NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol 6, no 1
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Six, no. 1
Summer 1983


Volume VI, no. 1 page 29 - Summer 1983
Submitted by: Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, NE

From: Journal of the 21 Annual Encampment of the Dept. of Ne, GAR, 10 Feb. 1897

The Soldiers' and Sailors' Home in Grand Island opened in 1888, fifty-two veterans were admitted under its roof. From that time until the present (1897) the membership has grown to nearly 250 people, officers, inmates, and employees. It must be remembered that the veterans of the late war are now old men, very few being under fifty-five years of age, and require care and comforts denied them elsewhere.

The records show that the first commandant of the Home was John HAMMOND; second, Miles ZENTMYER; third, W.C. HENRY; fourth, D.C. SCOVILLE; fifth, the present commandant, Col. Jno. W. WILSON.

Visiting & examining board consists of Mrs. L.A. BATES, president, Aurora; C.D. CASPER, David City, secretary; Mrs. E.M. ABBOTT; W.E. MORGAN, Greeley; G.N. SMITH, Kearney. Col. WILSON's assistants are Dan ALTHEN, adjutant & guartermaster; S. SADLER, Surgeon; Mrs. Hannah ZIMMER, matron; J.E. KIRKPATRICK, chief clerk, M. O'BRIEN, quartermaster & orderly sergeant; D.C. HART, librarian; John MURRAY, farm superintendent; E.H. BAKER, Sr. & M.J. BROWNE, engineers & electricians; E.E. GRAHAM, laundryman; James FOLSON, chief cook; C.F. TERWILLIGER, carpenter.

The New Commander: (for 1897)

John A. EHRHARDT, Dept. Comander elect, was born in Erback, Germany, Dec. 6, 1848. He emigrated to this country in 1854 & settled in Chambersburg, PA, where his father died two years later. John became a member of Company F, 52 Illinois Infantry, and at the close of the War took a course of instruction in the Illinois Military Academy, after which he enlisted in the regular army and was assigned to Co. K, 19th Inf. After leaving the service he was employed until 1876 when he was admitted to the bar, and removed the next year to Stanton, NE, where he has pursued the profession and is now county attorney. He joined the G.A.R. in 1883 and is a charter member of Kendall Post #190.

 2.  Ft. Omaha        4. Fremont          7. Omaha           10. David City 
 11. Grand Island    12. Sidney          18. Fairmont        23. Central City 
 24. Nebraska City   25. Lincoln         30. Raymond         43. Fairfield 
 44. Aurora          56. Milford         74. Cedar Rapids    81. Juniata 
 84. Falls City      91. Minden          99. Sterling       109. Norfolk 
134. Wood River     147. Fullerton      155. Kenesaw        163. Beaver City 
169. Crab Orchard   207. McCook         220. Ravenna        262. Omaha 
264. Calloway       272. Battle Creek   301. Champion       329. Upland 
338. Butte           47. Tecumseh 


Post     Name                Date of    Aged       War Service    
                             Death              Co.  Regiment   State 
  2 Gregory FARRELL         Oct. 10      49     D   28th Inft.  New York 
  4 William WILSON          Feb. 11      50     F   36th Inft.  Pennsylvania 
  7 John Leasure            July 14      53     E  100th Inft.  Illinois 
  7 N.B. HAMILTON           July 28      58     H     33 Inft.  Illinois 
  7 O.F. WELLS              July 14      56     I   28th Inft.  Illinois 
 10 E.R. MANLEY            Sept. 30      73     C   44th Inft.  Illinois 
 11 Nicholas RENTING        Mar. 20      69     I     7th Cav.  Wisconsin 
 11 Stephen MILLGATE         Apr. 1      66     A  153rd Inft.  New York 
 11 M.A. DAVIDSON           Aug. 14      60     A  108th Inft.  Illinois 
 12 C.E. BORGQUEST           Aug. 6      69          Hos. St.   U.S.A. 
 18 J.H. BENNETT            Dec. 29      76     K  177th Inft.  Ohio 
 23 Jacob PUSEL              Feb. 6      65     E   10th Inft.  Illinois 
 23 H.W. PERSONS            Mar. 17      75     G    6th Inft.  Vermont 
 23 C. HOFFMAN                May 1      72     K  202nd Inft.  Pennsylvania 
 24 Peter BOURLESS           Mar. 6      65     K   43rd Inft.  Illinois 
 24 Geo. C. HALL            Mar. 25      54     I   16th Inft.  Wisconsin 
 20 J. KOPPENHOFER         Sept. 15      56     H  131st Inft.  Pennsylvania 
 24 A.C. ROSELLINS         Sept. 21      58     B     4th Cav.  U.S.A. 
 24 H.C. BISHOP             Oct. 20      62     F   97th Inft.  New York 
 25 D. RIDER                July 24      58     E    33d Inft.  Illinois 
 25 D.N. CUTTS              July 27      65          5th Inft.  Vermont 

