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Summer 1983


Vol VI, no. 1, page 6 - Summer 1983
From: Mrs. Ruby Coleman, North Platte, NE


Many of the marriages in early Shorter County and Lincoln County, Nebraska were performed by the judge or a justice of the peace. The first marriages was performed in January of 1861 by Charles McDONALD. He was born in Tennessee 25 Oct. 1826, son of Alexander and Mary McCLISTER McDONALD. Charles came to Lincoln County, then Shorter County, 15 Jan. 1860 and resided at Cottonwood Springs. Here he operated a ranch and store located where Fort McPherson was later built. McDONALD held the honor of being the first county officer, having been elected to the position of county judge immediately upon county organization. His property at Cottonwood Springs was sold to the United State government for $6,000 and converted into Fort McPherson. McDONALD moved to North Platte 24 April 1872 and was very instrumental in the community. In 1878 he established a bank at North Platte which was incorporated in 1902 as the McDonald State Bank. He died 22 April 1919.

A few marriages at an early date were solemnized by, or witnessed by or performed at the home of E. E. ERICSSON. He was the first man to take advantage of the Homestead Act in Lincoln County. He was a Swede and came early to the area. He worked at the McDonald Ranch and Fort McPherson. The land he claimed was in the southeast quarter of Section 14, Township 12 and Range 28 in Cottonwood Precinct. It was east of Fort McPherson, and he filed on it in 1869. Because of the date of his filing, it is noted on page 28 in AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF LINCOLN COUNTY, NEBRASKA AND HER PEOPLE by Ira L. Bare and Will H. McDonald, (Volume 1, Chicago and New York: The American Historical society, 1920), that he was the first person to homestead in all of the territory to the north of Lincoln, in Nebraska.

The one and only marriage performed by W. F. (Buffalo Bill) CODY when he served as Justice of the Peace was that of Peter C. PETERSON and Mary Jane SHORT. They were married by him at Fort McPherson on 2 January 1871.

Washington Mallory HINMAN passed through what was to become Lincoln County in 1849 on his way to California. He was born in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, 14 Sept, 1819, son of Abner Curtis and Augusta YORK HINMAN. He returned from California in about 1854 and a few years later settled at Cottonwood Springs, establishing a ranch four miles from the Springs. He also operated a supply store for travelers and installed a steam saw mill and shingle mill and blacksmith shop. HINMAN served as an Indian interpreter from 1864 to 1867 at Fort McPherson. With the organization of Shorter County in 1860 he became county treasurer and later, when it became Lincoln County, he was named county commissioner. He also served as a probate judge. He died 27 January 1904.

Several marriages were performed at Fort McPherson, usually by the attending Chaplin of the U.S. Army. The earliest such chaplain appears to have been A.A. REESE. The earliest marriage of record that he performed was in August of 1869 between John F. E. KRAMPH and Mary E. HUBBARD, both of North Platte. According to the book, NORTH PLATTE AND ITS ASSOCIATIONS by A.R. ADAMSON, 1910, John F. KRAMPH was the first man to be buried in the new cemetery in North Platte. According to North Platte Cemetery records, a Sgt. J. F. E. KRAMPH was buried there about 1870.

Fort McPherson was established in September of 1863 at the mouth of Cottonwood Canyon by a detachment of the 7th Iowa Volunteer Cavalry. The post was officially abandoned in 1880. It was first named Contonment McKean. The name was changed on 27 September 1863 to Fort Cottonwood and was officially known as that until 26 February 1866 when the name was changed to Fort McPherson in honor of Major General James B. McPHERSON, who died in the Battle of Atlanta curing the Civil War.

References for all of this information: NORTH PLATTE AND ITS ASSOCIATIONS by A. R. Adamson, 1910. AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF LINCOLN COUNTY, NEBRASKA AND HER PEOPLE by Ira L. Bare and Will H. McDonald, 2 volumes, Chicago and New York: The American Historical Society, 1920. "History of Fort McPherson, Nebraska", these submitted by Harvey J. ZABEL, Colorado State College of Education, Greeley, Colorado, Graduate School, 1954.


