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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(May 1978)


(Oak Creek Twp)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Oak Creek
Section:    SW 1/4 SW 1/4 of Section 22    Township:    13 N    RANGE:    5 E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    started 24 May 1978, completed 2 June 1978

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records - War Memorial

Names Index (A - I)

(J - Z)

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                          Page #
_____, John                  p12
_____, Robert                p 6
_____, Susan                 p12

Ackerson, Nels               p 6
Adams, Everett W             p14
Adams, Lillian A             p14
Adams, Nancy Jane            p 7
Adams, Thomas                p 7
Adams, Winnie E              p23
Adsit, Anna C                p13
Adsit, James                 p13
Ahl, Arthur                  p19
Ahl, Augusta C               p19
Ahl, Klaus D                 p19
Albro, Charles W             p24
Albro, Harriet D             p24
Albro, John H                p18
Albro, Margaret              p18
Allen, Hannah E              p33
Allen, J W                   p33
Allen, Moses           p33 & p36
Alm, Claus                   p 2
Alm, Stina                   p 2
Alm, Swan                    p 2
Anderson, Anne               p 2
Anderson, Arthur W           p 5
Anderson, Augusta            p 5
Anderson, Carl               p 2
Anderson, Daisy G            p11
Anderson, Dorothy            p 2
Anderson, Emily              p19
Anderson, Jacob              p19
Anderson, Leland             p19
Anderson, Mary               p15
Anderson, Ole                p 2
Anderson, Solomon            p 5
Ang, Augusta J               p15
Ang, Carl A                  p15
Ang, Carl R                  p 5
Ang, Frank A                 p 3
Ang, Harry H                 p 3
Ang, Raymond A               p 5
Antrim, Lester O             p25

Barney, Mildred              p 9
Bartek, Geo                  p 6
Bates, Henry                 p35
Bays, Beulah                 p25
Bays, Elfrida Beatrice       p24
Bays, Sarah J                p25
Beach, Elijah                p35
Beach, Jessie R              p35
Bedient, Mary F Smith        p29
Behmerwohld, H               p19
Behmerwohld, H Lee           p 3
Behmerwohld, Harry H         p 3
Behmerwohld, Lucy A          p 3
Bejvancesky, Albert L        p14
Bejvancesky, Louis           p17
Bejvancesky, Mollie          p17
Bejvancesky, Thomas          p17
Bengston, Anton              p19
Bengston, Hilda C            p19
Bengston, John B             p13
Bengtson, Elmer              p27
Bengtson, Emma L             p27
Bengtson, Esther             p27
Bengtson, Anna T             p19
Betts, Joseph M              p 4
Betts, Minnie M              p 4
Blair, Jeanette              p14
Blair, Jonathan              p32
Blair, Laura                 p14
Blair, Meril                 p14
Blair, Sarah                 p32
Blair, Yevette               p14
Bonyman, Wm                  p28
Bosel, Frank                 p20
Bradford, Norah              p25
Bradford, W D                p25
Brewster, William H          p35
Broadwater, Donald Perry     p18
Broadwater, Elmer P          p18
Brooks, Mrs O M              p 9
Brooks, Oren                 p 9
Brown, Francis W             p27
Brown, Jessie E              p 4
Buchanan, John               p 6
Buchanan, Robert A           p 6
Bushek, Anton A              p24

