NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol 2, no. 2
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Two, no. 2
Fall 1979

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 88 - Fall 1979

Submitted by Raymond JEFFERIES, Rogers AR

Harpursville N Y
28 Apr 1881

Dear son Yours of the 23 at hand. We were very glad to hear from you, and that you are well. Stick to it, if you are both agreed, and I think you must be by your writing. If you are like to get out of money let me know and I will remit.

   You say nothing about the fort that the government has been building about ten miles south of Omaha and three or four miles west of Bellevue. They were at work on it when we were out there. We passed by it on our way form Bellevue to Papillion, with private conveyence. If you should have time to go there (Some Sunday perhaps) it is situated on land that Uncle Reuben owned, and I have worked on the same ground, many a day, from the years of 58 to 61. The pump station is on a farm that he owned in the Papio Creek of 320 acres and also a farm of 80 acres, (one section east). The last in sight of Bellevue about one mile northeast of last farm, is where Logan FONTANELLE, the chief of the Omaha Indians at that time, was buried on his live pony on top of the hightes point of land, there was a Indian burying ground about 80 rods west of the depot at Bellevue.

   If you should get to Bellevue, You will find Archie WRIGHT in a large general store. He is a Dutchman. (His boy carried us to Papillion in a wagon. He will be glad to hear from me, also one Mr (KUSS?) lives there a minister of the gospel. You will find a little stone or gravel house, in the south west part of BGellevue, that Uncle built in 56. Also you will find the old white school house I went to the school in 58 and 59, about 80 rods North of where Uncle lived. I went into the old school house when I were there. The steamboat landing was then, near where the depot now is, and no buildings until you get up on the plateau where Bellevue was then. A part of the old mission house was standing when we were there. A block house built of logs a little northeast of A. WRIGHTS, Mr. William HAMILTON was the missionary there. He went sometime in the 49's and had charge of the Indian school in the block house. He was preaching there, when I lived there. (Is dead long ago) He had a brother Robert living near there then. When we were there in 72? I saw one of Robert HAMILTON'S girls. She was not married and must be a little older than you. Said R. HAMILTON owned the farm (as near as I can locate) where GILMORE station now is. I helped him cut his hay on that farm one year.

   Harry CLARK and brother William were merchants in Bellevue when I lived there. Harry lives in Omaha and William in Papillion. Harry stutteres a little when he talks He now owns large tracts of land around Bellevue.

   William ROBBINSON lives in Pappillion, near the depot. He held the office of county clerk when we were there. His office is in sight of depot. (I think a little northeast of depot.) He would be very glad to see you and hear from me. A nice old man. He has all of Uncle Reubens business to settle up there.

   Now if you and Henry have a spare day, go down to Bellevue and the fort. An old school mate of mine, I think lives in Papallion by the name of Wallace ROGERS. I think he studdied law after I came home. He had two brothers, one by the name of Clayton and I have forgotten the other. Archie WRIGHT and Frank MYERS kept batchelors hall when I was there. Archie was a shoemaker, lives in Bellevue. ____ lives near A. WRIGHT store. There were remains of old forts along the bluffs north of Bellevue (Supposed to of been in use by the French years ago) You will see some cottonwood trees around uncle house that I set out in 59. The town had been surveyed and staked out with the park in front of Uncles house. He had one square there and other lots about town. Perchance Bobbie and I will be out to the exposition. I want her to see some of the west and I feel as if she ought to. We are usually well and wish both the same. Write when convenient. R. LOVEJOY


Fall 1979      - 88 -

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 89 - Fall 1979
Continued ~ Raymond Jefferies

   Note by Raymond JEFFERIES, family historian - We understand that a Reuben LOVEJOY was the first mayor of Bellevue. We think it was Reuben LOVEJOY, Uncle of the Reuben LOVEJOY that wrote this letter. The Reuben LOVEJOY that wrote this letter was father of William Reuben LOVEJOY, my wifes father. The original letter written in pencil and very faded so cannot say that I have deciphered all names right, but did my best.

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 89 - Fall 1979

RICHARDSON COUNTY COURIER, Falls City, Rulo, Nebr. Friday, May 4, 1917.

