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Volume Two, no. 1
Summer 1979

Vol 2, no. 1, page 1 - Summer 1979
Submitted by: Mrs. Merlin Hulse, Exeter. Compiled by Faye Petersen 1977.


Located McFadden Township 3 1/2 m S 1 m W of Waco I-80 Interchange.

BAYLES, Charlotte      1817-1871

BETCHER, Rosannah      b 8 Apr 1862
     & inf son Frederick    d 8 Feb 188?

BROWN, Vricilla wf of G.W.      b 12 Jan 1857 d 16 Oct 1882;
     Willis son of G.W.&V.C.      3 Jul 1882-28 Oct 1882

BUCY, Charles R.      27 Jun 1886-13 Mar 1955
     Blanche I. wf of Charles R.      26 Dec 1890-14 Oct 1964

GILMORE, Catharine wf of J.R.      d 10 Jun 1883 ag 39 y 6 m 15 d
     inf son of J.R. & C.E.      10 Jan 1875-17 Mar 1875
     inf dau of J.R. & C.E.      1 d
     Florence dau of J.R. & C.E.      d 22 May 1883 ag 16 y 5 m 19 d
     Arminda J. (Aunt Min)      7 Oct 1857-2 May 1937
     Elias      Preston Co WV      12 Mar 1812-20 Aug 1898
     Huldah      wf of Elias Fayett Co Pa      5 Nov 1816-29 Oct 1892;
     John W.      19 Apr 1853-9 Feb 1915
     Oden Sebastian      4 May 1878 at Blue Vale-16 Jun 1951 at York
     Orton Eugene      27 Dec 1879 - 9 Feb 1887
     Robert L.      16 Mar 1889-2 Feb 1936
     Sebastian (Boss)      21 Mar 1847-4 Jun 1943
     Lura R. wf of Sebastian      15 Apr 1852-6 Mar 1914
     Luther son of S. & L.      5 Mar 1877 3 m 20 d
     Evalena dau of S. & L.      22 Dec 1872 14 d
     Adas ch of A.&L.      28 Jan 1878 5 y 1 d
     Belva E. Dau of S. & L.      15 Jan 1882 2 y 18 d
     Ernest son of S. & L.      10 Jan 1887 6 y 5 m 10 d
     Lieut Wilson C.     b 5 Aug 1913 killed in action Anzio Italy 5 Mar 1944 WW Vet

COREY, Minna dau of A.G. & M.C.      5 Jan 1874 1 m 27 d
     Orville J. son of A.g. & M.C.      27 Sep 1878 3 y 1 m 17 d
     Lucy E. dau of A.G. & M.C.      20 Mar 1884 5 y 2 m 1 d

HADAMAN, Mary Anne      10 Sep 1823-24 Mar 1871 ag 48

PFLUG, Dolly      1871

RANDALL, Ira      15 Mar 1882 ag 65 y 5 m 3 d Veteran 1861-1865

E.G. (not readable)

DUTTON, Bettie M. son of S.J. & Ella      d ? May 1887 1 y 7 m

Summer 1979     - 1 -

Vol 2, no. 1, page 2 - Summer 1979
Submitted by: Mrs. Marvel Skinner Bearg, Ainsworth
Compiled 1916 by Mrs. Lillian L. JONES. (Abstracts from the booklet.)