Carlson, Alvin O             p 6
Carlson, Benjamin E          p 5
Carlson, Carl                p 6
Carlson, Charles E           p 5
Carlson, Charles L           p 5
Carlson, Charles M           p19
Carlson, Edla M              p 9
Carlson, Emma M              p 6
Carlson, Emma S              p 7
Carlson, Helen H             p11
Carlson, J Edgar             p11
Carlson, John David          p 4
Carlson, Katie               p 5
Carlson, Lars J              p 6
Carlson, Louis E             p 7
Carlson, Louis E             p 9
Carlson, Mary E              p 6
Carlson, Ruby Ella           p 4
Carlson, Russell Earl        p 4
Carlson, Velma               p 4
Carstensen, Metta Cathrina   p 8
Carstensen, Peter            p 8
Casement, Freddie            p34
Casement, James              p 7
Casement, Lillie             p 7
Casement, Russel             p34
Cawthron, Matilda J          p 4
Cawthron, John               p 4
Chase, Oswald L              p21
Cheever, Edward F            p29
Cheever, Eva Christina       p32
Cheever, Frances A           p29
Cheever, John L              p17
Cheever, Maud                p22
Cheever, Nancy L             p24
Cheever, Nellie J            p17
Cheever, Oren L              p24
Cheever, Orvil G             p22
Chmelka, F J                 p15
Chmelka, Ferdinand           p15
Chmelka, Frank               p15
Chmelka, Frantiska           p15
Chmelka, Goldie May          p15
Chmelka, Lewis B             p15
Chmelka, Lloyd               p15
Christensen, A Martin        p11
Christensen, Anna M          p12
Christensen, Artemas         p12
Christensen, Botilder M      p12
Christensen, E Lloyd         p11
Christensen, Edna            p11
Christensen, Irene M         p 4
Christensen, Jens            p12
Christensen, Kathleen Ann    p 9
Christensen, Maurice N       p 4
Christensen(?), Mother       p12
Christensen, Nels            p 4
Cittercup, Hazel Pearl       p11
Cole, B F                    p19
Cole, Dema                   p30
Cole, Johnny                 p30
Cole, Julia Moran            p19
Conklin, Hannah M            p31
Conklin, John B              p31
Conklin, Mary Martilla       p31
Conklin, Robert Myron        p31
Conner, Wm Roy               p22
Cook, Andrew J               p25
Cook, Martha J               p 2
Cook, Mary A                 p25
Copperstone, Eliza A         p29
Copperstone, Joseph F        p29
Copperstone, Joseph H        p29
Cornell, Anna M              p19
Cornell, Claude G            p19
Cox, J M                     p30
Craige, Hilda 5              p16
Craige, James W              p16
Creathbaum, Clyde E          p13
Creathbaum, Cora B           p13
Creathbaum, Isabella B       p33
Creathbaum, Johnathan        p33
Creathbaum, LeRay            p13
Crosley, Minerva F           p29
Cruzan, Cora Joy             p30
Cunningham, Caroline C       p23
Cunningham, Eli M            p21
Cunningham, Frankie Ray      p23
Cunningham, Glenn L          p20
Cunningham, Harley R         p20
Cunningham, Hazel A          p 3
Cunningham, Robert E         p 3

Dean, Inf                    p 3
Deane, Myra                  p24
DeHart, Asa Franline         p20
DeHart, Charles              p20
DeHart, Cordelia Jane        p20
DeHart, Rebeca               p21
DeVore, Clora                p34
Dewell, Harriet              p11
Dodds, J F E                 p 7
Dodds, Kate M                p 7
Donner, Elizabeth            p16
Donner, Henry                p16
Donner, William J            p16
Dooley, Nathan T             p10
Dooley, S Maude              p10
Drais, Perly L               p35
Draper, Joy S                p 9
Draper, Robert Lee           p 9
Dudek, Joseph G              p15
Dudek, Merle D               p15
Duncan, Gene                 p31
Duncan, James Frank          p31

Eagle, G W                   p24
Eagle, Myra D                p24
Eagle, Oral N                p16
Eagle, Sarah E               p24
Edie, Columbus C             p33
Edie, Ida Irene              p33
Edie, Lillian P              p10
Edie, Myrtie S               p23
Edwards, Fanny T             p13
Edwards, John M              p13
Edwards, Louisa M            p13
Eggli, Georgia Rogers        p10
Emrick, Ethe M               p24
Emrick, W Cal                p24
Emrick, W Ralph              p24
Erickson, Albert L           p27
Erickson, Anna               p27
Erickson, Annie R            p16
Erickson, Carrie             p16
Erickson, Charles E          p22
Erickson, Christine          p27
Erickson, Erick              p16
Erickson, Erick V            p23
Erickson, Glenn              p16
Erickson, Harry              p16
Erickson, Infs               p29
Erickson, Johanna            p23
Erickson, John B             p15
Erickson, Lottie             p27
Erickson, May H              p22
Erickson, Oscar A            p27
Erickson, Peter E            p27
Erickson, Rosie M            p15
Erixson, Agnes A             p23
Erixson, Bessie Bell         p23
Erixson, Charles W           p23
Erixson, Rebeca Jane         p23
Ethington, David S           p23
Ettleman, George F           p25
Ettleman, Helena A           p25
Evers, Elna                  p 7
Evers, O J                   p 7

Farmers, Elenor J            p 3
Farmer, Olive                p 3
Farmer, Samuel M             p 3
Fifer, Clifford R            p23
Fifer, Nora D                p21
Fifer, Schuyler C            p21
Fifer, Corp Wm               p21
Fifer, Wilmer C              p23
Fike, Ryan Edward            p11
Fleek, Douglas R             p16
Fleek, Edward A              p16
Fleek, Nellie                p16
Fleek, Ruben                 p16
Fox, Albert R                p34
Fox, Clarinda                p34
Fox, Edith Pearl             p34
Fox, John Waine              p18
Fox, Ross Richard            p14
Frisbee, Lloyd H             p16
Fritzinger, Mary C           p25
Fritzinger, Samuel H         p25
Fullman, Emily               p20

