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Volume Two, no. 3
Winter 1980

Vol 2, no. 3, page 127 - Winter 1980
Submitted by: Mrs. Pauline Brungardt Dudek, Bladen., NE


   For one not familiar with the history of the Germans from Russia, it should be noted that Germans were enticed to migrate to Russia by Catherine the Great. The provisions of her Manifesto issued in 1763 made it possible for the Germans to set up colonies in the provinces of Saratov and Samara along the Volga River where the colonists were able to retain their German identity - German culture, customs, language, churches, schools - and to have their own self-government. However, 100 years later Alexander II began making changes that had far-reaching effects on the German colonists. The "Russification" measures initiated in 1864 to 1871 were aimed at all foreign nationalities living within the confines of Russia. To the Germans these measures represented a breach of promise. As a result of these reforms which universal military conscription a number of scouts representing both the Protestant and the Catholic faiths were sent to both North and South America in 1873 and 1874. Coupled with the reforms, there was a gradual exhaustion of the soil. Thus, the migration from Russia to the Americas began with the heaviest period of migration from 1874 to 1914.

   On July 22, 1876, a small band of Germans from Kolb, Russia set sail to America from Bremen, Germany, under the leadership of Scout Franz W. SCHEIBEL. It is reported that when this group first arrived in the United States they were directed to the state of Wisconsin. But being children of the steppes of Russia they did not like the forests of Wisconsin, so late in August 1876 they found their way to Hastings, Adams County., Nebraska. Thus the contingent from Kolb, Russia were the first GermanRussians to arrive in Hastings, Nebraska.

   It is not known exactly how long the group stayed in Hastings, but it is known they went onto the Campbell, Franklin County, Nebraska neighborhood by the fall of 1876. A "settlement house" was begun and their first homes were dugouts. However, not all 43 members of SCHEIBEL's group found their way to Campbell, but they were joined by others from Walter and Messer by the Spring of 1877 when F. W. SCHEIBEL formed a church. By virtue of his having been a schoolmaster in Russia, SCHEIBEL was enabled to perform the duties of a pastor.

   For the first few years the group at Campbell was quite mobile with part of the group taking up homesteads in Hitchcock County., Nebraska. Some, however, returned to Campbell while others remained in Hitchcock County and still others ventured to the Pacific Northwest. The SCHEIBELs and the younger Henry KOCHs (COOK), who are found on the 1880 Census of Franklin County, are the only ones of the original group to have stayed in Franklin County, Nebraska.



Names               Age     Birthplace    Names                   Age    Birthplace 
RHEN, Michael       24      Russia        KREAGER, Conrad         20     Russia 
        Maria       23      Russia              Catherine         19     Russia 
        Peter        3      Russia        KREAGER, William        50     Russia 
        Jacob        1 m.   Nebraska            Margaret          48     Russia 
HARMS Edd           29      Germany             Lewis             18     Russia 
        Julia       18      RUSSIA              John              18     Russia 
KREAGER, John       25      Russia              Lizzie            12     Russia 
        Catherine   24      Russia              Katie              8     Russia 
        Margaret     3      Ohio                Jacob              4     Russia 
        Conrad       1      Nebraska                                      

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Vol 2, no. 3, page 128 - Winter 1980
The Germans From Russia in Franklin County, Nebraska (continued)

