NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol I, no 3
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume One, no. 3
Winter 1978

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 128 Winter 1978
A-Submitted by Catherine Renschler, Juniata Ne
Protestant Bible in possession of George Renschler, Superior Ne


   Births: G.F. RENSCHLER 15 May 1842 Germany; C.A. HANNA 22 Mar 1844 Abington, Luzerne Co Pa; Sarah T. RENSCHLER 26 Oct 1867 Terrytown, Bradford Co Pa; Mary E. 23 Jul 1870 Jackson, Livingston Co Mo; John H. 13 Nov 1871 Jackson, Livingston Co Mo; Emma M. I Aug 1873 Jackson, Livingston Co Mo; Willie F. 6 Apr 1875 Jackson, Livingston Co Mo; here the handwriting and ink changes with each birth; Guy Lester It Mar 1877; Pearle Esther 24 Dec 1878; Ledith D. 26 Aug 1881; Tully D. 7 Sep 1883 Sampsel, Livingston Co Mo; Arthur Lewis 27 Mar 1885 Sampsel, Livingston Co Mo; Harley J. 17 Mar ___ Sampsel, Livingston Co Mo.

   Marriages: In Madison Co Il 6 Aug 1865 by the Rev. J.H. HOLLOWAY, Mr. G.F. RENSCHLER & Miss C.A. HANNA, both of South Branch, Bradford Co Pa. In Sampsel Livingston Co Mo 30 Dec 1886 by Rev. F.B. BANE, Mr. Riley BOONS & Miss Sadie T. RENSCHLER, both of Sampsel, Mary E. RENSCHLER m Joe WIGFIELD 21 Aug 1869. Emma M. RENSCHLER m James MANSFIELD 10 Jul 1892. Pearl E. RENSCHLER m Frank BOONE 8 Mar 1895, John H. RENSCHLER m Stella WIGFIELD I Apr ____. Guy L. RENSCHLER m Ellen WALKER 25 May 1899.

   Deaths: Willie F. RENSCHLER 29 Sep 1876 Jackson, Livingston Co Mo; Ledith D. RENSCHLER 25 Feb 1886 Sampsel, Livingston Co Mo; John H. RENSCHLER 19 Apr 1930; Mary E. RENSCHLER __ Jan 1938; George Frederick RENSCHLER 26 Jun 1917 Jackson township, Jewel Co Ks; Charlotte Amanda RENSCHLER 12 Apr 1918 Jackson township, Jewell Co Ks.

   Obituary found in Bible: George Frederick RENSCHLER was born in Wittenburg, Germany 15 May 1842 d 26 Jun 1917 aged 75 y. He leaves his wife, nine children, 29 grandchildren and 8 greatgrandchildren. He came to this country when 17 and located in Bradford Co Pa where he followed the trade of shoemaker. In 1861 he enlisted in Co 1 6 Pa Reg served three years, then reenlisted in Co E 191 Pa Reserves. He was married to Charlotte A. HANNA 6 Aug 1865. In the spring of 1870 he moved to Livingston Co Mo and from there to the home in Jewell Co Ks. He was christened in the Lutheran Church, was a member of Post 29 G.A.R. of Chillicothe, Mo. Services conducted at M.E. Church at Webber Ks. Interment in Webber Cemetery.

G.A.R. Lodge, Upland, Franklin County 5 Sep 1902 Officers: C.A. GRISWOLD, James HOOK, Sr; Isaac FOUNTAIN, Jr.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 129 Winter 1978
A-Submitted by Mrs. John Lesta Westmore, Omaha Ne

Source Commencement announcements 1917 & 1924


   1917 Class roll: Robert I. BALLOU, Olive V. BEST, Blanche BOTKER, Helen C. DOWD, Claire B. FARRELL, Lilliam M. HOWELL, Tillie C. JANECEK, Robert J. JONAS, Adela E. KRULA, D. Lucile MAPES, Pauline M. MISEK, Dean MONTGOMERY, Ferne L. NANCE, Joe J. OTRADOVSKY, Vera C. POLLARD, Elden M. SHONKA, Mathylde SOUDEK, Joe J. STASTNY, Will T. SUMPTION, Eva SVANTNER, Vera VAN HOUSEN, Viola L. A. VERBA, Ivan C. WERTZ, Louise M. ZUELOW.

