NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol 6, no 3
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals

Volume Six, no. 3
Winter 1983

Vol VI, no. 3, page 97 - Winter 1983-84
Submitted by: Mildred Hollibaugh, Eddyville, NE

ACHTERBURG, Jonnie C.,              son of C.J. & I.M.  1911---1925  
        Ida M.                                          May 13, 1889 --- July 8, 1945  
        Carl J.                                         Oct. 10, 1878 --- Oct. 2, 1950  
CAMIN, Margaretha                   Mother              Apr. 25, 1868---July 15, 1939  
        Frederich                   Father              Apr. 17, 1864 --- June 13, 1940  
        Mabel                                           Sept. 24, 1899 --- Feb. 6, 1976  
        Walther                                         June 22, 1897 --- Apr. 1, 1978 
DITTMAR, Dorothea                   Mother              1864 --- 1924  
        Barthol                     Father              1858 --- 1935  
        Ella                                            May 9, 1897 --- Nov. 22, 1931  
        Charley                                         Feb. 12, 1890 --- Aug. 26, 1968  
        Anna J.F.                                       Apr. 7, 1893 --- June 15, 1961  
        Albert L.                   m. Aug. 26, 1919    Nov. 21, 1887 --- Oct. 28, 1974  
HELMUTH, William F.                                     Nov. 24, 1853 --- May 24, 1920  
        Susie                                           Nov. 2B, 1877 --- Mar. 1, 1923  
        Herman E.,                  son of Susie & Wm.  Mar. 15, 1909 --- Aug. 6, 1909  
        KOPF, Lydia L.                                  June 11, 1899 --- Dec. 29, 1969  
        Niels J.                                        Mar. 29, 1898  
MILLER, Johanne Marie Dorothea,     wife of John        Oct. 6, 1839---May 20, 1910  
        John                                            Nov. 25, 1833 --- Jan. 7, 1916  
STRUMPLER, Paul,                    son of Wm. & J.     Jan. 11, 1917 --- Jan. 25, 1917  
        Irene H., dau. of Wm. & J.                      Feb. 28, 1918 --- Mar. 26, 1918  
        Frederich G.                                    Jan. 19, 1911---Feb. 17, 1922  
        Theodore J.                                     Mar. 27, 1905 --- Aug. 28, 1923  
        Minnie K.                   m. May 13, 1921     June 3, 1903  
        Fritz W.                                        Sept. 6, 1901 --- Aug. 15, 1970  
        Edna V.                                         Jan. 6, 1947---June 7, 1948  
        Henry                                           Feb. 5, 1938  

Vol VI, no. 3, page 98 - Winter 1983-84
Camin Cemetery continued:

STRUMPLER, Erna W.                                      Aug. 29, 1932 --- Apr. 19, 1933  
        Johanna                                         Dec. 28, 1875 --- June 16, 1924  
        William                                         June 3, 1866 --- Aug. 24, 1938  
VOGLER, Karolina.                                       May 23, 1863 --- Dec. 27, 1927  
        Kasper                                          Dec. 7, 1858 --- Nov. 7, 1909  
WARD, Mary Ann                                          Feb. 13, 1930 --- June 29, 1952  
        Anna (Camin)                                    June 22, 1908 --- Jan. 2, 1979  
        Cecil O.                                        July 6, 1907 --- Apr. 10, 1945  

Vol VI, no. 3, page 98 - Winter 1983-84
Submitted by: Robert P. Moomey, Omaha, NE

Cecelia RUMERY     George WHITEHEAD    Martha WHITEHEAD
School Board
M.C. WARRINGTON, Moderator    John A. HALL, Director
W. C. ELLIOTT, Treasurer      A.L. BARNEBEY, Principal
Belle V. ROBERTSON, Asst. Principal
County Teacher's Certificate    1898    Miss Pearle CASTELLOW
Teacher's Contract    1898              School Dist. No. 69 of Custer Co. Ne.      Pearl CASTELLAW
W.C. SHOEMAKER, Moderator               C.S. ROBINSON, Director
Albert LINDQUIST, Treasurer             Pearl CASTELLAW, Teacher

Vol VI, no. 3, page 98 - Winter 1983-84
From: THE NEW ERA, Sargent, Custer Co., NE. Sat. Feb. 15, 1902. J.C.L. WISELY, editor.