Verdon News:
Rev. A. R. JONES of Creighton, Nebr. is visiting his sons Wendell, Clinton & wife & his new granddaughter, Jeniee JONES.

Rulo News:
Will WAGNOR & Oscar L _____ of Fortescue, att'd. funeral Friday of the little dau. of Mr, & Mrs. Earl STEINHAUER.

Fall 1979      - 89 -

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 90 - Fall 1979

Submitted by: James D. Wolken, North Platte, NE

Abstracted from the TECUMSEH CHIEFTAN, Tecumseh, Johnson Co., NE., "early files" section.

March 1889
   A son b. to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas MAHER of Crab Orchard.
   Mar. March 10, at home of Albert VANLANINGHAM, W. A. SMITH to Miss L. A. WEST,
by Rev. J. GALLAGHER. Mar. Charles VARVEL to Miss Mattie SHERMAN, south of Tecumseh. D. the infant child of C. K. CHAMBERLAIN. D. on March 15, Mrs. M. M. DUNN, aged 70, in Tecumseh. Names mentioned: M. A. THURMAN Judge WILSON Henry SEEMAN bought Aunty SMITH Mrs. J. D. KRUM restaurant from B. F. POPE moved to F. BLUME WILCOX farm. April 1889 Harry SUMMERS & Miss Belle TIERNEY of Tecumseh mar. April 8 at Auburn by Judge APPLEGET. Mar. April 18th by Judge WILSON, T. J. JARVIS, aged 65, & Mrs, Hattie B. SCOTT, 40,
both of Nemaha Co. H. L. STOVER mar. to Miss Jessie EARLEWINE by Rev. George SCOTT. Mr. N. L. WARRINER d. April 7th at Beatrice. Age 68. Noah MINNER who res. on the J. H. HARDIN farm, d. in Tecumseh. John SHAUGHNESSY, 4, son of M. SHAUGHNESSY, d. of lung fever. Names mentioned: Louis GRAF William WINSLOW James HILL Miss Sidney HOUSER Postmaster WILSON Wm. WHEATLEY sold bus & baggage line to John HUTT. May 1889 L. C. TITSWORTH & Daisy McCLANAHAN mar. May 20th. Perley B. VESS & Miss Almina NORRIS mar. May 20th. D. at age 76 Mrs, Mary C. HANNA, w. of John HANNA. Names mentioned: John HICKEY Andrew SIMPSON, livery stable May 1904 Miss Edith OLDAKER, dau. of A. T. OLDAKER of Tecumseh, was mar. to Mr. J. Roy SMITH. D. May 3, Mrs. Maria ZINSMASTER, age 69, wife of Jacob ZINSMASTER, north of Tecumseh, D. baby dau. of William ZUTAVERN of Sterling. D. Mrs. A. P. Fitzsimmons. Names mentioned: Henry MENKEN Gladys MINER of Graf Mrs. J. J. ALLISON of Cook Miss Lois RICE of Vesta - J. T. AITKEN E. M. ATTERBERRY of Tecumseh Henry OTHMER Tecumseh Conrad & Arthur BUETHE Miss CRISSENBERRY & Miss sons of C. F. BUETHE McCLURE, teachers at of Todd Creek Pet. Elk Creek March 1904. B. a son to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas WHITEHEAD west of Tecumseh. B. a son on March 14 to Mr. & Mrs. John MANDERY of Sterling.
Fall 1979      - 90 -

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 91 - Fall 1979
"Early files" TECUMSEH CHIEFTAIN cont'd.

