NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol I, no 2
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals

Volume One, no 2
Fall 1978


Volume One, no 2, page 65 Fall 1978
A-Submitted by Mrs. Janet Jeffries Spencer, Lincoln Ne


Total inhabitants 29:

876,784  Victor VIFQUIN       24  farmer      $550  France 
         Mary                 24                    France 
         Susan              5/12                    Nebraska 
877,785  Ezra JOHNSON         26  laborer           Ohio 
878,786  Ephraim FRINK        52  farmer     $2411  Pa 
         Mary                 44                     
879,787  Alexander STEPHENS   53  farmer      $540  Ohio 
         Elizabeth            43                    Ohio 
881,788  Cornelius WEST       24  farmer      $120  Ill 
         Jane                 20                    Ill 
882,789  Johnson BRADSHAW     40  laborer      $20  Ill 
         Henry HAINE          30  farmer      $300  Pa 
883,790  John WEST            30  farmer      $100  Pa 
         Mary                 26                    Pa 
         Jackson               5                    Pa 
884,791  David MORRIS         28  laborer     $170  Wales 
         John HERBERSON       30  laborer     $130  Norway 
         Lock ALVASON         31  farmer      $220  Norway 
885,792  Thomas WEST          45  farmer     $1000  Md 
         Mary                 46                    Md 
         Isabelle             20                    Md 
         Thomas               12                    Ill 
         James                 8                    Ill 
         John                  5                    Ill 
         Charles               3                    Ill 
886,793  James WEST           35  farmer       $30  Md 
         Carrie               25                    Md 
         Mary                  6                    Ill 
Jane 4 Ill

NOTE: At least one other extract of the 1860 census for Saline is already posted.

Volume One, no 2, page 68 Fall 1978

A-Submitted by James Gray, Lincoln

1891:               1908:              1913:                        Helen ROBINSON
Anna ADAMS          Elmer BUNGER       Milrae JUDKINS               Raymond THOMPSON
Mrs. Chris RUSH     Ora BUNGER         Mae LAUX                     1920:
1900:               Belle HOWELL       Ethel OSTERGAARD             Mary BOULANGER
Mr&Ms. Jeff CURRENT  Lena IMHOF        Mary OSTERGAARD              Blanche ROGGENKAMP
1902:               Rella MURR         Katie SCHACHTLER             Leonard SCHAFER
Stanley BREITWEISER Clarence SCHEETZ   Myrtle SCHAFER               Carl STEINKRUGER
Leonard CARY        1909:              Marie SHRYOCK                1921:
Ruth JACKSON        Leonard BENSON     1914:                        Bessie BURR
Ernie PARKER        Ora BURR           Aley HANSEN                  Helen HANSEN
1905:               Henry HANSEN       1915:                        Eva HENDRICKS
Harry BREITWEISER   Lion PRICE         Violet GRAY                  Walter HUGHES
Jessie BREITWEISER  Rae PRICE          Margaret HANSEN              Oscar OSTERLUND
Leonard DETRICKS    1910:              William OSTERLUND            Nellie WAGOR
Nellie DOYLE        Nellie BREITWEISER Marian SCHAFER               1922:
George NANSEN       Earl JACKSON       1917:                        Raymond BENSON
John HEDRICK        Gala RABER         Boy BREITWEISER              Nellie BERTRAND
Bettie HOWELL       1911:              Mary LARSEN                  Florence GILGEN
Ralph JACKSON       Clarence BENSON    Cuba ROGERS                  E. Paul GILGEN
Luella LINDER       Louis BERTRAND Jr. Beatrice WALENTINE           Ruby GRAY
Lena LUNDBERG       Roy IMHOF          1918                         Leon HANSEN
1907:               Jesse OSTRRGAARD   Ralph MASON                  Hattie HENDRICKS
Bud DOYLE           Cecil ROGERS       1919:                        Amy ROGGENKAMP
Will DOWLING        Herman STUTHEIT    William BERRY                Robert SMOCK
Lottie LINDER       1912:              Durfee LARSON                Laura LINDER
                    Ella OSTERLUND

Volume I, no. 2 page 69 - Fall 1978
A-Source: "Nebraska History, " Mar 1963 quarterly, published by the Nebraska State Historical Society


