NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol 5, no 1
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Five, no. 1
Summer 1982

Vol V, no. 1, page 13 - Summer 1982
Submitted by Mrs. Robert Vohland, Gibbon, NE


Have you lost the path in that vast forest of genealogy? Try searching for your family tree in the DAR Lue R. Spencer Library.

This collection offers the researcher, Genealogy Research Aids; Volumes of City, County, State and United States Histories: Vital Records; Indexes to our brother and sister Societies: Nebraska DAR Grandfather Charts; Assorted Directories; Nebraska Cemetery Records; Books on Heraldry; Many Family Manuscripts and other books, to numerous to mention. The collection is catalogued.

The Lue R. Spencer Library is housed in the Grand Island city library and is available to non-members of the DAR on an "in-house" use only. You will find the staff at the library is friendly and willing to help you. The Library is located at 211 N. Washington and is easily accessible from Highway 30 with ample parking.

If you have not visited this find Library, we invite you to do so, You may be pleasantly surprised to find many new paths of action.

Mrs. Robert Vohland, Ne State Librarian DAR

Vol V, no. 1, page 13 - Summer 1982
Submitted by Mrs. Myron Plambeck, Lyons, Ne


1st Commencement of the Elk City School held on Friday May 31, 1895.

Orlie WOLCOTT    Edwin GELSTON      Mary TURNER      Arthur CHINK
Carrie TURNER    Harry F. TURNER    Louisa SHARPE
                          Supt. Geo. W. HILL

Vol V, no. 1, page 14 - Summer 1982
Submitted by Mrs. Andree Homan, Columbus, NE
Descriptive Book, Roll of Members of GAR Baker Post No. 9, Dept. of NE, Grand Army of the Republic. Platte County.


Member's name, Company and Regiment are given below. Total information in the roll book, includes name, age, birthplace, residence, occupation, entry into the service (date, rank, co., regiment), final discharge (date, rank, co., regiment), length of service, cause of discharge, date of muster into the GAR, when honorably discharged, when suspended, when dropped, when dismissed, when reinstated, nature of wounds received, when and in what engagements wounded, remarks. This additional information can be received by sanding a SASE to the Platte Valley Kin Seekers, c/o Platte County Historical Society, P.O. Box 31, Columbus, NE 68601 telling whom you are seeking information for.

