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Volume Six, no. 2
Fall 1983

Vol VI, no. 2, page 70 - Fall 1983
Submitted by: Mrs. Alta Krasser, Beaver Crossing, NE


First Methodist Cemetery, East of Goehner

GEHRELA, dau.         b. 1899    d. 1900
THIEL, dau.           b. 1892    d. 1893
DUELNING, Henretta    b. 1899    d. 1905
SCHNEEKLE, Albert     b. 1876    d. 1880
GEBRLE, Allither      b. 1881    d. 1884
BECHTEL, Julia                              1882 
        Carrie                              1884 
        Hilda                               1880 
        Nellie                              1882 
       (these are probably all four death dates)
LEITZE, Gottlieb      b. 1857    d. 1887
DUELNNING, son        b. 1879    d. 1886
GEHRLE, Alma          b. 1886    d. 1888

Leonard Cemetery, 2 mi.south of Beaver Crossing

14 known graves, many more buried here, but stones removed years ago,

MOORE, Ethel                         b. Jan. 30, 1897           3 years & 25 days 
COLLIER, Burton                      died Aug, 30, 1877         1 year, 7 months 
MICHIAL, Arthur                      died May 10, 1879          1 year, 1 month 
MICHAIL, Mable                       died Jan. 1, 1892          1 year, 3 months, 30 days 
HUNTER, ?                            died Aug. 26, 1876         6 yrs, 3 months 
LITTLER, Rachel L.                   died March 16, 1893        66 yrs, 28 days 
LANG, Olive                          died June 6, 1879          3 years, 1 month 
CORBETT, Infant child of N.W.S.      died Jan. 7, 1873  
PIERS, August                        Killed Oct. 8, 1874        (no other dates) 
MILLER, Mary (wife of Martin)        died Feb. 10, 1885         54 years 16 mo. 17 days 
        Eligah A.                    died Dec. 22, 1883         23 yrs 10 months 16 days 
LANG, Alice, dau. of J. & C.                  died June 6, 1879  
LA ? , Mary A. (wife of John)        part of stone gone         died Dec. 18, 1878, 38 years 
CAMPION, Albert, son of M, & E.      died July 19, 1883         1 day old 

Blue Ridge Cemetery, north and east of Utica
JOHNSON, T. H.                       died May 28, 1882          65 yrs old 
        Sophrona, wife of F.         died Nov. 21, 1888         22 yrs old 
DELBU, John, son of M.E. & Jane      died June 6, 1877          6 month, 12 days 
DEWITT, William                      died Dec. 20, 1892         11 years, 1 month 
        Mary, wife of Wm             died Dec. 18, 1879         67 years 
EWING, Ethel L., dau of P.F. & J.R.  1 year old                  
MERRITT, Daniel M.                   died Sept. 4, 1874         64 yrs, 3 mo., 6 day 
NEWTON, Whealt                       34 yr, 7 mo              
BIVENS, 2 infant daus of F.S.L.      no  dates                   
HULSHIZER, Berty, son of C. & H.A.   died Feb. 13, 1888         no date of birth 
LEVITT, Henry G.                     died Nov. 24, 1880         4 yrs, 11 mo., 17 days 
      John E., son of J.M.                                      5 years, 4 months, 19 days 
JACKSON, Willsie                     died Oct. 4, 1882          age 13 days 
LEVITT, John E., son of J.M.         died Oct. 19, 1880         5 yr, 4 mo. 
        Elmera                       died Nov. 19, 1880         2 yrs 1 mo old 

Vol VI, no. 2, page 71 - Fall 1983
Submitted by: Mrs. Ruby Coleman, North Platter NE