March 1904
   B, a son to Mr, & Mrs, William DEVENNEY of Tecumseh,
   Mar. at home of bridels father in Helena, Miss Etta SABIN & Mr. McNult GREEN.
   Mr. Alvin DEREMIAH of Elk Creek & Miss Floyd SHURTLIFF of Waco were granted a license (mar.).
   Mr. Charles A. McALFOS & Miss Nora WAIDLEY of Crab Orchard were granted a (mar,) license.
   D. at age 18, Mrs, J. E. SOUDERS of Lincoln Precinct.
   Infant boy of Herman BARTELS d. Feb, 29th.
   Edward MORRISSEY, called "Uncle Ned" d. at age 87 at home of son, Lawrence.
   Nye P. HASSETT, 32, d. at mother's home in Tecumseh on March 13th.
   Mrs. Kate BATTERTON, 25, widow of William BATTERTON, died at home of her mother,
        Mrs, Anna CORSON, southeast of Tecumseh,
   John M. RHINEHART, aged 74, pioneer settler, d. at Soldier's Home in Grand Island on 
March 29th. Mrs. Julia STEVENS, wife of Isaac STEVENS, d. of typhoid at age 55. Names mentioned: Sheriff CUMMINGS Frank ROBERTSON HAHN moved to S. P. DAVIDSON sold land Aitkin, Minn. to John BEATTY. P. H. HOPKINS rented bldg. to Mrs. Harriet J. HOGGSETTE of St. Louis

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 91 - Fall 1979
Submitted by: Nebraska State Historical Society, Lincoln NE.

Blaine Co., NE. Abstracted by Diane Hatfield Korten from a letter to Miss Belle DUNN from R.R. GREENLAND, Purdum, NE., 12 Nov. 1926; a reflection of Blaine Co. since 1880.

Names mentioned in letter:           COD Ranch               MUNSON 
Pattersons and Stearnes Ranch        PETES, Billy            ACKERMAN 
Duprands Ranch                       MCCORMACK, Mike         BROWN, Frank 
RANKINS                              MCCORMACK, Jim          BROWN, J. D. 
KILES, Millard                       BURKE, Joh              WHITE, Geo. 
HATTON, Finch                        BROWN, Jeff             LISK, F. 
Smith and T. Ranch                   JACKSON, T.C.           TAYLOR, Lish 
Kearney and Black Hills Stage Route  COX, Dr. C.B.W.         BAKER, Holly and Jess 
Miles Cattle Co.                     COX, Levi               DOWNING, Lincoln U. 
Hawley P.O.                          OLDHAM, Sanford         YOCUM, Michael A. 
FIELDS, Floyd                        OLDHAM, E.D.            ROBINAULT, Jack 
DUNNING, Sam                         RIGGS, L.W.             HARRISON, T.O.C. 
DUNNING, R.O.                        SCHLARMANS, Adam        WELSh, (Attorney) 
NORTHUP, Mr.                         PURDUMS, Geo.           EVENS, (Attorney) 
MURPHY, Pat                          DILL, B.F.              AIKENS, (Judge) 
BREWSTER, Geo. H.                    COX, Dr. Aras B.        COPP, H.H. 
ERICSON, Pete                        BROWN, Jeff D.          TAYLOR, Elisha 

A new postoffice was established at Kennedy, Cherry Co. William H. KENNEDY was named postmaster, (ca Dec. 1906)

Fall 1979      - 91 -

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 92 - Fall 1979
Submitted by: Mrs. Marion A. Bates, Lexington, NE

Information from BIBLES in the possession of the Dawson County Museum in Lexington, Nebraska.

HOLY BIBLE, Geo. W. Ogilvie & Co. Publishers, Chicago, Illinois
   Copyright 1892, Van Cleve-Andrews Publishing Co.

   Ida WELLS - Dec. 25, 105
   Fred KUTZ
   Ida May WELLS - Dec. 25, 1905
   (graduate of Lexington High, 1901, later married Westray JOHNSON)
HOLY BIBLE, American Bible Society, 1853, New York
   David MARTIN, born in Baltimore, came to Gettysburg, Pa. and married there.
   (on backpage) Isabel MARTIN, Adams Co., Gettysburg, Pa.
   Donor: Mrs. Olga Edna MARTIN MCFARLAND

The PSALMS of DAVID, in Metre, Philadelphia. Printed by and for William W. Woodward. No. 52,
   Second Corner of Chestnut St. Year 1813.

     Belonged to Mrs. W. E. WARD, mother of Beulah BATIE and Wylie WARD.

SELECT MELODIES of about 1853

     Goldsberry WALLS, Borne 1853, March 21st

COTTAGE BIBLE and Family Expositor with Practical Expositions and Explanatory Notes by Thomas Williams HARTFORD.
   Two complete volumes. Hartford. Printed and Published by Case, Tiffany and Company, 1853.

