NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol 6, no 2
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals

Volume Six, no. 2
Fall 1983


Vol VI, no. 2, page 60 - Fall 1983
Submitted by: Mrs. Cora Esch, Spalding, NE
From Original Tax Records

1875 Tax List, Cedar Valley Precinct, Greeley County, NE
APPLEGARTH, W. H.   BELMORE, Wm. W.       FREEMAN, D.        GIBBS, E. G.
GIBBS, E. L.        GARDENER, Robert      HARTSELL, Abram    KEMPLIN, Sarah
OWEN, J. W.         PREDMORE, W. H.       SEXTON, Wm. H.     SHAW, Chas. H.
WORDEN, Wm. M.      WALKER, Charles       WORDEN, N. S.
1876 Tax List, Cedar Valley Precinct, Greeley County, NE
FREEMAN, D.         GEBBS, E. G.          GARDNER, R.        GARDNER, J.
HARRIS, A.          LEE, Wm. A.           PATTERSON, R.      REED, J. L.
SEXTON, Wm. H.      HARRIS, O. M.         SWEET, W. M.       SHAW, C. A.
SHAW, Wm. M.        TULLY, C. H.          WALKER, C.         WORDEN, N. S.

Vol VI, no. 2, page 61 - Fall 1983
Submitted by: Mrs. Cora Each, Spalding, NE

From: Spalding Enterprise, 1902

1902 Newspaper Items from Spalding Enterprise, Greeley County

(some papers were torn and date hard to read)

Jan. ? -- Married 26 Dec. 1902 (?) at Greeley were Myrtle ROGERS & Charles Edmond ALLEY.
Jan. 18. -- Bryan Gladstone WALSH was born to Mr. & Mrs. Ed. WALSH of Freeman Valley.

Feb. ?. -- Maggie ESCH mar. Ignaus SCHOLL at St. Michael's Church in Spalding. James ESCH, best man; Mary KRICK, bridesmaid.
Maude THOME mar. William MICHAEL in Albion. Fannie THORNE, bridesmaid.

Feb. 8 -- A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. Albric DePOORTER of Spalding.

Mar. ? -- A dau. was b. 27 March. to Mr. & Mrs. M. HAGGERTY.

April ? -- A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. August EBBESON on 16 April.
April ? -- A son born to Mr. & Mrs. Frank DELARM on 1 April.
April ? -- A son born to Mr. & Mrs. Peter PENNY on 24 April.
April ? -- A son born to Mr. & Mrs. Will Brown on 31 March.

May ? -- A son born to Mr. & Mrs. William KINNEY of Akron on 25 April.

June ? -- A son born to Mr. & Mrs. John PORTER of Wheeler Co. on 30 May 1902.
June ? -- A son born to Mr. & Mrs. August SENN of Wheeler Co. on 1 May 1902.

June 28--A son born to Mr. & Mrs. John PATTERSON of Freeman Creek on 24 June.
June 28--A son born to Mr. & Mrs. John BUST.

July ? -- A dau. born to Mr. & Mrs. VANDEVOORDE who live NW of Spalding.

July 5 -- Joseph DIVINE mar. Fannie KEENAN at St. Michael's Church on 2 July.
July 5 -- A son born to Mr. & Mrs. Tom LAWLESS on Sat., June 28.
July 5 -- A son born to Mr. & Mrs. Joe MONTGOMERY of Freman Valley.

July 12 -- A dau. born to Mr. & Mrs. Tom RUTLEDGE of Spalding on 7 July.

August 2 -- A son born to Mr. & Mrs. Will McBRIDE of Mud Creek.
August 2 -- A son born to Mr. & Mrs. W.J. LEE.

August 8 -- 6 mo. old son of Mr. & Mrs. Albric DePOORTER died; buried St. Michael Cemetery.

Sept. 27 -- Louise MURPHY, aged 64 yrs., d. 19 Sept. Akron, Boone Co., NE. Wife of Patrick MURPHY. She was b. 1838. An early settler of Boone Co. Children: a son & 3 daus.

Oct. 11 -- A son b. to Mr. & Mrs. Thos. JOYCE in Leo Valley Prct. on 8 Sept.
A son b. to Mr. & Mrs. M. GILROY of Pible, Wheeler Co., on 29 Sept.
A dau. to Mr. & Mrs. A. NELSON of Pible, Wheeler Co., on 6 Oct.

Oct. 25 -- John MORAN b. 24 May 1836 at County Mayo., Ireland, d. in Leo Valley, NE, in Oct. Mar. Sarah CLARK in 1859. Survices (sic) at St. Michael's. Children: Mrs. M. O'GORMAN, Patrick, Thomas, Frank, John MORAN, Mrs. J. PHELAN & Mrs. Thomas JOYCE.

Aug. 30 -- Paul KRICK mar. Mary DOLC at St. Michael's on Monday, ? Aug.

Oct. 11 -- Grant SAMPLE mar. Blanch KEYSER on 27 Sept. at Greely Center. Both are res. of Wheeler Co.

Vol VI, no. 2, page 62 - Fall 1983
Spalding Enterprise items continued:

Oct. ? -- Mary KRICK mar. Sigmund GORNY on Wed. -- Oct. at St. Michael's in Spalding.
Oct. ? --Lizzie KRICK mar. Charley BERBERICK at St. Michael's.
Oct. ? --Louise NEIS mar. Louis KRICK at St. Michael's.

Dec. 6--A dau. born to Mr. & Mrs. Al KRICK on 25 Nov.

Vol VI, no. 2, page 62 - Fall 1983
Submitted by Mrs. Cora Esch, Spalding, NE

From Original Land Records

NUMERICAL INDEX, LAND RECORDS, Section 20, Town 20, Range 9W, Greeley Co.

