NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol 5, no 2
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Five, no. 2
Fall 1982


Vol V, no. 2, page 62 - Fall 1982

Submitted by Dave Holland, Filley, Ne.
Dave is the 8th grade son of member Mrs. Cecil Holland. This was written for a class project.

Field Trip 4/14/82

   Our first field trip was to Blue Springs and our second field trip was Wednesday to Pawnee County. These are the highlights of our trip: the things I learned and what I enjoyed the most.
   Our first stop after leaving the school was the big city of Mayberry-Gartner. At least it used to be big before the invention of automobiles, (approx. 16 houses averaging 5 to 10 people to a house, and that's a fairly good-sized town. We stopped at the house of Otto and Laurina Ulrich (the only people living in Mayberry-Gartner today.) Otto gave us a lot of information about the town. I thought of all the old towns we went to, this is the one I liked best. Probably because we have someone that told us about it, and there was a standing hotel that we could look at. He told us the main history of the town, how it began and how it ended. It began when three boys wanted towns in their names. They were Mr. Mayberry, Mr. Gartner and Mr. Bennet. Mayberry started a town where he thought the railroad would go through and Bennet and Gartner started a town where they thought it would go through. The railroad went through Bennet and Gartner's town so Mayberry had to move his town by Bennet and Gartner's. The next step was naming this three-owner town. Well Mayberry was a lawyer and Gartner was rich, so they got the town named after them. After we got the history of the town, he took us on a tour. While heading down the road, he told us that the pasture on the other side of the road was called the "town pasture." Each family of the town would own a cow, they would pasture them in the day time and get them and milk then in the evening. We went on to what used to be called Main Street. We went on to explore the old foundations and the still standing hotel. It was very fascinating. I liked the woodwork a lot and Otto told us that there was a man that painted a mural on the side of the hotel. We went on and saw where the M. E. Church used to stand. When we went into the field, we could see limestone from some of the foundations. Mayberry even had a brick factory, until the bricks started burning soft. They even had two elevators at one time. I thought this was a very interesting town to visit.since Otto told us there was no jail in Mayberry we thought we'd go to Steinauer and see their old jail. When we got there I was very surprised at how small it was. It wasn't as big as an animal shelter. We also looked at some old four-room houses.
   We decided to go down washboard avenue and on to West Branch Cemetery. We did some tombstone rubbings here and tried to find the oldest grave. The boys found it: it was dated 1862. It was easy to find this cemetery because there were huge pine trees around it. (This was one of Mr. Neumann's tips). One peculiar thing about the cemetery was that most of the grave stones were so far apart. One thing was that one family died in the same year, One tombstone had no date or name on it.
   From here we went to Violet, another old town that no longer exists. There were a few old foundations and we could see about every street. There was still an old house standing. We didn't get out because we didn't have permission. I think its very interesting that you can still see where the streets were.
   From here we drove past Bookwalter. We didn't have permission to go here, either. But we could see the streets and we could see where the railroad went. There was a school still standing here and there were foundations and the steps to the church still there. By our maps we could pretty well tell where the elevator and depot were. They were next to the railroad.
   After seeing all these cities we were working up an appetite so we went to Amour to eat dinner. When we got there I was surprised to see it was fenced off. We got the coals warming for our dinner, then went off to explore. We had a scavenger hunt, to see who could find the most foundations. Once we found one, we could tell what it was because the streets were so plain, and we had our maps. After dinner we explored some more. This time we went clear to the other end of the pasture. I couldn't believe how big it was. There were wells in all of these towns that we had to watch out for. In Armour, just like the other towns except Steinauer, there was the foundation of a Methodist Church.
   Well it was getting time to leave, so we decided to go to Tate. There was not much there except a hotel that had its insides taken out. You could still see where the streets were, and there were a few foundations left. We could also see mounts every so often, where the railroad came through.

Vol V, no. 2, page 63 - Fall 1982
Field trip continued:

   Well, now it was time to head back to the old homestead. After stopping at the Virginia Tavern for some liquid refreshments, and taking Myron home, we headed back to school and unloaded our junk. This was a fun field trip, and I think I really learned a lot. I'm looking forward to our trip on the 28th.

Vol V, no. 2, page 63 - Fall 1982
Submitted by Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society, Fremont, Ne.
Copied by Clarabelle Mares, 1722 E. 19, Fremont, Ne and Kathrine Peterson, 1650 N. Clarkson, Fremont.


An unkept cemetery located in the NE14 NW14 of Section 20-20-4. One mile south of Highway 91 at Howells, Ne, corner and 1/4 west.

DICKINSON, William                                  1865-1957
        Elizabeth                                   d. 26 Jan 1917     87 yrs
KIRKLAND, Annie A. dau.                             4 Dec 1915         7 May 1917
        Mamie L. dau.                               8 Mar 1901         7 Feb 1903
BRISTOL, Lester wed to Barbara on 23 June 1925      1897-1965
        Clarence M.                                 1869               1943
        Jane A.                                     22 Oct 1830        19 Mar 1910
        Henry                                       17 Dec 1828        3 Mar 1904
        Floyd, son of C.M. & E. 1.                  12 Dec. 1892       5 Sept 1893
        E. Irene                                    1870               1936
PONT, David LeRoy                                   b & d 1923
CHILCOAT, Dassa S.                                  d. 12 July 1874    18 yrs
        F. R. our son                               no dates
Children of R. & N. Chilcoat
        Nancy, wife of R. born in Morgan Co. Ohio   8 Sep 1828         d. 6 Mar 1891  62 yrs
VANDERMEULEN, George                                d. 12 Jan 1893     33 yr 3 m 9 days
MOORE, Martha                                       1884 --- 1940
unmarked grave
WALKER, Daisy                                       1875 --- 1960
        Martha                                      1873 --- 1965
ALLEN, Loren                                        14 Oct 1852        20 Jan 1936
        Mary                                        29 Aug 1856        13 Nov 1891
        Edna                                        4 Jan 1878         13 Dec 1901
JARVIS, Jessie M.                                   d 23 Mar 1894      74 yr 11 mo 23 days
        Frank, son of J. M. & C.                    d. 11 Aug 1874     14 yr 8 mo
CHILDERLEY, Joseph                                  15 Mar 1901        27 Apr 1902
        Alice                                       11 Mar 1900        31 Oct 1906
Children of A. & L. Childerley
DICKINSON, Viola, dau of R. & A.                    d. 3 Feb 1895      1 m 21 days
        Buelah, dau of R. & A.                      d. 15 Feb 1891     1 m 10 days
PARSONS, N. Mother                                  d. 30 Oct. 1883    67 yr 8 mo 14 days
        A. Father                                   d. 9 Feb 1887      87 yr 15 days
DICKINSON, Alice S. wife of Reuben                  27 Aug 1849        14 May 1902     52 yr 8 mo 17 days
        Reuben                                      2 Apr 1846         11 Jan 1917     70 yr 9 m 9 days
        Clara A., dau of W. H. & Christa            30 Nov 1908        26 Feb 1908
PERRY, E. A.                                        d. 11 Mar 1889     66 yr 11 mo 11 days
MOORE, Thomas                                       9 Feb 1836         24 Nov 1913
        Harriet, wife                               23 Apr 1848        ?
McGILLIVRAY, Robert D., son of H. I. Loretes        d 19 Feb 1883      9 m 26 days
STURDEVANT, Lorenzo L., son of L.D. & Margaret      d 11 Mar 1888      1 yr 9 mo 19 days
WALKER, Thos GAR Co G 9th Ill Cav
MOORE, Harriet E., wife of N. B.                    d 4 Feb 1895       46 yr 3 mo 16 days
PONT, Baby son of H. & A.                           b & d 15 Apr 1916
        dau of B. & E                               d. 1 May 1888      4 yr 5 mo 25 days

