NSGS Ancestree Vol. 5 No. 4
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Five, no. 4
Spring 1983


P. O. BOX 756



Mrs. Virginia Sidlinger Foster


Mr. John D. Keeney

Recording Secretary

Miss Patricia A. Wagner


Mrs. Sharolyn Bobbins

Past President

Mr. Eugene Bang



Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks, Lincoln, NE

Query Editor

Mrs. Belvadine Lecher, Chadron, NE



Mrs. Ruth Short, Lincoln, NE

PURPOSE OF THE QUARTERLY:     To educate and instruct by the collection, preservation, publication and distribution of Nebraska records of a genealogical value.     To encourage accuracy and careful documentation of materials submitted for publication.

The Quarterly, NEBRASKA ANCESTREE, is published Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. The newsletter, THE NEW BRASS KEY, is published six times per year. Subscriptions begin with the summer issue of the Quarterly and with the May/June issue of the newsletter.

Send all material for NEBRASKA ANCESTREE to Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks. Send all material for THE NEW BRASS KEY to Mrs. Ruth Short.

The Nebraska State Genealogical Society reserves the right to edit or reject and assumes no responsibility for errors in the contributed material.

Reprinting of the material appearing in NEBRASKA ANCESTREE (quarterly) publication of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society is strictly forbidden unless permission, in each instance and for each volume has been given in writing by the Publications Director and/or the Executive Board of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society.

MEMBERSHIP, RENEWAL and CHANGE OF ADDRESS     Notification of Change of Address must be sent at least 6 weeks in advance, or the Society must charge $1.00 to cover resulting re-mailing costs.

Send Change of Address, Memberships and Renewals to Mr. Raymond Billesbach, ...

Fiscal Year is from May 1 through April 30.







FRANKLIN COUNTY, West Harmony Sunday School, Upland, NE


HAMILTON COUNTY, Index to 1903 Atlas


CASS COUNTY, Directory of Farmers, 1905 Plat Book


GRANT COUNTY, Hyannis Cemetery







MEMBERSHIP: Mr. Ray Billesbach, Hastings, NE

Publications, Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks

Finance, Mrs. Sharolyn Robbins

Publicity and Public Relations, Mrs. Patricia Yetter

Legislative, Mrs. Beck Whedon

Research & Correlating, Elaine Batenhorst and Catherine Renschler

Lineage and Surname, Florence Schmitt

Publishing, Special, Georgene Sones

Family Recognition, Beth Haring

Librarian, Coca Esch

Tour and Field Trips, Beth Haring

Annual Meeting and Workshop Coordinator, Dorothy Foster and Benita Luthy



Corresponding Secretary, Amy Franklin

Historian, Ray Billesbach

Quarterly Editor, Ruth Anna Hicks

Newsletter Editor, Ruth Short

Query Editor, Belvadine Lecher

Courtesy, Gloria Smether and Amy Franklin

Liaison to Nebraska State Historical Society, Ann Reinert

Chairman of Area Representatives, Allen Dripps


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Spring 1983

Volume V, No. 4


As this quarterly goes out to you in early Spring, I wish to call to your attention the hard work being done both by the State Board and other volunteers across the state. Nebraska is trying to bing (sic) to family researchers everywhere the best possible printed material available. One whole day was spent in a January Board meeting discussing the future of publishing by our State Society and we now will be bringing you the following Guides to each of the 93 counties in Nebraska. Six to eight of these will be ready by late Spring. Others will follow soon. These will be available by mail at a nominal cost and should greatly benefit those researching in Nebraska. One Guide - that to Gage County - is already abailable. (sic)

Two series will begin soon: The first will cover the Ancestor Charts filed by State Members. The first two volumes of these charts are nearly ready to be purchased. The second series will cover the abstracts from newspapers and will be an index to microfilm copies of old newspapers in the Historical Society. This first volume will deal with the 1870's.

Those of you who ordered the Biographical Souvenir to the Counties of Buffalo Kearney Phelps Harlan and Franklin Nebraska now have the book in your libraries. Others may still purchase this reprint for $30.00 plus sales tax and postage. All publications, other than the State Quarterly, may be ordered from NSGS, ...

These are just a few of the publications now being prepared by your State Society and by volunteers throughout the state. I would like to name the volunteers who are so hard at work on these various publications but feel that it would be better to wait until most of the work is finished so as to include all names. These will be published and publicly thanked in a newsletter next Fall. For now, I would just like to say that researchers everywhere will be indebted to these hard-working persons who give so generously of their time.

Those not familiar with the State Board in Nebraska might like to know that we have sixteen Representatives from across the state who, along with the elected officers, and chairman of various committees attened (sic) no less than four and usually more, board meetings each year. This means much travel expense and personal time. At the Board meeting in March, discussion centered on the coming annual meeting, the membership brochures, future workshops and various other matters. Please be aware that all of these people (some 53) volunteer in order that the Membership and researchers throughout the world may have access to records held in Nebraska, that they may hear outstanding speakers and that they may have the best possible fellowship with other researchers. We hope, in turn, that you will appreciate and give thanks to these volunteers.


Virginia Sidlinger Foster,
President, NSGS

Image remember there is still time to join the NSGS-sponsored Tour to the LDS Library in Salt Lake. Departure date is Saturday June 18, 1983, and back home on  Sunday, June 26, 1983. For further details write to:
Mrs. Beth Haring, Tour Guide, ... Lincoln., NE 68505


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