The first church organized in Lincoln County and North Platte was the First Baptist Church in 1870. First they worshipped in private houses; later a church was built and then moved in 1874 to Fifth Street in North Platte. In 1912 they removed to the corner of Forth (sic) and Locust where the old Unitarian hall had once stood.

Vol VI, no. 1, page 7 - Summer 1983
Lincoln County, Nebraska History, Churches, continued.

The First Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in February of 1877 with fifteen members. The first pastor was Rev. J. C. STOUGHTON who was appointed in 1877 and remained until 1878. Next came Rev. Edward THOMPSON in 1878-October 1879; P.C. JOHNSON in 1879-1882; Rev. Joel A. SMITH 1882. The Methodist Episcopal Church at Sutherland was organized in 1886 with their first pastor being Rev. W. J. CRAGO. The Methodist Episcopal Church of Brady was organized circa 1892.

The Unitarian Church was organized by Mrs. E. J. COGSWELL in North Platte. She came to the area in 1868. The Unitarian Hall was built at the corner of West Fourth and Locust streets. The church never survived.

The First Presbyterian Church in North Platte was organized in 1873 by ten charter members. The Presbyterian Church at Sutherland was organized 12 March 1893. The Hershey Presbyterian Church was organized in 1906.

In 1873 the Episcopal Church was formed in North Platte with a church on West Fourth Street. Founder of the parish was Susan C. KEITH who died 23 Sept. 1877. The church was (is) called the Church of Our Saviour. First church services were actually conducted in 1869-70 in the Union Pacific Hotel by Bishop CLARKSON. Rev. John LYON of Grand Island conducted services between 187074. Rev. Frank E. BULLARD came in 1874 and remained until 1879. He was followed by Rev. A. J. GRAHAM in 1880.

The first Lutheran church was formed in 1881 by Rev. J. F. KUHLMAN. The Lutheran church at Hershey was organized in 1906.

To serve parishioners in Lincoln County, Father RYAN of Columbus, NE conducted Roman Catholic church services in ca 1867. Supposedly the earliest mass in the district was performed in a sod house west of the depot in North Platte. Father LYNCH was appointed in 1875 and became the first resident priest. He was succeeded by Father CONWAY about 1880. The Maxwell Catholic Church was also started in about 1867 by Father RYAN. At that time Maxwell was known as McPherson. Services were first held in the section house or private homes, Brady's Sacred Heart Catholic Church was organized in 1910 by Father Thomas HALEY.

Vol VI, no. 1, page 7 - Summer 1983
From Mrs. Ruby Coleman

From: Extract from History of Miller School (District No. 39, Lincoln County, NE) by Mrs. Robert GUILES and Mrs. Gordon KNOTTS, located in the North Platte Public Library, North Platte, Ne.

Miller School District in Miller Precinct was organized on 18 Feb. 1886 with Thomas ROWLEY assisting in the organization and serving for 23 years as director. The first school house was a small frame building with a stone foundation and was located on the Miller place. A site of land 40 rods square was deeded to the Miller School District by Bernard BEERS and wife on 24 De. 1889 and was situated on the northwest quarter of Section 23. (Miller Precinct is on the southside of the South Platte River, Township 13, Range 31). This deed is recorded in Book I, page 331, Register of Deeds Office, Lincoln County Courthouse, North Platte, Nebraska. The school house standing on the MILLER farm was then moved by horse and gears to the site deeded by BEERS.

On 29 March 1905, Mrs. Carrie PLANT deeded land in Section 23 to enlarge the school site to a full acre. This is recorded in Book A, 3 page 238, Register of Deeds Office, Lincoln County Courthouse, North Platte, Nebraska.

On 29 March 1909 citizens of the west and north part of Miller precinct felt need for another school so petitioned the court for a division of District No. 39 and No. 122. All of Sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 of Township 13, Range 31 and Sections 31, 32, 33 of Township 14, Range 31 (south of the South Platte River) became No. 122.