Names               Age     Birthplace    Names                  Age    Birthplace 
KIMBEL, Henry       31      Saradof       KREAGER, Catherine       3    Ohio 
        Annie       32      Saradof             Joseph             1    Nebraska 
        Lewis        8      Saradof       RISER, Conrad           45    Russia 
        Elizabeth    6      Nebraska            Anna              44    Russia 
HAMBEL, Jacob       44      Saradof             Henry             22    Russia 
        Grace       46      Saradof             George            21    Russia 
        John        19      Saradof             Catherine         17    Russia 
        George      17      Saradof             Lewis             13    Russia 
        Annie       15      Saradof             Martin             9    Russia 
        Eva         12      Saradof             Margaret           6    Russia 
        Pete        10      Saradof       GLENNER, John           43    Russia 
GRAMS, Pete         36      Polaska             Christina         36    Russia 
        Whilmena    36      Polaska             Caroline           9    Russia 
        Caroline    14      Polaska             Gustavus           4    Russia 
        Jacob       12      Polaska       GLOAT, August           56    Russia 
        Daniel      10      Polaska             Elizabeth         53    Russia 
        Anni         8      Polaska             Ferdinand         25    Russia 
        Edward       6      Nebraska            Christina         16    Russia 
        Amelia       4      Nebraska      GRAFF, Ludwig           26    Russia 
        Ferdinand?   2      Nebraska            Anna              19    Russia 
ADAMS, Samuel       42      Russia              Adelia             7 m. Nebraska 
        Julianna    39      Russia        GLOOD, John             26    Russia 
        Fredrick    17      Russia              Christina         15    Russia 
        Caroline    15      Russia        LEEMFRUIS?, Henry       28    Germany 
        Ferdinand   13      Russia              ???               36    Russia 
        Matilda     11      Russia        LONG, Augusta           16    Russia 
        August       6      Russia              Ferdinand         10    Russia 
        Whilmina     8      Russia              Lidia              4    Russia 
        Juliann      4      Russia              Caroline           3    Russia 
SPUDA, Adam         45      Norga               Ottilie            1    Russia 
        Catherine   43      Saradof       KLUTZ, Lewis            33    Russia 
        Conrad      21      Saradof             Emilie            18    Russia 
        John        18      Saradof             Rineholt           7    Russia 
        Christine   11      Saradof             Lidia              5    Russia 
        Manwell      3      Ohio                Ottilie            4    Russia 
HELSER, John        23      Saradof             Ferdinand          8 m. Nebraska 
        Dora        19      Saradof       GORJ, Frederic          40    Russia 
NORTH FRANKLIN                                  Christina         42    Russia 
TOWNSHIP:                                       Louisa            18    Russia 
MILLER, John        46      Russia              Christina         14    Russia 
        Emma        45      Russia              Henry             12    Russia 
        John        18      Russia              John              10    Russia 
        Jacob       16      Russia              Emmanuel           4    Ohio 
        Conrad      13      Russia              Joseph             2    Ohio 
        Henry       11      Russia              Frederic           4 m. Nebraska 
        Emma         9      Russia              John              62    Russia 
        Krete        7      Russia        SPADY, Ludwig           23    Russia 
        Benjamin     1      Nebraska           Anlis              22    Russia
KREAGER, Phillip    29      Russia              Henry              1 m. Nebraska 
        Lana        26      Russia        GORJ, Peter             23    Russia 
        Daniel       4      Ohio                Catherine         22    Russia 
                                                Adam               3 m. Nebraska 

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Vol 2, no. 3, page 129 - Winter 1980
The Germans From Russia in Franklin County, Nebraska (continued)

Names               Age     Birthplace    Names                    Age     Birthplace 
BOWER, John         26      Russia        COOK, Henry              24      Russia 
        Louisa      24      Russia               Mary              17      Russia 
        Henry        2      Nebraska             Catherine         15      Russia 
        John         1      Nebraska             Mary              12      Russia 
SHRIBER, George     26      Russia               Peter             10      Russia 
        Elizabeth   27      Russia               Fred               8      Russia 
        Lea          4      Ohio          COOK, Alexander           28     Russia 
        Christina    3      Ohio                  Lizzie            26     Russia 
        Sarah        1      Nebraska              Amelia             7     Russia 
SHRIBER, Henry      54      Russia                Alexander          5     Russia 
        Elizabeth   51      Russia                Henry              2     Nebraska 
SHRIBER, Henry      22      Russia        KANZLER, Michael          23     Russia 
        Sophia      22      Russia                Lizzie            23     Russia 
        Joseph       2 m.   Nebraska              Jacob              7 m.  Nebraska 
GREBER, Ludwig      25      Russia        SCHEIBEL, F. W.           64     Russia 
        Gede        28      Russia                Catherine         61     Russia 
        Adam         2      Nebraska              Charley?          20     Russia 
        Lana         4 m.   Nebraska              Jacob             18     Russia 
SCHNELL, John       24      Russia                Mary              19     Russia 
        Mary        22      Russia                John              14     Russia 
        Henry        2      Ohio          KREAGER, John             52     Russia 
GREBER, Henry       45      Russia                Elizabeth         51     Russia 
        Elizabeth   33      Russia                George            25     Russia 
        Adam        18      Russia                Elizabeth         20     Russia 
        Catherine   10      Russia                (Daughter-in-law)         
        Elizabeth    5      Russia                Michael           20     Russia 
        Rheuben      3      Ohio                  Conrad            15     Russia 
        Cathorine   10 m.   Nebraska              Henry             10     Russia 
HAMBEL, Oswalder    38      Russia                Emma               7     Russia 
        Christine   38      Russia        GREEN, George             27     Russia 
        Emma        12      Russia                Craft             25     Russia 
        Jacob       10      Russia                Crait              4     Russia 
        George       8      Nebraska              John               2     Nebraska 
        Eva          8 m.   Nebraska              Phillip           10 m.  Nebraska 
HAMBEL, Adam        72      Russia        GREEN, Andrew             55     Russia 
        Alice       70      Russia               Christian          55     Russia 
LONG., Jacob        48      Russia               Peter              15     Russia 
        Christine   60      Poland               Kitty              12     Russia 
GLOODWIC, Adam      30      Russia               Conrade             7     Russia 
        Alana       30      Russia        BOWER, Adam               51     Russia 
        Christine   10      Russia                Sophia            48     Russia 
        Frederic     6      Russia                Grete             11     Russia 
        Ferdinand    4      Russia                Ludwig            24     Russia 
HINE, George        39      Russia                                        
        Catherine   41      Russia        MACON PRECINCT:                   
        Oswald      15      Russia        GEORGE, John              37     Russia 
        Margaret    11      Russia                Margret           33     Russia 
        Mary         7      Russia                Henry              9     Russia 
        John         3      Nebraska              William            7     Russia 
        Adam         3      Nebraska              Elizabeth          5     Ohio 
        Emmanuel     6 m.   Nebraska              Jacob              2     Ohio 
COOK, Henry M.      52      Russia                Laizzie            6 m.  Nebraska 
        Catherine   50      Russia                                        

