NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol 5, no 2
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Five, no. 2
Fall 1982


Vol V, no. 2, page 52 - Fall 1982
Submitted by Jean L. Jamison, Lincoln, NE

Arthur W. Partridge Autograph Book

Crete, Nebraska 1880-1881
   I received permission from Pricilla McElvein (Mrs. Richard McElvein), Mountain Brook, Alabama, to publish the names found in her grandfather's autograph book.
   The autograph book was given to her grandfather, Mr, Arthur W. Partridge, for Christmas in 1880 at Crete, NE. The book is black, tan and silver, There is a notary stamp -- R. I, Cornwell, Saline County, NE inside.
   Mrs. McElvein would enjoy hearing from anyone who recognizes the names listed. She is also interested in information about "Star School" in Saline County where her grandfather taught school and how the school got its name.
   Mrs. McElvein states that she also has many old pictures, some of which might be some of Mr. Partridge's friends at Crete. If you feel that you might be able to help get them identified she would be delighted to hear from you. Possibly Mrs. McElvein could photocopy some of these if you would contact her.
   Copies of the autograph book will be on file with the Nebraska State Genealogical Society and the Nebraska State Historical Society Library.

NAME                  SITUATION          PLACE           DATE 
H. H. AVERY                              Crete                      March 19, 1881 
E. E. HINTON          Doane College      Crete                      March 19, 1881 
John BOWY             Home & Abroad      Crete                   February 27, 1881 
Ernest BROSS (?DROSS)                    Crete                      March 19, 1881 
WM. S. (?) CURTIS     Doane College      Crete                      March 19, 1881 
J. N. DAVIDSON        Doane College      Crete                      March 19, 1881 
Charlotte K. FOUGERON                    Crete           Monday, February 28, 1881 
Kate FOUGERON                                                    February 28, 1881 
Lulu FOUGERON                                                    February 28, 1881 
Mary FOUGERON                                                    February 28, 1881 
Sue FOUGERON                                                     February 28, 1881 
Elmer GOODELL C.      fellow pedagogue   Crete                      March 21, 1881 
G. A. GREGORY         Doane College                                 March 21, 1881 
Anna HOUCK                                                           March 8, 1881 
Jessie HOUCK          scholar            West Blue                   March 8, 1881 
Laura Marcella HOUCK  scholar            West Blue                   March 8, 1881 
Lee LOUCK             scholar            West Blue                   March 8, 1881 
Willie HOUCK          scholar            West Blue                   March 8, 1881 
W. B. HOUCK                                                          March 8, 1881 
John LAUGE            Doane College      Crete                      March 19, 1881 
A. V. MATHEWS                            Crete                      March 21, 1881 
Miss Adona MEADVILLE  scholar                             
A. E. SHELDON         Doane College                                 March 20, 1881 
A. Z. SHOW            Doane College                                 March 19, 1881 
Frank B. STEPHENS     Doane College "82"                            March 19, 1881 
Goodwin D. SWEZEY                        Crete                      March 19, 1881 
Maggie E. THOMPSON                       Beaver Crossing                  18, 1881 
Mark THOMPSON                            Beaver Crossing            March 18, 1881 
Anna TROUT            scholar            Crete                   February 27, 1881 
Dallas TROUT          scholar            Crete                   February 27, 1881 
Findley J. TROUT      scholar            Crete                   February 27, 1881 
Frank TROUT           scholar            Crete                   February 27, 1881 
(?) G. H. TROUT                          Crete                       March 7, 1881 
Miss M. E. TROUT      home               Crete                   February 28, 1881 
Wm TROUT              friend & Home                              February 26, 1881 
Francis E. VIFQUAIN   scholar & home                             February 23, 1881 
Theresa I. VIFQUAIN   home                                       February 24, 1881 
Victor VIFQUAIN       home                                       February 24, 1881 
James WALWORTH        home & abroad                              February 24, 1881 

Vol V, no. 2, page 52 - Fall 1982
Submitted by Jean L. Jamison, Lincoln, NE
Fremont Daily Herald, Nov. 12, 1896, Dodge County

An emigrant wagon passed through the city yesterday, on the side of which was painted: "Sneaking back to Nebraska; our wives' folks wouldn't keep us."

