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Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Five, no. 1
Summer 1982


Vol V, no. 1, page 4 - Summer 1982
From: History of the State of Nebraska by Andreas


    Early settlement of Cass County took place in the 1850's. About 1848 a Morman, Libeas T. Coon established a ferry across the Missouri near the present site of Plattsmouth for the convenience of the Mormans crossing the river. He founded the town of Coonsville in Iowa, an the east bank of the Missouri River. This is now Glenwood, Iowa.

   The territory south of the Platte along the Missouri was occupied by Indians and no one was allowed to remain on the land without a special permit from the Secretary of War. The first permit in Cass County was by Samuel Martin and he established a treading post. This was early in 1853. Early in 1853 Samuel MARTIN, James O'NEIL and Colonel J. L. SHARP of Coonville moved logs from a house in Iowa across the river and erected a house in what is now Plattsmouth.

   Samuel MARTIN came from Illinois to the east bank of the Missouri in 1849 or 1850. He died on December 15, 1854. His was the first death, and he was buried on top of what became known as High School Hill. After his death WORLEY and SLAUGHTER took over the trading post.

   A treaty was signed with the Indians in March 1854, which opened up the area to settlers. It is said that 250 staked claims within a short time. The first settlers staked claims along the River. In the latter part of 1855, John Scott located in what is now Eight Mile Grove Precinct, Samuel Kirkpatrick in the western part of Liberty, Lorenzo JOHNSON in Four Mile Grove. Claims in 1856: Adam and James INGRAM, near Louisville, John KANOBA and J. G. HANSON, in Avoca, Peter BEAVER, Capt. D. L. ARCHER, William, Samuel and Thomas THOMAS on Four Mile Creek. The largest settlements were within the present limits of Plattsmouth and Rock Bluff Precincts. The population of Cass County in 1855 was 712. In 1856 it was 1251.

   The first marriage took place 16 November 1854, Eliza MARTIN of Fremont Co., Iowa and Sarah MORRIS of NE Territory were married by Abraham TOWNER. On 18 March 1855 a double wedding at the resident of John CLEMMONS of Rock Bluffs Precinct, Vinson FOUGHT and Christenia CLEMMONS, both of Cass County and Levi CHURCHILL of Andrew County, MO and Rebecca CLEMMONS of Cass Co. Five other marriages were recorded in 1855: March 20, Douglas GRISWOLD and Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Cass County, May 20, Thomas M. HAMMER and Permelia A. WALKER; August 28 J. McF. HAYGOOD and Mary E. BROWN: November 8, Augustus SPIERES and Levine MURRAY; December 25 Rev. George SWAIM of Otoe Co., and Caroline GIBSON of Cass Co.

   The first white child born in the county was Nebraska STEVENS, dau. of William STEVENS. The exact date is not known, but it was some time in January 1855. The second birth was that of Levine TODD, daughter of L. G. TODD and afterward the wife of Thomas J. THOMAS in the following month. The first boy was Fred MICKELWAIT, born 19 March 1855.

   The first school was a singing school taught by Charles WEST in a log cabin just west of Plattsmouth. This was in 1855. The next year another school was started by Mary STOCKING, in a building erected by James O'NEIL on Sospel Hill. In 1857 Mr. & Mrs. J. P. GORRELL had charge of the city school. Mary STOCKING married in 1858 J. R. TYSON.

   The first sermon preached in the county was in October 1854, at the house of Thoma ASHLEY by Abraham TOWNER. Other early ministers were: Rev. W. D. GAGE and Rev. A. J. ARMSTRONG.

   In 1854 Cass County was divided into two precincts, Martin's being the northern part of the county and Kenosha the southern part. In Martin's Precinct the polls were at the "Old Barracks" with James O'NEIL, Stephen WILES and Thomas G. PALMIER as Judges and T. S. GASKILL and Levi G. TODD as Clerks. In Konosha (sic) Precinct the polls were at the house of Col. THOMPSON; I. S. GRIFFITH, Thomas B. ASHLEY and L. YOUNG as Judges, Benjamin B. THOMPSON and William H. DAVIS as clerks. The following is a list of the voters in Martin's Precinct. C. H. WALCOTT, Calvin C. GREEN, Wheatley MICKELWAIT, John WATSON, Robert COLNES, Henry WATSON, John P. SLAIN, Gardner POWERS, Jackson, CARDWELL, Joshua MURRY, Alvers MURRAY, Elias GIBBS, George GIBBS, Giles PANMON, Hugh SLAIN, Andrew J. TODD, Edwin R. TODD, Hiram NAPIER, William E. GENTRY, John JACKSON, John SIMPSON Chaucer A. LLOYD, Moses R. JACKSON, Samuel RAHN, Josiah HOWDESHELL, James L. BERGER, Jacob ADAMS, Silas GREEN, William W. CRAIG, Andrew SLAIN, Archibal NAPIER, William STEPHENS, Matthew HUGHES, Benjamin F. PHELPS, R. B. CASE, M. B. CASE. Luke WILES, Wilson CHIVETT, John P. SHAFER, Columbus NUCKOLLS, Erastus McCLUNE, Edward ROGERS, William SHAFER, Calvin HAMMOND, Reuben PETTIT, Broad COLE, Ellis SNIFFEN, L. SCOTT, William W. GULLION, William BALLOU, William H. OBISON, Solomon I. COOK, Philip E. CRANNON, M. HAYDEN, John HUDGENS, Elijah O'NEIL, John JOHNSON, Welcher CARDWELL, Seth JOHNSON. Lewis JOHNSON, H. QUEEN, John LATHAN, Jonathan MURRAY, Levi TODD, John MURDOCK, Levi WALKER, Martin KEPLINGER, Thomas G. PALMER, Stephen WILES, James O'NEIL, Timothy

Vol V, no. 1, page 5 - Summer 1982
History of Cass County, continued:

T. GASKILL, George W. KELLY, Jonathan KEARNS, David C. BRANNON, Oliver PHIPPS, Samuel MARTIN and Joseph RAWLS. Some of above did not come until 1855 and 1856. Some may have never left Iowa.

     County Offices: Register of Deeds -- 1857 James R. PORTER; 1859, William SPRATLIN,  County Clerks -- 1857, IN. WISE; 1859, D. H. WHEELER, 1861, B. SPURLOCK; 1863, B. SPURLOCK, 1865 B. SPURLOCK, 1867, B. SPURLOCK; 1869, Isaac POLLARD; 1871, D. W. McKINNON, 1873, D. W. McKINNON, 1875, C. P. MOORE, 1877, J. D. TUTT, 1879, J. D. TUTT, 1881, J. W. JENNINGS.

     Sheriffs -- 1857 & 1859, W. D. McCORD; 1861 C. H. KING; 1863, P. P. GASS; 1865, A. B. TAYLOR, 1867, J. W. JOHNSON; 1869-1871, J. W. JOHNSON; 1873 & 1875 M. B. CUTLER, 1877 & 1879, 1881 R. W. BYERS.