     BIBLE left at WORTHINGS Drug Store, Overton, Nebraska, 1900.

NEW TESTAMENT of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. London. T. Nelson and Sons; Paternoster Row.
   Edinburgh and New York. 21st July 1863.

           From the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank SHERMAN.
           (on front page) Mary SMITH.

Above information copied on 15 January 1975 by Mrs. Marion A. Bates, 907 N. Washington, Lexington.

THE HOLY BIBLE, London, Printed by the Company of Stationers, 1648.
   (inside of cover) Joseph SHARROD, Tuppenhurst, 1827.

   Eli_e HARDING                       Lib_r            1648
   Mrs. BIRD A.                        Mothering (?) March 5, "48
   Mr. BIRD              Lichfield
   Winifred STOWES                     died Jan. 21, 1774
   Dennis BRADBURN                     died June 30, 1774
   Margaret BRADBURN                   died October 11, 1776
   Mr. ? STOWES                        died January 20, 1778
   (Bible came from England in 1827. Donor: Mrs. Bessie GARRISON.)
Fall 1979      - 92 -

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 93 - Fall 1979
Bible information from Dawson Co. Museum, Lexington, cont'd.

THE HOLY BIBLE, Containing Old and New Testaments. American Bible Society Edition, 1892.

(Inside cover): Family Bible of Dr. BUSH and Wife, Sumner, Nebraska 1898.

Marcus E. BUSH, M.D., of Sumner, Nebraska and
Miss Emma PIERSON, of Sumner, Nebraska united in marriage
at Sumner, Nebraska, 11th day of October 1898.
Witnesses: Joseph ARMIND, Nannie BUSH. Pastor: Benj. H. HUNT; Presbyterian Church

Marcus Eddie BUSH, born 14 Dec. 1868 it Ohio
Emma PIERSON BUSH, born 6 Aug. 1876 in Riverton, Iowa

R. PIERSON, father, died Aug. 6, 1905 at Overton, Nebraska. 61 years.
Dr. M. E. BUSH passed away Nov. 3, 1923 at Sumner.

(Above information copied on Jan. 15, 1975 by Mrs. LaDonna Doughty)

DIE ILLUSTRITE FAMILIEN BIBEL. Geo. MacLean, Philadelphia und Boston - E. Hannaford & Go.,
   Cincinnati und Chicago. MacLean, Gibron & Co., New York. 1872. Entered according to Act of Congress
   in 1871 by William FLINT and M. Laird SIMONS. Stereotyped and printed by King & Baird,
   No. 607 Sansom Street, Philadelphia.


Niles Henry KINCH
Ardella Ruth CLARK
Married: January 16, 1907 at Munden, Republic County, Kansas.
Niles Henry KINCH, Born Sep't. 7, 1863
Ardella Ruth CLARK, Born July 3, 1879

Stella Ruth KINCH
Eugene Clay PHILLIPS

BIRTHS: Stella Ruth KINCH, Born February 18, 1908 at Dawson County, Nebraska.
Lawrence Benjamin KINCH, Born April 19, 1909 at Dawson County, Nebraska.
Raymond Clark KINCH, Born July 3, 1910 at Dawson County
Donald Niles KINCH, Born April 13, 1913 at Dawson County
Carol Margaret KINCH, Born Dec. 6, 1918 at Davison County

(Information copied on Jan. 15, 1975 by Mrs. Dorothy Kain, Lexington)

GERMAN NEW TESTAMENT, Berlin 1906. From the home of the late Christine FISHLINE.

Anna Christine MATZEN was married to John Christian FISHLINE in Denmark.
(They came to Dawson County in 1920 from Copenhagen, Denmark.
Donors: Her daughter, Irene; and son, Chris)
Fall 1979      - 93 -

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 94 - Fall 1979
Bible information from Dawson Co. Museum, Lexington, cont'd.

THE HOLY BIBLE, American Bible Society, New York 1875.

From the home of Miss Laura E. F. RYON, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Donor: Mrs. Wm. J. STEWART, Jr.

