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photo courtesy of Geri DeGroff.
(Fall, 2000)

St. Wenceslaus

(Center Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Center
Section:    SE 1/4 SW 1/4 of Section 28    Township:    15 N    RANGE:    7E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    9 June 1977

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Albert, August               p4
Albert, Catherine            p4
Albert, Marie                p1
Albert, Simon                p1
Albert, Valentine            p4

Bartek, Edward M             p4
Benal, Anna J                p4
Benal, John                  p4
Bouc, Charlene Kay           p6
Brabec, Anton C              p3
Brabec, Christina            p3
Brabec, Christina            p3
Brabec, Edward C             p2
Brabec, Mike J               p5
Brezina, Frantisek           p6
Brezina, Marie               p6
Brezina, Vincenc             p6

Cech, Jan                    p4
Cech, Katerina               p4
Cech, Katerina               p4
Cech, Mary A                 p4
Cech, Stanley                p4
Cech, Tomas J                p4
Cernik, Charles              p2
Cernik, Chas W               p2
Cernik, Inf                  p4
Cernik, Jan                  p4
Cernik, Jan                  p6
Cernik, John F               p6
Cernik, Matej                p5
Cernik, Marie                p5
Cernik(?), Mother            p6
Cernik, Rosalie              p4
Cernik, Theresa              p2
Chapek, Bernard B            p7

Dippel, Herman J             p2
Dippel, Thomas Anthony       p2
Divis, Anna                  p3
Divis, Dorothy J             p6
Divis, Karel                 p3

Elbling, Anna                p1
Elbling, George              p1

Ficenec, Mary Virgl          p2
Fujan, William A             p4

Gustafson, Mary A            p6

Hajek, Josef                 p4
Havelka, Anton               p3
Havelka, Anton J             p4
Havelka, Frank               p3
Havelka, Joseph A            p2
Havelka, Josephine           p3
Havelka, Marie               p3
Havelka, Teresie             p3
Hezina, Daisy                p7
Hezina, Henry                p7
Hezina, Robert               p7
Hradsky, Elenore             p3
Hradsky, Frank J             p3
Hradsky, Konstantin          p3
Hrdlicka, Anton              p5
Hrdlicka, Frantisek          p5
Hrdlicka, Katerina           p5
Hrdlicka, Marie              p5
Hrdlicka, Ondrej             p5

Jackson, Maree M             p2
Jonas, Frank                 p6
Jonas, James                 p1
Jonas, John                  p6
Jonas, Josef                 p6
Jonas, Mary A                p1

Kavan, Marie                 p1
Kirchman, Anna               p1
Koranda, Anton F             p3
Koranda, Emma A              p3
Koranda, Vaclav Sr           p2
Korinck, Terezie             p1
Koukal, Maria                p2
Koukal, Matej                p2
Koutny                       p1
Koutny, Anna                 p6
Koutny, Frantisek            p4
Koutny, George C             p6
Koutny, John                 p6
Koutny, Marie                p6
Koutny, Petronila            p4
Koutny, Wenceslaus           p6
Kremlacek, Anna              p6
Kremlacek, Charles M         p4
Kremlacek, Joseph            p3
Kremlacek, Joseph            p6
Kremlacek, Marie             p3
Kremlacek, Marie             p4
Kremlacek, Marie B           p4
Kremlacek, Mary A            p3
Kremlacek, Paul C            p3

Lanik, Aneska                p6
Lanik, Antonie               p1
Lanik, Frantisek             p6
Lanik, Frantiska             p6
Lanik, Joseph                p6
Lanik, Louis J               p6

Machovec, Amelia M           p3
Machovec, Amelia K           p3
Machovec, Anton              p3
Machovec, Carrie             p7
Machovec, Frank R            p3
Machovec, Frantisek          p3
Machovec, Frantiska          p3
Machovec, Marie              p3
Machovec, Marie              p7
Machovec, Martin             p7
Masters, Marie M             p1
Masters, Martin              p1
Mayer, Karel                 p4
Mayer, Marie                 p4
Mayer, Matilda               p4

Novotny, Frank Thomas        p6
Novotny, Jakub               p2
Novotny, Anna                p2
Novotny, Marie               p2
Novotny, Thomas              p6

Puchko, Frances M            p6
Puchko, Joseph G             p6

Rezac, Aletha M              p2
Rezac, Antonia               p2
Rezac, Frank                 p2
Rezac, John F                p7
Rezac, Mary F                p7
Rezac, Rose E                p2
Roublicek, Children          p5
Ruzicka, Anna                p5
Ruzicka, Anton               p3
Ruzicka, Anton               p5
Ruzicka, Beverly Ann         p6
Ruzicka, Bohumil T           p5
Ruzicka, Glenn               p6
Ruzicka, Kate K              p3

Schmidt, Richard R           p5
Simanek, Mary                p1
Simodynes, Anna              p2
Simodynes, Marie J           p2
Simodynes, Wencl             p2
Snelling, Mary               p6
Sousek, Stanley J            p4
Sramek, Anna M               p7
Sramek, Charles J            p7
Sramek, James R              p7
Svoboda, Emil                p7
Svoboda, Frank E             p7
Svoboda, Joseph              p7
Svoboda, Josie               p7

Tomes, Frantisek             p1
Tomsicek, Jacob G            p2

Vajrych, Frantiska           p3
Vajrych, John                p3
Virgl, Anton H               p5
Virgl, John J                p2
Virgl, Josefina              p5
Virgl, Vaclav                p5
Vybiral, Erma Ann            p4
Vybiral, Frank               p5
Vybiral, Frantisek           p5
Vybiral, Frantiska           p5
Vybiral, Frantiska           p5
Vybiral, John                p5
Vybiral, Joseph L            p4
Vybiral, Mary A              p5

Woita, Doris Mae             p7

Zimola, Agnes                p5
Zimola, Anna                 p5
Zimola, Antonia              p5
Zimola, Frances              p5
Zimola, Frances              p5
Zimola, Frantiska Fiala      p5
Zimola, Joseph               p5
Zimola, Vaclav               p5

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