         NAME                      AGE RESIDENCE          Place of Birth 
10 Feb.   O'KEEFE, Richard           28 Ft. McPherson      Ireland 
        son of Michal O'KEEFE and Bridget DUHEY
          VAUGHN, Julia A.           20 North Platte       Tennessee 
        dau. of James VAUGHN and Eliza VICKERS. Wit: B.J. HINMAN & John SULLIVAN
15 Feb.   DAILY, Thomas              22 Ft. McPherson      Leesburqh, VA 
        son of Samuel DAILY & Hester McCOLLOUGH
          CHESSON, Mary              18 Ft. McPherson      Baltimore, MD 
        dau. of George SWEEDEN & Mariah SNYDER. Wit: Wm. OODHURST & Thos. G. TRACY
14 Mar.   CHRISTIAN, Ambrose         25 Ft. McPherson      Leyden, N.Y. 
        son of J.H. CHRISTIAN & Emily D. HADLEY
          BORANT, Mrs. Sarrah        25 Dixon, ILL.        Dixon, ILL. 
        dau. of J. O'NEEL & S. RAYLER. Wit: A.J. MILLER & wife & J.E. ROCAMPE & wife.
5 Apr.    WOODIN, Louis M.           24 Ft. McPherson      New Milford, Conn. 
        son of Marcus WOODIN & Julia S. HUNT
          SNELL, Sarah               21 Ft. McPherson      Parnassus, PA. 
        dau. of Jacob SNELL & Eliza WALTERS. Wit: Wm C. FORBUSH & Minor HILLIARD

Divorce record: Letter to Judge John Dougherty from Charles E. WILLIAM, Attorney, asking for the marriage record of Wm. HOLLEY and Clara M, KEITH on 13 Dec. 1868, and advising that the attorney needed the marriage record for use in a divorce proceeding. Letter dated at Rawlins, Wyo. 12 April 1870.

14 Apr.   ELLIOTT, Henry W.          30 North Platte       PA. 
        son of Joseph ELLIOTT and Rebeca WESSLY
          HAYWOOD, Mrs. Louisa 0.    27 North Platte        
        dau. Prosper GILLETT. Wit: Mrs. Anna Pen ? and Mrs. Kate MILLER
3 May     MOBLEY, John C.            24 North Platte       Washington Co. O. 
        son of J.B. MOBLEY and Lucy PRATT
          WEBB, Julia D.             19 Wit: Hester A.BROWN and N. RUSSELL 
25 June   McCELLAN, Charles          29 Ft. McPherson      Liverpool, Eng, 
        son of Jas. McCELLEN and Sarrah SMITH
          HENEY, Mrs. Sarah          25 St. Louis, MO.     St. Louis, MO. 
        dau. Thos. OTTIS and Jane DONAVAN.
1 Sept.   COLBY, Alvah               24 Ft. McPherson      Chicago, IL. 
        son of Arthur F. COLBY and Olive A. WALLACE
          CLARK, Mary A.             21 Ft. McPherson      Texas 
        dau. of Henry CLARK and Isabel McCLENNA. Wit: Gen. W.H. EMORY & Lt. Wm J. VOLKMAN

Affidavit dated 23 Nov. 1870, of Elijah WILLIAMS, age 22 for license to marry Harriet WARDELL, age 18. Wit: Melissa WILLIAMS.

Affidavit dated 29 Dec. 1870, of Peter C. PETERSEN, age 33, for license to marry Mrs. Mary Jane SHORT (widow), about age 35.

21 Aug.   DUVAL, Samuel C.           36 North Platte       Morganfield, KY 
        son of Lucius C. DUVAL and Tabitha (Lobirtha) RUSSELL
          MURRY, Mary                23 North Platte       Ogdensbur, N.J. 
        dau. of Alexander MURRAY and Cathrin EARLY. Wit: Herman BAYLOR and Margerat BAYLOR
26 Nov.   WILLIAMS, Elijah (color)   22 Ft. McPherson      Raleigh, N.C. 
        son of Austin WILLIAMS and S. HARRISON
          WARDELL, Harriate (Color)  18 Ft. McPherson      Lexington, MO. 
        dau. of C. WARDELL & Mary ALIN. Wit: Nelson WILLIAM & Aleck JARVARS


