NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol 3, no 2

NSGS Ancestree

Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume III, no. 2
FALL 1980

FALL 1980
Page 33
Volume III, No. 2

Submitted by Glenn Grouch, Omaha, NE
Source: 'The Idaho Statesman' Newspaper (1978 - 1979)


The original clippings are on file with the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society. The date published is shown in parenthesis

ADAMS, Hazel Marguerite Daggett b 5 Aug 1913 at Broken Bow, NE and d 5 Nov 1978 at Caldwell, ID. (7 Nov 1978).

ALLEN, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs.) b 17 Apr 1887 at Crookston, NE and d 13 Oct 1978 at Rupert, ID; bur Rupert Cemetery; m Ben ALLEN Aug 1904 at Ainesworth, NE; hus d 1950: moved to Rupert 1950; survivors: daus, LaVina PATERSON and Mrs. Ortha COOK, son Lloyd ALLEN; 9 grndch. 15 grtgrndch, and 10 grtgrtgrndch. (18 Oct 1978).

ANDREWS, Wanda M. b 7 Aug 1910 at Scottsbluff, NE and d 12 Aug 1978 at Nampa, ID. (15 Aug 1978).

ARNOLD, Glenn A. b 22 Jan 1912 at Bartley, NE and d 22 Nov 1978 at Boise, ID. (25 Nov 1978)

BACKER, Byrdie L. (Mrs.) b 13 Oct 1889 at Hebron, NE and d 14 Nov 1978 at Nampa, ID; bur Cloverdale Cemetery; taught school in NE; m. Christiph J. BACKER 29 May 1912 at Hebron, NE; moved to Lone Tree District north of Nampa, ID 1920; moved to Nampa, ID 1946; hus d 23 July 1968; survivors; sons, Bill and Harold; daus, Mrs. Adella McMAHON and Mrs. Henry (Betty) BRANDAU; sis, Mrs. Gertrude PALMER and Mrs. Delma STEWART; 5 grndch, 7 grtgrndch; preceded by: 1 bro and 4 sis. (16 Nov 1978).

BASEY, Gladys Marie b 22 Sep 1918 at Silver Greek, NE and d 6 Oct 1978 at Caldwell, ID. (9 Oct 1978).

BATIE, Ralph L. b 12 Sep 1888 in Bartlett County, NE and d 31 Dec 1978 at Nampa, ID; bur Syringa Corridor of Mountain View Mausoleum; educated at Ord, NE; m Almeda CARLSEN 17 Jun 1917 at NE; worked in Omaha, NE 28 years; served in Army WW I; moved near Nampa, ID 1934; moved into Nampa 1958; wife d 22 Jun 1962; survivors: bro, John. (2 Jan 1979).

BRIGHT, Albert B. b 17 Mar 1898 at Beverly, NE and d 21 Nov 1978 at Emmett, ID; bur Emmett Cemetery; m Lola MASSINGALE at NE; moved to Donnelly, ID 1933; moved to Emmett, ID 1937; worked in shipyards in Portland, OR during WW II returned to Emmett, ID 1945; survivors: son, Bill; dau, Margaret NESS; step-son, Veril GRIFFITH; 9 grndch and 2 grtgrndch. (23 Nov 1978).

BROOKS, Francis May (Mrs.) b 12 Feb 1919 at Maywood, NE and d 29 Nov 1978 at Boise, ID (1 Dec 1978) (picture).

CONNERLEY, Harley R. b 23 Nov 1904 at North Bend, NE and d 16 Dec 1978 at Ontario, OR (18 Dec 1978).

COON, William F. b 2 Jan 1895 at Oxford, NE and d 24 Dec 1978 at Boise, ID; bur Paul Cemetery; par Perry COON and Mary Sue HARROD; m Jeanette HOPPE; wife d 1966; moved to Longview, WA 1960; moved to Jerome, ID 1973; survivors: sons, Dean, Richard, and Don; bro, Lynn; sis, Mrs. Nellie REED and Mrs. Hazel BARTHOLOMEW; stepdau, Mrs. Joan WALKER: stepson, John TODD, 9 grndch, 5 step-grndch, 3 step-grtgrndch; preceded by bro, Everett (30 Dec 1978).

COONS, Lloyd L. b 17 Sep 1904 at Cairo, NE and d 22 Oct 1978 at Caldwell, ID. (24 Oct 1978).

CRAMBLET, Ernest Lynn b 8 Aug 1897 at Orleans, NE and d 15 Aug 1978 at Gooding, ID, bur Elmwood Cemetery; moved to Gooding, ID 1908; served in W.W. I; m Eileen HAYS 1 Apr 1927 at Jerome, ID; was a barber in Gooding, ID 1925-1978; survivors, wife; son, Frank; dau, Molly McCORMACK; 7 grndch, 1 grtgrndau; preceded by: 2 bros and 1 sis. (17 Aug 1978).