A.M. JENNINGS, C, 3rd Minn. Inf.               John B. TSCHUDY, G, 2nd Minn. Inf. 
Henry T. SPOERRY, K, 2nd Wisc. Vol. Inf.       Edward CLARK, C, 8 Penn Reserves 
Peter PLANT, G, 11 Ver. 1st Heav. Art. Vol.    Wm. IRWIN, F, 96, Ill. Vol. Inf. 
Avery H. IVES, L 4 Ill. Cav.                   Ezra W. BORDERS, A, 26 Ind. Inf. 
Orson D. BUTLER, D, 51 Ill.                    Oscar F. MERRILL, 1, 1 R. I. Cav. 
Josiah McFARLAND, C, 57 Penn. Inf.             E. R. ISSON, D, 45 111. lnf. 
Richard L. ROSSITER, E, 41 O. V. I.            Phillip DIEFFENBACH, I, 1 Wis. Cav. 
John H. WURDEMAN, D, 39 Ill Vet Vol. Inf.      M. WHITMOYER, E, 132 PA Vols 
Almeron F. CLARK, C, 70 O. N. G. and E.        James FRAZIER, G, 4 IA 
   194 O. V. I.                                Jno. TANNAHILL, C, 156 Ill. Inf. 
James R. MEAGHER, --, 6 Ky Cav.                Wm A. McALLISTER, B, 2 Neb. Cav. 
W. W. RICE, B, 10 Mass Inf. & H 12 U.S. Inf.   M. K. TURNER, K, 170 O. N. G. 
W. T. ALLEN, C, 1 U.S. Inf.                    G. W. LEHMAN, D, 129 Ohio 
John W. SMITH, H, 4 Cal. Inf.                  S. L. McCOY, K, 19 I. V. I. 
W. H. LEWIS, E, 13 N Y Vol.                    Wm. Anthony, A, 81 N.Y. Vol. 
A. W. CLARK, B, 53 Ill.                        John Wise, F, 103 111. Inf. 
Michael WELSH, D, 37 Ill, Inf.                 James R. MEAGHER, A, 1st Bat. Ky. Cav. 
David N. MINER, H, 15 0.                       E. C. MORROW, C, 155 Ind. 
Henry L, ADAMS, H. 27 Ill. Inf.                Wm. F. Dodds, D, 11 P. R. V. C. 
W. N. HENSLEY, B, 9 Ky Cav.                    Henry D. COAN, G, 3 Ill. Cav. 
Fred. LUCHSINGER, K, 2 Wis. Vol. Inf.          Henry BEAVER, K. 9 U.S. Inf. 
John BURRELL, C, 29 Wis. Inf.                  George W. ELSTON, G, 38 Wis. Infty. 
Jacob B. LEEDOM, G, 83 Penn Inf.               Henry P. COOLIDGE, 1, 8 Iowa Cav. 
Thos. O'CONNOR, D, 2nd Ohio Inf.               Fred GERBER, H, 52nd Ill. 
A. J. WHITEKER, C, 5th Michigan                C. G. HUCKVEK, C, 176 Ohio V. 
Edgard MORRIS, I. 5th Ind V Cav                H. P. BOWERS,__, 6th Bat. Wis Vol 
E. A. GERRARD, D, 2nd Nebr Cav                 John WAGNER, K, 2# Wis Inft 
N. N. RICE, _, 77 Bat NY & 2, 17 Battery       O. A. ARCHER, F, 41 Wis Vol. 
A. C. TIGNER, C. 5th Cav. Ill. Vol.            Ruben S. BULLARD, K, 3 Wis Vol 
Oscar A. STEARNS, B, 1st Ver Vol               Peter J. LAWRANCE, I, 3rd Ill Vol 
T. E. MITCHELL, _, 1st Md Vol                  M. W. MANINGTON, G, 71, Penn Vol 
W. F. MARSHALL, 1, 36 Iowa Regt                R. W. YOUNG, A, 10th N Y Li. Art. 
John F. FRENCH, G, 44 Ind                      Byron COFFERTY, C, 9th Batt Con Vol 
Danel (sic) CLOTHER, K, 1st Neb Vol            Washington FULTON, A, 6th No I Art 
J. O. SHANNON, E, 1st Iowa & E. 14th Iowa      John G. ROUTSON, C, 104 OWI 
Ed H. BAKER, G, 46 Ill.                        Chas H. YOUNG, A, 10 N Y H Art 
G. W. SLUGH, A, 92 OVVI                        J. M. BOWER, A, 26 Wis Vol 
Henry BOCKSHECKER, A, 16 Mich Vol              C. H. SHELDON, B, 20 Ohio 
George H. WATSON, A, Mass Vol                  L. F. ELLISS, F, 2nd West Via Cavalry 
John W. LITTLE, K, 106 Ill                     Frank P. FIELDS, F, 114 N Y Vol 
Bernard CULLIHAN E, 11 Wis                     Henry CLINN, 1, 116 Ill Vol 
Jevi JENKINS, G, 18 Mich                       Henry WOODS, C, 13 Ill 
W. J. IMRU, F, 96, Ill Vol                     John DAVIS, A, 18 Ind Vol 
S. L. BARRETT, K, 96-Ohio Vol                  Geo. P. SHOTWELL, I 13 Ill Vol 
Andrew EICKEMYER, G, 4 Minnesota               Henry VAN BLANCORN, 1, 4 Minnesota 
J. J. SLATTERLY, B, 16 Wis Vol & A, 27 No Vol  J. C. RANSDELL, F, 7th Ind Vol 
H. A. POTTS, F Ill Ohio Vol                    Geo. MAYARD, C, 17 Ill Cavalry 
C. F. GLEASON, F, 10 Mass \Vol                 D. B. BENNETT, K, 7 Mich Vo 
H.S. REDENBAUGH, M, 28 Ind Cav                 Wm. MALLOY, G, 24 PA Vo 
John IHTASSER, C, 1st N Y Vol                  Geo WILLIS, C, 53 Penn Vol 
WM. FOSBENDER, K., 2nd IA Cav                  John J. LOCKNER, __, 18 N Y Vol 

Vol V, no. 1, page 15 - Summer 1982
Roll of Members of GAR Baker Post No. 9, continued.