Commissioned Officers of the Second Regiment, Raised in 1862

Field and Staff:
                 Colonel Robert W. FURNAS, Brownville
                 Lt. Colonel William F. SAPP, Omaha
                 Major George ARMSTRONG, Omaha
                 Major John TAFFE, Omaha
                 Major John W. PEARMAN, Nebraska City
                 Surgeon Aurelius BOWEN, Omaha
                 Assistant Surgeon, William S. LATTA, Nebraska City
                 Assistant Surgeon H. O. HANNA, Omaha
                 Adjutant Henry M. ATKINSON, Brownville
                 Quartermaster Josiah S. McCORMICK, Omaha
                 Commissary John Q. GOSS, Bellevue
Company A.
                 Captain Peter S. REED, Fontenelle
                 1st. Lieut. Silas E. SEELY, Fontenelle
                 2d. Lieut. Elias H. CLARK, Fort Calhoun
Company B:
                 Captain Rogert T. BEALL, DeSoto
                 1st. Lieut. Charles D. DAVIS, DeSoto
                 2d. Lieut. Charles F. PORTER, Decatur
Company C:
                 Captain Theordore W. BEDFORD, Brownville
                 1st. Lt. James W. COLEMAN, Brownville
                 2nd. Lt. Jacob B. BERGER, Brownville
Company D:
                 Captain Henry L. EDWARDS, Bellevue
                 1st. Lt. Henry GRAY, Omaha
                 2nd. Lt. Wilbur B. HUGUS, Omaha
Company E:
                 Captain Lewis HILL, Brownville
                 1st. Lt. John H. MANN, Brownville
                 2nd. Lt. Alexander S. STEWART, Brownville
Company F:
                 Captain Dominic LABOO, Nebraska City
                 1st. Lt. Charles W. HALL, Nebraska City
                 2nd. Lt. Robert MASON, Nebraska City
                 Captain Oliver P. BAYNE, Falls City
                 1st. Lt. Chauncey H. NORRIS, Falls City
                 2nd. Lt. Joseph S. WADE, Falls City
Company H:
                 Captain John W. MARSHALL, Plattsmouth
                 1st. Lt. Isaac WILES, Plattsmouth
                 2nd. Lt. Abraham DEYO, Rock Bluffs

Volume One, no. 2 page 70 Fall 1978
B-Continued-Nebraska Cavalry Volunteers Company I.

                 Captain Silas T. LEAMING, Decatur
                 1st. Lt. Moses H. DEMING, St. James
                 2nd. Lt. Jacob H. HALLOCK, Dakota City
Company K:
                 Captain Edwin PATRICK, Omaha
                 1st. Lt. William B. JAMES, Omaha
                 2nd. Lt. Philip P. WILLIAMS, Omaha
Company L:
                 Captain Daniel W. ALLISON, Falls City
                 1st. Lt. John J. BAYNE, Falls City
                 2nd. Lt. Daniel REAVIS, Falls City
Company M:
                 Captain Stearns F. COOPER, Omaha
                 1st. Lt. Obadiah B. HEWETT, Nemaha
                 2nd. Lt. Francis B. CHAPLIN, Nemaha

Volume One, no 2, page 70 Fall 1978

Kearney Co. - Autograph Book

A-Submitted by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha Ne
Source Autograph book of my mother, Mrs. Jessie Ransom Morris

Your cousin Belle SMITH, Upland 1905 & 1909	Ruth MORRIS, Upland 1919
Your sister Hazel RANSOM, Upland 1909	      Your aunt Melia, Upland 1905
Your mother Minnie RANSON, Upland t904	     Alda GOBEL, Minden 1913
Your friend, Glessie GOBEL, Minden 1913	    Tilda ANDERSON, Upland 1905
Your teacher Lillian PROCHASKA, Osco 1905	  Bill PIERCE, Upland 1904
Your friend, Fedora WELTHON, Upland 1905	   Your friend Mary BURR, Upland 1905
Your schoolmate Christena RAUN, Upland 1905	Your friend Emma REAM, Minden 1911
Your schoolmate Carrie WELDON, Upland 1904	 Your friend Ida BURR, Upland 1905
Your friend Hazel SPACE, Upland 1904	       Anatone HANSEN, ?
Your friend Hattie BAHR, Norman 1905	       Your grandma Mollie LEGAN 1910
Your friend Mrs. CHRISTENSEN, Minden 1914	  Your cousin Mina SMITH Upland 1905
Your friend Emma LARSEN, Minden 1914

Volume One, no 2, page 74 Fall 1978
A-Submitted by Mrs. Dessie Warriner, Franklin Ne
Source Program for 9th Graduating Exercises at the Opera House 16 Jun 1897


Music, Mrs. H. H. SAWYER; Invocation, Rev. T. A. HULL: class address, Chancellor MACLEAN, U of N; vocal duet, D. T. MACKIE and Mrs. L. M SHAW: presentation of diplomas, H. T. ARNOLD, president Board of Education; Benediction, Rev. W. R. ADAMS, Board of Education: H. T. ARNOLD, president; J. H. MICKEY, treasurer; E. L. KING, J. L. MAKEEVER, secretary; N. MACKEN; faculty: C. F. LEHR, principal; Grace MYERS, Elsie SPRAGUE; Mrs. W. J. CONKLIN; Laura WHALEY; E. May HENDERSON.

Graduates: Jesse H. JEFFREY, Amanda ANDERSON, Ada B. COURTNEY, Grayce E. HEALD, Daisy E. KUNKEL, Zena M. PYLE, Edna L. KING, Florence E. DETWEILER, Ray L. PHEASANT, Clarence HOARD, Gladys G. BAUM, Lillie M. COLE, Charlotte SAUNDERS, Amelia RASMUSSEN, Tom MILLS, Noris MICKEY, Laura HOTCHKISS, Grace MCDONALD, Edward F. KELLEY, Arthur E. WELCH, Clara WEINTZ, Clinton ARNOLD.

Volume One, no 2, page 75 Fall 1978
A-Submitted by Mrs. John Westmore, Omaha Ne
Source Fiftieth Anniversary Booklet pub. 1944


First service conducted at BOLLMANN's Hall in Albion on 13 May 1894 by Rev. E. MOECKEL. Rev. MOECKEL was the pastor of the St. John's Lutheran congregation at Cedar Rapids, Nebraska which had been founded in 1887. Pastor MOECKEL was probably brought to Albion through the influence of Ewald HAAS whose home was south of Albion, halfway between Cedar Rapids and the preaching stations to the east and north.