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Volume VI, no. 1, page 30 - Summer 1983
G.A.R. Memorial's continued

Post     Name                Date of    Aged       War Service    
                             Death              Co.  Regiment   State 
 25 E. WIDEBURG             Mar. 17      66         1st Inft.   Missouri 
 25 J.H. KNIGHT             Oct. 17      67     F  28th Inft.   Pennsylvania 
 25 John BROOKS              Oct. 2      71     E  22nd Inft.   Iowa 
 25 James BROWN              Nov. 9      84          1st Bat.   Missouri 
 25 Jacob PLANT             Nov. 19      63     E  32nd Inft.   Ohio 
 30 Jacob PLANK             Nov. 19      63     E  132d Inft.   Ohio 
 43 W.H. RANDALL             Jan. 6      50     C   8th Inft.   Iowa 
 44 Thos. SMITH              May 18      70     A  69th Inft.   Illinois 
 44 C.B. BRIGHAM             May 26      68     H   4th Inft.   New Hampshire 
 44 N. BARBER               Dec. 24      54                     
 47 S.D. PORTER               May 7             H     2d Cav.   Iowa 
 74? M. SMITH                May 11      68     F  40th Inft.   Iowa 
 56 P. D. WAKELAND           June 7      68     H  70th Inft.   Indiana 
 84 J.N. RICKER             Nov. 22      68     H  48th Inft.   Indiana 
 81? Chas. Pelen            Sept. 1      69     H  13th Inft.   Illinois 
 91 J.I. TAYLOR            March 24             A  59th Inft.   Indiana 
 91 John ETGETMILLS        Sept. 26             B  64th Inft.   Illinois 
 99 Geo. WINTERS                         57        64th Inft.   Illinois 
109 U. GREGORY             July 25       64     F  43rd Inft.   Wisconsin 
134 A. PLUMER               Oct. 1       76     F 107th Inft.   Illinois 
134 Job SCOTT               Feb. 4       50     B  91st Inft.   Ohio 
434 J.N. MCDANIELS        April 26       64     H 185th Inft.   New York 
147 Z. MILLER               Dec. 3       51     K  25th Inft.   Pennsylvania 
155 I.A. MATHICK          Sept. 13       48        15th Inft.   West Virginia 
163 C.H. RICHARDS           Oct. 9       62     H  42nd Inft.   Indiana 
163 J.B. VANLAWRENCE        Oct. 2       63     F  83rd Inft.   Illinois 
169 W.G. STONE             Jan. 24       57     C   1st Inft.   Iowa 
207 M. KESSLER             Nov. 26       64     B 104th Inft.   Illinois 
220 F. STINE               Jan. 14       52     E  93rd Inft.   Ohio 
262 W.W. LEAS               Feb. 8       56     K  15th Inft.   Pennsylvania 
262 Elias COREY             July 6       69     G 109th Inft.   Illinois 
262 J. BILLINGS           April 24       51     F    5th Cav.   Pennsylvania 
262 E.H. BURCHARD           Aug. 4       54     B  29th Inft.   Iowa 
264 E.B. NOLIN             July 29       60     I   2nd Cav.    Illinois 
272 J.B. FLEERCKIN         Feb. 16       64     H  12th Inft.   Iowa 
272 A.J. WILLIN             Oct. 2       65     B  20th Inft.   Wisconsin 
301 G.W. WALTERS            June 6       50     G  28th Inft.   Iowa 
329 G. HENDRICK            Feb. 16       64     E  76th Inft.   Ohio 
338 J. SMITH               Feb. 15       61     G 151st Inft.   Illinois 
338 T.J. WRIGHT              May 7       52     F  38th Inft.   Illinois 

Vol VI, no. 1, page 30 - Summer 1983
Submitted by: Mrs. Ethel M. Gorham, Lincoln, NE

TALE OF A TORNADO, Franklin Co. Ne.