Hermer WILKINS, G, 105 Ill Vol                 John KESPSBACH, G, 1st Wis Con Cav 
Patrick TESLEY, C, 34 Ill Vol                  W. L. McQUOWN, A, 61, Penn Vol 
A.B. ALBRO, I, 16 0 V V I                      A.M. DARLEVY, H, 31 Iowa Vo 
R. BRANETT, G, 1st Kansas                      G. W. STEWERT, K, 1st Wis Cav 
H. L. SMALL, C, 6 Vermont                      P. H. KELLEY, K, 2nd Cal Cav 
Tho WILLSON, C, 102 Ill Inf                    F.D. FITZPATRICK, E, 41 Ohio Vol 
J. A. SCOTT, I 1st Va                          C. W. HERRINGTON, M, 9th Ohio 
Samuel VAUGHN, E, 14 Iowa                      John G. POLLOCK, E, 30 Iowa 
Daniel C. OWEN, F, 10 Kansas                   John R. BROCK, E, 10 Pa 
Sol S. SHEPHERD, C, 34 IA                      E. O. RECTOR, H, 33 Wis Inf 
John L. STURGEON, A, 18 Wis Tuft               Joseph APHER (rest of line blank) 
WM NOVELL, H, NY Heavy Art                     J. H. GALLEY, K, 2nd Neb Cav 
C. H. DAVIS, C, 1st Maryland Infy              G, B. HUNT, B, 28 Iowa 
Robert H. HENRY, B. 11th Wis lnf               John HAMMOND (no co. or regiment given) 
Edward FITZEPATRICK, E, 41 Ohio Infy           Alexander R. FOSTER, F, 21st Iowa Inf 
Elias H. FUNK, I, 200 Penn Reg Ify             Fred GARBER (rest of line blank) 
Louis HOHN, A, 47 Is Inft                      Alex J. McDOUGAL, F, 123 N Y 
   T. A. WELDON, I, 86 Ohio
HEADSTONE SOLDIERS:                            Stephen B. HUNT, B, 28 Ia 
Hiram G. LUESCHEN, D, 3rd Wis Inf              J. H. WURDEMAN, D. 39, Ill Inf 
Theo WENK, H, Hv Wis Inf                       S. I. WHEELER, C, 154, NY Inf 
Robt MORAU, _, 2nd W Va Inf                    John WAGNER, K, 47 Wis Inf 
C. W. Myhoff, I 5 Mich Cav                     J. E. LUDWICK, C, 106 Ind Inf 
E. T. GRAHAM, I, 42 Wis Inf                    Geo. ROLLIN, A, 33 Wis Inf 
Jno STEENIS, E, 6 Wis Inf                      D. I. CLARK, 6, Ill Light Arty 
J. L. BROWN, G, 144 Ind Inf                    R. C. HART, B, 153 N Y Inf 
W. H. H. PRUITT, G, 20 Ind Inf                 E. C. MORROW, C. 155 Ind Infy 
W. LAWRENCE, D, 3rd Ill Cavy                   E. R. BISSON, D 45th Ill Infy 
A.M. IVES, L, 4th Ill Cavy                     Thos 0. CONNOR, D, 2nd Ohio Inf 
J. DINEEN, E, 15th US Infy                     James R. HILLIARD, I, 13th Ten Cavy 
Henry KELLY, K, 2nd Col Cavy                   C. W. TALBERTSER, C, 9th Ohio Inf 
W. HOLLINGSHEAD, I, 3rd Wis Inf                W. W. MANNINGTON, I, 71 Penn 
W. T. STROTHER, D 21st Ohio Inf                J. SACRIDER, D, 65th Ill Inf 
J. KEELER, D, 28th N Y Inf                     W. BECKLAW, B, 105 Ill Inf 
Aug SMITH, K, 28th Penn Inf                    Geo W. HOPKINS, H, 1st Min H Arty 
J. BURROWS, B, 103 Ill Tnf                     David MALLOY, A, 75 Ill Inf 
W. H. THOMPSON, B, 26 N J Inf                  Fred LUCHSINGER, I, 116 N Y Inf 
Henry CLINE, I, 116 N Y Inf                    C. HEITMAN, E, 42nd Ill Inf 
Anthony CADY, K, 64 Ill Infy                   Fred GARBER, H, 52 Ill Inf 
G. H. GRIFFEY, C, 118 Ill Inf                  Thor. W. MCKINNIE, _, 126 Ohio Vol Infty 
F. T. JOHNSON, D, 3rd N C M. Infty             Frank NORTH 
John ANDREY, I, 2nd Nebr Cav                   John VALAN, _, US Navy 
James Nolan, C, 118 Ills Infty                 Laky AEDDREY (?) F, 9 Mo Mount Infty 
Frank FLEMING, I, 31 Wis Infty                 A. LUTH, H, 2 N J Cav 
E. D. SHECKAN, _, U S Navy                     Henry BEAN, K, 9 U S Infty 
W. L. McQUOWN, A, 61 Ten Infty                 W. L. RIGHTMIRE, K, 28 N J Infty 
A. FREED, A, 20 Ten Infty                      Josiah V. STEVENSON, E, 96 Ohio Infty 
0. H. ASCHER, E 41, Wis Infty                  J. J. GREWES, H, 8th Ills Infty 
Lewis JONES, A, 30th Ind Infty                 Jos H. WATTS, Z, 105 Ills Infty 
Edw. J. COUCH B, 10 Is Inf                     Wm E. WILLIAMS I, 1 Wis Heavy Art 
John HENDERSON, I, 33 Is Inf                   Franz MIRLENZ, C, 16 Wis Inf 
Thomas HOWARD, I, 63 Ohio Inf                  R. H. HENRY, B, 11 Wis Inf 
Peter LOHASL, B, 9 Wis Inf                     Martin LANE, 11, 12, Ills Cav 
Levi JENKINS, G, 13 Mich Inf                   Vido C. CLEVELAND, I, 153 Ills Inf 

Vol V, no. 1, page 16 - Summer 1982


The passenger list given below was transcribed by Mr. Michael Cassady of Riverdale, Maryland, from a Microfilm supplied by the National Archives, Washington, D.C. Mr. Cassady sent the list to Mr. P. W. Filby, compiler of Passenger and Immigration Lists Index and Passenger and Immigration Lists Bibliography, who has now supplied it to this Journal.

Passenger list for ship "Cultivator" from Liverpool, arriving New York 20 May 1867. Master, William H. RUSSELL. 56 passengers.