Signers of the original constitution were: Board members: R. CARSTEN, secretary; John COOK, treasurer and H. DOMMER. Other signers were John KRUSE, August BORKEMEYER, E. STEFFEN, John HEBING, John FERTIG.

New members of the congregation in 1895 were: F. BRANDT, John SCHROEDER, J. SIEDENBERG. Members of the building in 1898: John COOK, Henry YEAGER, R. CARSTEN, Mrs. Louise POPPEN loaned money to purchase furniture for the now building.

New members in 1900 and 19011 Joachim KROHN, John BENTJEN, George SIEFING, John PETERSEN, Fred NAEVE, C. MILLER, W. GALLITZ, D. KLENER, Fred BENTJEN.

Pastors: Rev. E. MOECKEL 1894-1896, Rev. A. FINKBEINER 1896-1900, Rev. L. KOSTBAHN 1900-1903, Rev. MELCHERT 1903-1905, Rev. C. BDSHOLM 1905-1909, Rev. D. FRANZEN 1909-1913, Rev. J. BURCHARDT 1913-1915, Rev. J. P. FRANKE 1915-1918, Rev. J. KEISER 1918-19249 Rev. J. BECKMANN 1924-?.

Church Board Members 1894-1944: R. CARSTEN 1894-1904, John COOK 1894-1897, H. DOMMER 1894, John SCHROEDER 1895-1901, 1905, 1912-1934, C. BORNEMANN 1897, H. YAEGER 189819011 W. H. BRIESE 1904, John MEYER 1904-1913, W. GALLITZ 1904-1909, Cris HAAS 19051911, E. L. HAAS 1911-1926, Hans SCHROEDER 1913-1916, A. D. MILLER 1915-1925, H. BRENGELMANN 1916-1919, Fred WIEGMAN 1919-1922, Alex HUNTER 1923-1935, H. HANNEMAN 1926-19361 Wm. JAHDE 1926-19389 J. HILMER 1926-1938, G. SCHROEDER 1928-1944, Th. M. NORSKOV 1928-1940, Otto FRIEDRICH 1930-1936, Paul BRIESE 1936-1939, Wm. SCHROEDER 1936-1944, Leo SOUTHWORTH 1938-19449 E. M. JOHNSON 1938-1940, Wm. PETERSEN 193819440 H. H. FRUSE 1940-1944, H. VETTE 1941-1944.

Communion list previous to 1900: Mr. and Mrs. Karl BORNEMANN, Mr. and Mrs. Jakob SCHELLENBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Franz BRANDT, Mr. and Mrs. John SCHROEDER, Mr. and Mrs. John COOK, Margaret KRUSE, Mr. and Mrs. Alex MAY, Mr. and Mrs. R. CARSTEN, Mr. and Mrs. John WEBER, Mr. and Mrs. H. FRAHM, Mrs. WESTMEYER, Katherine LINDAUER, A. D. MILLER, John YAEGER, Lena YAEGER, Mr. and Mrs. Karl BENHAGEN, Mr. and Mrs. H. YAEGER, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. BRIESE, Mr. and Mrs. E. STEFFEN, Mrs. ROSIMEYER, Mrs. Louise POPPEN, L. YAEGER, Gertrude YAEGER, Anna YAEGER, Adolph RIECK, Max RIECK, Wm. MILLER.

Sixty-one baptisms were recorded during the first ten years. Some of the names listed were: Emma, Amalia and Maria YAEGER, Enora and Alta BRIESE, Maria RIECK, Walter BRIESE, John F. BENTJEN, Emma PETERSEN, Magdalena SCHROEDER, William PETERSEN, Emile BRIESE.

Volume One, no 2, pages 76-80 Fall 1978
A-Compiled by Miss Clarice J. Andersen, Blair N, 22 Aug 1977


Location: In the Southeast quarter of the Southwest quarter (SE1/4 of SW1/4) of Section Nineteen (19), Township 17 North, Range 11 East, Washington Co., Ne.

From Kennard: 1-21 miles west on Highway #31, south 2 miles on Highway #31 and 1/2 mile east on County Road 138.

From Bennington: West on Highway #36 to #31, north on #31 for 3 miles, and east 1/2 mile on County Road 138.

The Prairie View Cemetery Association was organized in 1882 by twelve Danish immigrants who purchased two lots each in the Western Division. The plat and papers of the organization were recorded in the office of the County Clerk 1883.

The members were: Andrew KNUDSEN, Martin RASMUSSEN, Louis CHRISTENSEN, John C. ANGERSEN, Hans MORTENSEN, A. C. OVERGAARD, Chris RASMUSSEN, James CHRISTENSEN, R. P. ANDERSEN, Martin RISPIN, Andrew STEFFENSEN, Lars HANSEN. Of these, there are no recorded burials from the families of ANGERSEN, MORTENSEN, OVEGAARD, and R. P. ANDERSEN. Each transferred his lots to other Danish settlers. The other 80 family members and descendants have their final resting place on their lots.

Meetings of the Association have been held annually since its formation. Additional land was purchased and fenced, the Association recently incorporated and a perpetual care fund has been established. Current president is Alvin ANDERSEN; Lawrence HANSEN, who lives south of Kennard, is secretary and caretaker of the original records. In early days it was know as OVERGAARD Cemetery.

