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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(May 1978)

St. Vitus

(Newman Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: ST VITUS CEMETERY (Touhy, Nebraska)
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Newman
Section:    NE 1/4 SW 1/4 of Section 35    Township:    14 N    RANGE:    5 E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    18 May 1978

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Bartek, Andrew A                  p1
Bartek, Francis G                 p1
Bartek, Joseph F                  p1
Bartek, Mary V                    p1
Bartek, Viva D                    p1
Benes, Anna A                     p2
Benes, Barbara                    p9
Benes, Barbora                    p9
Benes, Caroline C                 p3
Benes, Charles J                  p3
Benes, Cyril F                    p9
Benes, John                       p9
Benes, Joseph A                   p9
Benes, Lucille A                  p2
Benes, Martin Charles             p2
Benes, Martin J                   p2
Benes, Vitus                      p9
Blazek, Lod A                     p7
Bohaty, Rosemary                  p2
Bouc, Frances                     p7
Bouc, Gerald Joseph               p7
Bouc, Joseph J                    p2
Bouc, Mike                        p7
Buresh, Clara                     p3
Buresh, David J                   p6
Buresh, Frances                   p2
Buresh, Joseph F                  p2

Caha, Anna                        p7
Caha, Frank                       p7
Capek, Frantsiak K                p5
Capek, Ladislav Antonin           p5
Carek, Antonia                    p9
Carek, Vaclav                     p9
Chapek, Anton                     p5
Chapek, Ludvik D                  p5
Chapek, Mary                      p5
Chapek, Mary T                    p5
Cherovsky, Alois                  p6
Cherovsky, Frank J                p6
Cherovsky, Mary A                 p6
Cihal, Anastazie                  p9
Cihal, Cyril J                    p2
Cihal, Lad J                      p2
Cihal, Leo L                      p2
Cihal, Marie A                    p2
Cihal, Stanley F                  p2

Dvoracek, Anton                   p8
Dvoracek, Katerina                p8
Dvoracek, Rose E                  p8
Dvorak, John J                    p2
Dvorak, Stella                    p2

Fiedler, Marie                    p5
Fujan, Anna                       p8
Furasek, Frank J                  p6
Furasek, John J                   p6
Furasek, Joseph                   p6
Furasek, Marie                    p6
Furasek, Ondrej                   p6
Furasek, Ondrej F                 p2
Furasek, Rosie                    p2
Furasek, Rosie                    p6
Furasek, Tillie                   p2

Hladik, Marie                     p9
Hladik, Stefanie                  p9
Hladik, Vincenc                   p9
Horkey, Edward G                  p5
Horkey, Ludvik V                  p5
Horkey, Patricia G                p5
Horkey, Pauline W                 p5
Horky, Adolph L                   p7
Horky, Aloisia                    p5
Horky, Anna                       p7
Horky, Anton                      p7
Horky, Edward                     p5
Horky, Karel A                    p7
Horky, Marie                      p5
Hruby, Edward V                   p5
Hruby, Emil P                     p5
Hruby, Frantisek                  p5
Hruby, Wilhelmina                 p5
Hula, Gary                        p1

Jelinek, Christena Rezac          p4
Jelinek, Louis                    p4

Kavan, Anna                       p5
Kavan, Fillip                     p5
Kavan, Lillian                    p5
Kucera, Dwaine E                  p7
Kucera, John J                    p7

Lanik, Richard H                  p5

Machacek, Anna                    p4
Machacek, Ronald G                p9
Malecek, Johanna                  p9
Maly, Catherine                   p8
Maly, Frank J                     p8
Maly, Marie                       p8
Maly, Mary                        p8
Maly, Sandra                      p1
Marshalek, Blanche                p1
Marshalek, Helen L                p1
Marshalek, Henry V                p1
Marshalek, Jerry J                p1
Marshalek, John J                 p1
Masek, Anna A                     p8
Masek, Anna P                     p8
Masek, Anton                      p4
Masek, Anton J                    p4
Masek, Antonie                    p4
Masek, Baby                       p8
Masek, Benjamin                   p4
Masek, Duane J                    p2
Masek, Frank B                    p8
Masek, George A                   p4
Masek, Jiri                       p2
Masek, Joseph F                   p8
Masek, Joseph G                   p4
Masek, Mary                       p4
Masek, Victoria J                 p4
Meduna, Hubert                    p2
Meduna, Joie                      p2
Meduna, Philomena                 p2
Musil, Frantisek                  p4
Musil, Marie                      p4