THE HOLY BIBLE, American Bible Society, New York 1875

Bible belonged to parents of Mrs. Frank SHERMAN.
Donors: SHERMAN Family (Mr. Robert M. HEWSON, Orland., Cook County, Illinois; Mrs. Martha HEWSON, Salem.

NEW TESTAMENT, American Bible Society, New York 1873.

Bible from Grandfather's home in Center, Iowa.
Donor: Chuck CONGER. (Mr. Mark CONGER was the grandfather of Chuck. Belle Plain, Sumner Co. (?Casses)

Copied Jan. 15, 1975, by Mrs. Florence Schmitt, Lexington, Nebraska

THE HOLY BIBLE, containing the Old and New Testaments, American
   Bible Society, New York 1883. (Bible of Henry BROWN & Mar RICE, pars. of donor, Ned LANNING)


Henry F. BROWN and Mary K. RICE, by the Rev. S. Y. HARNER, June 31, 1880 at Louden, Iowa,
Witnesses: Ed JOHNSON, W. F. RICE, Wm. COOK.
Harriey L. RHOADS and Maggie E. BROWN, by the Rev. BEERS, May 8th, 1901.
Witnesses (?): Hattie BROWN, H. F. BROWN.
Glenn Rice BROWN and Magdalene GRIEBEL, by the Congregational Pastor,
September 10, 1919 at Douglas., Wyoming.
Ned LANNING and Hattie B. BROWN, by the Rev. Bryant HOWE,
March 2, 1921, at home in Lexington, Nebraska.
Paul BAYLES and Mary Elizabeth RHOADS (granddaughter), by
Judge PALMER at Norton, Kansas, May 22, 1932.

Henry F. BROWN, born Sept. 22, 1845, at East Liberty, Delaware County, Ohio.
Mary K. BROWN, born Jan. 28, 1856, at Louden, Iowa.

Maggie Etta BROWN, April 12, 1881, at York, Nebraska
Hattie Belle BROWN, Jan. 11, 1884, at York, Nebraska
Glenn Rice BROWN, Oct. 27, 1890, at Ringold Precinct, Dawson County, Nebraska.

Mary Elizabeth RHOADS, Aug. 31st, 1913, at Ringold Precinct, Dawson County, Nebraska.

Paul A. BAYLES, husband of Mary Elizabeth RHOADS.
Born April 159 1912 in Lexington, Nebraska. Died July 13, 1945 in Naval
Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Interment in Greenwood cemetery.
Mary Elizabeth BAYLES, Died Feb. 9, 1964 at Seattle, Wash.
Ned LANNING, Died May 3. 1966 at Lexington, Nebraska
Henry F. BROWN, died April 26, 1916. Aged 72 years, 7 months and 4 days.
Funeral at Ringold Church, April 29, 1916. Interment Fairview Cemetery.

Fall 1979      - 94 -

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 95 - Fall 1979
Bible information from Dawson Co. Museum, Lexington, cont'd.

Margaretta B. RHOADS, died Dec. 30, 1929 at Omaha. Funeral at Mother's home, Wednesday,
   January 1st, 1930 at 2:p.m. Rev. HOVIS. Interment in Ringold Cemetery.
Glenn R. BROWN, Died July 19, 1938, at Torrington, Wyoming. Service at Colyers Mortuary. Legion had charge.    At Lexington, July 21st, 1938 at Newman Chapel. Rev. LEMON. Interment in Ringold Cemetery.
Mary K. BROWN, Died June 6. 1941, age 85 years. Funeral at Emerson Chapel. Interment Fairview Cemetery.
Magdalena GRIEBEL, wife of Glenn R. BROWN. Died Nov. 18, 1943. Services at Torrington, Wyo. and Sargent,    Nebraska. Interment in Fairview Cemetery.

OBITUARIES of the following are pasted in the back of the BIBLE.
Mrs. Clarissa BROWN born Binghamton, New York, December 21, 1821. Died West Bona, Iowa.
Eliza A. LINDENBERGER, born Delaware County, Ohio, April 11, 1824. Died Sept. 29, 1891.
Eddie RICE. (no information)
Mrs. Rebecca C. BOYD, born Bethany West Va., April 17, 1853. Died Elm Creek, Nebraska, May 1. 1893.