KNUDSEN, Andrew                         b. 31 Jan 1844  d. 28 Aug 1911 Father
     Anna his wife                      b. 25 Dec 1854  d. 31 Jan 1922 Mother
     John Peter                         b. 11 Dec 1878  d. 16 Jan 1947
     Dora                           23 Jun 1885
     Charles                        1875-1943
     Pauline                        1877-1972
MISFELDT, George                    1906
     Verna A.                       1906-1972
RASMUSSEN, Chrs,    fodt in Denmark, den 6 Jun 1858, dod den 14 Marts 1908 Father
     Anine, Hustru, fodt den 28 Okt 1853, Dod den 10 Dec 1934 Mother
STEFFENSON, Baby                    1883-1884
           A. L.                    1841-1884 Father
          Jonas                     1878-1884
          A. M.                     1846-1921 Mother
CHRISTIANSEN, Laura C., wife of J. F.      19 Mar 1890-25 Oct 1913
     Baby, child of above unmarked*
RASMUSSEN, Martin                           2 Aug 1855  4 Mar 1928
           Anna Margrete                   14 Apr 1862  31 Oct 1933
FRANK, Baby child of George & Hertha, c. 1930*
RASMUSSEN, Sine                          b. 2 Aug 1885  d. 8 Jun 1886
           Sine                          b. 18 Sep 1886  d. 28 Nov 1897
           Dagmar, dau of M. & A. M.     b. 4 Jan 1896 d. 12 Aug 1903
RASK, Anton C.                              8 Oct 1892  5 Oct 1918 Co. IVTS
*Information supplied by compiler.

B-Compiled by Miss Clarice J. Andersen, Blair Ne
(continued-Prairie View Cemetery, Washington County)
RASMUSSEN, Rasmus M.                        4 May 1900  26 Sep 1957
           Elmer S.                        11 Dec 1906  28 Dec 1972
PETERSEN, Chas.                     1853-1923 Father
          Sine                      1855-1928 Mother
          Dagmar                    1894-1946
          Louis                     1884-1955
          Anna M.                   1891**
          Louise                    1889
LARSEN, Mary P.                     1887-1964
MOMMSEN, Infant                     1913
LARSEN, Infant, John C.             1933
CHRISTENSEN, Donald E.              18 Sep 1919-14 Jul 1944, Ne Sgt 134 Inf 35 Inf Div WWII
             Laura M. E.            10 Jul 1880  6 Mar 1937
             Rosalie                       1881-1962 Mother
             Edward                        1883-1941 Father
             Iris C. 1914 and Baby Son 1913 and two unmarked footstones
             Anna Marie             15 Jun 1848  15 Feb 1933 Mother
             James                  23 Sep 1844  6 Jul 1932 Father
CHRISTENSEN, Louis                          2 Feb 1840  15 Apr 1925
            Anna M., his wife              19 Aug 1837  1 Jan 1891
CHRISTENSEN, George M.                     14 Oct 1879  15 Dec 1959 Father
     Annie M. his wife                     10 Mar 1880  15 Aug 1963 Mother
OSBURN, Mary M., wife of Arthur K., d. 29 Aug 1899 age 25y 9m
CHRISTENSEN, Maggie E. dau of Geo & Annie b. 18 Jan d. 4 May 1902
     Baby Girl, Baby Boy children of George & Annie
HANSEN, Lars,                               born in Denmark 29 Sep 1841 age 51y 6m Father
        Emma, his wife, 1                   4 Apr 1846-3 May 1928 age 82y 19d Mother
        Albert                             26 Aug 1875 - 27 Nov 1969, Married 14 Jun 1899
        Hulda NELSON, his wife              1 Nov 1880 - 29 Aug 1971
        Ella G., dau of A. H. & H. E     b. 2 Jun 1900, d. 17 Apr 1901
        Everett N.                          9 Sep 1908  27 Mar 1944
NIELSEN, Elmer, husband             1904-1972
     Audrey M., wife                1907-1950
     Niels P., Father               1865-1943
     Martine K., Mother             1873-1962
LAKE, Jacob N., son of C. C. & C. Z.        d. 5 Jan 1879 ag 11?Y 3m
RESPEN, Martin, Father              1838-1939
        Elisabeth RISPIN*           unmarked grave
JOHNSON, James C.                          16 Oct 1862      Mar 1939
         Ane Kathrine                      19 Jul 1966   13 Mar 1938
CHRISTIANSEN, Jorgen T.                    19 Oct 1881  21 Oct 1951
              Anna K.                      23 Jun 1891
              Rupert, baby of Jorgen & Anna*      1915-1916
JOHNSON, Johanna I. his wife             1 Dec 1841     13 Apr 1908 Mother
         John W.                        24 Jun 1834     12 Jul 1906 Father
**Burial record shows Anna Margaret Peterson died 15 Feb 1971 Omaha, white, aged 79, female.

