from the same high school three years earlier, in 1903.
Billie Ruth Edwards <bedwards@wyoming.com>

PS - For verification, Myrtle Williams was born in 1884 and Nellie was born in 1889. You may verify this for yourself by checking the 1900 census, Vol. 2, E.D. 15, Sheet 9, Line 189 et seq.

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