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photo courtesy of Geri DeGroff.
(Fall, 2000)

Union Cemetery

(Cedar Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: UNION CEMETERY
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Cedar
Section:    SE 1/4 SW 1/4 of Section 15    Township:    16 N    RANGE:    7E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Diane Buch
Date Recorded:    started June 6, 1976   completed 13 June 1976

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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                                Page #
Allfart, Anna C                     p 8
Allfart, Anna M                     p 8
Anthony, Anna                       p 3
Anthony, Anna                       p10
Anthony, Andrew J                   p 1
Anthony, Antje Wiegand              p 4
Anthony, Claus                      p10
Anthony, Dorthea                    p11
Anthony, Elizabeth M                p 1
Anthony, Gustav A                   p 7
Anthony, Hans                       p 3
Anthony, Ida M                      p 1
Anthony, Katherine M                p 7
Anthony, John                       p 4
Anthony, Leon E                     p 7
Anthony, Wilma C                    p 7
Anthony, Peter                      p11
Anthony, Wiebke                     p10
Arb, Anna                           p 4

Bahde, Anna M                       p 3
Bahde, David Charles                p 3
Bahde, Detlef                       p 2
Bahde, Margaret W                   p 3
Bahde, Minnie                       p 2
Bahde, Peter                        p 3
Bartels, H G                        p 6
Bartels, Johann                     p 6
Bartels, Johanna K                  p 6
Bartels, Margaretha                 p 6
Bartels, Wilhelm                    p 6
Bosholm, Alma Amande                p10
Bosholm, Claus                      p 1
Bosholm, Claus                      p10
Bosholm, Darrell Deane              p 1
Bosholm, Maria                      p10
Broadbooks, B N                     p10
Broadbooks, Henry                   p10
Broadbooks, Louisa                  p10
Broadbooks, Inf dau                 p 6
Brodersen, Ferdinand                p 2

Christiansen, Christian             p 1
Christiansen, Johanna               p 1
Christiansen, John P                p 1
Cummins, Albert M                   p 2
Cummins, Vernon R                   p 2

Dockweiler, Christian               p11
Dockweiler, Elizabeth M             p11
Dockweiler, Ervin J                 p 8
Dockweiier, George C                p11
Dockweiler, Gsena C                 p11
Dockweiler, Henry P                 p 8
Dockweiler, Jurgen                  p 5
Dockweiler, Mathilda M              p 8
Dockweiler, Margaretha Matthiessen  p 8
Dockweiler, Maria C                 p 5

Ehrike, Friedrich                   p 8
Ehrike, Karoline                    p 6
Ehrike, Wilhelmine                  p 8

Franzen, Alma P                     p 9
Franzen, Anna                       p 9
Franzen, Beverly A                  p 9
Franzen, Carl H                     p 9
Franzen, Elizabeth                  p 8
Franzen, Helena                     p 8
Franzen, John                       p 8
Franzen, Peter                      p 9

Glaser, Alwine E C                  p 9

Hagemann, Adolph G                  p11
Hagemann, Betty Lou                 p 8
Hagemann, Emma                      p 8
Hagemann, Forrest W                 p11
Hagemann, Gerald J                  p 8
Hagemann, Louisa W                  p11
Hagemann, Inf dau                   p 8
Hansen, Caroline                    p 5
Hansen, Catharine                   p 8
Hansen, Clause                      p 5
Hansen, Claus                       p 5
Hansen, J D                         p 8
Hansen, Hinrich                     p 2
Hansen, Marie B                     p 8
Harding, Anna C                     p 2
Harding, Anna M Stock               p 4
Harding, Emilie Augusta             p 7
Harding, Henry A                    p 7
Harding, Hiram H F                  p11
Harding, Inf                        p 4
Harding, Jacob H                    p 7
Harding, Jacob H                    p 7
Harding, John A                     p 2
Harding, John H                     p11
Harding, Rudolf F                   p 7
Harding, Thelma R                   p 7
Harding, Thomas H M                 p 4
Hensen, Detlef                      p 9
Hensen, Dora M                      p 9
Hensen, Margaret                    p 7
Hensen, Maria                       p 7
Hensen, Hans J                      p 7
Hoffmann, Bernhard H                p 9
Hoffmann, Emma                      p 9
Hoffmann, Fred A                    p 9
Hoffmann, Friedrich                 p 9
Hoffman, Henry J                    p 2
Hoffmann, Wilfred A                 p 9
Hofkins, Emilith                    p10
Holcomb, Margaretha                 p 1
Holtorf, Jurgen H                   p 7
Holtorf, Theresa C                  p 7
Hull, Donald William                p 2