Early ranchers prior to '80:
     Boiling Springs ranch, owned by CARPENTER & MOREHEAD.
     J. P. ranch on the Niobrara about 12 miles below Boiling Springs.
     NEWMANN ranch, 21 miles west of Boiling Springs.
     HUNTER ranch due south of Gordon.
J. A. MORRIS built the bridge near the present site of Carns in Keya Paha County.
O'NEILL FRONTIER, newspaper in the 1880's.
Early freighters
(still alive in 1916): L. W. GOULD; W. G. TOWNSEND,
John and George BERRY had contract for stage line to Fort Niobrara after it was established in 1880,
BASSETT ranch in Long Pine canyon was a stage station. The log cabin still stands near KYNER'S mill, which was the home of John DANKS who had charge of the station.
COOK'S ranch on Bone creek was a post office. Ed COOK, postmaster.
Early ranchers:
     COOK & TOWER at mouth of Bone creek.
     A. M. BRINCKERHOFF at mouth of Pine creek.
     G. W. HOLENSTEIN, where HULSHIZER'S now reside.
     J. W. ROSELLE; James ABERNATHY and G. W. KIRKPATRICK lived further up the river.
     BRINCKERHOFF came in 1879.
     COOK & TOWER came very early. Others came around 1880.
Those who came to Long Pine canyon in the late 70's:
     Rev. SKINNER.
2 miles further down the creek - Jas. GRAHAM; Bates & Mike KERNAUS.
1880: F. E. STOCKWELL, employed at COOK'S ranch. He had 5 girls and 2 boys. One daughter, Mrs. John COLEMAN,
     resides at Ainsworth and others at Bassett.
At Johnstown in 1880: John BERRY: Rev. Elias FRAME; Jeremian FRAME.
At Ainsworth, Ed. T. COOK and Dr. G. W. TOWER owned Bone creek ranch.
    It was later known as Cook ranch. Buildings across the creek, north west of this city, near present home of W. D. McANDREW. In October 1879, Mrs. N. J. OSBORN and daughter, Nannie, came to live on this ranch.
Henry WOODWARD located here in 1880, where the home of John SALZMAN is now. He later built a store where E. R. TAYLOR now lives.
R. R. LULL had a homestead north of WOODWARD'S where Fred HONAKER farms.
John BRILL built house on claim of Mrs. OSBORN and Nannie.

In 1881, L. W. GOULD filed a claim east of town.
W. T. WOODS, who had been on his brother's ranch near Stuart, filed on what is now the REMY place, where W. O. MONNETT resides.
In May: Leroy HALL, Ed. CHENEY & John DeWOODY hired Frank MERRITHEW to bring them from Atkinson to file claims.
     CHENEY took the quarter known as the BAKER tree claim.
     About the same time the CARPENDERS; W. G. TOWNSEND; B. M. CHASE and E. D. FANCHER settled.
     Also Casper LUCHKILLER, Sr., and J. L. BRIGGS.

Summer 1979     - 2 -

Vol 2, no. 1, page 3 - Summer 1979
Brown County cont'd.

The FE&MV RR reached Neligh in 1880 and Long Pine in October 1881, It extended west to D. B. SHORTS near
     where Chas. ALBERTS, Sr. now lives. Survey was made on R. R. LULL'S place. Engineer in charge was
     A. E. AINSWORTH of Missouri Valley. He was known as "Cap". The town was named for him.

In December 1882, Frank SELLORS and Merritt GRIFFITHS circulated a petition asking the legislature to pass an act
     establishing a new county from unorganized territory lying west of Holt county. Bills defining the boundaries of
     Brown county were introduced; one in the senate by Moses P. KINKAID of the 12th district; the other in the
     house by Frank NORTH of the 23rd district. Gov. DAWES passed the bill on 19 February 1883. Ed. COOK,
     T. J. SMITH and Leroy HALL went to Lincoln in interest of the new county. DAWES appointed:
     D. B. SHORT, clerk; D. D. Carpender, Thos PEACOCK, I. N. ALDERMAN, commissioners.
     J. L. HARRIMAN appointed superintendent of schools.
Special election, 19 July, following were elected:
     Clerk: C. W. STANNARD
     Judge: S. G. SPARKS
     Treasurer: John STALEY
     Sheriff: John SULLIVAN
     Supt. of Schools: W. G. TOWNSEND
     Coroner: Albert PALMER
     Commissioners: 1st dist., Pardon A. MORRIS; 2nd dist. D. B. SHORT; 3rd dist., D. D. CARPENDER.
Ainsworth was made the permanent county seat.
     John SULLIVAN failed to qualify. Jasper STANLEY was appointed sheriff.
     SULLIVAN & COOK were appointed stock brand inspectors.
First meetings of Board rented at REED'S hall in old SNELL building.

J. S. CARNAHAN, foreman for bridge construction in 1883.
     First bridges set aside by the county, was at MEAD'S ranch and was opened for use 9 Dec. 1885.
     MEAD & STOKES had a ferry boat.

New county officers in 1883: B. H. McGREW; J. A. PLYMPTON; H. J. SIMPSON; J. H. SPAFFORD; J. F. BURNS.
     In June 1883, Mrs. N. J. OSBORN gave a small building for a jail.