Vol V, no. 2, page 57 - Fall 1982
Submitted by Cindy Steinhoff Drake, Avoca, Ne

NEHAWKA PUBLIC SCHOOL (DISTRICT #39) 1890 SCHOOL CENSUS (Cass County) The following information was taken from the Cass County School Superintendent-Records which are on file at the Cass County Courthouse in Plattsmouth as well as being on microfilm in the Nebraska State Historical Society Archives. The original record gives the age of the student, the number in each family and the legal description of where the family resided. The parent or guardian is given in capital letters with the student's name in lower case letters. Only children between the age of five and twenty-one were listed. With this particular list it is possible that some of the parent's or guardians were not listed.

James Ellis Glasqow
Ira               Alfred Brown           Emma
Albert            Lizzie                 LEE APPLEGATE   Mary
Irena Armstrong   Willia H. Marshall Joy Raymond
Mary M. Foster    Walter S.              Daisy Barden    LAWSON SHELDON
Charles W.        JAMES E. BANNING       Carl Carlson    George
LEE RIDER         Charles W.             George Olson    Vilas
Robert            Rhoda                  DAVID WEST      JOHN RUBS
Gertie            Jim                    Katie           Fritz
Frank             Stella                 ED BALDWIN      Will
Lucine A. William Lycurzus               Nina            George McBrode
Della Mellick     Tesera Strong          ANDREW PITMAN   Stella Nye
ISRAEL BATES      Mettle White           Hattie
Mary E.           Edd Ransil             Carrie Andrews
Martha C.         JOHN McBRIDE           GEORGE BAILEY
Charles L.        Mary                   Cora
John F.           Minnie Edwards         ED SHEPHERDSON
Leander Muck      ANDREW STRUM           Kingsley
Josephine         Lola                   Valerie
Jamie Hendrickson 0. BAIERS              Tyler
Fred Gallup       Etta                   Delia Chappell
Willie Foster     May                    Frank Chappell
E.A. KIRKPATRICK  Katie                  LEVI E. POLLARD
Paul              Emma                   Sally
Roy               John                   Leona
Guy               Minnie                 Jimmy
Earl              JACOB GRUBER           JAMES JAMESON
Dr. J. POLLARD    Anna                   James Cline
Julian            Emma                   JAMES WORDEN
Peter OPP         Bertha                 Fannie
Kate              Hattie Reynolds        Mary
Barbara           Ivan D.                Nannie
John              Olie B.                Hugh

Vol V, no. 2, page 58 - Fall 1982
Submitted by Violet MohIman, Columbus, Ne
Copied by Olive and Violet MohIman on 17 Sept. 1981.


This cemetery is located in Section 30 of Burrows Township, Platte County, NE, which is 5 miles west and 4 miles north of Platte Center, NE.