DEMARAY, Lavada L. b 5 Feb 1896 in Thayer Co. NE and d 27 Nov 1978 at Boise, ID; bur Star Cemetery: par Frank and Iva DEMARAY; m Dudley EDWARDS 3 Nov 1913 at Alexandra, NE; moved near Star Road and US 20 in ID 1918; moved to Nampa, ID early 1950's; hus d 1958; moved to CA 1962; moved to Meridian, ID 1964, moved to Boise 1976; survivors: grndson, Randy H. HANSEN; 2 grtgrndch; preceded by: dau., Joy HANSEN (1976); bro, Dewey DEMARAY (1972); sis, Mildred ANDERSON (1978) (28 Nov 1978).

DEWHIRST, Charlotte D. b 27 Sep 1892 at Plainview, NE and d 29 Nov 1978 at Caldwell, ID; bur Rosewell Cemetery: par James S. DEWHIRST and Lucy MONCRIET; lived in Lincoln, NE 1912; moved to Meridian, ID 1912; lived in Parma, ID; m Harold R. McCORMICH 20 Aug 1912 at Meridian, ID; lived at Rosewell, ID; moved to Caldwell, ID 1946; survivors: hus; son, Gordon; dau, Mrs. John (Lorraine) WIENMAN, Mrs. William C. (Faye) COOPER, and Mrs. Melvin (Shirley) ZOLLNER; 10 grndch and 7 grtgrndch; preceded by: 1 bro and 1 sis. (1 Dec 1978).

DeWITT, Donald Arthur b 25 Nov 1951 at Scottsbluff, NE and d 2 Oct 1978 at Caldwell, ID. (_ Oct 1978).

ESSINGTON, Hauden M. "Jimmy" b 27 Jun 1889 at Pierce, NE and d 10 Sep 1978 at Nampa, ID; bur Kohlerlawn Cemetery; par, Charles and Ida ESSINGTON; moved to Winner, SD ca 1901; m Iva M. HUTCHENS 28 Oct 1925 at Winner, SD; moved to Nampa, ID Aug 1933; survivors: wife; dau, Mrs. Lila McMILLION, sis, Mrs. Mary BLUMENTHAL; 1 grnddau; 2 grtgrndau; preceded by: parents (12 Sep 1978).

FARRO, Tony John b 3 Dec 1920 at Lewellen, NE and d 3 Oct 1978 at Great Falls, ID (5 Oct 1978).

FILLIS, Marjorie L. b 9 Mar 1926 at Bridgeport, NE and d 21 Sep 1978 at Meridian, ID (23 Sep 1978) (picture).

FALL 1980
Page 34
Volume III, No. 2

"Nebraskans That Died Out West" (continued)

FORBIS, Hazel P. (Mrs.) b 12 Jan 1904 at Omaha, NE and d 29 Oct 1978 at Mountain Home, ID. (31 Oct 1978).

FOX, Ruth L. b 30 Oct 1907 at Newport, NE and d 15 Nov 1978 at Boise, ID (16 Nov 1978) (picture).

FRAZIER, Marie b 27 Feb 1902 at Clarks, NE and d 25 Sept at Boise, ID (28 Sept 1978).

GUSTAFSON, Carl B. b 23 Jan 1892 at Marquette, NE and d 1 Sept 1978 at Rexburg, ID; bur Plano Cemetery; m Jean Marion GENOWAYS 23 Feb 1920 at Aurora, NE; moved to the treasure valley in ID 1935; lived in Payette and Emmett, ID; moved in 1942 to Boise, ID; moved to IL 1947; moved to Boise, ID 1953; moved to Idaho Falls 1965, wife d 31 Jan 1970; survivors: son Carl; dau. Mrs. Reed (Marion) MORTIMER; sis, Olga GUSTAFSON; 14 grndch and 27 grtgrndch. (7 Sept 1978).

HAGLER, Fay E. "Shorty" b 4 Aug 1915 at Valentine, NE and d 28 Dec 1978 at Nampa, ID. (29 Dec 1978).

HAMMOND, Charles W. b 23 Mar 1896 at Blomfield (sic), NE and d 29 Aug 1978 at Boise, ID; bur Canyon Hill Cemetery; par William HAMMOND and Elizabeth STEVENS; served in Army WW I; honorable discharge 11 Aug 1919; m Nellie C. LORENSON 31 Dec 1925 at Sioux City, IA; lived in NE until moving to Caldwell, ID 1948; survivors: wife; dau, Mrs. Tom (Barbara) KISER; son, Ronald W. and Gary C.; sis, Mrs. Hazel WILLIAM; 9 grndch and 1 grtgrndson; preceded by two bro and four sis. (31 Aug 1978).

HASSELBRING, Louie M. b 28 Mar 1893 at Alexandria, NE and d 28 July 1978 at Nampa, ID; m Vera Ione PARKER 21 Feb 1917 at Ohiowa, NE; moved to Nampa, ID to homestead 1917 moved to NE 1919; moved to Nampa, ID 1936; wife d 14 July 1975; survivors; son, Donald, dau., Mrs. Wanda BLUNK, Mrs. Ona SHEARER and Mrs. Dorothy NELSON; sis, Louise LAMB, 16 grndch; 25 grtgrndch; preceded by: 8 bro and 3 sis. (30 July 1978) (picture).