J.C. HOLSON, dentist                         Marie A. AMES, physician
C.H. FENSTERMACHER, physician                Cap HARRIS, contractor
I.D. GLAZE, granite & Marble, Broken Bow     John TOLIVER, auctioneer
E.M. WOOD, painter & paperhanger             James LEDWICH, Broken Bow, money loaned
Prof. J.M. SCOTT of Somerford shipped horses
W.T. WOLF froze his hands, face & ears on drive between Callaway & Broken Bow

Vol VI, no. 3, page 99 - Winter 1983-84
Newspaper abstractions from The New Era, continued;

John PATRICK, trapper in Custer Co., brought in a wagon load of hides.
Letter from Lizzie SMALLWOOD in New Smyrna, Florida, to her home paper in Indiana handed to editor by Mrs. M.H. SULLIVAN.

Pupils in Dist. #35 neither absent nor tardy for week ending 7 Feb.
Omer STORY          Georgia STORY         Lena WOLSLEBEN      Emil WOLSLEBEN
George WOLSLEBEN    Charles WOLSLEBEN     Minnie WOLSLEBEN    Guy LIVERMORE, teacher.

W. J. BEAN, formerly in drug business in Callaway, died at Hemingford last wk.
Mrs. SLAUCER, a Bohemian lady living about 9 mi. N of Arcadia, committed suicide recently. Poor health.

MORRIS Bros. rec'd 70 Angora goats for their ranch east of town. From the Callaway Courier.
Editor HAIR of the Callaway Courier.
From the Merna Roundup: H. SWEENEY, buggy accident

J.P. & L.J. GANDY formerly of Broken Bow have started a republican paper in Fort Supply, OK.
O.P. ALLPHIN disposed of his property in Ansley & will remove to Idaho.
Wm. CONWAY of Westerville left for Wash. where he will make his home.

Westerville: family living on the old Thistle farm have smallpox. They are newcomers & came in contact with the smallpox in Lincoln. Mr. THOMPSON warned everyone to keep away.

Mr. CLARK of the Westerville mill.
Callaway: Mrs. A. MOORE who has been in Iowa joined her husband here, together with her son Clark. Miss Lena has been teaching in Iowa, will arrive later. The MOORES will occupy the ROOT property.

Lewis BOOKNAU of Westerville will put in 50 acres of alfalfa.

HICK & TOBIAS for drugs. A.C. OOSTENBROEK, confectionery.
R.H. MONROE, Burlington RE agent. HARTLEY & PULLIAM, real estate.
A.J. DICKSON of West Union called at New Era office.     P.C. JOHNSON of Round Valley called at New Era office.

Almon W. CARPENTER d. 11 Feb. at his home near Kent. He was b. in western N.Y. in Feb. 1825. Removed to the west & lived in several states. To Custer Co. in 1880. His aged wife, several children & grandchildren survive. Burial in Kent cem. on Thurs. 13 Feb. B.J. HARVEY preached.

A.C. ABBOT shipped sheep from the ABBOTT ranch in Loup co.
Chas. NICOLAI is a delegate to irrigation conv. at Stirling, CO. Also A.S. MOON of Taylor.
Ned SAVAGE too Dr. AMES to the Bow for a meeting of med. assoc.

WM. PFREHM of West Union is pushing for coop telephone line.
The new telephone co. could not buy P.M. CURRIE'S Almeria line.
Mr. & Mrs. John TOLIVER ret'd from Burwell.