East Side, Row 1, reading north to south

THOMAZIN, Earl R.                           Feb. 21, 1906        Aug. 22, 1937
         William                            June 22, 1869        March 7, 1943
        Mathilda                            Dec. 20, 1871        Feb. 28, 1949
THOMAZIN, Vivian I., dau. of W. R. & N. B   March 6, 1912        March 10, 1912
        Mary A.                             Oct. 29, 1828        March 3, 1913  Mother
        Thomas                              March 11, 1826       Nov. 7, 1892   Father
        George                              April 2, 1856        July 22, 1901  Father
        Maria                               1857 --- 1951                       Mother
        John Watson                         Dec. 24, 1887        Sept. 5, 1888
        Wm. Henry child of Geo. & M.        Died Nov. 16, 1877   aged 11 mo 26 days
        Edith R., child of Geo. & M.        Died May 2, 1880     aged 2 mo, 3 da
VOLLMAR, Phillip, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. E.   May 11, 1896
LAHODA, Julia                               April 27, 1883       Feb. 9, 1964
        Marie                               1849-1922            Mother
        Joseph                              1843-1903            Father
        Mary                                1877-1900            Daughter
KRALIK, Lillian                             1900-1919
        Mrs. Anna                           Sept. 28, 1867       Apr. 25, 1927  Mother
        Albert                              July 12, 1962        June 2, 1948   Father
POTMESIL, Anna                              Feb. 20, 1851        Mar. 1, 1935
        Vincent                             May 25, 1851         Nov. 5, 1933
ROW 3, East side
BACKUS, Edgar                               July 18, 1909        April 19, 1935
        Arthur H.                           Aug. 18, 1880        July 19, 1947
        Elizabeth                           July 15, 1876        Sept 27, 1975
        Estella A.                          1874-1901 (badly weathered red stone)
Row 1, West side
LOHOFF, Ada A., dau of H. & M.              Died Feb. 17, 1901   aged 6 yr 3 mo 25 da
HOPKINS, Ira Walter, son of G.N. & M.G.     June 13, 1884        Dec. 2, 1887 aged 3 yrs 5 mo 19 da
GODKIN, Willie J., son of W. H. & S. J.     Died Nov. 3, 1891    aged 4 yr 4 mo 1 da
FOLLIOTT, Fredrick H., son of David & Ada   Died Dec. 2, 1891    aged 5 yr 6 mo 26 da
        Nora May, dau. of David & Ada       Died Dec 5, 1891     aged 7 yrs 6 mo
BURROWS, Joseph                             Died July 29, 1884   aged 79 yrs 5 mos 5 days
        Maria, wife of Joseph               Died Feb. 13, 1875   aged 58 yrs 2 mo 23 days
West side, row 2
BURROWS, Bardeen, infant dau of G. & L.     June 10, 1917
        Johnathan?                          Died May 13, 1885    aged 4 yrs 2 mo 4 da
        Joseph                              Died Sept 14, 1888   aged 12 yrs 1 mo 15 days
Children of J. & R. L.
        Rachel                              July 13, 1846        Nov. 10, 1888
        James                               Feb. 14, 1841        Jan. 2, 1920 GAR 1861-1865 Veteran
WOLF, Frederick B.                          Jan. 4, 1840         Jan. 8, 1920     Father
        Martha S. wife of Frederick B.      Died Feb. 2, 1898    aged 56 yrs 11 mo 23 da
        Willie F.                           Died Dec. 12, 1891   aged 12 yrs 6 days
        Daniel A.                           Died May 2, 1891     aged 16 yrs
Children of F. & M.
YERION, Sallie B.                           Died July 4, 1889    aged 81 years
LAMB, George N.                             1846-1922
        Annie                               1854-1899
        Ollie J.                            1871-1872

Vol V, no. 2, page 59 - Fall 1982


The passenger list given below was transcribed by Mr. Michael Cassady of Riverdale, Maryland, from a microfilm supplied by the National Archives, Washington, D.C. Mr. Cassady sent the list to Mr. P.W. Filby, compiler of Passenger and Immigration Lists Index and Passenger and Immigration Lists Bibliograph, who has now supplied it to this Journal.

Passenger List for "Mount Stewart Elphinstone".
Arrived New York 28 April 1849 from Glasgow.
James Stewart, master. 126 passengers.