Information copied on Jan. 15, 1975, by Mrs. LeRoy (Norma) Beans of Cozad, Nebraska.


Owned by Karoline JENSEN, grandmother of donor. They came from Denmark in 1872 and settled at Joliet, Ill. Came to Cozad in 1881. She exclamied (sic) "let's go back to Illinois" as she got off the train and saw only eleven buildings. Mrs. 0. L. LINDGREN, granddaughter, lives where they homesteaded. Donor: Mrs. Harold ANTHONY

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 95 - Fall 1979

From: North Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society NOTES (newsletter) May 1979, Lyons (Burt County), NE

Small Burial Plot, S20, T21N, RIOE.

ELIPHALT LUTHER, U. S. Rifles, War of 1812.
J. Howard, son of J. W. & F. A. FREEMAN, d. May 1, 1881, aged 11 ms. & 21 ds.
Jessie L. of T. B. & M. J. BENNETT, d. Nov. 1, 1879, 1 yr. 1 mo. & 22 ds.
Asher J. son of J. B. & S. B. BOLDON, d. July 29, 187(5 or 7). aged 1 yr. 8 mo. & 9 d.
Our Mother, Mary E., wife of Wm. L. G. TRUAX, d. July 8, 1871, aged 25 yr. 10 mo. 26 d.

Carolee Geiser of Omaha told that her ancestor, Mary E. TRUAX wife of a veteran of the Civil War, had not been privileged to arrive at her now home alive. She had died when close enough to the Nebraska destination that they had brought her body the rest of the way in order that she could be buried near her family's home.

Fall 1979      - 95 -

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 96 - Fall 1979
Abstracted by Glenn Crouch, Omaha NE
Source-"Diamond Jubilee Edition" of Springview Herald (May 1960)


Juan MUNIER                Trader (1789)
Jacques MACKAY             Established Fort Charles in Dakota Co
Lt. G. K. WARREN           Explored Nebraska-Dakota region for U. S. War Dept (1855)
John GORDON                Led Collins-Russell Expedition (1874)
Mrs. Annie D. TALLENT      Possibly first white woman to enter Keya Paha Co (1874)
General CROOK              Established Fort Niobrara (1879)
Eugene HUTCHINSON          Freighter (early 1880's)
John COBLE                 Freighter (early 1880's)
William N. HUDSON          Part owner and manager of Livingston Ranch (1880)
Henry BROCKMAN             Foreman of Livingston Ranch
Gladys HUDSON (KIRSCH)     Dau of William N. HUDSON b at Springview
Early settlers arriving in 1878:
Henry SKINNER              John BEAL             John BEEMAN
lbert LOWE                 Henry RICHARDSON      L. W. GOULD
Alma J. OUTHOUSE           John BERRY            Capt W. F. TARBELL
John KUHNS                 H. W. PALMER          James GRAHAM
Homer WILSON               Milo GOODRICH         MEANS family
Early settlers arriving in 1879:
Ed H. MONROE               F. J. RHODES          Mr. & Mrs. Sam RHODES
Thomas PEACOCK             Pardon MORRIS         John SCHIE's parents
Jules ANCELOT              Fred BERLET           R. S. WOODEN
Early settlers arriving in 1880:
Sol LONG R. LONG           John SULLIVAN         Charley LIBOLT
Early settlers arriving in 1881:
Frank DIXON                Charles LANUE         Major HOOKER
Settled near Carns NE:
Artice A. WENTWORTH        Traveler
Harry LEWIS                Traveler
Doc MIDDLETON              Outlaw
Kid WADE                   Outlaw
White STOCKINGS            Outlaw
Capt. W. F. TARBELL        Civil War veteran from NY
Otto BERGER                Opened dry goods store and grocery store
Mrs. Sally FONSTOCK        Postmistress
Anton KOENIG               Early mail carrier
Other settlers:
Lenna TISUE (HALLOCK)      Has her father, Ezra TISUE's tree claim certificate
Fall 1979      - 96 -

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 97 - Fall 1979

Submitted by Diana NAUGLE FAUST, Omaha, NE
Taken from: Holdrege Daily Citizen, March 8, 1978 - extract

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Harlan Co., NE: Scandinavia Township

1872: Scandinavia Twp. settled in 1872.
Church services at farm homes, by a layman, Olof HEDLUND.
1879, the congregation organized by Rev. S. G LARSON.
John & Anna SJOGREN donated land for the church. (Bldg. sold in 1903).
1875: Cemetery land (across the road) donated by the Swan PETERSONS and John JOHNSONS.
Harold PETERSON of Ragan was caretaker for many years.