   Board of Education: L.H. SIXTA, pres; Geo. W. WERTZ, v. p; Jaroslav FOLDA, sec; D.W. KILLEEN, H.C. WRIGHT, R.O. BROWNELL.

   Faculty: J.A. TRUE, superintendent; R.B. BEDELL, principal senior high; Louise LYON, history; Dora G. NYROP, normal training; Hazel TEETER, languages; Margaret BEAL, domestic science; W.J. HOUMARK, science; F., Ralston MOURN, principal junior high; Mildred CUBA, English; Selma KAUF, German; Zola OCHILTREE, junior sciences; Beulah HUTCHINSON, commercial; Henry M. ROBB, manual training.

   Invocations Rev. Wm. ALBRIGHT. Address: Dr. Fred Morrow FLING.

   1920 Class roll: College Prep Course: Ruth Laura DAVIS, Mary Evelyn FARRELL, Helen Wilhelmina GAETH, Willis J. HIGGINS, Vernon R. HAGENBUCK, Frank J. MAREK, Louis J. SEVERYN, E. Emerson SMATLAN. Normal training and college prep courses: Lola Elzara COOK, Bessie Anna DODENDORF, Alice Catherine GAVIN, Mildred Elizabeth WIGINGTON, Mildred Margaret KEMP, Mildred Elizabeth MOORE, Helen Francis ZUELOW. Commercial courses Joseph E. BOSH, Libbie Marie BOSH, Emil C. CECH, Elizabeth Leoline CHASE, Lillian Ethyl HANSEN, Hazel Irene HARZKE, Flora Jessie MCKENZIE, Helen Barbara SHONKA, Frank J. WOMOCIL, Bernice R. WIGINGTON. Elective course: Stephen V. MORGAN, Lottie Maria PAVLICEK.

   Board of Educations E.A. SCHMID, Dr. L.H. SIXTA, Gerald EHERNBERGER, J.W. EDGAR, Joseph E. SMATLAN, Walter B. SADILEK.

   Faculty: I.G. WILSON, superintendent; John G.L. HANLON, principal sr high, Florence BUFFINGTON, science; Georgia C. TUTTLE, history; Hattie M. PROCHAZKA, normal training; Anna M. BOOTH, principal jr high; Blanche ARMBRUSTER, history & English; Ethel OLSEN, English; Edith AITKENS, domestic science; Elizabeth CASTEK, commercial; Edward E. AZTHELM, manual training; Stella DUNCAN, penmanship & geography; Elva MORGAN, Latin.

   Baccalaureate address: Rev. G.M. GATES: Commencement address: J.J. BOUCHER.

   1924 Class roll: Louise ARNOLD, Bart BECKER, Myrtle L. BECKUIS, Helen BRABEC, Florence BURGESS, Dolores CAVANAUGH, Freda CORDES, Margaret CUNNINGHAM, Margaret D. DOWN, John A. DWORAK, Valma EACKER, Marcella EHERNBERGER, Helen FARRELL, Louise FRISBIE, Harold GRIER, Randolph Charles GROW, Clarice HALSTEAD, Thomas J. HIGGINS, Helen HIGGINS, Luvone JENKINS, Edwin JONAS, Edward KOUDELE, Margaret MAREK, Charles CHILDRESS, Elva HASHBERGER, Verna MUELICH, Lumir F. OTRADOVSKY, Irma V. PERRY, Vlasta M. POLORNY, Helen QUICK, John RILEY, Alice RILEY, Merle E. SCHMIDT, Dorothy A. SCHRADER, Harold SCHMIDT, Delma SCHULTZ, Alice A. SMATLAN, Frances SMERSH, Katherine SMITH, Leita STROHM, Anna SULC, Joe SVOBODA, John TERNES, Marguerite TULLY, Catherine VARLEY, Beatrice VANHOUSEN, Lucille VAVRA, Mary VONDRA, Helen MARES.

Every man has an existence worth looking into.   Arthur Miller, "Country Journal"

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 130 Winter 1978

A-Submitted by Catherine Renschler, Juniata Ne 68901
Protestant Bible in possession of Mrs. John Jurgena, Hastings Ne (1849)


   Written on the inside front cover of the Bible was the following: This certifies that at the house of J.E. KIMBALL in the village of Jefferson, Jefferson County, and state of Wisconsin, on the evening of 7 Apr 1863, Hiram H. KIMBALL & Maria M. PHILLIPS both of the village aforesaid, were united in marriage by the undersigned. John KIMBALL & Hubbard PHILLIPS witness. Attested E.L. WALDO, Minister of the gospel 7 Apr 1863.