No. on
Passenger                                       Country to Which Country to Which 
List Name                 Age  Sex  Occupation    They Belong      They Intend 
47.  BRANNON, Mary          21 F    Weaver        Yorkshire        Rhode Island 
1.   BURKE, John            19 M    lab.          Sligo            Conn 
3.   BURKE, Martin          22 M    lab.          Mayo             Penna. 
28.  BYRNES, Mary           18 F    servant       Donegal          Ill. 
35.  CARROLL, Maria         21 F    Servant       Kings            N.Y. 
38.  CARRON, Ann            22 F    Servant       Donegal          Phila. 
42.  COLEMAN, Annie         20 F    servant       Belfast          N.Y. 
32.  COLLIN, Bridget        20 F    servant       Galway           Boston 
51.  CONNOR, Thos.          25 M    supernumerary Galway           Pittsburg 
14.  CORCHORAN, James       19 M    lab.          Kings            Penna. 
56.  CUTTER, Chas. B.       24 M    student       Liverpool        St. 
22.  DEVEREAUX, John        25 M    blksmith      Tipperary        Ill. 
6.   DEVEY, Charles         20 M    lab.          Donegal          Ill. 
49.  DONELLY, Bridget       18 F    servant       Leithrim         N.Y. 
7.   DOWD, Daniel           20 M    trimmer       Wicklow, N.Y.     
10.  FISHER, Thomas         27 M    spinner       Lancashire       Chicago 
41.  GALLAGHER, Ann         27 F    servant       Mayo             Penna. 
13.  GARVEY, Peter*         25 M    lab.          Mayo             Mass 
31.  GILMARTIN, Ann         18 F    servant       Leitrim          Mass. 
39.  GLYNN, Margt.          29 F    wife          Galway           Boston 
40.  GLYNN, Timothy          4 M    child         Galway           Boston 
43.  HARRIS, Margt.         17 F    servant       Leitrim          Conn. 
25.  KENNEDY, Pat           24 M    lab.          Longford         Conn. 
26.  KENNEDY, Bridget       24 F    wife          Roscommon        Conn. 
20.  LINNARD, John          29 M    lab.          Cork             Mass. 
45.  MAHON, Ann             50 F    widow         Queens           Rhode Island 
46.  MAHON, Margt.          21 F    weaver        Queens           Rhode Island 
24.  MARTIN, Stephen        20 M    lab.          Leitrim          Mass. 
17.  MAYHER, Michl.         25 M    lab.          Tipperary        Penna. 
19.  McALLISTER, John       28 M    lab.          Louth            N.Y. 
37.  McCANN, Cath.          19 F    servant       Sligo            N.Y. 
36.  McCORMICK, Ann         19 F    servant       Sligo            N.Y. 
12.  McCREADY, Pat          50 M    lab.          Leitrim          Conn. 
33.  McCREEDY, Ann          20 F    servant       Leitrim          Conn. 
29.  McDONALD, Bridget      22 F    servant       Leitrim          Conn. 
30.  McDONALD, Margt.       20 F    seamstree     Leitrim          Conn. 
23.  McGOVERAN, Michl.      22 M    lab.          Fermanagh        Indiana 
27.  McINTYRE, Ann          20 F    servant       Donegal          Penna. 
34.  McLAUGHLIN, Ellen      20 F    servant       Leitrim          Conn. 
44.  MULBY, Ellen           30 F    wife          Leitrim          Boston 
54.  Mulligan, Andw.        19 M    supernumerary Fermanagh        N.Y. 
48.  MULLONEY, Mary         18 M    servant       Leitrim          N.Y. 
8.   NEIS, Johan Adam       22 M    joiner        Prussia          N.Y. 
2.   NESTOR, Edward         28 M    spinner       Galway           Lawrence 
53.  NOLAN, Jerry           30 M    supernumerary Limerick         N.Y. 
4.   REINHARDT, Carle       25 M    Joiner        Hamburg          N.Y. 
5.   REINHARDT, Margt.      24 F    wife          Hamburg          N.Y. 
18.  ROE, Michl.            20 M    lab.          Meath            Newport 
55.  SNYDER, Geo. H.        17 M    clerk         St. John, N. B.  St. John, N.B. 
21.  SULLIVAN, Owen         21 M    lab.          Cork             Mass. 
16.  SULLIVAN, Pat          25 M    moulder       Mayo             Penna. 

Vol V, no. 1, page 17 - Summer 1982
Passenger Lists, continued:

9.   TARDAWALD, Frederick   31 M    lab.          Prussia          N.Y. 
15.  TIERNAN, John          29 M    lab.          Leitrim          Providence 
50.  WALLACE, Ann           34 F    wife          Brimingham       N.Y. 
52.  WARNE, James           28 M    supernumerary Tipperary        N.Y. 
11.  WILSON, Thomas         21 M    tobacconist   Essex            N.Y. 
*died during voyage

The passenger list given below was transcribed by Mr. Michael Cassady of Riverdale, Maryland, from a microfilm supplied by the National Archives, Washington D. C. Mr. Cassady sent the list to Mr. P. W. Filby, compiler of Passenger and Immigration Lists Index and Passenger and Immigration Lists Bibliography, who has now supplied it to this Journal

Passenger list for brig "Russia" arrived New York 26 January 1849 from Dublin. H. J. Hanson, master. 81 passengers. Copied from item 51, reel 77, National Archives series M237. Spelling of place names as on original.