     This account is taken from the Franklin, NE paper; the tornado occurred on the 5th of June 1908, and the accounts are not exaggerated in the least for I was living in Franklin at the time and remember it well. My father was rural mail carrier over most of the territory mentioned. We drove out on the evening of June 5th and was over most of the places mentioned and I still see the devastation and destruction. Archie WHITMORE was my uncle and he got his family in the cave but when they came up, they looked upon a scene of utter loss, his buildings were kindling and his livestock lay dead. The area was straight south of Franklin about 5 or 6 miles near the Nebraska-Kansas border.

     The most terrible twisters that have ever visited this section of the state swept over the country Friday afternoon leaving death and destruction in its wake. Where once splendid residences and out building stood dotting the countryside for miles, large groves and orchards, beautiful and majestic in their aummer foliage now like but broken and twisted remnants of their former beauty. The tornados were two in number and the results were about equal save for the death occasioned by the one passing over the REAMS country. One started on its wave of destruction near the home of Mr. LANTIS, Sr., and swept down upon the unfortunate family with a bound. The old gentleman saw the approaching storm and rushed outside the house but

Vol VI, no. 1, page 31 - Summer 1983
Tale of a Tornado continued:

being well along in years and somewhat feeble was soon swept off his feet and it was some moments ere he could recover his breath. In the meantime, the house was lifted in the air and those on the inside can hardly explain who and what happened so sudden and sure was the wreck accomplished. Mr. LANTIS lost all his splendid buildings and the work of years must now be started anew. Lon COOK, who had just completed a fine house at a large cost was directly in the path of the storm and where the imposing residence stood is now bare ground save for the wreck of the foundation which still marks the site where the house stood. The house was reduced to splinters, together with the barn and other buildings. Dead chickens, stripped of their feathers were wedged in between and under the wreckage, broken machinery piled here and there. He lost four valuable horses, together with all his household goods and farm machinery, fences, wagons, buggies, etc.

     The storm next visited the home of A. WHITMORE and repeated its awful destruction. Not a building was left standing to mark the once prosperous home of Mr. WHITMORE. Them the storm passed on to the Plainview school house, No. 49, and the landmark that adorned the hill top, visible for many miles on either side of the Republican River was reduced to kindling wood and scattered over the prairie and pastures for a great distance. On the twister swept in it fury and descended upon the home of Lee BORLAND and laid bare the home of that gentleman who had only moved upon this farm this spring and had purchased a complete outfit of farming machinery, wagons, etc. He lost four valuable horses and some other livestock. Mrs. BORLAND was injured, being cut across the forehead and other painful bruises about the face and body. Her father, Mr. BARSTOW, was also painfully injured and lost all his property. The storm then passed on to the home of Mr. CUMMINGS, residing on the JONES place and left all his effects scattered down the creek for a half mile or more. Mr. CROOP residing on the PETERSON farm, saw the storm approaching and he and his family started for safety. Fortunately no one was injured at their place but to look at the wreckage one can but marvel that anyone did escape injury. The pump, platform and 40 ft of pipe were lifted from the well and deposited some distance from the well. Mrs. JUHL suffered the loss of all her buildings, together with her household goods and farm machinery. W.E. AUMAN and Lester LANTIS, living near each other, lost all their buildings, livestock and machinery. Steve PALMER lost his large barn but his house was spared.