Vol V, no. 2, page 64 - Fall 1982
Submitted by: Earl H. McNare, Lincoln, Ne

From Genealogical Archives in the Antelope County Historical Society


   Frances JENCKS (31), Mrs. Cynthia A. RUSSELL (28) m. in Willow Prect. May 27, 1885. Wit: W.S. JENCKS and Hattie JENCKS, Groom b, Ill, son of E.N. JENCKS and Sarah NETTLETON. Bride, born in Ill., dau. of Thomas BENNETT and Mary JACOBS.

   August SWANSON (40) & Miss Hannah ERICKSON (36). m. at Neligh, July 10, 1885. Wit: A.A. SWANSON and Knut SWANSON. Groom was b. in Sweden, son of Swan JOHNSON and Josephine GREENLAND. Bride was born in Sweden, dau of Aaron ERICKSON and Mary LOFTAEN.

   T.E. CHAPPELL (21) & Miss Ella BRITTELL (17) m. Sept 17, 1885. Wits: Mr & Mrs Orange BRITTELL and Mr & Mrs Jesse CHAPPELL. Groom born in Indiana, son of Jesse SHAPPELL and Sarah E. CHAPPELL. Bride born in Ill. dau. of Orange BRITTELL and Lizzie RUSSELL.

   Henry CORBY (23), & Miss Phoeba S. BABCOCK 18, m. at Neligh May 9, 1885. Wits: O. EGGLESTON and Mrs. J.W. PHELPS. Groom b. in PA., son of Samuel CORBY and Matilda ?. Bride b. in Minn. dau. of Erastus BABCOCK and Louisa CALDER.

   Henry T. CLARK 28, & Miss Mary OLIVER 30, m. at Willow Valley May 23, 1885. Wits: her parents and John OLIVER. Groom b. in Iowa, son of Lucien CLARK and Josephine ROBERTS. Bride dau of Conrad OLIVER.

   William B. COOPER. 34, & Miss Sarah A. DAVENPORT 21, m. at Neligh 3 July 1885. Groom born in Ohio, (residence, Creighton) son of Jonathan COOPER and Eliza E. SMITH. Bride born in Iowa, dau. of William DAVENPORT.

   F.B. TUBBS, 27, & Miss Abbie Estella EASTMAN 19, License Feb. 28, 1885. Groom b. in Mich. son of Lester TUBBS and ?. Bride was born in Ill. dau. of Parker EASTMAN & Sallie HALL.

   Frank BROWN 25, & Miss Mary C. LAND 18, m. at Oakdale, 3 March 1885. Wits: Olrus O. LAND and P. WILSON. Groom b. in Ill, son of Thomas BROWN and Caroline STOCKHOUSE. Bride was born in Iowa, dau. of Owen LAND.

   Otto PUNTNEY 24, Miss Hattie BONSTELL 23, m. at Neligh 3 July 1885. Wits; Mrs. A.F. MARSH. Groom b. in Iowa, son of William PUNTNEY and Sarah Ann BOGUE. Bride born in Iowa, dau. of George BONSTELL. (Marriage Certificate reads "Hattie I. BONESTEEL")

   Elliot BORTON 50, Miss Jane SALE 35, m. 22 Oct. 1885. Wits. John WRIGHT and Frank EWING. Groom was b. in PA., son of S.R. BORTON. Bride was b. in Wisc. dau. of David SALE.

   W.A. WILLARD 24, Miss Alta I. WADSWORTH 17, m. 22 Oct 1885 by J.G. CLOSSON, J. of P. Groom was b. in Mo., son of Perry WILLARD. Bride was b. in Wisc. dau of John WADSWORTH.

   George BROKAW, 21, Miss Rosetta SHULTZ 20. m. at Willowdale, 28 Sept. 1885 by Rev. M.L. HOLT. Groom b. in Iowa, so of Francis BROKAW and Mahala ELLIS. Bride b. in Ohio, dau. of William C. SHULTZ and Matilda ELLIS.

   Charles H. PATIE 24, & Miss Ilolie C. STAPLES 24, m. at Neligh 1 Mar. 1886. License 26 Sept. 1885. Groom b. in Wisc. son of John BATIE and Phoebe COOPER. Bride b. in Minn., dau. of Levi STAPLES and Matilda CASTLE.

   Wm. H. SHELLHART 26, & Miss Nettie A. BELLAR 18, m. at Neligh, 17 Sept. 1885. Wits. Wm. H. VAN GILDER and Sarah C. GURNEY. Groom b. in Iowa, son of Samuel SHELLHART and Anna M. HOUSTON. Bride b. in Iowa, dau. of John BELLAR and Margaret MORRELL.

   John H. RISEWICK 27, & Miss Hattie E. HATHAWAY 19, m. 20 Dec. 1885 in Neligh. Wits: Charles R. FREEMAN and Nettie V. HATHAWAY. Groom b. in Penn., son of Jacob RICEWICK and Catherine CULP. Bride was b. in N.J., dau. of Charles A. HATHAWAY.

   William NORTH 27, & Miss Isabella Anna GARHART 26, m. at Willowdale 16 April 1885 by Rev. Theodore P. BROWN. Wit: Mrs. M.M. BROWN, Charles NORTH and Emma A.B. NORTH. Groom was born in England, son of Thomas NORTH and Anna E. CLARKE. Bride was born in Ind., dau of D.H. GARHART and Elizabeth REEDER.

   Charles E. NORTH 21, & Miss Emma A.B. GARHART 16, m. at Willowdale 16 Apr. 1885. Wit: Mrs. M.M. BROWN. Wm. NORTH and Isabella NORTH. Groom was b. in England, son of Thomas NORTH and Anna E. CLARKE. Bride was b. in Ind. dau of D.H. GARHART and Elizabeth H. REEDER. Wm. NORTH lives in Antelope Co. Charles lives in Pierce County.

   Thomas W. MEANS 36, & Mrs. Elvira S. KEPHART 40. License 14 Feb. 1885. Groom b. in Iowa, son of George Means. Bride b. in Iowa. T.A. BALDWIN 27 & Miss Ella M. COLTON 19. m. 18 March 1885 by H.H. HOAGLAND, J.P. Groom was b. in PA, son of H. K. BALDWIN and Emily GILOSPI. Bride was b. in Ill. dau of T. CULTON and Jane UPDIKE.