1903: present church building erected under Rev. S. G. LARSON.
1913: Dining room added under O.G. BERG.
1918: Parsonage was built in Ragan in 1918 (land donated by Arvid HALL)
August JOHNSON was the only teacher of Sunday School (Swedish language).

1904 confirmation class included: Alma JOHNSON. Minnie OLSON, Amanda PETERSON, Walter and Pauline CARLSON, Manfred ROOS, and Elmer, Lena, and Mary JACOBSON.

Monument: "Erected to the Pioneer Spirit of These Early Settlers of Scandinavia Township."

Incomplete list of ministers who served the church.
1879 Rev. S.G. LARSON
1908 Rev. M.T. ANDREEN
1913 Rev. O.G. BERG
1918 Rev. J.E. BARRINGTON (5 yrs.)
1934-1938 Rev. G.E. LINDSTEEN

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 97 - Fall 1979
Submitted by: Mrs. Erma Cassell Kammerer, Republican City

Small Grave in the pasture of James SCHIPPERT, n.e. corner of NW1/4, 322 (or 21) of Mullally Township, Harlan County. SCHIPPERT has put a fence around the grave.

     Annie daughter of D. C. & M. A. FRISBIE. Died 28 July 1883, Aged 1 month 15 days.

Fall 1979      - 97 -

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 98 - Fall 1979


DOC MIDDLETON, Life and Legends of the Notorious Plains Outlaw, By Howard Hutton, 1974.
   Doc: horse borrower, horse returner (not always to the same person!), gambler, family man, secretive, generous, sometimes sensitive, sometimes distressingly obtuse--in Mr. Hutton's words, Doc develops into a character with whom the reader can be empathetic, although the seamier side of the outlaw's life is never glossed over. "Middleton Country" (north-central Nebraska in the 1870's and '80's) jumps &live with descriptive accounts of real people involved in real chases, shoot-outs, captures or near-captures.
   If you read this book cursorily - if you bypass the notes for each chapter - if you ignore the bibliography and - if you fail to study the family charts following page 240 or the maps inside each cover, you still will get a vivid picture of Doc Middleton's life - but you will lose the marvelous secondary story of Mr. Hutton's unflagging search for the truth. And that search should be a model and an inspiration for genealogists, Mr, Hutton pinpoints his sources. He gives both sides when an issue is hazy -- offering a good case in favor of his own interpretation, but allowing the reader to draw his own conclusion. Obviously he was thorough in his research -- it shows in this well disciplined book, (Review by Peg Zubrick, Omaha)

Book donated by: Mrs, Marvel Skinner Bearg, Ainsworth

*NSGS NE Ancestree Vol II No. 3, page 154 corrects the author's name to Harold Hutton.

Cemetery Records of Red Willow County Nebraska, compiled by Robert T. Ray; published 1979 by Southwest Nebraska Genealogical Society, Box 6, McCook 68310.
   Cemeteries located in Red Willow County are: Memorial Park (Longview), Calvary, Riverview, St. Catherine's. Cedar Grove (Indianola), Bartley, St, John's (Ash Creek), Trinity Lutheran, Zion Hill, Danbury. Marion, Hamburg* Lebanon, Tyrone, Pleasant Prairie, Fairview, Dry Creek, Box Elder, Church of Christ. Cemetery locations are identified by town or precinct.
   The book is indexed by surname, then by given name, with only the year of birth and death stated, and then coded by number to the particular cemetery. The well prepared compilation is spiral bound and one inch thick. Contact the SWNGS for purchase information.


Fall 1979      - 98 -

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