Nebraska Genealogical Society Vol. 1, No Page 78
C-Compiled by Miss Clarice J. Andersen, Blair Ne
(continued-Praire View Cemetery, Washington County)

MARSHALL, Minnie A.                         4 Jan 1876  27 Nov 1969
     Oliver W.                              4 Nov 1875  10 Apr 1960
ANDERSEN, Soren                             1 Jan 1847  7 Feb 1883 first burial in cemetery*
SORENSEN, Peter M. H. "Solige ere de Dode, fodt in Beder, Danmark Som Dor i
     Herren, 6 Feb 1818 Fred med det stov. Dod i Kennard, Ne 27 Apr 1910
ANDERSEN, Inger Unmarked*
          Anna, unmarried daughters of Soren & Sophia S.
          Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Anders
RASMUSSEN, Karen Marie P.           7 Dec 1852  14 Nov 1889 wife
           Peter                    8 Sep 1849  11 Dec 1918 Father
           Ane                     26 Aug 1862  8 Apr 1957 Mother
           Knud Peter               9 May 1896  6 Jul 1955
CHRISTIANSEN, Peter                 1952-1920
     Petrine                        1860-1949
     Mary                           1889-1890
     Anton                          1897-1968
     Beryl N.                       1919-1968           wife of Anton*
NEILSEN, Miller                     19 Nov 1888  9 Feb 1955
         Mary                       16 Feb 1891  22 Jul 1970
JASZKOWIAK, Joseph                  26 Nov 1837  27 Apr 1894
RETZLAFF, Herman                    8 Aug 1861  22 Dec 1908 Father
          Juliana                   18 Sep 1869  1 Jan 1923 Mother
RETZLAFF, Sophia M.                 10 May 1895         age 11 mo
MATEJKA, Mayme R.                   25 Jul 1899
RETZLAFF, Herman                    7 Jun 1892  23 Oct 1971 Ne PFC US Army WWII
     Lilly                          23 Jul 1897  5 Nov 1962
     George W.                      22 Jan 1896  10 May 1913
ANDERSEN, Sophus F.                 4 Jul 1899  2 Apr 1942
     Hans Christian*                16 May 1897  24 Feb 1898
     Karen                          28 Nov 1869  15 Jul 1940 Mother
     Niels                          20 Sep 1854  19 Jan 1937 Father
OLSEN, Carrie S.                    18 Feb 1895  15 Jun 1977
CHAMPION, Edna C.                   26 Apr 1917  6 Jul 1976
RASMUSSEN, Rasmus P.                5 Sep 1883  9 Feb 1954 (burial record shows d. St. Paul Ne)
JOHNSON, Infant children of James & Minnie
NELSEN, Daughter of Nels & Sene     15 Dec 1911
     Nels M.                        18 Jul 1877  19 Sep 1953
     Sene M.                        15 Aug 1884  22 Jan 1971
LARSEN, Eva                         18 Oct 1855  17 Jun 1948
     Ole                            6 Sep 1856  6 Feb 1933
BARTLETT, Infant sons of C. A. & Lizzie 27 Jun 1902 & 10 Sep 1904
NELSON, Fred C.                     23 Oct 1901        married 23 Oct 1923
     Mabel C.                       27 Feb 1907
     Frederick James, son of Fred & Mabel 7 Apr 1927 - 16 Sep 1937
HOIER no marked graves
BINKLEY no marked graves

D-Compiled by Miss Clarice J. Andersen, Blair Ne
(continued-Prairie View Cemetery, Washington County)

SUNDS, Emil                             b. 29 Nov 1901  D. --
       Chris                               11 Nov 1861  23 Sep 1936 Father
       Thomine, his wife                   23 Dec 1872  3 Feb 1967 Mother
KUDSK, Jakobine, wife of S. 18 Dec 1988? 29 May 1918
PETERSEN, Lars                              4 Aug 1848  23 Jul 1918 Father
          Gunild                            22 Oct 1851  4 Dec 1916 Mother
NELSEN, Adolph                             15 May 1880  29 Mar 1939 Adolph NELSEN Family
     Elvina K.                             15 May 1868  5 Apr 1954
     Walter A.                             13 Mar 1907  It Jan 1934
     Alfred                                25 Nov 1885  14 Jan 1913
OLSEN, Emil                                 1 Sep 1887  10 May 1918 341 M G Co
     William                               17 Mar 1910  17 Aug 1919
JENSEN, Maria                              18 Jan 1860  19 Apr 1941 "In Memory of Our Mother"
ENMARK, Augusta                                         d. 23 Dec 1927
     Niels                                              d. 14 Apr 1961
BERTELSEN, Bertel                          24 Sep 1874  23 Oct 1963
     Laurine                                4 Oct 1881  3 Jul 1961
     Oscar                                  7 Sep 1905  21 Sep 1928
     Infant children of Bertel and Laurine
MATHIESEN, Johanna M.                      11 Nov 1901  13 May 1936
BERTELSEN, Clara J.                        12 Nov 1923  22 Mar 1966
JOHNSON, Nina K.                                  1896-1930  Mother
         Earl W.                           19 Jan 1930   14 Jul 1947 NE Pv. Air Corps WWII
SCHLUETER, Harold F.                       21 Jul 1907  9 Apr 1964
ROSENKILDE, Soren K.                       12 Jul 1871  20 Jul 1946
            Anna K.                        23 Sep 1868  23 Sep 1956
PETERS, Anna K.                            28 Feb 1896
        William J.                         14 Doc 1887  28 Jun 1961
JENSEN, Alice M.                           10 Dee 1897  26 Mar 1972
NELSON, Chris                              14 Kay 1871  1 May 1962 Father
        Frederikke                          4 Feb 1877  8 Jul 1964 Mother
        Nels Frederick                      2 Oct 1900  3 Sep 1950 Son
PETERSEN, Fred D.                          1887-1962
     Emma F.                               1887-1967
MISFELDT, Charles                          30 Apr 1890  29 Oct 1966
          Helena V.                        14 Feb 1898   9 Feb 1974
          Ivan Gale                        31 Dec 1936   5 Apr 1977 AK 2 US Navy Korea
ANDERSEN, Andrew C.                         6 Aug 1889  23 Nov 1973
          Trena                            19 Jan 1892  20 Sep 1952
MISFELDT, Richard M.         9 Nov 1959, son of Melvin H. & Anita K.
ANDERSEN, Jens L.                    1 Jul 1892         10 Jan 1949
CHRISTIANSEN, Andrew                29 Nov 1894         26 Sep 1970
              Rose                  21 Apr 1902
KNUDSEN, Nels L.                    16 Nov 1890         31 Mar 1952
         Ingrid K.                   6 Jun 1883         29 Jun 1975
         Johannes E.                 1 Oct 1912          4 Jun 1972
SIMEK, Joseph E. 1891-1956 stepfather of Audrey Cameron Nielsen*