A ball was given in honor of John McDONALD on Sat. on his birthday.
D.J. CLIFTON of Ord is starting a blacksmith shop here. It will be east Of WILDE's.
HAGERTY & LAKEMAN have their new stock.

John Edward MORGAN, the NE poet will be in Sargent. Also Mr. WISELY.
Rev. LISLE went to Gates on Tues. Judge COOLEY of Cooleyton was in town.

Mr. WISELY, editor's father, has been visiting at G.W. NEWBECKER's & left for Arcadia.
Sale at Geo. SILLIVAN farm. Letter from H.H. HIATT from Guam.

West Union items:

Frances FARLEY of Millburn is visiting relatives here. S. STORMS visited.
TROXELL & JOHNSON are selling items at the mill.
OOSTEMBROEK, gen'l merchandise.

A boy b. to Mr. & Mrs. J.W. SCOTT of Weissert on Monday.
Miss Mamie COLE will teach school at Madison Square.
Mr. & Mrs. P.H. LEININGER celebrated 5th wedding anniv. on Monday.

Freeman LEWIS of Comstock has money to loan on farms.
J.A. KAIGHIN of West Union has farm for sale. Dr. A.J. AMES of Taylor
M.H. SILLIVAN sale 1 mi S & 3 mi E of Sargent. Dr. GRAHAM, dentist.

A.B. HARTLEY was ill.
Wm. HENDRICKSON is having a new house built by Cap HARRIS.

Rev. J.H. HELSER will be in pulpit of Wescott Congregational church.
Mrs. M.A. MELSER will preach in Cong. church.
R. G. CARR Will pay good price for wheat. Job SEMLER for flour.

Nebraska Notes:

Theodore WINTERS restaurant in Fairmont was broken into.
Joseph PICKERING of Charleston was arrested & brought before Judge Taylor in York for selling liquor without a permit.
Aged wife of John SCHLASSER, farmer in western Valley Co., committed suicide by hanging herself. Worry over financial affairs.

Vol VI, no. 3, page 100 - Winter 1983-84
Newspaper abstractions from The New Era continued;

Postmaster KRAMER of Columbus has notification for rural free delivery north of that city now supplied with mail by the Boheet, Shell Creek, Nebonville & Oldenbush postoffices.

Bd of insanity of NE City have ordered Oliver ANDERSON to be committed to insane asylum. He is an old settler. About 3 yrs ago he killed his bro, Andrew ANDERSON, sr. after a quarrel. He was acquitted by the jury. While in jail attempted to commit suicide.

Fred LAMB & Ben MUNDELL, 2 York Co. boys in jail at Osceola for horse stealing.
James W. LYNCH, former Platte co. defaulting county treas.

Vol VI, no. 3, page 100 - Winter 1983-84

1889 Brown County Personal property Assessment, Pine Glen Precinct
ARNOLD, Numa           GILLESPIE, O.H.        MILLS, Ruth A.           WALMER, Theodore 
BARKER, A.S.           HAGLAND, E.O.          MERICA, S.J.             WARREN, Lydia L. 
BARKER, N.C.           HOLM, John             McBEATH, Mary            CLAY, Eliar 
BOOTHE, G.W.           HULLSHIZER, G.W.       NICKELSON, Frank         GUSTAVSON, C.R. 
BOWLEY, George         HULSHIZER, C.          OENS, George              
BEAN, Peter N.         HUMPHREYS, N.J.        OENS, Samuel              
CISNEY, S.S.           JONES, F.W.            PENCE, J.W.               
CHESSMAN, G.W.         JONES, Rufus S.        PETERSON, Hans            
CART, Jacob            KERNAN, M.             PETERSON, J.P.            
CRANDELL, J.M. & M.J.  KENASTON, H.W.         ROZELL, J.J.              
CUTLER, John           KENASTON, Jas. S.      RECKLING, Wm.             
CLARK, Ben             KENASTON, J.A.         ROGERS, M.R.              
DANIELS, P.M.          KIRKPATRICK, G.W.      ROBERTS, C.M.             
DAYWITT, Elsie         KIMBALL, G.J.          STEGILE, R.B.             
EVANS, P.M.            LINDEL, C.A.           SISSON, A.L.              
ERICKSON, Erric        LOVEJOY, Daniel        STRENGER, M.E.            
ENGBURG, L.            MCCLURE, C.H.          SAWYER, D.H.              
ESKIN, Franklin        MCBEATH, R.            SKILLMAN, E.P.            
GRAVES, A.B.           MCBEATH, Neil          TELEEN, A.T.              
GRAVES, F.A.           MILLER, W.S.           THOMSON, Alice E.         
GRAVES, George         MILLER, H.G.           VALLENDINGRAM, Alex       