No. on
List                     Age        Sex  Occupation   Place of Origin      Destination 
63.  ANDERSON, Eliza.      20yr/7mo F    servant      Kilder               uncertain 
52.  BIGBY, Mary Or Marg         30 F                 Co.                  West Meath 
53.  BIGBY, Richard              10 M                 Co.                  West Meath 
40.  BYORNE, Honna(sic)          50 M    none         Roscome Co.          New York 
41.  BYORNE, Michal              23 M    laborer      Roscome Co.          New York 
42.  BYORNE, Hugh                22 M    laborer      Roscome Co.          New York 
43.  BYORNE, Barkly              12 M                 Roscome Co.          New York 
44.  BYORNE, Ellen               10 F                 Roscome Co.          New York 
45.  BYORNE, Rose Kelly           3 F                 Roscome Co.          New York 
75.  BYRON, James                20 M    laborer      Kilder               uncertain 
54.  CALTY, Christy              20 M    shoemaker    Co. Dublin           Albiny 
55.  CALTY, Mrs.                 24 F                 Co. Dublin           Albiny 
74.  CARBEY, Catharin            18 F    servant      Queens Co.           Brooklin 
70.  CLARK, John                 64 M    farmer       Co. Cavan            New York 
71.  CLARK, Catharin             61 F                 Co. Cavan            New York 
72.  CLARK, Magret               24 F                 Co. Cavan            New York 
73.  CLARK, Pat                  18 M    laborer      Co. Cavan            New York 
14.  GORCOAN (sic), Anne         20 F    servant      Co. Killkane         New York 
79.  DAINIGAN, Mather            21 M    laborer      Co. Lemfer or Lemter Brooklin 
81.  DONLING, Margaret           19 F                 Co. Kildare          Boston 
65.  DORAN, James                47 M    laborer      Co. Killder          New York State 
66.  DORAN, Mrs. Jud.            40 F                 Co. Killder          New York State 
67.  DORAN, Jane                11? F                 Co. Killder          New York State 
68.  DORAN, Wm                    6 M                 Co. Killder          New York State 
69.  DORAN, James                 3 M                 Co. Killder          New York State 
22.  EGAN, Bridget        20yrs/3mo F    servant      Kings Co.            uncertain 
50.  FITSPATRICK, Robert    27y/4mo M    laborer      Cavan Co.            uncertain 
31.  FLAINNARY, John             40 M    farm laborer Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 
32.  FLAINNARY, Honar            38 F                 Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 
33.  FLAINNARY, John             17 M                 Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 
34.  FLAINNARY, Kirion           15 M                 Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 
35.  FLAINNARY, Thomas           13 M                 Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 
36.  FLAINNARY, Daimel            7 M                 Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 
37.  FLAINNARY, Wm.               5 M                 Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 
38.  FLAINNARY, Betty      1 yr/6mo F                 Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 
62.  FOLYE, Julia                18 F    servant      Kildare Co.          West Chester Co. 
51.  GRANT, Maria                38 F    none         Dublin Co.           uncertain' 
13.  HALPIN, Elias       17 yr/11mo F    servant      Dublin               New York 
12.  HARDY, Catharine            21 F    servant      Co. Kildare          uncertain 
80.  HASLAM, Johnston            50 M    miller       Queens Co.           uncertain 
39.  HEFFRAN, Martin             14 M    laborer      Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 
24.  HORAN, James                35 M    farmer       Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 
25.  HORN(sic) Margaret    34ys/6mo F                 Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 
26.  HORN(sic) Mary        10yr/2mo F                 Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 
27.  HORN(sic) Kern         7yr/4mo M                 Kings Co.            Albany, N.Y. 

Vol V, no. 1, page 18 - Summer 1982
Passenger Lists, continued: "Russia"