GRANTEE                          GRANTOR                  Kind of Instrument Date of Instrument 
Julian BELLMORE                  United States                  Patent         April 25, 1877 
Julian BELLMORE                  United states                  FRR              Oct. 6, 1876 
N. S. WORDEN                     Jullian BELLMORE               WD               Oct. 8, 1876 
John J. BEAN                     Nelson S. WORDEN & wife        WD              June 23, 1879 
Mary M. WORDEN                   John J. BEAN & wife            WD              June 23, 1879 
Timothy CRONIN                   United States                  FRR              May 27, 1882 
James Connell Sr.                Timothy CRONIN & wife          WD              Nov. 25, 1882 
William P. KANE                  James CONNELL & wife           Mtg.            Jan. 17, 1883 
Michael B. SULLIVAN              United States                  Patent          Oct. 10, 1882 
Solomon YANSEN                   Mary M. WORDEN & Husb.         WD              Apr. 17, 1883 
James CONNELL                    Mathew COLIGAN (single)        Mtg.            Apr. 24, 1884 
Mathew COLLIGAN                  James CONNELL & wife           WD              Apr. 26, 1884 
Franklin H. HEAD                 Michael B. SULLIVAN & wife     Mtg.              Dec. 1 1885 
Henry SULLIVAN                   Daniel SULLIVAN & wife         WD              Jan. 18, 1885 
Hiram D. UPTON                   Henry SULLIVAN                 Mtg.             Feb. 4, 1886 
J. M. MARSH                      Henry SULLIVAN                 Mtge.            Feb. 4, 1866 
Daniel SULLIVAN                  United States                  FRR             Aug. 22, 1884 
Daniel SULLIVAN                  United States                  Patent          Mar. 25, 1885 
J.M. MARSH                       Henry SULLIVAN                 Mtge.            Feb. 4, 1886 
Henry SULLIVAN                   Hiram D. UPTON                 Rel. Mtge.     March 20, 1886 
Henry SULLIVAN                   J.M. MARSH                     Rel. Mtge.      July 24, 1886 
Thomas D. CONNELL                Mathew COLIGAN (single)        WD              Oct. 19, 1886 
MEYER & RAAPKE                   Thomas D. CONNELL & wife       WD              Nov. 24, 1886 
Mathew COLTGAN (single)          James CONNELL                  Rel Mtge.       Nov. 24, 1686 
David McWILLIAMS                 J.M. MARSH                     Assgt Mtge.     Mar. 21, 1887 
James CONNELL & wife             W.R. KANE                      Rel Mtge        Jan. 19, 1888 
Ida M. YANSON                    Charles A. WILES (single)      QCD             June 21, 1888 
Chas. A. WILEY                   Solomon YANSON & wife          QCD             June 21, 1888 
Henry SULLIVAN                   David McWILLIAMS               Rel. Mtge.      Jan. 24, 1889 
David McWILLIAMS                 Henry SULLIVAN (single)        Mtge.            Feb. 1, 1889 
Michael B. SULLIVAN & wife       Franklin H. HEAD               Rel. Mtge.      Dec. 14, 1888 
Franklin H. HEAD                 Michael B. SULLIVAN & wife     Mtge.          Sept. 18, 1889 
Hugh DAVLIN                      Ida M. YANSON & hus.           WD              Sept. 9, 1892 
Ida M. YANSON                    Hugh DAVLIN & wife             Mtg             Sept. 9, 1892 
Lombard Investment Co.           Henry SULLIVAN & wife          Mtge.            Mar. 1, 1893 
Michael B. SULLIVAN & Wife       Franklin H. HEAD               Rel Mtge.       Apr. 29, 1893 
Henry SULLIVAN                   David McWILLIAMS               Release         Apr. 13, 1893 
Mary O'CONNOR                    M.B. SULLIVAN & wife           Mtge.           Nov. 21, 1893 
Brother Joseph Fielding          MEYER & RAAPKE                 Contract         Dec. 1, 1894 
Jane SULLIVAN                    Henry SULLIVAN & wife          Mtge.           Mar. 30, 1895 
Christ WEBER                     Henry F. SULLIVAN & wife       Mtge.           Feb. 18, 1896 
Bro. Joseph FIELDING             Henry MEYER & wife             WD              Feb. 11, 1897 
Richard SCANNELL                 Bro. Joseph FIELDING           Mtge.           Feb. 13, 1897 
Henry SULLIVAN                   Jane SULLIVAN                  Rel. M.         Mar. 19, 1897 
Henry SULLIVAN                   Christ WEBER & wife            Rel. M.         mar. 26, 1897 
Mary A. MATTHEWS                 Henry SULLIVAN & wife          WD              Mar. 25, 1897 
John A. PRESCOTT                 Lombard Investment Co.         Assg. M.        Apr. 17, 1893 
Henry SULLIVAN & wife            John A. PRESCOTT               Release         Apr. 12, 1897 
Franciscan Brothers              Rt. Rev. Richard SCANNELL      WD              Jan. 21, 1896 
Hugh DAVLIN & wife               Ida M. YANSON                  Release          Feb. 5, 1898 
B. S. CHAFFIN                    Mary A. MATTHEWS (wid)         Mtge.           Mar. 24, 1898 
LADD & HAGERMAN Trustees         Lombard Investment Co.         Assgt.           Apr. 3, 1893 
Henry SULLIVAN & wife            LADD & HAGERMAN Trustees       Release         Mar. 29, 1898 

Vol VI, no. 2, page 63 - Fall 1983
Greeley Co. Numerical Index continued:

GRANTEE                          GRANTOR                  Kind of Instrument Date of Instrument 
M. B. SULLIVAN & wife            Mary O'CONNOR                  Release         June 26, 1899 
Mary A. MATHEWS (wid.)           B.S. CHAFFIN                   Release         mar. 22, 1900 
A.F. Land & Live Stock Co.       M.B. SULLIVAN & wife           WD              Aug. 21, 1900 
Albert WHITESIDE                 Mary A. MATTHEWS (wid.)        Mtge.           June 19, 1903 
M.J. DEVOL                       Mary A. MATTHEWS (wid.)        Mtge.           Oct. 25, 1905 
Timothy CRONIN                   United States                  Patent          June 30, 1883 
Mary A. MATTHEWS                 Albert WHITESIDE                              
Franciscan Brothers              Bro. Joseph FIELDING           WD              Jan. 21, 1898 
Brother Joseph FIELDING          Richard SCANNELL               Release          Aug. 9, 1907 
The Union Central Life Ins. Co.  Franciscan Brothers            Mtge.          Sept. 25, 1907 
Union Central Life Ins. Co.      Franciscan Brothers            Mtge.            June 9. 1909 
Jess D. LAVERTY                  Mary A. MATTHEWS(wid)          Farm Lease      Dec. 18, 1909 
John TULLY                       Mary A. MATTHEWS (wid)         Mtge.           Apr. 15, 1911 
Grand Lodge Sons of Hermann      John TULLY                     Assgt.            May 8, 1911 
Mary A. MATTHEWS (wid.)          M.J. DEVOL                     Release          May 23, 1911 
H. F. J. HOCKENBEGER             Franciscan Brothers            Mtge.           Apr. 29, 1912 
H.F.J. HOCKENBERGER              Franciscan Brothers            Mtge.           Arp. 29, 1912 
Fannie FLUCK                     H.F.J. HOCKENBERGER            Assgt.          Apr. 30, 1912 
Franciscan Brothers              Union Central Life Ins. Co.    Release          May 14, 1912 
Franciscan Brothers              Union Central Life Ins. Co.    Release          May 14, 1912 
H.F.J. HOCKENBERGER              Franciscan Brothers            Mtge.           Apr. 29, 1912 
The German Am. L. Ins. Co.       Mary A, Matthews, widow        Mtge.            Dec. 6, 1913 
Mary MATTHEWS                    G. Lodge Sons of Herman        Release         Dec. 20, 1913 
Asler C. THOMPSON                A.T. Land & live Stock Co.     WD              Feb. 13, 1914 
Mary A. MATTHEWS (wid.)          Frank M. GROSS                 Release        
Israel GLUCK                     Fannie GLUCK                   Assgt.          Apr. 18, 1917 
The Guaranty Loan & Trust Co.    Franciscan Brothers            Mtge.             May 1, 1917 
Franciscan Brothers              Israel GLUCK                   Release          Apr 26, 1917 
Franciscan Brothers              H.F.J. HOCKENBERGER.           Release           May 7, 1917 
Israel GLUCK                     The Guaranty Loan & Trust Co.  Assgt.            May 7, 1917 
Benedict A. CARRAHER             Asler C. THOMPSON              WD              Nov. 20, 1917 
P.S. CARRAHER                    Asler C. THOMPSON              WD              Nov. 20, 1917 
Thomas M. CARRAHER               Asler C. THOMPSON              WD              Nov. 20, 1917 
Frank DAVLIN, et al              Hugh DAVLIN & wife             WD              Oct. 2 ' 1912 
Frank DAVLIN, et al              Julia A. DAVLIN, et al         QCD             June 13, 1917 
Rev. John F. DAVLIN, et al       Frank DAVLIN, at al            Mtge.           June 13, 1917 
Thomas M. CARRAHER               Benedict A. CARRAHER, & wf     WD              Jan. 22, 1918 
Travelers Ins. Company           Benedict A. CARRAHER & wf      Mtge.            Feb. 1, 1918 
I. SIBBERNSEN                    Benedict A. CARRAHER & wf      Mtge.            Feb. 1, 1918 
Peters Trust Company             Mary A. MATHEWS, (wid.)        Mtge.           Nov. 21, 1918 
Mary A. MATTHEWS, (wid.)         German American L. Ins. Co.    Release          May 31, 1918 
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Section 21, Town 20, Range 9

