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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(April 1977)

Union Cemetery

(St. John's)
(Mariposa Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: UNION CEMETERY
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Mariposa
Section:    SE 1/4 NE 1/4 of Section 4    Township:    15 N    RANGE:    6E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    25 April 1977

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Adam, Emma M                   p2
Adam, Esther M                 p2
Arp, Anna                      p3
Arp, Baby                      p3
Arp, Detlef                    p5
Arp, Henry Karl                p5
Arp, Hermine C                 p5
Arp, Johan                     p3
Arp, Laura J                   p5
Arp, Peter                     p5

Bahm, Eva                      p5
Bahm, Fritz C                  p5
Barrett, Mrs P H               p4

Clobes, Anna Gertrude          p5
Clobes, Conrad                 p5
Clobes, Inf son                p5

Dauel, Henry F                 p3
Dauel, Henry H                 p3
Dauel, Laura M                 p3
Dauel, Levi J                  p3
Dauel, Magdalene M             p3
Dauel, Mary M                  p3
Dauel, William                 p3
Dauel, William C               p2
Dauel, William J               p3

Falke, (?) dau                 p5
Falke, Christian               p5
Falke, Emma                    p5
Farris, Ella A                 p3
Farris, Thomas W               p3
Frahm, Caroline                p2
Frahm, Christina A             p4
Frahm, Claus                   p6
Frahm, Elliet H                p3
Frahm, Emma                    p4
Frahm, George J                p2
Frahm, Hans H                  p3
Frahm, Hans H                  p3
Frahm, Harriet H               p2
Frahm, Henry                   p4
Frahm, Henry F                 p4
Frahm, Jacob                   p2
Frahm, Jacob                   p2
Frahm, Katherine W             p2
Frahm, Katie E                 p2
Frahm, Laura R                 p2
Frahm, Louis C                 p2
Frahm, Margaret                p6
Frahm, Margaret L J            p2
Frahm, Margaretha              p3
Frahm, Margaretha K            p3
Frahm, Maria                   p4
Frahm, Maria                   p4
Frahm, Mary M M                p2

Hall, Charles                  p1
Hall, Elisa                    p1
Hall, Elizabeth M              p1
Hall, Paul                     p1
Hoffmann, Antje Anthony        p6
Hoffmann, Peter                p6
Holtorf, Andreas Johan         p5
Holtorf, Dale Norman           p1
Holtorf, Hans John             p1
Holtorf, Jurgen H              p1
Holtorf, Thomas J              p1
Holtorf, Wiebke                p1

Jenny, Joseph                  p1

Keeker, Fred J                 p4
Keeker, Rika                   p4
Knuth, Anna                    p4
Knuth, Anna Margaretha Frahm   p4
Knuth, Christine C             p4
Knuth, Friedrich J             p4
Knuth, Hans                    p4
Knuth, Hans                    p4
Knuth, Hans J                  p4
Knuth, Herbert                 p2
Knuth, Katharine               p2
Knuth, Maria CC                p4
Knuth, Martin P J              p4
Knuth, Peter                   p2
Knuth, Wiebke Meggers          p4
Kuker, Elenora M S             p4
Kuker, Henry J F               p4

Lemke, Frances Kay             p2
Lemke, Frank                   p1
Lemke, Frank W                 p2
Lemke, Hattie                  p1
Lemke, Louisa                  p2
Lemke, Max                     p2
Lemke, Minnie                  p2
Lompe, Adolphine               p1
Lompe, Louise                  p1
Lubker, Hans H                 p2
Lubker, Hans H                 p2
Lubker, Katharina              p3
Lubker, Margaretha             p3

Mantel, Babetta                p5
Mantel, Charles B              p5
Mantel, Freda                  p5
Mantel, Ida                    p5
Mantel, John B                 p5
Mohr, Anna S                   p2
Mohr, Frank W                  p2
Mohr, Harry C                  p2
Mohr, John M                   p2
Mohr, John M                   p2
Mohr, Wilhelmmine              p2
Muller, Amelea C F M M         p2

Nolte, Amelia H                p3
Nolte, Margaret                p4
Nolte, William                 p4
Nolte, Wm H                    p3

Oldenburg, Evelyn              p4

Reimers, Anna W                p4
Reimers, Antje C               p4
Reimers, Christian R           p5
Reimers, Christine             p4
Reimers, Henry L               p4
Reimers, Herman W              p4
Reimers, John F                p4
Reimers, Louise                p4
Reimers, Melinda               p5
Reimers, Otto P                p4
Reimers, Peter                 p4

Schauer, Lucy H                p1
Schultz, Anna                  p3
Schultz, Baby                  p5
Schultz, Gertrude              p5
Schultz, Hattie                p5
Schultz, Herman                p5
Schultz, Hulda                 p5
Schultz, Hulda A               p3
Schultz, John G                p5
Schultz, Louis & William       p3
Schultz, Otto                  p3
Schultz, Paul                  p5

Theede, Alice A                p3
Theede, Anna                   p3
Theede, Anna M                 p3
Theede, Anna Mohr              p3
Theede, George                 p3
Theede, Gustav H               p3
Theede, John                   p3
Theede, Jurgen                 p3
Theede, Mary                   p3
Thomas, children--triplets     p1
Thoren, Arnold V               p1
Thoren, Clara C                p1

Zeller, Louise                 p5

? Baby son                     p1
Baby marker                    p4

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