   Births: Himar BEMIS 14 Jul 1798; Sally Ann HOWLET 28 Jun 1807; Lois Amanda BEMIS 13 Jun 1823; Cyrus W. BEMIS 14 Apr 1825; Sally W. 25 Feb 1827; Hiram BEMIS 15 Jan 1829; Samuel M. 15 Mar 1831; Clark 6 Apr 1833; Emma Adeline BEMIS 6 Nov 1835; Amherst J. 8 Jul 1838; Annis J. 8 Jul 1838; Celestia Ann 25 Jun 1840; Frelove 12 Nov 1842; Melissa M. 23 Nov 1844; Norman F. 20 Mar 1849; Lanon 8 Sep 1853; Hubbard PHILIPS 27 Jan 18161 Lois A. BEMIS 13 Jun 1823; Eveline PHILIPS 12 Apr 1843; Hiram J. PHILIPS 25 Sep 1844; Maria PHILIPS 29 Jan 1846; Charles 12 Aug 1848; George 28 Aug 1850; Lucy Ann 16 Mar 1852; Edwin S. 19 Feb 1854; Jerome C. 2 Dec 1856; Annis L. PHILIPS 20 Jan 1860; H.H. KIMBALL 3 Apr 1843; M.M. KIMBALL 20 Jan 1846; Willie KIMBALL 13 Apr 1864; G.F. KIMBALL 7 Aug 1865; B.I. 23 Feb 1870; L.I. KIMBALL 31 Oct 1876; Ruth A. KIMBALL 4 Jun 1882; S.C. MOORE 5 Feb 1869; S.H. KIMBALL 17 Mar 1889; A.C. HAYES 21 Apr 1889; C.I. HAYES 9 Oct 1890; C.W. KIMBALL 17 Jun 1892?; Agnes A. HAYES 24 Aug 1892.

   Marriages: Hubbard PHILIPS & Lois A. BEMIS 3 Jul 1842; H.H. KIMBALL & M.M. PHILLIPS 7 Apr 1863; G.F. KIMBALL & S.C. MOORE 25 Mar 1888; Harmon HAYES & B. KIMBALL 30 Sep 1888; L.L. KIMBALL & Rose LARKINS 27 Sep 1899; Andrew B. WYMORE & Ina C. HAYES 23 Feb 1910; Aarah HAYES & Ella THOMPSON I Feb 1911; Agnes HAYES & Sam WILLETT 18 Dec 1912; Lawrence HAYES & Carrie DAVIDSON 10 Sep 1913; Harmon HAYES & Ruth KIMBALL I Aug 1914.

   Deaths: Edwin S. PHILIPS 10 Oct 1855; Willie KIMBALL 11 Sep 1865; Lois A. PHILLIPS 18 May 1881; Hubbard A. PHILLIPS 31 Dec 1892; Hiram H. KIMBALL 28 Apr 1903; Berna Edith HAYES 2 Apr 1914; Hiram J. PHILLIPS 15 Feb 1906; Guendalin Opay HAYES 7 Nov 1907; George W. PHILLIPS 7 Apr 1908; Harmon HAYES 19 Oct 1908; Bertha HAYES 4 Apr 1910; Harmon HAYES 23 Oct 1937; Charles L. PHILLIPS 23 Apr 1900?; Maria M. KIMBALL 10 Jun 1917; Frank KIMBALL 27 Jun 1917; Lyford KIMBALL 11 Jan 1932; Guilda ____? 30 1951; Earl HAYES 3 Apr 1943

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 131 Winter 1978

A-Submitted by Clarice Andersen, Blair Ne 68008

Source "75th Anniversary Booklet" 23 Jun 1957 of Mrs. Helen JORGENSEN, Blair Ne


   Our Church began holding Sunday School in the MCCONNELL school house in the early eighties, with preaching whenever a circuit rider could come to them. Before long they met at the home of H.H. HOAGLAND to organize a Methodist Class Meeting. We find these names: Madison & Lorna KIRK, parents of Mrs. Martin CHRISTIANSEN: Mrs. MITCHELL, the mother of Mrs, Lorna KIRK: Esther A. MCCONNELL, O.D. MCCONNEL: the H.H. HOAGLANDs; J.W.HOAGLAND; Ashley & Adelia RICKER, Hester MAUCH, & Jennie FORBES. A little later the Joseph CRIPPENs, Martin CHRISTIANSENs, Gideon YOUNG, Guy STONEs, Charles MILLERs, Perry ABYs, A.H. RICKER & Lou BATEs.