     Treasurers -- 1857, 1859 J. D. SIMPSON: 1861, 1863, 1865, 1867, S. DUKE; 1869, 1871, W. L. HOBBS, 1873, 1875, 1877, J. C. CUMMINS; 1879 J. M. PATTERSON; 1881 W. H. NEWELL.

     County Surveyors -- 1857, 1859 William YOUNG, 1861, 1865, A. B. SMITH, 1867, 1869 George W. FAIRFIELD; 1871, P. C. PATTERSON, 1873, 1875 William YOUNG, 1877, 1879, 1881 George W. FAIRFIELD.

     County Commissioners: 1856; J. VALLERY, Jr., Robert PALMER, W. D. GAGE. 1857: William YOUNG and R. R. DAVIS, 1858 George MAYFIELD, 1859, John Mutz; 1860: L. G. TODD, 1861; J. VALLERY Jr. 1862, William L. TOMPSON, 1863 Isaac POLLARD: 1864, M. L. WHITE, 1865 D. COLE, 1866, A. CARMICHAEL 1867, James O'NEIL; 1868 J. B. MOORE, 1869, Benjamin ALBIN, 1870, J. VALLERY Jr. 1871, L. H. JAMES 1872, T. CLARK, 1873, M. L. WHITE, 1874 W. B. ARNOLD: 1875 B.S. RAMSEY, 1876 E. G. DOVEY, 1877, James CRAWFORD: 1878 Samuel RICHARDSON, 1879 Isaac WILES, 1880 James CRAWFORD, 1881 Samuel RICHARDSON.

     Probate Judges, 1855, H. C. WOLPH, 1857, Charles L. WEST, 1859, 1861 Robert M. CLARKE; 1863 E. I. HARMON, D. H. WHEELER, 1865 J. W. MARSHALL, 1867 W. D. GAGE; 1869 A. L. CHILD, 1871, 1873 H. F. ELLISON, 1875 W. H. NEWELL, 1877, 1879, A. N. SULLIVAN, 1881 A. A. LAVERTY.


     Ferries: A ferry was established at or just below Plattsmouth around 1848 by Libeas T. COON. He was succeeded by Wheatley MICKELWAIT and James O'NEIL in the 1850's. In 1855 a charter was granted to Wheatley MICKELWAIT, James O'NEIL, J. L. SHARP, J. G. PALMER, Lafayette NUCKOLLS etc. Those who operated a boat were: Thomas K. HANNAH, Thomas E. TOOTLE, E. G. DOVEY, Henry AMISON, W. H. ANDERSON and Charles STAUDE.

     Pioneer Association of Cass County

     Those listed as coming in 1854: B. ALBIN, Mrs. N. J. EDGERTON, William GILMOUR, Lucy E. GILMOUR, William GILMOUR, Jr; J. McF. HAYGOOD, Mrs. Elizabeth HEROLD (nee O'NEIL), Joshua MURRAY, George E. PRONGER, L. W. PATTERSON, Mary PATTERSON, W. H. SHAFER, E. S. SHARP, Mrs. Eliza SIEBOLD, Mary SULLIVAN, Thomas WILES, Levi WALKER and William YOUNG.

     Those arriving in 1855: J. W. BERGER, H. C. CHUBBUCK, William HEROLD, Amanda M. MILLER, Mrs. Nancy E. PATTEN, Mrs. E. M. WALKER, Lewis H. YOUNG, F. H. YOUNG, and Mrs. Sarah YOUNG.

   Those arriving in 1856: George D. AMICK, V. M. BEAVER, F. M. DORRINGTON, R. G. DOOM, Henry EIKENBERRY, George W. FAIRFIELD, Joshua GAPEN, Mrs. Maria GAPEN, J. G. HAYES, L. F. JOHNSON, L. C. JOHNSON, W. JEAN, Mrs. M. M. RICHARDSON, J. F. STOHL, Mary J. TAYLOR, W. L. TUCKER, Mrs. S. E. TUCKER, Mary E. TODD, Samuel L. THOMAS, Thomas THOMAS, George W. THOMAS, J. W. THOMAS, Mrs. Susannah THOMAS, Jacob VALLERY, Sr.; Isaac Wiles, J. N. WISE, Parker L. WISE, William S. WEST and Daniel H. WHEELER.

     Those who came in 1857: A. L. CHILD, Mrs. Cora W. CHILD, Julia E. CHILD, M. B. CUTLER, Shadrach COLE, E. E. CUNNINGHAM, Mrs. G. W. FAIRFIELD, Abram HULL, John W. RAINES, Mrs. Mary RAINES, J. W. MARSHALL, W. H. SMITH, A.B. TAYLOR, A.B. TODD, E. R. TODD, T. J. TODD, William L. WELLS and Charlotte A. WHEELER.

     In 1858 came: F. A. BATES, J. C. GILMORE, Mrs. J. C. GILMORE, A. L. SPRAGUE AND Mrs. B.C. STREIGHT

     Those in 1859: Thomas CREAMER, Mrs. C. DORRINGTON, Ben HEMPLE, Mrs. Lou S. JOHNSON, C. H. KING, F.D. LEHNHOFF, Thomas A. SULLIVAN, Mrs. S.A. TH0MAS and Jennie R. WELLS.

     In 1860: E. J. CRAIG and Anna M. CRAIG.


     The First Baptist Church was organized 17 October 1856. First pastor was Rev. Elias GIBBS, others were: R. L. BRENTON, E. W. HALL, C. A. MILLER, P. McCLEOD, I. J. ARNOLD and J. H. STORMS.

     The First Methodist Episcopal Church was organized 29 June 1857, pastor was Rev. Hiram BURCH. Early Trustees were L. G. JEFFRIES, Ezra BRADFORD, William McCARTY, B. SPURLOCK and S. DUKE. Other ministers were: Rev. Philo GORTON, Rev. J. SPELMAN, Rev, M. AMSBURY, Rev. J. G. MILLER, Rev. David HART, Rev. J. B. MAXFIELD, Rev. J. J. ROBERTS, Rev, J. W. PRESSON, Rev. Charles MacKELVEY, Rev. M. ADAIR, Rev. J. S. ORR, Rev. George De La MATYR, Rev. John GALLAGHER, Rev. C. P. WILSON.

     The First Presbyterian Church was started in May 1858 by Rev. John HUGHES. Other pastors were

Vol V, no. 1, page 6 - Summer 1982
History of Cass County, continued:

Rev. Mr. COLE, Rev. C. D. ROBERTS, Rev. D. W. CAMMERON, Rev. W. T. BARTLE, Rev. W. T. BAIRD.

     The German Presbyterian Church: Organized in Sept. 1876 under Rev. Mr. SWARTZ, followed by Rev. F. S. W. BRUECHART, Rev. Joseph WITTENBERGER.

     The Christian Church was organized in May 1858 by Elder Thomas J. TODD and Elder Charles EVANS. Ministers have been: Rev. J. CONOREN, Rev. D. R. DUNGAN, Rev. P. VOGEL, Rev. M. COMES, Rev. G. B. MULLIS, Rev. C. ALTON, Rev. S. B. BASS, Rev. A. P. ALTON, Rev. C. L. CROWTHER.