Novak, Frantiska                  p9

Ohnoutka, Adolph R                p5
Ohnoutka, Anna L                  p5
Ohnoutka, Della                   p3
Ohnoutka, Emil                    p3
Ohnoutka, Lucille E               p3
Osmera, Agnes M                   p6
Osmera, Anton B                   p6
Osmera, Lisa Marie                p6

Pekarek, Adolf                    p4
Pekarek, Anna                     p2
Pekarek, Cyril                    p2
Pekarek, Emilie                   p4
Pekarek, Frances                  p2
Pekarek, Frank                    p2
Pekarek, Frantsika                p4
Pekarek, Jakub                    p4
Pekarek, Mariana                  p4
Pekarek, Tomas                    p4
Pekarek, Vaclav                   p4
Pelikan, Inf son                  p9
Pelikan, Joseph                   p9
Pelikan, Marie                    p9
Pesek, Jacob J                    p2
Pesek, Otto G                     p2
Placek, Charles J                 p6
Pokorny, Laura M                  p4
Pokorny, Ludvik L                 p4
Prochaska, Frank                  p2
Prochaska, Mary                   p2
Prochaska, Robert                 p2

Raiter, Alois                     p8
Raiter, Antonia M                 p8
Raiter, Estella                   p8
Raiter, Frantisek                 p8
Raiter, Infant                    p8
Raiter, Jan                       p8
Raiter, John E                    p8
Raiter, Julia                     p8
Raiter, Michael & Renee, twins    p1
Ratkovec, Frank                   p7
Ratkovec, Mark                    p1
Rezac, Alois                      p4
Rezac, Anton                      p7
Rezac, Anton F                    p3
Rezac, Francis                    p7
Rezac, Frank                      p4
Rezac, Frantisek                  p4
Rezac, Frantiska                  p2
Rezac, Jakub                      p2
Rezac, Julius A Jr                p1
Rezac, Karol                      p2
Rezac, Maria                      p4
Rezac, Mary A                     p2
Rezac, Theresa Ann                p1
Rezac, Thomas                     p4

Sabatka, Anna T                   p9
Sabatka, Emma E                   p2
Sabatka, Inf son                  p2
Sabatka, Mildred                  p9
Sabatka, Thomas C                 p2
Sercl, Anna M                     p7
Sercl, Frank A                    p7
Stanek, Agnes                     p1
Stanek, Anton                     p1
Stanek, Mary                      p1
Steyer, Anna A                    p8
Steyer, Emil J                    p8
Steyer, Frank M                   p2
Steyer, Josef                     p8
Steyer, Josef E                   p8
Steyer, Josefa                    p8
Steyer, Marie J                   p9
Steyer, Zita Ann                  p7
Svoboda, Barbara                  p3
Svoboda, Joseph C                 p3

Tejral, Clotilda H                p7
Tejral, Frank A                   p7
Tomcak, Anna B                    p8
Tomcak, John C                    p8
Tomcak, Josef                     p8
Tomcak, Joseph F                  p8
Tomcak, Michael                   p8
Tomcak, Michael J                 p8
Tomes, Eleonora                   p6
Tomes, Elizabeth M                p6
Tomes, Ernest                     p6
Tomes, Jindrich                   p6
Tomes, Josef                      p6
Tomes, Joseph B                   p6
Tomes, Leonard W                  p6
Tvrdy, Jacob                      p9

Urbanek, Joseph F                 p2

Vanis, Inf son                    p7
Vodicka, Anezka                   p6
Vodicka, Cyril J                  p6
Vodicka, Jan F                    p6
Votava, Helen                     p3

Wais, Marie M                     p9
Wais, Vaclav J                    p9
Walla, Joseph                     p5
Walla, Ludvik                     p4
Walla, Ludvik W                   p5
Walla, Marie F                    p4
Walla, Mary                       p5
Walla, Mary C                     p4
Walla, Sylvester A                p6
Woita, Charles B                  p6

Zetocha, Frantisek                p7

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