Vol VI, no. 3, page 101 - Winter 1983-84
1889 Brown County Real Estate Assessment, Pine Glen Precinct

ARNOLD, Numa           CRANDALL, Jas. M.      KEENAN, Mary             REEKLING, Wm. 
ABERNETHY, Wm. J.      COWEN, John            KENASTON, Jas. S.        SKILLMAN, Clarissa 
ALEXANDER, Dewitt C.   DANCON, Solon W.       LULL, Rufus              STORK, Hattie 
ALDEN, Joseph W.       DANIELS, Jas. M.       LATTIN, Lewis M.         SMITH, E.B. 
ALDEN, Jennette T.     ENGBERG, Lawrence      LENDELL, Chas. A.        SHARP, James W. 
BALDWIN, WM.           GRAVES, Geo. S.        MILLS, T.                STOCK, Chas. 
SURGE, John N.         GALLAWAY, James G.     McCUMBER, ---            SALINGS, James 
BOYD, C.T.             GRAVES, Joseph         MCNEILL, J.M.            SISSON, Elizabeth 
BLAKENEY, Otis         GARLICHS, Robt. L.     McDONALD, Alex           SPAFFORD, John H. 
BLAKENEY, Jacob M.     GNAUT, Clinton         MORGAN, William          SWEAT, A.R. 
BATES, Levi D.         GORDON, Lorenzo        MUSTICK, Byron B.        SIZEMORE, Geo. W. 
BARKER, Nathaniel      HALMES, Thomas         MCBEATH, Neil            SAWYER, David H. 
BATES, Truman          HOLN, John             McBEATH, Mary            SKILLMAN, Park 
BARKER, J.E.           HULSHIZER, G.          NICKELSON, Frank         SUTHERLAND, Chas. A. 
BATES, Levi L.         HULSHIZER, Geo. W.     OENS, Samuel             STIGILE, Robt. B. 
BLACKFORD, Phillip R.  HULL, Arthur B.        DENS, S.A.               SISSON,  A.L. 
CISNEY, Stephen S.     HUFF, A.T.             DENS, George             THOMPSON, John 
CAMERON, Thos. W.      HOLMES, Philemon       DENS, WM.                TERRY, A.J. 
CHEESEMAN, Geo. W.     HOWARD, Clark M.       PETERSON, Jas. P.        THOMPSON, Jas. 
CARLISLE, J.M.         JANES, Theodore        PLACE, W. S.             TELLEN, A.T. 
CART, Jacob            KIRKPATRICK, G.W.      QUERY, Oliver            WARREN, Lydia L. 
CLAY, Elias            KENASTON, J.A.         ROZELL, Joshua           BAKER, N.C. 
CLARK, Benj.           KENASTON, Ed. H.       RULE, E.K.               WHITTMORE, W.L. 
CLAYTON, John W.       KENASTON. Flora        REED, A.E.               WHITE, Jas. A. 
WARNER, Asher          CRANE, O.H.            WALMER, Theodore         McBEATH, R. 