     St. Luke's Church. The first services of the Protestant Episcopal Church were held on Aug. 3, 1869 by Bishop TALBOT. Ministers were: Rev. Isaac A. HAGAR, Rev. George C. BETTS, Rev. Henry St. George YOUNG, Rev. B. C. SHAW, Rev. A. R. GRAVES, Rev. H. B. BURGESS, Wardens and Vestry: John BLACK, John PATTIMER, William H. ANDERSON, D. H. WHEELER, William FORD, Walter J. WHITE, Fred LATHAM, M. H. SMITH, William BALANCE, J. D. COX, E. B. LEWIS, D. H. WHEELER.

     St. John's Catholic Church. By 1861. Father TEKACHET was first pastor.

     A Congregational Church was organized about 1870 and disbanded about 1874. The first Doctors were Drs. E. A. and W. E. DONELAN in 1856. Others were Dr. R. R. LIVINGSTON, Dr. G. H. BLACK, Dr. W. H. SCHILDKNECT, Dr. John BLACK.

Submitted by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, Ne
From Daily Nebraska Herald, Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska, 4 October 1872

Registrar's List, Registered Voters in the First Ward of the City of Plattsmouth
AMISON, Henry     CONNER, Jos. A.     KNOELL, Philip      PRONGER, George E. WHITE, Buell W. 
ARMSTRONG, Wm B   COONEY, John        KILKENNEY, Patrick  PECORE, Joseph      
ALLEN, Henry      CUNNINGHAMM, E. E.  KATCHER, George B.  PARMELE, C. H.      
BLACK, John       CARRUTH, Frank      LIVINGSTON, Robert  PAINE, Phelps      I, M. B. REESE. 
BLACK, C. E.      CALDWELL, W. H.     LAZENBY, Charles    PETERSON, Rasmus   Registrar of the First 
BLACK, Wiley E.   CRAWFORD, George    LAZENBY, Ambrose    PRESSON, J. H.     Ward of the City of 
BATES, Peter D.   DOVEY, E.G.         LENKE, William      RUSSELL, J. J.     Plattsmouth do 
BODIEN, Theodore  DREW, Alva          LITTEN, Edwin       RIPPELL, Conrad    hereby certify that 
BRAY, George R.   DICK, James         LEACH, John         ROONEY, Wm.        the foregoing is a 
BRYANT, Wm. T.    DATESMAN, Jacob I.  LEONARD, V. V.      REYNOLDS, B.S.     correct list of the 
BROWN, H. D.      DONELAN, Wm. E.     LONG, Samuel        ROXBY, John R.     Registered Voters in 
BUTTS, 0.         DONOGHUE, Michael   LUNING, Fred        ROBERTSON, Henry   said Ward  
BAKER, William    DONALLY, Robert     LEWIS, E. B.        RIORDAN, L.A.       
BLOCK, Bernard    DARRAH, Wm. R.      MARSHALL, J. W.     ROBERTS, Joseph M.  
BELL, Cyrus D.    EVANS, Thos W.      MERGES, Peter       RIPPLE, Joseph      
BLACK, J. H.      EATON, W. F.        MOSEBY, Henry       REESE, M. B.        
BRADLEY, Edwin    EARWTTKER, David    MISKELIA, Luke      SMITH, G. S.        
BISHOP, John      ENGEL, Nick         MANN, Peter         SIMPSON, J. D.      
BETTS, Christian  ELSTER, F.          MORRISON, J. G.     SHEA, D. L.         
BROWN, Charles    EATON, S.F.         McDONALD, Robert    SHERMAN, Charles B  
BLACK, G. H.      FITSGERALD, John    MULLIGAN, Mike      SMITH, Lawrence     
BLACK, Fred       FLAGHERTY, Michael  MYERS, E. L.        SHRYOCK, Wm. B.     
BOECK, Henry      FOLEY, Michael      MARTINDALE, D. D.   SHRYOCK, T. W.      
BUTTERY, Edward   FEITH, Thomas       McELVAIN, M.        SMITH, G. W.        
BROWN, W. C.      FULLER, David       McGUIRE, Michael    SHERA, Henry        
BAKER, Wm L       GOLDING, Levi       McGUIRE, John       SCANTLAN, Charles   
BABBINGTON, D.E.  GASTON, M.          MATHEWS, W. V.      TUCKER, W. I.       
BENSON, John      HEROLD, Wm.         McCREA, J. D        THATCHER, A. L.     
BLAKER, C. M.     HERALD, Herman      MAXWELL, Patrick    TALBOT, James       
BENNETT, Wm. F.   HINCHMAN, J. M.     McKINNON, D. W.     TUCKER, Moses       
BALANCE, Robert   HOLBROOK, F. W. D.  MUNDY, G. W.        TERHUNE, George     
BOONE, J. C.      HAYS, Cameron       MacMURPHY, John A.  VANARMAN, H. M.     
BOVE, Peter       HARTSELL, J. W.     NEWMAN, H.          WHEELER, D. H.      
BABBINGTON, Jesse HATT, W. D.         NATHAN, Isaac       WHITE, F. E.        
BAKER, W. H.      HEROLD, C. G.       NEFFE, C. C.        WISE, U. W.         
BIDWELL, H. H.    HOBBS, W. T.        NELSON, M. M.       WHITE, A. W.        
BALDWIN, James    HUMPHREY, G. H.     NEVILLE, William    WHITE, A. C.        
CHRISTANSEN, John HANSON, George      OLDHAM, J. G. Jr.   WAUGH, Samuel       
CARL, Patrick     HANSON, H.          O'DONHOU, Michael   WEST, R. C.         
CHALFANT, L. H.   HONEWALD, L.        O'NEIL, P. H.       WHITE, F. S.        
CASEY, Stephen    JONES, George J.    O'BRIEN, J. M.      WAYBRIGHT, Morgan   
CUNNINGHAM, A.    JOHNSON, Samuel     ODELL, George       WHITE, W. J.        
CLARKE, J. R.     KAHL, Henry         POTTENGER, Willett  WHITE, M. L.        

Vol V, no. 1, page 7 - Summer 1982
Submitted by: Eldon Meisinger, Plattsmouth, Ne
From: Evangelis Presbyterian Church-Baptisms, Plattsmouth, Cass Co., NE.