2 Jan.    PETERSON, Peter C.         33 Ft. McPherson      Denmark 
        son of Terkel PETERSEN and Mary BERDLISON
          SHORT, Mary Jane           30 Ft. McPherson      Knox Co. KY 
        dau. of Thomas HOWARD and Phebe KENNEDY. Wit: John B. STEVENS & Mrs. J. STEVENS
28 March  SMITH, Frank      (no further information listed)
          PORTER, Amelia    (no further information listed) 
          at Ft. McPherson  by A.A. REESE, Chaplain, US Army
22 April  VOSS, Henry                21 Cottonwood Springs Washington D.C. 
        son of Henry VOSS and Elizabeth WHITE
          BALDWIN, Mary              29 Cottonwood Springs Washington D.C. 
        dau. of James BALDWIN and Mary HIJENS. Wit: F.N. DICK & G.M. BROWN

Vol VI, no. 2, page 72 - Fall 1983
Lincoln County Marriages, continued.

1871 (con't)

2 May     TAYLOR, Alfred B.          27 Ft. McPherson      Washington D.C. 
        son of Alfred TAYLOR and Nancy M. BRONAUGH
          REESE, Annie R.            22 Ft. McPherson      Baltimore, MD. 
        dau of Aquila A. REESE & Anna BURNETT. Wit: Jno. W. FORD, E.D. THOMAS, 2nd Lt. 5th Cav.,
            Edwd G. STEVENS, 2nd Lt. 8th Cav., C.H. LIEB, Capt. 5th Cav., S.C. KELLOGG, Capt. 5th US Cav.
2 May     DICK, Fredrick N.          27 North Platte       Greensboro, N.C. 
        son of John M. DICK & Parthenia P. WILLIAMSON
          WEBB, Nellie A.            18 North Platte       Auburn, N.Y. 
        dau of Z.I. WEBB & Polly HUFFMAN
2 June    THALER, David              26 Ft. McPherson      Germany 
        son of John THALER & Maryan WEIGEL
          LOWE, Annie                24 North Platte       Canada 
        dau. of Thomas LOWE and Sarah WILLSON. Wit: John MOBLEY, Frank DETRICK & Jennie LOWE
28 July   HEALY, Luke F.             26                    Trenton, N.J, 
        son of Luke HEALY & Bridget FORNEY
          LINEBERRY, Lizzie J.       25 Ft. McPherson      Alliance, Ohio 
        d/o Alfred LINEBERRY and Mary ROBINSON. Wit:: G.M. BROWN, Mrs. M.C. KEITH & Mrs. DAVIS
27 Aug.   MURPHY, Daniel             24 North Platte       County Clogan, Ireland 
        s/o John MURPHY & Mary FLEMING
          PICKETT, Ellen             20 North Platte       County Waterford, Ire. 
        d/o Thomas PICKETT & Harmony BINE. Wit: Pat O'HARE & Mary MACKIN
31 Aug.   BURK, Daniel               24 Ft. McPherson      Darmstad, Hessia 
        s/o John BURK & Margeret BURK
          LUKIN, Mary L.             20 Ft. McPherson      Amsterdam, Holland 
        d/o John LUKIN and Jamie MUNHINK. Wit:: N.R. OTTMAN & Lizzie BURK
24 Sept.  DETRICK, Benj. F.          23 North Platte       Iowa 
        s/o Phillip DETRICK & Martha STRAUGHAN
          LOWE, Jennie               20 North Platte       Illinois 
        d/o James LOWE & Susan WILSON. Wit: Wm WOODHURST & Mary WOODHURST
27 Sept.  KELIHEN, Thomas            27 North Platte       Ireland 
        s/o Timothy KELIKEN & Mary LENIHAN
          NORMAN, Mattis             22 North Platte       Iowa 
        d/o Robert NORMAN & Lucy BUCKNER. Wit: J. CHANDLER & M.J. BEEBE
29 Oct.   COHEN,  M.J.               26 Ft. McPherson      Hamburg, Germany 
        s/o Jocob H. COHEN & Eliza MAGNUS
          UHLMANN, M.L.              18 Ft. McPherson      Pascagoula, Miss 
        d/o John UHLMANN & Caroline BIRKEL. Wit: John UHLMANN & Wm RIX
14 Nov.   McCONNEL, John             23 Ft. McPherson      Johnstown, PA 
        s/o Wm McCONNEL & Sarahan SHANE
          RICHARDSON, Catherine A.   24 Ft. McPherson      Iowa 
        d/o Henry RICHARDSON & Emma RICHARDSON. Wit: Joseph LANE & Mrs. Frank GILLMAN
18 Dec.   KINNE, Herman              27 Julesburg, Colo.   Germany 
        s/o Henry KINNE & Helena VOITGE
          BOLEN, Annie               26 Julesburg, Colo.   Germany 
        d/o (no further record given). Wit: Mary J. BEEBE & Mrs. A.B. TOWN


