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photo courtesy of Geri DeGroff.
(Fall, 2000)

St. Mary's Cemetery

(Morse Bluff Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: ST MARY'S CEMETERY
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Morse Bluff
Section:    NE 1/4 NW 1/4 of Section 1    Township:    16    RANGE:    6E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    started 6 Nov 1976 completed 18 Dec 1976

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Auten, Alfred                p2
Auten, Ella                  p2

Baumann, Rose Ann            p2
Blatny, Ernest Jr            p4
Burk, Cecelia M              p6
Burk, Mary                   p6
Brown, Ralph Lee             p7
Burk, Stephen                p6

Callahan, Cathy J            p7
Callahan, Michael R          p7
Callahan, Patrick J          p7
Cerny, Alice                 p6
Cerny, Jerald                p6
Coady, Eleanora E            p1
Cullen, Lucy                 p5

Dunn, Catharine              p3
Doyle, Mary Loyola           p2

Gorgen, Henry                p7

Hansen, Ethel M              p1
Hansen, Lloyd E              p1
Hansen, Thomas               p1
Henrickson, Barbara          p7
Henrickson, Henry            p7
Henrickson, Inf son          p7
Hentges, Adam                p6
Hentges, Barbara             p6
Hentges, Frank               p6
Hill, Arthur C               p7
Hurst, James                 p2

Jones, Harry H               p6
Jones, Mary E                p6
Jones, Steve                 p6

Klassert, George W           p4
Klinge, Anna                 p1
Kraus, Alexander             p5
Kraus, Anna B                p1
Kraus, Charles               p5
Kraus, Elizabeth             p5
Kraus, Hermina               p1
Kraus, Ida                   p5
Kraus, Joseph                p1
Kraus, Joseph                p5
Kraus, Leopold               p5
Kraus, Matildia              p5
Krause, Albert               p5
Krause, Alexander            p5
Krause, Bertha Ann           p5
Krause, Charles              p5
Krause, Christian            p5
Krause, Christian J          p1
Krause, Christian J          p1
Krause, Emil                 p5
Krause, Evelyn E             p1
Krause, Frank                p5
Krause, Frank J              p2
Krause, George A             p5
Krause, George L             p2
Krause, Harry                p5
Krause, Jaroslava            p5
Krause, Leona Margaret       p2
Krause, Mabel                p5
Krause, Margaret             p5
Krause, Margaret             p5
Krause, Paulina              p5
Krause, Sarah A              p2
Kucera, Joseph A             p1

Ladenburger, Anna H          p5
Ladenburger, Arthur J        p1
Ladenburger, Caroline        p5
Ladenburger, Carrie          p5
Ladenburger, Emma            p1
Ladenburger, Ida C           p5
Ladenburger, Joseph J        p5
Ladenburger, O O             p5
Ladenburger, Ottilia M       p5
Ladenburger, Sophia M        p5
Ladenburger, Victor          p5
LeGrand, Clarence Sidner     p4
LeGrand, Emma Margaret       p3
LeGrand, Flossie May         p3
LeGrand, Frank               p4
LeGrand, Gertrude A          p4
LeGrand, Jane                p4
LeGrand, Johny               p3
LeGrand, Leona Pearl         p4

McDaniel, James              p6
McDaniel, James F            p6
McDaniel, Johnnie            p6
McDaniel, Katherine Hentges  p6
McDaniel, Mary S             p6
McDaniel, Thomas             p6
McGuire, Charles W           p4
McGuire, Patrick             p4
McMartin, Mary E             p7
McMartin, Michael            p7
Magher, Edmund               p6
Magher, John                 p6
Magher, Margaret             p6
Magher, Thomas F             p6
Malloy, Bridget              p2
Malloy, Edward D             p2
Malloy, Edward P             p6
Malloy, Harry F              p2
Malloy, Jane                 p2
Malloy, Joseph               p2
Malloy, Joseph C             p2
Malloy, Joseph J             p2
Malloy, Louise J             p2
Malloy, Mary M               p2
Malloy, Maud B               p6
Malloy, Michael A            p2
Malloy, Raymond C            p6
Malloy, Rosanna              p2
Malloy, Patrick H            p2
Malloy, Willie               p2
Miller, Joseph               p6
Moolick, Honoria             p3
Moolick, James               p3
Mueting, Nicholas B          p2
Musiel, Anna                 p4
Musiel, August               p4
Musiel, John                 p4
Musiel, Marie                p4
Musiel, Matthias             p4
Musiel, Matthias             p4
Musiel, Raymond A            p4
Musiel, Rose                 p4

O'Donnell, Francis           p3
O'donnell, Margaret          p3
Otredosky, James S           p1

Pageler, Eloise              p2
Pageler, Mary Ballard        p2
Pageler, William H           p2
Paradise, Fred E             p7

Ranslem, Edward M            p1
Ranslem, Nellie A            p1
Riley, Anna                  p3
Riley, Bridget A             p3
Riley, Con A                 p3
Riley, Jennie                p3
Riley, Kathryn               p3
Riley, Margaret              p3
Riley, Patrick               p3
Rochford, Thomas D           p3
Roumph, Agnes A              p1

Schroeder, Gustave C         p2
Shanahan, Ellen              p3
Shanahan, Gertrude           p3
Shanahan, Jermiah            p3
Shanahan, Margaret           p3
Shanahan, Margaret           p4
Shanahan, Mary               p4
Shanahan, Mary A             p3
Shanahan, Mary A             p4
Shanahan, Michael            p4
Shanahan, Michael            p3
Shanahan, Nellie T           p3
Shanahan, Rita Mae           p7
Shanahan, Roady              p4
Shanahan, Wm                 p4
Shannon, Mary                p3
Siders, Caroline             p1
Siders, Lois                 p1
Speak, Charles               p4
Smith, Henry C               p7
Smith, Mary Ellen            p7

Volkman, Albert              p5
Volkman, Alvin               p5
Volkman, Emma                p5
Volkman, Hilda               p6
Volkman, Jacob               p6
Volkman, Katherine           p6

Wasiak, Amy Lynn             p7
Wagner, Anna                 p5
Wagner, Henry J              p4
Walker, John E               p1
Wagner, Mary E               p4

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