Brlington & Mo. River RR Co.     United States                  Patent          Nov. 20, 1872 
New England Trust Co.            Burlington & Mo R RR Co. HE    Mtge.            July 1, 1878 
Burlington & Mo R.RR Co NE       John W. BROOKS, et al, trustee Rel Mtge.      March 10, 1879 
Chicago Burlington & Quincy      Burlington & Mo R. RR Co. NE   Deed            July 26, 1880 
Irish Catholic Colo.z'n Assn.    Chicago Burlington & Q RR      W.D.             Sept 2, 1880 
Herman SMITH                     Chicago Burl. & Q. RR Co.      W.D.             Dec. 3, 1883 
Mrs. Jessie MURPHY               William DUNNING & wife         W.D.            Mar. 27, 1885 
J.M. MARSH                       Ann SULLIVAN (wid.)            Mtge.            Feb. 1, 1886 
Ann SULLIVAN (wid.)              Irish Catholic Colz'n Assn     W.D.            June 20, 1885 
Town of Spalding                 Irish Catholic Colz'n Assn     Plat & Deden    June 23, 1885 
Jules Emile DEVAS                Herman SMITH                   Bond for Deed    Mar. 3, 1887 
David McWILLIAMS                 J.M. MARSH                     Assgt, Mtge.   March 21, 1887 
Jules Emile DEVOE                Herman C. SMITH & wife         W.D.            Feb. 18, 1888 
James CONNELL                    Isaac CLINE & wife             Mtge.           Mar. 15, 1888 
P. P. FITZGERALD                 Isaac CLINE & wife             W.D.            Dec. 12, 1888 
Charles Louis DEVAS              Irish Catholic Colz'n Ass'n    W.D.            Sept. 1, 1890 
Jules E. DEVAS                   Irish Catholic Colz'n Ass'n    W.D.            Sept. 1, 1890 
T.M. BROWN                       Thomas FOX                     Mch Lien         Oct. 1, 1891 

Vol VI, no. 2, page 64 - Fall 1983
Greeley County Numerical Index continued:

