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The following was published in the Wahoo Paper in June of 1917. This is a list of the men who registered for the draft which was held in the fall of that year. You will find (?) placed where the print was hard to read.


   The call to the colors brought out every known young man between 21 and 31 in Wahoo Tuesday. It was a unanimous response to the call of the president and accomplished without the least friction. But a very few, possibly not over a half a dozen, made claim for exemption. All were evidently willing to obey the call to arms without evasion if it was thought necessary for them to go to the front in the interest of humanity and liberty.

   So far as heard from the same general spirit existed throughout the county. At East and West Stocking 231, including the flower of the country in every walk in life, went to the polling places and gave their names to the registrars without apparent regret. They were decorated with an appropriate badge by a bevy of ladies who worked at each polling place.

   It is estimated that fully one-half of those registering are married men. The names of those who registered at the Wahoo booths Tuesday are as follows:


   Wilmer Godfrey Johnson, Harry Joshua Ludi, Earl Francis Dodd, Arthur Charles Perry, Amiel Sam Dolezal, Robert Edward Downes, Leo Edward Fraley, John Frank Marshalek, Jules Carman, Edward Louis Miller, Gustaf Torell Gustafson, Hjalmar Fritiof Thorson, Charles Andrew Swanson, Albert Lewis Warren, Donald Warren Fauquet, Ray Albert Killian, Eugene Leverich, Carl Ferdinand Tornblom, Anton Emil Koutney, Paul Rutherford Olson, Guy Norris Parmenter, Elias Nicholas Kontulias, James Lawrence Way, Per August Pearson, Charles Henry Poellot, Paul Hyacinth Ervin, Earl Hick Staudinger, Constantine Chiros, Sylvester Lorenzo Reeder, Fred Louie Hapke, Earl Adolphus Morin, Joe Richmond Brown, Raymond Nelson Ludl, Henry Lyman Whitaker, Peter Owen Johnson, Floyd W Snyder, Robert Blair, George Dzuranko, Alfred Berggren, Carl Olaf Johnson, Oscar William Olson, Edgar Efford Anderson, George Jaroslav Kirchman, Edward Alphion Sturdevant, William Wallace Wenstrand, Oscar Johnson, Henry Franklin Rockwell, Frank Keth Marvin, Elmer Gilbert Risk, Frank Emmery Burbridge, Nicolai Johansen Askim, John Kruyotich, Max Anton Kirchman, Lowell Dale Worrall, John Skoog, Charlie Henry Snelling, Percy Lee Smith, Ernest James Ludl, Earl Everett Bredenberg, Charles Edward Parker, Joel Eskal Benson, Aristoteles Kais, Soterius Vocelgairius, John Peter Magnus Olson, Haralambos Chiganos, Donald Douglas Campbell, August Handley, Frank Evered Tracy, Newton Bernard Berggren, Gust Stuvrud, Fred Edmin Alder, Robert Leonard Edstrom, Joseph Benjamin Lieberth, Walter Emerson Larsea, Jacob Herman Haberman, Roy Burney Larsen, Ernest Gideon Pearson, Harry Bertrand Staudinger, Riley Gamble, Oscar Emanuel Anderson, Earl Eberhardt, Franz Johnson, Paul Blace Phelan, William Matthew Culver, John Frederick Wenstrand, William E. Hugill, Matthew George Sladky, Jacob James Sladky, Amiel Frank Havelka, Neal Arthur Crawford, Theodore Noble Larson, Jesse Laudenschlager, John Panos, Thomas Brown, Joe Lebduska, Santos Huerta, Joseph Augustinus Lungren, Harris Xiggas, Tom Kary, Jerry Jaroslav Palas, Paul Martin, Pablo Salinas, Filimeno Abilo, Diomiua Minios.