     The new residence of Frank KEMPER was wrecked, together with his barn and sheds; large pieces of timber were driven into the house with terrific force. It was at this place that the one death occurred. Mr. Henry MADISON was on his way from town with a load of telephone poles when the storm struck him near the home of Mr. KEMPER. He drove toward the KEMPER house and they, having gone into the cellar near by, called to him and he threw down the lines and jumped from the wagon, presumably to enter the cellar. That was the last seen of him until the storm had passed and his body was discovered near the place where he was last seen. Mr. TUCKER who lives on the REAMS farm was hit hard by the storm; he was in bed at the time having suffered a broken leg some few days ago, but the strange part of it is, that while he was unable to move, he was not hurt but his family was buffeted about and hurt considerably. The home of Bart REAMS was hit with terrific force and everything was wrecked. The family made it to the cellar in safety. The large natural grove that has stood the test of wind and storm for Lo! these many years has finally met its master and now lies a twisted and broken mass. George PIERCE and Mr. EMERSON suffered the loss of their farm buildings. At EMERSON's the pump was also lifted from the well and deposited a considerable distance away. Crossing the river the storm visited the home of R.N. CRAWFORD and wrought havoc with the buildings. Tommy ANDERSON and Tommy ROBERTSON and Edgar BUSTER also had losses. There were 11 head of horses in the Frank SMITH pasture and the entire herd was picked up and carried over the bluffs and landed near the road, only one being killed.

     Those experiencing this storm will not likely soon forget it and you can be sure that their rebuilt homes will be furnished with a good strong storm cellar.

NSGS - NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VI, no 1 page 31 - Summer 1983
Submitted by: Howard Hamilton, Omaha, NE


19 May 1920: Civil War Vets held Annual Reunion in Fremont with 200 survivors attending, led by Commander J.B. STRODE of Lincoln. Col. A.M. HOAGLAND of North Platte presided at song fest. Memorial service conducted by Col. J.H. PRESSON for G.A.R. & by Mrs. Etta BROOKS REESE for the W.R.C.

30 May 1920. C.E. ADAMS, past commander of G.A.R Vincent C, HASCALL is sec. of Nebr. unti.

10 July 1921: Robert McELHOUSE, CW vet of Pawnee City, ME made a novel set of horseshoes.

26 Oct. 1922: Dr. A.D. FINCH d. age 83 at Valparaiso (Oct. 25) at home of his dau., Mrs. Lena ETTLEMAN. He was dept. chaplain of G.A.R of Neb. Served in war 3 yrs. & 11 mos.

18 Aug. 1923: Picture of G.A.R Vets: O.M. EATON, W.H. MCKAY, T. O'BRIEN, D.M. HUMPHREY, Iva

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Volume VI, no. 1 p 32 - Summer 1983
Newspaper Abstracts from Omaha Bee, continued:

WOODS, T.T. MOORE, C.T. SMITH, James W. GOODWIN, F.M. BEALL, G.R. CROSIER, W.H. BREWER, J.H. BERGER, E.W. JOHNSON, M.J. FEENAN, Mr. IVES, H.W. GEORGE & E.W. McINTOSH. These vets att'd picnic given by U.S. Grant Woman's Relif Corp in honor of Old Guard post #7 G.A.R. and the Betsy Ross Tent #1, Daus. of Union Veterans. Mr. GEORGE recently ret'd from trip around the world. He is 85. Youngest vet was 75. oldest was 9-.

2 July 1922: CW Vets's Croquet Club. James HAUSER joined club in 1895. Tradition says the late Captain BRANDON, who came to Nebr. from Ill., formed the club. Member H.H. GRUBB, former Confederate soldier. Club formed 40 yrs. ago. Charter members still living: Mr. NASH in Old Soldiers' home, Leavenworth, Kans.; H.M. CARPENTER, 82, Hastings; Henry SIEKMAN, 84, former pastor of German Luth. Church, Hastings; William HUNGAN, 86, f. of Judge H.S. DUNGAN, Hastings. Additions to club: William COX, pioneer funeral dir.; Bill CUTLER, coal dealer; A.V. COLE, now of Los Angeles; John VASTINE, son of a vet now lv. in Omaha; W.G. SADDLER: John DAVIDSON, aged Scotchman; J.R. VANCE; Joe SMITH; Lem CLARK; ---- SHATTUCK; ---- MINNIX. This club is one of the prides of the city of Hastings (Adams Co.)

18 Feb. 1925: Fun. services held 17 Feb. at Falls City for James Adner HILL, 79 CW vat & retired farmer. He d. at home here Sunday. Came to county in 1867 after service 3 yrs. He was b. at Norris, Ill., 16 Aug. 1845. Only surviving relatives are a dau., Miss Almeda HILL and step-dau. Miss Caroline HOUGH.