6 Mar.    DEAN, W.C.                 23 North Platte       Canada 
        s/o Hiram DEAN and Louisa IRISH
          CHRISTISEN, Henrietta      25 North Platte       Denmark 
        d/o Julius CHRISTISEN & Nicoline NELSON. Wit: Mrs. W.M. HINMAN & Mrs. M.J. BEEBE
10 Mar.   SCHLUMPF, Charles          34 North Platte       Switzerland 
        s/o Joseph SCHLUMPF & Rosa HARNISCH
          MEYER, Wilhelmina          26 North Platte       Germany 
        d/o Henry MEYER & Sophia RIX. Wit: Theodor EIESDORN & Warengrater HERNGENROBEN.
11 Mar.   FERGUSON, James            21 North Platte       Stockwood, Mass. 
        s/o William FERGUSON & Liddie A. DRESSER
          HAWES, Kate H.             24 North Platte       Watkins, N.Y. 
        d/o John HAWES & Mary SCADDI. Wit: R.H. COLLINS, Robert PATTERSON & Mattie E. FERGUSON.

Vol VI, no. 2, page 73 - Fall 1983
Lincoln County Marriages, continued.

1872 (con't)

6 Apr.    SHELLWORTH, Julius         24 North Platte       Germany 
        s/o Fredrick SHELLWORTH & Frida RICKEY
          MILLER, Algine             19 Ft. McPherson      Michigan 
        d/o John MILLER & Jane WEAVER. Wit: Jacob DURR & Nancy Jane DURR.
20 Apr.   BRAU, Frederick            42 O'Fallons Bluff    Germany 
        s/o Fred BRAU & Mary KIRCHEN
          GOODMAN, Rosie             28 North Platte       Germany 
        d/o Mike GOODMAN & Rachel ROSENFELD. Wit: Chas SCHLUMPF & Nith (?) SCHLUMPF
15 May    BRISTOL, S.L.              21 North Platte       N.Y. 
        s/o Silas M. BRISTOL & Ellen MOAT
          MAKIN, Mary                22 North Platte       England 
        d/o (no record) Wit: Mrs. D. MAKIN, Mrs. J. MAKEL, Wm SMITH
8 June    PAULSON, Peter             32 Omaha              Sweden 
        s/o Andrew PAULSON & Gintrass BENGSTON
          OLSON, Johanna             25 Omaha              Sweden 
        d/o Olaf N. OLSON & Brita NILSON. Wit: L.H. BAKER & Mrs. F. BALER.
9 June    VAN GORDER, Francis        35 North Platte       New York State 
        s/o John VAN GORDER & Sally BALDWIN
          LINABERY, Annie            34 North Platte       New York 
        d/o John R. LINA13ERY & Sarah A. PARK. Wit: E.S. EDWARD & T.W. LaMUNYEN
11 June   HENDY, Charles             24 Ft. McPherson      New York 
        s/o William HENDY & Francis Hannah DAVAGE
          JANETT, Katie              26 Ft. McPherson      Switzerland 
        d/o Jacob JANETT & Catherine LIPPERD or ZIPPARD. Wit: G. HOWEROFF & Geo. COLE
17 June   BROWN, James               25 North Platte       Ohio 
        s/o George BROWN & Catherine MILLER
          DOUGHERTY, Wineford        24 North Platte       Ireland 
        d/o Philip DOUGHERTY & Rose LOWERY. Wit: E.S. EDWARDS & T.W. LaMUNYEN
20 July   JONES, James               26 Ft. McPherson      Virginia 
        s/o Archibald JONES & Mary DALY
          BRYAN, Elizabeth           22 Ft. McPherson      Illinois 