BAPTISMS --- Evangelis Presbyterian Church 1887--1889
Father & Mother (Maiden)        Child              Born         Baptized   Godparents 
Joseph SCHNEIDER                Antjen                2-19-1884  4-25-1887 John Friedrich G. STOHL 
   (blank)                                                                    Jude PAPPEN 
L. G. BRINKMANN                 Amalia Wilhelmine    10-10-1886  5-15-1887  
   Elizabeth AAGARRD               Dorothea                                 
Wilhelm WOHLFARTH               Louise Maria          5-24-1887   6-8-1887                 died 6-8-1887 
   Maria Margaretha PLAHN          Friderike                                
Albert HUNGER                   Karl Albert            4-8-1887  6-19-1887 Karl GLEI, Fritz COOS 
   Bertha GLET                     Friedrich                                  Cecilia RETCH 
George Peter WEIDMANN           Johann Friedrich       9-1-1886  6-26-1887 Fritz KROEHLER 
   Emma MEISINGER                                                             Michael MEISINGER 
Friedrich MOLDENHAUER           Elizabeth              6-4-1887  6-26-1887 Elisabeth MASER 
   Margaretha MASER                Margaretha                               
Joachim MARTENS                 Emma Margaretha        5-4-1887  7-10-1887 George Peter & Emma 
   Margaretha STOMMEL (HOMMEL?)                    d. 1-25-1889               WEIDMANN 
Friedrich OHM                   Friedrich Johann      6-18-1887   8-4-1887 Johan HANNEMANN & 
   Sophie HANNEMANN                                                           Caroline WARGA 
Friedrich OHM                   Franz Johann          6-18-1887   8-4-1887 Johann HANNEMANN & 
   Sophia HANNEMANN                                                           Caroline WARGA 
Johann JESS                     Alvine Henriette       6-1-1886   8-8-1887 Hans Heinrich COOS, Maria 
   Christine GOOS                                                             COOS, Anna VOSS 
Karl STEKJOST                   Albert Robert         8-23-1886   8-9-1887 Cecilia COOS 
   Mina AREND                      Leopold                                  
Franz FETZER                    Celia Mathilde        7-22-1884   8-9-1887 Cecilie GOOS 
   Bertha HEIDHAUSEN                                                          Wilhelmine HEIDHAUSEN 
Wilhelm VOSS                    Anna Louise            9-6-1886  8-21-1887 Wilhelm WOHLFARTH, Elsie 
   Anna SCHMIDT                 Katharine                                     FROMM, Katharine PLOHN 
Ernst PLACER                    Mathilde Friderike     7-8-1887  B-21-1887 Mathilde KIRCHHOF 
   Friderike DRUCKER               Maria                                    
Gottfried MEUSEL                Max Hermann           5-15-1887  8-21-1887 Max LEMM, Wilhelm, BUDIG 
   Emilie KNUTTEL                                                             Elsie COLL, Helene 
Wenzel PTACEK                   Josephine            10-13-1887  11-6-1887 Franz JANDA 
   Franziska MICKA                                                            Maria NEJEDLI 
Fritz HEINRICH                  Mine                   8-3-1887  11-3-1887 Lervi DOSS 
   Friderike KAL                                                              Mina DOSS 
August RAMSEL                   Friedrich Wilhelm     9-10-1887 11-13-1887 Christian SCHMIDT 
   Wilhelmine SCHMIDT                                                         Rudolph RAMSEL 
Rudolph SPHNI                   Katherine             4-22-1887 12-18-1887 Rose TSCHIRREN 
   Anna Elise BALSIGER                                                        Gottfried MULLERSTEIN 
Karl SPENGLER                   Louise Anna           1-30-1884 12-24-1887 Louise SAGO 
   Elisabeth BECKER
Karl SPENGLER                   Charlotte             5-30-1887 12-24-1887 Charlotte SCHAEFER 
   Elisabeth BECKER
Samuel John FREEBORN            Clarence Robert       7-22-1887 12-25-1887 George GREBE 
   Auguste Henriette MULLER                                                   Rosalie GREBE 
George GREBE                    Anna Barbara         11-18-1887 12-25-1887 Anna Barbara RIEGER 
   Rosalie Henriette SCHWARZ                                                  Christian HESSLEIN 
Hans RATHMANN                   Abel Catharine        12-4-1887  3-18-1888 Maria BRAMMER, Catherine 
   Anna KUHN                       Alswine                                    KUHN, Mars BRAMMER 
Mars BRAMMER                    Pauline Catherine     10-1-1887  3-18-1888 Anna RATHMANN, Catherine 
   Maria LAU                       Maria                                      LAU, Hans RATHMANN 
Georg KLINGER                   Heinrich Georg        1-28-1888  3-18-1888 Georg SCHANZ 
   Barbara REEG                                                               Heinrich HOFFERT 
Ludwig KISLING                  Ludwig                2-16-1888  3-25-1888 Georg & Barbara METTELMEIER 
   Barbara FITZER                                                        Henry & Caroline BEIERSCHMITT 
Peter MUMM                      August                 8-4-1876   4-1-1888 Friedrich COOS 
   Margaretha PLOHN                                                           Louise FROMM 

Vol V, no. 1, page 8 - Summer 1982
BAPTISMS--EVANGELIS Presbyterian Church continued

Father & Mother (Maiden)     Child               Born       Baptized   Godparents 
Peter MUMM                   Fritz Herman         8-11-1881   4-1-1888 Melchoir SONNICHSEN 
   Margaretha PLOHN                                                       Katherine SONNICHSEN 
Peter MUMM                   Pauline Margaretha    2-5-1888   4-1-1888 Wilhelm and Maria 
   Margaretha PLOHN                                                       WOHLFARTH 
Heinrich SCHMITT             George Peter         6-19-1884  4-13-1888 Georg and Magdalene 
   Margaretha BLUMER                                                      SCHMITT 
Paul Heinrich OTTENS         Heinrich Ludwig      1-31-1888  4-15-1888 Ludwig DOSE 
   Margaretha MAUDERER                                                    Catharine THIESEN 
Georg HILD                   Johann Georg          4-6-1888   5-6-1888 Georg REEG 
   Margaretha SCHUHMANN                                                   Conrad HEISEL 
Johann Jacob STOLL           Olla                  8-5-1884  5-13-1888 Fred STOLL and 
   Minerva Ella WEELER                                                    Agatha STOLL 
Johann Jacob STOLL           John Friedrich       4-14-1887  5-13-1888 Fred STOLL and 
   Minerva Ella WEELER                                                    Agatha STOLL 
Claus BOETEL                 Louise               5-15-1888  5-18-1888 Fritz & Louise MOND 
   Margaretha RlPPEL
Claus BOETEL                 Lewis                5-15-1888  5-18-1888 Friedrich & Katherine 
   Margaretha RIPPEL                                                      LENHOFF, Ulricka LOTHRAN 
Christian WOHLFARTH          Heinrich Robert       5-1-1888   6-3-1888 Jurgen HANS 
   Emma CORDER                                                            Katharine GODS 
Hans TAMS                    Wilhelm Jurgen        4-7-1888  6-10-1888 Jurgen Hans 
   Katharine STAACK                                                       Katharine GODS 
Ernst Seberecht JAHRIG       Heinrich Albert      3-27-1886   7-4-1888 Heinrich WEBER 
   Johanna SCHANBACH                                                      Auguste JAHRIG 
Philipp GABELMANN            Mina Maria           4-27-1888  7-29-1888 Johann LUTZ 
   Katharina Frank                                                        Mina M. PRETTIG 
Mathaus WILKEN               Georg Thomas         3-14-1888  8-11-1888 Thomas SANDER 
   Agnes TIMM                                                             Dorothea HAGEDORN 
Herman August FINDER         Emil Ernst Robert    8-14-1888  9-16-1888 Mathias LEUCK, Julie 
   Pauline SPRIECHHALLE                                                   KRIEGER, Heinrich 
Albert GOLL                  Ida Alsvine          5-23-1888  9-23-1888 Mathias LEUCK, Paul WURL 
   Elise LAABS                  Johanne                                   Johanne BUDIG 
Wilhelm BUDIG                Anna Bertha          7-24-1888  9-30-1888 Karl FISCHER, Elise COLL 
   Johanna KNUTTEL                                                     Jacob SCHWANDER, Cicillia REICH 
Herman BEIERSCHMITT          George Ludwig         7-2-1888  9-30-1888 George MIEDELMAYER, Ludwig 
   Carolina KIESSLING           Heinrich                                  KISSLING, Herman FINDER 
Detlev TANNECK               Ludwig Friedrich      5-7-1888  9-30-1888 Ludwig DOSS, Friedrich 
   Margaretha TANK                                                        SCHMIDT, Dora TETERSQN 
Wilhelm WOHLFARTH            Anna Christine        5-8-1888 10-21-1888 Johann GREVE, Anna PLOHN 
   Maria PLOHN                                                            Margaretha PLOHN 
Loui KOHRELL                 Johann August       10-30-1888 11-18-1888 Johann Brethoft 
John P. BATTLER              Mary Ella             5-2-1887 11-25-1888 Philip THEROLF 
   Maggie PRETTTG                                                         Mary EIDMANN 
John P. SATTLER              Sophia              10-11-1888 11-25-1888 Charles & Sophia HEROLD 
   Maggie PRETTIG
Heinrich August HESSE        Heinrich              4-8-1888 12-23-1888 Melchoir SOENNICHSEN 
   Dorothea WOLF                Melchoir                                  Henrietha HANSEN 
Karl KUNZMANN                Edward Johann        9-17-1886  1-20-1889 John BAUER 
   Maria BETIKEN                                                          Elisabeth BAUER 
Karl KUNZMANN                Maria Caroline       10-1-1888  1-20-1889 John and Elizabeth BAUER 
   Maria BETIKEN
Marx Friedrich Christian KOEHNKE
   Margaretha Elizabeth HORN Lulu Fridericke      10-6-1882   3-3-1889 Margaretha Elisabeth HORN 
George Peter HORN            Friedrich Christian 12-29-1887   3-3-1889 M. F. Christian KOEHNKE 
Mathias LEUCK                Franz Hermann       blank       3-17-1889 Herman ROSENOW, Albert 
   Ida MACHALOWSKI                                                        COLL, Franz MACHALOWSKI 
                                                                          Julie KRUCHEN, Maria 

