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Volume Two, no. 4
Spring 1980

Vol 2, no. 4, page 155 - Spring 1980
Submitted by Raymond Billesbach, Hastings, NE


   The first person who died in Eaton Township was Mrs. Malinda COWGILL MATHERS, the first wife of Josiah A. MATHERS. History states that she died Nov. 1874 but her tombstone shows d 8 Dec 1874 age 78 y 8 m 15 d. She was buried near the SW corner of her husband's farm which was NE 1-4 of Sec 20. Others were buried there & 23 Jul 1880 Josiah A. MATHERS & Mary J. CONYERS MATHERS deeded land to Eaton Cemetery Society. In Spring 1879 E.J. TRENWORTH staked part into lots, remainder surveyed by J.H. SEARS in Jun 1886. In 1893 J.H. SEARS again surveyed and on 26 Dec 1894 John A. SLATER surveyed. Prior to 20 May 1893 John DAVIDSON was the treasurer of Eaton Cemetery Association and may well have been the first to hold that office upon formation because no other records are known to exist covering a previous period. Names & dates from the Association records:

     1893                   Jas. MORRIS               J.H. BLISS 
M.J. ABRAMS                 L. MOCHER                      1897 
S. FRANK                    Ed ELLIS                  J.H. BLISS 
M. FIERO                    Seward FRANK                   1898 
D. ELLIS                    C. JACKSON                J.H. BLISS 
J.T. KELLIE                 John MESSNER                   1899 
C. DOYLE                    Wm. DOYLE                 G.W. THOMAS 
J.H. SEARS                  George CONYERS            J. HETZLER 
C.H. ABRAMS                 L. MONROE                 Charles CARFIELD
D. JONES                    W.H. THOMPSON                  (GARFIELD?) 
D. NALL                     A.J. KUEHN                J.H. BLISS 
L. MONROE                   August LEIBERTS           C.H. ABRAMS 
A.G. BLOOMFIELD             Emory NUSS                A.G. BLOOMFIELD 
E.W. ATWATER                Mrs. SINSELL              R.H. EDWARDS 
John SINSEL                 C. SCHNEIDER              Ed ELLIS 
S. ATWATER                  Earl AUSTIN                    1900 
O.D. ATWATER                Mrs. M.A. PORTER          Amanda M. NUSS 
Ed WESTING                  W.H. FARMER               Frank BINGHAM 
J.A. HERRON                 J.V. HELMANN              J.H. BLISS 
G.W. THOMAS                 ACKERMAN brothers         C.H. ABRAMS 
S. CENTER                        1894                      1901 
Chas. PORTER                Henry KELLNER             Heirs of Thos. 
D. SCRAMLIN                 Fred ALBERS                  PRICHARD 
A. SHAUB                    Mrs. BOTSFORD             G.A. STRAMG 
H.R. PIFER                  Edward BURRY                   (STRONG?) 
ABRAMS brothers             Peter PODEWITZ            J. JOHNSON 
J.H. BLISS                  M.F. WILSON               Joe GLEASON 
Mrs. EDWARDS                S.A. WESTING              J.H. BLISS 
O. MIKISELL                 Herman LEIBERS            C.H. ABRAMS 
N.T. BLISS                  C.H. ABRAMS                    1902 
A. JACKSON                  HARTWELL Lumber Co        C.H. ABAAMS 
H. LINSEN                   J.H. BLISS                C. DOYLE 
Mrs. HETZLER                David HERRON                   1903 
J. HETZLER                  John A. SLATER            C. BAUERS (BOWERS?) 
Jas. CARRIGAN                    1895                 D.E. BLISS 
Wm. CONYERS                 R.T. ALLEN                M.J. LARSON 
J.S. SIMMS                  J.H. BLISS                J.H. BLISS 
Chas. FRANK                 Ralph T. ALLEN                 1904 
S.A. WESTING                     1896                 C.F. TERWILLIGER 
John DAVIDSON               Adolph KNOFFERT           T.A. SHELDON 
Maggie E. AUSTIN            Heirs of J.W.T. MILLER    C. DOYLE 

Spring 1900      - 155 -


Vol 2, no. 4, page 156 - Spring 1980
(Continued-Eaton Cemetery, Eaton Township, Kearney County)