In 1923 it was voted to build a new school house for Miller Dist. #39. Through the years many improvements were made upon the school house and premises. The school has been in use to the present time and serviced the education of many students. Not only has it served to educate children, but has served as a meeting place for various groups and activities in the area.

The following are records of the school through the year 1900:

Vol VI, no. 1, page 8 - Summer 1983
Miller School (District No. 39) continued:

Census Report 1898-1901

Parent: Fritz WIENBARG:       ch. George, Marie, Gustave, Ida, Albert. 
Parent: J. W. BAGGOTT: ch. Thomas, Annie, Mary, Grace. Parent: Mrs. Mary FACKA: ch. Lizzie. Parent: James SADIE: ch. James and Willie. Parent: A.R. ADAMSON: ch. David, Willie, George, Lizzie and Charlie. Parent: E.J. THURBER: ch. Bert and Raymond. Parent: John CONLEY: ch. John, Albert, James, Fred, Joseph, Norman, Bessie, Charlie. Parent: Eugene GILLIAN: ch. Albert, Jennie and Mary. Parent: A. SCHERZ: ch. Arthur. Parent: Thomas ROWLEY: ch. Leonard and Roy. Parent: Edwin S. GARRISON: ch. Riley, Arthur, Fern, Roy. Parent: Joseph SPIES: ch. Johnnie and Katie. Parent: Wm. EBRIGHT: ch. Joy, Oak, Bessie, Hazel. Parent: Thomas E. DOOLITTLE: ch. Milton, Thomas, Warren and Florence, Parent: Samuel HILL: ch. Flossie, Pansy and Willie.
1872-1875   A.T. FEAY
1875-1876   J.H. McCONNEL, resigned; Alexander STEURAT, appointed
1876-1880   None listed
1880-1882   F.E. BULLARD
1882-1883   F.C. JOHNSON
1883-1885   Miss MS. HORN, appointed for unexpired term, 3 January 1884
1885-1887   John I. NESBITT
1887-1889   R.H. LANGFORD
1889-1895   Mary E. HOSFORD
1895-1897   Mrs. Flora A. FRANKLIN
1897-1901   Bertha THOELECKE
1901-1905   Oscar W. NEALE, resigned 1 Sept. 1905
1905-1907   Clyde TROTTER, appointed; resigned 24 Oct. 1907
1907-1911   Wm. EBRIGHT, appointed
1911-1914   Cleo R. CHAPPELL resigned 1 Sept. 1914; Blance COX appointed
1914-1918   Aileen BANTT
1918-1922   Aileen G. COCHRAN
1922-1935   Mrs. Rose Dennis NORTH
1936-1946   Mr. Paul E. EKSTROM
1946-1950   Mr. Glen WISEMAN
1950-1955   Mr. Paul E. EKSTROM
1956-1958   Mrs. Amy WATSON KING
1959-1970   Mrs. Alice Simpson
1971-present Mr. Ray CRAIG
EARLY TEACHER OF MILLER SCHOOL (District No. 39) Lincoln County, Ne from 1888-1899
1888-- Teacher R.H. LANGFORD                        1890-- Teacher, Jennis Gertrude MYERS
       County Supt. R. H. LANGFORD                         married school director, Thomas ROWLEY
       Director, Thomas ROWLEY                             taught one year
       Taught 60 days; 16 students
1892-- Teacher, Rosa AMWAY, taught 60 days          1893-- Teacher, Jennie HANSEN
       Teacher, Mrs. J.R. CLAHOUN, taught 40 days          Director, Thomas ROWLEY
       15 students                                         taught 117 days; 8 students
1894-- Teacher, Allice BRACH                        1895-- Teacher, Jennie HANSEN
       taught 116 days                                     Director, Thomas ROWLEY
                                                           taught 117 days
1897-- Teacher, Mr. WORKMAN
1898-- Teacher, Lizzie FACKA
1899-- Teacher, Olive MUIR
       Director, Thomas ROWLEY
       Treasurer, Fritz WIENBARG
       Moderator, G. F. MEYERS
       23 students