GRANTEE                          GRANTOR                  Kind of Instrument Date of Instrument 
Andrew HOOVER                    Herman SCHMIDT                 Mtge.            Mar. 5, 1892 
Ann SULLIVAN                     David McWILLIAMS               Rel Mtge.       July 23, 1892 
Martin LANDON                    Chicago Burl. & Q. RR CO.      W.D.            Dec. 12, 1892 
Herman SCHMIDT & wife            Andrew HOOVER                  Release         July 11, 1893 
J.E. DEVAS                       Herman C. SMITH & wife         Bond             May 27, 1893 
St. Michaels Church              J.E. DEVOS (single)            W.D.            Apr. 16, 1894 
Ports WILSON                     T.M. BROWN                     Mch Lien         Aug. 8, 1894 
Rt. Rev. Richard SCANNELL        Irish Catholic Col. Ass.       W.D.             May 10, 1896 
Richard SCANNELL (Bishop)        Irish Catholic Colz'n Assn.    Q.C.D.          Jan. 11, 1896 
Ports WILSON                     T.M. BROWN                     Release         June 11, 1897 
Irving J. ROBERTS vs             Fred W. EDMONDS                M. Lien         Dec. 14, 1897 
Prosper FRANCOIS                 Rev. J.E. DEVOS                W.D.            March 5, 1898 
Henry BRENNAN                    Prosper FRANCOIS (single)      Mtge.           March 8, 1898 
J.E. DEVOS                       Herman C. SMITH & wife         W.D.           March 31, 1898 
Daniel J. O'HARRA                J.E. DEVOS (single)            W.D.            Apr. 23, 1898 
Prosper FRANCOIS                 Brown Lumber Co.               M. Lien         Apr. 30, 1898 
Frank J. O'HARRA                 Brown Lumber Co.               M. Lien          June 4, 1898 
Bernard CLARKE                   Rev. J.E. DEVOS                W.D.            June 25, 1898 
Heirs of Michael N. SULLIVAN     Chicago Burl. & Q. RR CO.      W.D.            Apr. 27, 1899 
Thomas F. SULLIVAN               SULLIVAN Heirs                 W.D.            Feb. 28, 1898
Michael B. SULLIVAN              Thomas F. SULLIVAN (single)    W.D.             Oct. 8, 1898 
Mrs. Jennie CAMERON              Julius EM DeVOS (single)       W.D.            Dec. 22, 1898 
Frank & Mrs. O'HARRA             John VANDER HAYDEN             M. Lien         Jan. 17, 1899 
Jennie C. CAMERON                Martin LANGDON & wife          W.D.            Feb. 16, 1899 
Martin LANGDON                   Jennie C. CAMERON & Hd         Mtge.           Feb. 18, 1899 
Church of St. Michael            Rt. Rev.Richard SCANNELL       O.C.D.          Aug. 31, 1899 
Thomas FOX                       T.M. BROWN                     Release         Jan. 29, 1900 
Prosper FRANCOIS (single)        Henry BRENNAN                  Release         Apr. 23, 1899 
1st Add. to Spalding             Church of St. Michael          Plat & Dedicn  Sept. 11, 1899 
Heirs pf Michael N. SULLIVAN     Chicago Burl. & Q. RR          W.D.            July 23, 1886 
Spalding State Bank              P.A. FRANCOIS (single)         Mtge.            Feb. 6, 1903 
J.H. O'NEILL                     P.A. FRANCOIS (single)         Mtge.           Apr. 16, 1901 
Thos HOUREN                      Rt. Rev. R. SCANNELL           Receipt         March.7, 1901 
Jennie C. CAMERON & Hd           Martin LANGDON                 Release         March 7, 1901 
Sarah E. INGALLS                 Rev. Jules E. DEVOS, (single)  W.D.            Sept. 7, 1897 
Honors Von WAITERMENDEN          Sarah E. INGALLS & Hd          W.D.            Jan. 28. 1902 
Frank & Mrs. O'HARA              John VANDER HEYDEN             Release         Apr. 17, 1901 
Abraham BURCHELL                 Julius E. DEVOS, single        W.D.             may 26, 1902 
Occidental Bldg & Loan Assn      Abraham BURCHELL, single       Mtge.           July 31, 1902 
Union Pacific Railroad Co.       Thomas F. SULLIVAN & wife      W.D.            Oct. 25, 1902 
Union Land Company               Thomas F. SULLIVAN & wife      W.D.            Oct. 25, 1902 
Prosper FRANCOIS                 J. H. O'NEILL                  Release         Sept. 9, 1903 
P.A. FRANCOIS                    Splading State Bank            Release        Sept. 29, 1900 
Prosper FRANCOIS                 Brown Lumber Company           Release         Apr. 18, 1901 
O.E. & Theresa KAISER            Prosper A. FRANCOIS (single)   W.D.            Aug. 15, 1903 
Brown Lumber Co.                 Frank J. OIRARA                Mech. L.         June 4, 1895 
Frank J. 01HARA                  Brown Lumber Co.               Release          Apr. 4, 1904 
Abraham BURCHELL                 Julius E. DEVOS                W.D.             Aug. 5, 1904 
Marie Van WATERMEULEN            H. Van WATERMUELEN             W.D.            Apr. 20, 1905 
Henry BRENNAN et al Trustees     Union Land Company             W.D.             May 19, 1904 
Robert J. HERING                 John HUST                      MC. Lien         May 16, 1906 
S.S. HADLEY & Co.                Jennie C. CAMERON & Hd.        Mtge.          Sept. 27, 1906 
J.R. RICE                        Julius E. DEVOS                W.D.             Jan 28, 1899 
G.W. CROFTS                      J.R. RICE                      W.D.              May 2, 1902 
Daniel J. O'HARRA                George W. CROFTS               W.D.            Dec. 16, 1904 
Occidental B. &.L. Assn          Abraham BURCHELL (widower)     Mtge.            June 7, 1907 
Abraham BURCHELL                 Occidental B. & L. Assn        Release          July 1, 1907 
Harry A. RILEY                   Julius E. DEVOS, single        W.D.             may 28, 1907 
Spalding Cemetery Association                                   Plat            Dec. 24, 1908 
Spalding Cemetery Trustee        P.A. FRANCOIS, Suryr           Deed            Dec. 24, 1908 
O.W. PALMER                      John HUST & wife               Mtge.            Oct. 1, 1908 
Union Central Life Ins. Co.      Daniel J. O'HARA & wife        Mtge.           Dec. 29, 1908 
To Public                        Spalding Cemetery Assn         Article Inc.     Nov. 4, 1907 

Vol VI, no. 2, page 65 - Fall 1983
Greeley County Numerical Index continued:

GRANTEE                          GRANTOR                  Kind of Instrument Date of Instrument 
John HUST & wife                 O.W. PALMER                    Release          Feb. 5, 1910 
John HUST                        Robert J. HERING               Rel Mc. Lien     Feb. 5, 1910 
Spalding Cemetery Ass'n          Harry A. RILEY & wife          W.D.            Jan. 23, 1908 
Frank PFEIFER                    Julius E. DEVOS, single        W.D.            Mar. 10, 1910 
Frank M. GROSS                   Union Land Company             Contract         June 9, 1909 
James WARD                       Frank M. GROSS & wife          Assgt.          June 10, 1910 
Fredrick ROSSOHAERT              Marie VanWATERMUELEN & Hd      W.D.            Jan. 23, 1911 
Mary F. HUST                     Julius Emile DeVOS, single     W.D.            Feb. 20, 1906 
David T. JONES                   Mary F. HUST & Hd              W.D.             Apr. 3, 1911 
P.C. SEMPER                      Bernard CLARKE                 W.D.             June 5, 1911 
Union Central Life Ins. Co.      Daniel J. O'HARRA & wife       Mtge.           Nov. 14, 1911 
Arther E. CONNELLY               David T. JONES & wife          W.D.            Apr. 26, 1911 
Effie M. WEBB                    Arthur E. CONNELLY & wf.       W.D.             Dec. 8, 1911 
Jennie C. CAMERON & Hd           S.S. HADLEY Co.                Release         Dec. 26, 1911 
Thomas BRENNAN                   Jennie C. CAMERON & Hd.        Mtge.            Oct. 2, 1911 
Penn Mutl Life Ins. Co.          Thomas BRENNAN                 Assgt            Jan. 9, 1912 
S.S. HADLEY Company              Daniel J. O'HARRA & wf         Mtge.           Sept. 1, 1912 
William SLATTERY                 Daniel J. 0'HARRA & wf         W.D.            Oct. 11, 1913 
Daniel J. O'HARRA                William SLATTERY & wf          Mtge.           Oct. 11, 1913 
Abraham BURCHELL, wdr.           Occidental B. & L. Assn        Release         July 11, 1914 
James WARD                       Union Land Company             Deed             Aug. 4, 1914 
Phoenix Mutl. Life Ins. Co.      Harry A. RILEY & wf            Mtge.           Oct. 15, 1914 
The Travelers Ins. CO.           Michael B. SULLIVAN & wf       Mtge.           Jan. 18, 1915 
Spalding Elevator Co.            James WARD & wf                W.D.            Apr. 29, 1915 
Phoenix Mutual Life Ins. Co.     Harry A. RILEY & wf            Release         ept. 28, 1915 
Alexander D. CAMERON             Jennie C. CAMERON              W.D.            June 25, 1915 
Thomas F. SULLIVAN               Alexander D. CAMERON, wdr.     W.D.             May 10, 1916 
Phoenix Mutl. Life Ins. Co.      Thomas F. SULLIVAN & Wf        Mtge.           Apr. 28, 1916 
Jennie C. CAMERON & Hd.          Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co.      Release          may 23, 1916 
Daniel J. OIRARRA & wf           S.S. HADLEY Company            Release         ept. 14, 1916 
Norbert P. SCHROEDER             Effie M. WEBB & Hd             W.D.             Jan. 2, 1917 
To Whom it may concern           M.M. SULLIVAN                  Affidavit       Oct. 20, 1917 
Joseph BALLWEG, et al            Julius E. DeVOS                W.D.             Dec. 5, 1917 
Philippine BALLWEG               Julius E. DEVOS, Bachelor      W.D.            Mar. 26, 1918 
Sigmon F. GORNEY                 T.W. LANIGAN                   Referee Deed    Apr. 15, 1918
Anna M. & Mary E. BURCHELL       Abraham BURCHELL               Will             Apr. 8, 1914
Anna M. & Mary E. BURCHELL       Samuel BURCHELL, Sgle          Q.C.D.          June 17, 1916
Anna M. & Mary E. BURCHELL       Thomas BURCHELL, Sgle          Q.C.D.          June 26, 1916
Anna M. & Mary E. BURCHELL       Abraham BURCHELL, Sgle         Q.C.D.          June 24, 1916
Anna M. & Mary E. BURCHELL       Arthur E. BURCHELL, Sgle       Q.C.D.          June 24, 1916 
Andrew A. RINGLEIN               Anna M. & Mary E. BURCHELL     W.D.             June 1, 1918 
Anna M. BURCHELL                 Andrew A. RINGLEIN & wf        Mtge.            June 1, 1918 
Prosper A. FRANCOIS              Julius E. DEVOS                W.D.            Aug. 15, 1918 
William SLATTERY & wf            Daniel J. O'HARRA              Release         Sept. 7, 1918 
Joseph BALLWEG                   Julius E. DEVOS, single        W.D.             Nov. 8, 1918 
Joseph BALLWEG                   Julius E. DEVOS, single        W.D.             Nov. 8, 1918 
The Union Central Life Ins. Co.  William SLATTERY & wife        Mtge.           Dec. 19, 1918 
Philippine BALLWEG               O.E. KAISER & wf               W.D.            Feb. 27, 1919 
M.M. SULLIVAN & M.J. DOWD        Joseph BALLWrG & wf            W.D.            Apr. 28, 1919 
M.M. SULLIVAN & M.J. DOWD        Harry A. RILEY & wf            W.D.             Jan. 3, 1919 
Harry A. RILEY                   M.M. SULLIVAN, sgle et al      Mtge.            Mar. 1, 1919 
M.J. DOLCE                       Norbert P. SCHROEDER & wf      W.D.            Sept. 3, 1919 
Norbert P. SCHROEDER             M.J. DOLCE & wf                Mtge.              Sept, 1919
Joseph BERNT                     A.D. CAMERON                   W.D.             Mar. 1, 1919 
Daniel J. O'HARRA & wf           union Central Life Ins. Co.    Release         Oct. 11, 1919 
Michael B. SULLIVAN & wf         The Travelers Ins. Co.         Release         Sept. 6, 1918 


Homestead, Clear Creek, Cedar, Spalding, Parnell, Mount Pleasant, Freeman Valley, Leo Valley, Wallace Creek, Center, O'Connor, Logan, Scotia, Fish Creek, Brayton, Spring Creek

Vol VI, no. 2, page 66 - Fall 1983
Submitted by: Mrs. Aileen R. Rawlings, 324 Kelly St., St. Paul, NE 68873



     Greeley County was settled by homeseekers. People who joined immigrant trains from the eastern states or trekked overland with ox teams and white topped wagons to find land for a home. Soldiers of the Civil War, Immigrants from Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Austria: miner from Pennsylvania; marble cutters, hatters, tailors, wagon makers, carpenters, laborers, and skilled artisans from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin. Men who were tired of a boss and were determined to be their own; college graduates, men with money and men with none, found themselves neighbors engaged in the common task of making a home and a living.

     The territory which now comprised Greeley county appears to have been inhabited by that legendary character, "Happy Jack Swearington", who lived and trapped up and down the Loup Valley before 1869, when he lived for a time on the peak which bears his name in the chalk hills near Scotia.

     The first claim in the county was that of Alcie P. FISH who filed his papers in 1871 in the southwestern part of the county. At that same time a party arrived from Washara County, Wisc., to seek a location for a colony of Seventh Day Baptists. Of that party only C.P. ROOD returned a favorable report. In Nov. of that year he returned with his brother, his son-in-law, Mansell DAVIS and John SHELDON. Mr. DAVIS and Mr. SHELDON filed on land adjoining the Valley county line on 6 November 1871.

     John KELLOGG filed a claim in the fall of 1871, north of the resent town of Scotia and in April 1872, S.C. SCOTT, his wife and five daughters, Alonzo SHEPARD, wife and daughter, Maude, A.M. STEWART, established their homes in this neighborhood.

     A post office was located in the area, by the name of Lamartine, 17 April 1873 with A. P. FISH in charge.

     In December of that year Mr. and Mrs. James WALLACE arrived to take land.

     Among other early arrivals, were the families of A.J. GILLESPIE, Lewis F. PHILIPS, John V. ALDERMAN, D. BENSON, Oscar BABCOCK, W. WHITEFORD, Wm. HARRIS, Harvey GROSSE, Fred HITZMAN, Ben MULLENBAK, Thomas TOWNSLEY, T.C. DAVIS, George HILLMAN, L.C. SCOTT, E.B. FISH. Later arrivals included James HARLOW, G. CRAIG, Patrick COYNE, J.J. BEAN, David MOORE, Simon BILYEAU, George SMALL, Jessie BILYEAU, Horace MOORE, Joshua TOLBERT, Alfred HILLMAN, John BUCHAN, Al BAKER, Elias JEFFRIES, George RUTHERFORD, H. COLVIN, John DAUGHERTY, the Hayden brothers, Thomas WATSON, John VAIRY, Bennett MORSE, Fred MEYER, David LOCKER, John HAMILTON, Maurice and Richard JOHNSON.

