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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(March 1978)

St. John

(Prague, Nebraska)

(Chester Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: ST JOHN'S CEMETERY - Prague, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Chester
Section:    SW 1/4 NW 1/4 of Section 36    Township:    16 N    RANGE:    5E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    27 March 1978

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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J. S.  initials only               p11

Bahm, Fred W                       p11
Bahm, Fredie J                     p11
Bahm, Mary                         p11
Barah, Rosie                       p10
Barta, Marie                       p 7
Barta, Tomas                       p 7
Belik, Barbora                     p 4
Belik, Donna Jean                  p15
Belik, Ernest J                    p16
Belik, Frank A                     p15
Belik, Frantisek                   p11
Belik, Frantiska                   p11
Belik, Mary                        p15
Belik, Jakub                       p 4
Belik, William J                   p 3
Bratrsovsky, Frank V               p 2
Brecka, Jos                        p12
Brecka, Joseph A                   p 7
Brecka, Paul                       p 4
Broz, Anton                        p 7
Broz, Helena                       p 6
Broz, Joseph                       p 6
Broz, Marie                        p 7
Brtek, Anna                        p 3
Brtek, Frantisek                   p 5
Brtek, John                        p 3
Brtek, Joseph E                    p 5
Brtek, Ladislav                    p 5
Brtek, Louis E                     p12
Brtek, Marie                       p 5
Brtek, Mary C                      p12
Brtek, Vaclav                      p 5
Bushek, Barbora                    p14
Bushek, Joseph                     p14

Cerny, Ronnetta Jo                 p15
Chmelka, Anna                      p10
Chmelka, Anton                     p10
Chvatal, Martin                    p 4
Coufal, Cynthia A                  p 5

Eret, Anna                         p 2
Eret, Frank                        p 2
Eret, Joe                          p 2

Fleming, George G                  p15
Fleming, Marie Ann                 p 8
Frana, Agnes                       p15
Frana, James                       p15
Frana, Marie                       p12
Frana, Wilma Sedlacek              p13
Frohner, Emma J                    p 2
Frohner, Jacob                     p 9
Frohner, Joseph                    p10
Frohner, Marie                     p 9
Fujan, Bohumir C                   p 3
Fujan, Filomena                    p 8
Fujan, James C                     p 3
Fujan, Tomas                       p 8
Fujan, Vac. J                      p 8

Hauth, Antonia Sholz               p11
Hauth, Nicholas                    p11
Hines, John K                      p15
Hitzler, Emilie                    p10
Hitzler, Marie                     p10
Hobza, Marie                       p 7
Hruza, Anna                        p14
Hruza, Frank                       p14
Hula, Anna                         p 3
Hula, Josef                        p 8
Hula, Joseph                       p15
Hula, Marie                        p15
Hula, Marketa                      p 8
Hula, Tomas F                      p 3
Hula, Vaclav                       p 3
Humlicek, Anna E                   p 6
Hynek, Anna                        p 9
Hynek, Frant                       p 9
Hynek, Kater.                      p 9

Jambor, Raymond J                  p12
Janecek, Anton J                   p 7
Janecek, Joseph R                  p 1
Janecek, Joseph V                  p 3
Janecek, Katherine                 p 7
Janecek, Rose                      p 7
Janecek, Sophie                    p 3
Janecek, Vaclav                    p 7
Janecek, Joseph                    p 7
Jelinek, Antonia M                 p12
Jelinek, Frank J Sr                p12
Jelinek, Mildred A                 p12
Jerabek, Anton E                   p 7
Jerabek, Frank J                   p 8
Jerabek, Marie                     p 8
Jirik, Anna                        p 3
Jirik, Josef                       p 3
Jirik, Marie M                     p 3
Jirik, Simon F                     p 3