H.S. FRANK                      1898                  David ELLIS 
     1905                   J.H. BLISS                Ed. ELLIS 
___ WESTING                      1899                 Charles FRANK 
___ SIMMS                   G.W. THOMAS               Seward FRANK 
___ MCKELVEY                J. HETZLER                James A. HERRON 
Geo. FRANK                  Charles CARFIELD          Mrs. HETZLER 
___ WISE                         (GARFIELD?)          John HETZLER 
___ ACKERMAN                Fred GROSS                Andrew JACKSON 
J. SIMMS                    A.G. BLOOMFIELD           C. JACKSON 
ABRAMS? (ink smeared)       R.H. EDWARD               David JONES 
     1906                   Ed. ELLIS                 J.T. KELLIE 
from the "Minden Courier"        1900                 Henry KELLNER 
26 Apr "Notice:" The        Amanda M. NUSS            A.J. KUEHN 
annual meeting of the       Frank BINGHAM             August LIEBERS 
Eaton Cemetery Associ-           1901                 Henry LINSON 
ation will be held 30       prior to 13 Apr:          John B. MESSNER 
Apr 1906, J.S. FRANK        Heirs of Thos. PRICHARD   O. MIKESELL 
pres, E.R. WESTING sec.          1902                 L. MOCHER 
     1907                   S.T. CENTER               L. MONROE (2)
E.R. WESTING                L. DAVIS                  James B. MORRIS 
     1907-1911              W.J. BURKHOLDER           David T. NALL
no entries until 22 Apr          1903                 Emory NUSS 
1911 when these names       C. BAUERS (BOWERS?)       H.R. PIFER (PIPER?)
appear:                     C. ABRAMS                 Peter PODEWITZ
KIDD.                       M.J. LARSON               Charles PORTER
     This finishes the           1904                 C. SCHNEIDER 
earliest known records      after 13 Jun:             David SCRAMLIN 
but it is assumed that      C.F. TERWILLIGER          Albert SCHAUB
there is in existence       T.A.SHELDON               James L. SIMMS
records to cover the        C. DOYLE                  Mrs. SINSEL 
foregoing era as on 11        Eaton Cemetery Fence    John SINSEL
May 1895 blank books        alphabetical listing of   George W. THOMAS 
were purchased and it is    subscribers toward its    W. H. THOMPSON
assumed that these are      financing. 3 Jun 1893     Ed WESTING 
being used and entered      to 19 May 1894:           Samuel A. WESTING 
into today.                 ABRAMS Brothers          
     Sale of Lots:          Fred Albers              
     1893                   E.W. ATWATER             
M.A. PORTER                 O.D. ATWATER 
E.W. ATWATER                S. ATWATER               
O.D. ATWATER                Earl AUSTIN              
W.H. FARMER                 Maggie E. AUSTIN         
     1894                   J.H. BLISS               
M.F. WILSON                 N.T. BLISS
S.A. WESTING                A. Guy BLOOMFIELD        
Henry KELLNER               Mrs. (Mary?) BOTSFORD    
Edward BURRY                Edward BURRY             
Herman LEIBERS              Sherman T. CENTER        
Peter PODEWITZ              George CONYERS           
     1895                   Wm CONYERS               
Ralph T. ALLEN              James CORRIGAN           
     1896                   John DAVIDSON            
Adolph KNOFFERT             Wm. DOYLE                
Heirs of John W.P.          Mrs. EDWARDS             

Spring 1960      - 156 -


Vol 2, no. 4, page 157 - Spring 1980
Abstracted by: Mrs, Georgene Morris Sones

THE NORTH PLATTE TRIBUNE, August 25, 1925. (Lincoln County)

   Ed CLARK, well known police officer of this city, was shot & killed.

   Andrew ANDERSON of Brady who passed away Aug. 11 at Gothenburg will be remembered by many North Platte people. He was 74. Buried on Aug. 13 in the Brady cemetery. He leaves 1 brother, Gus ANDERSON & other relatives, He spent much time with his neice, Mrs. Charles ROSS of this city.

   Barbara Ann WATTS (Mrs. G. W. CREWDSON) was b. in Putnam Co. Ind. on Feb, 8. 1851 & d. Aug. 21, 1925 at North Platte at age 74 yrs., 6 mos., 13 days. She was mar. Oct, 24, 1867 to G. W. CREWDSON at Glenwood, Iowa. To this union 9 children were born, 2 d. in infancy and Archie, Lennie & Guy preceeded their mother in death, Her husband & 4 children survive: Clay of Castina, Iowa, Ray & Essie of Stapleton & Ira who is in the mission field in Japan. She united with the Christian Church about 38 yrs. ago. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. DAVISSON of Stapleton at the family home about 20 mi. no. of North Platte. Body to Woodbine, Iowa for burial.

Myrtle News:

   The infant son b. to Mr. & Mrs. Nick WALZ Sunday, Aug. 16th passed away the following day. Funeral held at the home on Tuesday.

   Card of Thanks: for kindness at death of our husband & father, Mrs. Karl GERLE & family.

Bignell News:

   Wm. ROSE visiting at home of his son, J. W. ROSE, celebrated his 79th birthday on Thursday.

North Platte Local & Personal News:

   Mrs. Anna GOLTRY DUCKWORTH who d. Aug. 15th in this city was buried at Russell, Iowa. Oliver DUCKWORTH & son Paul accompanied the remains of their wife & mother for burial. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. SONNEMAN & children attended the funeral of Mrs, SONNEMAN'S mother. Mr. & Mrs. Nelson DUCKWORH who reside 12 mi. so. of this city & Mrs. Fred ALEXANDER of Seattle, Wash, also attended the funeral of their mother.

   Mr. & Mrs. Jas. T. KEEFE arrived here from Los Angeles. Mr. KEEFE is receiving congratulations upon his marriage in L.A.

Vol 2, no. 4, page 157 - Spring 1980

The District Court Jury List from THE SPENCER TRIBUNE (Boyd Co.). 20 Nov. 1906:

M. G. REED       Karel PETERSON    Robert OWEN
Geo. MULHAIR     C. CARLSON        George SWALLOW
Alva BRIGGS      A. KOVARIK        Frank MORAN
G. W. SHORT      J. H. SEILER      J. R. CARTER

Spring 1980      - 157 -


Vol 2, no. 4, page 158 - Spring 1980
Submitted by Mrs. Georgene Sones, Omaha NE

Sources -"The Story of Constance", "Saint Joseph Catholic Church Diamond Jubilee 1896-1971", and "Centennial of the Coming of the Pioneers to Constance (Centre Bow), Nebraska". Material loaned by Joe Buschelman, Omaha, NE.