                                                                 Country to Which  Country to Which                                                                              
       Name & No. on list       Age       Sex  Occupation            They Belong       They Intend 
103.   ABORKING, Adolph         40        M    engraver             Prussia           New York 
104.   ABORKING, Gustave        30(sic)   M    son                  Prussia           New York 
98.    ABRAHAM, Moritz          22        M    tailor               Prussia           New York 
121.   ADOLPH, Ernst            29        M    baker                Prussia           New York 
28.    ARMSTRONG, John          18        M    farm servant         Ireland           Washington Co., Pa. 
90.     ASTH, Wolf              23        M    cap maker            Prussia           New York 
12.    BENTLY, Henry            18        M    clerk                Scotland          New York 
107.   BERMAN, Abartin          46        M    house carpenter      Saxony            Wisconsin          
108.   BERMAN, Mrs.             36        F    his wife             Saxony            Wisconsin 
109.   BERMAN, Henrick          16        M    child                Saxony            Wisconsin 
110.   BERMAN, Carl             14        M    child                Saxony            Wisconsin 
111.   BERMAN August            9         M    child                Saxony            Wisconsin 
112.   BERMAN, Franzisko        12        M    child                Saxony            Wisconsin 
113.   BERMAN, Bruns            8         F    child                Saxony            Wisconsin 
68.    BERNSTEIN, Soloman       15        M    to friends           Prussia           New York 
96.    BETKOWSKY, Levin         21        M    tailor               Prussia           New York 
17.    BOURKE, William          23        M    farmer               Ireland           Jersey City 
87.    BROCK, Herman            27        M    tailor               Prussia           New York 
88.    BROCK, Mrs.              24        F    his wife             Prussia           New York 
15.    BUCHAN(sic), James       67        M    salmon fisher        Scotland          West Newburgh, Mass. 
29.    CLERAN, Edward           40        M    labourer             Ireland           Boston 
70.    COHN, Wolf               18        M    tailor               Prussia           New York 
71.    COHN, Rhaneko            22        M    to friends           Prussia           New York 
36.    COLLINS, Robert          33        M    labourer             Ireland           New York 
37.    COLLINS, Catherine       28        F    his wife             Ireland           New York 
38.    COLLINS, Mary Jane       8         F    child                Ireland           New York 
39.    COLLINS, John            3 mos     M    child                Ireland           New York 
40.    COLLINS, Robert          3 mos     M    child                Ireland           New York 
32.    DAWSON, Andrew           36        M    servant              Ireland           Philadelphia 
20.    DIGMAN, Hugh             30        M    labourer             Ireland           Cincinnati 
21.    DIGMAN, Mary             24        F    his wife             Ireland           Cincinnati 
22.    DIGMAN, John             1 mo      M    child                Scotland (sic)    Cincinnati 
35.    DONALD, Francis          22        M    labourer             Ireland           Highstown, N.J. 
120.   EARHARDT, Frederick      26        M    baker                Prussia           New York 
42.    FERGUSON, Robert         26        M    gun maker            Scotland          New York 
43.    FERGUSON, Agnes          18        M    milliner             Scotland          New York 
56.    FINDLER, ---*            29        M    tailor               Breslau, Prussia  New York 
23.    FINNIGAN, Momas(sic)     18        M    labourer             Ireland           New York 
52.    FISKER(sic) V.A.         50        M    farmer               Saxony            Wellburgh, N.Y. 
6.     FOWLER, William Br own   23        M    clerk                Scotland          Chicago 
49.    GENSIH, F.A.             22        M    butcher              Saxony            Pennsylvania 
79.    GOTZ, Marcus             46        M    shoemaker            Prussia           New York 
80.    GOTZ, Mrs. Gersha        44        F    his wife             Prussia           New York 
45.    GRUNERT, C.G.            25        M    miller               Saxony            Wisconsin 
69.    GUNTER, Herman           37        M    glazier              Prussia           New York 
53.    MACKE, Carl              39        M    hairdresser          Prussia           New York 
54.    HACKE, Madame            22(sic)   F    wife                 Prussia           New York 
55.    HACKE, Flora             11        F    child                Prussia           New York 
33.    HETHERINGTON, James      40        M    farmer               Ireland           Washington Co. 
34.    HETHERINGTON, Isabella   28        F    his sister           Ireland           Washington Co. 
95.    HEYMAN, Julius           20        M    upholsterer          Prussia           Texas 
76.    HIRSTH, Fabian           20        M    cap maker            Prussia           New York 

Vol V, no. 2, page 60 - Fall 1982
Mount Stewart Elphinstone. Passenger List continued.

