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Saunders County, NEGenWeb Project - Obituaries

Saunders County NEGenWeb Project


You may submit your Saunders County Obituaries for posting to this page. We can only post obituaries that are older than 1923, or where you have written permission from the newspaper to reprint/post them. You may submit an 'extract' for an obituary for current obituaries. Thank you for following these guidelines. Submit your obituaries to Connie Snyder

Note: We now have special permission to post obituaries from the Ashland Gazette.

You can find recent obituaries on the Marcy and Svoboda Mortuaries website.

NEW!!! Early Death Notices & Obituaries transcribed from the Independent Newspaper (1870's - 1880's, has a separate names index)

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Names Index

Auten, Eleanor Nancy Davis
Auten, James
Auten, S.D.
Anderson, Sophia Bryant
Behrens, Corine D
Bishop, Harriet
Bohlen, Anne Catherine
Bryant, Isaiah W.
Carr, Addison
Carr, David
Carr, Elmer
Carr, Evelyn
Carr, Jacob A.
Carr, Lavina
Carr, Maria
Carr, Wallace
Dalton, Mrs. Mary M.
Dresselhaus, Christine M.
Drummond, George
Drummond, Nancy
Eberhardt, Fred
Eberhardt, Ida Augusta Meyer
Ellison, William
Fleishman, Beatty L.
Foley, Mary
Foley, Thomas
Gustavson, Alma
Hardin, Charles
Hardin, George W.
Hardin, Milo B.
Hardin, William H.
Hardin, Mrs.William
Harrison, Ellen
Harrison, H.R.
Harrison, Mrs. Richard
Harrison, William
Heffernan, Irene A.
Hatfield, Amanda
Hatfield, Isaac
Hatfield, J. P.
Hatfield, Lillian
Hatfield, Omer
Hatfield, Ruth
Hibler, Olive
Hoffman, Gwendolyn
Hoffman, Hugo
Hooker, Delilah
Hooker, Jesse
Hooker, Maude McGuire
Hooker, Robert
Hooker, William
Kenhart, George
Kennedy, Elizabeth (Kenhart)
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, Simon
Knapp, Effie
Knapp, Glenn
Knapp, Silas
Knapp, William
Lillibridge, Chris
Lillibridge, Harry
Lillibridge, Percy
Lohry, Augusta
Machacek, Jan (John)
Martin-Ellison, Anna J.
Mayer, Jacob
Mayer, Mrs. Jacob
Mays, Albert Wesley
Mays, Amelia Catherine
Mays, Charles Percy
Mays, Henry D.
Mays, Ida May
Mays, Joseph
Mays, Nelson
McGuire, Arthur
McGuire, John Wesley
Meyer, Emma
Miller, Mary
Morris, Andrew
Motes, Laura B.
   (Found on Keya Paha County
   NEGenWeb Project site)
Nielsen, Louisa
Norris, George
Norris, Sarah
Ohnoutka, Frank
Owen, Edward
Owen, Emma
Owen, Frank
Owen, Howard
Owen, John
Owen, Levi
Owen, Mary Ann
Owen, Mrs. R.A.
Owen, Rosa
Owen, Roy
Owen, Mrs. Roy(2)
Owen, Thomas
Owen, Virgil
Pabian, Grandma
Pabian, Joseph
Pabian, Mrs Mike
Pabian, Rudolph
Parmenter, Guy
Parmenter, William
Parmenter, Nancy
Phelps, Ardith L.
Quincy, Samuel
Ranslem, Libbie
Reddick, Charles
Reddick, George
Reddick, Melissa
Reddick, Nancy
Reddick, Wilford
Riddle, Mrs. Benjamin
Robbins, Benjamin Jackson
Robbins, Martha
Ryan, John D.
Sanders, Cora
Sanders, Emeline
Smith, John
Steele, Edward
Steele, Eliza
Steele, Flora
Steele, Fred
Steele, Inez
Steele, Isabella
Steele, Lucy
Steele, Ninian/Nean
Steele, Ross
Steele, Russell
Steele, Samuel
Steele, William
Steele, Winfield
Stierwalt, Gerald D.
Tarpenning, Elizabeth
Tarpenning, Harrison
Tarpenning, Mary
Tenney, Cyrus
Wade, Clara White Steele
Walter, Monte Emmette
Ward, Esther
Ward, Mrs. James
Ward, Merritt
Ward, Stephen
Weaver, George W.
Weaver, Mariah
Ziegenbein, Alva
Ziegenbein, C.H.
Ziegenbein, Herman
Ziegenbein, Ferdinand
Ziegenbein, Mrs. Ferdinand
Ziegenbein, Dr. R.C.

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