Vol V, no. 1, page 9 - Summer 1982
Baptisms--Evangelis Presbyterian Church, continued

Father & Mother (Maiden) Child                    Born       Baptized   Godparents 
Detlef WICKMANN          Heinrich Detlef           2-20-1889  4-21-1889 Hans THIESEN, Jurgen 
   Catharina NAEVE                                                         Heinrich TAMS, Wilhelmine 
Hans THIESEN             Wilhelm Hermann            4-3-1889  4-21-1889 Paul OTTENS, Heinrich LANDER 
   Catharina REIMER                                                        Anna Christine THIESEN 
Louis GROSSENBACHER      Lina                     12-23-1888   5-9-1889 Albert TSCHIRREN 
   Anna THIERSTEIN                                                         Magdalena MARTI 
George NICHOL            George Philip             7-10-1883  5-19-1889  
   Katharina HORN
         "          "    Edward Johann             5-21-1885  5-19-1889  
         "          "    Oliver Heinrich            2-7-1888  5-19-1889  
Karl SICKJOST            Louise Othilde            3-27-1888  5-22-1889 August SIEKJOST 
   Mina AREND               Martha                                         Louise AREND 
Martin HOHL              Elisabeth Katharina        3-7-1888  5-26-1889 Katharina FRANK 
   Maria FRANK                                                             Georg FRANK 
Rudolph SPAHNI           Mina                       2-2-1889   6-1-1889 Gottfried STAUB 
   Elise BALSIGER                                                          Magdalena MARTI 
Gustav BUDIG             Liddia Gertrude           5-27-1889   7-7-1889 Wilhelm BUDIG 
   Wallerige JORKARCH                                                      Bertha FISCHER 
Heinrich SCHUBERT        Wilhelm Heinrich          5-11-1887   7-7-1889 Wilhelm JACOBSEN 
   Amalie KUCHLENS                                                         Bertha SCHUBERT 
Albert PAPPE             Mina Maria                2-12-1889  7-16-1889 Mina PRETTIG 
   Helena PRETTIG                                                          John LUTZ 
Marx Friedrich           Claus                      5-9-1889  8-11-1889 Claus BREKENFELD 
   Christian KOEHNKE
Margaretha Elisabeth HORN
   Georg VERHULE         Elisabeth                 7-16-1889  8-22-1889 Dore KLUVER 
Elisabeth KLUVER
   "      "              Rosins                   9-22-1889*  8-22-1889 Bertha SCHUBERT 
                         (* dates as shown)                              
Heinrich SCHLUTER        Emil Michael              1-17-1889   9-8-1889 Michael SCHNELBACHER 
   Johanna LAU              Arnold                                         Anna EHLERS 
Johann MUMM              Johann Heinrich           4-15-1888   9-8-1889 Heinrich SCHLUTER 
   Elisabeth LEVI                                                          Amalie SCHNELBACHER 
Michael SCHNELBACHER     Margaretha                5-14-1889   9-8-1889 Johanna SCHLUTER 
   Amalia LAU               Johanna Louise                                 Louise HORN 
August RICHTER           Mina                      1-22-1889  9-13-1889 Wilhelm RICHTER 
   Wilhelmine ACKERMANN                                                    Henriette RESSNER 
George GREBE             Auguste Rosalie            9-3-1889  9-18-1889 Justus RIEGER 
   Henriette SCHWARZ        Henriette                                      Anna Barbara GREBE 
Wilhelm HAGEL            Robert Anton             11-20-1888 10-17-1889  
   Emilie WENKE
Paul OTTENS              Anna Elisabeth            9-20-1889 10-20-1889 Ernst PLAGER, Bertha 
   Margaretha MAUDERER                                                     WURL, Minna DOSS 
Melchoir SONNICHSEN      Christine                 5-18-1888 10-20-1889 Margaretha PLOHN 
   Katharina PLOHN          Margaretha                                     Henry MUMM 
Heinrich SANDER          Maria Helene              10-2-1889 10-20-1889 Hans THIESEN, Anna 
   Sophia THOMSEN                                                          Christine THIESEN, Anna 
Vencel PTACEK            Anna                     10-21-1889 10-27-1889 Frank JANDA 
   Franziska MICKA
Behrend J. BECKMANN      Anna Dorothea             6-17-1883 10-27-1889 Grietje BENGEN 
   Grietje BENGEN
      "      ?           Jacob Cornelius Bernhard  1-20-1885 10-27-1889 Cornelius BENGEN 
Wilhelm VOSS             Margaretha Anna           7-31-1888 10-27-1889 Anna GODS, Anna BOCK 
   Anna SCHMIDT                                                            Friedrick SCHMIDT 
Cornelius J. BENGEN      Tety Katharina            4-29-1878 10-27-1889 F. W. WITTE 
   Grietje DOOLMANN
      "      "           Cornelius Reints         16-22-1879 10-27-1889  
      "      "           Martha Mima              10-20-1881 10-27-1889 Behrend and 
      "      "           Gretchen Berenddina       4-13-1884 10-27-1889 Grietje BECKMANN 