   German farmers arriving in 1868 were some of the earliest pioneers to live in the vicinity of West Bow Creek. Some of these families were: ASBRE, AUSDEMORE, BUSCHELMAN, EBERHARD, FOECKE, KREMER, MEYER, SCHIEFFER, SCHUMACHER, STEFFEN, WELCHERT, and WILLENBRING.

   Clem and Joe ASBRE and their parents established their home in 1872. Clem m Mary BECKER in 1876. Their ch were John, Mary, Elizabeth PETERS, Anna LANGE, Agatha WELCHERT, Dorothea STEFFEN, Julie Ann, William, Henry, Marcel and Franz. The oldest, John and Mary, died of diptheria in 1884, the same year that Clem served as sheriff.

   Henry AUSDEMORE came to the area with his bro Joseph. He worked part time on the MISCHKE Ranch until 1873. He m Catherine WALTERING on 09 May 1873 at St Helena. While homesteading they raised 6 ch: Gerhard, John, Mary LANGFERMAN, Elizabeth KREMER, Josephine KRUSE, and Joseph. Also a nephew, Joseph JUEDEN lived with them.

   Joseph AUSDEMORE and w Caroline came by way of IL in 1870. They brought their baby Josephine ROHE with them. Children born to them in Centre Bow were Anna SCHUMACHER, Henry, Kate STEFFEN, and Herman. They also raised Caroline's God child, Lena LUFT ARENS and a nephew, Barney JUEDEN.

   Ferdinand BUSCHELMAN and w Catherine arrived in 1868 with 4 ch: Catherine MEYER, Anton, Joseph, and Miss Mary. Later ch b were Elizabeth WILLENBRING, Agnes THOMAN, and Frank Sr.

   Gerhard FOECKE, w Elizabeth and their ch, Henry and Christine LANGE, came by way of IL. Four ch were born in Centre Bow: Catherine, Anna, Mary and Frank. The last 4 ch and their parents left for TX with their parents in 1890's.

   Henry FOECKE son of Gerhard m Anna SUING at Bow Valley in 1885. At age 21 he took the last timber claim available. They had 8 ch: Henry Jr., Elizabeth DONNER, twins August and Christine, Anna DONNER, John, Frank and Hedwig.

   Joseph EIMER b 1847 at Oedingen, Westphalia, Germany came to America at 20. Made his hold in Alton IA, settled along Bow Creek in 1870, and m Elizabeth WELCHERT in 1873. They had 10 ch, 4 preceding their father in death. They raised an orphan, Ann UEDING LAMMERS and their grandson, Ted HOFMAIER. Joseph d in 1912 at Constance. Pictures of ch show: William Sr., Cecilia BOCKHOLT, Josephine, and Joseph who m Elizabeth HOFMAIER. Joseph and Elizabeth had dau Mary WILLENBRING.

   John MEYER worked in Pittsburg in 1870 as barrel maker. Moved to Mankato MN. Moved to St Louis MO after joining Mr. BUSCH where they built the Anheimer-Busch Brewery. Then he moved to Yankton to build a brewery after which he homesteaded in Centre Bow. He m Catherine BUSCHELMAN on 04 Nov 1870 at St Helena (first on record). They had 7 ch: John, Joe, Anna SUDBECK, Sophia MEYER, Frances, Henry, and Frank. His w died in 1895. In ca1898 he and the 4 youngest ch left for the WA-OR area. The MEYER home was used for the lst Post Office 1870-1874.

   Jacob SCHIEFFER cane fro WI to Menominee with his parents. At age 21 he homesteaded. He m Margaret PERK in 1884. Their 5 sons were Joseph, John, Fred, Frank and William.

Spring 1980      - 158 -


Vol 2, no. 4, page 159 - Spring 1980
Submitted by Mrs. Georgene Sones, Omaha NE
(continued-Early Pioneers of Cedar County)

   Anton SCHUMACHER, his w Anna Marie and their family came by way of MI in 1871 Their ch were Michael Sr., John, Catherine SCHIEFFER, Theresia BURBACH and Joesph.

   William STEFFEN m Elizabeth EVERS on 22 Nov 1872. Their ch were twins, William and Tony, twins, Heiman and Anna BUSCHELMAN, Catherine BECKER, Bernadine BRUENING, Theodore, Frank and Joseph. They also raised Mary LUFT.

   Bernard WELCHERT, his w Catherine and their ch came by way of IA in 1870s'. Their ch were Theodore, Anton and Elizabeth KREMER.

   Joseph WILLENBRING and his w Elizabeth came from Germany in 1870 with their daus Agnes STEVENS and Anna LAMMERS. Ch born in America included Katherine LAMMERS (first Centre Bow child registered in the St Helena baptismal register of 1871), Henry, Anton, Elizabeth HOSANG and Mary LAMMERS. They also raised Clem LUFT.

    Important dates, people and facts about the area:

   Father UHING was first pastor of the new parish in Bow Valley (1877). John AUSDEMORE's baptism being the first recorded (1877).

   Father KILLIAN was pastor of Hartington. Mary Theresa KREMER was the first baptism (1886).

   Rev George BAUMGARTNER was appointed pastor of Menominee in 1887. Benedict HEGGE baptism on 19 Jul 1887 was the first.

   The first school house in Centre Bow was erected in 1874. District 26 was organized 29 Dec 1875. B. JOSTEN was the first teacher. This building also housed the post office which had been on the MEYER place. Joseph KREMER was appointed postmaster on 09 Feb 1874. John RATTERMAN was the teacher on 12 Jan 1888.