   Several of these people are the forefathers of those now serving the Church. The families of Lawrence & Marvin SHEARER & Arlo CHRISTIANSEN are the 6th generation of the Mrs. MITCHELL & Madison KIRKS. The sons of Philip WESTROM represent the 4th generation of the H.H. HOAGLAND family. The young people of the Ralph SNODGRASS, Vernard YOUNG & Kenneth YOUNG families are the 4th generation from Gideon YOUNG. There are also several 3rd generation families.

   The Church membership included 75 full members, 24 probationers, 114 Sunday School with Rev. E.E. HOSMAN as pastor. Mr. Lou BATES gave the land and in 1893-1894 a parsonage was built with a committee of P.C. ABY, E.C. MCCONNELL, A.H. RICKER & Martin CHRISTIANSEN with Rev, William STANNER, pastor. 1900 found Rev. L.A. COOK as pastor, then came Rev. H.P. WILLIAMS, 1904 Rev. J.C. GALLOWAY. In 1907 new members were Edgar AUBERT & Cheater HANSEN, who are still active members and have the longest continuous memberships in our church. 1912-1915 Rev. SALA, four years during World War I Rev. MOREY, 1922-1924 Rev. LAEGER during which time a new church building was erected with committee members C.E. CHRISTIANSEN, Vernon MUNGER, & Charles YOUNG. In 1924 Rev. & Mrs. E.A. SMITH & Dorothy served, & she m. John W. BOYDSTON 1 Aug 1934 and they are still members. In 1935 Rev. E.W. NYE and son Lawrence were pastor until Rev. & Mrs. T.W. SHEPARD came in May 1938.

   Incomplete membership lists 1881 - Esther A. MCCONNELL, H.H. HOAGLAND, O.D. MCCONNELL, Madison & Lorna KIRK, Adelia & Ashley RICKER; 1882 - Mrs. Martin CHRISTIANSEN, Charles KIRK, Heater MAUCK; 1883 - Jennie FORBES; 1884 - Charles T. MILLER; 1886 - Mr. & Mrs. Joseph CRIPPEN; 1887 - Martin CHRISTIANSEN; 1888 - Guy STONE, Hanna MCCONNELL STONE; 1897 - Clara ARBOGAST, Etta GOODSPEED.

   Roll of Pastors: 1879-1881 William CARTER; 1881 S.H. TUCKER; 1883-1887 C.G. ROUSE; 1887-1888 D.T. OLCOTT; 1888 S.S. BEAR; 1889 R.E. NEIL; 1890-1892 E.E. HOSMAN; 1892-1893 William SLOTHOWER; 1893-1894 William STANNER; 1894 L.V. PRESCOTT; 1894 J.M. ELDREGE: 1894-1895 G.W. DAMON; 1895-1896 R.N. THROCKMORTON; 1896-1898 E.C. THORPE; 1898-1900 Norten E. WOOD; 1900-1902 L.A. COOK; 1902-1903 H.P. WILLIAMS; 1903-1904 H.A. HORNADY; 1904-1907 James G. GALLOWAY; 1907-1909 N.M. SOMERVILLE; 1909-1910 H.W. RUMMELL; 1910-1911 Charles L. DIX; 1911-1912 John H. ALLEN; 1912-1915 F.E. SALA; 1915-1916 John T. ROWAN; 1916-1920 George A. MOREY; 1920-1922 P.D. COX; 1922-1924 H.A. LAEGER; 1924-1935 E.A. SMITH; 1935-1938 E.W. NYE; 1938-1940 T.W. SHEPARD; 1940-1942 C.L. CARPENTER; 1942-1949 C.E. MURPHY; 1949 Duane HUTCHINSON; 1949-1953 George M. SEICK; 1953-1955 Kenneth V. WILLARD; 1955-1957 R.D. PETERSON.