   Ira M. HAMILTON 26, & Miss Clara M. WATSON 20, m. near Plainview by Thomas KEN, Cong'l Minister of Creighton. 4 March 1885. Wit: G.H. McCLINTOCK and W.W. HAMILTON. Groom was born in PA, son of W.W. HAMILTON and M.A. MCLARIN. Bride was b. in Nebraska, dau of E.P. WATSON and Elizabeth GILBERT.

Vol V, no. 2, page 65 - Fall 1982
Antelope County, Ne, Marriages continued:

   James B. HICKMAN 36, & Mrs. Martha E. GRANGER 27 m. 4 July 1885 by Benjamin KOSTER, Min, Wit: N.P. WILLIAMS and Sarah E. WILLIAMS.Groom was b. in Virginia, son of Wm. P. HICKMAN and Margaret HOGE. Bride was b. in Minn., dau of T.B. VON ERLON.

Vol V, no. 2, page 65 - Fall 1982
From Nebraska State Historical Society files

Date             NAME                AGE   RESIDENCE    PLACE OF BIRTH
  Feb. 5, 1891   CLINE, Alanson D.    26   Blaine Co.   Ind.
           Son   of Jas. CLINE & Dexie ALDRIDGE
                 DORWIN, Myrtie       17   Thomas Co.   Mich.
           Dau.   of Calvin DORWIN & Lucius. LARKINS
 Aug. 19, 1891   BROWN, Lyman A.      23   Thedford     Wisc.
           Son   of H. C. BROWN & Mary E. DUNHAM
                 DILL, Rebecca May    19   Thedford     Ind.
           Dau.   of B.F. DILL & Sarah E. SMITH
March 16, 1891   CROOK, Jas. W.       40   Thedford     Ill.
           Son   of Rohr. CROOK & Francis DAVIS
                 BLANTON, Lydia F.    16   Thedford     Kentucky
           Dau.   of Thos. BLANTON & Polly Ann FOWLER

Vol V, no. 2, page 66 - Fall 1982
Thomas County Marriages continued:

Date              NAME                               AGE    RESIDENCE             Place of Birth 
June 24, 1891     STEARNS, Herbert A.                20     Thedford              Fulton, N.Y. 
        Son of Amos I. STEARNS & Elizabeth A. JOHNSON
                  EVANS, Bertha M.                   16     Thedford              West Eaton, N.Y. 
        Dau of Robt. F. EVANS & Genette SHERMAN
Sept. 14, 1891    MILLS, Frank W.                    26     Thomas Co.            Iowa 
        Son of D. O. MILLS & Sarah J. BOTT
                  COATS, Mrs. Sarah                  17     Thomas Co.            Ogden, IA 
        Dau. of Garrette GIBSON & Sarah HIGGINS
Feb. 14, 1892     RUSSELL, Chas. R.                  23     Thomas Co.            Iowa 
        Irwin W. RUSSELL & Lydia J. DODD
                  EDWARDS, Nannie D.                 16     Cherry Co.            Kansas 
        dau. of Jas. A. EDWARDS & Mary A. TROUT
March 6, 1892     CROFT, John H. Sr.                 72     Thomas Co.            Penn. 
        son of Daniel CROFT & Margaret HIPPIE
                  RUSH, Mrs. Rebecca A.              56     Thomas Co.            Penn. 
        dau. of
March 12, 1892    THOMPSON, Willis E.                30     Seneca, Nebr.         Ohio 
        son of Jas. THOMPSON & Elizabeth PORTE
                  FERRIER, Ida May                   15     Seneca, Nebr          Penn. 
        dau. of Isaah FERRIER & Elizabeth CROSSMAN
March 30, 1892    MOORE, Mace                        21     Seneca, Nebr          Wisc. 
        son of Orin MOORE & Mary E. WEIDEMAN
                  PUGH, Carrie B.                    15     Seneca, Nebr          Ill. 
        dau. of Jas. W. PUGH & Lizzie WILDS
April 9, 1892     SWENGEL, W. E.                     26     Blaine Co.            Nebr. 
        son       of Sam'l SWENGEL & Nancy J. EMRICK                               
                  PARKER, Roseta M.                  16     Thomas Co.            Iowa 
        Dau.      of J.W. PARKER & Julia M. McALPINE                               
April 24, 1892    SPURGIN, Peter                     22     Thomas Co.            Iowa 
        son of J.L. SPURGIN & Zilpha THOMAS
                  GIBSON, Lieucindyann               16     Thomas Co.            Is 
        dau of G.J. GIBSON & S.A. HIGGINS
June 2, 1892      SCOTT, H.D.                        51     Glendo, Wyo.          Terrehut, Ind. 
        son of John SCOTT & Emma.
                  RUSSELL, Ellen E.                  21     Thedford              Iowa 
        dau of I.W. RUSSELL & Lydia DODD
Aug. 20, 1892     SPURGIN, Daniel F.                 25     Ellsworth, Neb.       Missouri 
        son of Sam'l SPURGIN & Francis DAVIS
                  OSMAN, Emma                        18     Ellsworth, Neb        Minn. 
        dau of Sam'l H. OSMAN
Oct. 17, 1892     HARMAN, Edgar                      23     Polk, Co. Neb.        Ind. 
        son of David HARMAN & Susanna GILLIAND
                  BURTCH, Reca                       16     Cherry Co. Neb        Iowa 
        dau of Thos. BURTCH & Ella COLLINS
Nov. 10, 1892     SPURGIN, Henry J.                  28     Thedford, Neb.        Missouri 
        son of Sam'l SPURGIN & Francis DAVIS
                  CLOW, Eva                          15     Thedford, Neb.        Indiana 
        dau of Jas. H. CLOW & Belle BROOKMAN
Dec. 8, 1892      MOSELEY, William                   25     Cherry Co.            New Jersey 
        son of James MOSELY & Agnes MILLER
                  PULLMAN, Lottie                    25     Cherry Co.            Iowa 
        dau of Geo. PULLMAN & Elizabeth HETTINGER
Dec. 21, 1892     SHRINER, Edward B.                 22     Cherry Co.            Iowa 
        son of John W. SHRINER & Malinda EXLINE
                  ALGOE, Elizabeth                   26     Thomas Co.            Illinois 
        dau. of Wm. ALGOE & Elizabeth WELCH
Feb. 14,1893 Application for license
                  TABER, William K.                  24     Custer Co.            Missouri 
        son of Joseph H. TABER & Elizabeth A. LEE
                  HANSBURY, Olo I.                   16     Thomas Co.            Nebraska 
        dau of Albert HANSBURY & Mary A. HANING

Vol V, no. 2, page 67 - Fall 1982
Thomas County Marriages continued:

DATE              NAME                               AGE    RESIDENCE             PLACE OF BIRTH 
Dec. 16, 1893     McCLURE, John                      26     Halsey, Neb.          Indiana 
                  PERKINS, Marcia L.                 20     Halsey, Neb.          Iowa 
        Dau. of Dan'l E. PERKINS & Martha M. MARSH
Oct. 7, 1894      CASE, A. H.                        28     Broken Bow            North Carolina 
        son of A. R. CASE & Adaline Bell
                  COX, Ida                           21     Broken Bow            Ohio 
        dau. of G. B. COX
Dec. 31, 1893     KIMMICK, P.J.                      21     Thedford              Murry, Iowa 
        son       of Arthur STACY & Jennie LIKES                                   
                  LEWIS, Nellie                      20     Thedford              Cooperstown, N. Y. 
        dau of Eneas LEWIS & Clara CROSBY
Dec. 19, 1893     VAUGHT, Charles L.                 31     Halsey, Neb.          Iowa 
                  PERKINS, Carrie J.                 19     Halsey, Neb.          Iowa 
        dau of Daniel E. PERKINS & Martha M. MARSH
Jan. 16, 1895     STRAWL, Sylvester M.               22     Duboise, Neb.         Nebr. 
        Son of Jacob STRAWL & Samantha RUNDEL
                  COCKERHAM, Hulda                   24     Cherry Co.            Kansas 
        dau of John COCKERHAM & Rebecca DYCHE
April 18, 1895    RUSH, Edward Everett               24     Halsey, Neb           Chariton, IA. 
        son of Artemus RUSH & Rebecca A. SCOTT
                  BIVENS, Bernice                    21     Purdum                Tecumseh, Neb. 
        dau of Sam'l W. BIVENS & Alice GUERNSEY
April 25, 1895    LOWE, John J.                      42     Cherry Co.            Iowa 
        son of Robert LOWE & Catherine FILLEY
                  McCUTCHIN, Eliza                   32     Cherry Co.            Wisconsin 
        dau of James McCUTCHIN & Jane GUTHRIE
Sept. 30, 1895    JAMES, Ira Newton                  25     McPherson Co.         Iowa 
        son of Wm. G. JAMES & Mary MILLER
                  CLOUSE, Anna Louisa                18     McPherson Co.         Missouri 
        dau of Clark W. CLOUSE & Nancy GAY
Nov. 11, 1895     HETRICK, Daniel A.                 22     Thedford              Missouri 
        son of Isaac HETRICK & Sarah DUNCAN
                  COLLINS, Francis A.                16     Thedford              Nebraska 
        dau of         & Nancy SPURGIN
Nov. 14, 1895     ALLEN, John F.                     29     Thedford              Iowa 
        son of Geo. T. ALLEN & Elizabeth NELVERMAN
                  TALBOT, Hilly W.                   18     Thedford              Iowa 
        dau of Abram TALBOTT & Rachael R. HOUSE
Dec. 28, 1895     HOHSTATT, Frederick George         43     Cherry Co.            Germany 
        son of Johann HOHSTATT & Mary KAMPF
                  KRUEGER, Mrs. Barbara              31     Council Bluffs, IA    Germany 
        dau of                SCHAMPF
Feb. 23, 1896     GATES, Elmer T.                    23     Lynn, MO.             Indiana 
        son of William C. GATES & Amanda E. BEACH
                  PERKINS, Edna Jane                 17     Halsey, Neb.          Iowa 
        dau. of Daniel E. PERKINS & Martha M. MARSH
Apr. 8, 1896 (Intention)
                  COOPER, Edwin                      38     Cherry Co.            New York 
        son of Jacob COOPER & Mary JUDSON
                  CORNELIA, Martha M.                26     Cherry Co.            MO. 
        dau of James CORNELIA & Melinda CUPSTED
Nov. 23, 1896     FRITZ, Christian                   37     Cherry Co.            Pennsylvania 
        son of George FRITZ & Elizabeth KESSLER
                  COOPER, Mrs. Mary E.               27     Cherry Co.            Miss. 
        dau of James CORNELIUS & Melinda M. CUPSTID
Dec 1, 1896       FELLOWS, George A.                 21     Cherry Co.            New York 
        son of Adin FELLOWS & Viola PETIT
                  LILLY, Minnie                      20     Cherry Co.            Missouri 
        dau of Sam'l W. LILLY & Jane HAGUE
Dec 13, 1896      PACE, Francis M.                   29     Seneca                Mo. 
        son of Martin PACE & Rebecca MODE
                  HETRICK, Viola                     17     Norway                Ia 
        dau of Isaac HETRICK

Vol V, no. 2, page 68 - Fall 1982
Thomas County Marriages continued:

DATE              NAME                               AGE    RESIDENCE             PLACE OF BIRTH 
March 14, 1897    RUDISIL, George Worley             25     Seneca                Ill. 
        son of George H. RUDISIL & Wealthy Ann BUCK
                  DECHLER, Minnie                    18     Seneca                Iowa 
        dau. of Clark DECHLER & Almedia SULLIVAN
April 11, 1897    RODOCKER, D. Alton                 21     Thomas Co.            Pennsylvania 
        son  of Geo. RODOCKER & Susan BRIKEY
                  GRAY, Ettie                        19     Thomas Co.            Penn 
        dau of Geo. GRAY & Sabina WILCOX
Aug. 17, 1897     BLAKESLEE, Charles H.              38     Thedford              Illinois 
        son of Geo. BLAKESLEE & Martha J. WRIGHT
                  COLLINS, Mrs. Nancy                36     Thedford              Missouri 
        dau of SPURCIN & Francis DAVIS
March 23, 1898    POSTEN, Felix E.                   28     Hooker Co.            West VA. 
        son of David M. POSTEN & Susan McWILLIAMS
                  WELCH, Julia E.                    24     Hooker Co.            Nebraska 
        dau of Fred P. WELCH & Julia A. KEMP
May 1, 1898       MOBERLEY, Elmer E.                 22     Cherry Co.            Indiana 
        son of Joseph T. MOBERLEY & Eva E. RAY
                  LILLY, Amy C.                      16     Cherry Co.            Missouri 
        dau of S.W. LILLY & Jane HAGUE
June 7, 1898      CHALOUD, Frank                     33     Cherry Co., Nebr      Austria 
        son of Frank CHALOUD & Christie GOULD
                  PEEDON, Emma R.                    19     Thedford              Nebraska 
        dau of W. H. PEEDON & Caroline ROXY
Sept. 20, 1898    RUSSELL, George M.                 35     Thomas Co.            Iowa 
        son if Irvin W. RUSSELL & Lidda DODD
                  MILROY, Agnes J.                   18     Thomas Co.            Illinois 
        dau. of Alexander MILROY & Jennett SCOTT
Oct. 20, 1898     WEST, Willmar L.                   23     Thomas Co             West Virginia 
        son of Albert C. WEST & Nellie VURGE
                  WELLS, Nora 0.                     22     Thomas Co.            Illinois 
        dau of Josias WELLS
Nov. 28, 1898     EDIS, Levi William                 21     Thomas                Wisconsin 
        son of William EDIS & Louie HOHARROW
                  DAVIS, Mrs. Mina                   25     Thomas                Kansas 
        dau of Jeremiah HOWE & Elizabeth CASE
Jan. 4, 1899      MILLISON, Silas B.                 20     Thomas Co. Neb.       Iowa 
        son of Benj. MILLISON & Catharine COFFMAN
                  BAUMANN, Hannah A.                 21     Thomas Co. Neb.       Germany 
        dau of August BAUMANN & Henrietta ROLLWAGEN
July 14, 1899     PHILLIPS, Oscar F.                 42     Alliance              Wisconsin 
        son of H.F. PHILLIPS & Arabel COOK
                  POOL, Lemmie V.                    25     Thedford              Virginia 
        dau of J.R. POOL & Missouri BOYER
Sept. 17, 1899    CROW, James H.                     21     Thedford              Kansas 
        son of Harrison J. CROW & Margurite DAVIDSON
                  CLOW, Edith                        18     Thedford              Nebraska 
        dau. of James H. CLOW & BOOKNAW
Oct. 1, 1899      RODOCKER, Sam'l U.                 22     Halsey                Pennsylvania 
        son of George RODOCKER & Susan BRINEY
                  GRAY, Emma                         17     Thadford              Nebraska 
        dau of George GRAY & Sabina WILLCOX
Nov. 8, 1899      CRAWFORD, Albert O.                31     Seneca                Iowa 
        son of James M. CRAWFORD & Mary M. HARMON
                  ANDERSON, Hilma C.                 27     Seneca                Illinois 
        dau of Andrew P. ANDERSON & Anne S. FREBERG
Dec. 31, 1899     LELAUCHER, John Ross               23     Mullen                Iowa 
        son       of Elisha LELAUCHER & Mary BLISS                                 
                  STEVENSON, Maggie May              18     Mullen                Iowa 
        dau of Frank STEVENSON & Adelaid ALLEN