   Leonard HABERER Sr. and Ed HUEHN hauled mail in 1888. The postmasters of Constance were: Theodore WELCHERT appointed 07 Apr 1888; John MEYER in 1893; Anton SERRES in 1899; and Isidore HOFMAIER in 1905. The post office was discontinued in 1909.

   The first marriage in the School-Chapel was between Michael SCHUMACHER Sr. and Pauline MENKE on 15 Oct 1889. The last was between Frank LAMMERS and Anna WILLENBRING on 12 Jun 1894. In the 1890's Joseph KREMER, Sr. donated land for a church. In 1892 Rev Casimer RENNER sparks building of church near the Constance school. Completed in 1894, the carpenters were: Ferdinand and Clement WALTER of West Point, Joseph KUBE of Wisner and William MUELLER Sr. of Constance. Father RENNER and Professor SERRES held first high mass in 1894. Rev Henry SCHOOF blessed the structure on 04 Nov 1894. From 1893 until 1896 Constance was well known as St Joseph's Mission.

   The first marriages in the new church were: John SCHIEFFER to Catherine SCHUMACHER on 04 Oct 1894; Sorin SORENSEN to Elizabeth BRUENING on 17 Oct 1894; and John LEADER to Mary THOMAN on 27 Nov 1894.

   The first burials were: Bernard WELCHERT and Catherine WELCHERT in 1894; 3 ch of Joseph and Mary ARENS died within a week of diptheria in Apr 1895; 3 little girls of Joseph and Catherine BUSCHELMAN died in May 1896; Joseph and Catherine BUSCHELMAN died within 24 hours of each other in Nov 1898; the eldest BUSCHELMAN son died in Jan 1899.

   Martin EBERHARD, the Constance school-master, was b in Germany, came to America in 1873, was a Lutheran minister until 02 Oct 1892 when he joined the Catholic faith. He arrived in Constance with his family in Mar 1893. Wrote his autobiography "Gottes Wege Sind Wunderbar" which relates how his dau Clara had a miraculous recovery.

Spring 1980      - 159 -


Vol 2, no. 4, page 160 - Spring 1980
Submitted by Mrs. Georgene Sones, Omaha NE
(continued-Early Pioneers of Cedar County)

   The ministers in 1896 were Father RENNER and his assistant Rev Victor END, Bishop SCANNELL and Rev George BAUMGARTNER.

   Rev BAUMGARTNER was the first resident pastor of Constance. His first baptismal was on 05 Aug 1896 for Franziscum Henricum ARNDKE the son of Bernard ARNDKE and Helen. Other baptismals that year: Anthony ROTH, Joseph STEVENS, Mary LAMMERS, Anna BURBACH, Chris SORENSEN, Joseph (Michael) SCHIEFFER, Rose SCHUMACHER, Bertha WUEBBEN and Alphonse SUDBECK.

   The first marriage in official books of the parish with Father WALBAUM the officiating priest war. between Henry WILLENBRING and Mary KREMER on 13 May 1901. Mary died 25 May 1971.

   In 1897 the Holy Cross Chapel was built on the LAMMERS' ranch, 6 mi southeast of Constance; St. Rose of Lima was built in Crofton; and St John the Baptist Church was built in Fordyce.

   Mrs. LUFT d in 1896 so Conrad LUFT went to live with John SCHROEDER and his w Josephine. The SCHROEDER's also took Ida Ueding when her mother d in 1905.

   Of the 75 children from New York Foundling Hospital in Sep 1912, 33 of the ch were brought to the Cedar-Knox Community, 1 lived at the rectory, William WILSON (age 10) and Dorothy (age 2 1/2) went to the home of the Theodore AUSDEMORE Sr. family. Dorothy is now Mrs. Martin DeBLAUW.

The first communion class of 17 Jun 1900 included:
Ferdinand STEVENS     Henry HABERER       Mary STEFFEN
Edward ROTH           Conrad LUFT         William NOECKER
Joseph ROTH           August MILLER       Elizabeth FOECKE
Elizabeth WELCHERT    Matilda BUSCHELMAN  Clem LUFT
Bill ASBRE            Bruno SUING         Philip WERMSMAN
Alfred SUING
The communion class of 1913 included:
Leo STEVENS           Cecilia BRUNS       Frances JUEDEN
Joseph KOLL           John HEGGE          Joe MEYER
Cecilia STEVENS       Matilda KOLL        George GOHMAN
Sister ARMELLA        Sister PASCHAL      Joseph MUELLER
John ROTH             Henry LANGFERMAN    Tony BRUNS
Fred ARENS            Pete MEYER          Lawrence WELCHERT
Sister ANTONELLE      Ben STEVENS         Clara SCHUMACHER
Clara SCHUSTER        Father GEBAUER      Elizabeth ROTH
Families living in the area in 1896 included:
William ALBERS        Joseph ARENS        Bernard ARNDKE
Clem ASBRE            Joseph ASBRE        Henry AUSDEMORE
Joseph AUSDEMORE      Theodore AUSDEMORE  John BECKER.
Clem BERT             William BURBACH     Anton BUSCHELMAN
Edward FELDHACKER     Henry FOECKE Sr.    August GOHMAN
Benedict HEGGE        Bernard HEGGE       Herman HEGGE
Edward KLUNKER        Frank HOCHSTEIN     Joseph HONKOMP

Spring 1980      - 160 -


Vol 2, no. 4, page 161 - Spring 1980
Submitted by Mrs. Georgene Sones, Omaha NE
(continued-Early Pioneers of Cedar County)