Vol V, no. 1, page 10 - Summer 1982
Submitted by Eldon Meisinger, Plattsmouth, NE

Name                    P. 0.       Sect.    Name                   P.O.        Sect. 
AHL, Charles            Louisville     32    KRAEGER, J. E.         Cedar Creek  
AHL, J. Henry           Louisville     19    KUNZMANN, Jacob        Cedar Creek     8 
ALBERT, John            Cedar Creek     4    LAUTENSCHLAGER, H. (r) Cedar Creek     3 
BARKER, H. M. (r)       Maynard        36    LEWIS, C. H. (r)       Plattsmouth  
BECKER, H. E. (r)       Plattsmouth    14    LOCKWOOD, Mrs E. (r)   Cedar Creek    35 
BECKER, J. H.           Plattsmouth    13    LOHNES, George         Cedar Creek    15 
BECKER, P. T. (r)       Plattsmouth    26    LOHNES, J. G.          Cedar Creek    16 
BECKER, W. A.           Plattsmouth    26    LOHNES, John           Cedar Creek    16 
BEINS, Henry (r)        Plattsmouth    12    LOHNES, W. H. (r)      Cedar Creek     9 
BLOTZER, Frank (r)      Plattsmouth    25    MAYFIELD, C. G.        Louisville     30 
BRODBAECK, Carrie       Cedar Creek     7    MEISINGER, Adam (r)    Cedar Creek     4 
BROOM, H. J. (r)        Louisville     30    MEISINGER, C. J.       Cedar Creek    11 
BROOM, J. J. (r)        Louisville     30    MEISINGER, Conrad      Cedar Creek    14 
BUECHLER, Jacob         Plattsmouth    24    MEISINGER, C. G. (r)   Cedar Creek    10 
CLARK, Simon (r)        Cedar Creek     5    MEISINGER, G. L. (r)   Cedar Creek     8 
DAVIS, John (r)         Cedar Creek    34    MEISINGER, G. P. Sr.   Cedar Creek     9 
FETZER, Charles         Louisville     29    MEISINGER, Jacob       Plattsmouth    11 
FORNOFF, A.B. (r)       Plattsmouth    36    MEISINGER, J. B.       Plattsmouth    12 
FORNOFF, Adam           Cedar Creek     4    MEISINGER, J. C. (r)   Cedar Creek    11 
FORNOFF, G. W.          Cedar Creek     4    MEISINGER, J. G. (r)   Cedar Creek    10 
FORNOFF, Jacob (r)      Cedar Creek     4    MEISINGER, J. H.       Cedar Creek    17 
FORNOFF, Philip (r)     Cedar Creek     4    MEISINGER, J. J.       Cedar Creek    17 
FRIEDRICH, M. L.        Cedar Creek    23    MEISINGER, J. M. Sr.   Plattsmouth    13 
GAUER, C. A.            Cedar Creek     7    MEISINGER, John        Cedar Creek    16 
GAUER, John M.          Cedar Creek     7    MEISINGER, L.A. (r)    Plattsmouth    12 
GOODWIN, E. E.          Cedar Creek    14    MEISINGER, M.P.        Cedar Creek     3 
GUENTHER, F. W.         Plattsmouth    12    MEISINGER, Peter       Cedar Creek     3 
HEIL, G. P.             Cedar Creek    21    MEISINGER, P. H.       Plattsmouth    11 
HEIL, John              Cedar Creek    28    MEISINGER, P. P. (r)   Mynard         36 
HEIL, Wendel            Cedar Creek    22    MEISINGER, W. G. (r)   Plattsmouth    12 
HEIL, W. H.             Cedar Creek    22    METZGER, Mary          Cedar Creek     5 
HEIL, Wm.               Cedar Creek    22    MICEK, Frank (r)       Cedar Creek     5 
HENNINGS, C. C.         Cedar Creek    20    NOXON, W. C. (r)       Cedar Creek     2 
HENNINGS, F. J.         Cedar Creek    27    OSBORN, George         Cedar Creek    34 
HENNINGS, J. A.         Cedar Creek    20    OSSENKOP, John         Louisville     31 
HENNINGS, Jacob (r)     Cedar Creek    32    PEACOCK, C. T. (r)     Plattsmouth    14 
HENNINGS, N. F. (r)     Cedar Creek    33    PERRY, George E.       Plattsmouth    23 
HIATT, A.M. (r)         Cedar Creek    34    SCHAEFER, A.A. (r)     Mynard         35 
HICKS, Geo. A. B. (r)   Cedar Creek    35    SCHAEFER, Mrs. M.      Cedar Creek    28 
HILD, Adam              Mynard         35    SCHAEFER, Nick         Cedar Creek    28 
HILD, Geo. M.           Mynard         36    SCHLEICHER, C. B. (r)  Louisville     18 
HILD, Michael           Mynard         36    SCHNEIDER, J. J.       Cedar Creek     8 
HILFICKER, Julius (r)   Cedar Creek    15    SCHNEIDER, Wm.         Cedar Creek     5 
HORN, F. J. (r)         Plattsmouth    24    SEARS, Cornelius (r)   Cedar Creek     7 
HORN, Geo. P.           Cedar Creek    15    SEYBERT, A. F. (r)     Cedar Creek    35 
HORN, P.A. (r)          Cedar Creek    35    SEYBERT, C. M.         Cedar Creek    35 
HORN, Henry             Cedar Creek    15    SEYBERT, Jacob         Cedar Creek    35 
INGRAM, Edward          Louisville     19    SPENCE, Elizabeth      Louisville     19 
INGRAM, Frank (r)       Louisville     19    SPENCE, John W. (r)    Louisville     19 
INHELDER, Henry         Cedar Creek     6    SPENCE, W. B. (r)      Louisville     19 
KAFFENBERGER, Adam      Cedar Creek    10    SPRIECK, Otto, (r)     Louisville     18 
KAFFENBERGER, G. A. (r) Plattsmouth    24    STOEHR, C. W. (r)      Plattsmouth     1 
KAUFMANN, Wm.           Plattsmouth    25    STOEHR, Philip         Cedar Creek     8 
KEIL, J. PETER          Cedar Creek     3    TENNANT, Mary A.       Louisville     29 
KEIL, W. (r)            Plattsmouth    36    THIEROLF, J. D.        Cedar Creek    17 
KELLY, John             Cedar Creek    34    THOMAS, J. H.          Louisville     32 
KRAEGER, A.B. (r)       Cedar Creek    33    TRITSCH, Jacob         Cedar Creek    34 
KREAGER, Adam           Cedar Creek    21    TRITSCH, J. W.         Cedar Creek    28 