Kaspar, Anna                       p 6
Kaspar, August                     p 4
Kaspar, Barbora                    p 4
Kaspar, Frantiska                  p 4
Kaspar, Jan J                      p 4
Kaspar, Josef                      p 4
Kaspar, Mary A                     p 4
Kaspar, Richard                    p13
Kastl, Barbara A                   p 3
Kastl, Charles A                   p 3
Kellner, Frank                     p 8
Kellner, Frant                     p 8
Kellner, Julia                     p 8
Kirchman, Marie                    p 2
Kliment, Joseph A                  p15
Koranda, Joseph W                  p15
Kratky, Anton                      p 9
Kratky, Antonie                    p 9
Kratky, Emma                       p 4
Kratky, James                      p 4
Krondak, Anna                      p11
Krondak, James                     p 6
Krondak, Joseph F                  p11
Krondak, Mary                      p 6
Krondak, Miloslav                  p 6
Kubik, Anna                        p 8
Kubik, Frank C                     p 6
Kubik, Frant                       p 8
Kubik, William                     p 2
Kubr, Elsie A                      p15
Kubr, Frank J                      p15
Kubr, George                       p 3
Kubr, George A                     p 1
Kubr, Inf son                      p 3
Kubr, Joseph                       p 4
Kubr, Katerina                     p 3
Kudlacek, Anton                    p15
Kudlacek, Josephine                p15
Kudlacek, Rudolph                  p15
Kuncl, Anna                        p 2
Kuncl, Anton E                     p 6
Kuncl, Frank                       p 2
Kuncl, Henry M                     p 6
Kuncl, Joseph                      p 2
Kuncl, Rose Martha                 p 6
Kuncl, Thomas                      p 2
Kuncl, Victor P                    p16

Ladenburger, Amalia                p 5
Ladenburger, Anna                  p 6
Ladenburger, Emma Kavan            p16
Ladenburger, John                  p 6
Ladenburger, Nick J                p15
Ladenburger, Otto J                p 5
Ladenburger, Sophia                p15

Mach, Anna                         p11
Mach, Anton                        p11
Mach, Barbora                      p14
Mach, Josef A                      p14
Mach, Joseph                       p 2
Mach, Josefka                      p 2
Matous, Otto                       p12
Musilek, Agnes M                   p14
Musilek, Frances A                 p14
Musilek, Francis                   p12
Musilek, Joseph F                  p12
Musilek, Joseph F                  p14
Musilek, Josephine                 p14
Musilek, Marie A                   p14
Musilek, Vaclav                    p14
Mraz, Amalie                       p 9

Navrkal, Anton M                   p12
Navrkal, Marlene E                 p12
Nejdl, James J                     p12
Novotny, Dorothy Jambor            p12

Odvody, Anna                       p 4
Odvody, Anna                       p 8
Odvody, Edward Sr                  p11
Odvody, Edward J Jr                p11
Odvody, Emma                       p11
Odvody, Ernest                     p 8
Odvody, Richard D                  p11
Odvody, Rudolph G                  p 5
Odvody, Vaclav Sr                  p 4
Ostry, Adolph V                    p12
Ostry, Anna M                      p13
Ostry, Cyril                       p13
Ostry, Frank J                     p13
Ostry, Frantisek                   p10
Ostry, Leonard                     p13
Ostry, Louis C                     p16
Ostry, Marie                       p10
Ostry, Mildred                     p12
Ostry, Stanislav                   p10
Otte, Mary E                       p12
Ourada, Anton A                    p 2
Ourada, Josef M                    p 8
Ourada, Joseph J                   p13
Ourada, Josephine                  p13
Ourada, Rose                       p 3

Pacl, Raymond C                    p12
Palat, Marie                       p14
Palat, Frank                       p14
Paseka, Frank                      p11
Paseka, Frank J                    p13
Paseka, Frantisek                  p 6
Paseka, Josefka                    p11
Paseka, Marie                      p13
Paseka, Richard R                  p10
Petrzelka, Anna                    p12
Petrzelka, Anna J                  p 1
Petrzelka, Frank                   p12
Petrzelka, Frank A III             p14
Petrzelka, Pearl V                 p 9
Petrzelka, Vaclav M                p 1
Placek, Antonie                    p10
Placek, Frantiska                  p11
Placek, Frantiska                  p11
Polacek, Anastasia                 p 7
Polacek, Anna                      p 9
Polacek, Bessie M                  p 2
Polacek, Emil J                    p13
Polacek, Francis                   p 7
Polacek, Frantisek                 p 7
Polacek, Frank J                   p 7
Polacek, Joseph                    p 3
Polacek, Marie                     p13
Polak, Anna                        p 8
Prchal, Charles                    p 8
Prchal, Rose Mary                  p 8
Prochaska, Charles W               p 1
Prochaska, Frant                   p 5
Prochaska, John Peter              p14
Prochaska, Louis F                 p 5
Prochaska, Marie A                 p 5
Prochaska, Paul J                  p 7
Proskovec, Charley J               p14
Proskovec, John F                  p14