Jacobsen, Cresde C Petersen         p 2
Jacobsen, Fedder A                  p 2
Jacobsen,. Johann S                 p 2
Jacobsen, Momme                     p 2
Jahn, Theodor Ulrich                p 2
Jensen, Claus F                     p 8
Jensen, Dorothea J                  p 9
Jensen, George F                    p 8
Jensen, Hans                        p 9
Jensen, John H                      p 8
Jensen, Maria                       p 8
Jensen, Margaretha                  p 8
Jessen, Anna C H                    p 5
Jessen, Anna W                      p 5
Jessen, Christine M                 p 7
Jessen, Cynthia Elaine              p 2
Jessen, Dora M                      p 7
Jessen, Emma C                      p 5
Jessen, George N                    p 7
Jessen, Hans A                      p 5
Jessen, Jens Peter                  p 5
Jessen, Johan N                     p 2
Jessen, Karl C                      p 5
Jessen, Martha A Huscher            p 5
Jessen, Peter N                     p 5
Jessen, Peter N                     p 5
Jessen, Rose Marie                  p 5
Jessen, Sonke                       p 7
Jones, Anna                         p 4
Jones, Anna M                       p 4
Jones, David                        p 4
Jones, Eddie H                      p 4
Jones, Harry D                      p 4
Jones, Louie H                      p 4
Jurgens, Adolph H                   p 5
Jurgens, Anna C                     p 4
Jurgens, Christina M                p 4
Jurgens, Clara K                    p 3
Jurgens, Eliese                     p 4
Jurgens, Hans C                     p 2
Jurgens, Hans H                     p 9
Jurgens, Hinrich                    p 1
Jurgens, Emma F                     p 2
Jurgens, Johan                      p 6
Jurgens, John H                     p 9
Jurgens, Johann F                   p 3
Jurgens, Margaretha                 p 9
Jurgens, Mary                       p 5
Jurgens, Minnie                     p 9
Jurgens, Peter                      p 4

Kiesbye, Anna Katharina             p 7
Kiesbye, Heinrich                   p 7
Kiesbye, Peter Friedrich            p 7
Knutzen, _?_                        p 6
Knutzen, Alvina K                   p 9
Knutzen, Anna                       p 9
Knutzen, Heinrich                   p 6
Knutzen, Henry                      p 6
Knutzen, John H                     p 9
Knutzen, Maria                      p 6
Kruse, Dorothea                     p11

Lubker, Claus H                     p 1
Lubker, Fern K                      p 1
Lubker, Filda                       p 1
Lubker, Frauke Odefey               p 1
Lubker, John F                      p 1
Ludje, Anna Christine               p10
Ludje, Emma                         p10
Ludje, George                       p10
Ludje, Henry                        p10
Ludje, John                         p10
Ludje, Jurgen                       p10
Ludje, Katharine S                  p10
Ludje, Mabel E                      p10
Ludje, Maggie                       p10

