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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(May 1978)

Zion Lutheran

(Green Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Green
Section:    SW 1/4 NW 1/4 of Section 3    Township:    13N    RANGE:    8E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle & Emil H Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Date Recorded:    30 May 1978

Cemetery map

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Names Index

                      Page #
______,  Wilhelmina        p3
______,  Harry             p5

Basel, Alfred       additions
Basel, Augusta             p2
Basel, Esther       additions
Basel, Frank               p2
Basel, Marie        additions
Basel, Otto         additions
Bergman, Alva       additions
Bergman, Ben        additions
Bergman, Emma       additions
Bergman, Herbert    additions
Bergman, Oscar      additions
Bergman, Viola      additions
Behrens, Augusta W         p4
Behrens, Herman D          p4
Bergman, Anna              p1
Bergman, Annabelle C       p1
Bergman, Carl W            p1
Bergman, Fred              p1
Berlin, Inf son            p5
Beulke, Augusta G          p3
Beulke, Carl F             p3
Beulke, Fred A             p3
Beulke, Irvin              p3
Boesel, Albert             p1
Boesel, Albert             p5
Boesel, Anna               p1
Boesel, Anna C             p4
Boesel, Anna W             p3
Boesel, Christoph F        p4
Boesel, E Robert           p2
Boesel, Elizabeth          p2
Boesel, Elizabeth K        p2
Boesel, Emil E             p2
Boesel, Herman             p2
Boesel, Inf dau            p2
Boesel, Johann             p2
Boesel, Johann             p2
Boesel, Marie Bonow        p2
Boesel, Sophie             p1
Boesel, Wilhelmina         p2
Boesel, William            p2
Bonow, Albert K            p1
Bonow, Alice A             p1
Bonow, Ferdinand A         p2
Bonow, Herman F            p1
Bonow, Robert Lee   additions
Bonow, Sophia M            p1
Bonow, Wilhelmina J        p2
Bosel, August              p5
Bosel, Fritz               p2
Bryer, Dora                p3
Bryer, Fred                p3
Bryer, Mable (?)           p3
Breyer, Mary S             p3
Bryer, William             p3
Bryer, William             p3
Bunde, Caroline            p4

Conrad, Martha             p5

Divine, Edith W            p2
Divine, Edward O           p2

Falke, Dora C M            p3
Falke, Henry               p3
Falke, Hubert A            p3
Falke, LeRoy               p3
Fick, Andrew               p3
Fick, Earl          additions
Flessner, Dale Allen       p4
Flessner, Lary Lee         p4

Holtz, Albert K            p1
Holtz, Martha E            p5

Juds, Carl H               p1
Juds, Minnie F             p1

Krause, Friederike         p4
Krause, Hermann            p4

Lamprecht, Arthur   additions
Lamprecht, Frieda   additions
Lehman, Leonard L          p2
Lehman, Ruth        additions
Lehman, William J          p2
Luhnow, August             p5
Luhnow, Henrietta          p4

Meyer, Dietrich L          p5
Meyer, Marie               p5

Neitzel, Bertha            p5
Niefelt, Clara M W         p5
Niedfelt, Fredreka         p4
Niedfelt, Henry J          p4

Oldenburg, Frank           p1
Oldenburg, Henry           p2
Oldenburg, Wilhelmina      p1
Otte, Wilhelmina           p3
Otto, Albert               p3
Otto, Albert        additions
Otto, Anna M               p4
Otto, August        additions
Otto, August C             p4
Otto, Amanda               p3
Otto, Bertha               p3
Otto, Caroline L           p4
Otto, Daisy         additions
Otto, Elsie         additions
Otto, Emma          additions
Otto, Ernest        additions
Otto, Fredrick W           p1
Otto, Fredricka            p4
Otto, Herman               p3
Otto, Mary S               p1
Otto, Wilhelm H            p4
Otto, Wilhelm H A          p5

Patzloff, Gustav           p2
Patzloff, Lena             p2
Peglow, Richard            p5

Radensleben, Dederick      p3
Radensleben, Henry         p4
Radensleben, Henry H       p5
Radensleben, Ida           p3
Radensleben, Johanna       p4
Radensleben, Maria A       p3

Schmidt, Wilhelmina        p2
Sohrt, George              p4
Steinhauser, Inf dau       p3

Trader, Charlie R          p1
Trader, Elsie L            p1
Trader, Marvin C           p1

Viek, August               p3
Voss, Harvey        additions

Wolter, Augusta            p4
Wolter, Carl               p4
Wolter, Emma               p4

Tombstone Records

ZION LUTHERAN CEMETERY located in the SW 1/4 NW 1/4 of Section 3, Township 13 N, Range 8E, Green Township Saunders County, Nebraska. The cemetery had been mowed and Memorial Day flowers were plentiful. There is a special marker as you enter which reads:

Zion Lutheran Cemetery
Founded in 1887
Monument in memory of
George Jacobs - 1961.

Recorded by Emil & Clarabelle Mares 1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska on 30 May 1978. There were two sections one on each side of the roadway.

section map

1978-2006 Additions

These additions to Zion Lutheran Cemetery were submitted by Marilynne Bergman,   April, 2006

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