John JOHN          Bernard JUEDEN     Joseph JUEDEN 
Herman KEMPER      Wenzel KNETTLER    Bernard KOCH 
Joseph KREMER      Frank LAMMERS      Henry LAMMERS 
William LAMMERS    John LEADER        Conrad LUFT Sr. 
John MEYER Sr.     John MEYER Jr.     Frank NOECKER 
Mrs. G. NOECKER    Frank PEITZ        Frank PERK 
Bernard PIEPER     Bernard ROHE       Henry ROHE 
John ROTH          Peter SCHAEFER     Jacob SCHIEFFER 
Sorin SORENSEN     William STEFFEN    Bernard STEVENS 
Stephen STEVENS    Frank SUDBECK      John SUING 
Stephen SUING      Henry THUNKER      Theodore WELCHERT 
Members of World War I included:
Marcel ASBRE       August KOHE        Irvin KUEHNER 
Ben RESSIE         John RESSIE        Anton SCHUMACHER 

Vol 2, no. 4, page 161 - Spring 1980

From SILVER CREEK TIMES, Friday Oct. 17, 1896 (Merrick Co.) CHARLES WOOSTER, Editor & Proprietor

We, the undersigned ex-veterans of the War of the Rebellion in attendance on the reunion Oct, 13, 14, 15 1896, will vote for William J. BRYAN for president and not for Major William McKINLEY.

Charles WOOSTER      C. C. WAMSLEY        William DeREAMER 
S. L. McCOY          Chas. SIMMONS        John PETERSON 
Geo. LEHMAN *        George W. ADAMS      Joseph B. WHITE 
C. H. DAVIS          J. C. KNAPP          W. H. C. RICE 
A. PHELPS            Lewis TIMM           John W. POCOCK 
J. H. COLEMAN        S. SHEPHERD          F. J. BECKWITH 
Eli BENNETT          S. HILLIGAS          H. G. DAVIES 
M. THOMSEN           John R. FORD         Arza COLE 
Thos. GANNON         R. H. HENRY *        James BAIRD 
O. E. SACKETT        E. O. RECTOR,        C. R. CLARK 
J. C. LOGUE          A. W. CLARK          S. F. COMFORT 
W. H. COGIL          H. _ GRAVES          Chas. HEINEMEYER 
G. W. CLUTTER        J. R. MILLER         John McCLINTIC 
Thos. S. CLARK       Josiah McFARLAND    
* By request, Not in attendance.

A man's destiny stands not in the future but in the past. That, rightly considered, is the most vital of all vital facts. Every child thus has a right to choose his own ancestors. -- Havelock Ellis.

Spring 1980      - 161 -


Vol 2, no. 4, page 162 - Spring 1980
Submitted by: Mrs. Margaret White, Omaha, Nebraska

"Who's Who in Ord, (Valley Co.), NE. 1881-1956, 75th Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Booklet"

Ord was incorporated as a village on 23 June 1881. Members of the first board of trustees: H.G. ROGERS, S.S. HASKELL, B.C. WHITE, R.F. MILFORD and H.W. NELSON, In May, 1874, O.S. HASKELL, O.C. HASKELL and A.M. ROBBINS purchased land from the B&M R.R. Company to plat the town. A.T. STACY was also an early settler. The town was named for General E.O.C. ORD, in command of the Dept. of the Platte. John L. MEANS had the contract in 1875 to build the court house, Herbert THURSTON built the first residence in 1876. W.H. MITCHELL moved his paper "The Valley County Herald" from Calamus to Ord in 1877.

  1878:                1879:              1879:                  1880: 
HARTER, E.S. (Doc)   CAPRON, Joe        BABCOCK, H.A.          HARRIS, Frederick L. 
WESTOVER, Herman     Case & Mortensen   GETTER, M.E.             1881: 
HOBSON, W.A.         COLLINS, J.A.      COLLINS, J.H.          NELSON, H.W. 
POST, L.E.           BALES, John A.       1880:                WESTOVER, Judge Herman 
MITCHELL, W.E.       Copp & Westover    GAR post began with:   MILFORD, R.F. 
LEE, J.C.            NELSON, Henry      WILLIAMS, W.H. (GAR    WILSON, W.J. 
NELSON, H.W.         MAINS, S.L.R.          Post Commander)      1882: 
  1879:              DEEGAN, H.M.       DRAKE, John & Co.      METCALF, H.C. 
FERGUSON, Z.K.       HASKELL, S.S.      BACON, J.D.            PERCIVAL, George A. 

Joe CAPRON established "The Valley County Journal". Charles C. WOLF bought into the firm. In 1882 the "Ord Weekley Quiz" was founded by Will HASKELL of Chicago.

Marilla FREDERICK is said to be the first white woman in the county, She came with her father in July, 1872, She was then about 15 years old. She married a soldier named FLYNN about 1878. Among their children were Dick FLYNN, living near Blair; Leslie, who lives in California; Wesley, deceased.