28.  HORN(sic) Magart(sic)             5 F               Kings Co.        Albany, N.Y. 
29.  HORN(sic) Ann            11mo       F               Kings CO.        Albany, N.Y. 
30.  HORN(sic) Bridget*                4 F               Kings Co.        Albany, N.Y. 
15.  JACKSON, Robert                  17 M shoemaker     Cavin Co.        uncertain 
16.  JACKSON, Mary 23                 23 F servant       Cavin Co.        New York 
17.  JACKSON, Jane             18 yr/4mo F servant       Cavin Co.        New York 
18.  JACKSON, Abby             19 yr/8mo F servant       Cavin Co.        New York 
19.  JACKSON, Thomas                  15 M shoemaker     Cavin Co.        New York 
20.  JACKSON, Anne                    11 F               Cavin Co.        New York 
64.  KEEGET, Judith                   20 F servant       Kilder           uncertain 
23.  KELLY, Peter               17yr/3mo M farmer        Kings Co.        uncertain 
78.  LAW, Dortha                      23 F servant       Co. Weckly       uncertain 
21.  MAHON, Mary                      24 F servant       Co. Mand         undcertain 
46.  MILLER, James                    28 M laborer       Cavan Co.        New York 
47.  MILLER, Marg.                    26 F               Cavan Co.        New York 
60.  MORRIS, Christopher              60 M gardener      Kildare Co.      WestChester Co. 
61.  MORRIS, Michael                  22 M laborer       Kildare Co.      WestChester Co. 
56.  MORRISON, Terrie                 20 F dressmaker    Dublin           Albiny 
57.  MORRISON, Elsabeth(sic)          19 F               Dublin           Albiny 
58.  MORRISON, Maria                  16 F               Dublin           Albiny 
59.  MORRISON, Wm.                     9 M               Dublin           Albiny 
48.  RETTIGAN, Ann                    35 F laborer (sic) Rosecamon Co.    New York 
49.  RETTIGAN, Michael                 8 M               Rosecamon Co.    New York 
1.   SMITH, Pat                       50   farmer        Rosecommon, Ire. New York 
2.   SMITH, Maria Ann                 43 F               Rosecommon, Ire. New York 
3.   SMITH Elisis              19 yr/6mo F               Roscommon, Ire   New York 
4.   SMITH, William           17 yr/5mo  M               Roscommon, Ire   New York 
5.   SMITH, Maria             16 yrs/6mo F               Roscommon, Ire   New York 
6.   SMITH, Jane              14 yrs/4mo F               Roscommon, Ire   New York 
7.   SMITH, James                     12 M               Roscommon, Ire   New York 
8.   SMITH, Anne                      10 F               Roscommon, Ire   New York 
9.   SMITH, John                       8 M               Roscommon, Ire   New York 
10.  SMITH, Letty                5yr/6mo F               Roscommon, Ire   New York 
11.  SMITH Catharine?                  4 F               Roscommon, Ire   New York 
76.  SMITH, Wm. Batig                 24 M printer       Co. Kildare      New York 
77.  SMITH, Mrs.                      20 F               Co. Kildare      New York 
*died 13 Jan. 1849

Vol V, no. 1, page 19 - Summer 1982
Submitted by Mrs. Merle Payne, Holdrege, NE
From the Waynesville, OHIO newspaper of February 1883


A large number of our citizens leave for Nebraska to grow up with the country, February 1883, on Tuesday, the Waynesville "Colony" started west.

The following is a list of the persons:

James A. HORNEY, wife and five children Robert RANDALL, wife and six children 
C. ZOLL and wife                        Benjamin GARRITT, wife and six children 
George GAMBRAL and wife                 W.C. & Cade MORSE and mother 
John LATTERMAN, wife and two children   Daniel LATTERMAN and one child 
Samuel ROBB and wife                    Barney FITZPATRICK, wife and four children 
James HORN, wife and one child          C. B. McCOMB and two children 
O. C. IVES, wife and five children      J. F. HUGHES and wife 
Thomas ARNOTT, wife and four children   William HENDLEY, wife, father and five children 
William CLAWSON and wife                Thomas CHEEK and wife 
Alonzo MOCTOR                           George GINNINES 

Vol V, no. 1, page 20 - Summer 1982
Going West, continued:

The colony occupied a coach, and their household goods 20 freight cars. Most of them were going to St. Joe, Neb., where many of our citizens have located.

Vol V, no. 1, page 20 - Summer 1982


Utica, Seward County, Nebraska, March 12, 1883

MR. EDITOR: I suppose many of the people of Waynesville and vicinity would like to hear how the emigrant train that left on Tuesday, the 27th, of February last, progressed its way, bound for the great west. I will endeavor to give some of the incidents and mishaps that occurred on the way.
     Between 4 and 5 o'clock P.M. on the 27th, part of our company steamed away from the vast crowed of interested spectators at the depot. They arrived at Machinaw Creek about 7 o'clock. There they were met by the ticket agent of the C.B. & Q. Road, who decided that it would be impossible to ferry women and children across the creek in the dark in a little skiff that would carry only about 6 persons at one time, so they were taken back a mile to the I.B. &W. crossing, and waited there one hour and a half for a train on that road to take them into Peoria. There they had to wait from half past eleven until about five in the morning, for the detached trains of freight and stock that were sent via Decatur and thence over the P.D. & E. into Peoria. By the way, some of the boys of the detached trains imbibed most too freely on leaving, and arriving at Decatur, thought they would change their course, and go to New York instead of going west and grow up with the country. At Peoria we were detained until about 9 A.M. when we pulled out of Peoria with 27 emigrant cars, a coach and a caboose, making 29 in all. Leaving Peoria we progressed slowly; did not reach Burlington, Iowa until 9 P.M. Here we were treated in such a way, that we felt disposed to complain. The understanding between the Company and the Agent for the C.B & Q. Road was that we were to have a special train and a clear track most of the way, but here our train was divided; thus separating some from their friends and families, and causing some little excitement, in the midst of which Robert RANDALL, in stepping from one car to another fell between then, striking his stomach and breast on the edge of the car, but fortunately the cars were not in motion, or it might have been fatal, otherwise he was not seriously hurt. Leaving Burlington at 10 P.M. we arrived at Batavia, about 60 miles. The next morning at 6 o'clock, 8 1/2 miles an hour on a average. Leaving Batavia Thursday morning we rolled on to Iowa, passing some thriving towns such as Tttumwa (sic), Charliton and Creston, arriving at Pacific Junction early on Friday morning. Here we were compelled to leave Mr. S. O. LATERMAN, with his stock, all of which had gotten down in the car, and his $75.00 cow had two or three of her ribs broken. He, however, passed Utica on Monday the 5th, inst., all right. Leaving the junction about noon we soon crossed the Missouri River and entered the state of Nebraska at Plattsmouth. Pushing farther west, we arrived at Lincoln at about 5 o'clock Friday afternoon. Here two cars of our train dropped off, Mr. IVES and FITSPATRICK, We remained here but a few minutes and we were off again.
     We arrived at our destination, Utica, at about 12 P.M. Bidding our friends goodbye, the train pulled out for Aurora, the county seat of Hamilton county, where they were all going to locate. The country through Iowa, what we could see from the train, was mostly rough and hilly; soil thin. In Neb. we followed the Platte River about 30 miles, with high bluffs on the left and the river on the right.
     Leaving the river at Ashland we struck the high prairie table land, then it was one grand view in every direction, with nothing to break the monotonous scenes, except here and there a small farm house. This is doubtless grand country; soil rich and productive. There is much industry and enterprise shown by its sparsely settled inhabitants. There is still room for thousands more, and they are coming in daily.
     We left Utica at 12 o'clock Friday night, our progress was very slow. We arrived at Aurora at 3 o'clock Saturday morning. It took quite a good while to unlead the stock. Stock unloaded, we meandered our way up town, ate a hearty breakfast, after which we felt much refreshed. Breakfast over, we again resumed our work unloading. It was quite an exciting time during the forenoon. Later in the day, the emigrants could be seen winding their way westward towards St. Joe. Our arrival created quite a sensation in this community. The old settlers could be seen standing around with their bands in their pockets thinking of seeking some new homes in the far off Loup county, a country unsought for by Illinois explorers. The newcomers are all settled down, and are ready for spring work as soon as the weather will permit. The weather has been very cool for some time past, with occasional high winds, Most of the emigrants are located within 5 miles of St. Joe, and quite a number are nearer and some are located in town. All seem to be very much pleased with the country. About all the objections any of them have are the small houses. Most all of the houses in this country, as is the case in any new county, are very small and poorly constructed. A few of the emigrants