Nebraska Genealogical Society Vol. 1, No. 2. Page 80
E-Compiled by Miss Clarice J. Andersen, Blair Ne
(continued-Prairie View Cemetery, Washington County)

TIETGEN, Henry G.                   20 Apr 1899         1 Oct 1972
         Elvira K.                  26 Sep 1899
WENDT, Gust R.                      1888-1970          Ida 1890-
ANTRIM, Theodore G. (Fremont Ne)     8 Mar 1904 - 24 May 1976 US Navy WWII
        Leona M.                    24 Jan 1913         Mother
WOOLHISER, Ernest G.                  2 Oct 1897         6 Mar 1968
           Agnes C.                  19 Sep 1904
CHRISTIANSEN, Chris                 1 Oct 1892          11 Apr 1970, married 18 Jan 1922
              Hannah                1 Jan 1901

NELSEN, NIELSEN, or NELSON, Individual graves for Infants of (name variously listed as) Christ NELSON, Chris NIELSEN, Chris C. NIELSEN, & Chris NELSON, of Kennard or Blair. Treasurer lists four receipts dated 8 May 1883, 8 Nov 1897, 28 Aug 1898, & 21 Sep 1889. Secretaries' records show payments recorded on 17 May 1883, 29 Dec 1886, 3 Jan 1887, 6 Jan 1890, and 9 Jan 1899.

SIMONSEN, Mrs. Cathrine is reported to have buried the leg of her son, severed by accident, on this lot. *

*Information supplied by compiler of list.

Volume One, no 2, page 80 Fall 1978
A-Written by Eva Morris King, Omaha
Source "History of Class 1905-1917"


Invocation, Rev. ANDREWS; vocal solo, Mrs. Lawrence ROBINSON: address, Rev. Chas. E. BASKERVILLE.

Graduates: Charles Vernon PEABODY, John Cullen TRABER, Elverna M. RISHEL, Hiland B. NOYES, Clara C. NOYES, Eva D. MORRIS.

History of the class 1905-1917, written in May 1917 by Eva MORRIS (now Mrs. C. J. KIM of Omaha).
     Abstracts from that history:
Vernon PEABODY started school at Long School in Omaha for 4 years and then went to Lake School. He came to Waterloo in the 8th grade.
Clara NOYES first attended Dist. 22 under the instruction of Miss Mabel FINNEY. She joined the class in the 9th grade.
Cullen TRABER started school in Waterloo in 1904.
Hiland NOYES started school in Lockwood District.
Eva MORRIS started country school in Iowa and then came to Waterloo. She started to school with Nellie RHOADES, Agnes NESBIT, Lowell TODD, Ona GOODWIN and Blanche BLAKE.
Agnes NESBIT then moved to Missouri.
During the 7th and 8th grades the class numbered 14.
     This is what happened to the others.
Charles CLIFTON went to Omaha High.
Jessie RICKETS moved to Santa Barbara and has since married.
Ernest KING, Rolo and Alvin SEEFUS quit school to farm.
Upon entering high school we met Cullen TRABER and Bertha BROWN. Bertha then moved to Elk City.
In the 10th grade there were only 6 in the class.
On the 19th of March our superintendent married Miss Ulden THARP.
In the 11th grade in Sep 1916, 7 were enrolled. Alverna RISHEL joined us. She had started school in District 24 and then on to Waterloo. Also she spent some of her early life in Elkhorn and Gretna. Her 10th and part of her 11th grades were in South Omaha and then she moved to Waterloo.
Nellie RHOADES quit school to work.

Volume One, no 2, page 84 Fall 1978
A-Source Sunday World Herald 8 Jan 1928 (extract)

Golden Wedding Anniversary - Mr & Mrs. Herny RUSER, 14 Dec 1927. Husband born 1852 in Stakendorf, Schleswig-Holstein. Wife born 1856, Schoenberg. Married in 1877, immigrated in 1882 with 3 children. Currently - 9 children living, 7 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.