5 May 1925 : Nebr. G.A.R. 49th Annual Encampment in Omaha. (Picture of): Dr. Sidney LUTGEN, 92, & wife of Brock. He served in Co. F 77th -- Reg. His f. was a Capt. & fell at Shiloh as did a bro. of Dr. LUTGEN. Daniel W. FOSTER, 91, served Co. A 27 Ohio Inf., lvs. with dau. Miss Mary E. FOSTER in Omaha. orig. lvd in Union, Cass Co. T.E. MOORE, 84, served 4th Iowa Ca., res. Omaha. J.H. LYON, 78, of Kearney served 44 Wisc. Inf. John FLINT, 76, Kearney, A.D. RICE, 89, Kearney, in 1st Mich. Engr. Chester HOLLOWAY, 79, Gibbon, D.M. HAVERLY, 81, Omaha, Cpl. in Iowa Reg. W.W. BREWER, 85, Omaha, father also served. Also Pic of Boy Scouts Bill BAIRD and John CLAPPER. Dr. LUTGEN Member at Talmadge, also others still alive are Joe CATHART and Joe HORNER of original 150 in that chapter. Not pictured: S.F. SANDERS of Holdrege, Nebr., Dept. Commander; David BRYSON, dept. of patriotic instruction.

6 May 1925: (Encampment cont'd - those pictured): T.J. SMITH, McCook; Louis F. ARENSBERG of Pittsburg, commander-in-chief; John REESE of Broken Bow; Mrs. Nora R. KIDDER; Mrs. Lulu LEE, Omaha; Miss Agnes SINGLES & Miss Margaret PARISH of Chamber of Commerce; John LENNON, 74 last 31 March, of Omaha who served as Adm. FARRAGUT's cabin boy. Not pictured: M. Blanch Williams presented flag, Mrs. KIDDER a portrait of Lincoln, & Miss Ruby HIGHLY a motto on "How to Treat the Flag" to North High School where ceremony was held. Mrs. Josephine CARROLL, Dau. of Vets.; John L. KENNEDY; Mayor DAHLMAN; John H. BEVERIDGE, Supt. of Schools; Leon 0. SMITH, Ass't Supt., J.G. MASTERS, Principal Central High School.

5 Jan. 1925: Daniel McMANIGAL, 1 of 5 surviving G.A.R, vets in Wayne, d. at his farm on Sun. at age 83. He was b. in Scioto Co., Ohio. 14 Nov. 1842 & enlisted in 33rd Ohio Vol. Inf. for 3 1/2 yrs. Wounded at Dallas, GA., & mustered out because of disability. Mar. 1 June 1865 to Jane Ann BELAHER, who bore him 4 sons & 1 dau. 2 sons are dead. Wife d. 1922. He came to Nebr. in 1873 & settled near Blair, to Wayne Co. in 1881. Survivors; a dau. Mrs. Lucy WEST, who lvd. with & cared for her father; 2 sons, E.P. of St. Charles, S.D., and M.B. of Happy, Tex. (news item is dated Dec. 5)

19 Dec. 1925: William BERGER, Hebron, was bur. Thurs. at age 81. A vet of C.W. Came to Hebron 57 yrs. ago. His w. died 6 yrs. ago.

23 April 1925: Clark ROBINSON d. at his home at Fairmont, Monday. He homesteaded 52 yrs ago. He was a vet of C.W. He is survived by 3 sons: Frank of Omaha; Thomas of Lincoln and Charles of Fairmont. Mrs. ROBINSON d. 10 years ago.

6 May 1925: Pictured are bros. Col. Thomas J. MAJORS of Peru & Capt. Wilson MAJORS who enlisted in Co. C 1st Nebr. Inf. during CW. Wilson was clerk of Nemaha Co.; Thom legislator & lt. gov. & both retired farmers. Both att'd 49th Encampment in Omaha.