HEASLEY, Elsie M. b 19 Sep 1905 at Lincoln, NE and d 11 Spet (sic) 1978 at Baldwin, WI. (13 Sept 1978).

HEFFEL, Kathleen "Kay" (Mrs.) b 30 Apr 1920 at Gering NE and d 30 July 1978 at Meridian, ID. (1 Aug 1978).

HENDERSON, Glen S. b 7 Jun 1916 at Sidney, NE and d 16 Oct 1978 at Emmett, ID. (18 Oct 1978).

HERDT, David J. b Jan 1915 at McGraw, NE and d 8 Oct 1978 at Caldwell, ID. (11 Oct 1978).


Submitted by Mrs. Jean Rima

Source: "Western Nebraska Observer", Kimball, Kimball County, NE, Thursday, Aug. 1, 1907, Vol. XXIX, No. 14.

Kimball, County seat of Kimball Co., is the only town of any size in the county. Population is about 500, no accurate census having been taken for a number of years. New business houses and residences are going up rapidly. We draw trade from a radius of 35 miles. The nearest towns of any size are Sidney, 35 miles east and Cheyenne, 67 miles west. Its' history dates from the building of the U.P. road when it was called Antelopeville.

The business houses are: P. SCHWENK & CO., real estate firm, in charge is Dr. P. SCHWENK. J. S. BRADY, general merchant, is an old timer here. He has been in business the past three years. The Kimball Land Co. has S. B. HANNA and F. E. READER as resident managers. B. K. BUSBEE has served the county three terms as superintendent of schools. H. MARSHALL, proprietor of the New Central Hotel; F. M. WOOLDRIGE has been here since 1886 and in business about 14 years. He is a licensed embalmer and coroner of the county, and has a furniture store. He was County Clerk four years.

Mrs. F. M. WOOLDRIDGE has a millinery business at the store of her husband. Isaac ROUSH has been postmaster nine years. He also carries a nice line of stationery, post cards, cigars, tobacco and notions. Miss Olive BOGLER is his deputy, Godfrey PEARSON, barber, has a fine bath room, and as a side, makes photographs.

Officers at the Bank of Kimball are: A. C. FONDA, cashier; J. J. KINNEY, President; H. A. CLARK has considerable interest. Their last report showed $115,000 on deposit.

Dr. P. C. MOCKETT came to Kimball some five years ago. BEYERS and STRAHAM own the restaurant. Kimball Meat Market is owned by E. M. PROUTY and F. R. MORGAN. WALER & FORSLING, both oldtimes in Kimball have a real estate business. Kimball Drug Co. is owned by F. R. MORGAN and E. PROUTY. Will J. DAVIES has arrived from Brownsville, NE and plans a general merchandise store in the SCHAEFER building. The store will be opened Aug. 10. Mr. DAVIES has a wife and two children.

L. E. SCHAEFER goes out of business this week, he has been in business twenty-two years. The family will probably go to St. Louis. He has interest in mines at Goldfield which will take his time for awhile.

C. A. FORSLING has the livery barn. P. MAGINNIS has a blacksmith shop. He has also put a solderless steel flume for irrigating on the market, and has a factory here for its' manufacture. He also

FALL 1980
Page 35
Volume III, No. 2

“Western Nebraska Observer" (continued)

carries a line of buggies, wagons, farm implements, stoves and heavy hardware. Mr. MAGINNIS has lived here since 1885, has been County Treasurer four years and sheriff for four years.

The CUNNINGHAM Realty Co. with F. H. CUNNINGHAM, President, has been here but a few months. F. M. WHITMAN presides over the WHITMAN House a popular hotel. The livery stable is owned by L. H. LILLY. He also runs the stage from Kimball to Harrisburg. Gus LINN a hardware man also carries implements, buggies, wagons and feed. He is County Commissioner and has been treasurer. C. E. STEUTEVILLE is manager of the FOSTER Lumber Co., P. NELSON, coal man, H. A. PHELPS runs the dray and express wagon. George HOLTON runs the dray in the winter and farms in the summer. Wm. J. BALLARD, attorney-at-law, recently came here from Lincoln. Dr. G. E. DARROW recently came from Omaha and established a hospital, Dr. H. H. DULLARD has also arrived recently.

There is also a Kimball Grain Co. Others identified with building Kimball are: L. W. BICKEL, for many years owner of the bank of Kimball, now retired, J. LEMING, John EWBANK, Thos. WILKINSON and others.

The one regularly graded school is located at Kimball. This school has eleven grades and employes five teachers. A few schools have small libraries, text books are furnished free to every child. Almost four hundred books in the County and teacher's libraries are free to all students and teachers. There is a demand for experienced teachers. The average salary is better than in any other county. No district is looking to less than seven months of school this year and over one-third will have eight or nine months. Bonded indebtedness is scarcely worth mentioning.

The pretty hamlet of Dix lies ten miles east of Kimball and consists of a depot section house and store. The store is owned by C. H. CHALLBURG, an early settler. Mr. CHALLBURG has a general merchandise business and also buys grain.