   The first mention of things musical is that E. MCCONNELL gave out       (continued)

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 132 Winter 1978
B-Submitted By Clarice Andersen, Blair Ne 68008
(continued-Crawford Valley Methodism 1882-1957, Plainview, Pierce Co.)

the tunes with his tuning fork. The first organ was purchased in 1897, Some quartets included Rev. E.A. SMITH, Guy STONE, John NICHOL, Harry WILLATS, John JOHNSON, Murat MARSH, William MULLINS, Mrs. Carl JENSEN, Mrs. John BOYDSTON, Mrs. Vernon MUNGER, & Mrs. John JOHNSON.

   Sunday School superintendents included 1892 J.W. HOAGLAND & M.H. CHRISTIANSON; 1895 Thomas SMITH; G.A. STONE, J.B. HALL, P.C. ABY, Jennie MCCONNELL, W.B. MORSE, O.D. MCCONNELL, James PIKE, Mrs. C.W. WALKER, C.C. CHRISTIANSEN, Charles BUCHE, C.E. CHRISTIANSEN, Carl JENSEN, Ralph SNODGRASS, Mrs. William T. MULLINE, Mrs. Marvin VOGEL, & Mrs. John BOYDSTON.

   The Methodist youth of Crawford Valley was first organized in 1895 as the Epworth League of the Plainview Circuit with O.D. MCCONNEL as president and R.N. THROCKMORTEN, pastor.

   The following women served as president of the Ladies' Aid: Mrs. ABY, Mrs. RIFENBERG, Mrs. Martin CHRISTIANSEN. Mrs. L. CHAMBERLIN, Mrs. Will MCCONNELL, Mrs. John SHEARER, Mrs. C.E. CHRISTIANSEN, Mrs. Frank YOUNG. Mrs. Russel FORBES, Mrs. L.M. CHRISTIANSEN, Mrs. Charlotte BOYSTON, Mrs. Vernon MUNGER, Mrs. Carl JENSEN & Mrs. Albert HANSEN.

   The Church has been missionary minded from the beginning but there was no Missionary Society until Dec 1927 when Mrs. REYNOLDS organized it at the home of Mrs. Vernon MUNGER with 5 charter members: Mrs. Vernon MUNGER, president; Mrs. Harvy PITZER, Mrs. REYNOLDS, Mrs. E.A. SMITH, & Mrs. Charles YOUNG, now deceased. Others serving as president were Mrs. Charlette BOYDSTON, Mrs. Vernon MUNGER & Mrs. John NICHOL. Treasurers were Mrs. Albert HANSEN, Mrs. John SHEARER & Mrs. Charles YOUNG, now deceased. Recording secretaries were Mrs. C.E. HARRISON & Mrs. Harvy PITZER.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 132 Winter 1978
A-Submitted by Mrs. Velma Cooper, Decatur Ne

Source Original


   NO! Don't tell me you DID! I just can't bear to hear you TELL it! You actually mean to tell me you followed your line of reading with the point of a pen or a pencil when you were searching through records or books? Those research materials are valuable!

    Unless you own the volume and you do not care if it accumulates marks and smears - Do use a blank index card to help keep your place.

   This is an earnest plea to every person who searches for information in books and records which are not your own personal possessions. Use a blank index card to help you keep your place along the lines. There are those who hover the writing tip of a pen or pencil a fraction of an inch above the words on the pageand the possibilities of marks directly on those pages must be a nightmare to those who are responsible for the safe-keeping of those precious books and records.

When someone sings his own praises, he always gets the tune too high.
                        Mary H. Waldrip in Dawson County, Ga., "Advertiser and News"

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 133 Winter 1978
A-Submitted by Mrs. Margie Farrens, Winside Ne