7 May 1925: E.F. BROWN of Lincoln elected dept. com. of G.A.R.; Thomas E. MOORE of Omaha, sr. vice-com.; J.D. RYAN, Grand Island, jr. vice-com.; J.W. LITTLE, Omaha, chaplain, J.E. RALPH, Omaha, med. dir. Dels. at large: C.T. SMITH, McCook; H.W. GEORGE, Broken Bow; J.M. MAHAFFEY, Bennett; J.H. HERRON, Lincoln; A.J. FRANTZ, Hastings, J.B. RALPH, Omaha; E.V. FANCHER.
(picture of E.F. BROWN in 8 May paper) Farragut life & drum corp of Lincol: William COON, A. TAYLOR, L.C. MCBRIDE, J.B. WRIGHT: G.J. THOMAS.
Ladies of the Grand Army, officers: Miss Grace BERGER, Omaha; Mrs. Effie HAHN, Fremont; Ora ROWE, Cambridge; Anna FELD, Lincoln; Hattie THOM, Omaha, Ethlyn SMITH, Omaha.
Comrade BROSS, Lincoln, conducted memorial services.
Sons of Vets. auxilliary: Dr. Cary DUNCAN; Mrs. Corinne BURFORD; Mrs. Eunice M. SCOTT;

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Volume VI, no. 1, page 33 - Summer 1983
Newspaper Abstracts from Omaha Bee continued:

Mrs. Anna BUTLER; Mrs. Tryphania STEVENSON; Mrs. Emma FEENAN; Mrs. Myrtle STEVENSON; Mrs. Edith POWERS; Mrs. Arabella WRAY; Mrs. Gertrude CHIPPERFIELD; Mrs. Elects KIDDER; Mrs. Louise FIX, Frank CORRICK; Mrs. Margaret BLACKMAN.

25 May 1925: Col. Henry C. BEEBEE, CW vet d. Friday. Interment in the Fairview Cam,

31 May 1925: G.A.R. members, women's aux., & other patriotic orders paid respects at Memorial Day serv. at the Orpheum theater. J.T. BEATTY presided; led singing, Miss Ora JOHNSON; role of honor of 17 old soldiers who had d. since last memorial day was read by S.D. FLAUGHER; Rev. B.R. VANDERLIPPE offered prayer; Rev. Fremont WATSON & J.H. BERGER on program; duet by Mrs. J. HOUGHTON & Miss Margaret COUCH; Mrs. D.W. CAMPBELL, accompanist.

11 May 1925: Picture of Thomas J, MAJORS, 83, member of 1st Nebr. Inf. under command of Col. John M. THAYER during CW. Thoma and bro. Wilson recalled but 5 other survivors of old regiment: Dan SMITH & Smith TUTTLE, both in Calif.; Tim CALLAHAN in Tekamah; Charles SCARLETT of Missouri; Charles McPHERSON of Republican City, Neb.

10 Dec. 1930: Officers of Manderson camp, Son of Union Vets. of CW: Otis H. PLUMMER. P.K. WALSH, John H. BERGE: J.J. PORTER, Moses P. O'BRIEN.

12 Dec. 1930: Crofton's only CW vat, John B. RUSS, member of the confederate army, who passed his 90th birthday still enjoys good health. Lives with his son-in-law Frank HOLDER. RUSS was b. Shelbyville, Tenn. & enlisted in 1862 under Gen. N.B. FORREST. They were taken prisoner on Christmas eve, 1864 & interned at Camp Chase, Ohio, until 14 May 1865. He returned to Shelbyville for 5 yrs., later engaged in railroading. Has been a res. of Crofton for a number of yrs.

25 Sept. 1930: Relatives & friends of Abram SUTHERLAND held a dinner Wed. to celebrate his 90th birthday. A native of Ind., SUTHERLAND enlisted in the Ind. Inf., 15 Aug. 1861. He was wounded at Perryville, Ky., & was discharged August 1863. Soon after his mar. in 1867 he came to Wash. Co. where he farmed until retiring & moving to Blair to live with his dau., Mrs, Retta GRAY. Other daus., Mrs. Lynn SANDILANDS of Wilber, British Col., & Mrs. Aimee MERRILL, Chicago, & Mrs. Adds MULLIN of Blair were here to help celebrate, but his son, C.R. SUTHERLAND of Los Angeles was unable to attend. (picture in paper)

3 June 1931: G.A.R. vet. Col. M.A. BATES, d. just 1 day before his 89th birthday. He wrote editorial copy for his son's newspaper at Plattsmouth & was a veteran publ. of 67 yrs. He enlisted in Ohio at age 19. After war he moved to Monticello, ILL. He mar. Virginia BARNETT who d. in 1881. He mar. in Hopkins, Mo. his 2nd wife, Sarah CARPENTER, in 1884. He came to Plattsmouth in 1902 to assist his 2 sons, R.A & T.B. BATES. His widow, 2 sons, & 1 dau., Mrs. Lucille CLABAUGH of St. Louis, survive.