Other early settlers:

PROVINS, J.M.        DOWHOWER, John (Fred's brother)         BAILEY, D.C. with sons: George, 
COFFIN, C.B.         MOLLER, Falle and her family:              Harry and Frank from 
WOLF, H.C.              son; Jorgen; dau. Marie;                Waupaca, Wisconsin. 
MORTENSEN, Peter        dau. Elizabeth; dau. Laura           LONG, W.D. 
WALKER, H.A.         POST, A.G. and his son, Frank           HASKELL, O.S. 
CLEVE1AND, Fred      POST, William E. and four sons          CUSHING, Frank M. 
MCCORD, D.N.         CASE, John brother-in-law of POST's     CHUBBUCK, Frank 
STOVER, George       MCKENNY, Dr. E.D.                       GERRY, Johnson 
COFFIN, E.M.         CURTIS, Frank E.                        GORDON, Van 
DOWHOWER, Fred       HARTER, E.S.                            SCOTT, Leslie 

Some Early Lawyers:

WESTOVER, Herman       MUNN, Charles A,           COPP, S.B.        HONNOLD, A.R. 
MAINE, S.L.R.          STAPLE, R.L.               MCCALL, Ed        ROBBINS, A.M. 
LAVERTY, A.A.          JOHNSON, Victor O.         MATTLEY, Will     MATTLEY, Herman 
CLEMENTS, E.J. (Grad.  NORMAN, Alex               MCDONOUGH, Leo    BABCOCK, Ed 
   of Un. of MICH.)    GUDMUDIDSEN, Hjalmar       HALL, George       
LEGGETT, H.D.          HALL, Thomas L.& Kate M.   COFFIN, E. M.      
                          (from Maryland) 
KEOWN, W.B.: Came in 1874.                   TAYLOR, George R.: Dentist, born in 
LUKE, Johnny: Lumberman and Mail Carrier.         LaPorte, IND. 
NELSON, Henry W. came in 1874.               CROSBY, Marion: Came about 1884, In 
STACEY, Samuel A.: In various businesses.         Business with Kit CARSON. 
WIGENT, W.H.: Leader in GAR activities.      MILLIKEN, L.D.: Hardware Store 
BOND, Rollin W.: Organizer & director of     CHAPMAN, Del: Managed flour mill. 
   Concert Band, wrote music.                  Other owners of Mill: 
B0ND, Ella Wheeler: Musician and teacher,    WRIGHT, COLLISON family & BELL, Wilson 
   sister of Rollin.                         FAFEITA, F. & sons, Emil and Frank 
GARD, Dr. George R.: Dentist, came with      Bailey & Detweiler Store 
   parent, 1887.

Spring 1980      - 162 -


Vol 2, no. 4, page 163 - Spring 1980
"Who's Who in Ord, (Valley Co.), NE. 1881-1956" Cont'd

FRAZIER, Harlan T.: Furniture store.        HEUCK, Detlef: Father of William, first pop  
CARSON, J.H. and son Kit,                      factory. Also: MASIN, Charles 
CARSON, Hugh son of Kit.                                      ZABLOUDIL, Ed  
KOKES, Vincent: From Moravia in 1881.                         ZABLOUDIL, William  
Patty Drug Co.                              SMITH, Adam & Alonzo 

Vol 2, no. 4, page 163 - Spring 1980
Abstracted by: Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha

ALLIANCE SEMI-WEEKLY TIMES. Alliance, Box Butte County, Nebraska, April 21, 1911,

   Mrs. A. RENSWOLD, Miss Mary PUTMAN & Knight BURRIS returned to Alliance from St, Joseph, MO, where they had accompanied remains of E. B. BURRIS, who died at his home in this city. Edward B. BURRIS b. 23 May 1868 at Knoxville, Iowa. Age 12 with parents to St, Joseph MO & grew to manhood there. Married 17 June 1890 to Miss Hattie ADAMS of St, Joseph, MO. 2 children: Knight & Mary Frances. and wife survive. (paper states death on 12th April; burial 4th April)

Mrs. Mary SEVERSON, wife of John, d. Tues., 10 April 1911 at home near Malinda. May ERICKSON was b. 9 March 1844 in Norway, d. at age 67 yrs. 1 mo. 1 day. Came to U.S. about 1864, with husband to Box Butte Co, about 21 yrs. ago from Pawnee Co. Husband, John; son, George; dau., Mrs. Minnie DUEKER & 3 grandchildren survive, (card of thanks also signed: Edward DUEKER)

D. K. SPACHT, our well known townsman, d. at Lewellen, Neb., recently.

Canton news:
   Mr. & Mrs, Frank CARA & children of Hemingford attended funeral of Frank's father, Mr. CARA, who d. on 5th at age 78. Wife proceeded him in death a number of years ago. Deceased leaves 3 sons & 3 daus.
     Funeral of Mrs. Chas. BALL over toward Hemingford on the 8th.

Hemingford news:
   John HUGHES d. last Monday at his home 6 mi. southeast of town. He was injured by runaways and was attended by Dr. McEWEN, Dr, PARSONS of Bellwood & Dr, SHAGLE of Alliance. John was b. 19 March 1848 at Vernham, Hampshire England & was 63 yrs. 28 days of age at death, He mar. 1 August 1870, Elizabeth WILKINS, who survives him, at London, Eng, The same yr. moved to Orange, N.J., removed to Des Moines, Iowa, thence to Pierce Co. Nebr. & finally in 1907 to Box Butte Co. They had 13 children: Gilbert of Badgley, Iowa; Will, Randolph, Nebr.; Mrs. Gertel CURTIS, Mammoth Springs, Ark.; Mrs. E. E. NORRIS, Breckenridge, Colo.; Mrs. BUCHANNAN, McLean, Nebr.; Mrs. Bert PRESTON, Lincoln; Mrs. Lee MOORE, Alliance; Mrs. Ed STIGILE, W. J. HUGHES of Mollie; Ewart, Victor & Kenneth of this place. An only bro., Gilbert HUGHES, of Homer, Nebr., was also present. Revs. BURLEIGH & COX conducted funeral services assisted by I.O.O.F. Lodge. Interment at Hemingford, Others from Alliance who attended funeral: Messrs. P. W. BRANDT, C. M. COX, G. ZURN, Ed HENRY, S. R. HERELD, Wm. HERSH, Joe SAXTON, T. M. LAWLER, Moses WRIGHT, H. P. COURSEY.