Vol VI, no. 3, page 101 - Winter 1983-84

1889 Brown County Personal Property Assessment, Ainsworth Precinct
ALBERTS, Charles       CHENEY, Carmel E.      HARRIS, Benj.            PARKER, P.J. 
ALDERMAN, Geo. D.      CHENEY, John C.        HARRIS, Mrs. Benj.       PEIRSOL, J.N. 
ALDERMAN, J.N.         CLAY, John             HANNA, David             POTTER, H.S. 
ARCHER, Henry          CHENEY, George W.      HOLUBAR, Frank           POTTER, C.W. 
ARNOLD, Charles E.     CATLIN, W.W.           HOUSE, R.                QUINN, Mrs. Eliza 
BARNES, C.T.           CALVER, J.W.           HINTON, S.W.             RISING, R.S. 
BENSOW, J.V.           CROCKER, G.O.          HARRIS, H.H.             RAE, John B. 
BILLETER, Jackson      DELL, Frank J.         JAY, Henry B.            RIGHTWISE, J.A. 
BLAKENEY, Mrs. Mary A. DEWOODY, John          JEULEINO (?), B.P.       RUBY, Henry 
BRADT, R.L.            DODD, WM.              KUISS, A.K.              REMY, W.H. 
BOWERS, Peter          DUNCAN, Levi           KUISS, Mrs. A.K.         RODENBAUGH, D.J. 
BRAUT, C.L.            DANNAHY, John          KIRKPATRICK, James       RATHBURN, A. 
BOYD, J.B.             DERBY, Mrs. H.A.       LOCKMILLER, Henry        SHANER, John W. 
BROWN, George          DEWOODY, S.            LOCKMILLER, Casper       SHORT, D.B. & L.M. 
BOWER, Thomas          DAVISON, Bros.         LOOMER, A.E.             SELLORS, N.K. 
BROWNLEE, John S.      SELLS, C.B.            LULL, R.R.               STRAIT, J.L. 
BROWNLL, Thomas M.     EUDERLY, George        LATTIN, L.               SEAL. J. 
BAKER, Ransom          EUDERLY, C.            LANCASTER, B.F.          SCOTT, Thos. 
BAKER, Geo. B.         ELLENWOOD, O.W.        LULL, Rufus W.           STRAHM, Fred 
BAILEY, C.A.           ELLENWOOD, W.H.        LULL, D.T.               SMITH, Rolen 
BUSRMEYER, Henry       EDDY, C.O.             LOCKMILLER, WM.          SETTLES, F.T. 
BRIGGS, James          ELLIOTT, Chas.         LOOMIS, W.B.             SETTLES, J.A. 
BRIGGS, Charlie        EUGLER, Mrs. Christina McNURLIN, Mrs. James B.  SULLIVAN, John C. 
BAFFORD, WM.           FOWLER, J.             MANDEN, Chas. H.         SWETT, Chas. 
BUTZENE, Julius        FOWLER, George E.      MILLER, Murray H.        SNYDER, J.F. 
BORGER, Geo.           FOURUIER, L.           MOORE, John G.           SWETT, H. 
CALDWELL, T.F.         FRENCH, J.             MATTSEN, H.F.            SKADDEN, Wm. 
COAD, Mrs. Mary        FAST, Benj.            MILLES, S.J.             SMITH, J.B. 
CLARK, E.              GRIFFITH, J.W.         MOSELEY, O.J.            SISSON, F.W. 
CRANE, F.O.            GRAMS, Wm.             MARKMAN, WM.             STORY, Z. 
COWEN, John J.         GRISBELL, O.           NICHOLS, John J.         STORY, Wm. Z. 
CAMERON, Mrs. T.W.     HERMAMEYER, Henry      NORRIS, Henry            STALEY, John N. 
CAMERON, T.W.          HAGERMAN, Eliner       OAKLEY, A.               SCHROEDER, Carl 
CATLIN, J.L.           HAGERMAN, C.E.         OWNES, Wm.               SAUGOR, Simeon 
COFFIN, Chas. M.       HOUSE, Hiram           PETERSON, C.F.           SAUGOR, Mrs. L.M. 
CHENEY, E.F.           HERRON, John H.        PERKINS, W.L.            SMALLEY, A.J. 
CHENEY, Mrs. E.F.      HOUSE, John A.                                  SMITH, N.F. 