        d/o George BRYAN & Betsy LAWSON. Wit: Jno. C. MARLHALL, Miss Christine HALLISON
15 July   MYLANDER, Peter            25 North Platte       Sweden 
        s/o John MYLANDER and Mysafer JOHNSON
          BARGSTROM, Matilda         23 North Platte       Sweden 
        d/o Peter BARGSTROM & Anna NALSTOTTER. Wit: W.P. MYLANDER & John LaMUNYON
6 Aug.    MARSHALL, John C.          33 Ft. McPherson      Virginia 
        s/o Baldwin MARSHALL & Mary  ----anette
          HOLLEHON, Christina        20 Ft. McPherson      Illinois 
        d/o Gordon HOLLEHON & Christine O'BRYAN. Wit: Daniel HOLMES.
29 Aug.   PATTERSON, Robert          21 North Platte       Ireland 
        s/o W.J. PATTERSON & Mary CARTWRIGHT.
          LOAN, Alice                19 Grand Island       Edinburgh, Scot. 
        d/o George LOAN & Sarah JOHNSON. Wit: Thomas C. PATTERSON & David PATTERSON
12 Nov.   BURKE, Franklin            28 North Platte       Germany 
        s/o Joseph BURKE and Therissa OBELZ
          REGETTZEY, Catherine       28 North Platte       "on the Atlantic" 
        d/o John REGETTZY & Catharine RINEHARD. Wit: T.W. LaMUNYON & Mrs. A.J. LaMUNYON.
28 Nov.   DRAKE, Isaac N.            27 Ft. McPherson      Kentucky 
        s/o Francis A. DRAKE & Minerva 1. GREY
          PRICKETTE, Abbie E.        22 Ft. McPherson      Ohio 
        d/o James PRICKETT & Phoebie BUARTON. Wit: T.W. LaMUNYON & Frederick A. LANDERS
1 Dec.    FRIEND, SYLVESTER          30 North Platte       PA 
        s/o John FRIEND & Elizabeth LORD
          MORIN, Mary                19 Ft. McPherson      St. Joseph 
        d/o Edward MORIN & Valentine TEATER. Wit: H. FRIEND & Mrs. WOODRURST.
25 NOV.   EIRDAM Theodore            30 North Platte       Germany 
        s/o Theodor EIRDAM & Catherine KONESHSAMER
        HERCHENTDER (HERCHENRDER, HERCHENRADER?) Margaret, 22, North Platte,  Germany
        d/o Henry HERCHENRDER & Elizabeth HOFFMAN. Wit: Chas. SCHLUMPF & Minnie SCHLUMPF

Vol VI, no. 2, page 74 - Fall 1983
Lincoln County Marriages, continued.

1872 (cont)

22 Dec.   ERICSON, Charles           40 Cottonwood         Sweden 
        s/o E. ERICSON & Annie M. FORSBALL
          MUNSTRUM, Sophie M.        30                    Sweden 
        d/o Abraham MUNSTRUM & Christina BERNANDER. Wit: E.E. ERICSSON, C.J. JOHNSON and Mrs. Maria JOHNSON.
15 Dec.   WALRATH, R. I.             26 Big Springs        New York 
        s/o Andrew WALFATH & Amanda SUTPHEN
          ELDRIDGE, Mary E.          16 North Platte       Iowa 
        d/o (both parents deceased) Wit: Wm  WOODRUFF & WM PRUDIE
22 Dec.   ERICSON, Charles G.        30 Ft. McPherson      Sweden 
        s/o Pierre ERICSON & Maria L. SWENSON
          JANSSON, Ingeborg          30 Ft. McPherson      Sweden 
        d/o Erik JANSSON & Katherina ERICSON. Wit: E.E. ERICSSON & Mrs. Carrie E. FEAY.