     County organization was effected in the fall of 1872, the first commissioners were A.B. FISH, T. C. DAVIS and Alonzo SHEPARD; County Clerk, E.B. FISH; County Treasurer, S,C. SCOTT; Sheriff, G.W. BABCOCK; County Judge, George HILLMAN; Surveyer, Mansell DAVIS; Superintendent of Schools, J.G. KELLOGG: Coroner, C. H. WELLMAN.

     In 1890 the supervisor system was adopted and the following were elected; Peter KILLEEN, Angus CAMPBELL, C.A, HAGADORN, Patrick BURNS, W.J. FOX, W.P. DENNING, Mark WILLIAMS, Frank HAZEN, A.M. FLOATEN, D.W. LOCKERr HENRY LaFRENCH, Julius KELLY, S.E. HORTON. The fifteen supervisors for 1891 were G.B. ANDERSON, Patrick BURNS, W.D. DAILY, W.P. KUNNING, Michael GILSON, Julius KELLY, John G. KELLOGG, M.L. KREBS, D.W. LOCKER, J.M. LOWE, D.D. McCARTHY, Patrick McSHARRY, P.J. PHILBINr J.D. WEST and Patrick TRACY.

     Mr. George MILNE had arrived from Washers County, Wisc. on 12 Oct. 1880. He had two sons named George and "Hub".

     Scotia, the first town in the county came into existence in 1874. The first newspaper, The Greeley County Tribune, was published in 1877 by E. BARTLETT and A.B. LEWIS, it was designated the official paper of the county. The first Postmast was Judge J.J. BEAN in 1877 who also orperated a small hotel. S.W. BILYEAU was the second postmaster in 1882, having served as county clerk in 1877. Both had been soldiers in the Civil War. Edward WRIGHT managed the first store in Scotia, it was owned by W.H. WEST of Grand Island.

     Before the town of Scotia was located, Samuel C. SCOTT kept a post-office in his home which was established 19 December 1873.

     Officers of the first bank in the county, The Greeley County Banking Company were; T.P. LANIGAN, President; J.M. MARSH, cashier; D.C. HALL, T.C. PHAELAN; A.H. FLOATEN and Lewis HERBERT, directors.

     Henry McMILLIAN, an early settler near Scotia wrote his cousins, Mr. & Mrs. W.B. WOODS of New York State, in 1883 and urged them to come out to Greeley county. They induced Dr. G.S. BOWEN to try the assignment. When the Dr. saw the country by daylight he at once decided to return east. However the drugist prevailed upon him to stay a few weeks, which lengthened into several months before he did. Later he returned to settle at O'Conner, where he built and stocked a small drugstore.

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Early History of Greeley County, NE, continued:

     Newspapers published in Scotia included The Scotia Herald by N.H. PARKS in 1886, The Greeley County Graphic by George W. McNULTY in 1887, The Scotia Republican by Will FAWCETT in 1888, The Greeley Co. Independent in 1889 by Edward ALLNUTT, the Scotia News in 1888 and The Socitia Republican by W. E. MORGAN in 1890. J.B. PADDOCK published the County Herald and H.W. SAWYER published a paper in the early 80's.

     J.D. WATT was a merchant, J,J, TRYNOR the first undertaker, Louis SMARTWOOD a drugist. James McMILLEN operated a livery and feed stable. A.H. FLOATEN was a merchant, Ira JAMES and son were advertising building stone for sale, Ed WRIGHT built a store building, G.W. SCOTT and T.J, DOYLE were law partners. Thomas CONTWELL opened a lumber yard, A.B, STOREY and John SHEDLOW purchased the grist mill from John WERTZ.

     L.L. DOANE marketed 10 carloads of hogs, L.E. KEUHNE was feeding 300 head of cattle, John SAUTTER was farming on an extensive scale, on his land and some owned by B.S. STRAWN and E. WOODWORTH.

     Rev. J.F. HAYES of O'Conner held services at Scotia every second Sunday.

     Will HANNON, prominent businessman, had moved his family to Spalding.

     The Methodist church in Scotia was organized by Rev. George HILLMAN in August 1673 on his homestead in the Lamaratine settlement. The first church was completed in 1885. The first marriage was Miss Mary GEBHARDT and George W. SCOTT, the same year. Early pastors were, Rev. WOOD, Rev. Welcome SMITH and Rev. WARE. The German Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, was organized in 1884 with Rev. SCHROEDER as the first pastor. Early members were C. MOELLER and family, J, JAEGER and family and H. SCHMIDT and family. Later, the Will SOMMERS family, Mr. and Mrs. GUTTERSHIECK, the Harvey ALPERS family, the Fred A. STANNER family, the William BREDTHAUER family, the John KLINE family and the H. DAUDT family. Rev. WAENER was minister at a later date.

     The first Masonic Lodge in the county, Crystal Lodge number 191, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons was organized at Scotia. The charter was granted on 20 June 1891.

     After the removal of the county seat from Scotia, the Scotia Norman and Business University was organized to fill the building. Professor George A. WRAY headed the school, others on the staff were Prof. HORN and Mrs. W.E. MORGAN.

     Two unique characters belonging to Scotia were an old colored couple, Uncle John and Aunt Caroline BIDDLE, who had come to the county in the early eighties with Dr. I.M. LILLY when he established his Kentucky horse farm near O'Connor. Uncle John late in life was able to track a daughter in Chicago, with whom he was united.

     "Doc" MIDDLETON, notorious horse thief and outlaw of the early 80's visited Scotia.

     "Nigger" Amos HARRIS usually accompanied Doc on these visits. Later he left the gang and settled on a ranch in the northwestern part of Greeley county, where he lived, well liked by his neighbors, till his death.

     David MOORE kept the immigrant house and became land agent for the B & M railroad. J.M. BOOKWALTER of Ohio worked with MOORE acquiring 40,000 acres of land later selling to to settlers

     Arthur L. ORENDORFF, a manufacturer from Illinois, purchased 45 quarter sections and established a cattle ranch. Mr. & Mrs. ORENDORFF spent their summers there until the ranch was sold.

     German families from Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and other eastern states took homesteads.

     Fish Creek took its name from Elihu FISH who lived near the mouth of the creek. D.W. LOCKER homestead in Fish Creek (precinct) in 1876. Jacob SAUTTER, Michael SAUTTER and "Red" John SAUTTER, were three brothers who came from Indiana to settle in Fish Creek in 1879. In 1880 their cousins George, J.H. and Martin A. SAUTTER all drove overland, bringing horses, stock with them and settled in the same neighborhood.

     Other early residents were, George LINCOLN, George MEYERS, Henry SCHILLING, Henry HERMSMEYER, George HOKE, Albert SCHILLING, Max FILER, Frank DAUDT, John SCHILLING, David MILLIGAN, William HALPIN and B.F. GRIFFITH.