Vol V, no. 2, page 69 - Fall 1982
Thomas County Marriages, continued:

DATE              NAME                               AGE    RESIDENCE             PLACE OF BIRTH 
Feb. 22, 1900     HENDRYX, Clarence E.               21     Halsey, Neb.          Douglas Co. 
        son of Jas. G. HENDRYX & Margaret M. BILLINGS
                  SWISHER, Sarah Jane                20     Halsey, Neb.          Custer Co. 
        dau of Jas. M. SWISHER & Caroline MOSE
March 25, 1900    WEST, Charles E.                   28     Thedford              York, Nebr. 
        son of Jno. WEST & Melissa Ann PIERSON
                  BROWN, Mrs. Rebecca May            27     Thedford              Indiana 
        dau of B.F. DILL & Sarah E. SMITH
March 29, 1900    JACKSON, Roy W.                    20     Seneca, Neb           Marion Co. IA 
        son of John F. JACKSON & Elizabeth WILSON
                  CRAWFORD, Ida May                  23     Seneca, Neb           Warren Co. IA 
        dau of Robt. CRAWFORD & Elizabeth WRIGHT
June 9, 1900      CURTIS, Edward W.                  28     Stuart, Holt Co.      Cold Water, Mich. 
        son of Ebenezer CURTIS & Sarah SHECKLER
                  COMPTON, Rubie                     16     Thedford, Neb         Keys Paha Co. Neb 
        dau of Herman L. COMPTON & Elsie AKERMAN

Vol V, no. 2, page 69 - Fall 1982

1890 Real Estate, Leslie Precinct, Wayne County
John H. WHIPERMAN        Claus H. PAULSON        Fred GILSTEN         Lizzie L. WALTERS 
John BOCKENHAUEN         David A. SAPPENFIELD    H. RODRECK           I. W. COBB 
E. B. BILLS              Alonzo RANDALL          Tho. DIETRICHS       Edwin J. CHAMBERS 
Thos MAYBERRY            Hinrich Gerhard FOSTYER Hinick RODECK        Jacob THOMAS 
Wm. HARRISON             Joseph M. KELSO         Robt SMEATH          J. H. OTTMAN 
John T. BRESSLER         Chas S. ASH             M. K. JORGENSEN      W. HARRISON 
George FUOSS             W. E. KRANSE            Geo. W. KELLER       Arnold REMBERG 
Samuel FUOSS             John M. GUINE           Louis A. KELLER      Henry GRIEVE 
Peter LEONARD            Lewis WERNICK           Thus MINEHAN         J. B. PANABAKEN 
Wm. UTECHT               W. B. GORHAM            John R. RUSSELL      Chas H. FRY 
Wm. S. COOK              Christian REBENSDORF    J. E. WILSON         Mary Ann FRY 
Daniel EIMER             Louise KORTH            Detlif KAI           Chas SANG 
Louis NURENBRYEN         E. S. SHEPARD           August KAI           D. N. WHEELER 
Michael GASPERS          C. J. PETERS            N. H. NYE            1. N. STINSON 
Cathorine A. NURENBERGER Chas. C. KILLIAN        W. LUMMEL            John D. FRAZEE 
John HARRISON            Elizabeth SLAUGHTER     John HANSON          Henry MUTTEBURG 
Carrie M. MITCHELL       W. H. CHURCHILL         N. SHUMAKER          Jas POWELL 
Solomon SLAUGHTER        Eugene SULLIVAN         Milton NYE           Wm. POWELL 
Frank LONG               Geo. WETHERHOLT         Milton A. NYE        John H. VOLLERS 
Frank LONG Jr.           Benten W. BROWN         Isaac L. GALBRAETH   J. B. COLLINS 
Joseph KORTH             George BUSKIRK          Frank WETHERHOLT     Robert  ROBENSON 
Henry BECKENRAUSE        David WERNER            J. P. JORGENSON      J. B. PANOBAKER 
Fred KAY                 James MACK              J. H. WARREN         Mark VOGT 
William KORTH            J. M. PULLEN            H. ROD1CK            Ernest BURKMANN 
Agnes JONES              John T. BRESSLIN        Ludwid RRHLING (sic) Fritz LOUCKS 
D. C. CHAMBERS           Aug. H. JOOST           E. A. CUMMING        Wm. BUSCH 
John GILFERT             Grace E. MITCHELL       D.G. WINDHUSEN       Chas. F. SCHULDT 
John H. WORREN           Hannah WISE             John KING            Wm. BUSCH 
John AHLERS              J. S. CRESSY            Jacob PIATT          A. H. HUGE 
Wm. BLOODHART            McNISH & GRAHAM         Florence D. MILLER   Henry SCHRODER 
Albert LONG              John WITLEMER           Thos. M. FREEMAN     D. VAN SEGGERN 
Wm. S. GARRETT           D. STRODTHOFF           D.D.A. DRUMMOND      Robt SHANNON 
J. B. McKINNIE           Hugh SMITH              1. H. CAREY          J. D. KING 
John AHLERS              H. HEYNE                Wm. THOMAS           Robert RUBACK 
F. D. MILLER             Wilkelm SYDOW           D. A. DURMAN         Loyal B SHEPHERD 
Fred KRUSENAR            Frank R. PRATT          Thos C. KIRK         W.C. SHEPHARD 
Alva LONARD              Eugene A. TUCKER        Jacob THOMAS          
John H. OTTEMAN          Henry ORLEDY            I. H. GRAVES          
Gehard HEIJNE            John GERKEN             Harrison STINSON      
John VOSTEEN             Fred MEYER              F. D. MILLER          