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Vol 2, no. 3, page 130 - Winter 1980
The Germans From Russia in Franklin County., Nebraska (continued)

NOTE: The names are spelled or appeared to be spelled as on the Census. The enumerators were not German and probably totally unfamiliar with the language and the German-Russians were not able to speak any English, so the best was done under the circumstances. Saradof refers to either the city of Saratov or the Province of Saratov; Norga refers to the colony of Norka which had only a Russian name; Polaska possibly refers to Peskowtka, the Russian name for the colony of Kolb. Most of the colonies had both a German name and a Russian name. The individual who gave Poland as the place of birth could possibly have been from Volhynia which was a western border province of Russia and had been a part of Poland. It has only recently been learned that a majority of the people on the census were from Norka who went on to Marion County, Kansas.

Vol 2, no. 3, page 130 - Winter 1980

"Boelus-Known as Howard City" from SHERMAN DAM DEDICATION June 1963.
Village of Boelus is in the extreme southwest corner of Howard County.

   Pioneers: Elias L. HEDGLIN, 1874; Fred & William HILMER, 1873; Chas, SIEBER, about 1873; Hans SORENSEN, 1877; R. M. DAVIS 1873; Chas, T. KENYON, 1873; Andres JENSEN, Peter CLAUSEN, Henry BOESEN, 1872; Fred KROUSE, 1871; George PAULMAN, 1875. Later, Peter LARSON, Fred & David SEIFERT, KOEHLERS, LINDSTROMS, BRANDSTRUPS. BLOOMQUISTS, WHITEFOOD HENDRICKSON, Ole PETERSON, OBERMILLER, QUEST, WIESE, LEMBURG, BAX, RASK, and TOCKEY came to the area.

   In 1885, county surveyor, Robert HARVEY, surveyed the town site on land owned by C. T. KENYON & J. N. PAUL, It was first called Howard City until conflict with another Nebr. town & it was changed to Boelus
   First bldg. was known as the Eddy Hotel erected by James EDDY
   First hardware owned by John MARK

   The Boelus State Bank was est. & known as Bank of Howard City with the president, Mrs. Mary PAUL; cashier, Mr. DICKERMAN
   First drug store owned by John NOLAN.
   Dr. MILLER was the first doctor to locate in Howard City.

   John SCHAUPPS built the flour mill but was soon bought & operated by August ARRIENS & C. T. KENYON, who also had coal & implement business.
   Newspaper was HOWARD CITY NEWS edited by Mr. DOBBS
   DARNELL & EUBANK had a law office.

   First general store was owned by Gaylord WEST.
   School house, of sod, located 1/4 mi. no. of village
   Dick FRIER owned the first barber shop.

   H. H. BOESEN, the first pool hall.
   A saloon, known as the Swedish Saloon, operated by Mr, JOHNSON, Others by Gus SIEVERS & PAUSTIAN
   Dick BURNELL, a harness shop

   R. NIELSEN, a blacksmith shop. P. BRANDSTRUP a helper & later ran a mill.
   Miss FESSENBACK est, the 1st millinery store.
   Albert JOHNSON was first postmaster, having been postmaster at the Loup Fork post office

   Henry MESSRSMITH built the 1st hotel having accomodations
   Albert JOHNSON also erected a hotel bldg

   A Seventh Day Adventist Church was est. but did not remain long
   The Methodist Church was built. Today Boelus has only the Grace Methodist Church with Rev. Gordon PATTERSON as pastor
   Mr. ZIEGLER was the 1st school professor. W. C. CLARK, 1st supt. in 1906 & served for 32 yrs.

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