Others living near Dix are John CLAUSEN, who deals in land and has a ranch near by. He tells us his corn is extra good, and if nothing happens will make 40 bushels. He has 50 acres of wheat, 15 acres of rye, 12 of barley and 30 of corn. Mr. CLAUSEN came in 1884 and says every year except 1893 and 1894 have been favorable for crop raising. A gasoline engine with a gang plow and other attachments was purchased by John CLAUSEN, H. L. CHALLBURG, A. BURG and A. O. NELSON last spring. They have had all the work it could do this season.



Available at the Nebraska State Historical Society, 1500 "R" Street, Lincoln, NE


David HILT (34) and Lu FENDER (18)
31 Out 1888 at Whitman, NE;

son of John HILT and _____ AULSPO; b Dayton, OR;

dau. of Matt FENDER and ____ HARNEY; b IL;

witnesses were Martha McADAMS and her bro, John FIMPLE;

County Judge was M. MAGUIRE; identified by J. D. SONYWILL (25).

Charles S. HOYT (30) and Josephine WRIGHT (26)
18 Nov 1888 at Whitman, NE;

son of S. J. HOYT and ____MONLOUNE; b MO;

dau. of G. W. WRIGHT and Mary CHORLS; b MO;

witnesses were Mrs. Jane ELSWICH and Mr. Frank ELSWICH;

County Judge was Geo.W. COLLINS; identified by Mrs. Jane ELSWICH (51).

Chester S JOHNSON (26) and Mary STANSBIE (16)
03 Dec 1888 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Chester S. JOHNSON and Sarah NOLAS; b PA;

dau. of James STANSBIE and Elizabeth ROLCLIFFE; b Cherry Co., NE;

witnesses were Robert STANSBIE and Miss Annie STANSBIE;

County Judge was George W. COLLINS.

Milton DODDS (29) and Maggie FENDER (16)
06 Dec 1888 at Whitman, NE;

son of William DODDS and Mary FONYRDIN; b IN;

dau. of Henry FENDER and Mary HARNEY; b IL;

witnesses were Mr. James ECHELBERRY and Mrs. James ECHELBERRY;

Justice of Peace was M. MAGUIRE; identified by J. P. SEBBETT (28).

Gustave BRINNERMANN (27) and Emma WEIS (25)
27 Dec 1888 at Whitman, NE;

son of Christ BRINNERMANN and Mary HOLLY; b IL;

dau. of August WEIS and Meily COOK; b Germany;

witnesses were C. J. WEIS and Caroline WEIS;

County Judge was M. MAGUIRE; identified by Charles K. WEIS.

FALL 1980
Page 36
Volume III, No. 2

Grant County Marriage Records (1888-1895) (continued)

Alexander PORTER (60) and Martha A TEATER (50)
07 Jul 1889 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Alexander PORTER and Margaret BEDEN; b PA;

dau of David GRIMES and Dora COPLE; b OH

witnesses were Dora E. TEATER and Melinda ERICKSON;

Justice of Peace was Pell ATWOOD; County Judge was George W. COLLINS; identified by Pascal N. ATWOOD.

Christopher G. ABBOTT (30) and Jessie MANNING (18)
01 Jul 1894 at Sid MANNING Ranch 16 miles south of Whitman, NE;

son of George ABBOTT and Ellen WORDS; b MN;

dau of George MANNING and Martah WATSON; b IN;

witnesses were A. J. ABBOTT and Mrs. A. J. ABBOTT:

County Judge was S. E. STILSON; identified by Sidney MANNING, Sr.

David McNALL (21) and Jennette DILLENGER
24 Nov 1889 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Wilbur A. McNALL and Mary E. JACKSON; b NE;

dau. of H. R. DILLENGER and Sarah DUBS; b IA;

County Judge was George W. COLLINS; Minister was Rev. J. E. SLOWN; identified by M. B. OCUMPAUGH (29).

Jacob G. BENNIS (45) and Carrie E. ROBERTS (31)
24 Nov 1889 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Albert BENNIS and Martha A. FOBLE; b WI;

dau. of A. ROBERTS, mother, unknown; b MN;

witnesses were Frank E. MASON and Miss G. CRANDELL;

County Judge was George W.. COLLINS: Minister was Rev. J.E. SLOWN; identified by M. B. OCUMPAUGH.

Henry P. GRADY (25) and Eva CLARK (18)
16 Jan 1890 at Hyannis, NE;

son of John GRADY and Anna RINE; b MO;

dau. of George B. CLARK and Jane TRIPP; b KS;

witnesses were M. B. OCUMPAUGH and Ernest Thomas TYRER;

County Judge was Byron C. CRANDELL; Identified by M. B. OCUMPAUGH (30).

Romaine WESTOVER (33) and Annie B. OAKLEY (widow) (36)
08 Jun 1890 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Amosa N. WESTOVER and Ann BALLAH; b IA;

dau. of John STEPHENS and Susanah PARSONS; b Canada;

witnesses were John C. KREESE and others;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL, identified by Romaine WESTOVER.