Vol V, no. 2, page 70 - Fall 1982

1890 PERSONAL PROPERTY ASSESSMENT, Leslie Prect. Wayne County
ALBERTSEN, Loring        HENSCHKE, Ernst         KELSO, D. A.         ROHLING, Ludwig 
AHLERS, John             HAMMER, Hans            LORGE, Albert        SLAUGHTER, Solomon 
ARNOLD, Davis            HANSON, W. E.           LORGE, Julius        SLAUGHTER, Charles 
BECKER, Michael          HERNER, Mary E.         LEONARD & Son        SNEATH, Robert 
BOCKENHAVER, John        HERNER, David           MAYBERRY, Thomas     SHEPARD, J. B. 
BANESTER, H.A.           HERRMANN, J. M.         McINISTAN, D.        SELLERS, Bro. 
BRADFORD, J. M.          JOHN, Nick              MITCHELL, John       SAPPENFIELD, D. A. 
BARBER, 0. A.            ROHN, Stephen           McINISE, John        SYDOW, Augusta 
BRESSLER, S. C.          MADAN, Robert           MACK, James          STRUDTHOFF, D. 
BRESSLER, F. P.          HEYNE, Henry            MININHAN, Thos       SCHRODER, H. D. 
BUSKIRK, George          JOST, August            MILLER, F. D.        SCHMIDT, John 
BLOODHAST, Wm.           JORGENSEN, J. P.        MEYER, Fredrich      UTECH, William 
BELL, Henry              JORGENSEN, N. K.        MININHAN, Mike       THOMPSON, A. R. 
CURRMESTER, F. H.        JORDEN, John F.         McKINNE, J. D.       TUCKER, E. A. 
CHAMBERS, D. L.          JAHDE, Herman           MATTHEWS, J. F.      VOSTEEN, John 
CRESSY, J. S.            JORGENSEN, ---          NELSON, Lawrence     WILSON, J.E. 
CLARISSEN, L.            LONGE, David            NUERNBERGER, Louis   WEONRCK, Elizabeth 
CLARISSEN, Jens P.       LONGE, Herman           NYE, Bros.           WHIPPERMAN, George 
CHURCHILL, W. C.         LONGE, Frank            ORLEDGE, Henry       WHIPPERMAN, J. H. 
COMFORT, Dar             LUMMEL, Wendelin        REBENSDORF, C. H.    WADE, L. 
EIMER, Daniel            KELLER, Bros.           RUSSELL, Richard     WADE, E. A. 
ECKLER, Richard          KAI, August             ROGERS, A.           WOLF, Henry 
EIKLER, Ernst            KAI, Dedlef             PETERS, Fred         WESTERHOLD, Frank 
DIEDRICHS, Theo          KAI, Claus              POWERS, C. F.        WESTERHOLD, Herman 
DUNLAVEY, James          KAY, Fred               PULLEN, J. N.        WESTERHOLD, August 
FOUSS, S. G.             KILLIAN, C. A.          PETERS, C. J.        WOLLMER, John 
FOUSS, J. G.             KORTH, Louise           PAULSEN, Claus H.    WINDHUSEN, D. G. 
GILBERT, John            KRUSEMARK, Fred         RONFELDT, E.         WESSEL, John 
GOREHAM, W. B.           KELSO, J. M.            RUDEBUSCH, D.         
GERKEN, John             KELSO, 11. E.           ROEDICK, Henry        
HENSCHKE, Macko          KELSO, Wm.              REHLING, August       

Wm. AGLER                Thos. W. GRAMBERY       Wm. N. MAGILL        Geo. A. SMITH 
J. AUDSON                E. W. HOLT              Jas. MULICK          W. J. STACKWELL 
Geo. ASHNOTT             J. S. HILL              G. T. MILLER         F. E. STACKWELL 
Chas. B. BYON            S. HASRVARD             I. M. MOORE          F. SHEPPARD 
R. H. BRENIZER           HALL & DAVISON          Amos POUCLL (sic)    Jno. SEXTON 
Levi BRENIZER            W. B. KNOWLES           Thos. PETTYJOHN      Jas SMITH 
Zora BENNETT             J. M. KNOWLES           J. C. PETTYJOHN      0. TROTTER 
S. D. BANONT             N. KESSELBUTT           R. S. PETTYJOHN      E. TOTTEN 
C.C. BARNARD             S. KYNER                Chas. PETTYJOHN      R. A. UPSTILL 
Adley COOK               C. KENNER               James ROBERTS        D.D. VAIGLIN 
T. S. COOK               Wm. LUDKE               H. P. RIGGS          E. W. VINGIN 
W. C. GOLDEN             E. 0. DeLAUD            B. RECKAND           W. M. VAUGHN 

1889 REAL ESTATE ASSESSMENT, Pine Prect., Brown County
AUDERSON, Mattis         BOSTWICK, Chas.         GROVES, Henry        KNOWLES, Wm. B. 
ABBOTT, Edwin C          BENNETT, Elmer          GOLDEN, Wm. C.       KNOWLES, 1. N. 
BERNHARD, Chas.          BOSTWICK, Charles G.    GLOVER, Chas. R.     LUDKE, Wilhelm 
BUTLERER, Broham         CASTLE, J. C.           HAELEE, Henry C.     LAEHTROP, Amalia 
BRYAN, Edgar C.          COMADT, Isreal          HESS, William L.     LEARN, Henry W. 
BUTTNER, Chas.           DAVID, A. M.            HILL, John S.        MCKNIGHT, Mattis 
BETHGR, Fred             KYNER, S. H.            HARWARD, Wm. Jr.     MALLOY, M. B. 
BOCENIZER, Kittie        EMRIL, Harvey           HALLEY, Henry C.     MILLARD, J. H. 
BOCENIZER, R. H.         FLOYD, E. J.            INGERSOLL, F. 11.    MEAD, Charles 
BAILEY, Abel             SILL, Harvey            KENNER, Richard      MATHEWSON, Chas. P. 
BAILEY, Abel Jr.         GLOVER, Sam G.          KNOWLES, Jas. F.     McCONNELL, James 

Vol V, no. 2, page 71 - Fall 1982

1889 Real Estate Assessment, Brown County
McCONNELL, A. C.         PORTER, James F.        SHARPE, Jesse M.     UPSTILL, Richard A. 
MAGILL, Wm. H.           PETTYJOHN, Mrs. C.      SMITH, G. A.         UPSTILL, Alfred 
MILLER, Fannie M.        PETTIJOHN, Jas. C.      SLAFTER, Gorden J.   VIRGIN, Eugene 
McCOMKONS, Wm.           POWELL, Amos N.         STACKWELL, Wilber J. WILKINS, Emma 
NARVARD, Mrs. Jennie     PAYNE, Stephen          STACKWELL, Francis   WINTER, Alice I. 
MILLER, G. F.            ROBERTS, J. F.          THATCH, Saml         WINTER, Thaddeus 
NEFF, Ezra C.            RITTERBUSH, A. F.       TROTTER, Ocar W.     WOLSON, Saml J. 
PILGER, A. J.            SPROUSE, John           TROTTER, Erastus     KYUN, S. N 
PETTIJOHN, Robt S.       SIMPSON, M. C.          UPSTILL, Richard     MYGATT, S. N. 