Tales of the Rail (Train, Shop, Office) Alliance: E. F. FAGIN left for Lincoln Wednesday where he will take a wife.

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Vol 2, no. 4, page 164 - Spring 1980
Submitted by: Mrs. Bert Kirkpatrick, York, NE


from "They Kept The Faith" by Thomas D. Bourke. **                      (York County)

Thomas O'BRIEN       F. W. LIEDTKE           John EAGAN 
Margaret O'BRIEN     Martin O'DONNELL        James FLYNN 
Edward DERUM         William NEVILLE         Vincent DUNN 
Euphemia DERUM       Frank RITGER            William FOLEY 
Ivan AHERNE          Henry HORN              Joseph CLABBY 
Allen AHERNE         E. A. BECKER            Emanuel BABEL 
Andrew BOWE          E. V. ZIMMERER          John PRICE 
Mary BOWE            James KILPATRICK        Martin PRICE 
Phil RITGER          Patrick FLYNN           F. J. PRESTON 
Teresa RITGER        Edward MEEHAN           Leopold MECH 
Pat LARKIN           Ed FOLEY                Michael GRAHAM 
Catherine LARKIN     Leo MACK                Martin CUNNINGHAM 
August ZIMMERER      John DALTON             James O'KEEFE 
William KLOCK        Carol ZIMMERER          Valentine CERLITS 
Bernard FRIEL        John TIGHE              Joseph GERMON 
George CORCORAN      Joseph NEVIN            John COX 
Francis PRESTON      Richard SAMPSON         Francis RICHERT 
John HANNA           John DONOVAN            George SCHWABEL 
John FOLEY           Andrew DORAN            Michael McCARTY 
Conrad SCHALING      John REA                James SCHNEBERGER 
John ROHREN          Simon SCHNEBERGER       John GEIGER 
Joseph RICHARD       James BRILEY            Edward BURKE 
Dennis McCARTHY      Joseph SMESEL           Nicholas HURTH 
Brown JOHNSON        Francis BEAUSEIGNEUR    Cornelius McCARTHY 
Joseph NEVILLE       Daniel KEEFE            Philip MEEHAN 
Peter DOYLE          Frank ROGERS            Bernard WICHMANN 
Hugh LAGASSE         William HEANY           Hugh NEVILLE 
Patrick McGOWAN      Henry KASPARI           Charles FOSTEBERG 
Jeremiah TONDREAU    George BASTER           James CRAWFORD 
Walter KLOCK         Seraphin MONNIER        John KENNY 
Jacob KILPATRICK     John P. DEPREZ          Andrew FUREY 
William F. CUREY     Jeseph NEVILLE          Peter GRIER 
Thomas CONROY        Patrick CORCORAN        Dan CORCORAN 
Miles DUFFEY         John DOUGHERTY          Patrick DOUGHERTY 
Tom KEARNS           John KEARNEY            Tom ORAM 
Thomas H. O'BRIEN    Michael PEA             James McCORMICK 

From THE OMAHA TRUE VOICE (14 March 1913):
   Masses and baptisms first at Blue Valley about 12 miles SW of York, from 4 April 1874 to Nov. 1874. After the railroad reached York in Aug. 1877, priests made regular visits to the area. On 30 Oct 1877 Anna HORN and Eugene FEENEY were baptised.
   Lots for the parish were conveyed to Bishop O'CONNOR on 16 Sept. 1878 by Nathaniel C. & Harriet C. WOOLLEY and Allen W. & Oliver P. HAWLEY. Land was later sold to A. P. CRAPSER. A second tract of land was purchased on 30 Jan. 1883 and later sold to David E. SAYRE in 1888. Money was used to defray cost of the present (1913) church.

**Names of early members were taken from baptismal records of 1878 to 1886 and are either those of parents or sponsors. Some are those mentioned by descendants of some of the pioneer settlers.

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Vol 2, no. 4, page 165 - Spring 1980
Compiled by Lucille Churchill Bates, 20 May 1978, Beatrice, NE


   Legal description: Northwest Quarter (NW1/4) of Section Twelve (12) Town Five (5) Range 8, Gage County, Nebraska

   Historical Facts: This cemetery was established in the early 1800's when there was a settlement called Hooker nearby. The oldest marked grave appears to be the infant daughter of C.W. & Alice Iden in 1820. There are several unmarked graves in the Danish section and an original Potter's field with a number of unmarked graves. There are seven known Civil War veterans buried here and indicated by an (*).