Vol VI, no. 1, page 9 - Summer 1983
Submitted by: Mrs. Ruby Coleman


Camile PETTIER, 21, & Melinda HALL, 21, both Cottonwood Springs, md at Cottonwood Springs, 10 Jan. 1861 by Charles McDONALD, Probate Judge. Witt: John HANSLIP and George W. CLARK (This was the first marriage in Lincoln County)

Harvey S. MERRIMAN, 21, & Jane CASEY, 21, both of Cottonwood Springs. md at Cottonwood Springs by Chas. McDONALD, Judge on 32 Jan. 1862.

Thomas M. BALLARD & Martha SHAFER both of Midway & both b. Iowa. md on 12 July 1862. Witt: D.L. SMITH by Chas. MCDONALD, Judge

Maj. Boliver C. CONVERSE of the 11th Ohio Cav. & Mrs. Mary P. PARRISH of Cincinnati on 28 Sept. 1863 by G.A. ADAMS, Chaplin, 11th O V C

Robert ROWLAND, 21, & Dolly GROOMS, 18, both of Cottonwood Springs, on 21 May 1863. md at Cottonwood Springs by Chas. McDONALD, Judge.

Friend DICKENSON, 21 & Sara Julite LUDDINGTON, 21, on 27 Aug. 1863 at Cottonwood Springs by Chas. McDONALD, Judge.

Washington M. HINMAN, 21 & Virginia HILL, 21 of Cottonwood Springs, md. there on 14 Sept. 1863 by Chas. McDONALD, Judge. Witt: H. C. WRIGHT.

Edward DURKIN & Martha SUTTON of Cottonwood, md. 4 June 1864 at Cottonwood Springs by Chas. McDONALD, Judge.

Samuel D. FITCHIE, 21, & Ruhamah Helen BAKER, 18 of Cottonwood, md. 12 Jan. 1865 at Cottonwood Springs by Chas. McDONALD, Judge,

Thomas LEWIS, 21, & Deby (Debby) Ann LOWE, 21, of Cottonwood, md. 6 June 1865 at Cottonwood Springs by Chas. McDONALD, Judge.

George SHAW & Miss Rebecah SWARTZ, md. 19 Nov. 1866 by S.D. FITCHIE, Judge.

James A. FAGAN & Miss Josephine HUFF, md. 7 Dec. 1866, A.L. BROWN, signed application.

Theodore I. PARKER, 21, & Lucinda A. ROGERS, 21, both of Cottonwood Springs, md. 7 Mar. 1866 at Fort Heath by Charles McDONALD, Probate Judge.

Henry P. LAWSON, 21, & Charllotta RANDELL, 21, both of Cottonwood Springs, md. 15 May 1866 at Cottonwood Springs by Charles McDONALD, Probate Judge.

James A. LEE, 21, & Angeline C, WHITEHEAD, 21, both of Cottonwood Springs, md. 10 May 1866 at Cottonwood Springs by L.D. FITCHIE, Probate Judge.

Clemens LANDGRUEBER of North Platte, lawful age & Elizabeth BURGER of London, England, lawful age, md. 23 July 1867 by W.M. HINMAN, Probate Judge. Witt: J.A. MORROW & A.J. MILLER.

Shilvran BORMGEN of North Platte, lawful age, Frances KASY of North Platte, under age 18, her father, Mr. KASY, gives consent. md. 23 July 1867 by W.M. HINMAN. Witt: J.A. MORROW and A.J. MILLER.

George KNOX, 32 of North Platte & Agnes E. JARVIS, 19 of North Platte, md. at North Platte, 6 Aug. 1867 by W. M. HINMAN. Witt: Mrs. J-- DUBOIS and Joseph DUBOIS.

S. Von PALLENDY or PALLERDY, 36, of North Platte & Valentine MORIN, 16 of Cottonwood Springs, permission grantee by Edward MORIN. md. at North Platte 6 Nov. 1867 by W.M. HINMAN. Witt: Gen. W.T. SHERMAN and Gen. J.B. SANBORN and others.

