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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(May 1978)

Weston Cemetery

(Chapman Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: WESTON CEMETERY
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Chapman
Section:    SW 1/4 NE 1/4 of Section 9    Township:    14 N    RANGE:    6E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    11 May 1978

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Anderson, Alf D              p7
Anderson, Guy V              p8
Anderson, Mary K             p7
Anderson, Matelda            p8
Arthur, Harry                p4
Arthur, Inf son              p4

Baker, Ira                   p3
Baker, Sarah                 p3
Barclay, James P             p2
Bernklau, Anezka             p5
Bowen, Hugh O                p3
Bowen, Mary                  p3
Bowen, William               p3
Buresh, George W             p7
Busek, Anna                  p6
Busek, Jan                   p6
Byrna, Ray & Roy             p2

Campbell, Emma B             p1
Cejka, Anna                  p5
Cejka, Frank A               p5
Cejka, Frantiska             p7
Cejka, John                  p5
Cejka, Josef                 p7
Cejka, Joseph T              p7
Cejka, Martha M              p6
Cejka, Stella                p5
Chmelka, Antonia             p5
Chmelka, James               p5
Cicha, Rose                  p4
Crawford, George             p8
Cuda, Edward                 p8
Cuda, Frank                  p8
Cuda, Ida I                  p8

Davis, Alfred T              p2
Davis, Charles C             p2
Davis, Florence N            p2
Davis, James N               p2
Davis, Joe N                 p2
Davis, Nancy                 p1
Davis, Nellie M Odell        p2
Davis, Capt Wm               p1
Dobrusky, Joseph J           p2

Edwards, E M                 p2
Edwards, Eve                 p2
Edwards, Jonathan            p2

Gross, Bessis K              p4

Hadsell, Caroline O Kane     p1
Hadsell, Charles             p1
Hadsell, Florence E          p1
Hadsell, Henry B             p1
Hadsell, Ida L               p1
Hadsell, Ivy                 p1
Hadsell, Leonard W           p1
Hadsell, Nancy D             p1
Hardy, Julia E               p2
Harrison, Emma               p3
Harrison, John               p3
Harrison, W B                p3
Hartley, Doris               p4
Havelka, Anna                p7
Havelka, Lyle Dale           p7
Havelka, Milacek J           p7
Havelka, Vaclav              p7
Hawkinson, Edward E          p5
Hawkinson, John Edward       p5
Hawkinson, Matilda B         p5
Hill, Mary V                 p1
Hill, William E              p1
Hill, Willie M               p1
Hiltcher, Herman             p5
Honeywell, W S               p5
Hopkins, Etta                p1
Hopkins, Lula A              p1
Houfek, Anna                 p8
Houfek, John F               p8
Houska, Felix                p6
Houska, Jindriska            p6

Jayhawk, Gusta               p1
Jayhawk, Joseph              p1
Johnson, Aloisis             p4
Johnson, Franklin O          p2
Johnson, Mary                p4

Keay, George O               p2
Keay, M Catherine            p2
Kester, Hattie E             p4
Kliment, Frank               p6
Kliment, Frantiska           p5
Kliment, Lydia               p7
Kliment, Mary                p5
Kliment, Mary                p6
Kliment, Rudolph             p5
Kriz, Anna                   p7
Kriz, Anna J                 p4
Kriz, Anton                  p7
Kriz, Earl T                 p4
Kriz, Joseph                 p7
Kriz, Lois Adeline           p7
Kriz, Zoe C                  p7
Kucera, Edward               p9
Kucera, Maggie               p9
Kucera, Maria                p9
Kucera, Vaclav               p9
Kucera, Vincent              p9

Lefler, Frances              p6
Lefler, Josephine            p6
Linn, Margaret               p4
Liska, Anna                  p6
Liska, Anton                 p6
Lehmkuhl, Bertha             p5
Lehmkuhl, Delia B Hughart    p5
Lehmkuhl, Marie              p5
Lillibridge, Christopher E   p3
Lillibridge, Christopher E   p3
Lillibridge, Clysta J        p3
Lillibridge, Harry W         p3
Lillibridge, Percy D         p3
Lillibridge, Virgil E        p3

Madigan, Anna                p3
Madigan, Charles             p3
Madigan, George M            p3
Madigan, Inf                 p3
Madigan, Maggie              p3
Madigan, Ruth                p3
Madigan, Thomas              p3
Madigan, William             p3
Milacek, Jan                 p8
Milacek, Marie               p8
Mott, Mary Ann               p4
Mott, Samuel                 p4

Nemec, Albert                p6
Nemec, Mrs Albert            p6
Nemec, Henry                 p6
Novak, Elizabeth             p6
Novak, Frank F               p8
Novak, J A                   p7
Novak, James                 p6
Novak, John K                p6
Novak, Joseph                p3
Novak, Mary Cermak           p3

Odell, Cora J                p6
Odell, Thomas C              p6
Odell, Wallace S             p6
Olston, Henrietta            p4

Pacal, John Sr               p7
Pacal, Losephine             p7
Paser, James W               p5
Pavlik, Fannie               p6
Pavlik, Frank                p6
Pekarek, Frank               p9
Polloch, Ralph               p3
Price, Alice J               p1

Rushing, Cheryl E            p6

Salak, Cyril                 p4
Sklenar, Anna                p7
Sklenar, Jozef               p7
Sklenar, Marie               p7
Staudinger, Fredie           p5
Staudinger, Ola              p5
Stevens, Charles E           p8
Stevens, Charlotte L         p8
Stevens, H Calvin            p8
Strizek, Frank               p6
Strizek, Marie               p6
Strizek, Son                 p6
Sturdevant, Lloyd C          p3
Sturdevant, Minnie I         p3
Sturdevant, Myron J          p3

Thomas, Bessie               p3
Thomas, Ina Woolsy           p4
Thomas, Richard              p3
Thomas, Sarah                p3
Turnwell, Lavern             p5

Vance, W D                   p4
Venous, Frank                p4
Vavra, Josef                 p7
Vesely, Frantisek            p8
Vesely, Josefa               p8
Vesely, Joseph               p8
Veskrna, Antonette           p8
Veskrna, Frank               p8

Wallin, Carl J               p8
Wallin, Carolina             p8
Wooley, Byron E              p4
Wooley, Cordelia             p4
Wooley, Samuel               p4

Yohe, Nellie M               p8
Yohe, Nellie Mae             p8
Yohe, Robert D               p8

Zadina, Anton                p9
Zadina, Teresa               p9

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