Located 2 miles south & 3 miles west of Winside

HILKEMANN, Father Hermann       Geb. den 6 Sep 1852        Gest den 24 Apr 1906
           Mother Louise        Geb. den 20 Dec 1856       Gest den 15 Oct 1950
LUEKER, David H.G. Neb US Army PFC WWI   15 Jun 1887                15 Sep 1971
        Father David H.C.                1887 - 1971
        Mother Anna J.                   1887 - 1970
MEYER, Aunt Franciska                    16 Aug 1848                29 Jun 1920
NURNBERG, Mother Marie Dahm              1869 - 1919
          Son Louie H.                   1903 - 1919
          Son Paul E.                    1911 - 1921
          Son Fred                       1902 - 1939
          Carl                           1878 - 1960
          Augusta                        1886 - 1949
          Arnold C.                      1920 - 1940
PIEPER, William                          1886 - 1962
Hier ruhin, Nickolas Mayer,  Geboren den 13 Feb 1810  Gestorben den 12 Dec 1894
            Christopher      Geb 29 Dez 1851                    Gest 6 Jan 1937
            Minna Geb Albert Geb Nov 1852                      Gest 16 Dez 1892
REICHERT, Dau Zelda R.                   1895 - 1898
          Father Jacob                   1837 - 1905
          Mother Rebecca                 1839 - 1920
          Father John P.                 1865 - 1948
          Mother Magdalena A.            1874 - 1963
SCHROEDER, Father Conrad                 1849 - 1925
          Mother Wilhelmina              1857 - 1926
          Daughter Amelia                1892 - 1977
          Our darling Evelyn             24 Dec 1924                5 Dec 1927
ULRICH, Emilie Frau. von P. Ulrich Jr. Gen den 2 Nov 1864 Gest den 19 Apr 1895
Hier ruhet in Gott Wilhelm F.         Geb den 26 Jan 1894 Gest den  8 Mai 1895
Heir rubet in Gott                    Geb den 18 Marz 1895 Gest den 20 Marz 1895
        William         1883 - 1910      Lena A.      1890 - 19__
        Peter Vater     1830 - 1911      Otto         1880 - 1971
        Mary E. Mutter  1839 - 1911

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 133 Winter 1978

A-Source Culbertson Sun 3 May 1884 pg 1 col 1, Hitchcock Co

   The stockgrowers of Red Willow and Blackwood Creeds met on 28 Apr 1884 and organized an association called the Red Will Stock Association with officers elected: William BLACK, Schuyler BRAUGH, M. MCKILLIP, Charles BAILEY. The round up will commence at PROCTOR's ranch at the mouth of Spring Creek 15 Jun.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 133 Winter 1978

A-Source "Trenton Torpedo" 30 Jul 1886 pg 5 col 3, Hitchcock County


NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 134 Winter 1978

A-Submitted by Gene Bang, P.O. Box 62, Fremont Ne 68025
Abstracted from "History of the Elkhorn Valley," pub by Scoville (1892)


   Holt County is in the Central northern part of Nebraska. The Niobrara River forms the northern boundary line; Antelope and Knox Counties are on its east; Wheeler and Garfield Counties on the south and Brown County on the west.

   Up to 1873 it is believed that not over fifty persons had settled in Holt Co. According to the 1880 US census the population was 1,340. The 1890 US census was given as: Atkinson township 820, Atkinson Village 701, Chambers 414, Conley 360, Cleveland 330, Deloit 391, Dustin 228, Emmet 269, Ewing 462, Ewing village 348, Fairview 381, Scott 312, Shields 456, Steel Creek 374, Stuart 770, Stuart Village 245, Swan 124, Turtle Creek 250, Verdigris 425, Willowdale 175, Wyoming 185, Francis 175, Gratton 795, Green Valley 294, Inman 558, Iowa 281, Lake 238, McClure 143, ONeill City 1,226, Paddock 526, Pleasant View 184, Rock Falls 370, Sand Creek 406, Saratoga 456. Total population was 13,663

   O'Neill was platted 13 Aug 1874 by Patrick FAHY & William MCLAUGHLIN, Atkinson 7 Aug 1880 by Frank BITNEY, Stuart 6 Feb 1882 by John CARBERRY, Page 1 Aug 1890 by Pacific Town Stie Co, Ewing 22 Sep 1882 by David KIMBALL & Dewitt BLAIR, Inman on 13 Oct 1881 by a town company, Emmet on 10 Apr 1885 by Thomas MALLOY, Amelia on Aug 1892 by A.M. ANDERSON. Others platted villages were Shamrock, Emporia, Mineola, Lake City and Black Bird.

   Early settlers near O'Neill were: H.H. MCEVY, Frank BITNEY, John T. PROUTY, Eli & John SANFORD & Eli THOMPSON. These came on or prior to 13 Jul 1873. In the following autumn Herman HOXSIE and his sons came as did David WISEGARNER, Samuel WOLF and a few others. Gen. John O'NEILL arrived on 12 May 1874 with a colony of Irish people. About a year later he brought in another colony. In 1876 he arrived with another colony of over 100. In all Gen. O'NEILL brought 4 large colonies to Holt County.