Vol VI, no. 3, page 102 - Winter 1983-84
1889 Brown Personal Property Assessment continued:

TURNER, S.B.              WHITTIG, W.H.        WARNER, Asher D.          BILLETER, Jackson 
TRILL, John               WHITTIG. Chas. E.    WILLIAMS, C.T.            EUDERLY, Thos. 
TOWNSEND, A.W.            WRIGHTSMAN, Joel     WALRAVEN, Mrs, John       LULL, R.N. 
TOWNSEND, A.K             WELBURN, John        WOOD, WM. J.              HARRIS, Benjamin 
TYRRELL, Mrs. E.          WOODWARD, H.         WARRICK, A.J.             SWETT, Chas. N. 
TYRRELL, Fred             WOODWARD, D.M.       WILLIAM, John             GRIFFITH, J.W. 
TYRRELL, Horace           WADE, Harry M.       WESTPHAL, Herman          ROUNDS, John 
TAYLOR, Joseph            WADE, Mrs. Harry M.  WARREN, Samuel B.         WARNER, A.D. 
TAYLOR, Mrs. Joseph       WISWELL, Chas. H.    WHITTECAR, Wm., Sr.       BROWN, George 
UFFMAN, Fred (?)          WILLIAMS, D.B., Jr.  WOOD, W.G.                STRAIT, J.L. 
VREELAND, Mrs. J.E.       WILLIAMS, D.B., Sr.  WOOD, J.C.                ALBERTS, Chas. 
VANESS, G.W.              WALRAVEN, John       Timber Claim              HAYERMAN, C.E. 