Gard, Anna E                 p 8
Gard, Charles F              p 8
Geib, Bertha M               p 8
Geib, Dorothy                p 8
Geib, Etna M                 p 7
Geib, Ivan                   p 8
Geib, Marvel                 p 8
Geib, Winnie J               p 8
Geister, Olive M             p28
Geister, Walter A            p28
Giffen, Sarah A              p29
Giffin, George               p29
Giffin, Gertrude A           p30
Giffin, Ira A                p30
Giffin, M B                  p30
Giffin, Mary J               p30
Giffin, Walter W             p30
Glassburn, Alfred Grant      p11
Glassburn, Beatrice          p12
Glassburn, Carrie E          p12
Glassburn, Floyd J           p11
Glassburn, Glennie           p21
Glassburn, Iris Margaret     p11
Glassburn, L Ross            p12
Glassburn, Lemuel            p21
Glassburn, Lila              p21
Glassburn, Margaret          p12
Glassburn, Mary V            p11
Glassburn, Maudie            p12
Glassburn, Moses             p12
Gould, George                p30
Gouse, Mary E                p25
Graves, Geo B                p32
Graves, Harriet L            p32
Green, Donna L               p17
Greeno, W L                  p34
Grever, Eliza T              p31
Grever, Ellen G              p30
Grever, Jacob M              p30
Grever, Philip               p31
Grigsby, Didama              p21
Grigsby, Ernest E            p21
Grigsby, Orville             p21
Groth, Alvin L               p 1
Groth, Elizabeth M           p 1
Groth, Fred                  p14
Groth, Minnie                p14
Groth, Roberta               p 1
Guttery, Jesse               p23
Guttery, Mary                p23

Hagelin, Warren C            p 5
Hakel, Inf                   p10
Hall, Joseph A               p11
Hall, Viola Tracy            p32
Harmon, Amelia H             p 8
Harmon, Daniel E             p 8
Harmon, Ruth E               p 8
Hassenplug, Edith            p30
Hassenplug, Esther A         p 2
Hassenplug(?) Francis        p 6
Hassenplug, Ida E            p 6
Hassenplug, George D         p 2
Hassenplug, George R         p 8
Hassenplug, John G           p 6
Hassenplug, Rose Mary        p 8
Hayden, Henry                p22
Hayden, Louise               p22
Haynes, Edward J             p25
Hedges, Ann E                p 1
Hedges, Daniel H             p 1
Hedges, Delphia E            p 1
Hedges, James V              p32
Hedges, John T               p26
Hedges, Martilla             p26
Hedlund, Carl V              p24
Hedlund, Elsie M             p24
Hedlund, Lottie E            p24
Hedlund, Sanford             p24
Hellerich, Adolph            p 1
Hellerich, Albertina A       p 5
Hellerich, Christiane        p 5
Hellerich, Edward G          p21
Hellerich, F J               p 5
Hellerich, Fern E            p21
Hellerich, Harry H           p21
Hellerich, Laurence          p 1
Hellerich, William           p 5
Hendrix, Charles H           p17
Hendrix, Edwin E             p17
Hendrix, Mary L              p17
Hendrix, Oscar D             p17
Hicks, Ina Barney            p 9
Higgins, Catherine M         p 5
Higgins, James F             p 5
Higgins, James M             p 5
Hixson, Celenira B           p33
Hixson, Clarence M           p33
Hixson, Ella C               p33
Hixson, Elmer H              p33
Hixson, John M               p33
Hixson, Minnie               p33
Hoover, Ida M                p16
Hoover, Robert E             p16
Hoover, Samuel L             p 8
Hotchkiss, Edgar H           p 7
Hotchkiss, Mildred           p 7
Hotchkiss, Vena C            p 7
Hudkins, Bail W              p 9
Hudkins, Basil L             p10
Hudkins, Dollie Fay          p10
Hudkins, Emma                p 9
Hudkins, Floyd               p 9
Hudkins, Fred                p11
Hudkins, John                p 8
Hudkins, Lillian             p10
Hudkins, Susan               p 9
Hudkins, Wainy               p10
Hudkins, William A           p 8
Hudson, Alvin H              p 3
Hudson, John I               p 3
Hudson, Sarah E              p 3
Hurka, Joseph                p 7
Hurka, Thelma Pearl          p 7
Hurlburt, Chancy B           p35
Hurlburt, Goodrich H         p35
Hurlburt, Lucius C           p35
Hurlbut, Charles H           p 4
Hurlbut, Sarah J             p 4
Hurtt, Thomas L              p30
Hussman, Carl W              p11
Hyatt, Arthur W              p 6
Hyatt, Lila Mae              p 6
Hyatt, Pircilla              p 6
Hyatt, William H             p 6

Ilg, Edith                   p17
Ilg, Gottlieb                p17
Ilg, John                    p17
Ilg, Maxine                  p14
Ilg, Susan                   p17

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