Martin E. SHEPARD (21) and Anna M. WEYTHMAN (20)
26 Mar 1890 at Ashby, NE;

son of C. F. SHEPARD and Susan BALLON; b Saunders Co, NE;

dau. of John WEYTHMAN and Caroline BRYAN; b KS;

witnesses were the parents of both bride and groom;

Minister was Rev. J. C. SLOWN; identified by John WEYTHMAN.

Fredrick L. PERRETT (22) and Louissa E. NEAL (22)
29 Jun 1890 at Cherry Co., NE;

son of Wm. S. PERRETT and Maria WATTS; b England;

dau. of Walter NEAL and Marie PENNINGER; b England;

witnesses were Mrs. E. WOODROFF and Mrs. W. PERRETT, Sr.;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by Fredrick L. PERRETT.

Henry YOOKAN (22) and Irim TOLAND (18)
30 Sep 1894 at Hyannis, NE and Lead, SD;

son of Mickel YOOKAN and Mary SHAW; b NE;

dau. of Aaron TOLAND and Anna SPARK;

witnesses were Christopher HAZELBAKER and Mary HAZELBAKER;

County Judge was S. E. STILSON; identified by Henry W. YOOKAN.

Arthur W. TYLER (22) and Minnie S. ASHBERGER (20)
18 Jul 1890 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Erastus D. TYLER and Maggie M. BIGGART; b Sumerville, KY:

dau. of G. ASHBERGER and Annie HERMAN; b IA;

witnesses were Manning I. SIDNEY and M. B. OCUMBAUGH;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by M. B. OCUMBAUGH.

Bert L. PITT (20) and Alice GRAVES (17)
23 Aug 1890 at Hyannis, NE;

son of W. C. PITT and Olive T. WILLIAMS; b IA;

dau. of Henry GRAVES and Julia Anne DIXON b NE;

witnesses were A. M. HARLOW and Genevieve CRANDELL;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by M. B. OCUMBAUGH.

George ROTH (25) and Esther E. HARDING (18)
28 Aug 1890 at NE;

son of Fredrick ROTH and M. WARNER; b OH;

dau. of S. W. HARDING and Ellen WILLIAMS; b IA;

witnesses were S. W. HARDING and C. W. HARDING;

County Judge was Byron CRANDELL.

Charles G. BRANNON (18) and Martha E. WEBBER (16)
28 Oct 1890 at Heckla, Hooker Co., NE;

son of B. T. BRANNON mother unknown; b unknown;

dau. of John WEBBER and Jennie DALTON; b MO;

witnesses were Ida WATTS and Henry A. THOMSON;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by Mrs. GOBLE.

Frank MASON (24) and Anna CHAMBERLAIN (18)
19 Dec 1890 at Whitman, NE;

son of Fredrick MASON and Mary McCAFERTY; b IA;

dau. of W. L. B. CHAMBERLAIN and Annie WHITE; b NE;

witnesses were James A. WHITE and Sallie TURNBULL;

County Judge was Myron E. CRANDELL; identified by Frank MASON.

James P. FIMPLE (30) and Sarah M. JACKSON (28)
25 Jan 1891 at Grant. NE;

son of Robt. S. FIMPLE and Rhoda JONES; b MO;

dau. of David JACKSON, mother unknown; b NE;

witnesses were David McNALL and Clarence K. SMITH;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by James R. FIMPLE.

Lewis HERSHIER (33) and Mary DAVIS (23)
31 Jan 1891 at Grant Co., NE;

son of John S. HERSHISER and ANNA DICHL; b PA;

dau. of J. J. DAVIS and M. E. BRANT; b IA;

witnesses were Price PHIPPS and Rosa KRESSE;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by Jacob DAVIS.

FALL 1980
Page 37
Volume III, No. 2

Grant County Marriage Records (1888-1895) (continued)

W. J. ABBOTT (30) and Mary BERGESON (27)
04 Aug 1891 at Cherry Co., NE;

son of Geo. ABBOTT and Ellen WOODS; b MO;

dau. of Peter BERGESON, mother unknown; b IA:

witnesses were John SEBBETT and Mrs. John SEBBETT:

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by W. J. ABBOTT.

A. F. MILLER (35) and Mary SMITH (31)
14 Oct 1891 at Whitman, NE;

son of Simon MILLER and FOSTER; b PA;

dau. of NEIGHBORS, mother Unknown; b IA;

witnesses were O. P. WARNER and Mrs. S. A. FREER;

Justice of Peace was Wm. FREER; identified by J. A. TRAVIS.

Andrew HUMPHREY (53) and Sarah BARRS (35)
26 May 1891 at Cherry Co., NE;

son of John HUMPHREY and Margaret LAUBERTSON; b NY;

dau. of Jack B. BARRS, mother unknown; b NC;

witnesses were Hiram GREATHOUSE and A. C. GREATHOUSE;

Justice of Peace was Rev. L. OLMSTED; identified by Andrew HUMPHREY.