Mrs. Millie DENKER, Omaha, NE
Emil & Herman RUSER, Big Springs, NE
Mrs. Walter FRITZ, Valley, NE

At home with parents (5 mi SW of Fort Crooks):
Helen, Alvina, William, Peter and Adolph

Volume One, no 2, page 85 Fall 1978
A-Submitted by Ardath Fisher, Sacramento Ca


   My grandparents, William A. WAGNER and Anna Rosina HENEKE, were both born in Germany and met on the ship coming to the US approximately 1867. He was traveling alone, and she was traveling with her parents and sister. They came to Ill where they married soon after. They migrated to Neb. in 1872 in order to obtain a homestead which was located about halfway between Pilger and Altona, Neb. They built a small cabin on the homestead as soon as they arrived there. Then later, a large nine-room house was built by carpenters for around $900 in 1892-1893. People came for miles on weekends by horse and buggy to dance and use and admire my grandmother's sewing machine which was one of the first in NE Neb. They operated the first flour, run by a water wheel, in that part of Neb. My grandfather learned the milling trade in Germany. They had the largest barn in the area, and raised livestock, poultry, and grains. They later moved the flourmill to Pilger. Two major floods hit the town in the early 1900's and following one of the floods the town had an epidemic of typhoid which took the lives of the WAGNERS' son, August, and daughter, Amelia. The mil (sic) was repaired after the first flood but not the second, as my grandfather had passed away. My grandfather was one of the donors to start the Wayne State Teachers Normal, which my mother later attended. She taught school at Wakefield, Neb. and Dalton, SD. One of the early teachers my mother had was Daisy ABBOTT. I remember her talking about Professor PYLE and head of the College Conn., who had a daughter, Ardath. My mother talked a lot about the SHARP family in Pilger, a girl May and a boy Claude.

   WAGNER family members: William A. WAGNER (father) born in Ger. 1837Ca. A miller, who served his apprenticeship by traveling on foot to all the mills in Germany for six years, prior to coming to Neb. He died with Bright's disease in 1901Ca in Pilger. Anna Rosing WAGNER (mother) born in Ger. 1852Ca. She died with pneumonia 1926Ca at Brunswick, Neb. and was buried in Pilger. Children: Elizabeth WAGNER b. Ill 1869, d. Tilden, Neb 1957. William WAGNER b. 1872 West Point, Neb. His parents were traveling from Ill to Neb to get their homestead and had to pause in West Point long enough for the baby to be born in a land office. He worked in the mills and farmed in NE Neb. d. 1953 Tilden. Mary WAGNER b. 1875, m. George FOX, d. Chepachet, RI. Bertha WAGNER b. 1877, m. John SORHN, and then m. 2 Homer WHEATON, d. 1932Ca. Wayne, Neb. August WAGNER b. 1879 d. 1902Ca in typhoid epidemic in Pilger. Anna WAGNER b. 1881, m. Oliver EICHER 1902, d. 1947 Sidney, Neb. Tillie WAGNER b. 1886, m. Robert FISHER 1901, she attended Wayne State Normal and taught school at Wakefield, Neb. & Dalton, SD, d. 1976 Sacramento, Cal. Amelia WAGNER b. 1888, d. 1902Ca in Pilger typhoid epidemic. Henry WAGNER b. 1890, m. Rose ____. A farmer in N Cal. d. ? ? Arthur WAGNER b. 1892, only WAGNER who remained in Pilger, d. 196OCa, Pilger.

Volume One, no 2, pages 91-92 Fall 1978
A-Submitted by Mrs. John B. Westmore, Omaha Ne
Source "St. Edward, Neb Centennial Book" (1971)


First service held May 1872 at the home of Fid LONG, conducted by S. P. BOLLMAN, local Methodist minister and one of the first Boone Co Commissioners. Early church members: Mr, & Mrs. Joel BERRY, Mr. & Mrs. G. E. COLLINS, Mrs. COLLINS Sr., Mr. & Mrs. M. J. THOMPSON, Samuel & Nancy CASE, Mrs. Phiphily FISH, Henry GUILES, Oliver S. & Mary GUILES, Joseph & Susanna RITTEL, Mrs. A. E. SISSON. Members of the building committee in 1919 were: E. T. COLLINS, A. P. PETERS0N, Charles H. THOMAS, F. H. GREEN, O. L. DODDS. Early ministers of the Albion circuit S. P. BOLLMAN (1872-1873), David MARQUETTE (1874), Jabez CHARLES (1875), D. ANDREWS & Wm. SHERTZER (1876), C. W. WELLS (1877), Thomas THOMPSON (1878).

Organized 11 May 1876 by committee of the Omaha Presbytery consisting of Rev. John MCCANDISH & Rev. J. A. HOOD. Charter members: Mr. & Mrs. John MCFAYDEN, Kate & Alice MCFAYDEN their daughters, Mr. & Mrs. Isreal HEBBERLING, John GARD. Called the Waterville Church at the time of organization, changed to First Presbyterian in 1885. Early ministers: J. A. HOOD (1876-1878), A. S. FONDA (1878-1881), John BURKHART (1881-1884), J. F. GRISWALD (1885-1886). James PATTERSON (1886-1887), Julian HATCH (1887-1889), Joil WARNER (1890-1896), C. H. CHURCHILL (1897-1899), Albert JAMESON (1899-1901).

Early services held in homes including that of William P. COYLE. First building erected in 1888 on land donated by the St. Edward Land Development Co. Early members whose descendants are still active: FLAHERTY, CAHILL, MORAN, BAUSTERT, KIERNAN, KOERBER, WERNER, PELZER, REARDON, ZIMMERMAN.