Abner PERRY, 26, of Lincoln County & Lucy DEAMER, 16. md. 13 Dec. 1867 by W.M. HINMAN at North Platte. Witt: Mr. and Mrs. BURROWS and others.

Joseph WOLF, 32 of Lincoln, Co. & Lucy HULL, 18. md. at North Platte on 26 April 1868 by W.M. HINMAN. Witt; S.M. HILL and R.? GRUBBLER, Chas. BURK.

James FAGAN, Lincoln County, lawful age & Josephine RUGG (prob. HUFF), Lincoln Co., lawful age. md. in Lincoln Co. on 9 Dec. 1866 by Frank MATTER, Sixth Missionary. Witt: P.B. EUOS and Charles KENNADY of Cotton Springs.

George SHAW, 21, North Platte & Rebecka SWARTZ, 21, North Platte, md. at Cottonwood by S.D. FITCHIE.

George W. CARVER, 26 of Cottonwood Springs & Rosetta H. CURTIS of McPherson, 16, dau. of A.B. CURTIS of McPherson, md. 4 March 1869 at Cottonwood Springs by E.E. ERICSSON, J.P. Witt: Wm. BANJT and Annie BANJT.

Thompson BURDETT & Lucy M. STAMPS md. at North Platte, 31 May 1868 by R.C. DAGHERTY, J.P.

C.A. EWING, 21, & Miss H.A. SENTER, 21, both of North Platte, md. at North Platte by R.C. DAUGHERTYr J.P. on 29 Oct. 1868

Wm. VALLEY, 23 & Clara KEITH 18, m. d 13 Dec. 1868 by R.C. DAUGHERTY, J.P. Both of North Platte and md. there. Witt; Thomas B. SMITH and Elizabeth SMITH.

Mat. Patrick HARLIN, 21, Lincoln County & Eliza LANIN, 21 Lincoln County md. 23 Dec. 1868 by R.C. DAUGHERTY, J.P. Witt: W. PENISTON and A.J. MILLER (shown again as Patrick HARLAND and Eliza LANNING)

Vol VI, no. 1, page 10 - Summer 1983
Lincoln County Marriages continued:

Patrick O'SULLIVAN, 49 North Platte & Mrs. Emma LONGFELLOW, 30 North Platte. md. 25 Dec. 1868 at North Platte by W.M. HINMAN. Witt: Joseph DUBOIS and Mrs. Annie DUBOIS.

John McCULLOCK 28, of McPherson & Miss May GALLIGER of McPherson, age 25, md. 9 Jan. 1869 at McPherson by Rev. J. M. RYAN, Catholic Priest,

Francis Lee ROY, age 22, & Rachel WEST, 18 both of North Platte, on 29 March 1869 by W.M. HINMAN, Probate Judge.

John F.E. KRAMPH, 25 & Mary E. HUBBARD, 23 both of North Platte, md. there 26 Aug. 1869 by A.A. REESE, Chaplin, U.S. Amy.

James H. CUMMINGS, 23, B. N.Y. Par: Martin & Mary CUMMINGS. Caroline GIFFER, 22, b. Germany. md on 9 Nov. 1869, both of North Platte by R.C. DAUGHERTY, J.P. Witt: John ELL & Mrs. Mary ELL.

Vol VI, no. 1, page 10 - Summer 1983
From: James E. Potter, Nebraska State Archivist,
Taken from Society Pages, Vol. 1, No. 3 (Feb. 1983)

by Jim Potter

     All of us have used the biographical albums which were published for many Nebraska Counties during the 1880's and 1890's. Often, they are a major source for detailed information about the lives of individuals and families. Because these albums were compiled and sold by subscription, they contain information only about those persons willing and able to buy the book. As sources for social history then, they are unrepresentative of the composition of the residents of a given locality or area.