Vol V, no. 1, page 21 - Summer 1982
Letter to Waynesville, Ohio Newspaper continued:

are living in sod houses. The health of the colony at present is very good with one or two exceptions. Daniel LATTERMAN has been suffering from an attack of pneumonia, but at present is convalescent. Cade MORSE is suffering from a lame back, effects of falling out of a "Nebraska" haymow. Cade says that much work doesn't pay. Quite a number of friends met at the residence of John LATTERMANS last Thursday evening; the occasion was an enjoyable one. It was thward the wee small hours of the morning when the mirthful company started home; but all agreed that there was some enjoyment to be had even in the wilds of Nebraska. John EVANS has his shop completed, and at present has more work than he can do. William EKEN, who for some time past has been staying with John EVENS, is now stopping with George GEMBREL. Wm. ESKEW has purchased a fine buggy. I suppose this all has a meaning. Go it "Bill", we wish you success?
     The emigrants to this part at present is very large, the roads being constantly lined with emigrants. Quite a good many are stoppin in this part, while a great many are going still farther west in order to get goverment land. This is one vast prairie as far as the eye can see, dotted here and there with small groves, all of which have been planted by the settlers. We have quite a settlement here, and we think it is very nearly as thickly settled as it is south of Waynesville. This is a grand Country, and is filling up with a good class of people. WLH

Vol V, no. 1, page 21 - Summer 1982
Submitted by Mrs. Elaine Derr VANCE, Bladen, Ne

FAIRVIEW SCHOOL, Adams County, NE 1905-1907
1905/7 Fairview School, District #30, Silver Lake Twp, Adams Co., NE 905/6 Pupils.
George HOYLMAN        Dan RICKER          Gertie BURROUGHS      Alda BURROUGHS 
Mamie BOSTOCK         Rose MILLER         Willie HYNES          Grant SCOTT 
Pearl SCOTT           Roscoe SCOTT        Geneva SCOTT          Roy BURROUGHS 
Laura BURROUGHS,      Leonard WRENCH      Elinor WRENCH   
Mary SADILEK          Ella JAHN           Chris JAHN  
     1905/6 & 1907
Edwin HOYLMAN         Willie HOLYMAN      Mamie HOLYMAN         Victor HOYLMAN 
Samuel HOYLMAN        Hazel JONES         Walter JONES          Ira JONES 
Mary JONES            Ray JONES           John RICKER           Sarah RICKER 
Samuel RICKER         Mary GINGRICH       Albert GINGRICH       Willie GINGRICH 
Ira GINGRICH          Lewis DERR          Floyd DERR            Carey DERR 
Edna DERR             Lee DERR            Clyde DERR            Mary HYNES 
Katies HYNES          Anna SNYDER   
1905/6 teacher Mae B. DAVIS, school board W.R. HOYLMAN. C.D. JONES: M.C. DIETER
1907 teacher Miss Meta C. INTER. School board M.E DEITER, C.D. JONES, II KOEPKE

Vol V, no. 1, page 21 - Summer 1982
Submitted by Earl H. McNare, Lincoln, NE
From manuscript found in the Gen. Archives of the Antelope County Historical Society


William P. CLARK; b. 1831, d. 24 May 1873

August HARTWIG b. Hanover, Germany 1824. Enlisted Co G, 3rd Reg. MO Vol.