On 14 October 1884, a petition signed by Ralph LEWIS, John A. PLYMPTON and 243 others to detach a portion of Brown county and erect the same to a new county to be known as Keya Paha. In 1888 Rock county was formed from Brown. In January 1884, Mrs. OSBORN deeded to Brown county the ground where the court house now stands.

Names mentioned in 1886: J. W. ALDEN; Henry WOODWARD; P. D. McANDREW; Leroy HALL; L. K. ALDER; S. P. HART.


AINSWORTH incorporate as a village, 2 Dec. 1883. Signers were: William H. ORCUTT; Frank SELLORS; P. P. SHADE; Nannie OSBORN; R. M. MUNSON; P. D. McAndrew. Early businesses: TRACY & GLOVER; J. D. CRAWFORD; John DeBROWN; HALL & CHANEY; MERITHEW; BRIDGEFORD; MUNSON & ACKERMAN; H. P. SUTTON; BURN; George REED. T. J. SMITH, postmaster, Railroad agent was O. B. RIPPEY, followed by L. A. RODWELL.

First birth is said to have been a son to Leroy HALL and wife in 1882.

Summer 1979     - 3 -

Vol 2, no. 1, page 4 - Summer 1979
Brown County cont'd.

First pair of twins were born to Mr. & Mrs. W. H. MAGILL, 24 August 1880 on Pine creek.

First death: Mrs. YOUNG in Ainsworth.
     In the west part of the county, Alfred CHASE, brother of Byron, died of accidental shooting.
     Edgar CRANDALL died by shooting. Both buried in Grand Prairie cemetery, the first in the county.

Dan CARPENDER accepted flag on behalf of the Grand Prairie community for the largest delegation on the first 4th of July celebration in 1882. His daughter, Mrs. P. J. HOIST, still has the flag.

Lee GOULD and Went CONWAY brought the Christmas tree for first Christmas exercises at the railroad depot in 1882.

First fair was held at Nannie OSBORN'S claim southwest of town.
     Glen NESBIT took prize as prettiest baby.
     Millie CHENEY received a prize for the most accomplished young lady. Presented by H. P. SUTTON.

First newspaper, THE WESTERN NEWS, was established by T. J. SMITH. SMITH later with AINSWORTH STAR later with STAR JOURNAL.
Second newspaper, THE JOURNAL, established 3 July 1884 by Leroy HALL.

Sunday school was held at home of L. W. GOULD and later in waiting room of the depot. Rev. W. W. THOMAS, itinerant preacher, held services at Long Pine, Ainsworth & Johnstown. Rev. Elias FRAME, a homesteader, also held services. A Sunday school organizer, Frady, assisted. Birdie BRlDGEFORD, W. D. McCORD, singers, Mollie STOCKWELL organist.

First term of court: 27 Nov. 1883 with F. B. TIFFANY presiding. Jurors: H. S. POTTER, W. D. McCORD, O. B. RIPPEY, C. F. BARNES, F. W. SELLORS, A. L. SISSON.

Charles W. WYMAN of Carns, Nebr. was issued, on 10 April 1882, first land patent within the limits of Brown Co. by the U.S. Gov't. from the Valentine land office.
Charles R. SWETT, land patent on 13 August 1883.

Mrs. Mary WADE taught first school in 1882 near Bone creek.
First school in Ainsworth was held the following year in a residence where the C. F. HOWE home now is.
     Judge S. G. SPARKS, teacher.
     The next year Mrs. O. B. RIPPEY & A. W. SMITH, teachers.
     A school was built later where D. H. TROXEL'S home is now.
First teachers exam given in 1883 by Supt. J. L. HARRIMAN.
     Applicants: Millie CHENEY Minnie BRIGGS and A. W. SCATTERGOOD (a graduate from Cambridge Un.)
In 1894 teachers' institute conducted by Supt. W. G. TOWNSEND.
     Teachers: Lou RICHMOND, Lou BAIN, Nellie MURPHY.

First marriage: L. D. BATES & Miss Columbia L. MILLS on 8 Sept. 1883.
     Next marriages: Harry L. BROWN & Louisa HUMTSAKER
     Charles W. STANNARD & Juva MELINS
     Daniel D. BENNETT & Julia A. CARNS
     Jasper STANLEY & Martha E. BERGE

"Dirty" SMITH & family were first to occupy ground near village of Long Pine.