1889 REAL ESTATE ASSESSMENT, Burley Precinct, Brown County
BURLEY, Joseph           BURLEY, Geo. W.         BURLEY, Wellington   BOVE, Cordelia A. 
CORNISH, Walter          CORNISH, Aaron          CORNISH, Geo. A.     EDWARDS, Evan W. 
FERGUSON, Thos. J.       FERGUSON, Wm. W.        FERGUSON, Hugh D.    HOHLFELD, Emil 
LIEN, Ole P.             McOWAT, Jane            METZER, Geo.         MILLER, John W. 
PRICE, Eva A.            PARSONS, Thos. W.       PENNELL, Lewis H.    REED, Charles T. 
ROBINSON, Chas & sons    RAVEN, John             SWEITZER, S.F.       SCHIENOST, Emanuel 
THOMPSON, Florence       WILLIAMS, Thos R.                             

BURLEY, Jas & sons       BURLEY, Geo. W.         BURLEY, Mary A.      CORNISH, W. A. 
CORNISH, Aaron           CORNISH, George A.      C (/) , Willie M.    EDWARDS, Ellen W. 
FURGUSON, W. W.          FITZMORRIS, James       HOHLFIELD, Emil      LIEN, Ole P. 
MILLER, John W.          ROBINSON, Chas & son    RAVEN, John          SWEITZER, Samuel M. 

Vol V, no. 2, page 71 - Fall 1982
Submitted by: Mrs. Marvel Skinner Bearg, Ainsworth, NE


Ex-soldiers and sailors residing in Buffalo Precinct, Brown County, NE, June 4, 1887 (Signed) A. D. BEEBE, Assessor.

Stephen PAYNE          Ensign        Walkers Texas Rangers                  Long Pine 
    in Rebellion       Surgeon       D       Illinois Inf. 70               Long Pine 
    in Rebellion                     I       16 Illinois Calvary            Long Pine 
Abel BARLEY                          A       6 Iowa Calvery                 Long Pine 
Samuel J. WILSON                     F       22 Penn Calvery                Long Pine 
Hervey FORD                          C       51 Ohio                        Long Pine 
John T. WHEELER                      Y       (51?) Wis. H. Artilery         Long Pine 
John McCLAIN                         C       103 Ill Infantry               Long Pine 
Charles McMINDES                     H       86 New York                    Long Pine 
Burton FREEMAN         Captain       I       27 New York I                  Ainsworth 
John F. FURGERSON      Corporal      F       88 Indiana                     Ainsworth 
John M. JACKSON                      M       5 Indiana                      Ainsworth 
Theodore WALMER        U.S.          S       Hartford Seaman                Ainsworth 
David H. SAWYER                      D       141 Ill                        Ainsworth 
Phillip R.S. TINLSEY                 D       36 Iowa Infantry               Ainsworth 
Joshua B. SMITH                      Y       151 Ill Infantry               Ainsworth 
Lewis E. FERNAN                      B       45 Wis Infantry                Ainsworth 
John H. FERNAN                       B       45 Wis Infantry                Ainsworth 
C. F. (BRYD)           1st Sergt     G       15 Iowa Infantry                
   "      "            1st Lieut     B       34 Iowa Infantry                
William (MCCOMMONS?)   Corp          G       26 Ill Volunteers              Long Pine 
Barrett BECKARD        Private       E       44 Iowa Vol Inf                Long Pine 
Eli M. BURGHER         Private       B       I (---- --- ---)               Long Pine 
( --- ) B. KNOWLES     Private       F       44 Iowa Vol Inf                Long Pine 
John SAUNDERS          Private       B       120 Iowa Vol Inf               Long Pine 
G. W. CADY             Private       C       104 Ill Vol Inf                Long Pine 

Vol V, no. 2, page 72 - Fall 1982
Roster of Ex-Soldiers and Sailors in Brown County continued:

Josef HURD                           C       13 Y.S.A.                      Long Pine 
G. D. ASHWORTH         Private       K       2 Va. W. Cav.                  Long Pine 
George A. SMITH        Private       F       5 Wisc In                      Long Pine 
R. B. WHITNEY          Private       H       6 (M_ _)                       Long Pine 
                       Private       I       95 111 Vol Inf                 Long Pine 
A. FERGUSON            Corp          F       10 Mich Inft                   Long Pine 
(Sylvanus?) TAYLOR     Private       C       27 Ill Inft                    Long Pine 
Martin H. AVERY        Private       C       H 2 Ohio ( )                   Long Pine 
J. A. (N )             Sergt         B       63 Ind Inf                     Long Pine 
Elias MYERS            Corp          A       103 PA Vol                     Long Pine 
James I. ROBERTS                     E       22 Iowa Vol                    Long Pine 
(--.) I. FURGASON      Sergt         D       (  ) Cav.                      Long Pine 
Theadore WALMER        Seaman        Navy    Hartford                       Ainsworth 
Allen ( .) SEAMAN      Bugler        K       2nd Wis Calvery                Ainsworth 
Samuel J. WILSON       Private       F       22 Penn Cal                    Long Pine 
Hervey FORD            Private       C       51 Ohio Inf                    Long Pine 
Stephen PAYNE          Ordly Sargent I       16 Ill Calvery                 Long Pine 
Reuben FRANKLIN        Private       E       93 New York                    Ainsworth 
John McCLAIN           Private       C       100 Ill In                     Long Pine 
John F. FERGISON       Infantry      F       88 Indiana                     Ainsworth 
P. R. TINLSEY          Infantry      B       36 Iowa                        Ainsworth 
F. W. McGILL           Private       I       92nd Ill Mt Inft               Long Pine 
S. J. OLEARY           Sergt         "C"     9th U.S. Infty                 Long Pine 
J. S DAVISON           (co--)        I       9th Iowa Vol Cav.              Long Pine 
J. M. MEAD             Priv          E       42 Ind Vols                    Long Pine 
H. H. (WAL )           Priv          D       7 Ill V.C.                     Long Pine 
Andrew ANDERSON        Priv          F       98 (  ) 5 Corps                Long Pine 
D.O. VAUGHN            Serg          E       7 (Misha-) Cav                 Long Pine 
W. I. WHITTEMON        Priv          H       31st Iowa Inft                 Long Pine 

Ex-soldiers and sailors residing in Thatch Prect. Brown Co, NE, Apr. and May 1887. J. C. CASTLE, Ass.