     In addition, I'm sure you have noticed that everyone whose biography appears in these albums exemplifies the highest standards of human achievement. They all are noble examples of bravery, frugality, determination, generosity, morality, and intelligence, to mention only a few of their more common traits. I defy anyone to read all the county biographical albums in the library and come up with a single wastrel, blackguard, coward, drunkard, atheist, dolt, or scoundrel. Yet not all the good people who made their way into the albums were without their blemishes. It's just that the writers of the sketches (either the editors, or the subjects themselves) used euphemisms which made it possible to portray each individual in the best possible light. You got the best biographical sketch that money could buy.

     I believe I have deciphered some of the hidden meaning to be found in certain stock phrases with which the county biographical albums are replete. In an effort to enhance scholarship, and restore some honest-to-god human frailties to our heretofore saintly ancestors, I offer the following interpretations for your consideration.

"He was, at an early age, thrown upon his own resources" -- (He ran away from home, or his parents kicked him out)

"He preferred the quiet of his cheerful fireside to the cares of political life" (He lacked ambition and probably never even voted)

"He availed himself of all the educational facilities afforded by the neighborhood in which he lived" -- (He had little education and was nearly illiterate)

"A woman of more than ordinary intelligence and possessed of an indomitable will" (She was an insufferable know-it-all who would never admit to being wrong)

"He obtained a good, practical education" -- (very little of which was gained inside a school)

"Few men served longer, took part in more severe engagements, endured more hardships, or exhibited more personal bravery" -- (He told a lot of war stories which probably weren't true)

"A frugal and industrious merchant" -- (He was considered to be a tightwad, always on the lookout for the main chance)

"Though not a member of any special denomination, he was a firm believer in the christian religion" (He never darkened the door of a church)

"They reared a large and interesting family" -- (They had a houseful of brats who were the terror of the neighborhood)

"They started on live's journey together without capital, but with sturdy constitutions, a determined will, and hands that were willing to work" (They were poor as church mice when they married and it's a miracle that they have been lucky enough to earn a living)

Submitted by: Earl Goltry Jr., 901 East H. St., North Platte, Ne 69101

From: School Souvenir of School District No. 6

SCHOOL DISTRICT # 6. Scottsbluff Co., NE, Oct. 14, 1901--April 11, 1902

Teacher: Clara JORDAN

School Board: D.B. BEST, William RANDAL and Charles PRINGLE.


Hazle JONES    Mable JONES     Roy JONES        Laura LENNARD 
Nettie REED    Harlow REED     Robert REED      Pearl REED 
Vanard CARLSON Ira RANDAL      Ora RANDAL       Milo RANDAL 
Mable JONES    Daisy LEWIN     William LEWIN     

Vol VI, no. 1, page 11 - Summer 1983


Letter dated 10 November 1904 from Nebraska Hospital for the Insane to Clerk of District Court, Seward Co. Discharged from custody (the following) Elijah J. FLOWERS, Harry WALKER

Letter dated 22 Nov. 1904 Discharged from custody; Mary S. HICKMAN

Vol VI, no. 1, page 12 - Summer 1983
Submitted by: Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, NE