     Turning south from the Halpin school house in the early day, settlers were often heard to say there were going down to "old Germany". There were seven families along the road who came direct from Germany to Fish Creek precinct, the Frank DAUDT, Gottlieb FOX, Carson MILLER, John JAEGERS, Henry SCHMIDT, RUDOLF and TIEDREN families.

     Henry NAGEL and his sister, Sophia (Mrs. Martin SAUTTER) came from Iowa in 1887.

     In 1883 the William WEGNER family, two sons, Lewis and Herman and daughter Anna, (Mrs. George SAUTTER) arrived in Merrick County from Germany. In a few months they came to Greeley county to farm land owned by their cousin Rev. Herman WEGNER, a circuit rider preacher. They had a son who remained working in Merrick county.

     Mr. & Mrs. RODGEN came to Fish Creek by train from Scotia. Mr. and Mrs. Martin SCHOEMAKER came to Fish Creek from Benton County, Iowa in 1882.

     Anton HEPP and Ignatius BIXEMAN, brothers-in-law arrived in Greeley county in October 1882, from Crown Point, Indiana.

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Early History of Greeley Countyr NE, continued:

     Two rural churches were built in Fish Creek, the Evangelical and the German Lutheran. Early ministers were Rev. GROVE from North Loup, Rev. WEGNER, Rev. ALTHOUSE and Rev. FISHER of the Evangelical church. Early members were the Martin SCHOEMAKER family, the William WEGNER family, the John SCHILLING family, the SHUTTLER family, the Fred MEYER family, Mr. HILKE and Louis SRADLE.

     Services of the German Methodist church began as early as 1879, early members were Max, Theodore and Ernest AMENDA, Charles BISKHORN and family, the J,H. SAUTTER family, the J.C. and J.G. SAUTTER families. The first services were held in German by Rev. F.H. SCHULTZ.

     Early settlement in Boston Valley. Two of the first pioneers to arrive in Greeley county were Patrick HYNES and Michael McCARTHY who left Pittston, Pennsylvaniar in the spring of 1877. A second group to seek homes there were P.W. CADIGAN, Phil CURNYN and Hugh GREEN and John McPARTLIN from Boston and Woburn, Massachusetts. They selected land for relatives and friends in Woburn and Boston, namely, James and Peter SMITH, John and Patrick WINN, Thomas GREEN, John CANNON, William AHERN, John CURRIE, James DOLAN, John H. MAGUIRE and Patrick GRADY.

     Others who arrived in 1877 and settled on land east of Boston Colony were James TIMON and Patrick BROWN, Thomas BURKE and his mother, Mrs. Mary BURKE, his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. TAYLOR. This group like the others came from the mining districts of PA. near Carbondale.

     The first Mass held in this section of the county was held on Nov. 19, 1877 by Father J.M.J. SMYTHE who was stationed at Shell Creek in Platte county and was in charge of a large missionary district including Greeley, Boone, Nance, Howard, Holt and several other counties.

     The P.F. MURPHY family left Clinton, Mass. and arrived August 7, 1880 in Grand Island. From there they took a stage to the immigrant house on the Patrick HYNES farm in Boston Valley.

     Peter and Patrick KERRIGAN left Philadelphia in Feb. 1881 to join the Boston Valley colony.

     Mr. and Mrs. John GOONAN arrived in the county in 1880, it was their wedding trip.

     John FITZPATRICK left Ireland on Christmas Day in 1879, and reached O'Conner in January to join his children who had lived there for many years. Michael J. MOORE arrived with his parents and bros. and sisters in 1882 from New York City. Frank FOSTER immigrated to Howard county in the 70's and to Greeley county in 1878.

     John S. McFADDEN came from Pennyslvania in 1880 to homestead land.

    O'Conner was the third town in the county.

     T.P. LANIGAN and his brother David arrived from Wisconsin in May 1880. T.C.PHAELAN and his family and his brother James, and a sister Ellen, all from Jackson county, Iowa.

     P.J. ROONEY arrived in 1881 from Ireland. M.B. GEARON opened a law office. R.H. CLAYTON published the O'Conner Democrat. He was formerely of Ord. P.J. PHILBIN was an early arrival at O'Conner. Julius E. DEVOS served until 1886 as successor to Rev. SMYTHE. Rev. J.F. HAYES arrived 20 June 1886 to begin his ministry which lasted 38 years.

     The Sisters of Mercy came to Greeley county and opened a school, 20 Sept. 1889. Nuns in charge of the school were; Rev. Mother M. Peter, Rev. Mother M. Leo, Mother M. Aquin, Mother M. Michael, Sister M. Alphonsus, Sister M. Xavier, Sister M. Sebastin, Sister M. Genevieve, Sister M. Alexis and Sister Pancreatias.

     Mr. MAGINN was eleven years old when the family came to Greeley county from New Zealand, which they left in 1876. He and his brothers, Nicholas and Johnr sisters, Mary, Kate and Rose and his parents spent six months in Ireland before coming to the United States. They lived for a year in Iowa before leaving Kellogg, Iowa in Feb. 1878 for Greeley County.

     John G. FOSTER with his dau. Nellie and son Frank arrived from Carbondale, PA in the spring of 1877. His sons Michael, John A., and Thomas came in 1879.

     In the year 1880, 2 families came, Mrs, Ellen BYRNE, her son James and daus. Mary, Anna, Katie, Ella, Maggie and Honora from Ireland. Also Mrs , Patrick O'Neill with her daus. Lizzie, Essie and Nellie came to join Mr. PATRICK near O'Conner.

     In October, 1880, Austin O'MALLEY brought his family from Boston. James COTTAM brought his family from England in 1880. Squire E.J. MURPHY came with his family from Dwight, Illinois. Joseph FOGARTY arrived with his family from Joliet, Ill., in 1888. John W. GIBBONS from Ireland settled near O'Conner about 1887. Michael and Morgan KAVANAUGH and Richard KINSELLA came in 1890 and 1892. Lawrence LEARY and family arrived from Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1883. Mr. and Mrs. James L. KEATING and family came from Illinois. The family of Lawrence BRANNEN left NY in the early 80's arriving in Merrick county and remaining there 11 years before joining the Irish coloney, locating east of Greeley.

     J.H. WALEN located in 1884. John HIGGINS in 1883. Michael O'GORMAN in 1882. Patrick McSHARRY in 1882. Bernard J. MURPHY and family came from Ohio in 1886. Patrick, Daniel, Edward and Thomas BURNS, brothers, from Montana where they located from Ireland, came to Logan precinct. Mrs. Ellen O'KEEFE and 4 children from Ireland came directly to Greeley in 1883. Richard, Miles and Michael COSTELLO, miners from Carbondale, PA, arrived in 1878. Michael returned to PA.