   The information contained herein was researched and recorded at the Hooker Cemetery on May 20, 1978 by Lucille Churchill Bates,, Beatrice, NE and the names and dates on the markers were as follows:

BIGLEY, James 1813-1903                 FULLER, Orren (no date) 
BUTLER, Arthur R. 1860
BUTLER, Ida E. 1820                     HIBBERT, Anna J. 1876-1877 
                                        HIBBERT, Charles E. 1878-1880 
CHURCHILL, Catherine 1845-1897
CHURCHILL, Dorothy 1919-1930            HIBBERT, Mary P. 1875-1880 
CHURCHILL, Edda Day 1878-1880           HIBBERT, Nancy 1856-1935 
CHURCHILL, Flora E. 1877-1904           *HIBBERT, Thomas 1846-1905 
CHURCHILL, Isaac 1793-1881              HILLMAN, Clarence 1853-1836 (sic)
CHURCHILL, Isaac 1867-1880              HILLMAN, George 1903-1903 
CHURCHILL, Levi 1882-1889               HILLMAN, Hattie 1878-1880 
CHURCHILL, Lora May 1893-1913           HILLMAN, J. 1818-1882 
CHURCHILL, Mary E. 1869-1880            HILLMAN, Mary 1861-1933 
CHURCHILL, Ruth V. 1899-1909            HILLMAN, Nancy (no date) 
CHURCHILL, Thomas 1833-1917
CHURCHILL, Wesley Milton 1870-1923      IDEN, Infant dau. C.W. & Alice IDEN 1820 
CORNWALL, Martin N. 1865-1887
                                        KAISER, Hattie H. (no date) 
DELP, Charley 1892-1895                 KRAUSE, August 1847-1922 
DELP, Baby 1907                         KRAUSE, Christina 1811-1892 
DELP, Floyd E. 1894-1894                KRAUSE, Emma 1875-1954 
*DELP, George W. 1834-1881              KRAUSE, Fredericke 1850-1926 
DELP, Ina 1866-1867                     KRAUSE, Hanna 1852-1926 
DELP, Lawrence E. 1903-1904             KRAUSE, John 1880-1967 
DELP, Myrtle 1863-1871                  KRAUSE, Martha 1872-1879 
DELP, Nancy L. 1871-1910                KRAUSE, Mary 1884-1968 
DELP, Walter 1857-1950                  KRAUSE, Michael 1856-1881 
DELP, Walter 1872                       KRAUSE, William 1837-1914 
DRITNER, John 1869-1908                 *KRAUSE, William 1869-1892 
                                        KRITNER, Michael 1825-1885 
FRITZ, Carl Edmund 1906-1906
FRITZ, Hannah 1877-1943                 *MCCARTNEY, David 1829-1905 
FRITZ, John 1876-1965                   MCCARTNEY, Mary (Wife of David) 1849-1872 
FRITZ, Melvin Harold 1908               MCCARTNEY, Susan (Wife of James) 1843-1882 
*FULLER, G.W. 1836-1889                 MULFORD, John 1872-1881 
FULLER, Joseph 1877-1878
FULLER, (Old record shows Jess          NELSON, P. 1845-1880 
    & Gus Fuller to be buried           NOAKES, Grace 1883-1889 
    here no marker)

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Vol 2, no. 4, page 166 - Spring 1980
Compiled by Lucille Churchill Bates, Hooker Cemetery, (continued)

PRICE, Annie L. 1868-1883
PRICE., Harriot L. 1834-1899
PRICE, Mary D. 1847-1884
PRICE., Robert H. 1822-1879
PRICE, Williamson H. 1834-1899
REYNOLDS, Charley C. 1879-1880
REYNOLDS, Nella 1882
ROGERS, Sherman 1806-1881
RUDDER, Grace 1899-1969
RUDDER, Raymond 1903-1967
SMITH, Mary E. 1888-1889
SMITH, Nancy 1879-1898
SPENCER, Margaret E. 1856-1871
*STACKHOUSE, George (no date)
STACKHOUSE, Peter 1882-1882
*STAFFORD, John 1826-1868
WOTEN, I. (grave removed, according to old record)

Vol 2, no. 4, page 166 - Spring 1980
Submitted by: Mrs. Ruth Harms, Valentine, NE

From VALENTINE NEWSPAPER, Valentine (Cherry Co.), Nebr. Thursday, 24 May 1979, 75 YEARS AGO. Original information in THE REPUBLICAN dated Friday, May 20, 1904.

1893:  Dean S. EFNER; Iva L. FRANK nee EFNER.
1894:  Harry O. TUCKER,
1895:  Goldie M. BEED nee PETTIJOHN; Lottie E. CRAMER nee HUBBARD; Claude J. ANDERSON.
1896:  Edith M. MARVIN nee STARK,
1897:  May 21st. Charles B. COOK; E. Mae DONALD nee DAVENPORT; Edna M.McDONALD;
       Frank E, THORN,
1898:  May 20th. Alma J. CARLSON; Tacy J. COLLETT; Walter E. FLOWERS; Edith F. COWDEN nee 
1899:  May 19th. Allie L. CYPHERS; Myrtle M. PETTIJOHN; Kathleen V.McLAUGHLIN;
       Walter F. THORN;, Laura M. TILLSON.
1900:  Oct. 6th. Ina L. FLOWERS; Lula F. POLLARD nee HOOTON; Helen M. McDONALD; Bertha 
       Bertha L. THORN; Inez PETTYCREW, Mabel E. MERRISS nee HAHN.
1901:  June 28th. Mary E. CUMBOW; Emma M. CARLSON; E. COLLETT; James P. GROWDON; Nellie C.
1903:  May 22nd. Eda V. BROAD; Effie D. CARLSON; Anna C. LADELY; Marie C. NELSON;
       Agatha C. O'SHAUGHNESSY; Lucilla STINARD.
1904:  May 20th, Nellie F. COLLETT; Nellie J. EASLEY; Elizabeth J. HOBSON; Alfred LEWIS, Jr.; 
       Floyd M. PETTYCREW; James C. QUIGLEY; Lena I. McCREA; Estella F. SPRATT.

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