1889 Brown County, Real Estate Assessment, Ainsworth Precinct
AMES, Geo. W.             DULL, Wm. E.         MORREL, John F.           STILES, Wm. M. 
AUSTIN, Daniel            DUNCAN, Levi         MOSELEY, Addie            SWEAT, Henry S. 
ATTSCHULER, Alex          ELLIS, Chas. B.      MOSELEY, Oscar J.         SMITH, Neuton 
ADDERMAN, Jno.            ENDERLEY, Christ     MOSELEY, A.J.             STRAUN, Mrs. M.C. 
AUSTIN, L.F.              ENDERLEY, Edward     MOORE, John G.            SMITH, Palen 
ALDERMAN, J.N.            ELLIATT, Chas. B.    MOSELEY, Wm. 0.           SISSON, T.W. 
BRAUN, John               ELLENWOOD, Wm. H.    MARSDEN, Chas. H.         SEAL, Iver 
BLACK, Chas. E.           ELLIS, Rolla A.      MATTSEN, H.F.             SISSON, Elizabeth W. 
BRANIGAN, Wm.             ELLENWOOD, Albert C. NICHOLSON, John           SHORT, Duane B. 
BARTLETT, Orin C.         FUSHER, Ulrich       NICHOLSON, Joel S.        STRARMS, Fred 
BRYAN, Alfred             FRY, David           NICHOLSON, M.             SHORT, L.M. 
BASSETT, A.L.             FOWLER, Isaiah       NICHOLSON, J.S.           SMALLEY, A.J. 
BARNES, C.F.              GILLETT, F.E.        OSBORNE, Nannie M.        SNYDER, J.F. 
BOWE, Cordelia            GRIFFITH, John W.    OSBORNE, N.J. & COOK, Ed. SISSON, F.W. 
BROWN, George             GAY, Heirs of Peter  OSBORNE, Nannie J.        STAR, John F. 
BRIGGS, John L.           HART, S.P.           OVERLA, Martha A.         SELLERS, John 
BRIGGS, Clinton           HARRIS, Benj.        OLDIGES, Herman           SUNDERLAND, S.E. 
BAKER, Ranson             HAUSE, Anson J.      OWEN, N.T.                SAYER, Simeon 
BALDWIN, W.H.             HOLUBAR, Frank A.    OAKLEY, A.                SELLORS, Charles 
BUZZARD, G.W.             HUSTON, J.M.         OAKLEY, Mrs. Martha       SLAYTON, Emery 
BROWNLEE, T.M.            HINTON, S.W.         PARSONS, Thus. W.         SMITH, Turner 
BLACKBURN, Thos. J.       HEICKSEN, Herman     PITZER, Alice L.          STAHL, John 
BOWER, Peter              HOUSE, Hiram         PITZER, Samuel            SHEFFER, John A. 
BALDWIN, W.H.             HESTON, Geo. W.      POTTER, H.S.              SELLERS, Nellie K. 
BURRITT, Harvey           HART, S.P.           PALMER, A.E.              SUTTON, H.P. 
BAKER, G.B.               HUTCHINS, Charles    PIERSOL, John N.          TALLANT, Minnie 
BILLETER, Jackson         HAGERMAN, C.E.       POTTER, C.W.              TAYLOR, J.J. 
BROWNLEE, John            HINTON, S.W.         PFLEISTERER, W.G.         TURNER, S.B. 
BOYD, John W.             JENKINS, B.P.        PECK, Anson H.            TURNER, Harriet 
BORGER, Geo. A.           JAY, Henry B.        PITZER, S.C.              TRACY, Mrs. M.B. 
BRIGGS, James             KALLAM, Lorin B.     PERKINS, Emma             SNYDER, J.S. 
BRIGGS, Charlie           KENDALL, Nellie      PROUTY, Alonso            TELEEN, Andrew 
BUSHMEYER, Henry          KLAPPERICK, Stephen  PROUTY, Stephen           TAYLOR, Henry 
COOK, A.C.                KNISS, Amos K.       PALMER, Allen E.          TOUNSEND, A.W. 
COWEN, Ruamy              LOCKMILLER, Casper   PALMER, Albert            TOUNSEND, A.K. 
COWEN, John J.            LANGWORTHY, C.       PARKER, Pharus J.         TRILL, John 
COLLINS, Dennis           LEONARD, WM. T.      PACE, Jackson             VREELAND, Garret G. 
CLAY, John                LULL, Rufus R.       QUINN, Eliza              WARNER, A.D. 
CORLETT, Thomas           LULL, D.F.           RALSTON, Jacob            WALKER, Nathan 
CHENEY, Gerry             LULL, Rufus          REARDON, MT.              WOODWARD, Henry 
CAMPBELL, Chas. E.        LOHAFER, Henry F.    RIGHTNIRE, Jas. A.        WRIGHTSMAN, Joel 
CLAY, Mary                MACUMBER, Fred A.    RAE, John B.              WILSON, W.R. 
CATLIN, Wright & Aurinda  MACOMBER, Thos. A.   RODENBAUGH, D.J.          WHITTIG, W.H. 
CLARK, WM.                McANDREW, P.D.       ROUND, Jacob H.           WARREN, P.M. 
CHENEY, Carwel E.         McCLELLAN, Georgians STORY, Zacheus            WHITTIEAR, WM. 
CALDWELL. T.F.            MORRIL, May E.       SISSON, T.W.              WARNER, Asher 
DAVISON, J.H.             McNURLIN, Jas. B.    SCOTT, Thos.              WARRICK, A.J. 
DELANEY, J.A.             MILLER, Sarah E.                                