   The first frame building was erected by Mr. MAYBURY and completed in Oct 1875. It was used by Patrick HAGERTY for a general store. A tailor shop and clothing store was opened by D.J. SCANLON in 1878. The same year DALY & PURCELL put in the second store. The first newspapers, were the "Record" established in Jun 1879 by T.J. SMITH and the "Frontier," founded in 1880 by W.D. MATHEWS. There were 4 churches in 1890, the Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic and Baptist.

   Paddock was first called Troy but in 1875 changed to Paddock after US Senator PADDOCK. The first settlement was made in Jun 1874 by William T. BERRY. James ROSS was the first postmaster in 1878. Wm. NOLKEMPER opened a general store in 1880. In 1876 Paddock was made the county seat but lost it to O'Neill in 1879.

   Stuart was platted in 1881 and John CARBERRY was the first settler arriving in 1879 followed by Fred HARTMAN, John HOFFMAN and Orange HALLECK.

   Page was a lively trading post. The first dealers were E.C. COON and Co., J.E. SKELTON and W. PAGE. They had a republican newspaper called "The Eye."

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 134 Winter 1978

A-Source "Culbertson Era" 24 Dec 1897 pg 5 col 4, Hitchcock County

   Blackwood Camp No 2350, Modern Woodmen of America, officers for the ensuing year: Jas. CREWS, W.G. MANSPEAKER, F.P. FELLOWS, W.Z. TAYLOR, Ed NEWLON, Dr, MILLER, Wm. SIDELL, G.W. TRIMPEY.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 135 Winter 1978
A-Source St. Joseph Mo, "Gazette"


   Editorial Note: The following death list is for the north bank of the Platte River, from the Missouri to Devil's Gate, in present Wyoming. Though BLODGET made the list on his return trip, from west to east, it would appear that the graves run from east to west in the list. All persons on the list died in June 1852. The list includes name, June date of death, and former home.

   Col. George E. BLODGET reached our city a few days since from the plains. He left here about 1 May, to accompany his Express Train for California as far as Devil's Gate, on Sweet Water River, from which point he returned on the 27th Jul Col. BLODGET has handed us a list containing the names, times of death, and former residence of some 150 persons whose graves he saw on the roadside on the North side of Platte. between Devil's Gate and Missouri river. There are many graves off the road he did not see, the majority who die are buried at different camping Imageplaces, sometimes 4 and 5 miles off the trail. He describes the scene along the entire road as truly heart rendering, from the imperfect manner in which the dead are buried the wolves soon scent and drag them from their shallow graves, strewing the trail with human bones. He estimates the emigration this year at 40,000 people, with 8,000 wagons and about 60,000 heads of cattle.

C. MILLION 1 Pike Co Il
W. T. & T. two brothers 1
Nancy SPENCER 3 Wi (see SPENCER diary)
S. KING 9 Wi
William KELLY 11
____ King 11 Wi
Mrs. Louisa TURNER 17 Wi
John ____ 17 Wi
____ PETERS 17
____ COX 8 Ind
____ ESTILL 8
Mrs HAWS 2 Mi
Cyrus T. MAYBE 17 Peoria Il
Miss ____ BODGE 1 Wi
Mineral Pt Wi
Wheeling FRANK 2 Ia
Thos HAWS 8 Wi
Acus ERGLESON 17 Baden Europe
E. HEBINS 6 Weed Co


NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 136 Winter 1978
B-(continued Overland Trail Death List)