Salem Lutheran Church:
Organizational meeting held 29 May 1879 at what is now school Dist 40, Platte Co. 29 charter members including: (continued)

Nebraska Genealogicai Society Vol. 1, No. 2, Page 92
B-Submitted by Mrs. John B. Westmore, Omaha Ne
(continued-Church Histories, St. Edward, Boone County)

John BLOOMQUIST, Andrew ANDERSON, Frank SODERBERG, Carl JACOBSON, August JACOBSON, C. A. ANDERSON. First church built of sod in 1879 but collapsed beyond repair after a drenching rain in 1881. Early ministers: A. P. AHLQUIST, Elias PETERSON, William SWENSON, C. J. EDMAN, C. I. GRANERE.

St. Ansgar's Lutheran Church, Rosenborg community:
Organized 14 Oct 1884 at the Mikkel SORRENSEN home and served people of Danish descent. The congregation consisted of 3 families: Mikkel SORENSON, Jens Christian HASSELBALLE, Peter BAHL.

Organized 1874 by Rev. A. J. WRIGHT. First members: Alonzo BROOKS, C. C. BRISTOL, W. M. SAXTON, Sarah A. BRISTOL, Augusta, Myra & Melva BRISTOL, L. A. & Nancy LOVELACE, Lottie CADY, Lucy CADY, James A. KILBOURNE, Mary J. BROOKS. This church is no longer in existence.

Palestine Baptist Church:
Organized 21 Sep 1879 at sod home of W. F. HANCHETT whose 3rd-great- grandchildren still attend services there. Early members were: Mr. & Mrs. P. G. JONES, Mr. & Mrs. W. F. HANCHETT, W. D. HANCHETT, Hattie, Carrie & Lois HANCHETT, Mrs. L. B. OWENS & dau Jennie. P. G. JONES was the first superintendent of the Sunday School and also has descendants who still attend the church. Members of the First Baptist Church of Elgin, Ill supplied books and hymnals to the newly organized church of their former members, W. F. HANCHETT & Mrs. OWENS.

West Hill Baptist Church:
Begun as a Presbyterian Church in the early 1890'S; later was a branch of the Palestine Baptist Church. Mrs. John HAZLITT & Mrs. Edwin ELEY were early members and Rev. R. W. BENJAMIN was an early minister.

Skeedee M. E. Church:
Organized in 1892, no longer in existence.

NOTE: Original article included information about ordering copies of the book, and ends by stating - " ... copies of both the index and book will be donated to the Genealogical Department of the new Omaha Public Library as well as the State Historical Society Library in Lincoln. Although most of the material in the book was compiled from family records by local citizens, it contains a substantial biographical section on early settlers and many family pictures. It is certain to be of interest to anyone with St. Edward ties."

On a secretary's desk: "A Word to the Efficient is Sufficient. "

Volume One, no 2, page 93 Fall 1978
A-Submitted by Mrs. Eugene "Dessie" Warriner, Franklin Ne


A group of men in Omaha in 1870 formed a company, known as the Thompson Colony, to explore land in outstate Nebraska. They traveled as far as Thompson Creek, returned to Omaha that fall urging people to file claims for settlement. In 1871 the Thompson Colony asked Governor BUTLER for arms and ammunition for defense against the Indians. The Governor advised the group to form a militia company, which they did and elected T. S. BUTLER, Captain; J. H. HUNTER, 1st Lt., and William C. THOMPSON, 2nd Lt. in the Second Nebraska Cavalry.

The first settlers of the Thompson Colony were: Barnett ASHBURNE owned 3 of the teams which helped bring the settlers. William Bedford ONEY (who was married to ASHBURNE's daughter, Mary); H. BANKS, William C. THOMPSON, who served as the first postmaster; his brother, James W. THOMPSON, leader of the Colony (the creek was named for these brothers); Thomas S. BUTLER, who carried mail to Kearney. These people all lived in the stockade and the rest of the company lived in their covered wagons and dug-outs on their homestead claims.

Jacob BURRIS taught 5 children the first summer in a willow school on the west bank of the Thompson Creek. A flood in August washed away the school and a new limestone one was built farther upon the hill.

The first baby born in the Stockade (and what is now Riverton) was William ONEY, born 2 o'clock a. m., 17 Nov 1871. When this child was 6 years old, another child 3 1/2 and a little girl, who was 2 when she came and was 8 at the time, all died within 3 weeks of each other with diptheria. Another child soon died after being in contact with these children.

Also with the Colony was an Uncle Johnney ____, an Irishman, with a great sense of Humor, Richard BECKWITH, Isaac CHAPPEL, John CORDIN, Michael O'SULLIVAN, an Omahan who held the meetings of the group at his home. His step-daughter. Sarah BODWILL, died with consumption before their house was completed. He later wrote a history of the town. Others were Thomas Edward RILEY, who married Sybilla Elizabeth HAND. They operated an early hotel and cafe in Riverton. Lemuel ROBINSON and his wife, Emily Sofia GARRETSON, also came in a covered wagon. They were the grandparents of Eugene WARRINER. John SILVER built the first store at the stockage. Rev. TOWNSEND, a Methodist preacher, was the first to preach in the county. He lived near Franklin.

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