Vol V, no. 1, page 11 - Summer 1982
Directory of Leading Farmers of Cass County, Ne (1905) continued

Eight Mile Grove Precinct
Name                      P.O.        Sect.    Name                    P.O.       Sect. 
TRITSCH, Philip           Plattsmouth    12    HILDEBRAND, John        Murdock     
URWIN, John W.            Louisville     30    HITE, Charles F. (r)    Alvo          30 
VAN METER, O. A. (r)      Louisville     18    HITE, David             Alvo          30 
WAGNER, Geo. (r)          Cedar Creek    34    HOELZEL, L.             Murdock     
WALDRON, Geo.             Louisville     18    HOKEY, J. M. (r)        South Bend     6 
WALLINGER, Anton (r)      Cedar Creek    27    KEHN, Rudolph           Burdock     
WALLINGER, Geo (r)        Cedar Creek    27    KLEMME, Henry           Murdock       15 
WALLINGER, John (r)       Plattsmouth          KUPKE, Herman           Murdock       14 
WALDRADT, G. N.           Louisville     17    LAKE, A. E.             Murdock       22 
WARD, A. H. (r)           Manley         32    LAU, E. F.              Murdock        2 
WARD, J. 0.               Louisville     30    LAU, P.A.               Murdock        2 
WEGENER, Fred             Louisville     31    LAU, W. F.              Murdock        9 
WHITE, Fred (r)           Cedar Creek    33    LEIS, Geo.              Greenwood   
WILLIAMS, M. L. (r)       Cedar Creek    33    LEWIS, A. E.            Alvo          31 
WILLIAMS, M. P.           Cedar Creek    33    LEWIS, W. R.            Alvo          31 
                                               LONG, Abraham           Murdock       15 
   ELMWOOD PRECINCT                         LUETCHENS, Maggie       Wabash         1 
ALLEN, 0. H.              Wabash         25    McCOY, H.S. (r)         Wabash        35 
BACKEMEYER, Charles       Murdock              McCRORY, A.M.           Murdock       23 
BACKEMEYER, Fred          Murdock         7    McCRORY, Arthur (r)     Murdock       27 
BACKEMEYER, H. C.         Greenwood       7    MAPES, Ed (r)           Murdock       32 
BARGMAN, Heinrich         Murdock        16    MARSHALL, Ed (r)        Alva          19 
BAUMGAERTNER, Conrad (r)  Murdock         3    MEIERJURGEN, Henry      Murdock       20 
BOCKELMAN, Fred (r)       Murdock        17    MELVIN, George          Murdock       28 
BONE, Henry (r)           Murdock        10    MILLER, Christian       Murdock        3 
BORNEMEIER, Henry         Murdock        10    MILLS, G.A.             Murdock        4 
BORNEMEIER, Margaret      Murdock        12    MOORE, M. W. (r)        Murdock       10 
BORNEMEIER, Wilhelmina    Murdock        28    NANSTED, Geo. (r)       Wabash        24 
BORNEMEIER, Wm. (r)       Elmwood        33    NAPES, Ed (r)           Murdock       32 
BOURKE, Wm.               Wabash         34    NICKEL, G. P.           Alvo          32 
BUELL, G. E.              Murdock        22    NICKEL, P. W.           Elwood        31 
CALKINS, H.               Wabash               NIELSEN, H. C.          Murdock       11 
COLBERT, Perry (r)        Wabash         26    PICKWELL, G. V.         Murdock       16 
COLE, A.M. (r)            Murdock        15    POOL, Clarence E (r)    Wabash        27 
COOK, Wm.                 Elwood         32    RADTKA, Charles (r)     Wabash        35 
COPPELL, John W.          Wabash         26    RACER, Archibald        Murdock        4 
Cox, S.M.                 Murdock        16    REICK, August (r)       Murdock       18 
CRAIG, Chas R. (r)        Murdock         5    RICHARDS, E. F.         Wabash        24 
CRAWFORD, Robert (r)      Wabash         35    RICHARDS, H. C.         Wabash        26 
CREAMER, C. L.            Murdock        33    RICHARDS, H. T.         Wabash        24 
DAVIS, F. V.              Alvo           30    RIECKMANN, Henry        Murdock       21 
DEHNING, Henry P.         Wabash         13    RIKLI, Lawrence (r)     Murdock       12 
DETMAN, A. E. (r)         Murdock        17    RISSMAN C. (r)          Murdock        6 
DIMMITT, W. H.            Alvo           29    RODGERS, Emery (r)      Murdock       14 
DREAMER, J. C.            Elmwood        31    RODGERS, Will           Murdock       16 
EARL, Z. P.               Murdock        18    ROHRADANZ, C. H. (r)    Murdock        2 
EVELAND, Peter            Murdock        17    RONNFELDT, Joseph (r)   Wabash        34 
FANDIRS, K. A.            Murdock        33    RUGE, Fred              Murdock       12 
GAKEMEYER, Henry          Murdock         3    RUMLIN, Jake (r)        Murdock       12 
GERDES, John (r)          Wabash         35    SCHLAPOHF, Henry        Murdock        4 
GILLESPIE, W. 0. (r)      Murdock        16    SCHLUETER, Henry        Wabash        24 
GOTTSPENN, Hartwig        So. Bend        6    SCHLUETER, Simon        Murdock       16 
GUSTIN, E. N.             Murdock        29    SCHMIDT, Herman         Murdock       11 
GUSTIN, John J.           Murdock        17    SCHNEIDER, Charles      Murdock       13 
GYGER, Stephen            Wabash         35    SCHWEPPE, Herman        Wabash        13 
HEIER, Will F.            Murdock        18    SHEWE, Wm. (r)          Murdock        3 
HEMPKE, Will F.           Murdock              SKILES, Geo. (r)        Murdock       19 
HESS, Geo. D. (r)         Wabash         36    SOLLER, J. A.           Wabash        36 
HESSE, Fritz              Murdock         8    STOCK, Fred             Murdock        8 
Hildebrand, Herman        Murdock         9    STOEHR, G. H. (r)       Elwood        34 

Vol V, no. 1, page 12 - Summer 1982
Directory of Leading Farmers of Cass County, Ne (1905) , continued