Jane BEARLY 7 Wi                Mrs. Polly CASPER 8 Ia            J.D. CLARK 11 Jackson Co Mo
Joseph WRIGHT 10 Wi             Warren FIELD 6 Ia                 J. BEEKLEY 31 Jefferson Co Wi
Isaac READER 10 Ia              A.W. ____ 9 Ia                    Nancy EMERY 6 Quincy Il
H. HADLEY 4 Il                  I.P. SHAW 2 Il                    David HENDERSON 12 Il
T. HAYLAND 7 Il                 F. DIXON 13 Mi                    W.B. GRANNON 12 In
E. GRAVES 13 Mi                 John TURNER 6 Mi                  J. TALINS 12
A. SPARKS 11                    D. SHAKE 16 In                    Hiram GRISWOLD 9 In  
___ GILBERT 9                   Richard HOGE 13 Il                Nancy KELLY 10 In  
David MCDONALD 3 In             A. ADAMS 22 Ia                    G. LUCAS 18 Prairie Grove  
J. JONES 22 In                  S. ASWEET 22 Stark Co Il          T. POST 19  
E.S. TAYLOR 1 Mo                H. MABLIN 22 Vermillion Il        Hannah ASHLEY 4  
S. GIBSON 22 Pike Co Il         Robt NOWLTON 26 In                Henry WARMSTAFF 20 Il  
James NOYES 23 Cedar Co Mo      J.S. JONES 10 Wayne Co Ia         Elizabeth RUFFNED 22  
J. WILLIAMS 19 Randolph Grove   N. MCLANE 13 Athens Co Oh         ____ GALESPIE 22 Mo  
J.A. BETTY 6 Mi                 Wm. COLLINS 20 Ia                 Dr. WILSON 20  
3 persons in 1 grave Wi         E.C. SMITH 15                     Mr. ARSENATH 22 Benton Co Mo  
Mrs. Mary BRUSH 26 Ia           Jacob MAINSTER 16                 C.H. COOK 20 Wi  
E.C. BEACH 26 Va                Jane SMITH 15                     P. TAGGERT 15 Il  
Caroline OSTRANDER 9 Wi         Mary J. RIDER 26 Wi               Mr. MAYKYLE 15 Peoria Il  
Caesar LOTT I Oh                M. KOHL 4 Trenton                 L. INGALLS 4  
James LEE 1 Oh                  Wm. C. LIFFINGWELL 23 Wi          R. MORGAN 15  
Richard BRANTON 11 In           A. GAVENS 9                       M.V. HOWARD 16  
Rolla MORGAN 20                 T. MINTER 8                       F. HOWARD 16 Andrew Co Mo  
C.STEEL deaf & dumb 6 Phil      Susan F. CLARK 13 Jackson Co Mo   F.J. REEVES 16 Ray Co Mo  
Elias BARKER 4 Holt Co Mo       John LONG 5 Jackson Co Mo         F. BAKER 17 
T.M. KINSEY 15 Wi               E.S. PING 5                       F. H. LAKE 17 Mo
Sarah VESAY 15 Il               R.K. MARSTON 20                   L.O. THOMPSON 16  
J. JOHNSON 11 Jackson Co Mo     Margaret CRAIG 2                  M. MULLER 20 Ia  
Al PEACE 11 Il                  Wm. WATKIN 2                      J. BROWN 26 
J. MURKEN 1 Scott Co Ia         W.D. PARK 19                      C. CLARK 22 Ia
Zeba DAVENPORT 8                Ann F. HUNT 2                     Abra. MAMMON 20 Ia 
J. JOHNSON 7 Il                 T.M. DELAY 11                     John MARTIN 11 Ia
Jane KENDRICK 7 Ann Arbor Mi    Caleb BROWN 5                     Jacob SUDENGER 14 Holt CoMo
E.D. WARTWON 7 Il               Mary ROTHROCK 4 Mo                Samuel S. CHANCE 23 Ia  
Nancy B. LIKENS 14*             Wm. HAGG 6 Oh                     William CURTIS 14 Ia  
J. GRADY 15 Ia                  Elijah COLT 1                      

   *Nancy LIKENS: According to the 1850 census for Wapello County, Simon F. LIKENS 28 a blacksmith with $250 real estate, was born in Pa. His wife Nancy 22 was born in In. Their son William S. was 3 & born in In; dau Sara Jane I b. Ia.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 136 Winter 1978

   1893 names in Upland, Franklin Co: Bert VANSTEENBURG from near Macon; Bels HANSEN, George NORMAN, E.L. MORRIS, Mr. PRICE, Ben BENSON, Hi DETRICK, Nels OSTERGAARD.
   1895: H.O. HENDRICKS, elected commander of Upland Post G.A.R.; Samuel CURRENT
   1897: HANSEN brothers, Fred NELSON, F. SCOTT, F. DUNCOMB, Grandfather TRITES, Mrs. Walter GRAY & son, Emmet; Nels HANSEN; J.H. YOUNG; Mr. JACKSON & son, Roy; Mr. HENDRICKS; Professor DEHAYES; Jennie ROBERTSON, Orval DOUBLAS; Mr. SCHACHTLER, Sr; Mr. SHEETZ & wife; C.A. CARLSON.

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