Rerucha, John J                    p10
Rerucha, Josefina                  p10
Rerucha, Kristina                  p10
Rerucha, Martin                    p10
Rerucha, Rozalie                   p10
Reznicek, Alzbeta                  p14
Reznicek, Frank J                  p14
Reznicek, James                    p14
Riha, Marie                        p10
Rolenc, Vincen J                   p 4
Ruzek, Anna                        p 9
Ruzek, Anton                       p 9
Ruzek, Barbara                     p 9
Ruzek, Evelyn                      p 9
Ruzek, Frank A                     p11
Ruzek, Frant                       p 9
Ruzek, Josefa                      p 9
Ruzek, Joseph                      p 9
Ruzek, Mary                        p 9
Ruzek, Mary                        p 9
Ruzicka, Ida A                     p 6
Ruzicka, Martin J                  p 6
Ruzicka, Martin J D                p 6

Schovanec, Louis V                 p14
Schovanec, Mary R                  p14
Schuler, Milfred W                 p 6
Secor, Frank                       p 6
Secor, Mary                        p 6
Sedlacek, Anna                     p 3
Sedlacek, Anna                     p 7
Sedlacek, Bernard                  p 7
Sedlacek, Charles J                p13
Sedlacek, David                    p 8
Sedlacek, Frank J                  p 7
Sedlacek, Ignatz J Sr              p 6
Sedlacek, Joie                     p 8
Sedlacek, Joseph                   p 3
Sedlacek, Louis V                  p 1
Sedlacek, Mary                     p 3
Sedlacek, Mary                     p 6
Sedlacek, Mollie G                 p13
Sedlacek, Thomas                   p11
Semrad, Anton J                    p 2
Semrad, Lydia                      p 2
Semrad, Mabel A                    p 2
Semrad, Marie                      p 2
Semrad, Rosie                      p 2
Shanahan, Libbie                   p15
Shanahan, William                  p15
Simanek, Anna                      p 6
Simanek, Ignac                     p 5
Simanek, Marie                     p 5
Sisel, Marie A                     p15
Sloup, James F                     p13
Sloup, Joseph                      p13
Smetak, Josefa                     p10
Soukup, Marie Victoria             p 1
Staska, Jacob                      p 1
Staska, Mary                       p 1
Steinbach, Mary                    p16
Stuchlik, Frank S                  p11
Stuchlik, Mary                     p 4
Stuchlik, Sophia M                 p11
Svoboda, Anna Fujan                p 3
Svoboda, Cyril                     p 9
Svoboda, Jaroslav                  p 9
Svoboda, Josefa                    p 9
Swartz, Gayle Lynn                 p 1
Swartz, Leonard                    p 1

Tomcak, Louis J                    p 7
Tomcak, Marie                      p 5
Tomek, Barbra                      p12
Tomek, Cecilie                     p10
Tomek, Frank                       p16
Tomek, Frantisek                   p10
Tomek, Frantisek                   p10
Tomek, Frantiska                   p10
Tomek, Jan                         p10
Tomek, Joseh C                     p16
Tomek, Sylvia F                    p12
Tomek, Tomas                       p12
Tomek, Vaclav                      p12

Urban, Joseph J                    p 9
Urban, Robert                      p 8

Vanek, Alvie E                     p14
Vanek, Jan                         p13
Vanek, Katherina                   p13
Vanek, Margaret & Mildred - twins  p 7
Vanek, Rudolf M                    p 5
Vavak, Bessie                      p15
Vavak, Thomas                      p15
Vculek, Karel                      p 4
Vculek, Petronela                  p 4
Virka, Frances H                   p14
Virka, Joseph                      p14
Vlasak, Alois L                    p 2
Vlasak, Anna Fujan                 p13
Vlasak, Blanche P                  p16
Vlasak, Blazenka                   p 6
Vlasak, Charles                    p 2
Vlasak, Eileen J                   p 5
Vlasak, Frank J                    p13
Vlasak, Lucille                    p 5
Vlasak, Marie A                    p13
Vlasak, Mary                       p 2
Vlasak, Mary                       p 5
Vlasak, Thomas J                   p13
Voboril, Alois                     p13
Voboril, Anna                      p 5
Voboril, Emanuel                   p 5
Voboril, James J                   p 2
Voboril, Joseph L                  p13
Voboril, Lucille K                 p13
Voboril, Marion                    p 2
Voboril, Vaclav                    p 5
Voboril, Vilem                     p 5
Votruba, Frank A                   p 4
Votruba, Pauline A                 p 4
Vrana, Anton A                     p 1
Vrana, Josephine L                 p 1

Wirka, Anna                        p13
Wirka, Charles                     p 7
Wirka, Emil                        p 7
Wirka, Father                      p 7
Wirka, Frank                       p13
Wirka, Mother                      p 7
Wirka, William                     p 7

Zinner, Sister M Timothea          p 9

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