List of 26 March 1883
BABSON, G., Chief BROMLY, M. G.   BOWERS, J.L.               BLOGETT, J.J. 
CUMMINGS, W. P.   CROUSE, B.L.    DIERS, H.                  ERFORD, J.H. 
FOSTER, L.T.      FISHER, WM.     FLEISBAUGH, R.W.           FRITZ, Chas 
GRAFF, Wm.        GEWING, F.      GRABENSTEIN, C.            HARTMUN, D.J. 
HILL, W.H.        HORN, E.H.      HUNTER, A.G.               MANY, S.W. 
JONES, D.E.       JORDEN, W.E.    LUDWIG, A.T.               LEITER, W.L. 
LUFT, John        LIPPERT, P.     MAHAFFY, M.                MORSE, W. 
MOORE, N.         MULFINGER, J.C. MELVILL, G., Assist. Chief NEWTON, G.D. 
PETERSON, F.      ROBERTSON, R.   ROBERTS. D.                ROBERTS, M.F. 
SAMPSON, R.       SPARKS, A.      STEPHENS, Fred             SKILLMAN, Abe 
SHIPLEY, J.W.     WOLF, A.        WANDERROFF, H.             WAIT, Wm. 
WOODS, W.         WAIT, H.W.                                  
List of 1 October 1883, additional names
BABSON, G., Jr.   HIDDEBRAND, Wm. SPARKS, Anson              CUMMINS, W.P. 
MORRIS, Wm.       LEITER, W.S.    WAYT, M.W.                 WILLIAMS, B. 
KROGER, C.F.      SHAPLAND, G.    DANIELS, H.                GRAFF, W. 
DIERS, H.         HICK, W.        STUCKI, C.                 BEAN, John 
PATTERSON, Wm.    WOLF, A.        EDWARDS, A.H.              SIMMONS, L.J. 
BEAN, W.G.        JOHNSTON, G.W.  HARVEY, C.W.               ATKINS, S.D. 
BROWN, Wm.        GRAY, J.M.      GUTHREY, P.M.              BEIMIS, C.A. 
SIMPSON, A.       ROBINSON, R.    LEWING, T.E.               ERFORD, J.H. 
SHIPLEY, J.W.     GEPPERT, P.     GABINSTIN, Chris           FOSTER, R. 
BLODGETT, J.J.    HANEY, Sam      HYMAN, Aug.                YOUNG, John 
List of 24 March 1884, additional names
Members of Hook & Ladder Co.
SHAPLAND, G.      OSBORNE, H.F.   PARKINS, H.F.              HORN, E.H. 
Members of Engine Co. No. I
JOHNSON, G.W.     GOWEY, J.F.     FLINT, E.                  EDWARDS, A. H. 
LEFFEL, J.        COX, E.E.       GREY, L.L.                  
Members of Engine Co. No. 2
LIPPERT, Philip   BAIN, Sam       POWELL, J.T.               SNYDER, L. 
HANEY, S.W.       WATSON, H.      SHANKS, J.S.               PETRO, N.C. 
RARE, Abner       HARMON, Aug.    WALLICK, W.                SNYDER, N. 

Vol VI, no. 1, page 12 - Summer 1983


Certificate from Jones County, Iowa, dated 7 March 1873, stating that James W. IRELAND had been admitted to the bar from another state, 17 April 1856.

No date: Admitted to Bar: William LEESE. Committee: J.M. STRONG, Sette ROBINSON, Geo. B. FRANCE, Geo. W. LAWLEY.

No date: Applicant for Bar: Thos DANALL. Committee: T.N. ELLSWORTH, Sette ROBINSON, M.C. STRANG, Wm. R. DAVIS, D. C. McKILLY

Filed 4 May 1876: Applicants for admission to Bar: Chas. H. FAMMIN, C.W. LAWRIE

Committee: H. GARFIELD, T. LIKES, Edward BATES

Admitted to Bar 28 April 1883P Lewis B. BIGNOLD

7 July 1884: Committee to examine B.F. MARVAL for admission as atty, Geo. W. LOWLEY, D.C. McKILLY, R. P. ANDERSON, Wm. LEESE

Resignation from Board of Commissioners of Insanity for Seward Co.: Wm. LEESE; appointed D. C. McKILLY

Vol VI, no. 1, page 12 - Summer 1983
Submitted by: Alfred W. Odell, Walton, NE
From: "The Arminian"

With regard to the Methodist Church: The Methodists originally called themselves "Wesleyans." In 1784 Methodism was nothing more than a movement for spiritual revival in the Church of England. Wesley died in 1791, and four years after his death his followers (called Methodists), setting aside Wesley's words, ("I live and died a member of the Church of England; and none who regard my judgment will ever separate from it.") formed themselves into a dissenting body. Thus they followed the earlier English dissenters, Baptists, Congregationalists, and Puritans into Protestantism. Later they split into Methodist Episcopal and Methodist bodies.

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