Mahrt, Adele M                      p 5
Mahrt, Anna M Harding               p 6
Mahrt, Catherina Jons               p 6
Mahrt, Claus H                      p 6
Mahrt, Elize Thisen                 p 6
Mahrt, George                       p 6
Mahrt, John M                       p 5
Mahrt, Kenneth L                    p 5
Mahrt, Leona Lou                    p 5
Matthiessen, Alvine C               p11
Matthiessen, Frederick W            p11
Matthiessen, John H                 p11
Matthiessen, Margaretha Siemssen    p11
Matthiessen, Matthias               p11
Merz, Keith Harding                 p11
Meyer, Elena                        p 9
Meyer, John                         p 9
Marsau, Hinrich D                   p 8
Marsau, Katharine                   p 8
Mewes, Anna M                       p 4
Miller, Elizabeth                   p 4
Mewes, Hans M                       p 4
Miller, Caroline Jessen             p 6
Miller, Louie D                     p 6
Miller, Soren                       p 6
Mommsen, Christoph H                p 7
Mommsen, Emma D                     p 7

Orme, Alice A                       p 4
Osterman, Claus J                   p 3
Osterman, Dorothea K Harding        p 3
Ostrand, Barbara                    p 3
Ostrand, Gust O                     p 3
Ostrand, Myrtle N Johnson           p 3
Otzen, Anna M                       p 5

Prentis, Harriet                    p 4
Paustian, Hinrich                   p 7
Paustian, Katharine M               p 7
Paustian, Magdelina                 p 7
Petersen, Anna Marie                p 7
Petersen, Caroline                  p 7
Petersen, Christian N               p 7

Rabbass, Augusta                    p 6
Rabbass, Evelyn M                   p 3
Rabbass, Friederick                 p 6
Rabbass, Rudolf R                   p 6
Rahn, Heinerich                     p 4
Rahn, Jurgen                        p 4
Roepche, Jacob                      p 9
Roepche, Margaret Anthony           p 9
Rohwer, Clara                       p 8
Rohwer, Herman C                    p 8
Rohwer, Louis A                     p 8

Schlichting, Agnes                  p10
Schlichting, Christine W            p10
Schlichting, Emma                   p11
Schlichting, Johann                 p10
Schlichting, Lena                   p11
Schlichting, Inf son                p10
Schlichting, Inf son                p10
Schlichting, Inf dau                p10
Schlichting, Nicholas               p11
Schlichting, Wm                     p10
Schmarje, Ella M                    p 9
Schmarje, Ernest J                  p 9
Schmarje, Johann F                  p 9
Schmarje, Julius E                  p 9
Schmarje, Phoebe                    p 9
Siemsen, Henning                    p 5
Siemseh, Marie                      p 5
Siemsen, Sophia M                   p 5
Sievers, Ella M                     p 3
Sievers, Inf son                    p10
Sievers, Jurgen                     p 3
Sievers, Minnie                     p 3
Sievers, Peter                      p 3
Smith, Emma                         p 5
Smith, Inf son                      p 5
Smith, Inf son                      p 5
Smith, Oscar G                      p 5
Stooley, Anna M                     p 4
Stolley, Caroline                   p 3
Stolley, Detlef                     p 4
Stolley, Hans                       p 3
Stolley, Hans                       p 4
Sukstorf, Anna Schlichting          p10
SukstorF, J F Wm                    p 7
Sukstorf, J F Wilhelm               p 7
Sukstorf, Helen                     p 7
Sukstorf, Mary                      p 7
Sukstorf, Mary A                    p 7

Thiesen, Henry                      p 9
Thiesen, Margaret                   p 9
Tietjens, Anna                      p 9

Vanshur, Anton                      p11
Vanshur, Earl H                     p11
Vanshur, Ida C                      p11
Vanshur, Noma Lee                   p11

Wiegand, Anna C                     p 4
Wiegand, Jacob H                    p11
Wiegand, John                       p11
Wiegand, Joy Ann                    p 4
Wiegand, Jurgen H                   p 4
Wiegand, Louise A                   p11
Winkelmann, Louise C                p10
Wittmersehouse, Charles             p 2
Wittmersehouse, Charles             p 5
Wittmersehouse, Elsie J             p 2
Wittmersehouse, Emma                p 3
Wittmersehouse, George H            p 2
Wittmersehouse, Josephine           p 5
Wittmersehouse, Mathilda A          p 2
Wittmersehouse, Ray                 p 3
Wittmersehouse, Wayne               p 3

____, Panoma                        p 9

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