David BLOCKER, b. Lancaster Co. PA 1820. d. 9 Feb. 1884. Enlisted Co. E, 78th Reg. N.Y. Vol Inf

Franklin Jenness BUTLER. son of Josiah BUTLER. b. Dec. 1825, Deerfield, N.H. Enl. Co. D 18th Reg. N.H. Vol. Inf. Died 24 Feb. 1884

Charles A. GWIN. b. Huntington Co. PA. 1834. Enl. Co. B, 129th Reg. Ill Vol Inf. d. 4 Dec 1887

Lewis POTTER b. McKean Co. PA 1828. Enl. Co. E, 10th Reg Iowa Vol Inf. d. 16 Dec. 1888

John Jacob ZANUCK, b. 27 Mar 1836 Berne, Switzerland. Enl. 9th Reg. Iowa Vol. Inf. d 12 Aug 1890

Nathan SMITH b. Sussex Co. N.J. 8 Dec 1840. Enl. Co H 76th Reg. Ohio Vol. Inf. married 28 Nov. 1861 Mehitable MYERS, prob. of Licking Co., OH. D. 6 Jan 1890, Wife & 4 ch.

Francis O'Brien BIRNEY. b. Schuylkill Co. PA. Enl. Co 1, 111 Reg. PA Vol Inf. d. 20 Sept 1891

William Mason UNTHANK. B. Wayne Co. IND 6 Sept 1824. Enl. Co. C 49th Reg. OH Vol Inf. Died 8 March 1891 aged 66 yrs 6 mos 2 dys. Widow and six children

Alfred Smith TUBBS, b. Steuben Co .n N.Y. 15 July 1833. Married Rosetta E. SURDORN 1 Apr. 1855 at Westfield, Tioga Co. PA. Enl. Co F, 2nd Reg PA Heavy Art. d 8 Oct 1891. Widow, 1 den.

Richard Henry LIBBY. b. New Brunswich, Canada 10 March 1821. EnI. Co H, 3rd Reg. Wis. Cav. died 15 April 1892, Widow and children.

Vol V, no. 1, page 22 - Summer 1982
Civil War Soldiers buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Neligh, NE continued

Henry TROWBRIDGE, b. Leyden, Lewis Co., N.Y. 3 April 1822. Enl. Co D 28th Reg. Wis Vol Inf. Died 30 Aug 1896. Widow and four children

William A. FARRNOW. b. Wythe Co. VA. 17 Mar 1825. Enl. Co. D, 6th Reg Iowa Cav. D. 5 Oct 1896. Wife and three living children.

John Stevens LEWIS. Married 22 June 1849, Louise Jane STEVENS. Served in Mexican War. Died 25 Feb 1899, widow and 3 ch.

John BURTON. b. Warren Co. PA. 21 Oct 1835. Married Ophelia PICKARD. Enl. Co K, 38th Reg. Iowa Vol Inf. Died 12 Sept 1899. Widow and four children

William Berry THOMAS. B. Newport, Wayne Co., Ind. 12 May 1826. Enl. Co H 17th Reg Wis. Vol Inf. died 16 Fe b. 1900

Jacob WOMELDORF. born Clinton Co. PA. 22 May 1834. Enl Co G, 12th Reg Iowa Vol Inf. Died 26 May 1900. Widow and four children.

Francis Hubbard TROWBRIDGE. born Goshen, Litchfield Co. CONN. 22 Jan 1825. Enl. Co D, 39th Reg. Wis. Vol Inf. died 29 Nov. 1901

Edward Southworth FITZ. born Pembroke, Merrimack Co., N.H. 6 Sept 1842. Served 4 years. Died 14 March 1902

Charles Stephen GETCHELL. Born Marshfield, Washington Co. Maine, 9 Jan. 1824. 11 Sept 1846 married Hannah S. MERRITT of Eastport, Maine. Enl. Co. H, 28th Reg of Maine Vol. Inf. Died 14 June 1902, leaving six surviving children.

Joseph LLEWELLYN. Born Morgantown, Monongolia Co, West VA. 6 May 1817. Enl. Co F, 2nd Kas. Ca. Reg. D. 20 Aug 1902. Widow and six living ch.

Jacob A. STAPLES. Born N. H. 21 Dec 1826. Rol. Co G, or I? 7th Reg. Wis Vol Inf. died 4 Dec. 1902

Samuel SIMMONS. born Brandenberg, Meade Co., KY 10 Apr 1820. Enl. Cc H. 78th Reg ILL Vol Inf. Died 26 Mar 1903. Wife and seven ch.

Peter J. KRISE. b. Cambria Co. PA 21 Jan. 1832. Married 1856 to Cattarine GATES to whom nine children were born. Enl. Co. E 2nd PA Heavy Arty otherwise called the 112th Penn Reg. Died 3 Nov. 1903 leaving eight living children.

The original manuscript has rather complete biographical sketches on the men mentioned above.

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