Vol VI, no. 2, page 74 - Fall 1983
Submitted by: Mrs. Helen Bentley, Brock, NE


Located in Glenrock Precinct, Section 13, Township 6, Range 14. An unkept cemetery overgrown with weeds and brush, stones broken, fallen over and base stones without markers. Therefore, this is an incomplete list of graves. Read and recorded by Ed and Helen Bentley on 1 Nov. 1982.

ASHLEY, Laura E., wife of John Ashley      April 15, 1863  aged 29 yr 
COATNEY, James Floyd, son of John & Min--- Apr. 9, 1874    aged 10 mo. 20 da 
EDWARDS, Nancy J., wife of William         Jan. 6, 1895    aged 52 yr, 1 mo, 7 da 
KARN, Joshua                               Mar. 31, 1881   aged 72 yr, 2 mo, 27 da 
        Catherine HOTT, wife of Joshua     Feb. 22, 1900   aged 84 yr, 2 mo, 15 da 
        Rebecca S.                         June 8, 1895    aged 42 yr, 3 mo, 16 da 
        (The 3 KARN graves are in a pipe fence to the south and east)
LASH, Hon. Joseph                          June 1, 1812    June 2, 1872 
        Susan, wife of Joseph              Feb. 20, 1812   Sept. 27, 1875 
        (The 2 LASH graves are in a wrought iron fence on west side)
        Willie, son of Emmoir & Sarah A.   Aug. 27, 1865   Jan. 9, 1885 
REED, Harrison                             May 12, 1907    aged 81 yr, 7 mo, 25 da 
        Sarah J., wife of Harrison         Aug. 15, 1889   aged 69 yr, 29 da 
        (The 2 REED graves are in a pipe fence on west side)
ROLSTON, Benj.                             Feb. 10, 1873   aged 84 yr, 4 mo, 6 da 
        Anna A., wife of B.                Feb. 12, 1872   aged 79 yr, 9 mo, 10 da. 
        T. J.                              May 6, 1875     aged 33 yr, 2 mo, 12 da 
        Mary A., wife of (C. or G.) D.     Feb. 26, 1899  
SKAATS, Rinier                             Jan. 27, 1865   aged 73 yr. 2 mo, 29 da 
WARREN, Martha J., wife of W.J.            Sept. 10, 1828  Sept. 29, 1874 aged 46 yr, 19 da 

Vol VI, no. 2, page 74 - Fall 1983
Submitted by: Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, NE

From: THE BROWNVILLE LETTER, Brownville, NE, Friday, Oct. 13, 1905 (Nemaha County)


The mar. of Miss Josie STROBLE to Mr. T.F. BEDESSEM, occurred at the home of the birde's parents in Omaha, Tues., 3 Oct. She is neice of Mr. & Mrs. B. STROBLE of Brownville & has many friends here.

Mr. BEDESSEM has worked for the dry goods firm of M.E. SMITH & Co. for 11 yrs.

Notice of App't of Administrator: Elizabeth MAHLE, filed to settle estate of Gottlieb MAHLE, deceased. J.S. McCARTY, Co. Judge.

G.R. SAPP, business man of Marion, Ind. is here visiting parents, Mr. & Mrs. J.W. SAPP, Sr., & to be present at celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary which occurs tomorrow.

Relatives gathered Sunday at home of Mr. & Mrs. J.G. WALTON in honor of H.A. WALTON'S 40th birthday.

Marriage of George SAPP, son of Elder & Mrs. SAPP, occurred a fortnight since at Beaver City. He & bride have gone to Iowa to reside.

THE BROWNVILLE LETTER, Friday, August 18, 1905.

Notice to settle estate of Robert Wilkinson FURNAS, deceased.

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