Vol VI, no. 2, page 69 - Fall 1983
Early History of Greeley County, NE, continued:

     John HARRAHILL came from PA in 1878. John LARKIN took a homestead in 1878. Dr. I.B. LILLY, Chicago physician, purchased several sections where he raised trotting horses which set records in Kentucky.

SpacerPioneers in Spring Creek

     Charles T. WEEKES, 17, and his brother William B. not yet 16, arrived in Spring Creek Valley in 1875. James L. REED homesteaded here and kept the earliest postoffice, known as El Dorado, established in March, 1676. Johnathan CROW, Charles JACKSON and Nathan HARRIS settled on Spring Creek. Charles WEEKS became postmaster for El Dorado. A.M. THAYER arrived in 1875. Michael NESTOR came to Greeley county from Adams county. William STARRETT, a Scotch Irishman arrived in 1879. A countryman James McCLUNG left his home in the north of Ireland and settled in Saline county before coming to Greeley county. Another to settle along Timber Creek was Joseph BERNEY, who had left Switzerland and joined a colony in Platte county. E.A. WIGHT came from New York state in 1877. Other early settlers in this section of the county were: Arris KINNEY, Aaron KINNEY, Will DECKER, TOM FERRIS and will HORN. Comey MERCHANT arrived from New York state in 1880.

     Delay F. McINTYRE and his 16 year old bride drove a team of mules from Washington, Iowa to Nance younty (sic) on the Greeley county line. A few years later his father Thomas located on 80 acres and opened the Olive postoffice.

     In 1889 the Danish Lutherans built a church. The first services were conducted by Rev. Christian PETERSON of Dannebrog.

     The second church was the Methodist in 1889. Early ministers were Rev. William VAN BURAN, Rev. L.R. WOLFE, Rev. E.E. DAY, Rev. W.L. ELLIOT and Rev. F.E. SALA; each served I year.

     Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized in 1890 by Rev. BURNETT. Others were Rev. I.N. AUGUSTINE, Rev. E.E. BOLLMAN, Rev. R.A. WHITE.

     Isaac SUNDSTRUM arrived from Sweden in 1881. Charles AHL also walked up from Grand Island. Rasmus PETERSON came from Denmark in 1888. Eric HANSEN came to Howard county from Denmark and later to Greeley county. John and Thomas LYIONS came from Canada to Howard county in 1873 coming over to Greeley county in 1877. Their parents also. John ROTHER came from Germany in 1881v living in Grand Island and Cushing before coming to Greeley county. His brother Herman came also. James CHRISTIANSEN was a carpenter in his native Denmark. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. LARSON came from Sweden. Nels MADSEN broke sod west of Wolbach. Charles G. ALLYN kept the Summit postoffice. D. Bruce TOWNSEND and wife Abigail succeeded him. C.M. DOLLARHIDE trapped along the creeks. James STEENSON came from N.J., homesteadin in 1885. John WIBBELS brought his bride, Anna KASSELDER whom he had married in Fullerton in 1885. Others who lived in the neighborhood were Cal McCLUNG, August WAGNER, Albert WIBBELS, James McCLUNG, "Big" Andrew CLINE and "Little" Andrew CLINE, William BRYER and Robert CONNER.

     Enfield was a postoffice in Logan precinct with David H. TATE as postmaster. It was discontinued in 1894. Settlers in the vicinity were J.H. WATTS, S.S. BARROW, Homer KELLEY, Alfred MERCHANT, Carl and Pierce ANDREWS. Harry A. HILL kept a postoffice called Chase in 1880. J.M. LOWE and family came from Iowa in 1885. Grant LOWE and Jacob GROSSART were early settlers. Glascow was a postoffice on the John WAGNER farm kept by Marion FIARMAN. Cedar Valley Settlement

     James KINNIER and Robert PATTERSON left Fremont and traveled up the Cedar Valley to settle here. Michael R. SULLIVAN was the next pioneer to locate in the Cedar Valley. Other settlers and neighbors were Joseph GRIMM, Adam NEIS, John SCHLAUM, Timothy CRONIN, W.J. LEE, C.E. TULLY, Thomas W. GLENN, Robert GARDINER, R.C. ROBERTS, Robert McNIGHT, N.S. WORDENF William SHAW, F.O. O'NEILL, Julian BELMORE, R.D. DILLION, W.S. KEENAN, B. LAMB AND W.J. FOX.

     John SULLIVAN and his wife drove overland from Juneau county, Wisc. in 1877 to take up land. Edward GILROY left PA..Louis JOHNSON was their closest neighbor.

     Louie MORAN kept a postoffice and trading post named Moran on the Greeley-Wheeler county line. Mres. Mary CONNELL came from Illinois to operate millinery shops in the area. Michael MURPHY left PA for Utah returning to Omaha and then Spalding. Martin FLYNN was his nephew, also from PA. Publishers in Spalding were W.E.F. FIENARD in 1889, Douglas M. TALBOT in 1898 and John E. KAVANAUGH about 1900.

     In 1880 Thomas NAUGHTON and David 0'Feefe drove overland from Jeneau county, Wisc. Other early arrivals in the vicinity of Spalding were Michael TOOHEY, who came from Schuyler, Joseph BALLWEG and Frank SMYTHE. Thomas BROWN came to Cedar Valley in 1883. Arthur NAUGHTON arrived later. Patrick HIGGINS came from Ill. in 1884. When Thomas PRITCHARD arrived in Spalding in 1885 there were only 2 or 3 buildings. John DUNNING left Ill. in 1883.

     Daniel D. MCCARTHY came from Jackson county, Iowa in 1880. His bro. Richard McCARTHY was also an early settler. J.P. NOONAN was an early teacher who received his certificate in 1881. Thomas KEENAN was also a teacher. Charles E. HUGHES had been a miner in PA. Other residents of the area were Frank MEECRAN, Henry FERGUSON, Thomas JOYCE, Hugh CURRAN, Dennis MURPHY, Michael

Vol VI, no. 2, page 70 - Fall 1983
Early History of Greeley County, NE, continued:


     Other names mentioned were H.A. "Hank" HILL, Willis GOULD, N.H. PARKS, T.J. DOYLE, M.B. GEARON, J.R. SWAIN, J.R. HANNA G.A. NEUMAN.

     Citizens of Scotia were Lewis HERBERT, C.C. HALL, S. WILCOX, A.R. PEARCE, Charles McMILLIAN and T.P. LANIGAN.

     Citizens of O'Conner were John McEANEY, John McILDUFF. Some Wolbach residents were E.A. WIGHT, Wiley R. DAVIS, Frank BISSEL, Tom ROBERTS, Nels HENDERSON, Hans JOHNSON, F.E. SEAVEY, P.M. CUTLER and John SHERMAN.

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