Three original buildings erected in 1881 in Long Pine still stand and are now occupied by Marion POTTER, H. E. THOMAS, and the residence owned by Mrs. Albert WINKLEY.

Some early residents of Long Pine: Carleton PETTIJOHN, Isaac MILLS, Theron FORD, Abe BAILEY, John W. VARGISON, Nels RINGSRUD, Henry TABLER, Ed. RYAN, Sargeant O'LEARY, W. H. MAGILL, Henry DANKS, John and Henry LEADIS, Granville BUTLER, John HILL, Charles and Thos.

Summer 1979     - 4 -

Vol 2, no. 1, page 5 - Summer 1979
Brown County cont'd.

Mrs. FOWLER and daughter kept the first eating house.
Dr. LEARN taught the first school.
Johnstown was homesteaded by John BERRY, who drove the mail stage.
Harrison JOHNSON was postmaster of first postoffice on Plum creek, called Evergreen - in 1881.
In 1882, W. H. MARRINER opened the first general store.
In 1883, George WEBER of Lincoln started a general store; in 1884 he opened a bank.
FARLEIGH & DIAMOND put in a stock of drugs in 1884. Dr. FARLEIGH was the first physician.
W. G. TOWNSEND held school in 1882 at the Harrison JOHNSON place.
First school within the limits of Johnstown precinct was taught by A. W. SCATTERGOOD in 1883.
     Lou RICHMOND taught there in 1884. TOWNSEND taught in Johnstown that year.

Vol 2, no. 1, page 5 - Summer 1979

Marriage Licenses issued that appeared in THE SALINE COUNTY DEMOCRAT,
Wilber, NE, 9 February 1909.

Submitted by: Mrs. D. JoAnn Schiefelbein, Wichita, KS

Edw. BRHAL, Lancaster County, age 22
Josephine MIKA, Plattsmouth, age 21

ImageWalter W. WERNER Saline County, age 24
Emelia ENGEL, Saline County, age 24

Frank J. VAVRA, Crete, age 22
Mary ZNANEUACEK, Crete, age 21

Arthur NICKEL, Western, age 21
Marha HOWE, Western, age 18

Edward ROHLA, Saline County, age 26
Barbara POTUCEK, Saline County, age 20

Lewis SWARTZENDRUBER, Dorchester, age 23
Nellie HAMILTON, Longmont, Colorado, age 22

Joseph PICHA, Thayer County, age 23
Emma WINKLER, Saline County, age 22
(They were married by Judge WILD on 9 February)

Vol 2, no. 1, page 5 - Summer 1979

Marriage Licenses issued that appeared in THE FAIRBURY JOURNAL,
Fairbury, NE, 22 February 1923 (Jefferson County)

Submitted by: Mrs. D. JoAnn Schiefelbein, Wichita, KS

Ira SMITH, Edgar, Neb., age 21
Verna HICOCK, Edgar, Neb., age 21

Fred K. HAGER, Fairbury, Neb., age 29
Antoinette W. CORNERUS, Fairbury, Neb., age 28

Summer 1979     - 5 -

Vol 2, no. 1, page 7 - Summer 1979
Submitted by: Mrs. Marge Farrens, Bonners Ferry, ID

Wayne Co.
Children of Mr. and Mrs. Otto WILLERS        WOEHLER                  
          Mamie D.                           William
      August 22, 1911                       1840-1915  
      August 10, 1915
           Fritz                               Carl
     February 18, 1913                      SPLITTGERGER 
       August 10, 1915                      July 9, 1825
                                           April 7, 1904 

This cemetery is 1 mile east of Altona.

Summer 1979     - 7 -

Vol 2, no. 1, page 8 - Summer 1979
Submitted by: Mrs. Janet Jeffries Spencer, Crete, NE


Brush Creek Precinct is 5 1/2 m S, 2 m E, 1/2 m S of Pleasant Hill
transcribed 16 Jan 1972 by Mrs. Janet JEFFRIES & Jeanne BUSBOOM WILLIAMS.