W.S. WHITTEMORE        Priv          H       31st Iowa Inft                 Long Pine 
J. S. DAVIDSON         Corporal      I       9th Iowa Cavalry               Long Pine 
Wm. Barnel KNOWLES     Priv          F       44th Ind Inft                  Long Pine 
James LISLE            Priv                  3 Iowa Battery                 Long Pine 
Sylvanus TAYLOR        Priv          C       27 Iowa Inft                   Long Pine 
Phillipp SWIGGERT      Priv          A       57 Ill Reg                     Thurman 
Dan TAYLOR             Priv          C       52nd Vet Vol                   Long Pine 
Elias MYEAR            Corporal      A       103 Penn Vol                   Long Pine 
W. R. HOUSTON          Corporal      H       74th Ill Inft                  Long Pine 
Elisha CULVER          Sergeant      C       13th U.S. Reg                  Long Pine 
James F. PORTER        Priv          I       7 Iowa Cavalry                 Long Pine 
J. M. HOYT             Capt          K       7 Wis Inft                     Long Pine 
R.W. BLAKE             Priv          C       39 Ill Inft                    Long Pine 
Geo. V. WELLS          Priv          A       141 Pen Vol                    Long Pine 
James ROUSE            Priv          K       153rd Ill Inft                 Long Pine 
O. S. CRABTREE         Priv          I       95 Ill Inft                    Long Pine 
J. A. HUDLOW                                 Wagon Master                    
                                             of Regimental Train            Long Pine 
                                             2nd Kan Cavalry                 
W. H. MAGILL           Priv          A       21st N.Y. Cavalry              Long Pine 
Andrew J. O'LEARY      1st Class     P.O.    26 S.S. Galatia Navy           Long Pine 
M. J. THRALL           Priv          C       57th Ind. Inft                 Long Pine 
John SAUNDERS          Priv          D       120 Ind Inft                   Long Pine 
Jam a LELAND           Priv          C       83rd Ill Inft                  Long Pine 
Char (WELKR)?          Priv          H       46 Ill Inft                    Long Pine 
Char FETHLEY           Priv          I       4 Mich Cavalry                 Long Pine 
A.S. FURGASON          Orderly Serg. D       2 Mich Cavalry                 Long Pine 
Martin H. AVERY        Priv          H       2nd Ohio Cavalry               Long Pine 
D.D. WALKER            Priv          D       7th Ill Vet Vol                Long Pine 
J. M. MORFORD          Priv          B       51st Ill Inft                  Long Fine 
A. W. BOSTWICK         Priv          D       105 Ill Inft                   Long Pine 

Vol V, no. 2, page 73 - Fall 1982
Roster of Ex-Soldiers and Sailors in Brown County continued:

J.A. FURGASON          Priv          F       10th Mich Inft                 Long Pine 
A. M. TOTMAN           Corporal      K       161st N.Y. Vol                 Long Pine 
J. T. DUNN             Priv          A       24 N Jersey Inft 1             Long Pine 
J. I. ROBERTS          Priv          E       22nd Iowa                      Long Pine 
Wm. F. CLEVENGER       Priv          A       48th Iowa                      Long Pine 
                                     B       6th Ohio Vol Cav               Long Pine 
Robert S. PETTIJOHN    Priv          H       12 Ohio Inft                   Long Pine 
Phillip D. GRIFFIN     Priv          F       63rd Reg Pen Inft              Long Pine 
I. WINTER              Priv          B       1st Wis Inft                   Long Pine 
J. M. MEAD             Priv          E       42nd Ind                       Long Pine 
Joseph HURD            Sergeant      C       13th U.S. Inft                 Long Pine 
James A. KAY           Let Laurent   G       123rd U.S.C.T Inft             Long Pine 
Marion Cook            Priv          H       46th Ill Inft                  Long Pine 
Geo. D. ASHWORTH       Corporal      K       6th West Virginia Cav          Long Pine 
R. B. WHITNEY          Priv          H       6th Mich Vet Vol Artilery      Long Pine 
Chas BELL              Priv          E       1st Ohio heavy                 Bassette 
Chas MEAD              Priv          E       80th Ind Inft                  Long Pine 
R. H. BREMZER          Priv          D       44th Iowa Vol                  Long fine 
J.B. (MCANTHER?)       Priv          I       29th Ohio                      Long Pine 
W. A. McMONAGLE        Priv          A       5th Iowa Cavalry               Long Pine 
S. FARLOW              Priv          G       32nd Iowa Inft                 Long Pine 
C. H. SEARLS           Priv          K       50th Ill Inft                  Long Pine 
J.P. (RAWHURST?)       Priv          G       1st U.S. Sharpshooters         Long Pine 
                       Priv          K       14th Reg U.S. VETERAN RESERVES  
                       I Lieut       H       43rd U.S. Cold Inft             
(J?) H. SKINNER        Priv          I       1st Mich Cavalry               Long Pine 
Frank McGILL           Priv          I       92nd Ill Reg                   Long Pine 
A. F. RITTERBUSH       Priv          F       51st Ill Reg                   Long Pine 
Lewis M. PAYNE         Priv          B       132nd Ill Inft                 Long Pine 
Theadore D. WILLOUGHBY Priv          G       6th West Virginia Inft         Long Pine 
E. M. BURGER           Priv          B       2nd Neb Cavalry                Long Pine 
F.A. WHITTEMORE        1st Lieut     F       21st Mo Inft                   Long Pine 
? A. (FUSTY?)          Priv          I       32nd Iowa Inft                 Long Pine 
S.K. HUNTSINGER        Priv          A       72nd Ind Inft                  Long Pine 
Geo. ?. SMITH          Priv          A       5 Wis Vol                      Long Pine 
James HULICK           Corporal      D       45 Ill Reg                     Long Pine 
HOLT, John D.          Private       B       Doniphans Reg Missouri         Long Pine 
BATES, Geo. E.         Private       P       9th Reg Ills Cav               Bassett 
BATES, Levi D.         Private       E       74 Reg Ills Inft               Long Pine 
BATES, Isreal F.       Private       A       1st Reg Neb Cav                Long Pine 
BARD, G.W.             Private       A       10th Reg Iowa Inft             Long Pine 
CLARK, Benjamin        Private       G       6th Reg Iowa Inft              Long Pine 
COIN, Orrin R.         Private       D       14th Reg Wis Inft              Bassett 
DEBOLT, Alexander      Private       C       77th Reg Ills Inft             Bassett 
DUNAWAY, George        Private       A       1st Reg Neb. Cav               Long Pine 
GRAHAM, Reuben         Private       A       98th Reg Ills Inft             Long Pine 
GRANT, Clinton G.      Serg          P       117th Reg New York Inft        Long Pine 
KENDALLS, A. C.        Private       C       149th Reg Penn Inft            Bassett 
McCOY, Joshua          Private       C       77th Reg Ills Inft             Long Pine 
PALMER, Bonaparte      Private       C       77th Reg Ills Inft             Bassett 
ROE, John              Private       A       10th Reg Iowa Inft             Long Pine 
STIGILS, Robert        Private       M       192nd Reg Penn Inft            Long Pine 
THOMPSON, James        Private       E       5th Reg Cal Inft               Long Pine 
SECHLER, James M.      Private               42 Ill                         Long Pine 
CORMANEY, J. H.        Private       D       26 Ill                         Bassett 
TALT, John H.          Private               Powhatan Ship                  Bassett 
(JACOX?) John          Private       B       105 Pa Vol                     Thurman 
PUTMAN, Peter J.       Private       D       186 N. Y.                      Long Pine 
BUTLER, G. E.          Private       D                                      Long Pine 

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