Elmwood Precinct
Name                      P.O.        Sect.    Name                    P.O.       Sect. 
STOUT, Thomas             Elmwood        31    DAVIS, P.M.             Greenwood     18 
STRETCH, Albert           Murdock        17    DICKMAN, Fred           Alvo          14 
STROY, Charles (r)        Murdock         2    DIMMITT, E. A. (r)      Alvo          36 
STROY, J. C.              Murdock         1    DIMMITT, J. L. (r)      Alvo          34 
SWACKER, G. W. (r)        Alvo           30    DONNELLY, S. J. (r)             36  
THIMGAHN, Julius (r)      Greenwood       6    DOUD, Dennis            Greenwood      6 
TIGHE, Joseph             Wabash         35    DOUD, M. (r)            Greenwood      6 
TIMM, Henry               Murdock         4    DOUD, Wm. (r)           Greenwood      6 
TOWLE, G.A.               Wabash         34    EATON, F. W.            Greenwood      2 
TRAVER, B.S.              South Bene      6    EIKERMAN, Henry         Greenwood      1 
VANDENBURG, G. E.         Murdock        27    ERICKSON, John          Greenwood     11 
WALDRON, H. R. (r)        Elmwood        33    FOREMAN, G. P.          Alvo          34 
WALLINGER, A.A.           Murdock        29    FRANKS, W. W. (r)       Greenwood     17 
WARD, Charles             Wabash         35    FRIEND, F.D. (r)        Alvo          26 
WEICHEL, A. H.            Elmwood        32    GARDNER, J. A. (r)      Greenwood      4 
WEICHEL, John (r)         Alvo           31    GREER, Henry            Alvo          29 
WENDT, August             Murdock        23    GREER, James            Alvo          30 
WHITE, ED (r)             Alvo           30    GULLION, Robert (r)     Greenwood     18 
WILKEN, Wm.               Murdock         5    HAERTEL, Charles        Alvo          24 
ZIEROTT, A.M.             Murdock         9    HAMLOW, August (r)      Alvo          31 
ZINK, Fred (r)            Murdock        26    HAMLOW, O. F. (r)       Waverly       30 
ZINK, Oscar (r)           Murdock        22    HANSEN, L. C.           Greenwood      4 
ZOZ, Andrew               Murdock        19    HANSON, George          Alvo          30 
ZOZ, Frank W.             Murdock        20    HANSON, H. M. (r)       Waverly       18 
                                               HARTIG, Fritz (r)       ALVO          18 
   GREENWOOD PRECINCT                      HARTSOCK, E. E.         Greenwood      6 
ABBOTT, J. M. (r)         Greenwood      18    HENDRICKS, E.           Alvo          36 
ANDERSON, C. G. (r)       Alvo           32    HOFFMAN, C. W.          Alvo          32 
ANDERSON, Charles         Waverly        19    HOHAM, O. C. (r)        Alvo          22 
ANDERSON, Ole             Greenwood      14    HURLBUT, A. 0. (r)      Greenwood     21 
ALTHOUSE, George          Alvo           29    HURLBUT, E. F. (r)      Alvo          16 
APPLEMAN, H. R. (r)       Alvo           26    JARDINE, A. L. (r)      Greenwood      8 
APPLEMAN, L.P. (r)        Alvo           23    JOHNSON, August (r)     Alvo          28 
APPUHN, L. D. (r)         Waverly        30    JOHNSON, C. S. (r)      Alvo          32 
ARMSTRONG, Joe (r)        Alvo           30    JOHNSON, Paul           Alvo          32 
ARRES, John (r)           Alvo           24    JORDAN, W. S. (r)       Alvo          26 
BARR, R. A. (r)           Greenwood      10    KAMM, George (r)        Alvo          33 
BARR, W. E. (r)           Greenwood      10    KAMM, Jacob             Alvo          33 
BAUERS, Carl (r)          Greenwood      13    KEEFER, N. L.           Alvo          27 
BELL, J. N.               Greenwood       4    KELLOGG, Arthur (r)     Alvo          24 
BEYERS, A. I. (r)         Alvo           24    KELLOGG, E. J.          Alvo          25 
BIRD, Wesley              Alvo           24    KELLOGG, S. G. (r)      Alvo          25 
BISCHOFF,  S. E.          Alvo           28    KILHUEFER, J. G. (r)    Alvo          27 
BORGQUIST, H. C.          Waverly        31    KITZEL, Wm. (r)         Alvo          36 
BORNEMEIER, Charles H. W. Greenwood   I        KLEMME, August          Greenwood     14 
BOUCHER, W. C. (r)        Greenwood       7    KYLES, John (r)         Greenwood     16 
HOUCK, C. F.              Greenwood      12    LARSON, Robert          Alvo          22 
BOURELLE, A. (r)          Greenwood       3    LAYTON, G. I.           Greenwood      8 
BRITTENHAM, F. (r)        Greenwood      20    LEAS, George (r)        Greenwood     12 
BUCKINGHAM, A.D.          Greenwood      16    LEAVER, H. A. (r)       Greenwood      7 
CARNES, J. S.             Alvo           28    LEESLEY, A.A.           Greenwood      3 
CARR, Eugene (r)          Greenwood      20    LEESLEY, Wm             Greenwood      4 
CARR, H. M. (r)           Greenwood       8    LEIDIG, W. F. (r)       Alvo          31 
CASHNER, S.W.             Alvo           34    LEIDIG, S.A. (r)        Alvo          14 
CHRISTENSON, Andrew       Alvo           22    LEIDIG, Sam (r)         Alvo          14 
CLITES, W. L. (r)         Alvo           33    McDOWELL, J. C. (r)     Alvo          25 
COBURN, Wm (r)            Alvo           24    MARSHALL, A. L. (r)     Alvo          28 
CONN, V. D.               Greenwood      10    MARSHALL, Granville (r) Greenwood      6 
COOK, G. C.               Alvo           36    MICK, G. B. (r)         Alvo          20 
CURYEA, G. W.             Alvo           35    MICK, W. (r)            Alvo           8 

Vol V, no. 1, page 13 - Summer 1982
Directory of Leading Farmers of Cass County, Ne (1905), continued

Name                      P.O.        Sect. Name                    P.O.       Sect. 
MICKLE, Wm.               Alvo           33 SCHUELKE, C. A.         Greenwood     20 
MORRISS, R. P. (r)        Greenwood      10 SCHUELKE, Mrs. C. E.    Greenwood     20 
MYERS, George             Greenwood       9 SHIELDS, J. B. (r)      Waverly       30 
NICKEL, M. J. (r)         Alvo           26 SKINNER, T. P. (r)      Alvo          23 
PARSELL, J. N. (r)        Alvo           25 STEVENSON, J. C.        Greenwood      5 
PARSELL, J. V.            Alvo           35 STOTLER, J. A.          Greenwood      5 
PRICE, L.A.               Greenwood       4 STRADLEY, Arthur (r)    Greenwood      8 
PROUTY, P.M.              Alvo           28 STUTTLER, David         Greenwood      8 
REECE, THOMAS (r)         Greenwood      11 SWANSON, C. A. (r)      Waverly       19 
RHODEN, A. R.             Alvo           15 THINGAN, Henry (r)      Greenwood      7 
RIECKE, Henry             Alvo           14 TOLAND, Isaac W.        Alvo          22 
RODENBERG, W. (r)         Greenwood       2 VAN DORAN, F. H. (r)    Greenwood      8 
ROUSE, J. B.              Alvo           23 WALRADT, Jane           Greenwood      2 
RYAN, Thomas (r)          Greenwood      19 WEED, M. O. (r)         Alvo          34 
SCHROEDER, H. A.          Greenwood       3 WIEDEMAN, C. H. (r)     Greenwood     18 
SCHUELKE, A. W.           Greenwood      18 WIEDEMAN, E. A. (r)     Greenwood     15 
WIEDEMAN, Herman (r)      Alvo           31 WILSON, H. H.           Greenwood      1 
WOLF, S. G. (r)           Alvo           27

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