   Daniel Everett Boelter, Vernon Ebenezer Rand, John Gattfried Bloom, Rudolph divin, Ferd Emmanuel Anderson, Benjamin Harrison Reeves, Joseph Porter, John Eric Julius Samuelson, Ralph Willare Woodworth, Charles Raymond Gillette, Ernest Monteen, Elmer Emanuel Eliason, Algot Oscar Anderson, Guy Edgar Johnson, Alfred William Odell, Franz Louis Zimola, Fritz Nathaniel Erickson, Harry Alex Lyons, Walter Louis Brodahl, Chester Keely, Emil Louis Kudrna, Henry Magnus Anderson, Andrew Person, Richard Henry Wenzlaff, Stanley Velicky, Anton Louis Lanik, Elmer Mitchell, George Andrew Johnson, Casper Baumgartner, John Trutna, James Blaine Walter, Lee Hubert, Stratton, Harvey Albin Risk, Sexton George Ekholm, Joseph John Kudrna, Joseph Paul Spicka, Henry Richard Swanson, Alaric LeRoy Swanbom, Charles August Styskal, Verner Fredolph Monteen, Vladimir Sedlacek, August Henry Seligmann, John Joe Cernik, Leonard John Swanbom, Russell Harold Johnson, Lawrence Rudolph Karlson, Evear Nathanial Torell, Floyd Arlington Johnson, John Lanik Jr., Anton Kahoun, Joe Trutna, John Edward Rezac, Frank Kubena, Shirley Sheldon Nelson, Jacolt Ondruch, Anagar Nathaniel Fogelstrom, Arvid Karlson, Ernst Luther Fogelstrom, Alfred Ernest Olson, Roy Victor Smith, Otis Earl Simpson, George Howard Simpson, Bernhard Schmidt, Sward Romain Tracy, Anders Anderson, George De Rue Mawhiney, John Gilbert Nygren, Theros Alex, Edwin Larson, Victor Chilquist, Earl Chandler, Rubert Amos Hull, Carl Edwin Gustafson, Fred William Webster, Franz Albert Linder, Charles W. Way, Clarence E. Hagelin, Hugh John Freeborn, Elder Benhard Torell, Albin Arthur Anderson, Vennie Nemecek, Joseph Wiliam Thompson, Ira Rigsby, Earl Sterling Carter, Peter O. Kruce, Ebazl Earl Gross, Frederick George Lowdon, Elmer Frederick Anderson, Henry Shusta, Frank Emiel Lanik, Arthur Fred Lindau, Floyd Alman Tharp, Joseph John Krivanec, Lloyd Robert Meduna, Carl C. Barton, Tom Dailey, Joe Frank Beranek, Clarence Emanuel Hendrickson, Sven Martin Hull, Edward Joe Truina, Harry Evald Hendrickson, Otto Christain Steffen, Enoch Alfred Olson, Walter Joseph Sevanson, Frank Deremer, Ladislav Flekel, Victor Isackson, Elmer Ebenezer Swanbom, John Malcom Anderson, Owen Harrison Person, Joseph Walter. Ernest William Eberhardt, Clarence Arthur Grinn, Oswald James Lohr, Edgar Ambrose Dailey, William Calvin Scott, Pearl Harvey Miller, Edwin John Isaacson, Louis Richard Mastera, Henry Joseph Knepper, Henry Charles Meyer, Carl Carlson, George Thomas Bennett, Alex Emanuel Anderson and William Burn Ickes.


Oak Creek        108         S. Center           30
Newman            83         North Center        51
Elk               54         South Cedar         30
Chester           82         North Cedar         89
Bohemia           46           Green             51
Rock Creek        59         Wahoo               64
Chapman           86           Marietta          82
Mariposa          84         Pohocco             61
Douglas           58         E. Ashland          81
Morse Bluff       47         W. Ashland          69
Richland         118         Clear Creek         65
So. Stocking      46         Marble              66
E. Stocking      101         Union               73
W. Stocking      126         Leshara             22
                             Total             1932

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