Andrew HAKE (27 and Viola M. WATTS (17 )
26 Nov 1891 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Anton HAKE and Elizabeth SIEVERS; b OH;

dau. of (parents unknown);b IA;

witnesses were John KREESE and Mrs. J. E. KREESE;

County Judge was Byron E. Crandell; identified by R. A. WATTS.

Charlie E. YANNEY (22) and Tura McINTERE (21)
30 May 1892 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Geo. H. YANNEY and Elisa HUTCHISON; b NE;

dau. of James McINTERE and Elizabeth EVANS; b IA;

witnesses were Romaine WESTOVER and Mrs. Lizzie WESTOVER;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by Charlie YANNEY.

Sylvester G. WHITON (21) and Minnie A. SMITH (18)
07 Jul 1892 at Grant Co., NE;

son of John A. WHITON and Mrs. Warner; b CT;

dau. of C. H. SMITH and Mary NEIGHBORS; b MO;

witnesses were Mr. and Mrs. R. M. MORAN and Mrs. R. A. WATTS;

County Judge was Byron H. CRANDELL; Minister was Rev. L. OLMSTED; identified by Mrs. Marry MILLER.

Arthur B. COLE (21) and Hattie ROBBINS (18)
21 Oct 1894 at Hastings, NE;

dau. of Daniel C. ROBBINS and Laura RUSSEL; b IL;

son of Delvin COLE and Laura SCOTT; b NE;

witnesses were E. E. LOVE and J. W. LEE;

County Judge was S. E. STILSON; identified by Arthur COLE.

Orange P. WARNER (53) and Mrs Isabella M. WHITON (45)
31 Jul 1892 at Whitman, NE;

son of J. J. WARNER, mother unknown; b NY;

dau. of SLATE; b CT;

witnesses were W. L. B. CHAMBERLAIN and Mrs. W. L. B. CHAMBERLAIN;

County Judge was Byron H. CRANDELL; Minister was Rev. S. OLMSTED; identified by J. T. WATTS.

Joseph G. METZKER (25) and Rosa ATWOOD (19)
26 Oct 1892 at Grant, NM;

son of Joeat METZKER and Anna Morse; b Germany;

dau. of Alonza E. ATWOOD and Caroline PATTON; b NE;

witnesses were Alonza ATWOOD and L. SHARP;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by Joseph METZKER.

Homer E. MASON (27) and Susanah May GOLDSMITH (17)
10 Dec 1892 at Bingham, NE;

son of F. G. MASON and Mary McCAFERTY; b IA;

dau of Joel GOLDSMITH and Mary N. HERBAUGH;

witnesses were J. P. SEBLETT and Joel S. GOLDSMITH;

County Judge was Byron H. CRANDELL; identified by Joel GOLDSMITH.

John HANEY (25) and Elizabeth M. MONAHAN (16)
22 Dec 1892 in Grant County and Cherry County, NE;

son of Isaac HANEY and Eliza DULEY; b IL;

dau of Thos. MONAHAN and Fanny ABBOTT; b IA;

witnesses were R. A. WATTS and Janey FORLEY;

County Judge was Myron M. CRANDELL; identified by Arthur ABBOTT.

Isaac BRIDGEMAN (31) and Mattie ATWOOD (16)
14 Feb 1893 at Grant County, NE;

son of Franklin BRIDGEMAN and Lucy HOWELL; b IL;

dau. of Alonzo ATWOOD and Laura TEMPLIN; b IA;

witnesses were Joe METZKER and L. M. ATWOOD;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by Isaac BRIDGEMAN.

Henry BUCK (24) and Hyla DAVIS (27)
07 May 1893 at Cherry Co., NE;

son of Orin BUCK and Maria POST; b MI;

dau. of Robert DAVIS and Elizabeth McNEAL; b IL;

witnesses were Mrs. C. E. GAGE and Miss H. L. DAVIS;

County Judge was Byron H. CRANDELL; identified by Henry BUCK.

Frank A. GAGE (37) and Emma BOUKER (22)
08 Jan 1895 at Cherry Co. NE and Alliance, NE;

son of S. A. GAGE and Providence STUART; b NY;

dau. of John BOUKER, mother unknown; b NY;

witnesses were Guy DRAKE and S. L. PATMORE;

County Judge was S. E. STILSON; identified by Frank GAGE.

Henry J. VANSLYKE (30) and Harriet TATE (20)
13 Jul 1893 at Cherry Co., NE;

son of Jacob VANSLYKE and Sarah H. GARGUS; b IA; widower;

dau. of____ TATE and ____ LEACH; b IN;

witnesses were Nellie T. McNALBY and A.O. RUNNER;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by Henry VANSLYKE.

Louis MARRIN (25) and Ida A. WATTS (20)
10 Aug 1893 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Francis MARRIN and Mary HEALY; b IA;

dau of R. A. WATTS and Lucy BAKER; b IA;

witnesses were A. K. COWLES and Maude McCAWLEY;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by Louis MARRIN.