                                                                Country to Which   Country to Which
     Name & No. on list      Age     Sex      Occupation           They Belong        They Intend
58.  HOENOCKE, F.E.          22       M       butcher             Saxony             New York
50.  HUBSIHMANN, C.G.        40       M       farmer              Saxony             Wisconsin
25.  KANE, Else              47       F       going to friends    Ireland            Philadelphia
26.  KANE, Francis           10       M       her child           Ireland            Philadelphia
27.  KANE, Paul              8        M       her child           Ireland            Philadelphia
31.  KIRK, James             30       M       labourer            Ireland            Philadelphia
91.  KORAH, Isreal           32       M       cap maker           Prussia            New York
48.  KRISTEN, J.C.           27       M       saddler             Saxony             New York
46.  KRUNBIEGT, Frederick    29       F(sic)  servant             Saxony             Wisconsin
67.  KURKENMEISTER, F.       23       M       farmer              Saxony             Wisconsin
81.  LEVI, Abraham           38       M       tailor              Prussia            New York
82.  LEVI, Mrs.              36       F       wife                Prussia            New York
83.  LEVI, Cicilia           infant   F       child               Prussia            New York
84.  LEVI, Henrich           5        M       child               Prussia            New York
85.  LEVI, Joseph**          3        M       child               Prussia            New York
86.  LEVI, Marcus            10 mons  M       child               Prussia            New York
97.  LEVI, Moritz            21       M       tailor              Prussia            New York
57.  LIPPMANN, F.L.          27       M       tinsmith            Saxony             New York
61.  MARZDOZ, Carl           30       M       miller              Saxony             Wisconsin
62.  MARZDOZ, Amalie         23       M       servant             Saxony             Wisconsin
16.  McCALLU, James          26.      M       steward             Scotland           New York
19.  McINTYRE, Andrew        33       M       joiner              Scotland           Hamilton, U.C.
14.  McKELLAN, Archibald     27       M       joiner              Scotland           New York
30.  McKNIGHT, Samuel        21       M       farmer              Ireland            Philadelphia
77.  MEYER, H.A.             25       M       tailor              Brunswich          Philadelphia
78.  MEYER, Mrs.             22       F       his wife            Holstein(sic)      Philadelphia
41.  MITCHELL, Matilda       21       F       going to friends    Ireland            New York
126. MOMSON, William J       23       M       merchant            Scotland           New Jersey
92.  MOSES, Hase (sic)       24       M       storekeeper         Prussia            New York
11.  NAY, John               60       M       shoemaker           Scotland           Hamilton, U.C.
7.   NEATTIS, James          35       M       clerk               Scotland           Chicago
1.   NEEDHAM, John           30       M       weaver              Ireland            Boston
51.  NUHARDT, C.F.W.         34       M       glazier             Saxony             Tennessee
66.  NOISE, Johanna R.       21       F       servant             Saxony             Wisconsin
13.  PARK, John              27       M       mason               Scotland           New York
99.  PEETERKOSKY, Abendel    36       M       storekeeper         Pole               New York
24.  PETRIE, Alexander       21       M       storekeeper         Scotland           New York
65.  PLANETZ, Carl           28       M       glove maker         Saxony             Wisconsin
89.  PRAEGER, Wilhelm        20       M       saddler             Prussia            New York
119. RANQUIT, H.W.           20       M       blacksmith          Prussia            New York
47.  REINSTEIN, Pauline      20       F       to friends          Prussia            New York
102. RODA, Wilhelm           25       M       painter             Prussia            New York
4.   ROGAN, Agnes            34       F       going to husband    Ireland            Philadelphia
5.   ROGAN, Mary             2        F       her child           Scotland (sic)     Philadelphia
59.  ROTHE, Heinrish         29       M       joiner              Saxony             Wisconsin
60.  ROTHE, Ernst            29       M       joiner              Saxony             Wisconsin
72.  ROTHKUGEL, Simon        36       M       barber              Prussia            New York
73.  ROTHKUGEL, Mrs. Ciclia  36       F       wife                Prussia            New York
74.  ROTHRUGEL, Heilda       6        F       child               Prussia            New York
118. SARNZSKY, Dorothea      22       F       servant             Russia             New York
122. SCHEPT, H.              25       M       turner              Wittenburg         New York
117. SEIFERST, C.E.          24       M       locksmith           Saxony             Wisconsin
100. SOHENKERMAN, Carl       31       M       buttonmaker         Prussia            New York
73.  SOHIEB, Amalie          22       F       servant             Prussia            New York
101. SOHLUKER, Herman        26       M       buttonmaker         Prussia            New York
8.   SOUTHER, Margaret       36       F       going to husband    Scotland           Houton, N.J.
9.   SOUTHER, William        13       M       her child           Scotland           Bouton, N.
10.  SOUTHER, Elizabeth      11       F       her child           Scotland           Bouton, N.J.
2.   SOUTHER, Robert         29       M       power low overseer  Scotland           Paterson, N.
93.  SPRINGER, Hirsth        26       M       tailor              Prussia            New York

Vol V, no. 2, page 61 - Fall 1982
Mount Stewart Elphinstone Passenger List continued.