4 June 1931: F.A. DAMEWOOD, 85, d. in Lincoln hosp. on Thurs. He had been a Lincoln res. for 15 yrs. Former commander of Nebr. dept. of G.A.R., elected in McCook in 1930. Worked as railway mail clerk & lvd. at Red Oak, Villisca, Shenandoah & other Iowa towns. Enlisted in 4th Iowa Cav. at age 15. His father, Isaac DAMEWOOD, also in CW. He is survived by 3 sons: C.E. of Holyoke, Colo.; E.E. of Reedsport, Ore. & I.J. of Lincoln. (picture in 5 June paper). Funeral services to be held at Clarinda, IA.

3 Feb. 1931: Picture of members of Old Guard Post #7, G.A.R. who were guest of Omaha Woman's Club: (vets) George WHITE, J.H. BERGER, Charles BAROTHY, Jesse BARTLEY, J.M. JESTER, J.H. MITCHELL, J.R. MANCHESTER, Law W. RABER, B.N. PHELPS, W.C. HUDNALL, J.G. WRIGHT, T.E. MOORE, J.S. DAVISSON, M.F. BURTON, Samuel GOOZEE, J.W. DORLAND, J.A. AULABAUGH, & J.O. HOFFMAN, also pictured Mrs. Blanche McKELVY. Others on program: Clinton BROME, Charles GARDNER, Mrs. A.J. RASMUSSEN, from boys drum corp of Henry Yates school: Richard FRIED, Dean WILLIAMS, Melvin NEWMAN, Orland RAMS, James CLAPPER, Carl OWSLEY, Richard HEMPLE, directed by E.T. GORDON & I. BENOIT. (another article indicates HOFFMAN & DORLAND were guests of the veterans)


Vol VI, no. 1, page 33 - Summer 1983
Submitted by: Mrs. Francis Wattier, Randolph, NE

Census taken by G. LAGSCHULTE
Anton WIEDERHOLD  Joseph                 M         13 
                  Phrina (sp)            F         11 
                  John                   M         10 
                  Mary                   F          9 
                  Suzzie                 F          7 
                  William                M          6 
August GERKINS    Annie WRIGHT           F         15 
                  Emma WRIGHT            F         13 
                  Dorotha WRIGHT         F          8 

Vol VI, no. 1, page 34 - Summer 1983
1891 School Census, Pierce County, continued

C. J. ROHAN       F. REIMERS             M         20 
                  Theodore REIMERS       M         19 
                  George REIMERS         M         17 
                  Manda ROHN             F         12 
                  John ROHN              M         10 
                  William ROHN           M          7 
                  Elveny ROHN            F          5 
John MAHRT        Emma                   F         12 
                  Christ                 M          9 
                  Ella                   F          7 
                  Henry                  M          6 
August HUWALDT    John                   M          6 
                  Hattie                 F          5 
Fred SCHROEDER    Annie                  F         18 
                  Lizzie                 F         17 
                  Jacob                  M         15 
                  Minnie                 F         13 
                  William                M         11 
                  Fred                   M          9 
                  Henry                  M          8 
                  John                   M          5 
Chris TATGE       Annie                  F         11 
Eli TATGE         George                 M         16 
R. MACKLIN        James                  M         19 
                  William                M         13 
                  John                   M          9 
D. DOBMAN         Guy                    M         10 
                  See                    M          7 
M. DIBLE          Ernest                 M         20 
                  June                   F         18 
                  Mandy                  F         16 
                  Etty                   F         14 
                  Hellen                 F         10 
                  Herxnan                M          5 
G. LAGESCHULTE    Frank                  M         14 
                  John                   M         11 
Mary BODGER       Mary                   F         18 
A.J. SAENDERSON   John                   M         14 
                  Hannah                 F         18
Mary F 6

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