Vol VI, no. 3, page 103 - Winter 1983-84
1889 Brown County Real Estate Assessment, Ainsworth Precinct, continued:

WRIGHTSMAN, Joel E.       WESTPHAL, Herman     WILLIAMS, John            BENSON, Oliver N. 
WARREN, Samuel B.         WADE, Harry M.       WOODWARD, H.              KEECH, Edgar A. 
WESTPHAL, Anna            WARNER, Asher D.     ROBINSON, J.C.            YOUNG, Louis L. 
WOOD, Wm. T.              WELBURN, John        RISING, R.S.               
WILLIAMS, Dwelly D.       WILLIAMS, D.B.       WIRTZ, Z.                  

Vol VI, no. 3, page 103 - Winter 1983-84
Submitted by: Eldon Meisinger, Plattsmouth, NE

From: Pacific City (Iowa) Enterprise, 1857

The following ad appeared in almost every issue of the weekly paper during 1857.


The city of Louisville, Cass County, Nebraska Territory, was laid out into a town about the 10th day of December, 1856, and on the 15th day of said month it received its present name. It was laid out on a claim then owned by Gardner POWERS, who claimed and received the honor of giving to it its name, and who retained 50 shares of the 200, besides a reserve of ten acres for the purpose of building a mill, etc. Mr, G. POWERS secured an act of the Territorial Legislative session of 1857, incorporating said city by its proper name and style; also making it a point thro' which the great Territorial road, leading from the city of Plattsmouth, N.T., by Pardell and Saline to New Fort Kearney passes, he being one of the commissioners to locate said road. He also asked for and received a Post Office at the city of Louisville, himself, receiving the appointment of Postmaster. He is now on the ground in person, ready and willing at any and all times to do anything honorable to advance the interest and welfare of said town or surrounding country, and would here say to young and old, rich and poor, that here is such a chance to secure homes for yourselves, families and friends, as you will rarely, if ever, meet with--mark that. Better soil, land and limestone rock cannot be found. Range for stock, as well as timber and health, cannot be surpassed anywhere. There is no place on earth where produce of every kind, as well as stock of all kinds, is easier raised than here, and the world cannot produce a better market than we have here; and the laborer can get just what he sees fit to ask for his hire - from 1.50 to 2 dollars per day - that's so. Here are yet plenty of chances to take up good claims, and some that now can be had at a low price. The town company are yet willing to give a few more lots to persons who will erect a dwelling house thereon immediately, and they have also donated lots for a school house and church. There will soon be a good mill in operation in said town, where lumber can be had as well as breadstuffs - and we will here say that Blacksmiths, Carpenters, Masons and all other kinds of mechanics and laborers could do no better than to settle here. A Tavern, Boarding House, Grocery and Store all would do a sure business here, and last though not least, judging from the number of males, and the scarcity of females, they, too, would go off like hot cakes - cut alas they ain't here to go off. The balance soon.


Vol VI, no. 3, page 103 - Winter 1983-84

From: McPherson County Times, Omega, NE, Thursday, July 9, 1896. Theo. S. Ward, Editor

Items from McPherson County Times, July 9, 1896

Jesse THOMPSON took his cattle to the dismal this week.
Charlie SONNABAND celebrated the 4th.
J.M. CALHOUN was in the west part of the county this week.

Messrs. Elmer NEAL, John PALMER and MAHAN of Lena celebrated at Omega, the 4th.
Mr. & Mrs. WISNER went to the west part of the county this week to get their dau. Estella, who has been teaching school near Lena.
Judge WAITS had tracks of a buggy in his onion patch.

Friends gathered at the home of John SANNABAND in honor of Miss Ella's 17th birthday.
Tuesday evening after leaving Mr. SONNABAND's place Elmer & Alva WATTS and the Editor got lost. But lo they came up to THE TIMES office.

4th of July celebration: Deacon CONNELL called baseball. Alva WAITS climbed the greased pole.
On program: W.E. WAITS: W.E. WISNER: J.M. CALHOUN: Dr. Theo. S. WARD; Scott WISNER, Millie WAITS: Emily WISNER: John ADAMS; L.E. DOLPH.

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