                                                                 Country to Which   Country to Which
     Name & No. on list      Age      Sex     Occupation           They Belong         They Intend
18.  STEWART, James          38       M       land steward        Scotland            Hamilton, U.C.
123. TIEGLE, C.              29       M       farmer              Bavaria             Pittsburg
124. TIEGLE, Mrs.            25       F       his wife            Bavaria             Pittsburg
105. WAGNER, Franz           45       M       farmer              Saxony              Michigan
106. WAGNER, Mrs.            28       F       his wife            Saxony              Michigan
125. WAGNER, Louis           14       M       child of Franz      Saxony              Michigan
94.  WERSHOWSKY, Jacob       22       M       storekeeper         Prussia             New York
3.   WHITELAW, Paines        26       M       muslin weaver  Kirkintolloch, Scotland  Philadelphia
114. WILHELM, Joseph         26       M       tailor              Austria             St. Louis
64.  WOLFF, Christlieb       30       M       labourer            Saxony              Wisconsin
44.  WOOLENOUGH, John        31       M       watch maker         Wales               New York
63.  ZIGLER, Pauline         9        F       to her mother       Saxony              Wisconsin
115. ZIMMERMANN, G.          36       M       miner               Anhalt-Bemburg      California

*--no first name on list

**--died of croup, 20th March at 2 pm.

Vol V, no. 2, page 61 - Fall 1982
Submitted by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, NE

From: THE CRESTON NEWS, Creston, Ne, Fri. Dec. 2, 1892 C.H. SWALLOW, Editor


G.W. NORRIS, pastor Methodist Episcopal church
F. S. PERRY, pastor Congregational Church
Wm. BLATTNER, captain SOV.

V. W. GRAVES & G.A. STRANDE, officers AF&AM Lodge
G. C. HULL & Isaac BLATTNER OFFICERS MWA, Leigh Camp # 1023

Maude WALLING & Grant SMITH officers IOGT
Joseph SMITH & V.W. GRAVES officers GAR
Mrs. C.F. CONRAD & Mrs. S.C. SMITH officers WCTU
ALLEN'S drugs
Mrs. F.J. SMITH & Mrs. G.C. HULL officers WRC

BUHMAN's for flour
Misses Celia & Clara TRENCH spent Sunday in Leigh
F.C. HUNTLEY, prop. Checkered Barn livery
A 4 lb girl on 8 Nov to C.L. HENDRICKSON & wife
Dr. J.C. McKINLEY office & residence in old Maple Valley bank bldg.

SMITH & SMITH machine repairs, Leigh
Geo. BOETEL stock yard
Fritz BUSCH, pres. of Howells Milling Co. was in town.

Dr. J.B. CAIN sold his cow to Tom MATZEN
Mrs. Carl STAAF is seriously ill.
Charles BURGER found the compass leveling plate of J.T. MORRIS
HOLLY'S for overshoes

Will HISCOX is learning telegraphy
A.M. WALLING to Elgin on business
J. H. HAMILTON & Co. want to buy corn
Henry FRANK of Leigh & Elmer HARRIS of Ashland are new subscribers
Miss Mollie DICKENSON attended teachers meeting

Dr. CONDON the painless dentist.
Judge SULLIVAN meeting of district court at Schuyler
R.V. FROEHLICH moved into his new residence.
A. H. PRICE for furniture

Mr. & Mrs. CHADWICK started on their homeward journey after a visit with V.W. GRAVES family
Matt RAY is employed by the CROWELL lumber & Grain Co.
G. A. STRANDE & Gustave RAGOTSKE were county seat visitors.
The cellar of John STAAB was robbed.

Joe STAAB & Bro. for wagons
J.E. JONES was a caller & brought in some ears of corn.
A son b. Wed. 23 Nov. 1892 to Mr. & Mrs. Ed HOWARD
Geo. BOETEL shipped hogs to Omaha.
Peter GLANDT went with the stock.

Hon. C.A. REED of Ravenna, Ohio a subscriber
Geo. McKEE opens his school again Monday.
J.D. BOWERS was up from Schuyler with his family. He expects to move to Schuyler soon.
L. HAUSHILD & Nic HOFFNER have not left the country.

Wm. MUHLE will have a shooting match at his place in Wilson Prct.
Will BIRKEN was home from Howells where he has a barber shop.
Dr. CAIN reports diphtheria in L.K. WAITERS family
Guy WALLING has purchased a feed mill from SMITH & SMITH.

Mrs. W. ASPINALL & son Tom returned from Whatcome, Wash. after an absence of 2 yrs.
J.C. McKINLEY was a Dodge visitor.
Co. Supt. HOWARD visited the Leigh schools
Sheriff KROEGER was in town
Work on SULLIVAN & BIRKEN'S barn is progressing.

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