AKINS, Margaret      d 23 Dec 1877 ag 9 y 4 m 5 d

BELOHALAVY, Vilhem      1899-1900 (this inscription is on Adam KARMAN stone)

BOALEN, Anna E. wf of D.      d 15 Aug 1879 ag 33 y
     Daniel Co      C 21 Ky Inf (no dates)
     Ellen 5      May 1860-22 Jul 1934

BULLIS, Jennie B dau of J.A. & A.C.      d 26 Nov 1879 ag 2 y 2 m
     Silas      d 22 Aug 1884 ag 60 y 4 m 6 d
     Jennie M. dau of Silas & Jane      d 19 May 1873 ag 2 y

Summer 1979     - 8 -

Vol 2, no. 1, page 9 - Summer 1979
Saline County Unnamed Cemetery cont'd.

COATES, Hamilton J. 2 Jun 1840-2 Dec 1911 5th Wi Bttry L.A. Volunteer
     Lucy B. dau of H.J. & S.S. d 3 Aug 1892 ag 1 y 3 m 3 d
     Susan S. wf of Hamilton J. 9 Jul 1850-7 Aug 1898

DEMILT, Emily E. dau of J.A. & N.E. b & d 3 Dec 1885

FREOUF, Jan 31 Rina (Oct) 1848-9 Dubna (Apr) 1908
      Anna 11 List (Nov) 1825-10 Kvetna (May) 1888
     Julie 13 Cervna (Jun) 1879-26 Zari (Aug) 1881

FORD, David N. d 7 Oct 1887 ag 48 y;
     Willis son of A.C. & L.A. d 6 Oct 1883 ag 1 m

HAJEK, Frantisek 6 Jan 1865-5 May 1914
     Jan (no dates)
     Katerina wf of Jan b Voslasovich Kraj Kralohnadichy d 5 Sep 1894 ag 68 y
     Emma 10 Nov 1861-5 Jun 1899 wf of Vaclav
     Marie wf of Frantisek 6 Jan 1878-11 May 1918

HAYDEN, Effie M. dau of N.B. & R.J. d 5 Dec 1885 ag 11 m 9 d

HAYEK, Vaclav b Divec Kraj Krahi Hradec d 13 Aug 1899 ag 42 y

HOOVER, Adam 7 Dec 1814-22 Feb 1893
     Elizabeth Ann 17 Feb 1817-7 Sep 1892
     Jacob R. 1855-1930 son

HUDSON, Bertha wf of G.W. d 27 Aug 1889 ag 28 y 11 m 20 d

KARMAN, Adam 1844-1924
     Anna A. Barbora d 22 Dec 1880 ag?
     Frantiska no dates
     Marie wf of Adam 1839-1915

KASPAREK, Frantisek d 18 Oct 1891 ag 71 y

LAWSON, Jacob b Norway 5 Oct 1818-29 Dec 1897 ag 79 y 2 m 24 d

MONG, David son of W.H. & E.S. d 7 Jul 1880 ag 8 m 17 d
     Elizabeth S. 1850 - 1932 Mother
     Ford 1885-1909 son; Inez F. d 6 Jun 1894 ag 3 y 5 m
     Jennie J. d 20 Feb 1895 ag 20 y
     Lewie son of W.H. & E.S. 27 Nov 1883-26 Nov 1884
     William Co E 150 Ind Inf no dates
     William H. 1877-1952 son

SHIREY, Freddie d 21 Oct 1887 ag 5 m 17 d son of G. & S.
     Job d 2 Feb 1892 ag 19 y 2 m 12 d son of G. & S.
     Rowland A. d 28 Aug 1876 ag 10 m 24 d son of G. & S
     Sarah 1846-1897

SMOTHERS, Daniel d 5 Jun 1881 ag 69 y 3 m ? (hard to read)

WEDGEWOOD, George son of J.G. & L.A. d 5 Jun 1883 ag 3 y 6 m 22 d
     Jerehmiah G. 25 Sep 1849-1 May 1923
     Laura A. wf of Jerehmiah 11 Nov 1848-27 Feb 1923
     Nathaniel son of J.G. & L.A. d 21 Jan 1880 ag 16 y 6 m 17 d
     Nathaniel G. d 5 Mar 1880 ag 69 y 9 m 8 d

Summer 1979      - 9 -

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