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photo courtesy of Geri DeGroff.
(Fall, 2000)

St. Joseph's

(Holy Rosary)

(Douglas Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: ST. JOSEPH'S CEMETERY (Holy Rosary)
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Douglas
Section:    NW 1/4 NW 1/4 of Section 25    Township:    16    RANGE:    6E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Diane Buch
Date Recorded:    19 June 1976

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Anderson, Katherine Lea      p1

Ballard, Agnes T             p5
Ballard, Katie R             p5
Ballard, Philip L            p5
Ballard, Stephen J           p5
Bartek, Frank J              p7
Bartek, Frank J Jr           p7
Bartek, Madgaline M          p7
Bartek, Madgaline M          p7
Blair, Catherine A           p3
Blair, Thomas J              p3
Booth, Eva T                 p1
Booth, Frederic J            p1
Bouc, Therese                p5

Cauley, John V               p4
Cauley, Robert               p4
Cauley, Roger                p4

Daley, Dennis C              p5
Dailey, Daniel               p7
Dailey, Jerry                p5
Dailey, Johanna              p5
Dailey, Johanna              p5
Dailey, Tim                  p5
Dailey, Tommy                p5
Dean, Catharine              p4
Denesia, Agnes M             p5
Denesia, Chas A              p5
Donnelly, wife of P          p5

Eck, Gertrude Van Driel      p1

Fanning, James               p2
Fanning, Mary                p2
Fanning, Michael             p2
Farris, Charles M            p6
Farris, Elizabeth T          p6
Farris, Margaret T           p6
Finegan Children             p6
Fishler, John                p6
Fishler, Ollie P             p6
Fishler, Theresa             p6
Fraley, Nellie Murren        p4

Griffin, Anna E              p7
Griffin, Louise H            p3
Griffin, Inf dau             p7

Hastings, Ferdinand L        p5
Hastings, Raymond F          p5
Hayes, Bridget               p7
Hayes, Mary                  p7
Hayes, Thomas                p7
Higgins  William             p2
Howard, Albert               p2
Howard, Elsie                p2
Howard, Harry                p2
Howard, Harry J              p1
Howard, John K               p2
Howard, Joseph               p2
Howard, Julia                p2
Howard, Mary E               p1
Howard, Mortimer             p2
Howard, Mortimer             p2
Howard, Nellie               p2
Howard, Nellie               p2

Kennedy, Chris               p6
Kirchmann, Lena TePoel       p4
Kruce, Wallace E             p7

Lowry, Margaret Murren       p4

McCoy, Frank J               p1
McCoy, Lillian A             p1
McDermott, Chas              p4
McDermott, Charles E         p7
McDermott, Charles T         p2
McDermott, Ellen             p4
McDermott, James P           p7
McDermott, John Francis      p7
McDermott, Kate              p7
McDermott, Mary Ellen        p2
McDermott, Mary F            p2
McDermott, Michael           p2
McDermott, William H         p4
McElfresh, Nellie E          p3
Malloy, John E               p5
Malloy, Leda M               p5
Malloy, Mary                 p5
Malloy, Patrick              p5
Mulderman, Anna G            p2
Mulderman, J Bernard         p2
Mulderman, Catharine         p5
Mulderman, Dorothy E         p2
Mulderman, Isabella          p2
Mulderman, John H J          p2
Murren, Andrew               p1
Murren, Bridget R            p7
Murren, Hannah               p4
Murren, John                 p4
Murren, Mary                 p4
Murren, Thomas               p4
Murphy, Catherine            p5
Murphy, Cleo Ann             p4
Murphy, Elaine M             p7
Murphy, Francis A            p4
Murphy, James                p3
Murphy, Jean Therese         p4
Murphy, Jerald D             p7
Murphy, John                 p3
Murphy, Marie H              p4
Murphy, Mary                 p3
Murphy, Mary Cecilia         p3
Murphy, Philip J             p3

O'Connor, Hugh               p2
O'Connor, John J             p2
O'Donnell, Johnny            p5

Plunket, Jean M              p3
Pollard, Ellen               p2
Pollard, George              p2
Pollard, James               p2
Pollard, Kathryn             p2

Rochford, Anastasia G        p4
Rochford, Donald "Pat"       p5
Rochford, Dorothea A         p4
Rochford, Edward M           p4
Rochford, Gertrude           p6
Rochford, Hanora             p6
Rochford, Inf son            p5
Rochford, Louella M          p4
Rochford, Martin D           p6
Rochford, Michael J          p4
Rochford, Nora M             p6
Rochford, Thomas             p6
Rochford, Thomas E           p7
Rochford, Thomas John        p4
Rochford, William E          p7
Ryan, Alice                  p5
Ryan, John M                 p5
Ryan, Johanna                p5
Ryan, Katie                  p5
Ryan, M D                    p5
Ryan, Rosie                  p5

Schmitt, Julia H             p3
Schultz, Tena                p6
Scott, Mary D W              p4
Scott, Phillip               p4
Shanahan, B V Sullivan       p1
Shanahan, Ellen              p1
Shanahan, Inf son            p4
Shanahan, Jeremiah           p1
Shanahan, John J             p3
Shanahan, Julia A            p3
Shanahan, Margret            p1
Shanahan, Malick             p2
Shanahan, Mary               p2
Smit, Carl Michael           p7
Sullivan, James              p1

Taugher, Annie               p3
Taugher, Michael E           p3
TePoel, Alfred J             p3
TePoel, Anna D               p3
TePoel, August J             p3
TePoel, Dorothea             p1
TePoel, Freddie J            p1
TePoel, Hannah               p3
TePoel, Helen                p3
TePoel, N Helene             p3
TePoel, Herman C             p3
TePoel, John                 p3
TePoel, John A               p3
TePoel, Johnnie W            p1
TePoel, Leo F                p1
TePoel, Theodore H           p1
TePoel, William B            p4
Theede, Emma Nesladek        p7
Theede, Inf son              p7
Theede, Louis Henry          p7
Tillman, Dorothy             p2

Van Driel, Agnes C           p1
Van Driel, Elizabeth         p1
Van Driel, John A            p3
Van Driel, Minnie M          p3
Van Driel, Rutgerus B        p1

Ward, C I                    p3
Ward, John                   p3
Warner, Cynthia Kay          p1
Warner, Sherri Lynn          p1
Weber, Rose V M              p4
Wernsman, Joseph             p2
White, Libbie                p2
Wolters, Bernadine J         p3

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