FALL 1980
Page 38
Volume III, No. 2

Grant County Marriage Records (1888-1895) (continued)

Bert METCALF (25) and Velma WRIGHT (23)
30 Aug 1893 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Albert METCALF and Mary SICAHAN; b ME;

dau. of Aaron WRIGHT and Elizabeth BOWDEN; b WI;

witnesses were Orin WRIGHT and William WRIGHT;

County Judge was Bryan E. CRANDELL; identified by Bert METCALF.

Halsey C. MERRIMAN (22) and Dora L. SHINLEY (21)
21 Dec 1893 at Grant Co., NE;

son of H. L. MERRIMAN and Laura COWLES; b (not given); widower;

dau. of C. C. SHINLEY and Margaret CAUGH; b (not given); widow;

witnesses were A. K. COWLES and D. Maude McCAWLEY;

County Judge was Byron H. CRANDELL; identified by Halsey MERRIMAN.

Richard SPECKLEMIER (28) and Hester E. YARYAN (19)
02 Jan 1894 at Cherry County, NE;

son of John SPECKELEMIER and Charity MULLEN; b IA;

dau. of John YARYAN, mother unknown; b IA;

witnesses were John SEBBETT and Price PHIPPS;

County Judge was Byron E. CRANDELL; identified by Richard SPECKLEMIER.

Fredrick SMITH (28) and Amy DEFORD (23)
03 Feb 1894 at Weir, NE;

son of Fredrick SMITH and Catherine WELLAR; b Germany;

dau. of Fredrick DEFORD and Amy MEYERS; b IA;

witnesses were W. L. MATTHEWS and Charles RINKEY;

County Judge was S. E. STILSON; identified by Charles RINKEY.

Albro K. COWLES (22) and Maude M. McCAULEY (18)
27 Jun 1894 at Hyannis, NE;

son of A. K. COWLES and Alice KENNYAR; b IA;

dau. of John McCAWLEY and Edna A. WAGGIN; b NE;

witnesses were P. M. ATWOOD and W. M. ALDEN;

County Judge was S. E. STILSON; identified by Albro K. COWLES

J. W. FIMPLE (29) and Eva BAILEY (22)
14 Jan 1895 at Whitman and Mullen, NE;

son of Robert FIMPLE and Rhoda JONES; b MO;

dau. of John J. BAILEY and Lucinda CLINGMAN; b MO;

witnesses were E. E. LOWE and E. G. MARTZ;

County Judge was S. E. STILSON; identified by John FIMPLE.

Edwin HUGHES (23) and Sarah J. EVERT (24)
23 Jan 1895 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Edwin HUGHES and Annie WHITE; b MO;

dau. of John H. EVERT and Theodosia RIDLE; b IN;

witnesses were W. L. MATTHEWS and Sarah MATTHEWS;

County Judge was S. H. STILSON; identified by Edwin HUGHES.

Edward G. MARTZ (25) and Emma M. MIEDEL (23)
05 Feb 1895 at Hyannis and Columbus, NE;

son of Peter J. MARTZ and Lizzie EISENHOLN; b NE;

dau. of Chris A. MIEDEL and Lina FRIDCHARD; b Columbus, NE;

witnesses were John P. SEBBETT and Almeda SEBBETT;

County Judge was S. E. STILSON; identified by Edward MARTZ.

George W. HALL (24) and Kate EBERIUM (22)
22 Apr 1895 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Jacob HALL and Elvira DEAN; b IL;

dau. of Edwin E. EBERIUM and Anna WOLF; b TL;

witnesses were W. E. STILSON and Melisa STILSON;

County Judge was S. E. STILSON.

Andrew W. HAKE (30) and Mary GRIFFITH (18)
24 May 1895 at Whitman, NE;

son of Anton HAKE and Elizabeth SIEVERS; b OR:

dau. of Thos. GRIFFETH and Mary PRICE; b IA;

witnesses were Christopher LARSEN and Mrs. C. LARSEN;

County Judge was S. E. STILSON; Minister was Rev. Thos. P. HALEY.

HARRY L. GRAVES (27) and Roena EVERTS (19)
17 Jun 1895 at Hyannis, NE;

son of Henry GRAVES and Juliana DILSON; b NE;

Dau. of John EVERTS and Theodocia RIDDLE; b IN;

witnesses were Cora McCAWLEY and Howell COWLES;

County Judge was S. E. STILSON.

George B. MORAN (29) and Hattie B. SMITH (18)
18 Aug 1895 at Whitman, NE;

son of Othch MORAN and NEttie WELORT; b VA;

dau. of Chas. SMITH and Mary F. NEIGHBORS; b IL;

witnesses were Gus BUCHFINCH and Festus CORROTHERS;

County Judge was S. E. STILSON.


NORDEN BOREALIS, Norden, Keya Paha County, NE, Friday, June 17, 1892,

Frank L. BREWSTER, Publisher

STANLEY's, general merchandise Dr. J. J. EVANS, physician & surgeon, Springview, NE.
D. W. BEATTIE & S. D. ALLEN, officers, Alliance, NE.

Dr. J. NICHOLSON, dentist

W. A. KIESTER, GAR post officer W. B. CARSON, barber
E. W. HARNEY, attorney at Valentine Sheriff THOMPSON was in Norden
A. T. CONKLING, auctioneer Rev. N. E. GARDNER ret'd from trip
E. N. PRATT lost a valuable mare at Springview last week David McCONAHA is a father of a fine girl born last Saturday.
SANDFORD & PRATT, photographers, arrived in town.

Picnic at FEGLEY's grove

POLTEVIN & BISHOP sold mules to Mr. HUDDLE B. F. WOODS for drug.
Wm. FITZGERALD is learning photography with SANDFORD & PRATT Mathias JELLY is plowing his corn.

FALL 1980
Page 39
Volume III, No. 2

Norden Borealis Abstracts (continued)

L.K. ALDER & R.M. LOGAN, attorneys of Ainsworth Bert THOMPSON was laid up after a kick from a horse.
Cora RHODES, dau. of John RHODES, to visit friends & relatives in eastern Nebraska and Iowa
J. M. THACHER. Fort Niobrara, is buying oats C. R. EMARY to have ice cream social
A. POLTEVIN, W. T. BISHOP, Jess LANCER & Frank ZIRNIG shipped hogs.
Mrs. Henry SAMUEL & older dau. have been very annoying to neighbors.
Judge KINKAID held a special term of court. Called at request of L. K. ALDER & others. $20 paid to THOMPSON, new bond paid by BOOTH.
Wind storm unroofed the house of J. W. FURRY on the river. C. A. TOWNER bought a small shoat

BRUCE & FURRY, Incorporators of Norden Milling Co. (Andrew BRUCE & John N. FURRY).

John A. ROBERTS, a citizen of Tazwell Co., IL was a guest of T. R. EVANS. ROBERTS traded through EVANS for a farm in the west. Mr & Mrs. ROBERTS went to the Alliance gathering.
Jas. HENZLIK for binders & twine.

C. O. THOMAS, deputy Keya Paha Co.

John OLMSTEAK has seed buckwheat for sales at farm 5 mi. west of Norden.

W. G. TAOMAS (sic), County Clerk.

Jas. HENZLIK, prop. harness & harness goods.
FUNK & WEBB from this date will do strictly cash business. EMARY & ____, Norden livery

Eddie YOUNG, blacksmith.

M. P. MEHOLIN & E. G. MEHOLIN, Officers Bank of Norden
C. P. LIVELY, wagons & buggies Z. T. FUNK, dry goods.
M. V. THOMPSON, Jewelry  
Tommy GAFFINY of Ewing rec'd buckshot in the legs. A 16-year-old boy, John McLAIN, committed suicide near Daykin on the 12th.

Final Proof Notices: At Valentine:

Lucy E. FITZGERALD, formerly Lucy E. PRATT on HE 6497. She names witnesses: Mary L. BECK of Springview, John S. PORTER, Robinson S. JOHNSON of Norden and Joseph L. WILLIEVER of Springview.

George W. HIBBS of Grand Island on TC 7  91. Witnesses: John L. McWILLIAMS of Norden, Wilson SPENCER of Ainsworth, Willis SPENCER of Ainsworth, D. A. DAVIS of Springview.

John KNEPHOFF of Sparks on DS 1119_.. Witnesses: Marion W. GRAHAM, Abner W. CLARKSON, James L. HARVEY & James F. McCAUSLAND all of Sparks.

C. H. CORNELL, register.

Sunday School Convention program; Rev. DEWITT, Rev. SMITH, Rev. BASSETT, Mr. BROWN, B. C. CAMPBELL, J. S. CAMPBELL, Rev. HADDON, Mrs. L. PORTER, Rev. BLAKELY, Mrs. HAYES. Rev. ROSENBERGER, Mrs. F. L. BREWSTER, Bertha PORTER, Otto MUTZ, Rev. SMITH, Rev. HADDEN, Rev. BRUCE, C. K. CONGER.

From Valentine Republican
Mrs. F. A. QUERY and children departed for Ainsworth to visit relatives.

J. D. MANN of Norden arrived in Valentine and went to Crookston where he has taken charge of E. McDONALD's branch store.

A. K. KUSKIE brought a peach branch loaded with bloom to this office.


Submitted by: Mrs. Elaine Batenhorst, Kearney, NE

Stuart, Holt County, NE; St. Boniface Church Building Drive. 1912


BABL, Aloys BABL, Jos. Sr. BABL, Jos. Jr BURKARD, Dr. A.
Citizens Bank CHITTICK, R. E. COLBURN, Dr. COATS, Wm. N.
DASCHNER, Jac ENGLER, Jno. P. Elkhorn Monument Co., Flannery, Michigan
First Nat'l. Bank GOEBEL, Fred GOEBEL, Alb. GREGER, Frank
GILL, Lester HYTREK, Johanna HAMIK, Ignatz HAMIK, Martin
HIRSCH, Matth HEAD, Adam HUNT, Barbara HARMON, Jno.
JAMISON, Wm. KAUP, Herman, Sr. KAUP, Jno KAUP, Frank
KAUP, Herman, Jr. KAUP, Bernard KRAMER, Jno. KRAMER, Wenzel


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